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Do We Eat and Drink Adulterated Food?

July 31, 2009 by  

Do We Eat and Drink Adulterated Food?

Do we eat and drink adulterated food? Yes, we do! Because adulterated food is forced upon us by government authority and government police power.

There are many that fall into this category. Let’s take one big one! It’s processed milk. "Got milk?"

The processed milk that is forced upon the public is a dead, lifeless liquid that simulates whole raw milk only in its white color and similar taste. Pure water would be far healthier.

Government inspectors confirm that processed heated milk is dead and lifeless and okay for sale to the public by their alkaline-phosphatase enzyme test. This enzyme must be dead or the milk cannot be sold.

Without the live alkaline-phosphatase enzyme, processed milk is worthless for bone health. Bone will not renew without this enzyme. Also there is the appearance of bone pain in the lower limbs.

So we have widespread osteoporosis because we drink dead milk which is not fit for human consumption.

It gets worse! Our blood calcium only—with the live enzyme—is what stands between us and pathogenic disease. This is called ionized calcium and it is a preventive for Epstein Barr, back pain, fever in children and adults, canker sores and fever blisters, seizures and more. Even though most emergency patients who enter the hospital have high fever, doctors never check for low ionized or difusable calcium. A sick body indicated by high fever needs ionized calcium in the blood. It is not available in processed cooked milk.

Diarrhea is the leading cause of death in the world. Processed milk does not inhibit salmonella and e-coli infection as would raw whole milk with the live enzyme and calcium lactate. The single greatest predictor of survival of lethal infection is ionized or difusable calcium which is not available in processed milk.

The medical publication, The Lancet, states that resistance to tuberculosis increased in children fed raw milk instead of pasteurized or processed sweet milk.

In processed milk, vitamins, hormones and enzymes that control mineral assimilation, body development and general resistance to disease are not available. Processed milk promoted by the government diminishes the potency of the growth-promoting factors that determine the skeletal development of children.

Today’s overgrown youth get massive doses of synthetic hormones from hamburgers from beef cattle fed synthetic growth hormones.

Children fed on processed milk should have unprocessed orange juice and raw potato water added to keep down susceptibility to infection.

The Lancet states that in children, the teeth are less likely to decay on a diet of raw milk than with processed milk. Processed milk destroys vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

In a study conducted by Dr. Francis Pottinger on cats:

Group I: Cats fed raw milk.
Results: Move about well in pen. Good, clear coat, good agility, sexual interest with other cats, sheen to coat, reproduce healthy offspring.

Group II: Cats fed processed milk like we get today.
Results: Developed arthritis, very lethargic, impaired coordination, dental deterioration, bones were paper thin and soft, very small structures, developed allergies, exhaustion, failure in development and by the third generation could not reproduce.

This is a picture of one of many adulterated foods that by law we are forced to consume.

Lectures by Dr. Royal Lee
Lecture by Mark Anderson, 2005
Cat experiments by Dr. Frances Pottinger
Quotations from The Lancet.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Diana

    This subject has bothered me for some time. I have no idea how to obtain raw milk, no one has a cow in our area. I don’t believe that this enzyme is available in supplements, so – - – what is the answer?
    We are able to buy raw milk cheese, so I am hoping that this will supply some of the enzyme.

    • Paula

      Diana – you do not say which state you live in, so I do not know the laws of your state. The availability of legal (or illegal) raw milk is governed by the laws of that state. I live in Texas where it is legal to buy raw milk from a dairy certified by the TX Dept of Health for grade A raw milk consumption. I drive a 250 mile round trip every 2 weeks to pick it up from the closest certified dairy. I suggest that you do a web search for “real milk or raw milk” within your state. I am a member of several groups that interact for the sole purpose of sharing information regarding purchasing or selling fresh, raw, local food. Good luck in your search!

      • Paula

        Additional information about where to obtain raw milk is in one of the links below titled Raw Milk Conspiracy. I copied this from it:

        Check out “” and click “Where” on the left side of the page to see where your state fits into the mix—and to locate your closest source of raw milk.

        • Thomas

          Oh, cool beans!! My in-laws live about 10 minutes from there and we have an acre of land out there. We haven’t been able to build a house on it yet with the economy but someday we want to get OUT of this city!! Thanks for the info!!

