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Discover Safe And Natural Options To Boost Your Heart Health And Promote Healthy Arteries

June 24, 2010 by  

Discover Safe And Natural Options To Boost Your Heart Health And Promote Healthy Arteries

If you are over the age of 50, you may have seriously clogged arteries as a result of poor diet, genetics or a lack of adequate vitamin and mineral supplementation. That means all 75,000 miles of your arteries, veins and capillaries may be full of plaque that can cause a blockage.

But new research indicates that two key nutrients can help you combat the causes of heart problems, toxic build-up and decreasing energy levels.

As a medical professional, I agree with modern science that indicates consuming a high-fat diet can lead to heart disease, but new evidence has surfaced to explain the process. Research from the University of Cincinnati examined high-fat diets and the effect they can have on the adipose—or fatty—tissue surrounding the coronary arteries. Neil Weintraub, M.D., and colleagues found that the fats cells were highly inflamed, which suggests that the blood vessels could become inflamed. This is one of the first indicators of clogged arteries, or atherosclerosis.

Another startling discovery showed that rats on a high-fat diet for only two weeks already showed the effects of inflammation in the tissue around the arteries.

“These new findings suggest a direct link between poor dietary habits and inflammation of blood vessels, mediated by the fat cells surrounding the blood vessel wall,” said lead author Weintraub.

In order to maintain healthy blood vessels and help reverse the effects of a high-fat diet, I suggest oral chelation with the amino acid ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid—or EDTA.

Indeed, EDTA chelation is very controversial—especially when discussed as an alternative to expensive heart surgery. The truth is, most doctors are inexperienced when it comes to chelation and don’t understand how it really works.

There are a few thousand doctors in the United States who perform intravenous (I.V.) chelation in their offices, but the vast majority of doctors have not witnessed the impressive results of EDTA for themselves.

Like nearly every other area of medicine, you will find articles “for” and “against” chelation. It is interesting how medicine is presented to the public—through the eyes and interests of the controlling parties who stand to profit the most.

Keep in mind, doctors and surgeons who continue to gain huge profits by performing angiograms… placing stents… performing balloon angioplasties… and cracking the heart open… do not want to read glowing reviews about this therapy.

And heart drug-related pharmaceutical companies would love to see chelation proven ineffective—to keep their competition down!

However, clinical and scientific studies show that the nutrient EDTA is effective at helping eliminate plaque from the arteries.

Here’s how it works: EDTA binds to the calcium deposits stuck to your vessel walls and carries them to the kidneys. Those plaque deposits are then safely carried out of your body with the urine. This process opens up your small vessels and blood can flow freely throughout your body.

What’s more, by increasing the circulation of your life-giving blood, EDTA can help:

  • Promote healthy blood pressure
  • Reduce chest pain
  • Reduce swelling in your legs and ankles
  • Maintain good HDL cholesterol levels
  • Promote healthy kidney function
  • And more!

Linus Pauling, Ph.D., two-time Nobel Prize-winning scientist states, “Published research and extensive clinical experience showed that EDTA helps reduce and prevent arteriosclerotic plaques, thus improving blood flow to the heart and other organs. The scientific evidence indicates that a course of EDTA chelation might eliminate the need for bypass surgery.”

The evidence speaks for itself—the benefits of chelation are remarkable. In fact, if you suffer from age-related memory loss… poor vision… constant colds and flu… cold hands and feet… and more… then EDTA chelation can help reduce those symptoms, too.

—Dr. Michael Cutler

Dr. Michael Cutler

is a graduate of Brigham Young University, Tulane Medical School and Natividad Medical Center Family Practice Residency in Salinas, Calif. Dr. Cutler is a board-certified family physician with more than 20 years of experience. He serves as a medical liaison to alternative and traditional practicing physicians. His practice focuses on an integrative solution to health problems. Dr. Cutler is a sought-after speaker and lecturer on experiencing optimum health through natural medicines and founder and editor of Easy Health Options™ newsletter — a leading health advisory service on natural healing therapies and nutrients.

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  • michael

    I am a physician. What dose, frquency and duration of rx for EDTA? What monitoring should be done, short and long term, for adverse effects? What contraindications for EDTA rx?, and what drug interactions to be aware of?

    • Mike

      Rather sketchy info.
      Where can one get it?
      How, when, how long, and how much?
      Side effects?

      • s c

        Mike, how can an MD not know about EDTA or be denied access to it? Do American MDs not have accesss to a medical library?
        Frankly, I’d have the same reaction to an MD who’s never heard of Vitamin C or why we need it. Either the AMA crowd is actively dumbing-down its prospective peers, or someone isn’t being honest about this.

