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Disability Insurance Overwhelmed, Increasingly Scammed

December 5, 2012 by  

Disability Insurance Overwhelmed, Increasingly Scammed

Politicians use one word endlessly throughout campaign seasons: jobs. But they don’t often talk about the millions of Americans who seemingly don’t want them, including the millions opting to go on disability.

Social Security’s disability insurance program has long been a godsend for Americans injured or unable to work because of physical impairments. Evidence shows, however, that a growing number of people are opting for disabled to be their career of choice by defrauding the system.

An aging Nation and tough economic times have seen disability claims skyrocket so much that the Social Security Administration can’t keep up. This is creating a backlog of applicants and making it hard for many who are legitimately disabled to get disability benefits.

Meanwhile, the opportunity to make an average of $1,100 a month without having to work has become increasingly popular with scammers. The system is being defrauded by recipients who often claim to have ailments that are both chronic and nearly impossible for healthcare professionals to refute.

Despite increasing quality of healthcare in the United States over the past several decades along with special provisions put in place in the 1990s via the Americans With Disabilities Act (both of which make it easier for those with disabilities to lead normal lives), more and more people are claiming to be too disabled to work.

Conservative columnist Michael Barone points out in a recent piece that about half as many people entered the disability rolls (4.1 million) as did the workforce (8.8 million) in the years between 1996 and 2011. He also notes that the age of the average disability recipient is dropping, with more than 15 percent of those on disability younger than 50 in 2011.

Since 2009, the disability program has paid out more than it collects. In 2011, total outlays were $128 billion, while the program’s revenues totaled only about $94 billion. Disability insurance is expected to be the first portion of the larger Social Security system to reach total insolvency.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    • eddie47d

      Good catch Christopher I didn’t think of that angle. Lawyer scams are increasing at the same rate so there probably is a connection. Occasionally folks on disability get busted and its not hard to prove but that would require added personel. Just to be ornery maybe those on disability should have tracking devices to make it easy to find what they are up to. Maybe like child welfare cases have surprise visits.

    • Kate8

      That’s true, CHRISTOPHER. A good friend of mine was given 15 months to live, and was trying to get disability to carry him over since he could no longer travel, as this was a necessary part of his job. He worked up until he collapsed and could no longer.

      Of course, he was flatly denied, no matter how ill he was. He spoke to an attorney, but it would take longer for him to be approved than he had left… so I had to care for him because he had no means of making a living anymore. He’d spent all he had on doctors, and had nothing.

      Lawyers need to be the first to go to get our country back. And this includes the vast majority of people holding office. It is strictly forbidden for lawyers to hold office in the US, as their BAR association makes them beholden to a foreign entity (namely, Britain). Yet, lawyers have virtually seized control of our government at every level, making our government an illegitimate sham.

      If we really pressed this issue (the 13th Amendment to our Constitution, which has been lied about and covered up…by LAWYERS), we could throw them ALL out, including judges.

      • Kate8

        And, btw, the nature of lawyers is to spend all their efforts figuring out ways to circumvent the Constitution. Just look at how Congress and the rest of them work…anything to try to twist and justify their treason so it will fly.


      “eddie47d” AND “Kate8,”


  • Gillysrooms in Australia

    The reality is that no one really wants a job, what they really want is guaranteed source of income eithout having to physically work or exsert themselves too much. A good example are people whi trade on the stick markets which you could hardly call real work but more like gambling in the hope of getting easy money. Thats what everyone wants, but politicians like to use old words which falsly explain what most people really want and could explain in part why Mitt Romney lost.


      “Gillysrooms in Australia,”



    I’m not sure how your system works but I’d like to suggest that these people are not the type of people you will want to be working as your employees as in my opinion they would be the types who would most likely try to avoid work, steal, scam you and or organise an accident to happen in your workplace and then sue your firm. I would want to get a copy of that database of people on disability to make sure none of my businesses would employ them if ever they where to look for work whilst on or off disability. So I’m suggesting they are doing most businesses a favour even though they are sending the scheme broke.

    • Kate8

      The government has encouraged this type of behavior from people. It has created a population of entitlement-minded dependents, because it is from them that government derives their power. It insures their increasing voting base, as long as they keep the money coming to those who do nothing but vote to receive it.