      • Thomas

        Never mind, Bob. Thanks Paula!! I live in Houston so I’m going to do what you suggested right now…

        • Paula

          If you give me your email address I can give you more info. I live just outside of Houston and am going to Stryk’s Jersey Farm in Schulenberg tomorrow to pick up milk. Their website is Or you can email me a

        • Paula

          The diary is on Krenek Stryk Road. You take exit #668 (the Engle exit) off of I-10 and go West on the 1st road on the Eastbound feeder of I-10.

    • DixieConnie

      Goat’s milk. Buy goat’s milk.

  • Thomas

    Yes, Bob. Where can we get real, unprocessed milk from? I’m afraid it won’t be cheap if we don’t own a cow, right?

    • Paula

      Where I live in Texas it sells for $5 to $10 per gallon depending on where you get it. I pay $8/gal.

  • FarRightWinger

    Another attempt by the Evil Empire to ruin our life – and make it shorter, of course. The second issue here is Big Pharma. They want us sick and dependent on their useless “medications” and these drugs kill more people, than heal. Even the strokes, heart-attacks don’t come cheap with these poisoned drugs from the FDA-”approval”: its a BILLION $$$ business and keeps the EE (after the taxes) very ‘moving’. Do NOT take any hyperstension, or diabetic drugs, it’s more likely that you will die from a stroke, or heart-attck from these drugs, than from the diseases, which should be controlled by herbal medications, given by Nature.
    The EE and its ally Big Pharma have both one , big lie: that cholesterol causes heart-attacks. It’s INFLAMMATION of the heart-muscles, not high cholesterol which kills.
    The government use Asperteme as diet sugar-substitute, high fructose corn syrup as sweetener, and these 2 highly damaging chemicals make millions of people diabetic and getting cancer, not to mention the several food additives, colorings, preservatives in ALL processed foods…
    A friend of mine worked for a food company as Food Chemist. A jewish rabbi from NYC called him on the regular basis to fax him the percentage of chemicals mixed in the food-products. Sometiems the kosher agent replied to him: put MORE coloring, ‘taste-improving’, hidden chemicals, catch-for-eye colorings in the food. After, it got approved and the company was allowed to put the “K”, or “U” (kosher) symbols on the products.
    The ‘kosherization’ of course doesn’t come free. The company has to pay $15.000-$50.000 ‘kosherization fees’ for the rabbis. The food companies of course have to install this into the prices we pay. Imagine if we Christians would do the same on foods and the ‘Christianization’ would require a fee to pay for the local Church… The jews and atheists would go ballistic.

    • DaveH

      I am an athiest, and I certainly don’t want to take your personal free choices away. So, please don’t put all athiests into the same pigeon hole, and I won’t put all Christians into the same pigeon hole.

      • FarRightWinger

        OK Dave, I think u misunderstood me. Here’s the point thru an example: You go to Safeway and buy something. The price for that merchandise with a “C” (Christianization mark) is $4,50. (This is the amount we pay almost for a single bread today in California). Then u see another product WITHOUT the “C”, cost you about a buck less. YOU want the other food for taste and ingredients. You wonder why you have to pay more for your favored tasty food. You will find out, the “C” costs the manufacturer to pay for the local Church about $20.000, therefore they need to install this fee in the product’s price. So, you know your extra buck goes to the Catholic Church.
        Personally, if I am atheist, I would mine to pay for any religious extra charge.

        • DaveH

          Here is a website that supports with documents from our founding fathers that they were indeed religious individuals:

          As I’ve said before, I am atheist, but I would rather be around the religious people who are trying to be good, then to be around the liberals who think our money should be their money.

      • Mark


        I am an atheist, and FarRightWinger’s opinion is based on the past lawsuits and protests. Hey, this is a way to get people’s attention. FRW, you have the right to excersise your freedom of speech. I have an open mind and don’t take thing out of contex.

  • Thomas

    Oh my!! That’s pretty expensive. I wonder if it would get cheaper if more people began to buy it. Probably not since that doesn’t obey the law of supply & demand.

    Well, I wonder if you could drink it once in awhile to get some of the benefits and drink the “dead” milk the rest of the time.

