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Disability Numbers Increase

July 20, 2012 by  

A flood of disabled workers. Here’s a statistic that should worry every taxpayer in America. While the economy has created 2.6 million new jobs since June 2009, in the same period an astounding 3.1 million people have been granted disability benefits. In other words, the number of newly disabled workers is growing 19 percent faster than the number of new jobs in this country.

Some good news on the unemployment front. Here’s something that should give aid and comfort to every conservative — and bug the heck out of Democrats. In the 2010 elections, Republicans won Governorships in 17 States. Every one of those States saw their unemployment rate drop since January 2011.

This UN-sponsored treaty is dead for now. Two more Republican Senators have told Majority Leader Harry Reid that they plan to vote against ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty because it infringes too much on U.S. sovereignty. The announcement by Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) means the treaty won’t win the approval of two-thirds of the Senate. That’s enough to make the measure dead in the water this year. But don’t expect the New World Order types to stop promoting it.

A coffeemaker in your car? Fiat has proudly announced that it will be the first car company to have an espresso maker built into a production automobile. Yes, beginning next year, you’ll be able to order the Fiat 500L, a four-door sedan, with a Lavazza coffeemaker already installed. Does anyone think brewing a cup of joe could be a bit of a distraction as you’re racing down the autobahn?

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Gary L

    Soon enough, anything worse than a hangnail will render one disabled. Sometimes I wonder what the hell is happening to our country. How can we as a nation become so utterly obtuse. Why do we allow all this crap?

    • chester

      Gary, how about when you have no other choice than to file for disability or starve? For a lot of the people filing now, they have been told repeatedly that there is no use of them even applying for a job, as they are either too old, or their physical health keeps any employer from looking at them. The bad thing is, if you have any sort of a handicap now, the chances of you getting a job are just about nil, as there are at least three other people in line for that same job who have no handicaps. And yes, disability now does include the mentally challenged as well as those with a visible problem, like a missing limb. I have known people who appeared healthy enough to talk with and visit, but were actually physically incapable of holding a full time job due to back injuries or other things that will put you down in a heartbeat, but don’t show most of the time. I suppose you realize that epilepsy IS a disabling handicap as well, even though it doesn’t show most of the time. As soon as you tell a potential employer you suffer with this problem, he tells you not to call him,he will call you. Take a good look at these people you are complaining about before you start putting them down.

      • Virginia Robbins

        Hell yes, if it wasn’t for the freeloaders there wouldn’t be any one to put posts on the internet’

      • don

        i’d almost bet it is a lot of the ones who they call the underemployed who do it. they had good paying jobs till clintons free trade which was supposed to be a even playing field but prove the opposite. less jobs and well paid factory workers losing the jobs and having to take a lot lesser paying jobs. what they get on disability probly isnt much different. medicare would come with it. why not the easy ride . another thing is the downsizing of factories where less people do more to get the same as a full crew. these people wear out fast. i know, i work in one. all in the name of profit and greed.

      • stopspending4

        All you liberals posting about the unfortunate that are so disabled they can not work – How do you explain the huge increase of those deemed “disabled” in the last three years? Has our country suddenly produced some kind of illness that is making people unable to work? Has someone gone through the country and injured multitudes of people so they can not work?
        Many of the newly disabled collected the max unemployment then suddenly got approved for disability. How can you go from being able to work so you can collect unemployment and then suddenly, with no apparent change in health, you are so disabled you can never work again?

        • Gordon

          Just lucky, I guess……?

  • chester

    Chip, I haven’t looked at the placement of that coffee maker in that Fiat, but would guess is accessible only from the back seat. Do know most four door cars in that price range are aimed at the business man who has a driver, or a co-pilot, if nothing else. Personally, if I want coffee during my drive to work, will brew it at home and take with me, but too many people either don’t know how to make coffee at home, or are in too much of a rush to fix a cup before they hit the road, but have time enough to stop at Starbucks or McDonalds to grab one to go.

  • Tired of it all!

    Wonder who is going on the disability? I would guess smoking crack is a little disabling!

    • Jimmy The Greek

      I can tell you this , I have been a trucker moat of my life and i am seeing a lot of drivers that cant pass the DOT physical because thew government keeps making it more strict , and doctors keep pushing for more testing for sleep apnea, if you are a little over tight Neck size 18.5 or bigger It’s the new money maker for the doctors open a sleep apnea clinic . the reason drivers are in bad shape is because over the last twenty years truck stops closed down the restaurants . and put in fast food or turned them into convenience store ( MORE PROFET) if i were to go on disability i would get right $2,100.00 per mo. I am 61 years old and well more than likey pass this next one however after that the law, well change so why not go on the dole , I can live off that because every thing i have is paid for house and all .