      This is, first of all, to accrue absolute power over a dependent nation. Secondly, to bankrupt the system. Thirdly, to collapse the system, leaving a nation of angry, starving, homeless people when the money is gone, who will prey on their neighbors to create mass chaos, and who can be easily manipulated into going to FEMA camps for “help”, and who will gladly accept the waiting UN Agenda 21 controlled communities. Oh, and who will accept being chipped.

      • RichE

        Your nightmares must pale to your conscious thought. I can see politicians, not government, wanting to buy votes, but the rest seems a rant on your part.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        RichE, the government agencies grow by dishonesty of people, as more clerks, supervisors and all sorts of pencil pushers and then federal agents are required to investigate and supposedly keep people honest. But if people were honest the agencies would not grow and there would be layoffs so it behooves the agencies to keep growing to keep their jobs.
        How is it that you have a problem seeing something this simple?

      • Mike in MI

        RichE -
        You sure are green, boy. No doubt an idealistic, cultist in the Obamafilers Anomalous Club. K88 hit it right on the dot right. The people who get hooked on government welfare of one kind or another are the shiftiest, most demanding, thankless, least courteous, hardest to please, dishonest and most sickly bunch of pig-people that ever came to exist on earth. I honestly don’t believe that God had anything to do with their conception, development and maturation – they are such low down specimens.
        My wife works for a state welfare agency and she comes home sputtering at how crooked her cases are and how frequently they scam the system out of thousands of dollars and live at a higher level than if they were working and had to purchase the things they have from EARNINGS (after paying taxes). Worse, they see her as their enemy because she sticks to established state policies and won’t do what they want her to do. Then they get mad and call her “racist”, “prejudiced against them”, and “”rude”. She is none of those things and likes to help people where she can… then they spit in her face for trying and still staying honest to her agency policy.
        AND OBAMA ha turned millions of people into these sorts of animals.

        You better grow up quick ,kid, cause one of these days some of these animals are going to come bearing down on YOU and you better know how to deal.
        (Watching Zombie syfy movies might be good training flicks.)

        • RichE

          I like the one about the retiring businessman that filed for social security benefits expecting the max and was told he would get zero. He threw a fit, yelled, stomped, and clinched his teeth and fists. Even though he grossed $200,000 a year he reported a net income of zero. Then there was the one where this guy and his second wife were filing to find out his first wife had already filed on his account and sucked him dry. It was sad, the second wife sobbed and wailed, “She took all the good silverware and now she’s taken your social security.”


        “Mike in MI,”


  • stopspending4

    Gilly, you probably understand how our disability system works but not how the US system works. The US is based on the guarantee of same opportunity but not guaranteed results. The people receiving disability who are not actually unable to work, are killing our system. Once they go on disability they will never go back into the work force. You are correct that they would not make model employees but when the gov decided they will support them using other workers money, it destroys the desire to work. Giving people the support they want rather than the support they need, destroys the whole economy. People learn to support themselves when they have no other choice and would learn to be employable. Working not only provides money but also provides a sense of success, structure to your life, hopes and dreams for the future. Receiving disability destroys the belief that you will ever do anything better than leach of the rest of society.


      I agree with all that you say, but these people see it as a ‘legal’ way of stealing money instead of holding up a bank and getting locked away for life…they acquire an injury real or imaginary and steal $1100 per month. Can you see my point…they not thinking of all the many positives of getting a job … they thinking how to get ‘FREE’ money, and easier than buying lottery tickets for the rest of your life hoping to profit from a win..

      • Mike in MI

        Well stated, GILLS.
        According to the Bible they are “stealing”:
        Ephesians 4: 28 – “Let him that stole steal no more, BUT rather LET HIM LABOR, WORKING with his hands (“hands” is often representative of SERVING others) the thing that is good, THAT …he…may have to GIVE to him that needeth.”
        Believing, serving and giving with an attitude of thankfulness to God is a key ingredient in any sort of life success.
        If all you do is take you become sickly, involuted and start dieing. Since I work in healthcare I’ve seen it
        See my note to RichE above.


      A how much would you need to invest in capital to get an annuity for lifeto get a guranteed $13,200 per year which is really a very poor income…lets be real….the only way they can really get more is to illegally work and if caught for fraud or more theft..then they go to jail? Not worth it in my opinion if your locking yourself into poverty for life on $13200…but these people just cant see it when scamming the system..