    • LocalYokel

      If yout PDR doesn’t reveal the info you seek then usa a search engine. You will be exposed to an unfiltered education there.

    • Dr. Michael Cutler

      Dear Michael, and all,

      In order to try and answer all of your questions I have written a more in-depth article on EDTA chelation. You can read it here: Things You Should Know About The Opposition To EDTA Chelation

      Thank you,
      Dr. Cutler

  • Ken

    Can we have a link to a study that shows some benefit of this therapy??

  • Jay in Jersey

    I have been taking calcium disodium EDTA for a few months now. I purchase it by the kilogram and mix it with distilled water to give me approximately 3 grams in a 2 oz. dose. Being 59 years old I usually wake up in the middle of the night and take the dose on an empty stomach. I also have taken SSKI ( supper saturated potasium iodide), about 15 drops in distilled water once a week. Since doing this regimin I find I don’t need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night anymore.

  • Jay in Jersey

    p.s. Just took my blood pressure using an Omron mod. hem-712c and it’s 107 / 65. If it gets any lower I’m going off my 10mg lisinopril to see what happens.

  • John McClure

    Much appreciation for your experience at self-medication. I see that you took the male cow by the horns and helped yourself tremendously.

  • Lea

    Where can EDTA be purchased and at what dosage and frequency?

  • Howard

    I typed in edta chelation in my search engine and clicked on wikipedia.
    Worth reading,controversial.

    • LocalYokel

      Just make pro and con columbs Howard and watch for patterns to see where the controversy arises. Follow the money trail to the answer.

  • Bob

    Great and informative article, how much EDTA, how often, and what side effects might be expected, if any. Thank you

  • Ellen

    I appreciated this article. Thank-you Dr. M. Cutler. The History of the American diet shows a high fat content and family historys tell of the arterioscalosis. Reading how to use EDTA and how it helps transport the plauque out of the body was good to read. I wonder, dose, side affects, and all those questions; Where, What, & Why.

  • Doug Wyatt

    You all should check out Natto Kinasse. This enzme from fermented soy has the ability to reduce the viscosity of blood without effecting cloating. Vit K2 leaches calcium from blood vessel plaque and returns it to the bones. And Vit C is the real Linus Paulling heart remedy. 6-10 grams a day along with half that amount of Lisine. If you add these to the regime you will see real results.

    Also check out colostrum and Gastrointestinal Immune connection to chronic disease Research available at my website

  • Roger Whitmore

    Be sure and check with your Doctor and monitor INP closely if you’re on thinners. Natto Kinasse can GREATLY affect your readings !!

  • Jerry Hynes

    I can do without all the info regarding all the latest stuff only to get to the end and find out it’s on page number —– why bother printing it thanks for nothing. Thats why I gave up on Bottom Line . ghynes

  • kevin kelly

    Take nordic-naturals codliver-oil,also Co-q10,L-carnitene.These will truly help your HEART.

  • kevin kelly

    jarrow brand on Co-q10 & L-carnitene.

  • Linda

    As i understand medical treatment, the doctor can tell you what chemicals have been researched and what may work on your condition, but until he examines you and takes your medical history, he cannot recommend a dosage of any chemical. People are selling products and recommending herbs,and other natural substances, but the FDA would pull their guns if claims of curing anything with these chemicals, or claiming, without substantial evidence, that any chemical, treats anything. They shut down websites and producct-pushers if anyone steps outside the legal boundaries. While EDTA chelation may be helping some people–I’ve read by “experts” that it can have adverse effects also–it may not be the best for everyone. There needs to be more discussion and the research presented. Since we cannot ask our personal doctors about most of these substances, who can we believe,and who will prescribe the correct dosage??

    • LocalYokel

      Just look up it’s original use to get lead out of USN painters in the 1940s and with side effects improving other ailments. Any IV application must be accompanied by testing and observation. Upper and lower GI tests are only for diagnoses but require a crash cart with antidotes to reverse possible reactions that can cause death in minutes. Oral EDTA therapy entails no such risk but takes more time for same action.

    • Marshall

      Hi All, 12 years ago, my Great Dane was found with a failing heart. The Vet did a cardiac ultrasound…blah..blah.. She recommended L-Carnitine as a possible help..We gave Samantha 1500mg 3x daily for 2 months..then gradually brought it down 1 pill(500) each dose. We were told she would probably die in 2-5 months. She was 7 at this time..she lived 6 1/2 MORE YEARS and the vet, after 8 months of treatment said the heart was better than normal. WE ARE BELIEVERS! This is a fact..ask my ex-wife !