    • Chris

      I know it seems expensive, but take this from someone who raises their own raw milk and food….it’s worth it. The price is higher because we choose to feed our animals good whole organic feeds that cost more. We meet our animals nutritional needs so that they can meet ours. You have to be careful when purchasing foods for your animals. Their are cheaper feeds, but they are put out for these huge farms with huge feedlots that only care for the bottom dollar and not your health. Most of it has ground animal parts in it that are very detrimental to the health of herbivor animals such as cows and goats. In paying the extra you are helping the small farmer do their job right. The health benefits have been incredible in our family.

    • Paula

      Where you pick up your milk affects the price. There is one dairy too far for me to go to, but if you get milk at the dairy it is $5/gal or at a “dropsite” for $7 or $8/gal depending on how far away from the dairy they have to go. I pick up milk for one of my girlfriends that has 6 children and she gets 8 – 10 gallons every two weeks. The health benefits are very worth it and will actually save you money on healthcare costs now and later. If you ever start drinking raw milk you will not be able to stand the dead milk from the store & after raw, it tastes like yuk chemicals. Give it a try if you can find it and you will be amazed.

  • FarRightWinger

    It’s not just food what is ‘kosher’-taxed. Even detergents, dogfood – and batteries marked with the ‘K’, or ‘U’. Here’s the link to this KOSHER RIP-OFF, another cause of rising food- and consumer prices:

  • FarRightWinger

    Another shocking website about the ‘kosher slaughterhosues’ sued for animal abuse and mistreat – ‘Purim’ in the shakterhouses, as they did with Christian children thoughout the centuries:

    This method was first banned by Adolf Hitler in 1938 (as seen at the end of the ETERNAL JEW documentary)

  • Sam

    While there may be some delterious effect in processing, this is a bunch of hooey! Un-pasturized milk is highly dangerous in passing along disease and is not to be recommended. Thats how Louis Pasteur made his name. Quit spreading dangerous “information”.

    • Earl

      You’re merely repeating the propaganda that’s been fed to us for many decades. My father believes it too, as do most Americans.

      What’s dangerous is filthy cows on substandard diets and in overcrowded barns, being milked. That’s what started the whole pasteurization thing. Mass production and separation of animals from their natural environment and diet creates the need for pasteurization, antibiotics, etc. It’s the corporate farms’ “solution” to the fundamental errors of their ways. Raw milk from a clean, healthy cow is no more dangerous than water from a mountain spring.

      • Paula

        Amen Earl !!!! Very well put.

      • http://duped Peter Melville

        Good for both of you, Earl and Paula. My Mother used to buy raw milk from the neighbor’s barn. She made butter from it. We drank the milk, it tasted great and
        we were all healthy.



    • Paula

      Louis Pasteur’s greatest regret in life was pasteurizing milk because he realized before his death that it killed all the benefits of milk. He wished instead that he had introduced cleaner conditions for the milking and bottling of milk. When he first started there was not a full understanding of the germ theory that we know today. The conditions the cows were in was total squallor. Raw milk does not putrefy like pastuerized milk, it only sours into other products like buttermilk & sour cream and is still safe for human consumption. Have you ever had a mouthful of pasteurized milk? It is dangerous and PUTRED. There have actually been studies where e-coli was put in raw milk and it killed the bacteria. In fact, it killed it faster at room temperature than refrigerated. That is the good bacteria and enzymes destroying the bad. Please look into the information that is now available after years of study. Raw Milk Rocks!!!!

    • Average Joe

      Got facts?…if you have them please share them with us, otherwise you are just spouting off with nothing to back up your claims. Essentially, you have not helped your case by giving unsubstantiated personal opinion. Try again, and please bring ….. FACTS.

    • DaveH

      You don’t get it do you? We’re talking about freedom of choice. One person’s poison is another’s healthy solution. It is none of your business what food choices a person makes.

  • http://Deadmilkforyou Bulana B Usasilp

    I kown this for a long long time.I do not drink processed or pasteurized milk at all.I am now 70 year-old ad have not been receiving any diagnosed diseases and have not received any prescribed medication.I am very healthy and very happy.Processed foods are foods but not good for maintaining human healthy life.Your article is excellent.

