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Did The U.S. Sanction Murder?

October 7, 2011 by  

Did The U.S. Sanction Murder?

An awful lot of readers will be angry at some of the things I have to say today. So before the shouting begins, let me tell you where I’m coming from, as the kids like to say.

I was raised with a profound respect for the fact that we are a nation of laws, not men: That “no one is above the law,” that a jury of our peers will decide our guilt or innocence, that we are guaranteed the right to face our accusers, that “our home is our castle” and that we will be protected in our persons and our property.

Does that sound like the America you were taught to love and revere when you were young?

It is promises like these that made our country the inspiration of the world. They are some of the reasons we became the wealthiest nation this planet has ever seen. Even the poorest among us lived better than the majority of citizens in other countries. No wonder people dreamed of becoming Americans — so many, in fact, that we had to establish a lottery to decide who could get in.

Yes, the United States of America that you and I were born into was a very special place. We knew it and were profoundly grateful for it. We gave thanks that we were lucky enough to be born here, because we knew that no other place on earth enjoyed our freedoms, our protections and our prosperity.

So what on earth happened?

Or maybe a better question is; what have we allowed our government to do to these cherished principles?

The God of the Old Testament asked His people to give 10 percent of all they earned to Him and His work. Today, our government takes four times as much from us. In fact, if you add up all of the hidden taxes we pay, the figure is probably closer to 60 percent.

In the Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers said one of the reasons for their rebellion against King George is that he had “erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their Substance.”

Those brave gentlemen wouldn’t believe how many Swarms of Officers harass us today, or how much of our Substance they consume. Have you flown anywhere lately? How many Transportation Security Administration employees did you see — many of whom were guarding hallways no one was using.

Pity you if you ever do fall afoul of some Federal bureaucrat. Our government has created so many rules and regulations and has so many agents and inspectors to enforce them, there is no way on earth you can obey them all. If they want to get you for something, they can. And worst of all, in many cases you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

We have gone from what was once “the land of the free and the home of the brave” to what is rapidly becoming the land of the cowed and the cowardly. Untold millions of our countrymen (some legal, some not) feed at the public trough — and get angry at us producers if we suggest cutting back their goodies by even a penny.

All of that is bad enough. But now our government has decided that it is above the law. That it can listen in on any conversation it wishes; open any mail; snoop on any citizen any time and any where; accuse us of all sorts of crimes and misdemeanors; and incarcerate us at will.

Oh, and murder anyone it says deserves it.

You think I’m exaggerating? Please consider for a moment the fate of one Anwar al-Awlaki. I won’t disagree that this demented jihadist was one of the bad guys. I’ll even grant that this renegade U.S. citizen did all he could to give “aid and comfort” (the Constitutional definition of treason) to our enemies. But so what?

As far as I know, he was never accused of a crime by any legal authority in this country or abroad. Not only did he never get a chance to face his accusers, there was never a trial or even a hearing by any court, military or civilian.

Yet the President of the United States ordered his death. And an unmanned drone, armed with a Hellfire missile, carried out the execution.

And what an interesting outcry that has produced! Ron Paul probably did his candidacy for the White House no favors when he said that it would be “sad” if “the American people accept this blindly and casually.”

The ACLU — an organization that I have never voluntarily gotten in bed with — declared:

“[T]his is a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process and on the basis of standards and evidence that are kept secret not just from the public but from the courts.”

Former Vice President Dick Cheney praised the Obama Administration for the attack, then added that Obama owes George Bush an apology for his criticism of the Bush Administration’s actions against suspected terrorists.

But the nastiest assault on the libertarian position came from the editors of The Wall Street Journal, who promptly denounced what they called “the caviling” over Awlaki’s death. After a lengthy introduction explaining why such anonymous executions are “manifestly legal,” the Journal concluded:

“For ridding the world of the menace that was Awlaki — even while ignoring the advice of some of its ideological friends — the Administration deserves congratulations and thanks.”

I’m sorry, but this is not the America I grew up in. And it is not the America I want to see my children and my children’s children inherit.

I’m not saying we’ve never done anything wrong in the past. Abraham Lincoln suspended the U.S. Constitution for anyone he considered any enemy of the State, whether Northerner or Southerner. Franklin D. Roosevelt, in one of the most shameful moments of a Presidency that did our nation much harm, ordered 110,000 Japanese Americans to be rounded up at gunpoint and herded into concentration camps. During my lifetime, legal authorities in the South often conspired to break the law to deny black citizens their civil rights, and even encouraged (or at the very least did not stop) mob violence.

All of this was bad. And like most Americans who give any of it a moment’s thought, I regret it happened.

I feel the same way today about the frightening growth in the cost, the power, and the wicked aggressiveness of our national government. Nobody’s called me an enemy of the State… yet. But I’m worried that that day may not be far off.

When they come for us conservative opponents, how many on the left do you think will rush to our defense? Heck, how many of our colleagues on the right will be what I used to call “foxhole buddies”?

I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming more and more frightened by more and more of the actions of our government. As I said, this isn’t the America I knew and revered. How about you?

Until the next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • s c

    Is there any difference between the death of al-Awlaki and Diem in Vietnam? Trying to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys in Vietnam – even with a score card – was worse than merely tricky. The new Vietnam [Iraq, Afghanistanistan, Pakistan, et al] has re-opened that perverse door.
    Once again, puppet masters have put us in the position of having our military in harm’s way. We (apparently) can’t win, we have no plans to end the conflict, most of our ‘friends’ are indisposed and this time Washington has so many extra armchair thumbs rammed up its bloated, collective arse that we may be in the land of the Muslim infidel for generations.
    We have the same old whore media, a bunch of new faces in Washington, but the basic scenario is the same as in Vietnam. So, is there really any difference between the death of al-Awlaki and Diem in Vietnam?
    Deja vu is in full bloom, and leadership is just a word, to be defined and re-defined at the whim of whoever is ‘in charge’ in Washington. A dog chasing its tail has it easier than our military, folks.

    • Alex

      Apparently you didn’t read the article, s c.

      Al-Alwaki was a US citizen, Diem was not. The thrust of Mr Wood’s posting, I believe, was about the dangerous ground we tread upon once we start killing our own citizens without due process.

      • DaveH

        It shouldn’t matter if they are citizens or not. If we believe an approach is the moral approach it should apply to all people, not just the ones we pick and choose.

        • James

          I tend to agree. Bush’s expressed purpose for invading Iraq was to remove Saddam Hussein from power. In fact, after he accomplished that, he obviously thought that war was over.

          • Michael

            George W Bush was an idiot for declaring the Iraqi war over – as any person with one ounce of military knowledge will tell you, a war is not over so long as the enemy has the will and the means to fight and resist. Our military are now paying the terrible price for that “end of the war”.

        • FreedomFighter

          It is not the America we grew up in, it is the NWO taking over America, thru use of the FEDERAL RESERVE, World Banking Cartel and thru political corruption slow shredding of the constitution of America.

          NWO banksters are installing the slave state on you, me and everyone else in the world. Like frogs in water that slowly comes to a boil, we find out to late, maybe.

          A war is coming, that they want, to kill us in the millions an billions.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Evermyrtle

            Hundreds of years ago, in England people were being horribly persecuted for their belief in GOD,JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT and could not worship as they wanted to do. Finally many decided to come to America. They had heard it was a land, where they could worship GOD as they pleased. They sacrificed to be able to pay the fare to get here. The traveling conveniences were horrible with many dieing and were buried at sea, never getting a glance of the land they were hoping to see. The little ships were crammed with more than twice the number of people that it was built to handle and the only thing that could say about the food, was that is was barely eatable.

            Finally, arriving with nothing but a few clothes and a few things that were absolutely necessary for survival, they went to work building one room cabins and clearing land to plant their crops. If it had not been for the Indians, who welcomed the pioneers, they would have starved to death. The entire family, lived in one room cabins. They struggled to survive, growing every bit of their food and made all of their clothing, after making the cloth….

            Their saving GRACE was GOD. They trusted HIM, read and studied HIS WORD, their Bibles, which was, in most cases the only reading material that they brought with them. They taught their children and grandchildren to study and obey GOD’S commandments.

            Many did not survive but those who did fought bravely with GOD at their sides, who they greatly honored and depended on. They made great progress during the generations following. They worked hard and continued to give honor to GOD for many, many generations. Satan finally got a toehold and things began to deteriorate when many people chose to disregard GOD and taught their children to do the same.

            The One World Order began to make it’s entry into the world, which has been encouraged to grow for several hundred years and the prosperity of America began to falter. We are at the point of accepting this One World Order/Religion and have begun to put GOD away, to accept and promote anti-GOD practices as in homosexuality, baby murder and a host of other things that make Christians shutter. The One World Religion will be “Chrislam”. Chrislam is not Christianity but a combination of Christian and Islams religion. The word, itself is an abomination to GOD. At the same time our country is about to fall to this Anti-GOD religion. We are, as a country, are accepting and promoting it.


          • Harald Weyrich

            I’m with Mr. Wood and TML on this one. To accept the edicts of POTUS without disregard or consideration of due process will be our demise. With the sheeple/lemming mindset supporting his actions, Obama has struck a goldmine for popularizing himself by killing terrorists. It should not matter whether he targets Americans or non-Americans. To think he assumes he has the power to take life at his discretion as would God should be more than disconcerting to us all.

            But he gets away with it so now lets move on to more meaningful things such as private property rights. He seems to think he has the right to take from the rich to give to the poor. Look at the mindless sheeple protesting in the streets today and once again he gets endorsements for the class warfare he perpetuates.

            As for being at war, we interred Japanese Americans during World War 2 considering them to be a threat to our national security and taking it upon ourselves to do so without any consideration of the Constitution and the laws of the land. Ironic how today we get chastised or accused of hate crimes for anything that remotely resembles a derogatory comment towards muslims, a very many of them who are not Americans while Jews and Christians are perpetually scrutinized for freely practicing their faiths.

            What or who are should we be at war with?

          • kantstanja

            “A war is coming, that they want, to kill us in the millions an billions”.

            …And why should that be a surprise FreedomFighter? Even our own scientists are saying that the population has grown beyond it’s capacity to sustain life (food production vs mouths to feed).. How else are those in the know (and power) going to bring it back to it’s 2 – 3 trillion capacity level? Natural death and disasters are just too slow in the making (even with strict birth control) as those in charge conjure other means to whittle down to these numbers otherwise these out of control numbers will eventually culminate into a series of natural disasters that will threaten the entire population of mankind, rich and poor alike. Thus, the US isn’t solely sanctioning murder.. The entire world is guilty of that distinction, and THIS… Is just the beginning.

          • philip mccormack

            FF. WHY IS IT SO FEW PEOPLE REALISE THAT THE FED IS THE MAIN CAUSE OF OUR TROUBLE. They are the cause of war, poverty corruption of government etc and their system has impoverished the working productive classes

          • Jibbs

            kantstanja says:
            October 7, 2011 at 8:08 pm
            “A war is coming, that they want, to kill us in the millions an billions”.

            …And why should that be a surprise FreedomFighter? Even our own scientists are saying that the population has grown beyond it’s capacity to sustain life (food production vs mouths to feed).. How else are those in the know (and power) going to bring it back to it’s 2 – 3 trillion capacity level? Natural death and disasters are just too slow in the making (even with strict birth control) as those in charge conjure other means to whittle down to these numbers otherwise these out of control numbers will eventually culminate into a series of natural disasters that will threaten the entire population of mankind, rich and poor alike. Thus, the US isn’t solely sanctioning murder.. The entire world is guilty of that distinction, and THIS… Is just the beginning.


            kantstanja, how did you come up with 2-3 trillion people?
            There are just under 7 billion people on our planet.