      • wavesofgrain

        Gilly…the quest to get “something for nothing”, to take what others earn, is becoming a social engineered disease created by the dems who figured out how to bribe for votes to keep them perpetually in office. This is corrupt. This government dependency will not stop here…the “wards of the government” will then want more and more of the wealth that others work their A$$ off for. The entitlements grow, the class envy grows. The work ethic that once made America great, has died in the 4 short years of the Obama reign. The next 4 will nail the coffin shut. This admin is implementing the very policies that early foreigners escaped when they arrived in the country. Our founding fathers created a constitution that enabled our coutntry to be the greatest in the world. This admin has broken it so badly it can never be corrected. The majority of immigrants today do not come to this country for a partnership of earning your keep. Most seek welfare…and this admin has a partnership with Mexico to advertise how to get all the freebies, welfare, foodstamps, this country can bestow upon them. A study was done on those types of immigrants…and a majority were still on welfare 20 years after entering this country…producing generational welfare offspring. This admin says…to heck with the citizens…I only want to please the people I know will vote for me….and those immigrants love Santa America!

      • Mike in MI

        Gills – I don’t think anybody really knows how much in mney, services and materiel is actually available to Americans on our welfare rolls.
        Some estimates put it up around $60,000 if all of it were to be acquired on the open market at regular retail.
        Of course, to be able to have that much cash in fist to spend, one would need to earn a hell of a lot more than that – to have that AFTER taxes. Honest, Godly, worthy, wonderful people whose heart felt joy is to develop ones abilities in order to serve and to help others while receiving honest pay for what they do (and make a profit to be able to keep doing it) look stupid to Obamaites. I don’t really care what someone driven by the Devil thinks or says. If I’m in alignment with God by reproducing His Word in my daily life, I don’t think He minds. I know it benefits anybody else that does it, too.

  • dan

    that’s $1100 per month less $500 for government insurance …and yes, it takes three years because they automatically deny benefits the first time. ..seems to be a revolving door like the IRS has to scam the public with an insurance scam just to make it fun.

  • momplayer

    I am on disability NOT by choice.I make any of you out there a deal. Fix my back,neck, and knees from such sever arthritis that there are more days than not that I can’t walk’ I will be more than willing to go back to work. Pay me minium wage as I will then get a raise from my $1100.00 per month since I worked about 50 to 60 hours a week before. this desease started to take control of my life.I understand there are alot of people who scam the system,but please don’t lump us all in to one package as low life dead-beats. I’d be more than willing to go back to work. Anyone who is willing to take me up on my offer Please by all means reply to this!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So is your problems the taxpayer problem?

      • momplayer

        No not the taxpayers problem at all just getting some of the social security and medicare monies that I paid in for the last forty-five years of working.

    • Mike in MI

      OK, momplayer –
      Find yourself a good chiropractor (not necessarily the busiest one), a good massage therapist (deep muscle), a once a week sauna or steambath, and someone who can and will help you to cleanse your entire system to turn of the chronic inflammation going on inside that causes all arthritis. Don’t expect most common medical doctors to help you in the least.
      The medical system’s philosophy, therapeutics, drugs and methods in almost every sphere are the base cause of your present dilemma.
      Become a member of Life Extension Foundation ( and familiarize yourself with all their services, information and products.

      • momplayer

        I have tried all of your suggestion except the last also adding aucupressure accupuncture numerous cleansing treatments,homopathic medicines. Believe me sitting at home in constant pain is not the life I invision for my retirement.

  • tlgeer

    “Evidence shows, however, that a growing number of people are opting for disabled to be their career of choice by defrauding the system.”

    Please specify what evidence that you have. And where we can find it.

    If you know, or anyone knows, of a person who is collecting SSDI and does not need it, or qualify for it, please turn that person into the Government.

    The vast majority of people receiving SSDI do need it do, most definitely, need it. The process, for most people, is long and you see a lot of Doctors to verify that you are disabled. If you don’t have enough work credits to begin with, you do not qualify.

    I agree with Momplayer. I didn’t choose to be disabled. I made far more money when I was working full time than I get from SSDI ($790 per month). If I could work again that would be great. But I can’t, and it took me a long time to accept that.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are fishing for sympathy and you are not going to get it. I notice you do not give a thought to the husbands and wives and children that you steal time and money from.

