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Do some breast cancers go away on their own?

November 25, 2008 by  

Are mammograms necessary?As a regular precaution against breast cancer, women are advised to undergo regular mammograms – but what if some tumors naturally disappeared on their own?

The findings of a controversial new study suggest that some breast cancers may disappear without intervention.

Norwegian and U.S. researchers examined the incidence of breast cancer among 50 to 64-year-old women who had mammograms every two years, comparing the results with those who were screened only once over the entire period of the study.

They found that the participants who were screened more frequently had a 22 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who had less frequent mammograms.

Study co-author Dr Jan Maehlen told WebMD that some detected tumors are in fact "pseudo-cancers" that "will stop growing and shrink and disappear over a course of perhaps two years."

However, some experts – including the American Cancer Society – have warned people not to jump to conclusions based on the preliminary findings of a single study.

They recommended that women continue to get mammograms on a regular basis to help protect their health.

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  • Bob Livingston

    There is significant evidence that mammograms do not help at all for avoiding breast cancer. We have known and reported on this for quite a long time in The Bob Livingston Letter. Bob.

  • Gary

    On Breast Cancers going away on their own.

    I've suspected this for many years now, and I do believe that some women

    get breast cancer, and cancers of the sexual organs and they can go away by
    I do have a different theory as to why this happens though.
    I believe that many, though not all, breast cancer occur in women due to a
    long term sexual deficiency in their lives. The cancers go away due to the
    fact that many of these women through some means resolve those deficiencies
    and the cancers go away.
    This may sound loony but it really isn’t .
    It is due to the way we evolved as a species.
    Human beings are really a weak species and the only thing going for us
    in the survival sense, is our ability to reproduce rapidly. It is why we survived
    to this day when other species similar to us didn’t survive.
    In times of famine, drought, and other natural disasters, that could wipe
    us out over the eons, nature had to favor the ones that were doing the reproducing
    the ones sexually active.
    Members of the community who weren’t sexually active and producing
    young, could be consuming possibly scarce rescources that could go to the
    ones producing young. If everyone consumed, even the unproductive members
    everyone died out.
    Nature selected, through a number of methods, those who weren’t sexually
    active and producing young, for elimination from the community in order to give
    the productive members a fighting chance at survival.
    Breast cancer, cancers of the sexual organs, including cancers in males
    (Prostate Cancer), are some of the methods that nature uses to remove
    unproductive members of the community in order for productive members and
    their young to survive.
    Future research will prove that my theory is correct !!!
    500 years ago Galileo tried to tell the world that the earth revolved around
    the sun, and his theory was roundly rejected by everyone including his peers in
    the scientific community.
    I am a modern day Galileo.

    • Teresa

      Am I correct that you are saying that unproductive members of society and those that don’t produce children at a young age are more likely to get breast cancer? Ok, I’m not “tooting my own horn” here but: I was sexually active at 16, had my first child at 21, then the other 3 (yes, that’s a total of 4 kids) by the time I was 30. I run circles around many of my family and friends. Two of my sisters only have 2 kids, the other one had 3. They had hysterectomies in their late 30′s or early 40′s. My mother had breast cancer 12 years ago. She had 5 kids. I was diagnosed as stage IV breast cancer 6 years ago. Mine was invasive, my mother’s was not. It is not hereditary as we have had the BRAC 1 & 2 testing. I had a tubal at age 30, hysterectomy last year. How does this fit into your theory?



    • John B

      Come on Terri, how does allowing someone to comment take away credibility? Bob isn’t responsible for Gary’s post–Gary is. The other option is to censor responses which is time consuming and gets just as many complaints.



    • Gary

      Hi Teresa:

      I'm sorry to hear about all the family problems; But, it is all too common

      now a days.
      When I say “sexual deficiency”, I don’t just mean not having sex. Women
      can have lots of sex and still have health problems IF, they are having sex
      with the wrong partner.
      Take the case of a woman I knew by the name of Mary. She had a
      boyfriend who drank heavily, smoked tobacco and marijuana. She came
      down with vaginal cancer !!!
      If you are having sex with a man of low potency, you could, and very
      likely will develop some kind of breast cancer, or cancer of the sexual
      organs. Having sex with low potency males, or males with health problems
      is a common cause of many cancers in women. It can be worse than not
      having sex at all !!
      One thing to be aware of, is that if you have breast cancer, your husband
      is at risk for prostate cancer.
      For pretty much the same reasons.
      Fortunately, male potency problems can be fixed rather easily if a man
      wants to fix it.
      I’ve known many couples, where they have 2 or 3 children, and as a
      simple form of birth control, they just avoid sex for years, until the health
      problems start to occur. Breast and Uterine cancers in women, Prostate
      cancer in men.
      Sex is part of the living process, like eating and sleeping.
      Taoist physicians have known for thousands of years, that sex affects
      health and longevity. If you go to a Taoist Physician with a health problem
      he will prescribe the type of food you need, the exercise you need, the
      rest you need, and the type of sexual activity that will help you bring your
      body back into balance.
      This isn’t quack medicine. The modern western medical community
      is just starting to appreciate Taoist wisdom.
      Conventional medical thinking was that the most likely person to get
      Breast Cancer, was a woman over Fifty, overweight, and physically sedentary,
      with a family history of breast cancer.
      Women least likely to get Breast Cancer were women under 40,
      who are slim, health conscious, and fit.
      They are confounded by the fact that many women who should get
      breast cancer, aren’t, and those who shouldn’t are.
      In the last 20 years, many young women, who are slim, fit, professional,
      and health conscious are coming down with Breast Cancer !!
      What they fail to account for here is that these young professional women
      thought they are healthy other wise, often don’t have time for a love life.
      They are married to their professions.
      Many of the older women who should be at very high risk for Breast
      Cancer and aren’t getting the disease, are usually having sex on a regular
      basis with a healthy male partner. This is the main thing protecting these
      Just because you’ve had children, isn’t a guarantee that you will not
      get the disease.
      Sex, is a constant. You don’t outgrow it. You can become too
      old, and unfit for it though.
      People need sex all their lives, in order to stay healthy, and they
      need healthy sexual partners too.
      In the far east, there were stories of women known as living goddesses.
      These women were able to retain their youth, beauty, and vigor through out
      their lives and lived longer life spans that average women.
      Their secret to longer, productive lives, was due to the fact that they
      could have sex with lots of strong, potent men in their lives. Average
      women can’t do that.
      If they have sex with men of low potency they would quickly age and
      die !!!!
      I’m used to people not believing what I say.
      I can’t help people with closed minds.
      You have an imbalance, and you need to rebalance your life.
      Remember, (Diet, Exercise, Rest, and Sex )


  • Gary


    You can't help everyone. People like Terri are a dime a dozen.
    You can only help people with open minds !!!


  • Gary


    I wasn't the one who wrote the article indicating that cancers go away.
    I agree that there are indications that some cancers, appear to go away on
    their own. I only offered to explain my theory as to why the cancers go away.
    I've been looking at the effects of sex on health for over thirty years
    now, and have observed a FEW things.


  • Shaun

    Does anyone wonder if it is the X-rays from the mammograms are causing the increase in cancer rates?

  • Judy

    Shaun, You read my mind. I have been told that the breast tissue is more sensitive to x-ray exposure than other parts of the body. My doc is unhappy in the extreme that I only have a mammogram every 5 years because I don’t think they are good for you. If x-ray exposure can cause other kinds of cancer, why do researchers think it will not cause breast cancer. The stats are that every mammogram increases your chances of breast cancer by 1% to 3%. That means an increase of 10% to 30% over a ten year period. I don’t like those odds. My first reaction to the study was that the yearly x-rays were causing the cancer, not that cancer spontaneously goes away on its own!! If this were true, why don’t the docs use a wait and see strategy, maybe it will go away on its own, instead of immediately jumping on any breast cancer that they find? But they don’t wait–in fact insist that waiting will kill us. Can’t have it both ways. And we are still told to have the yearly mammo in spite of this new evidence. Is it really all about the money??? The breast cancer patient is captive to the doctor’s deadly, poisonous treatments as they scare us that if we resist it will spread and kill us. They don’t call it the Big C for nothing.

  • Peggy W

    I trust very few doctors. They have way to much need for money. Just figure the cost of running the business. Supplies, insurance, employees,cost of the office building and such, cost a lot on a daily basis. Add in the doctors home bills, now your talking about someone who has to clear a huge sum of money everyday just to pay the bills. Plus a good profit margin to keep up their standard of living. There’s only one way for the doc to make this money and that is off the patients. The sicker you are, short of death,the more money they make.It’s like a junkie, he doesn’t really want to rob you but,well… he needs the money.


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