  • paulc

    I grew up on raw whole milk and remember the struggle to adjust to the terrible taste of pasterized milk. Pasteurizing was hailed as a forward step to fight rheumatic fever and the resulting heart problems.

    What is the current science on rheumatic fever and raw milk?

    • Paula

      Rheumatic fever is caused by an untreated or poorly treated strep infection with group A streptococcus bacteria. So is Scarlet fever. It happens when the strep bacteria goes systemic or entire body. The danger of that is strep bacteria is in the bloodstream and can settle into the heart valves and grow “vegetation” in the heart. This causes a leaky Mitral valve in the heart which can lead to pulmonary edema and heart failure. Strep is a common bacteria and is easily transmitted from person to person usually 5 to 35 years old and presents as strep throat. Listeria was the common bacteria that was transmitted through the filthy conditions that the cows were kept in and milked in. It is not an issue with aseptic techniques for the handling and distribution of raw milk. I actually had a gallon of unopened raw milk in my refrigerator (kept at 34 degrees) for 8 weeks and it was as fresh and delicious as the day it was milked and I drank the entire gallon without a problem. I know that pastuerized milk won’t last like that.

  • Helga McDaniel

    Is organic milk ant better?

    • Paula

      Not if it is pasteurized. Well I guess you won’t get anything from it since all you get from pastuerized milk is synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Raw is amazingly beneficial to your health and for children’s developing brains.

  • http://none julius omole

    i dont drink fresh milk, it is as dangerous as drinking and driving. thanks to nestlle cannation milk.

    • Paula

      You have been misguided and really should look into the scientific data available regarding the danger of pasteurized vs. real milk. If you are going on the information given in the 50′s and 60′s about raw vs pasteurized there is now more data to support raw that there is pasteurized. Raw milk when you are sick can actually help your body heal. Read some of the newer information with the idea that over time, what we once believed to be the best is no longer the best. Over time there are more autoimmune diseases and other illnesses that have been caused by processing foods.

  • Denise

    We live in NH and have been drinking raw milk for 5 years. We have 4 children and I have noticed they never get sick…and if they do it is very mild. My daughter’s class was all out with a stomach bug…but not her.
    My husband thought I was crazy when I mentioned this to him about 4 years ago and now he drinks extra milk if he feels he may be getting sick. We pay $4.50 a gallon

  • DaveH

    Government has no business protecting us from ourselves. They invariably are working in favor of some special interest that profits from the government’s ability to force. Of course they always come up with some flowery words to convince the public that the force is necessary. Big Government is the problem, not the solution!
    Government’s only role in consumer products should be to require disclosure so that the consumer can make a fair choice.
    For an example of government folly in regards to our health see this site:

  • s c

    Adulterated is a polite way to describe a typical American’s diet. Follow the MONEY trail. We’ve been slowly brainwashed into living with a high sugar diet laced with dangerous chemicals. These ‘people’ know that most will hesitate to change their ways when they eat and drink products that don’t kill them the same day. What you get is a SLOW death. America’s slow death is highlighted by early aging, catastrophic conditions and diseases and decimated wealth. If that’s not bad enough, we’re kept on a short leash to ‘$cientists’ who sell their integrity for money and a title (do you really think it’s a coincidence that Congress is in bed with those who get rich killing us slowly?).

  • Eric g

    I live in Minnesota Milk sell for !0 to eleven dollars for a hundred pounds . milk weighs something like 8 to nine pounds per gallon . Milk should sell for about twenty to thirty dollars for a 100 pounds . So right now farmers are getting about 1.25 for each gallon of milk . People in the south always pay more for their milk , Cows just dont milk that good in the south . I have raised calves on pasturized milk , but I believe the calves on the fresh milk did better . If you found a good clean cow herd with no undilant fever ,T.B. and kept testing this cow you should be able to get better milk by not processing . I think I have raised just as good of calves on milk replacer . and thats processed . So i would not go to much effort to get unprocessed milk . I know the girls that took care of cows did not die near so easy from small pox in the olden days . So you most lickley can pickup some immunity from fresh milk that probabley is not in processed milk .