          • Joanne

            Freedom Fighter, You are so right. If the average citizen only knew exactly what the NWO is all about, what they have in store, not only for us, but eighty per cent of the world population, they would pay more attention to our politicians. Out of our seven candidates for president, five of them are members of the NWO, including Cain. Have you noticed when a new candidate pops up they soar to the top for a short while, then drop back? The NWO is testing the water to see which one will make it to the top and stay there. And that is the one that will be elected unless we all vote for one of the true Americans. I have seen the FEMA camps and the coffins that will hold three of us, I had never thought of sharing a coffin but guess I won’t complain when the time comes. Normally when I write of the New World Order they do not post it, and if they don’t at least I got it off my chest and gave it my best shot.

        • Robert Smith

          “As far as I know, he was never accused of a crime by any legal authority in this country or abroad. Not only did he never get a chance to face his accusers, there was never a trial or even a hearing by any court, military or civilian.”

          Have you forgotten where he proclaimed WAR against the United States? Last I heard someone at war with America becomes a legal target.

          It was his own actions that got him killed. His death was no different than any other enemy casualty, only the field of battel has changed.


          • Maine_1950

            I agree totalling with your comments. I believe Mr. Woods missing the whole point, or refuses to believe, that we ARE at “WAR” with terrorism and they are with us. Thus, we are following the constitution and he was treasonous towards his country. “Off with his head”!

          • crisscross

            There is a legal process for engaging in war, which has been violated, and a legal process for convicting criminals, including traitors, which has been violated. Under our Constitution, due process is not optional and once we start rationalizing its suspension, the rule of law, a foundation of our republic, becomes meaningless.

          • Cheeky Monkey

            Crisscross – I totally agree with your staements. This isn’t the country I grew up to believe in either. Either we the people make a stand against this current tyranny or we will all go the way of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

          • Jana

            Wow, for once I do agree with Robert Smith.
            crisscross says:
            October 7, 2011 at 11:28 am
            There is a legal process for engaging in war, which has been violated, and a legal process for convicting criminals, including traitors, which has been violated. Under our Constitution, due process is not optional and once we start rationalizing its suspension, the rule of law, a foundation of our republic, becomes meaningless.*****************

            We have not violated the rules of war, the Terrorists did. Whether or not the terrorists are a country or a group of peoples that would work as hard as these terrorists have to destroy us, war has been declared against us. For us to NOT realize this, then we are an easily defeated people. These people are Islamists. Are we to declare war against all Islam? That wouldn’t be right since not all Islamists are at war with us. A little common sense and some wisdom needs to prevail here. We are not living in a black and white rules are rules society. The terrorists have made sure of that. These terrorists would use bombs to blow up buildings with innocent people in them.
            This man may have not had what some would call a fair trial, but he was a KNOWN terrorist, working with other terrorists and was in a location that shows he was busy conducting his business of terroism.

            If we fight our enemy at full force we will beat him, but if we allow our enemy to use our own laws against us, then we will lose. Pascifism will not defeat our enemies. Pascifism is as big an enemy to our survival as terrorism is.

          • TML

            “Have you forgotten where he proclaimed WAR against the United States? Last I heard someone at war with America becomes a legal target.”

            Hmm… and the evidence of him proclaiming war against the United States is where?

          • JP

            This whole thing would have been a non-issue if they said the target was the driver and Al-wacky was killed accidentally, and was merely collateral damage.

          • TML

            @Maine_1950 says – “that we ARE at “WAR” with terrorism”

            I think you are missing the point, that “terrorism” is a tactic. Making war with a tactic, allows government to put ANYONE under such an umbrella term.

            “Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.” – Adolf Hitler

            @Maine_1950 says – “Thus, we are following the constitution”

            U.S. Constitution Article 3, Section 3 – “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

            The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.”

            Thus… no we are not following the Constitution

          • TML

            I think it merits quoting again…


          • DaveH

            Spare me, all you war-mongers. “War” is just an excuse to murder people who are in your way. You can use whatever euphemisms you like, but they still do not negate the fact that people are being killed who haven’t attacked us. It is not “self-defense” for us to butt our nosey noses into other countries’ business. We are the Aggressors. If any other country performed the actions our military is performing against other countries, the majority of our citizens would be advocating War against those Aggressor countries. Our Country is being Hypocritic writ large.
            I am especially ashamed of all you who are religious and conveniently push aside your moral teachings to satisfy your blood lust.

          • Oakley Mann

            Robert, I agree with you. In fact, he was no longer an American Citizen. He gave up all his rights and protection as a citizen of the United States the same as traitors in the past have done, denounced our Country and it’s ideology and fled to the east to join with his kind with the understanding that Death to all Americans was their ultimate goal. He had no rights, period. To my knowledge, this execution and Bib Laden’s execution are the only legal actions BO has performed since the beginning of his Presidency.

          • usmadgirl

            Oakley Mann,


          • Old Henry

            Well Maine:

            His country is Kenya, so our Constitution means nothing to him…

            You are spot on, however, Off with his head!

          • Old Henry


            Little Barry is an illegal resident in OUR WH, so ANYTHING he does is illegal.

          • Robert Smith

            Question asked: “Hmm… and the evidence of him proclaiming war against the United States is where?”

            From Fox news (not my favorite):
            “Speaking with ABC’s “This Week,” Panetta affirmed that several terror plots can be traced back to the radical cleric, who last month called for the killing of American civilians in a video released by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.”

            IOW, by his own words on video.


            Read more:

          • David

            Actually, according to Obama the war on terror is over. There is no War on Terror or War on drugs. It is all unconstitutional use of force. This guy should never have been allowed to leave the US in the first place, but since he left, he still should have at least been indicted. There was no judicial review. He was not on the battlefield, he was not holding a weapon of any sort. They killed him for spewing his hateful propaganda, which opens it up to anyone….Why not take out Piven? She has called for the same terror stuff. How about Hellfires for all the neo-nazi kooks? There is no limit if we except the president can kill anybody. I believe in killing terroists, but I also believe their should be an actual review by the Judiciary unless you catch them in the act. Whyt are they giving the underwear guy a trial, save money just shoot him, or Maj hassan? He was caught in the act, actually hurting people. He gets due process. That is the law. You either believe in the constitution or you don’t. There is no more room for grey areas. You can’t expect any of your other rights to be upheld if you don’t uphold this one.

        • Alfie

          The laws of these U.S. were written to protect the citizens of these United States. Amazingly, some believe that U.S. laws were written for and apply to every human being on the planet. Not so. We do not ‘pick and choose,’ and morality has nothing to do with it. A citizen who becomes a terrorist should receive due process in our courts of law. A terrorist who is not a citizen is not protected by U.S. laws snd is subject to wartime extermination. We are, after all, still engaged in a ‘war on terror,” no matter what one wishes to call it. Perhaps this terrorist was exterminated because they could not bring him back to the U.S. to face prosecution, yet he was too dangerous to be left alive.

          • DaveH

            You don’t think Hitler had excuses for his atrocities?
            Perhaps the people Awlaki was dangerous to were sneaky Politicians and their Government cohorts whose evil doings might have been exposed if he were tried in a court. Leaders are liars. That’s a fact.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If we use the thought that someone is a terrorist, then we all have a problem. Remember a few years ago when Peelousy called all veterans “possible terrorists”? She is a member of this government and what happens when the president and homeland agree with her???

        • EdinNola

          Dave, One of the quirky things about “morality” is that your morality, John Doe’s morality and my morality are not always exactly the same thing. We have laws for precisely that reason – to make certain that everyone falling within the scope of that body of laws has the same definition of morality. The first order law in this country is the Constitution, and anyone who disregards this law, especially anyone in a position of power should be relegated to a position of irrelevence. First: the Constitution applies only to citizens. Second: the Constitution says citizens cannot be deprived of (essentially anything) without due process. Any contravention of the Constitution is illegal, including trying to make up special secret laws to claim the right to commit murder without due process.

          • DaveH

            Here you go, EdinNola. I’ve made it easy for you. Please show me where the Fifth Amendment says anything about citizenship status?

            Where are you people getting off? By your criteria, Government could do anything it wanted to non-citizens. Get real.

      • Brenda Choate

        Read the Constitution. The man met the criteria for treason. A charge that carried the death penalty. Aligning with and abetting the enemy is sedition. Regardless of his place of birth, he was a traitor and enabler of terrorist. Capture would have been difficult and placed our troops in danger. The kill call was justified on the basis the man was plotting to kill Americans.

        • FreedomFighter

          The problem is this Brenda:

          Homeland Security has listed VETRANS, Christians, those that believe in bible, store food and water, own guns, etc etc, as possible TERRORISTS ENEMY.

          Some Fat female smuck deems you an enemy, now they can kill you or your family aide an abetting…

          Watch what door you open to evil, evil has a nasty habit of coming in.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Robert Smith

            Really Freedom… How many of those who you claim have actually declared war on America and acted as such?


          • FreedomFighter

            How many has our president(s) declared war on, without approval?

            The checks an balances are to stop tyrants.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • Jana

            Freedom Fighter,
            Actually I still agree with Brenda. Even though they have tried to make many of us out to be terrorists, we still do have the right to carry and use our weapons at the proper time. We are working within the laws to change the fact that we have been called terrorists.

            We cannot allow fear to dictate how we respond to real terrorists.

          • DaveH

            You have no idea what his actions were. You are solely relying on the word of Political practitioners who have a long history of dishonesty. Do you have any idea what Awlaki’s side of the story is? Of course you don’t, because he didn’t get a fair trial where he could tell his side of the story.
            Read this story about the deception of CIA agents in 1953:

          • DaveH
          • DaveH

            I only wish I owned the company that manufactures the rings through all of your sheeple noses. I would be filthy rich. Robert would envy my wealth.

          • Old Henry


            Never forget that ALL guns laws are ILLEGAL laws per the 2nd Amendment. What part of Shall not be infringed do people not understand?

          • Robert Smith

            David asks: “Do you have any idea what Awlaki’s side of the story is?”

            Yes, I do.

            This information was out in June of 2010. There was over a year for anyone who had a different point of view to come forward. From:

            “Awlaki is a terrorist who has declared war on the United States. Everything he’s doing now is to try to encourage others to attack this country — there’s a whole stream of intelligence that goes back to Awlaki and his continuous urging of others to attack this country in some way,” Panetta said. “Awlaki is a terrorist and, yes, he’s a U.S. citizen, but he is first and foremost a terrorist and we’re going to treat him like a terrorist.”

            Again, why didn’t you deman a trial then when he was declared an enemy combatant? No evidence otherwise maybe? The creep deserved to die and so he did at the hands of our military, just like any other who is at war with America.


          • DaveH

            That’s rich, a Liberal quoting Fox news.
            Of course somebody is making accusations. I could make accusations about you. But what would Awlaki have to say in his defense? We’ll never know because the Government shut him up permanently.

          • Average Joe

            David asks: “Do you have any idea what Awlaki’s side of the story is?”

            Yes, I do.

            This information was out in June of 2010. There was over a year for anyone who had a different point of view to come forward.

            I love make a statement like this and then proceed to use as evidence, someone elses “opinion piece” as evidence. Panetta, stating his opinion , is not the same as hearing or reading what Anwar al-Awlaki actually said (from his own mouth or web page). Again you are relying soley on the word of someone else rather than from the actual source.
            I can call you a terrorist all day long. I can insinuate anything I want about you….does that make it true? Of course not, you ninny!
            Wise up…and stop spreading heresay as though it is somehow factual information….it isn’t!

          • Aix Sponsa

            Fact is that his actions speak loudly. Arguing whether a formal letter to the justice dept renouncing citizenship is required, or if citizenship of a natural born citizen can be annulled by the feds so that they can whack him….. his overt treasonist actions declared his true intent. Still, someone who is a citizen should have due process.
            Without due process each individual is doomed.

        • Peter

          The CHARGE of treason is just a charge. The question is: how do we get a conviction? Do we have to have the person charged in custody? Maybe we could offer ‘safe passage’, and if it is not accepted, hold a trial ‘in absence’. Don’t think that’s a legal option now, but maybe it should be.

        • crisscross

          Brenda, you need to re-read the Constitution and pay particular attention to those pesky little parts about criminal due process. This “war” was never declared under the prescribed process, and due process, which is required for the prosecution and conviction of all alleged criminals, was violated. If we keep this up, a traitor will soon be defined as anyone who the government accuses and due process will degenerate to this point where a partisan government is prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner with no checks and balances. That is not what the Founders intended for obvious reasons.

