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Diver Claims He Has Located Bin Laden’s Body

May 3, 2012 by  

Diver Claims He Has Located Bin Laden’s Body
Deep-water diver Bill Warren believes Osama bin Laden may still be alive.

Bill Warren, the Californian treasure hunter who last year promised to find the body of notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden, told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he has found the location where the body was lowered.

Bin Laden was buried at sea, and photos were not released in order to prevent a terrorist backlash. The U.S. government tried to provide bin Laden with a burial in accordance with Islamic law.

Warren said he has determined the whereabouts of the corpse alleged to be bin Laden’s from satellite imagery, and he is the only one who knows the coordinates of the body. Warren claims the body is 200 miles west of Surat, India.

Warren is now trying to finance the deep-water diving expedition. His tentative plan is to start on June 1. He believes he may be able to find the body within a week.

Warren doubts President Barack Obama’s claim that bin Laden was killed, and he fears the Obama regime may attempt to kill him in order to stop his efforts.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Sirian

    What this man claims and what it actually is are two different things. First of all, a human body left in salt water for a year has an extremely minuscule chance of being still intact enough to prove that it is who they claim it is. Secondly, even if it is in very deep salt water – much colder temperature levels at those depths – you still have to take into consideration the natural decomposition process by not only the body itself but the little critters that love a free meal. So, until this “claim to fame” idiot can come up with positive proof – DNA matched without question – I’d look at this as nothing more than some guy seeking his fifteen minutes of fame.

    • JThaddeustoad

      If the teeth are intacted and some skeletal remains would be enough to test for DNA

      • Sirian

        That is true JT but even though I said basically the same, how much time, money and possible life threatening risk would have to be laid out to find just one tooth to prove his claim? Now that would be one very expensive tooth wouldn’t it? How many teeth have been recovered from the Titanic and DNA matched in an attempt to identify the Captain or other noteworthy victims? Would that one prized tooth then be put on the auction block at Christie’s in NYC to pull in a million or two? Think about it. . . :)

      • jopa

        We had trouble finding a 6′ 5″ terrorist for ten years and now this guy is going to find his tooth in the ocean in less than a year.Super Dave step aside.I will have to go with Sirian on this one.

    • Brad

      Yep Sirian we are beginning to understand how well fed those little creatures are on a free meal ticket, that evidence surrounds us even more everyday.

      • Krazeehors

        To Sirian,

        NOTHING has been recovered from the Titanic in terms of human remains.

      • Sirian

        I used the Titanic as an example, an analogy if you will, nothing more. As I said before – Think About It.

      • Rick

        The Titanic was underwater and was not found for over 70 years not a matter of months. so it is possible. Personally I say publish the pictures on the front page of every newspaper in the world with the caption This is what happens to any terrorist that kills American citizens!

        • Alfredo

          Patton was a great General and probably one of the best this country ever had. He had great results in WWII but also a lot of casualties.

    • http://none george


    • Don

      Why bother with bin Laden remains? Just let him rot in peace. His soul, however, is having a hell of a time with his 70 demon brides.

  • Chester

    If BinLaden received a traditional burial at sea, he was sewn into a sailcloth shroud and a length of anchor chain was inserted at his feet. Thus, essentially an instant trip to the bottom, where there are all sorts of creepy crawlies just waiting for a free meal. A year later, if this guy is lucky, there might be an identifiable bone or two, and even those will have been pretty thoroughly cleaned, inside and out.

  • cawmun cents

    C’mon guys…..with what we know about this administration,the diver should look in Arlington,for Bin Laden’s body.-CC.

  • WillytheGeek

    The only reason you hide something is that you have something to hide. Else, why do it?

  • Pierre Lagano

    Cawmun cents I agree with you!

  • P.COX

    What is this websites definition of extreme?

  • 45caliber

    Personally, if I had found his body, I’d keep my mouth shut. Too much chance of some of his followers wanting to find it and bury it. Those might want to hunt me up and get me to show him where the body was – and let me replace it.