      • momplayer

        Steal from? How do you justify that statement? You must have the welfare check you get confused with the social security we paid into all our working lives. They need to make people drawing welfare checks go through the same hell they do for disability. All welfare people need to do is breed and even the lowest life forms know how to do that.

    • http://N/A CintiCB

      It took me a long time to accept it, too. I tried to continue working for ten years after being told that I should never expect to work, again. When I, finally, ‘threw in the towel’, admitting defeat, the hospital, COMPLETELY, handled the entire SSDI application + acceptance. I paid over $1000.00/paycheck in taxes. OMG, I would, SO much, rather be employed!!! I don’t have a problem with SSDI recipients who have paid VERY MUCH into it. My problem is with the ones who use it as Welfare. These people have, often, never paid one cent in taxes. When I first starting getting per month about what I’d made per week I had to move to a low income area-WHITE TRASH CENTRAL, at the time.Now it’s totally black trash,as it were. They’d COMPLETELY destroyed the ‘projects’ so badly that they couldn’t be fixed. Had to be torn down + rebuilt-more tax payer money. How about just civilizing these lowlifes?!? Anyway, while in trash central, most of these people got a portion of Soc. Security called SSI (for those who never paid taxes-like a baby born blind) because they were addicted to drugs/alcohol. I, often, heard comments such as, “I’m gonna become addicted so the government will supply my habit”. STOP USING SOCIAL SECURITY AS WELFARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee

    I think I heard someone say that if you can’t find a job, go on disability. That still puts the on the public dole curtesy of the taxpayers.



  • SilverHairedSaint

    “We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human
    passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made
    only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the
    government of any other.” John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

  • FWO21

    A lot of new people were in their 50s, had a job and lost it and was of the age where people didn’t want to hire them. So, instead of sitting out and waiting for them to reach 62, they just signed up for disability. That check is a lot bigger than the SS check. Don’t forget too, that people that haven’t worked a day in their life, are also getting it. No wonder it will be broke in no time.

  • Melissa

    The goverment gives money away to welfare people, who are healthy and never worked a day in their live and only breeding children for money.

    Meanwhile people like a veteran in my family who was wounded in the war has shrapnels in his body,has TBI, had a stroke, has amnesia and short memory loss had to fight for years and years to get dissability from VA and also was denied SSD for the first time he applied.

  • Syl J.

    I don’t know about others but I loved my job and had all intentions of working until I was at least 62 (and maybe until 65) years old. However, I ruptured the discs in my lower back at work with about 5 years to go for regular retirement and social security. And, to be truthful, I would much rather have retired in good health than to draw disability with a wrecked back and the associated pain. That said, I know people will find a way to take advantage and scam in just about any situation you can imagine and that will never change as long as you have humans on this planet. I can’t think of anything in this world that people won’t find a way of getting something for nothing. The best we can do is try to minimize the impact and keep the number of scammers to a minimum.

  • Syl J.

    There will always be more scammers than the number of people assigned to catch them. Unfortunately, the good guys are totally overwhelmed by sheer numbers!!!


    Sam: The system is being defrauded by recipients who often claim to have ailments that are both chronic and nearly impossible for healthcare professionals to refute.

    This makes no sense. There is clearly a logical inconsistency with the above statement.

    If recipients claim to have ailments that are both chronic and nearly impossible for healthcare professionals to refute, how then can the claims be considered fraudulent; and by what argument/evidence is the conclusion reached, that an act of fraud has been committed?

    By the same logic, and with consideration that a claim can only be allowed through medical confirmation, (the way its supposed to work) if then the claim is allowed in the absence of medical confirmation, is the SSDI not in essence the one committing fraud?

    Of course, they’re going broke. If they willy nilly approve claims without medical evidence/confirmation, what else can they expect; Profits?

  • Elaine

    and don’t forget…they get an extra amount of money for every child they have at home and get complete medical coverage…a woman in my community who drives all over, when she has a doctor’s appointment which is 50 miles round trip, has a govt. person, who lives 100 miles away, drive to our community to pick her up, drive to the doctor’s, go out to lunch (I don’t know if tax payers pay for that) then bring her home…these people absolutely believe they are entitled to all of this….oh, and if they are turned down at the beginning, when they are finally approved they get a retroactive amount of money going back to when they first applied…if they use an attorney or an advocate, he gets a percentage of it…


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