          • Robert Smith

            From crisscross: “This “war” was never declared under the prescribed process, and due process, which is required for the prosecution and conviction of all alleged criminals,”

            Then George Bush should be brought to trial for all those deaths too.


          • http://?? Joe H.

            Actually, rob, Bush did go through the requirements in going to Iraq! he went to congress and got their backing. I agree with very little bush did, but he DID do that. nobummer contacted NO ONE!!! don’t bother trying to tell me that Bush lied because if that’s true, how can an imbecile like nobummer say he knew better than to vote for it???

          • Aix Sponsa

            Facts abound that many if not MOST liberals and democrats in DC not only encouraged and voted for the war in Iraq, they DEMANDED it. History will judge Bush2 as one of the greatest POTUS in history.

        • mrcave

          Okay, he committed treason. The government didn’t charge him with anything. Many reasons can be given to justify why this man wasn’t brought to trial, but to not even bring charges against the man is simply throwing away the American way. There is NO excuse for executing anybody that has not even been charged with a crime, no matter what their level of guilt.

          You can shout about being at war all you want to. It will just make the government feel more comfortable in their destruction of the Constitution.

        • Will Smith

          The problem with your argument is that, while the Constitution may define what he did as treason, it also specifies that he be afforded the due process of trial and conviction BEFORE sentence is passed. It matters vastly more that we violated our own constitution in illegally executing a citizen thousands of miles away and not on a battlefield. What if the government next decides that anyone attending a Tea Party rally is guilty of aiding and abetting al-Qaeda? Believe me, if Barack Insane Obama thought he could get away with it, that is exactly what the regime would do.

          • Jana

            He was in a convoy with other terrorists, conducting business.
            When a bank robber is shot during a robbery (his profession) are we to condemn the policeman or citizen that shot him because he did not get his due process?

          • TML

            A more correct analogy would be, if the cop or citizen, after personally witnessing a robbery, then tracked him down and premeditatedly murder the robber while driving down the road with other robbers.

          • DaveH

            Here is the result of our blindered citizens who are willing to march in lockstep with the PTBs (warning, not for the faint of heart):
            It’s too bad you all can’t see the reality of body parts flying as a result of 50 cal bullets striking bodies. It isn’t pretty.

          • Oakley Mann

            Will, the thoughts you present are worthwhile, but I believe when he states his intention is death for all Americans, and then proceeds to carry that intention out, he has waived any rights as an American,he is indeed as traitorous as Bendedict Arnold and our laws willand should no longer protect him. But, also, BO is surely not someone I would trust not to break the law if his ego or position were threatened. We have already seen what he and his Atty Gen Holder are capable of with the illegal adventures of “Fast and Furious” which caused death to countless Mexican citizens and to at least two of our own Agents, American citizens who were gunned down by guns given to them by our Pres and Holder in hopes of ridding his Criminal Administration of the 2nd Amendment of the United States. He had high hopes of reporting to Ms Sarah Brady that his campaign promise to her of “under the table gun control” had been fulfilled while in the meantime shutting down lawful Trade shows and Stores that trade and sell guns. His total plan to wreck America has only just begun but because of some heroic and patriotic reporters,some agents in the BATFE who are patriotic to the core,and certainly because of The NRA this unlawful venture is liable to prove their undoing, we can only pray, hope and vote that is the case. You are more than correct on the whole and normally I would agree, and do agree w/ majority, but this fanatical Muslim lunatic was not an American citizen as practical definitions go.

          • bob wire

            It’s too bad you all can’t see the reality of body parts flying as a result of 50 cal bullets striking bodies. It isn’t pretty.”

            A 50 cal. does make a serious mark but it’s only as big around as your small finger and the slug is little more than half as long. These were 30 mm canon rounds. A 40 mm fits nicely inside a toilet paper roll so it is some smaller.

            That would be like getting hit by a freight train,traveling supersonic.

          • Oakley Mann

            In response to Bob Wire, I hope this falls in line, I had to come back up to Will in order to respond. Bob, I have used a .50 cal and know it’s potential, in fact I own an Israeli .50 cal. I have used 30mm’s and know their death range, and I have been the #1 loader on 3″ 50′s, those really go boom and cause carnage. They do not change my outlook in regards to the terrorist being justly smitten from mother earth. He really got what he begged for, so he thought before becoming a small zero in the annals of history, martyrdom. He likely really thought a lot more jinxes would go before him. Wrong he was, but such is life. Our reward usually shows up when we least expect it

          • DaveH

            You’re right, Bob. I thought the helicopters usually had 50 caliber weapons.

          • Aix Sponsa

            BOB WIRE please shut up. It is obvious that YOU have never witnessed a BMG.50 caliber sniper or machine gun projectile weighing 750 grains going 3,000 feet per second muzzle velocity hit a human body at any distance. It does NOT make a .50 hole. The input hole is big enough for a baseball and there is no decernable exit wound, per se, because the exit wound is about the size of a basketball or larger. Human beings literally explode and big chunks fly freely. So shut up Jackazz, and stop pretending that you are some great combat veteran.

          • mickey

            DaveH, thanks for the video link.

            It is so hard in a war to distinguish who is and who is not the enemy. The video surely did not show any weapons.

            This country is out of control. Terrorist is a coin terminology used in many movies from the 60′s (and more?) on. Indeed, Clyburn and Pelosi have decreed the TP as terrorists and the government didn’t blink an eye yet the OWS is out and out trashing and destroying and the WH sanctions this.

        • Old Henry


          “he was a traitor and enabler of terrorist”

          So is Little Barry. Should we send a drone over 1600? Sounds like a plan to me as Little Barry has set the president of executing “traitors” without due process.

        • David

          While he may meet all the requirements for treason, they forgot the part where they present actual evidence to that fact. I hope you will be calling for the execution of the wikileaker as well, because he committed treason. At least he will get due process

      • Bear

        So, Alex, was Jesse James a citizen, Billy the Kid? Once again, you elude to the fact that bad guys actually have rights. Lets say, I break into your home and you catch me in your daughter’s bedroom standing over her with a gun in my hand. You heard me and knew someone was in your home and you got you gun and began a search of your home finding me there in your daughter’s bedroom. What are you going to do? Does it really matter to you that I haven’t killed anyone or that I haven’t been charged with a crime yet? Remember now, I have a gun and so do you. Are you going to wait for due process?

        • Bruce Redd

          Bear, your argument fails because you are talking about self defense in your own home and not about a traitor living in a foreign country. I don’t know that an individual declaring war on the United States constitutes a declaration of war. I don’t know if Mr. al-Awlaki actually attacked the United States. I think the point here is that a citizen of the United States was denied his constitutional rights. Bad argument and yes bad guys have rights.

          • Oakley Mann

            Bruce, I am in the minority, but I believe he denied himself all rights as an American citizen when he denounced our Country and fled to the east to be with his kind and he stated the intention of ridding the earth of all Americans. His and their total and exclusive goal was murdering American men, woman and children with no distinction as to whether an armed combatant or a civilian, all must die. He was a pure and total defector and traitor to his Country, foregoing all rights and protection of an American citizen, and where we found him we had the right to plant him.

          • Bear

            Sorry Bruce, I guews you just don’t get the point. It really doesn’t matter if the threat is inside your home or outside your home. This individual, al-Awlaki, posed a real and serious threat to every American and that includes you. This guy is like a cancer. This is the guy that has been recruiting and helping train Al-queda operatives. What do you think he was doing in Yemen, taking a holiday? When anyone turns against his country of birth as this man did, he can no longer be considered one of us. Now for the real challenge to your intellect. We still don’t have solid proof that Obama is an American, so, did we actually have an American approving the killing of an American, an African approving the killing of an American, an American approving the killing of a traitor, an African approving the killing of a traitor. or traitor approving the killing of another traitor?

          • Oakley Mann

            Bear, you have me laughing. You have seen the way the lefties can turn truths upside down to fit their needs and desires. You are surely going to send some lefties with extremely fragile intellects straight over the cliff trying to end the confusion your question will pose in their befuddled minds.

        • mrcave

          It’s not whether the bad guy deserved rights or not. It’s that our government has granted itself the power to deny rights that DO EXIST to any person, anywhere, including any law abiding U.S. citizens, on U.S. soil, that they simply do not like.

          Th patriot act is a bigger threat to our freedom than terrorists.

        • professor

          This piece of camel dung, didn’t deserve “due process.” He deserved no better than Bin Laden. Awalaki was recruiting a foreign army, in an attempt to destroy our country. In my book, that is treason. He betrayed his allegiance to this country and its security and wore the robes of the enemy. He made no attempt to conceal his intentions, and was overtly active in the Middle East, giving support to islamic terrorists. Being an American was only an unfortunate geographical incident.

          People like this guy should expect to be hunted, by those he wants to destroy. That is the way of war. War is not fought in the hallways of the Courthouse. This is a big mistake our government has made. The Gitmo detainees do not have the right to a civilian trial, and neither did this cretin. When enemies are engaged in war and are in battles with our military..that is a matter of war..

          I would like to know this cretin’s family history and how he came to be born in America…. I believe I heard that he was of Mexican descent. If so, I am wondering if he started out with La Raza or some other militant organization… This man did not just wake up one day and decide that he would try to destroy our country. Regardless, it makes no difference….When a person “lives by the sword, they die by the sword.” This is an occupational hazard, when you are a terrorist.

          And to Chip, I understand what you are saying. “Will this be a precedent setting decision.” Will this cause Americans to be hunted down, in this country, because they disagree with this regime…in a word…NO!

          If this regime decides it wants to hunt Americans and kill them for merely disagreeing with its policies, the job would be enormous. They would have 82% of the country to deal with, at the same time. If and when that should come to be, “the punishing of my enemies,” it will have little, if anything, to do with Awalaki, in my opinion.

          • Clint

            Who do you think financed Anwar Al-Awlaki?

          • FreeMan

            So, we have the underware bomber on trial. Why did we not just execute him on arrival? After all, he was the one who intended and tried to kill American Citizens. And, of course, he was and is not an American. I do not believe that any of you who want to ignore or void our Constitution are Americans. Does that mean that all of you should become targets?

          • Matt Newell

            Why are we having a civil trial for him is he is a terrorist he should face a military tribunal. Oh, I forgot — little Barry wants to tear this country apart (as he is now doing) and giving terrorists American rights will do thar very well — thank you.

      • Lee Baldwin

        or just possibly speaking out against the current administration, Alex. We have seen right on this same forum people who said they were arrested and fined just for speaking out agains Harison J. Bounel aka Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama. I know I am pushing the envelope by exposing all his names, but the guy is an illegal alien criminal of the highest degree and people should know this before the next election.

        • Oakley Mann

          Lee, I believe everything you say about BO and there are millions more of me. He surely is low, he stole a song title from a C&W star, I forget her name, when he stated in a press conference that he is”standing by his man” Atty Gen. Eric Holder regardless of his illegal activities in regards to Gun Control and elsewhere, Eric is so criminal it will take awhile to nab him on all of his criminal enterprises. Even though this same Eric Holder is directly responsible for the murder of two American citizens working for the Federal Govt by his knowledge and funding of “Fast and Furious”, King BO has the unmitigated gall to endorse Eric. Do you know why? Because Eric can surely put BO at the head of this pile of garbage known as “Fast and Furious”. That is certain. Two American citizens dead, countless Mexican citizens dead on BO and Eric’s dirty account, and most of America does not even know it has happened, and could care less. That is how crimes of the elite are swept under the table, these heroes of the HO Muslim who was rightfully executed could care less about what happens in their very back yard. Talking and squalking about the rights of a terrorist killed at the bidding of a Pres, and ignore the deaths of countless innocents at the behest of their Pres and Atty Gen. Hmm, I guess I better join the in-crowd, they surely know how to pick the easy ones.