  • Rebecca

    And how is that we owed this evil minion “a proper Islamic burial”? He orchestrated an attack on our country September 11, 2001 for goodness sake. If he is in indeed dead, we should have strung part of his body up in front of ground zero and the other half up in front of the Pentegon and celebrated.

    • ranger5

      I like the way you think. I don’t believe he is dead.

    • Average Joe

      “He orchestrated an attack on our country September 11, 2001 for goodness sake. ”

      Really? What proof do you had to back up that claim? There has never been a trial, no evidence has ever been placed before a Grand Jury to even bring a warrant ( that I know of). All you have to go on is what the government and MSM have spoon fed you to go on.
      I am also guessing that since he is supposedly dead (yet again..8X’s by my count)…he won’t get a trial…and the truth of his involvement…or non involvement in 911….will never be known by the public….because being dead orevents one from defending themselves in court….
      An eye-opener for you:
      And…if you still need more:

      Turn off the tube…put down the kool-aide…and do a bit of research before commenting.

      • Rebecca

        First of all, you only half read my post. I never said I believed he was dead. I said IF. Secondly, do you honestly think all those muslims would get on a plane and do a suicide hijack for the U.S. Government? You need to sit and think logically instead of believing everything YOU read. Don’t forget….there were American citizens flying on all three planes that left cell phone messages to their loved ones describing the hijackers and repeating what they were saying. That isn’t from MSM.

      • jopa

        Average Joe; What makes those sources of yours so credible.If it’s on the Internet it has to be true?I don’t think so.Your sources are getting their info from the MSM and a lot of it is just vivid imaginations of the writers.Do you believe everything that comes out on this site, the Fox news ,CBS,NBC, MSNBC or ABC.Or do you take bits and pieces from here and there to draw up your own conclusion, fabricate your own train of thought and really believe you are the only one that is right.I hope so, because that is pretty much what we all do and I think we all may have only part of most stories right.Just sayin.

      • mike

        Even if there was no proof of his involvement in 911 there are many other attacks around the world with proof of his involvement, and plenty of proof of his organizations involvement in 911 even if he wasnt personally overseeing any of it. His money his rhetoric and his face in all of those videos. If they did kill him, and i believe they did, they wouldnt want the the terror monkeys having his body to enshrine and revere. However i think it would be gratifying to find his carcass and do as many horrible and defiling and humiliating things to it on video and post it every where just to piss them off more. As for the rest of the muslims who dont resort to insane defilement of their own religion for personal power and international acts of death and destruction, to you i am sorry your religion and your ethnicity has to be afiliated with such worthless human monsters. And the rest of the world needs to stop judging you as a whole for the actions of a minority in your faith. Pretty easy for a christian to judge you when they wont look at the horrid and bloody hate fueled insanity of their past and present.

      • Average Joe

        “First of all, you only half read my post. I never said I believed he was dead. I said IF.”

        Please stop ASSuming as to what I read or didn’t read….you Assume…with no basis in fact…I simply pointed out your fallacy that Osama was indeed guilty of the 911 attacks…refuted by the FBI themselves:

        “Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI responded, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Osama bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.” Tomb continued, “Bin Laden has not been formally charged in connection to 9/11.” Asked to explain the process, Tomb responded, “The FBI gathers evidence. Once evidence is gathered, it is turned over to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice then decides whether it has enough evidence to present to a federal grand jury.”

        “Secondly, do you honestly think all those muslims would get on a plane and do a suicide hijack for the U.S. Government? You need to sit and think logically instead of believing everything YOU read.”

        I never mentioned the muslims or the government in my post….if I did, please point out where I mentioned either…I haven’t speculated who or what happened on 911 ( I have my theories, but haven’t brought those theories up in this conversation….becaus it really isn’t relevant to my origina post……and maybe, just maybe…you should stop believing everything you see or here in the media and instead do a bit of actual research on your own…if you are capable.