  • Keith H

    I have been aware of the dangers of milk for a long time, to the point I don’t even drink it any more. I drink organic rice milk,hemp milk, almond milk.
    I make cereal and smoothies with it. I agree cooked,processed milk are not the best source of calcium. It also has high amounts of hormones in it. because they inject it into the cows to make the animals larger so they can make more profit, since they sell meat by the pound.
    I think we can force them to change by not buying their junk food, but It’s hard because they put certain additives into the food to make people crave it.
    They know what they’re doing….?

  • Mike Eugene

    I will take the pastuerized milk , Far less likely to get the diarreah he says it causes.

  • FarRightWinger

    I think the “dangerous untreated milk” hysteria is created by the government bc they want us consume less nutritous foods and eat what THEY want serve for us. The FDA is a big lie, they never really after any healthy products. They push the “good fish” agenda for example, while in fact consuming fish 3-4 times a week gives a big dose of mercury for the body. The FDA is paid billions of $$$ by the sefaood-industry to promote the “healthy-fish” mania, just like Big Pharma is paying doctors to push their poisonous ‘drugs’ into Americans bodies, while the natural, herbal procedures and medications are suppressed, bc they cannot be ‘profiting’.


    Co-ops = Public Option = Single Payer

    Knowing that Americans would reject the idea of a “single payer” government health care system, Democrats began calling their plan a “public option.” Now that Americans have rejected that idea too, Democrats are peddling another proposal called health care “cooperatives.”

    Unfortunately, these federally-backed co-ops are nothing more than a public option by another name. Washington will set up and subsidize them so private health plans are squeezed out of the marketplace. Then, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the costs will catch up with these government-sponsored entities and Congress will tell us they are “too big to fail” and must be nationalized.
    Some Democrats are willing to admit that co-ops are the same as a public option. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said earlier this month that, “We’re going to have some type of public option, call it ‘co-op,’ call it what you want.”
    Some Democrats are also willing to admit that the public option is the same as a single payer system. Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) said this week that, “I think if we get a good public option it could lead to single payer, and that’s the best way to reach single payer.”
    It’s becoming clear that no matter what name Democrats put on it, all of their ideas lead to a government takeover of our health care.

    Join the Recess Rally
    At noon on Saturday, August 22, 2009, citizen rallies will take place outside congressional offices across the country.
    If you would like to participate, please find your Congressman’s local office and get more information.

    The latest government bailout
    This week, the Senate moved beyond bailing out industries that it has driven into the ground to bailing out its own programs that it has failed to manage.
    Proving once again that the federal government is incapable of managing the federal highway system, the Senate passed $7 billion to shore up the failing program. The bill also provides $7.5 billion to bail out the failing unemployment insurance program and $185 billion to bail out several government-managed home-ownership programs.
    Only 17 Republicans had the courage to vote against this rip-off. Click here to see how your Senators voted.

    Question: If the government cannot manage these programs, what makes anyone think it can manage our health care?

  • Fred Leport

    My daughter has several family members who are lactose intolerant so she raises milk goats for personal consumption. Maybe her family is really “dead cow milk” intolerant. For a family that wants raw milk the goats are much easier to raise and keep clean than cows.

  • Sue C

    Yes! Our food is adulterated! If you do drive hundreds of mile to get your supply of raw milk, there is no guarantee that the persons who go around many communities, will not go into your house, while you are out, and tamper with your milk, and other foods.
    Clandestine agents, under the domestic wiretapping act, have been doing more than listening to your conversations on the telephone. That is too boring! They make their personal entrances into your place of abode, to avoid your alarm system, and they go into your home, tamper with your foods, all your drinks, left-over foods, breads, ground, and instant coffees (should be dark brown, but if it is “orange” they have got you real good).
    They also tamper with your seasonings, place DDT, or sewer in your water supply, and occultic controlling stuff on your bed, bed linens, clothing, shoes, etc, and watch you on surveillance cams, placed in such a way, that they can see you in every part of your house. That’s fun for them, and no one monitors them, so they get away with many other issues, such as follows.
    While you are at work, they use your place of high profile sex traffic operations, using your bed, bathroom, and supplies, for money, while you pay the mortgage, or the rent. You who are not keenly observant/vigilant, are caught in their trap, and become a victim of the sex traffic ops, in that they sell you in your own bedroom, to several lechers, all to make money.
    You will find your skin has infections that you never had before, small growths, on your face, puss, and sores in your genital areas, shaven genitals, to accomodate the creeps, in their illicit sexual pursuits, etc!
    Wake up America! Do not fall into the category of “My people perish for the lack of knowledge” All of us are targets, and it is all about money. FBI, CIA, NSA, etc, know that there is no one monitoring them, and that they will never be caught, and convicted. Beware! Look out for yourselves, as if your life depended on it, and be ready for a fight, should it become necessary. These agents are non-humans. They will take their own parents down, for money. Beware! Have A Great Life! Don’t become a Victim. Thanks.