          • Aix Sponsa

            The USA is so close to another Civil War that only the true patriots can see it. Sad to say, but our great Republic is at it’s last days unless major decisive actions are taken in the next election. (If we actually have one) Many christians (like WWII Jews) believe that only prayer will help, others believe that this is God’s will for this nation to die and be resurrected….. problem is that WE have to live it and pass what is left to our posterity. GOD BLESS AMERICA, LONG MAY SHE STAND. Want to know who the real patriots are? Check out who flies OLD GLORY on the days and who flew IT last 9/11. The rest are posers trying to convince themselves that they are American Patriots.

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        Al-Alwak was a combatant just like someone on the battle field caring an AK or RPG;therefor a legitimate target.This war is not WW2,there is no ground to take.There is only the enemy who wants you dead or you to change your core belief’s and follow his belief’s.So it’s kill them were ever they hide and using a Hell Fire missile works for me.

      • FireMall

        So; What say ye that opposed killing a Self Pronounced enemy of America when it’s so easy for many to forget what happened under Clinton’s Marxist regime vis Janet Reno in Waco ?
        86 dead civilians that were purposefully set up to be the poster children of Hillary & Bill’s Gun Control agenda.
        At least the Liberals are consistent with their History of killing the innocent for the ,as Obama Often refers to as, The Greater Good.
        This is a part of History the Obama Lovers obviously were not privy to in the new aged education system that was purposefully dumbed down for the end times of America.
        If any Obama supporter, young or old had any knowledge of History they would be shocked to learn that the Useful Idiots in all of History are Always the First to be eliminated after the Evil ones they idolized are in absolute control and have no further Use for Idiots.

      • Old Henry


        As with every thing these scum do I think it was a test to see how much outrage there was from the American piople in particular and Congress.

        Not much outrage, then they see it as a green light to, ah, expand their gangster activities to inside our borders.

        Remember, Right Wing Christians,gun owners, veterans, conservatives in general, are considered by this administration and Nazitano to be terrorists.

        So, with the commie Muslim Kenyan ratcheting up protests and public discontent their list may become quite lengthy. And as with the white Hitler by that time it will be too late for public outcry.

        • JUKEBOX

          People need to be protesting the criminals in Justice and the WH who are promoting “FAST AND FURIOUS”, all the while denying any knowledge of the program. They need to turn the drones on the Mexican drug cartels, but that would stop the flow of payoff money to the WH.

          • DaveH

            They don’t need to set the drones on the Mexican cartels. They simply need to end the Drug Wars, and the non-Government-sponsored drug cartels will go away just like the Mafia mostly went away after Prohibition was ended.


          • http://?? Joe H.

            The Mob never went away, it just went “legit”!! There are still people getting “whacked” by them all the time. It’s just that other things are deemed more important by the media!!

          • DaveH

            Okay Joe,
            Now you made me have to work, lol:

      • Danny

        Amen Alex. You’re spot on!

    • ralph herman

      The real hero of nam was Lt.Calli.We cannot win a war we don’t know how.You draw fire you kill them all and let God sort them out.Their willingness to kill their own and blow themselves up and hide behind innocent people.If they don’t care about their people why should we?Now stuff that in your rules of engagement.

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        You are so wrong and evidently clueless about Nam

      • eddie47d

        Ralph is a traitor to humanity no more than the 9/11 hijackers.Lt. Calley killed or ordered the killing of 542 mostly women and children. No one from My Lai attacked US forces so it was pure and simple murder.You sir are a mindless little nazi wannabe.

        • JeffH

          It is he who calls for civility and does not who is the hypocrit.

      • Bear

        Rules of enggement? What rules? Lt. Calley was the fall guy. Because of the way that war was fought, and I was there, there were mor Meili’s than I care to remember. Nam was a study in what happens when you allow politicians to run a war instead of your commanders. This is why we need to get rid of all lawyers in politics and keep them out.

        • FireMall

          @ Bear:
          First of all , I would like to take this Opportunity to apologize for ” The Ungrateful” people who blamed the Drafted enlistees for what the Politicians planned and executed in the Nam conflict.
          I was not drafted for medical reasons . However there are times I wish I was, and just as many times I thank God Almighty that I wasn’t sent to Nam. The Peacenicks of the 60′s are now the parents & or gov sponsored mentors of these idiots that are causing so much discourse today. Mostly Mentors because the Powers that be will never allow their off spring to be involved in their evil deeds, the offspring will however, be the benefactors of their mentors & Parent’s ill gotten bounties thus be safe from the results of their role model’s actions and be the designated leaders after age attrition takes it’s natural route..
          The one main difference, imo, between the 60′s hippy revolutions and today’s events ? The 60′s kumbyha hypocrites did not have a POTUS & Marxist admin backing them.
          Imo, The Nam era was a learning experience for the Hippies of the Nam era. They sure as hell learned that to succeed in destroying the Once Great nation of America they had to install an Allie / Allies in positions of power to further their plan. Seems to be working for them for the present time.
          Sad part is the fact that “We The People” would be foolish to trust any Politico regardless of Left or Right.

          • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

            I was not drafted for medical reasons . However there are times I wish I was, and just as many times I thank God Almighty that I wasn’t sent to Nam We all know what your Medical Reasons were

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          Nam is Iraq and Afghanistan except we called them booby traps no IEP.The difference is in Nam a people were struggling to free themselves form there former colonial masters the French.In Afghanistan the 9/11 Saudi’s
          were trained and sent out for more training to attack the US.Iraq was a lie and a distraction.Our mission was and is to crush all combatants in there Jihad.

          • FireMall

            @–SMSgt Z retired Nam 68 says:
            October 7, 2011 at 7:57 pm
            I was not drafted for medical reasons . However there are times I wish I was, and just as many times I thank God Almighty that I wasn’t sent to Nam
            Quote:SMSgt Z retired Nam 68 says:
            “We all know what your Medical Reasons were”.

            First : Who the hell are the “WE” in your SA response to someone who was only offering Long overdue [by many] “Respect” for the Nam Era Soldiers & acknowledgement of the political BS the combat soldiers & Superiors had to deal with during the Nam War, not to mention, simply trying to stay alive in the process ??
            Your response doesn’t really warrant any reply from me , however just for the heck of it.
            A broken back from an auto accident when I was 10 years old & another crash 3 years later breaking my back again pretty well shot the possibilities of me being drafted.
            I reckon being hair lipped from birth and having surgeries past 18 years old doesn’t count for the Draft board classing me ineligible either .
            You might consider crawling out of that box of bitterness. You might find there are more folks on your side than the few you chose to “BE” on your side.
            The Nam vets I am friends with and respect, at least acknowledge my position as I do theirs.
            Some of the vets I have befriended over the last 40+ years had your attitude when I first met them too.
            The one vet friend that I highly respect , I met the day he got back home and he offered to cut my ears off because I was looking at the new shiny 69 Mach-1 Mustang he was riding in.
            A couple of years later we met again due to similar careers and became friends.
            About 2 years ago & 40+ years later, we were having a few drinks and discussing the old days.
            He talked about having a really bad taste in his mouth about draft dodgers after he was discharged in 69 .

            I told him about the first time we ” initially met” and what he had yelled out the window of that Mustang that day.
            He hasn’t missed any opportunities since to say how he wished he hadn’t been such a prick that day .
            As I offered him Honor & Respect 2 years after & as I offered you the Respect you deserved as a Vet a day ago & as I do every Vet I meet.
            Your reply will never change my respect for Veterans of all wars & As I do the 88 year old Sea Bee Vet { named Dude}in my mother’s nursing home that remembers my father’s B-29 bellied down on the beach of Siapan in 1943 after running out of Fuel 1/4 a mile short of the runway when coming back from a raid on Tokyo. Dude actually helped set down a Temporary Runway to get Dad’s plane back up after the plane was patched up enough to Fly back to Boeing in Seattle for major repairs.
            I’m glad my friend made it home from Nam in one piece and he is glad I didn’t have to go to Nam.
            Get my drift about judging things unknown ??

    • Libertarian


      please, check out: – | The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11

    • Old Henry

      s c:

      I don’t think that back in the days of Nam our government had a secret Death Panel that picked American citizens to murder as Little Barry does today.

      As Chip stated, it may not be long before our names are on the list and the CIA goons or the goons from Nazitano’s agency come a huntin’.

      As stated here many, many times: Buy precious metals. Gold, Silver, Lead. LOCK AND LOAD they’re soon comin over the hill.

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        you are truly F—– UP

        • Jibbs

          Take the bliders off and ear plugs out!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            100% agreement!! The good sarg forgets there are a lot of us that WERE there just like him and not all of us agree with him!!

    • http://slayerwulfe slayerwulfe

      so be it aka amen

    • http://slayerwulfe slayerwulfe

      SC that is one long thread

    • http://?? Joe H.

      i agree with you 100%. What’s the difference in this or the many “hits” the government put out on Castro?? to say this is something new is not completely true. Let’s face it, this is nothing new to the US government! I also wish Bob would have clarified the statement with “United States Government” as I’m sure not all Americans approved of the killing. This is not a diss on Bob, by the way, I agree with him as well!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        sorry, guess I should have looked a little closer. Please insert Chip for Bob. Thanks!

    • John

      The best Government 1s the least government. The U.S. government is war happy. Look at all the wars our country has been engaged in. War is a racket, the biggest promoter of socialism. The government has their own agenda. They are interested in their own protection which they call national security!

    • DaveJ

      In regard to Awlaki only, he was the head of a foreign terrorist organization which are, by their own rules, at war with the United States. The Constitutional protections of a citizen do not apply, the Law of War does, and as a combatant- an unlawful combatant at that- he is a legitimate target.

  • Kinetic1

    Any ideological differences we have take a back seat to this issue. No American citizen should ever be tried, convicted and executed without the benefit of our court system. Considering the argument we had over whether or not detainees held at Guantanamo Bay should be tried in American courts for their alleged crimes, there is little that can be said to defend President Obama’s actions. I’ve said before that I will not blindly support our President and this is one of those times when I disagree with his decision. As always, he may have information that we are unaware of that lead him to believe that his actions were justified, but I can not imagine what they could be. This was just plain wrong.

    • Lee Baldwin

      The United States of America declared WAR on Al Quida right after 911, Kinetic1. Once war is declared, the articles of war and rules of engaugement come into play. This creep Al Awlaki became a TRAITOR to the USA. He masterminded some horrific acts, so “We the People” killed him. It has been one of the few things Mr.Obama has done that made me proud to be American. Al Awlaki TRIED HIMSELF when he decided to become a traitor to America. The only thing they failed to do was smear the missle with pig blood.

      • Average Joe

        The last time I checked, George Bush declared war on Afghanistan following 911…and then he declared war on Iraq (one with congression approval {sorta} and one without. However, we did not declare war on “Al Quida” (or any other spelling variation you care to print)….If Bush said publicly that we are declaring “war on terror”, it isn’t anything other than a personal statement…period.
        Show me the declaration of war on “Al Quida”…I patiently await said declaration…not that it will be forthcoming….because there isn’t one. Facts matter to some of us….without facts to support your view, you are simply blowing smoke and hoping nobody will notice the stench in the room.

        • professor

          There is “stench in the room.” when an American can’t identify an enemy! This man was no more an American than was Bin laden.

          • Average Joe


            Your proof?
            Simply stating your “opinion” has no bearing on the subject…other than it is your….. opinion.
            If you have evidence that the rest of us don’t have… it for all of the world to see. But, I suspect that you have formed your “opinion” based soley on media accounts and government talking heads as if neither of them would ever lie to us….Please enlighten us with your vast knowlege of the case at hand…..
            If you can’t enlighten us with your brilliance, maybe you could revert to baffling us with more of your BS….open mouth…switch feet (get used to the taste, I am guessing that you chew on those toes regularly).

          • professor

            Do you really know how stupid your post sounds..

          • Average Joe

            Just as I thought…no facts? More inane BS?