        “Don’t forget….there were American citizens flying on all three planes that left cell phone messages to their loved ones describing the hijackers and repeating what they were saying. ”

        You may want to bit of research…at the time of 911…cell phone service was iffy at best while flying in a plane….but hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your preconcieved notions about what happened…I mean , after all the media told you it was true right?…LMAO.


        “Average Joe; What makes those sources of yours so credible”
        Jopa, it is obvious that you did’n check the links out for yourself…because if you had, you would have known that the very last link provided…was a “Bing” page of links…which would have allowed you to take your pick of sites…in order to confim for yourself that I wasn’t picking selective (biased) links. So, in the future, you may want to actually read those links…before spouting off about someone’s links….because many of us…who actually do post links…actually cross reference our information…before drawing any conclusions…unlike some of YOU….it’s called researching…try it sometime.

        I don’t disagree that Osama was a bad man and I don’t disagree that they had issued an indictment for the August 7, 1998 bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. I was simply pointing out the fallacy of Rebecca’s original statement,”“He orchestrated an attack on our country September 11, 2001 for goodness sake. ”. When the FBI said themselves…that they didn’t have any hard evidence to link him to 911……Nothing more…nothing less.

      • Rebecca

        Bin Laden said he was responsible on video, then he recanted on half a dozen other videos . I don’t know for sure but I strongly suspect he was responsible. However, none of you know either. The information you get is from the press just like my information. We may never know. But this man was a terrorist based on his past history of attacks around the world. I don’t fully trust the U.S. Government but I surely don’t trust the Al-Queda. You sound like you are so anxious to be “right” that you would side with the enemy.

    • Butch

      how is it that you believe our lying govt that it was indeed Bin Laden that orchestrated the 9-11 attacks but you disbelieve that hes dead? Why do you trust our govt on one hand, then distrust them on the other? I distrust them completely. Bin Laden was NOT the 9-11 mastermind. He may be dead but if it was done by Seal Team 6 or if he had been dead longer, we may never know. One thing’s for sure, 9-11 was orchestrated by elements within the US govt. Now that’s a FACT.

      • Rebecca

        Where is your proof? Unless you are a member of the United States Military Intelligence my guess is you don’t have any either. Furthermore, I never said I trusted our government. But, if the attacks were orchestrated within the U.S. Government why were all the hijackers mid-eastern muslims on a suicide mission for Allaya or whoever? Sounds like you have been reading too many Spy novels instead of reasoning this out. Just think about it….

      • Palin16

        Butch, Bill Clinton begs to differ with you: 911 was NOT an Inside Job

  • Renee

    Is there even any proof that he’s dead? First I read they put him in the sea, then they say they didn’t, the pictures you saw of him were fabricated. Why not this whole story of him being dead. Hitler had a look alike, and there was speculation that his was the body found in the bunker, why not the same for bin laden? Did they do DNA testing to begin with to prove they had the right guy? Why hasn’t there been a big back lash for his death if he really were? My money is he’s in protective custody somewhere. Where is the truth, I can’t believe anything that this administration says or the media that backs him.

  • Brad

    I tend to agree with your questioning Renee

  • Delores Smith

    Bill Warren should be certain that the body is not that of Osama bin Laden’s son who was the height and size of bin Laden. The news reported that bin Laden’s son ran from the third floor of the compound and was killed by a bullet in his right temple when he ran down to the second floor. I googled for a photo of his son, and good old Google provided a photo of the dead son. His features were identical to that of his father. Following this, a helicopter was shot down with MANY members of TEAM SIX (was this to silence them?)
    I believe Osama bin Laden is still alive. Libya reported that ELEVEN Amams had been killed in Libya. The leader of Iran reported the TWELFTH Amam of the AGE was to be returning soon. That’s when Jihad would begin. Does the Koran refer to the Twelfth Amam or the Twelfth Amam OF THE AGE (to possibly allow bin Laden to fit the bill).
    Delores Smith

  • Ken Michael

    Like his birth certificate the body of Osama doesn’t exist ! Has anyone seen proof of his death ???!!! Everything is sealed like the “USURPERS” records !!!!