  • LocalYokel

    In 2001 I awoke with the same persistent angina that had pestered me since child hood whenever I performed any strenuous exercise requiring deep breathing. A cold sweat and pulse of 30 indicated a blocked heart artery and justified a swift ride and an $8000 clot buster shot (1) in route to hospital. A blood thinner (heparin) drip eased the angina (2) only to discover that no further service (fluoroscopy) could be administered to locate a blocked artery until a permit for surgery was signed (3) with resident chief surgeon scheduled for vacation leave in a few hours. His opinion of chelation was “Hogwash” [NO WAY HOSE]. Angina returned shortly after removal of the drip (4) allowing time for the chief to escape but placing staff on red alert. I signed mainly so that I could know more about my problem. (5) Fluoroscopy revealed the blockage plus 5 other collateral arteries developed over 60 years of coronary blood supply insufficiency.
    A single stent satisfied the surgeon and cleared my homeward passage with a $300+ / month lifetime prescription assortment together with side effects and little instruction involving diet or supplements. After a few days of internet education the decision to DIY was easy. Statistics supported neither the surgery nor the prescriptions. After 15 days of prescriptions followed by the UPS delivery and 75 days of EDTA , vitamin / herb supplement , raw vegetable diet and 5 days / week bicycle exercise, a treadmill test was aced with doctor’s advice to “Keep on doing what you are doing”. He was advised that I was not on any drugs and I haven’t been back.
    Nattokinase will bust clots or relieve angina without any side effects. Look up the research. It’s a staple for me since I don’t have the Japanese food it’s extracted from.
    There’s probably more chelation and other info with complimentary links at site below than all google, wiki, etc together so prepare yourself for a shocker.
    The old researcher that posted all the documented info supported by his personal experience plus all the empty threats from drug company barristers deserves a lot more attention than Freud got for interpreting his own cocaine laced dreams leading to the title “Father of Psychiatry”.

  • keith

    Can Nattokinase and edta be taken at the same time?

  • Brent

    This therapy used to be used widely by the VA hospitals – I don’t know why they discontinued it – probably because it is somewhat slow. Also you have to have a healthy liver. It will also get rid of any heavy metals, and is still used for this purpose. However, I have my doubts as the effectiveness of an oral regime. I wouldn’t waste my money unless I saw a study on it. Intraveneously it works.

  • Gail Blair

    The EDTA works!! I have had excellent results with many people in a liquid form that includes vit D3, L Arginine and much much more. Just do a little research on Dr Ignarro(nitric oxide) he won a nobel prize in 1998
    After you do your research you will see this is a economical way to extend the quality of life!!!!

    Here is a list of just some of the health benefits of Largine and EDTA

  • Dick

    Tried edta for 60 days – still had to have another stint..

  • keith

    Does anyone ever answer these replys? If not, what’s the point?

    • libertytrain

      Keith – Dr. Cutler has a reply up near the top of this thread. I’m guessing, like many of us, he may be doing other things periodically as well.

  • Anthony

    I just read Dr. Cutler’s link to another Personal Liberty webpage and it is informative – so YOU SHOULD GO READ IT, before you decry this Article.

    One person here, referred to the Navy’s use of chelation back in 1944 (WWII) because of lead paint poisoning many were getting sick and dying from – THEY GOT IT from German Scientists who had discovered it’s benefit in the 1930′s.

    I do take it in capsule form, but I will move to the softgells on the next purchase.

    To me – this therapy is no different than (say) brushing your teeth. You have habitized yourselves on that score. Why not do the same for EDTA?

    Like many of you – I am concerned about the dosage. I left the Doctor a comment on the other webpage, with a question about dosage, as well. It suggests anywhere from 300mg up to 1,000mg per day.

    Since I’m reading the FDA and the Board of Health had been advising Vitamin D-3 at only 450mg/day, when it’s supposed to be 4,500mg/day … well, why not raise EDTA dosages accordingly. Especially since it’s 1/3 as dangerous as aspirin. (???) Anyone?

    I know this about aspirin – it attacks your joints. It may work for that headache, but so does a chiropractic neck twist where you can here you vertebrae crack. I haven’t taken aspirin in decades, except rarely and I do mean “rarely”. I just crack my neck and headaches go away – I guess I’m lucky on that score.

    So, what about it, Doc? Is there any knowledge of the dosage they gave those Navy Sailors back in 1944? Obviously, it was intravenus. But, to me, 1000mg/day still seems low.


    • Anthony

      Oh, I found reasonable costs for purchasing Nattokinase over on VitaCost-DOT-com


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