            Wow, that was well thought out and intelligent…not!
            Rather than putting forth anything to back up your opinion, you resort to… cheap shots?….Get a life…gather some facts…then come back and talk to the adults…in the meantime, stick to talking with the little kids that you are used to talking to…..Professor? get real….a legend in your own mind…LMAO!!!!

  • Denis F

    He got what he deserved-this politically correct B.S. needs to stop. They called Bush a “cowboy”-well, we need to be cowboys again and take our country back from the enemy or we won’t have a country. We will be subservient to the people who come in here and take over. Nuff sed!

    • Mark Are

      Do you also march around the neighborhood with a dark brown nose and a red swastika arm band on your sleeve? Just curious. So let’s see, if this can become “normal” commonplace behavior by those PSYCHOPATHS that run the country, why, explain to me can’t it trickle down to someone like Chip? Why can’t the President say, Chip is a threat to national security. He exercises his typing skills too much and people are talking about insurrection due to his writings. Send a HELLFIRE to take care of the problem. SCREW the law, SCREW the Constitution, SCREW common decency. KILL CHIP. People like you make me want to puke.

      • Robert Smith

        Mark asks: “Why can’t the President say, Chip is a threat to national security.”

        Well let’s see… If he advocates an armed overthrow of our government, or if it is clear that he is inspiring such… But oh wait!

        Many on this very forum have dared the government to come get them for their actions against America and threaten to meet them with violence. What is the cost for inspiring that?

        Hey, if it looks like a duck, quacks, has a bill, and waddles maybe in fact it is clearly duck and against America whd what she stands for.

        Just how many around here have advocated that Obama meed a harsh ending?


        • professor

          Robert, I agree. A lot of these people are trying to compare, “apples to oranges.” I can’t be done.

          This cretin, Awlaki, was not, sitting in his American house, with his American family, going to an America church on Sundays. He was not helping his American neighbor build a new deck, or picking up his American daughter from school He was not sitting at home in his pjs, posting his displeasure, about the government, on a Conservative blog!
          Reasonable people can see the difference.

          And, I don’t think that any people, commenting here, have taken, “action against the government” that could be considered, “treason.”

          Most of what we hear is the venting of frustrations. Americans have seen better days and we want to keep what we have been so fortunate to have had, at our finger tips. Many of us have known a true and free America. It makes us angry, and makes us feel helpless, to see it being taken from us, with no support from our elected representatives in Washington.

          Even so, all this does not equate to the treasonous crimes that Awlaki was committing in the Middle East. There is no comparison.

          • Jibbs

            There is no such thing as an American church.

      • FreedomFighter

        OMG I agree with Mark – just this one time.

        Here is how they will find you and control your life:

        Biometrics expert, Mark Lerner discusses
        here the reasons why the international biometric
        system of identification and control should be
        rejected and dismantled.


        - Alexandra

        P.S. Please share Forbidden Knowledge TV e-mails
        and videos with your friends and colleagues.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I agree with you Denis. No doubt. Im sick of the political correctness in this country, where we are told to apologize for being Christian and for dumping billions of dollars into countries around the world taking care of them and their people. No other country comes to the aid of other countries like we do. And see what happens if the muslims rise up and tell China that they are going to kill them and wipe them off the face of the earth, then start bombing Beijing and places. I think China would start turning these terrorists countries into big sheets of glass. Yet we let them kill us and bomb us, and do nothing, until Bush came along. Then he was labeled a war monger by the left wing liberals and the left wing liberal press. Now that it is election time, Obama wants to make sure he gets in the press that he is after these terrorists. Its all publicity for him and the lefties, thats all it is. But I support them taking out these guys, because these guys want us dead, and they wont quit until we are dead or they are dead, and they have professed this over and over in every possible way. The whole tenant of their religion is kill anyone that doesnt think like they do. Its a fact. And the sooner we recognize them as a threat, and quit acting like Saudi Arabia and place like that are our friend, which they are not, the better off we will be. I dont like war, and I dont like killing. But we live in a world full of it, and when someone has vowed death to you, and exhibited that they will even blow themselves up to kill you, I fully assure you, you dont sit down diplomatically with them and discuss things. They do not understand that language, not at all. They wasted 13 years diplomatically dealing with Saddam Hussein, for what? So that he could kill a few hundred thousand more of his own people? The left would have you believe that Iraq was better off with him in charge, and they often like to cite the number of deaths this war has caused. But the deaths Saddam caused was and is still greater than the war’s death count. I too Denis am sick of people wanting to sit down and have a glass of wine with these guys, and all the talk of tolerance, tolerance, tolerance, when they wont tolerate Christians spreading the word in their country without killing them. I agree with you Denis, 100 percent.

      • DaveH

        How many American citizens were killed by Muslims in our country? How many Muslims were killed by our Military in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya?
        Isn’t one of your Ten Commandments “Thou shalt not Kill”? Was that qualified somewhere that I missed?
        There is only one valid reason to kill another man without due process, and that is self-defense. Did anybody in Iraq attack our country? Did anybody in Libya attack our country? In fact the attackers of our country on 9/11 came mostly from Saudi Arabia. Did we seek retribution from Saudi Arabia?
        Someday, Beberoni, those missiles might be coming at you. The rah-rah sheeple will someday reap what they sow. May God have mercy on your souls.

        • JohnK.

          Daveh – The commandment from The Bible you mention is, “Thou shall not murder”. Kill and murder have different meanings.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Gee Dave, I know they found training grounds for these guys in Iraq. And yes, they were supposedly all Saudi’s, I dont hold the tall tale that Saudi Arabia is our friend either. I guarantee you Libya isnt either, and that if Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya and a few others that you so defend, had the ways and means, they would kill you as fast as they would me. And yes, the Bible says “Thou shalt not commit murder”. But let me explain something, that I think as an adult and an educated man, you already know. That when you are under legal authority, and you are in the military, and you have an enemy trying to kill you, yes it is ok to kill them. Did you ever read the Bible Dave? There are so many times, that after Israel was disobediant and God handed them over to their enemies, that a remnant remained true to Him, and He would hear their cries, and He would send them a leader for them to rise up, and God Himself would give people like Gideon and David and Solomon and others, the direct command, to attack the enemy camp, and they were ordered to kill everyone. Man, woman, child, even the animals. Everything. And man not listening is exactly why we are in the position we are in today. You see, Solomon, the wisest man in the world, decided he knew better than God, and he kept a few of these foreign women for himself, and placed them in his harem. He also allowed them to keep their false idols and false gods. Had this not happened, we would not be the morbid enemy of the Islamic religion, for they spawned out of that, as God’s chosen people was, and still is, the Jews. And to this day, Israel is constantly attacked, provoked and persecuted, because they remain in large, disobediant to God in not accepting Jesus Christ. Thats just how it is. And I am against war Dave, and I despise killing and hatred and the things war brings. But I also live in a very, very real world right now, and to stick my head in the sand, and act like there is nothing going on, while our enemies build and build and build and get organized to take us out, would be highly irresponsible of me. They have vowed to kill us Dave, in many, many ways, over and over again. And they kill their own selves to do it, and have stated that they will continue to do this to the last man. Do you not understand this? Do you really think if we just walk away from the middle east, that all will be peaceful? If so, I under estimated your intelligence, as I thought you to be a lot smarter than that. But then again, if you dont know God, you have no idea of what is going on right now. Its not a battle of flesh as it appears Dave. It’s a spiritual battle for souls, and thats all it is. And God gives us the free will, for me to accept Him, and for you to say He doesnt exist. He isnt going to force Himself on you, or me. But Satan does. Yeah buddy. You ever heard anyone say that sinning isnt fun? Ever think about that? Why do you suppose that is? Satan couldnt get anyone to play if it wasnt fun now, would he? No sir. But all these things must happen, and also, keep in mind, all these things will come to pass. But until then, I dont believe for a minute God wants me to stick my head in the sand, and let my enemies build up and build up until they are powerful enough to come take me out, as I believe He would want me to stand up and be counted. Sorry, I wont be no pacifist. That is a road to sure defeat. Have a good day sir.

          • DaveH

            I don’t expect you to be a pacifist, Beberoni. I expect you to follow the moral codes of your religious teachings. You aren’t.

          • professor

            Good post, Beberoni!

            Anyone should be able to comprehend what you wrote..and how it applies to the killing of our enemies.

          • DaveH

            It’s a good post only in the sense that it is an excellent example of how religious people can cloak immoral behavior in the name of God. If he really existed, I don’t think he’d approve of people using his name in vain.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Sorry Dave, but its not immoral to kill someone who is trying to kill you. Its called preservation of life. God gave me this life, and He told me to value it, as my body is His temple. To lie down and be a door mat is not what He would have me to do. You do not believe in God, and therefore you do not know God. I have an intimate relationship with Him, where His Holy Spirit dwells within me, and tells me what is right and wrong. Sometimes I am a stupid human and dont listen, but sometimes He speaks so clearly there is no doubt. And when it comes to terrorists like this, there is no doubt, they want you dead, me dead, Bush dead, Obama dead. Its doesnt matter to them. If you dont believe what they believe, your only worthy of death. You want me to respect that and tolerate that, its not going to happen. And if you know God, you would know, He does not want us to lay down and be a doormat, and wait for Him to do everything. He wants us to be pro-active, and do the right thing. In fact, you may not understand this, or again, you might think this isnt practicing “religion” as you say, which by the way is a dirty word to me, but if our country raised up and became all God fearing, Jesus Christ raising me, God would send us forth and have us eliminate those who oppose Him off the face of the earth, just as he did in many, many of the Biblical wars. And like I said, we have gotten to where we are now, because man didnt listen and allowed these false “religions” to remain, and they multiplied, and now are again a threat to God’s people, and we have failed as a people to rise up in the name of Jesus Christ and have God’s blessing to stop them. But there will come a time Dave, rest assure, when God Himself will come, and he will deal with all those who oppose Him and dont believe in Him, and will also deal with those like me who do claim Him. We will all give Him an account of ourselves. So I take my peace in that, as I have no fear of that meeting, for He is my Father.

      • Robert Smith

        From Beberoni: “The whole tenant of their religion is kill anyone that doesnt think like they do. Its a fact.”

        Have you read the “Maleius Malificarum” lately? It hasn’t been disavoud by christians yet.

        Will you condemn it Bereroni?


        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I do not know what that is, but I assure you , it doesnt apply to me or to anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. The document that applies to us sir, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which most know as the New Testament in the Holy Bible. And sir, you seem to forget, there was a dark, dark time, referred to as the dark ages, when so called Christians went amuck, and did Satan’s bidding for him. But the Christian church went through a reformation, by those who truly followed Jesus Christ, and if you follow Jesus Christ, and even some that dont, can tell you how wrong those people were. But the muslims are still living in the dark ages, and have never undergone any kind of reformation, and they kill each other ten times as much as we have killed any of them. They are a religion of hate. Put it this way Robert. I, and many others like me, who proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, pray daily, and I mean every day pal, for the souls of the muslim people to find Jesus Christ in their lives, and to come into the light so they can see. Do you think, and I want you to seriously think about this, do you actually think muslims pray for good things to come to us Christians, like we do for them? Do you? I rest my case.

        • Song

          Not only would any Christian condemn Malleus Maleficarum but so did the Catholic Church DURING the inquisition moron. And you expect ANYONE to take you seriously Robert S.???