    • Richard Pawley;

      Dear Sue,
      No one reading this is going to live forever, so you need to trust God more, and not worry about what you can’t change. A lot of stuff goes on in Washington and elsewhere, and none of us are happy with it. Of course there are some bad apples but that is life. Not every one is evil. If you are serious in what you write (You quote a famous scripture from the Bible so I believe you must believe in God and perhaps even Jesus) then I would suggest that you read the words of Jesus (the Gospels) and the book of ACTS which is just past the gospels. If you concentrate on that you will know more than most. He said that no one who turned to him – no one – will He turn away. He doesn’t require much, only that you desire a relationship with Him. There is not a single thing you can do to make God love you more than He already does, no particular church you can join, no penance you can perform, no ritual you can go through. He loves you! All you can do is draw nearer to him, pray, and you will find that He was there all along. While it’s a good idea to filter your tap water, and eat less meat, and grass fed at that, and organic free range eggs if you can find them, none of these things will make you spiritually healthier, just physically healthier. Don’t be concerned about all the craziness in the world. Somewhere it says that you become like what you think about, so only think good thoughts. When you see evil, pray about that too. Just ask God to work His will in all of it. As you grow closer to God you will see prayers like that answered and amazing things happen. I’ve written two books in which I talk about things I’ve seen and experienced and unlike those gentlemen who said they were atheist’s and don’t believe in God. Well, I don’t I don’t believe God exists either. I know He does! “Fear not” is something Jesus said more than once, not because there was nothing to fear but because God is still in charge. If things are happening it is because people are asleep or God is beginning to punish the world (again) for all it’s evil ways, or both! We may have to go through some stuff but Jesus is always there and He will never forsake you if you truly seek Him, but you also have to trust Him. Worry about nothing! It’s hard to do but if you really know God like He wants you to know Him then don’t let negativity and doubts and discouragement, weigh you down. A scripture I like to quote to myself is “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!” I want to be appreciative always, even in the hard times that are coming. Hang in there and be sure to take a good natural multi-vitamin each day. That can help too. God bless you….R

  • Lloyd RUst

    At twelve I began questioning, religion and drinking cow’s milk on our Wisconsin farm in the 1930′s. My suspicions were fully justified and confirrmed for me concerning both, the farther away you can get from both, the healthier you will be. I realize this is not a popular view and those who have preceded me are in a time wasting discussion, nonsense to me. First, cows milk was designed for calves, not humans. Cows have four stomachs. Humans, one. The ratio of curd to whey, is 80- 20 for one and exactl;y the opposite for the other. This from Dr.Cass Igram’s book Self-Test Nutrition Guide. Mother’s milk is perfectly designed to give human babies the best protection for life yet I remember doctors sold people on the idea of formula years ago. After the child is weaned, you don’t need cows milk, it just one of a huge number of cultural lies people are conditioned to. If you like milk try goat’s milk. Someone, ahead of me, I believe Sam, said, give me facts. Facts are not the same for everyone. Read, People in Quandries, Wendell Johnson 1946 It’s a vital read about Semantics. Understand, everyone has their own idea about god if they believe , even in the same religion. I survived 50 missions as a ball turret gunner/armorer over Hitler’s Europe as an agnostic. Then did 6 years in a Catholic University and emerged as an atheist. Came from a German Lutheran home. In a nutshell, religion is subjective, science is objective, that’s a fact for me. I’m 84, do all the work around my 5.7 acres, Mow 1/3 of it, till my big garden. Haven’t touched milk since I left the farm at 16. A cousin asked, “What do you do for calcium?” Where does the cow get her calcium? From greens. So do I. By the way all the countries of the world with a big dairy industry have the highest rate of osteoporosis, the body cant use the cow’s milk calcium. Lloyd

  • paul scott

    strong textOne thing about the milk being sold in the united states that the FDA will not tell you about is type “A” and type”B” milk. There was a study done in Greenland paid for buy the dairy association there (that was finally stopped) that showed the difference between the type of milk served in the U S and the type served by dairy cattle in Iceland and Grenland. It seems that the type of milk served in the U S can over prolonged use cause Diabeties in our population…..