  • TML

    “The U.S. government tried to provide bin Laden with a burial in accordance with Islamic law.”

    They did nothing of the sort, from what I understand…. a proper Islamic burial consists of being buried in a grave with the deceased head pointing toward Mecca. Why carry him to the sea to dump his body there?

    • Rebecca

      IF he is dead, the USA didn’t owe him any type of burial.

      • TML

        Not saying the USA does ‘owe’ him one, but for the government to say it “tried” to provide a burial in accordance with Islamic law, is just bullsh*t.

  • noel

    Yeah, I will believe Osama is dead when Obama releases his records and a real, non-photoshopped, birth certificate. Don’t hold your breath. Our Manchurian President is good at keeping the wrapps on things.

  • steve

    I kinda wish they had run him through a pork rendering machine (with lots of pig carcasses) first and then poured the puree over the side.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Can’t believe Obamination is still President when his own attorney in Court admitted that his only proof of Citizenship was a Forgery a Felony and proof he is an Illegal and must be removed from office. I never believe Bin Laden was dead, Obamination is a Muslim and forbidden by Koran to take another Radicals Life.

    • Butch

      The joke book, the Koran, forbids NOTHING except rejecting Islam. Otherwise, theres a green light to act as barbaric and as evil as their predecessors. In the Koran, its encouraged to lie, cheat and steal…as long as the cause of Islam is furthered in the process.

      • mike

        um no actually it doesnt it pretty much forbids the same crap the christian bible does. In fact a lot of its accounts of biblical times are pretty similar, in fact even refers to Jesus as a holy person, they basically believe in the same god but that muhammad was the prophet not Jesus. The bulk of the people who believe in the muslim faith are normal day to day people living thier lives in a good way. When you run rhetoric against them like you have here you are following the same path as an osama bin laden in that you are trying to inspire hatred of an other person. The stuff in their holy book that talks of punishments and any thing particularly nasty are basically the same as the good old school death and dismemberment and human rights violations found in the christians old testament. You cant really call out their misgivings while ignoring your own. They are people plain and simple just like you who have families, jobs, and friends. They go to the park, they go to movies, they hang out and chat. Most of them however are what most of us are not, true to their faith and not so hypocritical about it, they follow what the believe and dont just use it to judge every one else. Remember terrorists are “extremists” they stick to a sickening interpretation of a holy book, just like the catholic inquisition did for hundreds of years. That shouldnt speak for the whole of a religion now should it?

      • TML

        mike says, “even refers to Jesus as a holy person, … … but that muhammad was the prophet not Jesus.”

        One minor correction… Muslim’s recognize Jesus also as a prophet (not divine) and that Muhammad (also a prophet and not divine) is just ‘the last’ prophet. Other than that… I couldn’t agree more.

    • 45caliber


      Oblama didn’t take Ben Laden’s life. In fact he didn’t even okay the attack. He was tricked into sort of agreeing to allow them to go in if possible but didn’t okay it because one of his czars refused. He was playing golf when the Seal team was sent in. When he was called back, it was too late to stop them. He sat in the corner and sulled up while the rest cheered.

  • http://none 1 Son of Liberty

    After he was killed I hope they pissed in that SOB! I am planing on having a koran burning this summer with 100 of my closest friends. There will be lots of pork on the grill and prayer. I can’t believe that some of his relatives have refuge in the US.
    In the good ole days Gen. G. Patton would have hunted him down with his driver and Willie. He would have put a 45 in his head from a ivory handled Colt. Then he could have pushed to the sea. We would have had a parade and people could have got their photo taken with the body. What happened to our great country? Mister we could use a man like Ronald Reagan again!