      • Kinetic1

        Most of the country, liberals included were behind Bush when he wanted to go after Bin Laden. Shoot, the whole world was behind him! Where we criticized him was him determination to invade Iraq because Sadam “might” attack us. You can’t just puff up your chest, brag about being a “war President” and then invade any country you want because you have a suspicion that they “might” attack us. That is the very definition of a “war monger”.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Well gee, it seems there were 13 years of U.N. resolutions he didnt pay any attention to. Then, do you even remember, when Clinton was president, the UN inspectors went in there, and came back with page after page of Weapons of Mass Destruction that he was accumulating. Remember those? Gee, where did they all go. And if you seriously did not think, that left unchecked, Saddam Hussein would have taken over the whole Middle East, then ventured into other areas, and eventually to our shores, your absolutely nuts. Have you ever heard of a guy named Hitler? No one did anything, but they knew he was building up a machine, and pretty soon, the dude devastated almost all of Europe. You think that was ok? You dont think if we left him go, that his designs wouldnt have been on us. And you dont think its right that if you have the might, to help others? Sorry, if you do, you are wrong. Its like if I see an older kid picking on a little kid, Ive got the power to stop it, and I intervene, because its the right thing to do. Now that kid might say, “stay out of it , its none of your business”. But I beg to differ, as Im not going to stand there and watch him beat up the little kid. That would be wrong. The right thing would to intervene and stop the bully. Saddam Hussein was a big bully, who killed hundreds of thousands of his own people. He got what he deserved. You know the golden rule, do unto others and you would have others do unto you, and that it is straight out of the Bible. Where there is another part pretty similar, called you reap what you sow. Saddam reaped what he sowed. He got what he deserved. And any of you, I dont care who you are, rich, poor, black, white, atheist or Christian, you are not going to tell me convincingly that it wasnt the right thing to do to take this man out, and free a country of millions. Why some like to point the fingers and say “look how many people Bush killed”, I say look at the millions that have been freed. And some call them innocent people. Really? They are raising arms against you, when you are trying to make things better for them. Seems to me that those who got out of the way and wanted us there, are now living much fuller and free lives. Thats what I see. It was a good thing. And yes, it is about time to come home from there, once me make sure that they can fend for themselves and not fall to the first Islamic terrorist organization that tries to take them down.

          • Oakley Mann

            Beberoni, really great points and education for the blind

          • Kinetic1

            Yes, Sadam did have the potential to cause trouble, as he did during the first Bush Presidency. As you may recall we had little trouble sending his troops packing. Now, had there been any evidence that he was ready for another go at it, if the U.N. inspectors had found ANY evidence of the weapons you speak of, if there was any REAL threat then the Bush administration might have been justified in taking the actions they did, but there wasn’t any imminent threat.

            As for those who were “freed”, take another look. The country is in a shambles, the wealthy have taken advantage of the situation and filled their pockets full of our aid, and the average person is now facing terrorist action that didn’t exist before. We’ve spent trillions of dollars and wasted the lives of thousands of our soldiers (not t mention the scores of Iraqi citizens) just to destabilize a nation.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Kinetic 1, you make good points, in a rational adult way with me and I appreciate that, but on this we will have to agree to disagree. You think Saddam was never a threat, and I think he was a great threat, if left unchecked. Maybe Im right, maybe Im wrong. But I do know this. Tens of thousands of his own people were killed by him, and millions of them are now free to live a better life. If they choose to stand up united as a people for freedom, and stay united and dont splinter into all those different muslim groups that seem to just want to kill each other, they will continue to have freedom. Its when one group gets greedy and decides to use their force to get what they want that the trouble remains. But I know for a fact, that removing Saddam Hussein has allowed them a chance to be free, a chance they never had while he was around.

      • professor

        Beberoni, you are right.

        If we don’t kill them, they will kill us! That is the way it is and always has been. These people are barbarians, living as they have lived a thousand years ago, and are still following the teachings of islam. They are about, “conquest and retribution!”

        As soon as American learn that, the sooner we might be able to save our country. Stop all the coddling. That only makes them perceive us as “weak and stupid.” And, sometimes I agree with them..

    • Jibbs

      What will you do when they come for you?, You say that you didn’t do anything, well, their here for you.

      • eddie47d

        There was a situation 3 days ago where a Papa John’s Pizza delivery person went up to a house and smelled marijuana.He promptly called police and the authorities came to the house and arrested the man.You never know who is willing to turn you in over a simple issue like marijuana smoke.The manager at Papa John’s praised the driver. Yes indeed, “who will come for you”.

        • Robert Smith

          Hi eddie,

          There is “the rest of the story” to follow up.

          The pot smoker was a LEGAL patient in a state where such is legal.

          Check out:

          Just another reason that the drug laws are a war on Americans and should be repealed and many recreational drugs should be treated like alcohol.

          IOW, don’t drive under the influence and don’t give ‘em to kids. Otherwise it’s should be a personal freedom.

          Now, who wants do deny a personal freedom on this forum?


        • Cawmun Cents

          Thats what you get for eating Papa Johns pizza.
          Get the take home from Papa Murphys.Cook it yourself..avoid the narcoids.

          • JeffH


          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Thats funny, but true. If your doing something that is either illegal, or could be construed as illegal, or could get you into trouble, there are one of two things to do. One, dont do it if it can get you in trouble, or two, be smart enough that what ever your doing that you shouldnt be doing, that know one knows about it. Its not that hard.

          • Clint

            Beberoni, Which laws are you suggesting that we should follow? You seem to be rather religious, is there a passage in the bible condemning marijuana? Personal choices that don’t effect others should not be illegal. Encouraging ignorant people to spy on fellow citizens has a ring of Nazism doesn’t it? Or are you the type of do-gooder who calls the police if you see someone driving his vehicle without a seatbelt on? Religion is very important and I agree with you on that, but, just because some bureaucrats get lobbied to create more laws to restrict personal libertys is not a reason to abide or become a snitch. Have you heard about the bible study group getting fined for having gatherings in their home in San Juan Capistrano,CA?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I haven’t called them for something as inane as no seatbelt, but I have called them for a guy so damn drunk that he was all over the road and there was a chance that he could kill someone! I have also called them for a little two year old left in a car on a 98* day!! Probably saved the kids life! He was in there with the windows just cracked for 45 minutes before I called! Like it or not, there ARE times to get involved!!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Clint. For one, religion is a dirty word to me. The Pharisee’s in the bible were religious. They gave the appearance of being all good and above others, but really, they were the biggest hypocritical sinners around. Thats what religion gets one. I am a Christian. Jesus Christ came and died on the cross for me, that I might overcome the sin I am born into since the fall of man, and only by His name can I be saved. And yes, I am still a sinner. I am still a stupid human being, flawed in many, many ways. I open my mouth and things come out sometimes that shouldnt, but they do. My eyes roam and sometimes admire things they shouldnt, but Im human and a man. A fallen man. But as for laws Clint, I have to see them like this. My Bible tells me that “all authority on earth is placed here by God, therefore abide in it” So if the law says smoking pot is illegal, then its like this. If you want to smoke it, smoke it. But if you get caught, be prepared to face the illegality of it. Just like if you want to have a few beers, then have them. But if you drive your car, and you get pulled over, and you blow over the limit, be prepared to face the penalty for it. So no, Im not saying its right or its wrong. Clint, I smoked dope for 25 years before I became a Christian. And really, Id like to smoke it now, but for 2 reasons I cant. One, its against the law, and personally, I feel compelled to obey the law, because Im not prepared to pay the penalty for breaking it should I get caught. And for two, I have a CDL license, which I currently dont use and may never use again, but I am keeping it incase I ever need am in need of another job, it will get me one. And as a result of having one, I am in a federal program where I am randomly tested for drugs and alcohol. We call it the piss test lottery, and Ive won it 9 times over the last 7 years. My job is more important than getting high, so I have made a choice to leave it alone. But I know many that smoke it, and truthfully, everyone knows alcohol is much more damaging, both physically, emotionally and spiritually than pot will ever be. No I would never go tell on anyone for stuff like this, because this is their choice, and their right to do or not to do, and it is they, not I, if things go wrong, that have to pay the tab, and that is the risk you take when you break the law. It may not be right, and we may not like it, but the law is the law. I personally find it atrocious that a person actually goes to jail longer for selling pot than most do for child molesting or even murder. Its sad and its rediculous, but like I said before. One knows the law is there, and if you choose to disregard it, you need to be prepared to pay the price if you get caught. Thats all Im saying.

    • bp

      Then we should not let any Muslims in; but once American, there is the right to due process, or WE ALL lose it. Good article, Chip.

    • Lee Baldwin

      Cowboy Up, America!! Denis F is absolutely correct. We ALL need to become COWBOYS again. EEE HA!!!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Thats right, we havent played Cowboys and (insert whatever) yet.

        • Average Joe

          “(insert whatever)”

          We can’t…your head is in the way…remove it and we can oblige you….will a 4″x4″x12′ do the trick for you?

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Wow Joe, what a man you are.

    • professor

      Denis is right..

      Where are the real Americans, Cowboys, that have the guts to see an enemy dispatched, on the battlefield. Yes, gang, Awlaki was on the battlefield, in the robes of our enemy.. He was a prominent figure on the evening news. Reports of his treasonous acts were heard regularly. He was responsible for the deaths of American soldiers.

      Why the shedding of alligator tears for a cretin that was giving aid and support to the enemy, while we are at war..

      • http://?? Joe H.

        So anyone wearing the clothes of a muslim is an enemy??? Seems to me that Jesus wore those robes, himself!! I have friends here that came from India and wear turbans and dress up in robes for church, known them for probably 25 years, my kid taught theirs to read. They the enemy as well??? you need to put your little pea brain in gear before you type!!

  • Alan Lopez

    Good article I’m inclined to side with Chip,thisn isn’t the U.S. I grew up in .I want my country back !

    • professor

      The country we grew up in, was a strong nation that knew how to fight and win wars! The enemy wasn’t drooled over and coddled. They were quickly and unceremoniously dispatched. And, no one had a difficult time deciding who was the enemy…

      We need to return to the days were men were men, and women were women.
      Our people had strength of conviction, believed in God, and were patriotic. They did not wail over the rights of criminals or the death of a terrorist, or the execution of anyone that committed treason. Right was right, and wrong was wrong, and no one had a problem telling the two apart…..

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Unless you are about 75, then you grew up during either Korea, which was a tie or during Viet Nam which was my war and the most screwed up piece of government intervention during a war that ever exhhisted!!! let’s see, the war is ON today but tommorrow is Christmas so we’ll turn the switch off and the war will be off for awhile!! Meanwhile Victor Charlie came in, resupplied, rearmed, remanned and killed AMERICANS!!! so don’t give me your Bull$hit about how the America you grew up in knew how to fight wars and how to dispatch the enemy!!

  • Granny

    HORSE PUCKEY!!! This misguided fool abandoned his COUNTRY and plotted murderously against it! To be born in America [United States] is a privilege, and this killer abandoned his rights as a US Citizen when he joined Al Quaida and became a terrorist against the USA; thus, he forfeited his right to a trial….

    • Johnny Hiott

      The most important aspect of the killing of this Alwaki or whatever his name was is NOT his guilt or innocence. It is the fact that OUR government condoned murder. In the name of anything murder is murder. Anyone in this nation that believes that these government sponsored killings will ONLY be in foreign nations had better think twice. If OUR government will condone this killing they will condone the killings of Americans here too ! America now has the most corrupt government in the world and will not hesitate to murder ANY citizen that opposes them. You can take that to the bank as it’s worth a lot more than the dollars you have in your pockets !

      • JohnK.

        Cut the “grandstanding”. Our country is hardly the most corrupt. I mean come on!!

        • Bear

          JohnK, I have to agree with you on this one. Our close neighbor, Mexico, is far worse. Particularly when they know you are a tourista. Everyone from the Federal police right down to the State and local police are on the take. If you keep up with the news, you will know that most of the cartel leaders are former military and police. Ever been to Italy? There’s another country where corruption runs rampant. The one thing that really stands out about America though is that we still have guns and could do something about it whereas those other countries have an unarmed citizenry. Does that make us complacent cowards or just super tollerant citizens?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you want corrupt?? look no farther than Panama SA!!! From Torreos to present day, it doesn’t matter WHO runs the government, it is CORRUPT!!! Live there as a collector and find an old holster from one of the former regeims! Casa Modello and the Island are very bad places to visit let alone be locked upin!!!

      • Robert Smith

        Johnny says: ” It is the fact that OUR government condoned murder.

        Actually it wasn’t “murder.” A self proclaimed enemy combatant was killed. It’s that simple.


        • Average Joe

          Robert Smith,

          I believe it is YOU that is being….”SIMPLE” minded.

          Enuff said!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          How about that Robert, you and I agree. Good call.

