Disabling President’s ‘We The People’ Website, Blaming Shutdown Probably A Good Idea For Obama


Can you imagine the kind of petitions people would be creating on “We The People,” President Barack Obama’s official conduit for public input, if the White House hadn’t made the early decision to disable the site as long as the government remains shut down?


We The People, already controversial for its history of restricting petitioners’ access to official White House responses by repeatedly upping the number of signatures required to get the President to “talk,” operates by soliciting people to create petitions on matters (ostensibly of National interest) that can be put before Obama if enough people sign them.

Sadly – so, so sadly, that benefit will have to wait until Democrats and Republicans come to the inevitable agreement to once again hike Federal borrowing thresholds on America’s $17 trillion debt.

For Obama, that’s probably a good thing. Allowing people to speak their minds on Democrats’ role in rejecting the House of Representatives’ offer to fund everything in government except the oh-so-successful Obamacare budget would have likely appeared on the President’s own website as a PR disaster.

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