    • s c

      Do you have the details handy for that case study? Sounds like something that people can use to stick in those collective faces at the FDA and the AMA, to right another great wrong done by our wannabe masters. Do you get the impression that the American diet amounts to a chemical inquisition?
      I suggest following the money trail. Would be interesting to see ‘who’s tainted,’ and ‘who’s not.’

  • DaveH

    The House of Representatives has passed the “Food Safety” bill (HR2749), which gives the FDA power over many new things including small farmers and supplements.
    As usual, the Democrats voted for it overwhelmingly. Kind of makes you wonder how we lived as long as we have without the government’s wonderful protection (sarcasm). Contact your Senators if you care about your Health Freedom.
    Go here to see how your representative voted:

  • Stella

    I grew up on natural food without chemicals and still remember how scrumptious it was. When I first had to consume supermarket industrial food while travelling I thought I was coming down with something as everything tasted either insipid or yucky until I realised I was actually ingesting plastic. Worst of all, I started putting on weight without any obvious reason, although I’m a vegan and only eat 0%-animal fats products. Probably people with healthier metabolism aren’t affected that much. Fortunately I discovered organic shops and manage to survive.

    I wonder how people can eat processed food, feel only artificial flavours in their mouths and consider it tasty — this is indeed a real brainwashing. Humanity is growing increasingly insane every day: we put up gladly with civilisation that feeds us on artificial food stuffed with antibiotics, hormones and other toxic substances so that food industry worldwide can produce disproportionate quantities of junk food and rake in; makes us breathe polluted air and drink polluted water so that other industries, such as coal, steel, car, oil etc industry (both heavy and light ) are rolling in dough.

    All this, in turn, causes epidemic cancer, cardiovascular diseases, new viruses unknown in the recent past and so on, which provides an inexhaustible source of monstrous profits for Big Pharma through creation of harmful, contaminating drugs that will eventually finish us off.

    The masses in general get what they deserve as people would happily die rather than give up their cars and other modern comforts for the sake of healthy food and lifestyle. There’s one born every minute, so that the rich can thrive.
    I wonder what the well-offs eat and breathe (I know some who own several houses and cars and claim that they can’t afford organic food), or they might already live on Mars. That’s how the vicious circle works and as a species we’ve already passed the point of no return and are heading for disaster. However a clever individual can dodge the State machine to a point, just apply some common sense to the world around you .

    (For more musings on topical subjects you can visit

  • Lybertha

    I am not eating much raw food, but will probably eat more and more raw vegetables and herbs. I found these small vids quite interesting, and the raw food family members very charming.

    The Raw Chef Dinner Party:

    Shazzie at the Raw Food Family TV-Show [suggesting what Raw Fooders could need]:

    Raw Food Recipe – Mediterranean Kale:


  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Another bonehead move by the government. Sometimes, more than not, they need to stay out of things. Give me whole vitamin D milk, steak, pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy with salt and pepper, some green beans or corn or peas, and Im a happy, healthy guy. I need eggs and cheese and bacon and sausage for breakfast also. My parents are nearing 90 and still eat this stuff, never once going on a diet. All of us 6 children are healthy, the youngest at 41, and we all still eat all the stuff the so called expert dieticians say not to eat, as they are in bed with different diet food companies, and have an agenda to serve. The whole secret of it all, is no secret. You must burn off what you put in the body. Too many people eat, say 1000 calories, and only burn 600. They store the other 400 as fat. You dont need to watch what you eat, and eat food that is chemically altered to remove all the good stuff. No, you need to be active and burn what you put it. Its that simple.

  • Marc

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