      • professor

        The fact that you think the government is murdering people, in this country, has nothing to do with Awlaki. They will do whatever they want, until they are stopped. Whether this cretin had a trial or not would have made no difference. And, I condone this death…not that anyone asked my opinion, nor yours. He declared war on all of us, and got his just reward. Maybe these terrorist will finally recognize the fact that, they will be hunted, if they make war against our country.

      • professor

        Murder? This is war….these people want to kill Americans, and this cretin was a high-profile enemy.

        • Average Joe

          “This is war”

          Really? Can you please tell me when we last “declared” war?Go ahead, I patiently await your reply…this ought to be good.

    • Mark in LA

      Then pass a constitutional amendment allowing trials in absentia for specific terrorist acts when the subject flees the country. But what he did has to come out in a public trial so people can be sure he just didn’t pick his nose at a White House dinner.

      • Jeep

        Mark, you do not need “a constitutional amendment”. Due Process can occur in abstentia. That Al-wacko was denied due process is a disturbing development in our course as a nation. We have throughout our history caught, tried, convicted and executed many traitors and fomentors of sedition. But, all were given due process. That is until Al-wacko…

        • Brenda Choate

          While you muddle the picture with due process, check out the current trial of the underwear bomber. Jury selection was hampered by those who were afraid of the reperrcusssions of being on the jury and others felt they could not give him a fair hearing.

      • James

        I agree. I don’t believe we should rely on the President to decide who deserves to be killed.

        • Robert Smith

          He wasn’t “killed.” It was a suicide when he proclaimed himself to be part of an army attacking America. It’s that simple.

          Look at his own words.


          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            He made a bed he had to sleep in, its that simple. If one is not willing to sleep in a certain bed, then dont prepare it.

          • James

            Al-Awlaki and friends were blown to bit by a missile, and that’s suicide? By that definition, the crazy shooter in Arizona, if shot 200-300 times by irate citizens was also suicidal?

    • Mark Are

      So maybe you can tell me how you know all these things. Are you PSYCHIC or PSYCHOPATHIC? I’d most likely guess the latter. WHY? Because you have no IDEA what you are reading is true because HE WAS NOT GIVEN A TRIAL. NO EVIDENCE WAS PERMITTED TO BE EXPOSED. YOU are a TOOL of the PSYCHOPATHS THAT RUN this world.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You are right. When he decided to become our enemy and plot with those to destroy us, his protection of the US Constitution became null and void. People seem to think the Constitution protects those that want us dead, but it is for us Americans, not those trying to kill us. They are not under its protection.

      • Bear

        How simple can it be to understand this concept. If you love America and want to live here and be productive, you are welcome. If you hate America nad want to kill Americans, you are not welcome here and you have none of the rights we share or might be granted by our laws or our Constitution.

    • Jibbs

      Granny says:
      October 7, 2011 at 7:26 am
      HORSE PUCKEY!!! This misguided fool abandoned his COUNTRY and plotted murderously against it! To be born in America [United States] is a privilege, and this killer abandoned his rights as a US Citizen when he joined Al Quaida and became a terrorist against the USA; thus, he forfeited his right to a trial
      But it’s o.k. to bring terrorists from Gitmo to New York because they have rights? What about the fact that I keep hearing that illegals have rights too?

      When their agenda is complete, they will come for you too.
      Be careful what you wish for.

    • Mark Dabney

      If what you were saying had merit – what would be the harm in having him indicted by the Justice Dept? I have yet to see any actual evidence that Bin Laden carried out 9/11 – although I have lawfully demanded it – and Phil Gingrey has by default already admitted there actually is no evidence that he did it.

      • DaveH

        No lies that our Government tells would surprise me. We as citizens have blindly accepted whatever excuses they have offered for their immoral and unlawful behavior for a very long time.
        Some examples of lies told by various Imperialistic Governments (including ours) throughout modern history:
        Be sure to follow all the links in this fascinating series.

        • DaveH

          One of the false flag techniques I’ve seen used on this board by unscrupulous Liberals. From the above article:
          “Yet another type of false flag activity consists of infiltrating the opposition, then making easily disproved claims which will embarrass and undermine the credibility of the organization”

          • JeffH

            …not to mention posting with another posters name…

  • bob wire

    I understand where you are coming from Chip,~ Mayberry was a wonderful little town to grow up in. Where children could chase Fire Fly’s will past dark and every grown-up wore a father or mother hat and would tell on your a$$.

    But we grew up naive, The position of Commander & Chief might be a little different then the “Godfather” but not much, who lives, who died, who stand in harms way and who meets the threat is part of the job description.

    At anytime it’s so grizzly, that it’s hidden from view, glossed over with pompous ceremony and pageantry as we attempt to maintain an image of righteousness.

    • Mark Are

      Well, let’s just confer him with the title KING. And tell him to do whatever the EFF he wants! GAG ME WITH A PLACE SETTING!

    • bob wire

      I can’t help but believe your focus in rather narrow. Big decisions are an everyday occurrence for the first chair position and go without much notice or fanfare in most cases. Somebody gets caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, in the company of the wrong people and they are “neutralized” rendered non-revelation. It comes as a go, no go command rendered from the 1st chair position.

      It not that difficult to get caught in the “Bite” of things much larger then yourself. A single person is but a little grease under the skids of world society. It’s not that hard to find yourself “compromised” especially if you are an active “player”in events or just trying to be.

      “O” doesn’t owe anyone an apology. 43′s administration thought it easier to subject 100′s of people caught in the “bite” to cruel and unusual punishment rather then physically chase one ugly 6foot Arab down. It was an administrative decision. 43 himself, said it “DIDN”T MATTER” where Osama was, that his network had been naturalized and no longer a threat. Personally, I was incensed by such a statement but I must have been in the minority.

      “44″ told us his first day on the job, that it did matter and his first order of business was to capture or kill Osama.

      The difference in the two Administrations focus clear enough to me.

      Every sitting President carries this burden of making big decisions that effect peoples lives the world over and not just here in the US.

      • James

        Bob w. While the President is Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, he has no power to use that force however he wants. The power to Declare War was vested in Congress (Art. I, Sec. 8 Cl. 11), without authorization from Congress, the President is powerless to deploy our armed forces. The only exception to that is if the United States, its possessions or territories or armed forces are under attack.

        • bob wire

          James, you don’t really believe the more powerful single man in the world can’t get around such a small obstacle? I’m sure you have heard of Ollie North or Black opts or Air America or the CIA or mercenaries or loose canons or wild cards or Israel or Crazy Turks or inner circle?

          Rules and laws are for you and me. You are coming at me like Jimmy Carter might. “Can they do that?!!!”

          • James

            Bob wire, I wouldn’t view Obamaa’s action as getting around the Constitution, he just ignored it. For example President Obama bombed Libya with no authority whatever from Congress. He usurped the constitutional power of Congress to declare war, and only a few congressmen complained. That’s the scary part.

  • Sam B

    I am in total agreement with Denis and Granny. These individuals (so called Americans) were traitors to their country and were responsible for an untold number of American deaths. Their deaths will undoubtedly save many American lives, and it’s those lives we should be thankful for, not any misguided thought about giving those twerts a trial (with the respect that goes along with it) in an Americal court system!!

    • Mark Are

      PROOF PLEASE. Show me how you “know” the dribble you spout off as facts.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        It is a fact you ninny. You leave an enemy unchecked and look the other way, ala Bill Clinton, and next thing you know, the World Trade Centers are coming down. You can stick your head in the sand Mark, and act like everything is just rosy posy, but these guys want you dead, and they will kill you as quick as they would kill me or George Bush or Barack Obama. They dont care who you are or what you stand for, if you differ in your belief system than them, you sir are then declared an infidel, and infidels are only deserving of death. Welcome to the Islamic religion. Now stop defending them you idiot. Wake up and smell the roses, before they are burying you under them.

        • Mark Dabney

          “If tyranny and oppression ever come to this land – it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” James Madison

          The REAL terrists are the ones that flat out LIED to us – you mention the world trade centers – how did the nano-thermite get in there well in advance to set off the controlled demolition? According to Dr. Alan Sabrosky – former Director of Studies at the War College – it is known that criminal elements of the Mossad were heavily involved in 9/11

          You have chosen to blindly believe that Muslims did it because that is what the ZioNazi media has told you over & over – not because you have ever been given any real evidence of any kind

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Really? Have you ever heard of any of the conversations of the people on the plane that they attacked the terrorists and dove it into the ground? That was all a set up too? If you believe some left wing liberals agenda, you do it. I saw the planes go into the buildings, I saw the fire, and when you add up all the gallons of jet fuel burning, and the melting and weakening temperature of the steel, and the ill design of innadequate cross supports, as the first few floors dropped, it makes perfect sense why they collapsed like they did. Now you can blame the Republicans or the Democrats or Ron Paul or whoever you want, but me, I will blame those who we know did it, and not only that, those who claimed they did it and celebrated they did it. And yes, we have much, much more info than you or I know about who these guys were, and where they trained all over at, and who funded them, and you and I both know the Saudi’s, the Iranians, the Syrian’s, the Iraqis during Saddam, all of them have a hand in this. Dont fool yourself. They want to cut your head off pal. Pat them on the back if you want, but me, sorry, I can read the writing on the wall, and its plain english.

          • professor

            I am not letting muslims off the hook on 911.. Nineteen of the terrorists were muslims from Saudi Arabia….I suppose they were working for Bush and Cheney! Lets get back into the real world and face it the facts. This is not the first time they have blown up American property. We just refused to notice or react. They were encouraged by our lack of ability to defend ourselves..
            We have an enemy, with a single purpose..They want to destroy us and build the biggest mosque, in the world, where the White House once stood!

        • Average Joe

          Yo! Pepperoni breath,

          Do you ever get tired of being an idiotic mouthpiece for under-educated morons? Apparently not… since I have been watching your silliness for over two years…and you still don’t have a clue….

          The issue is quite simple…the man (Anwar al-Awlaki) was born on US soil…that means he is a US citizen…as such, he is entitled to the same laws and entitlements of any other US citizen…all of them)…not just the ones that the government (or you for that matter) decide that they should or should not have. While you are “all for” taking his rights away (due proccess in a court of law), I am a betting man and I am betting that if it was your father, brother or another family member that was assasinated in this manner…you would be up in arms about them being murdered without due proccess of the law. You sir, are an idiot waiting happen…the problem is..your idiosy shows far too frequently. Don’t buy a vowel…. Buy a clue instead.

          The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.
          John F. Kennedy

          The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.
          John F. Kennedy

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Sorry, when he turned against the United States and took up residence with the enemy proclaiming death to the United States, he no longer was a citizen. Just as when a murderer decides to go on a rampage killing people, he should forfeit his rights as a human being, just as he forfeited the rights of life to those he killed.

          • Average Joe

            “Sorry, when he turned against the United States and took up residence with the enemy proclaiming death to the United States, he no longer was a citizen.”

            And you base this diatribe on what factual evidence? Answer: none.
            You have no more insight into this man or his life than anyone else here. All you have have are enuendos from the media nad the government…nothing more, nothing less. In other words, you have no factual proof that this man has done anything…other than to leave this country, return and then leave again…that is the whole of your knowlege on the matter. However, based on nothing more than heresay, you have convicted and passed judgement on someone without any shred of evidence to support your assessment. You get facts by actually having a trial and let all of the pariculars and evidence be heard…by all parties involved, it’s pretty hard to defend yourself against charges….when your dead…. and lets face it…the case always favors one party over the other….when there is nobody to dispute the chares. Hopefully you will never be asked to be a juror in any type of trial…you aren’t bright enough to understand the proccess…Watta Maroon!
            OK Pepperoni…open mouth….switch feet….

          • Oakley Mann

            You Ho, yeah you, da ugly one, da one with the slobber coming out the sides of your mouth, yo Ho, you are real stupid looking,yeah you oh not Ho, Joe, you simple minded, stupid SOB, it is well apparent that you and your butt bud will never grow a brain that can be used for anything constructive so you long to taddle off other peoples thoughts and amuse yourselves with the 9/11 myths. You are one stupid and ugly sob with not a hope in this world if you cannot find someone to sponsor your ugly as*

          • libertytrain

            Oakley, was there a point to your post other than to demonstrate foolishness?