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Dam spell check messed that up !

  • dan

    Very well put ,Chester….I would only wonder how many kids are seeking first-time -work.
    I could use a coffee maker…but then I could use a chauffeur for when I hit a bump and
    pass out from the pain in my back…too bad I can’t afford to pay minimum wage.

  • SJJolly

    When people can’t find legimate jobs, and still need income, they find alternatives. Including applying for Disability for problems they normally would not let keep them from working. The economy improves, watch quite a few “disabled” get better!

    • Jimmy The Greek

      That’s true .

    • stopspending4

      I disagree that they disabled will suddenly become able bodied once the economy picks up. After receiving free money, there is no reason to go off the dole. These individuals might, probably, will pick up extra money without notifying the gov to supplement their disability income but will not stop taking the hand out. Also, a diagnosis of disabled is hard to undo.

  • Roald

    I am surprised the statistics haven’t been published as to how many unemployed have committed a crime to be incarcerated to get free room and board, dental and medical benefits complements of those paying taxes.

  • Jimmy The Greek

    Roald, Yesterday here in Houston Texas a homeless man took a pistol into the courthouse went up to the policeman told him he had the pistol and asked to be locked up because he was tired of living on the streets .

  • JC

    I can tell you one that went on disablity, it was my brother. He spent 35 years working jobs that required him to stand 8 – 12 hours a day on concrete (he was an automotive mechanic). He was born flat footed and always had trouble standing for long periods because his ankles had to suport him. My parents weren’t rich enough to afford good medical coverage, and at that time there wasn’t much as far as “government help”. As time went on he developed arthritis to the point that his feet “fused” with his ankles. Now for all of you with an imagination (and believe me some of you can realy get out there); imagine standing on hot coals with knives stabing you in the ankles for 8-12 hours a day. He would actualy have to crawl into his house at night. Now every time his employers had to “down size” for some reason, who do you think would be the first that got laid off? As for sueing .. you can’t sue in cases where employers are laying of for anything. So, finaly in 2010, he was working for a boss that really wanted to change things for him. So this guy used and different term when he had to lay my brother off. He said he was “discharging him because his arthritis, was efecting his job performance”. So my brother went to file for disability, but was told (by SSI representitives) that it would take some time, so he should go ahead and file for unemployment. However , in the state of MIchigan, you are “automaticly disqualified” if you can’t perform your duties. so, to stay qualified he had to continue to search for employment or starve. He did everything he was asked and finaly after two years was granted he disablity. However, because of Michigan laws, you can’t file for disability and be on unemployment its a contradiction in terms here, so now his first obligation for his disablity check is to pay back what he received in unemployment, at 4 times the amount. He received $15,000 per yr while unemployed and has to pay back $120,000 @ 1,200 per mo.(which is al he gets for disality) that makes him worse of than when he was working or on unemployment. So, for 35yrs of “hard labor” he got what he deserved, right? Any other names you want to call him?

  • meteorlady

    I know of 5 vietnam era vets that are getting disability and still working under the table. They pass out instructions on who to do it. It’s sad since there are vets that really need help and aren’t getting all the benefits they could get if there was money enough. The scammers are un-American and should be prosecuted.

    • Gordon

      I know of a couple dozen drawing disability or unemployment and working off the books. When I was unemployed I made twice on unemp check than I could at any job that I could find: no jobs available. Finally I had to go out of state to work. Ever notice that the massively obease people at food buffets are on a government check, and Lots of them eat out every day? For a while I drove a mini-bus of pre-school “troubled kids” to day care and back. Most of the families were making big bucks off the gov and driving nice cars and living in nice gov sponsored housing while the kids rode 100 miles per day to daycare. The only problem with the kids was the lazy-arsh parents. And you wouldn’t believe how much the bus owner got paid for doint this. Abuses to the system are widespread and ignored. I could tell you factual stories about the Joplin tornado and the FEMA gestapo, but you’d call me a liar.

  • Gordon

    Pretty slick, huh? Mentioned killing the UN treaty,,,,, had to look it all up…..found out it was the “oceans” treaty……. not the “small arms treaty”……. which is still in the balance this week…


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