  • jopa

    One of the war stories I heard when I was a kid that the troops were not very fond of Patton in that he was more of a showboat and never ran away from a camera.He thought of himself as some type of a cowboy with the ivory handled pistols, stopping the landing craft from going completely up on the beach like they could so the cameraman could get a picture of him wading ashore in knee deep water.The movie was great but this is what I heard from the ones that were actually there.

    • Rick

      Actually it was MacArthur that stop the landing craft and waded ashore for the cameras. In Laety Gulf in the Phillipines. And Patton wasn’t part in any major beach landing. He was a showboat and didn’t hesitate to sacafice his men to reach an objective. That’s how he got the nickname old blood and guts. But most Famous leaders are often showboats Look at Pattons biggest rival in WWII Montgomery Was as much of a showboat just more reserved and less oudasious (sp).

  • dcjdavis

    He thinks he’s going to find the body of (?) after a whole year at the bottom of the ocean? Good luck with that. I believe it would have been quite a feat if he’d searched and found it on the day of the drop.

  • Alfredo

    I read the article in El Mundo a Spanish newspaper and there is just too much to translate otherwise I would had written it. Warren does says that he is the only person that knows where the cadaver is burried in the ocean and he came to know through people in the pentagon with the use of satelite imagery. He also says that the body is in a bag being held by weights to the bottom of the ocean and he wants to conduct a DNA test on it. There is a lot more information about the article and perhaps it will be published here in the US. by other sources.

  • http://personallibertydigest Dave

    Proper Islamic Burial? are you freakin kiddin me? I hope one of those spooks had the opprotunity to shove a pound of bacon up the old dirt canal before they splashed his sorry remains………USN

  • Charlie Sheen

    Bin Laden has been dead for years. His burial at sea is just another false flag from fed fags.

    • Alfredo

      Charlie I have no problem with what you said just as long as the rat is dead. It is just a new article in that paper.

  • Jacques Cuse

    Indeed Charles! And the Navy Seal Team who supposedly ‘killed’ him dead once again has been decimated as a clear warning that the truth is not to be come out… Bin Laden was, until his very end, a CIA operative and a wonderful bogeyman for all kinds of government purposes. He was very ill with a serious kidney problem and has been dead for almost ten years now. All statements from Bin Laden about 9/11 made it clear that he had no involvement with it’s planning or execution.

    Better think about the meaning of the military grade nano-thermate found in every sample of dust from the WTC buildings that was recovered from the streets and roof-tops of New York City… Or do you guys (and galls like Rebecca) really believe that these Arab hijackers also managed to take over some U.S. government hi-tech military production plants and convince Marvin Bush’s WTC Security that they needed clearance to install ‘only a couple of dozens of tons of thingemees’ during nightly hours, and that during that period in the weeks before 9/11 explosives sniffing dogs would be not allowed on the premises…??? DUHH!!!

  • Charles Bill L.

    I dont believe bin laden was ever killed.I believe that the USA worked a deal with bin laden to get the heat of him.I believe that bin laden lives in some remote part of Pakastan far away from discovery.The excuse of terrorist threats if photos or TV showed him dead aint good enough.Since when did America run scared of terrorist threats i mean it is the same if America did kill him dont you think?Sadam Huessins pictures were show of his hanging I,ll believe it when i see the proff.

  • Mountain Saint

    Osama bin Laden has been dead for years and that’s why Obama wouldn’t show us the body..This was his only trump card for 2012… He floated some photos earlier but they were discovered to be another person…… Not taking a chance this time, the wag the dog Obama claimed that bin Laden was buried at sea, without ever letting us see the body. …You will noticed from the video that there isn’t any dialysis equipment in the compound. Bin Laden was a very sick man and couldn’t live without his equipment….Osama bin Laden died at Tora Bora in 2001.

  • charlie

    Bill Warren and most people have creditability lower than Whale Manure in the Pacific trench…





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