          • Oakley Mann

            If you cannot figure it out, pick anything you choose, foolish if it works for you.

          • Average Joe

            Oakley Mann,
            I am guessing from your post that you want to be a fiction writer someday? Buy a copy yourself…so that you can sell at least one copy.
            I must ask, do you eat with that mouth?…..I only ask because it is apparent that you don’t think with that brain….it has other uses besides a hat rack ( I know, that’s scary huh?)….food for thought….BTW, in the future,, if you don’t want to look like a total idiot…you might try offering up a rebuttal to a post…rather than rambling on like a derranged lunatic….oh…I almost forgot….an empty head has no thought proccesses at all….My appologies (to actual thinking people).

          • libertytrain

            I did figure it out and it was foolish. Good luck with future posts.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you guys are missing the point! It doesn’t matter if he DID everything that he is accused of or not!!! Untill the man denounces his citizenship he is still a citizen and is afforded the same rights as you and me!! INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY!!! If a church group goes to the middle east and sets up a hospital for the normal citizen and unknowingly treats an enemy, are they, too the enemy?? Remember, in VietNam, there were Nuns that were forced to treat the Viet Cong and NVA, under threat of death, yet under YOUR train of thought, they could be called treasonists!!

          • Average Joe

            Joe H. ,
            I am not missing the point. Read all of my posts…I agree with you 100%. It’s all about following the Rule of Law…due process, as prescribed by our founding document. According to the 14th Amendment ( as interpreted now), he was born on US soil and is therefore a US citizen…with the same rights as every other US citizen. Obama, by ordering his execution (without providing due process) has not only violated his oath of office, but has also violated the law on numerous levels.

          • Oakley Mann

            It is true that ignorant arrogance will surely throw me into a tirade, as it did with AJ’s post beginning with “YO Pepperoni Breath”. His righteousness is only proven to himself, and my rebuttal was what I wrote. It was written in bad temper even though I was not the pepperoni breath, but what was written on the whole was meant and is stood by. I could surely have found better statements to portray my frustration with the ignorance of AJ and his fool beliefs of 9/11 and indeed, his unwitting beliefs as a whole.

        • DaveH

          You need to do some serious reading before you put your foot in your mouth any further.
          You should try reading some of Thomas DiLorenzo’s books. Wake up to reality.
          Here’s a Free online book, well-documented, that turns Franklin’s excuse for entering World War II on it’s ear. Most notable is the vast number of liars who pulled strings to get us into World War II. The Chief Liar, of course, was Franklin D. Roosevelt:

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I know Roosevelt was a liar, one of the biggest ones ever. But I also studied in years past, quite a bit about Hitler and the things his did, and the countries he decimated, and his hatred of Jews and black, and really, anything that wasnt a white anglo saxon protestant. Which I am one of, but Im not anything like that guy, nor will I ever be. I believe we all are created equal. I also do not believe in so many of the revisionist history books where people start coming out of no where and seek to make a name for themselves re-writing history the way they think it should be. Now I cant say anything about this guy you mentioned or this book, but I will read it. But you can bet when I do, I will investigate the author, to find out if there is an ax to grind or an agenda to further or what ever it is, because just because someone writes something, doesnt mean it is true. And it doesnt mean it isnt true. But I have read and watched hundreds upon hundreds of World War articles and books and programs, and pretty much, for me not to believe them, would mean that over a hundred people are liars and just wrote the same thing. That intrigues me.If they were all different I would wonder, but when again and again and again, from different people from different areas, and the stories all match, I find it hard to believe that many people would lie about the exact same story. Just plain interesting it is.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I just did some digging on Thomas DiLorenzo. Sorry, after finding out who he is and what he thinks and believes in, I wont waste my time reading his “opinions” that he presents as how it was. For one, you know, he was an Affiliated Scholar of the defunct “League of the South”, and yet he denies any lasting affilliation. Right. He also views the U.S. Constitution as a betrayal of the small government principles that the founding fathers laid out. He has Hamilton as evil big government, and Jefferson as little government, yet some of the things Jefferson said could be construd as the opposite. I find him a man of questionable truth, one of those who writes it as he sees it, which is fine, I mean we are all entitled to our opinions and I think that is a great thing. But its just that, his opinions. It doesnt mean its the truth, just because he says so. He obviously has an ax to grind with almost all the establishment. I dont care for guys like him. Read on the writings of man if you want to, but they may be right, or they may be wrong. Sometimes youll never know. You want some real meat, and want to read some real truth, start with the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, then keep going. And dont forget to ask God to open your eyes and ears as you read, and maybe you might find what the truth is. We all need the truth Dave.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Beberoni,

            Your arrogance is off-putting and your ignorance is sometimes astounding. You are slandering Mr. DiLorenzo with falsehoods, mischaracterizations and outright lies. I have refuted this before. Perhaps you missed it. That Mr. DiLorenzo is a member of the “League of the South” is a Leftwing lie that I will not allow to stand. However, it baffles me that a group that sought to uphold Southern traditions and sought a smaller, less intrusive, less tyrannical government is automatically labeled an evil, racist organization. But I digress. The lie that DiLorenzo was ever affiliated with the LOS was fostered by the corrupt, anti-American Southern Poverty Law Center, or as I call them, the Southern Preposterous Lie Center, an organization to the left of Nancy Pelosi. I’m sure, based on your past comments, that you would not endorse much if any of what the SPLC stands for. DiLorenzo was never a member of the League of the South and the League of the South has nothing to do with the KKK or racism.

            Mr. DiLorenzo refutes this lie here:


            You write: “He has Hamilton as evil big government, and Jefferson as little government, yet some of the things Jefferson said could be construd as the opposite.” Hamilton’s immediate goal as Secretary of Treasury was to establish a central bank. He espoused British mercantilism, which is essentially old-style crony capitalism. As to your comments about Jefferson and big government, please elaborate.

            Best wishes,

          • DaveH

            How can you know what the truth is, Beberoni, without reading the books?
            Do you sit around in the “see no evil”, “hear no evil”, “speak no evil” position all day?
            Things that you don’t want to believe scare you don’t they, Beberoni?
            I don’t blame you for that. I do blame you for not resisting that vain urge.

          • DaveH

            And I hate to break this to you, Beberoni, but the writings you put your faith in were all written by men.
            Please don’t tell me I haven’t experienced them, because I have. I was indoctrinated in Catholic schools for 10 years of my life. Been there, done that. Now why don’t you try something novel — lift those intentional blinders. See the real light.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Sorry Dave, I may read things time to time that may not be true, and when I read them from three sources, I figure they just might be true. But regardless of that, I am human and I may make mistakes, but I know that. But I also dont share your fear and paranoia of the government. No, I do not like their size, and I do not like how they have grown, and keep growing, and us tax payers have to keep ponying up more and more to carry their worthless butts. But I am not afraid of them, as they have no hold on me, nor will they ever. I do know the truth, and they are not in control, nor will they ever be in control. God is in control of things, and believe me, all things will come to pass in His time, not ours. And Im sorry your Catholic upbringing has soured you to seeing the light. Having grown up in a predominate Catholic area, and being only one of a handful of kids in the area that wasnt raised Catholic, evidently your experience is repeated quite a bit, as only one of these many, many kids still goes to church, and that is only because his wife makes him. Thats pretty sad. Jesus Christ is my Lord, Dave, not the Pope. Big difference.

        • Mark Are

          Yea, sure, 19 Arabs with box cutters under the leadership of a guy on kidney dialysis living a cave in Afghanistan running an attack on a laptop computer got the most advanced military to stand down while they flew jets around for 2 hours before crashing them into 75% of their intended targets, causing three steel and concrete sky rises to turn into DUST after jet fuel burned in TWO of them for a hour. Sure the PSYCHOPATHS aren’t in control are they? YOU BELIEVE THIS CRAP?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            mark are,
            suggest you look into the melting point of steel and the ignition point and burning temp of magnesium. ALL commercial aircraft are constructed of a magnesium alloy and parts like the wheels and other solid parts are almost pure magnesium!!

          • DaveH
          • http://?? Joe H.

            i repeat what I said to look into AND say to look into the comments in your own evidence! teel will melt, actually it will almost BURN at the temp that Magnesium burns!! Magnesium will ignite at the burn temp of JP4 fuel which is less refined than the standard JP7 used in commercial jets. As far as the 100 combat missions of the pilot in your piece, I have about 80 myself and I don’t see where that bit makes any difference. And yes, mine were in aircraft, as well.

      • Average Joe

        Sadly, people like these idiots who approve of this kind of execution…don’t need any facts or proof of wrong doing, because they heard it on the news or someone of importance said so.
        They don’t base their beliefs or morals on fact or reality…..they base everything on heartstrings or assumptions.
        As long as they assume something…then it must be true, if they feel it to be true…then it must be true.
        These people are very the people that all governments love as citizens…they are sheep and are willing to excuse the government for nearly any deed committed by the government…until it involves them or their loved ones directly….other than that…we are all fair game for any atrocities that the government wishes to carry out. Welcome to Amerika…land of the self centered and home of the blindly following…. lemmings.
        The rule of law matters…without it, we have no law…period. We become subject to the governments’…”rule of the moment”…which may change on a whim. The government must be held to the rule of law just as any man, woman or child is held to the rule. No one is above the law.

        No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
        Robert A. Heinlein

        When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy the motives.
        Robert A. Heinlein

        • Mark Are

          Average Joe, I hope you live near me because I’ll be glad to have you by my side while I watch your back when the day comes that we can take out these PSYCHOPATHIC NUTCASES running our country and world. It’s time for some NORMAL people to run the show for a while.

          • Average Joe

            I am in central Florida, but am willing to go wherever needed to defend my country, the Constitution and the rule of law.
            For God and Country!

            An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
            Robert A. Heinlein

            I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.
            Robert A. Heinlein

          • Bear

            This is for Average Joe. I think Arizona could use a little help along the border. Are you up for the trip?

          • Average Joe

            I sure am…or should I worry about being branded a “terrorist” for standing up for my country…and the rule of law? Are you up for it…or just a rabble rowser….that doen’t dirty his hands by actually getting involved? The ball is in your court now……play or sit on the sidelines…your choice.

          • DaveH

            Arizona was the last contiguous state to join the Union, in 1912. Just a year before the Federal Reserve was created, and the 16th Amendment and 17th amendments were passed. All three created to hugely aid the Federal Government in their Unconstitutional power grabs from the states. What was Arizona thinking?
            I’m hoping we will be the first to secede.

    • James

      Sam B, The Fifth Amendment reads: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury…” However much al-Awlaki hated America doesn’t qualify for an ‘infamous crime.’

    • Abe

      The issue is not that Awlaki was killed – he deserved to be, the issue is that he was killed wihout due process.

      It is the precedent that this sets that is concerning. Slowly the government could and probably will encroach and follow the same approach on civilians and anyone they think are a threat. Anyone could be next.

      • Bear

        Abe, so were the people in the Twin Towers, the sailors on the Cole, the people in every car bombing and on every train station bombing and in evry unwarranted attack by evry Muslim jihadist for over 50 years. None of these people who were murdered by Muslims had any due process. So, what goes around, comes around. I really don’t care who took out al-Awlaki or how they did it. The act will ultimately save many American and foreign lives.

        • DaveH

          By encouraging more people to hate us, and impoverishing our country?
          Ironically, the USSR’s involvement in Afghanistan was largely responsible for the final impoverishment of their country which led to their breakup.
          Every Empire in the history of man has ended because their Leaders bit off too much to chew. Do we have to ignorantly follow them?

  • Kim Bruce


    Just because a person is born in the US does not make him an ideological US citizen. When Anwar Al-Awlaki was seven years old, his parents moved him fromNew Mexico back to Yemen to live, and he lived there until he was 19 years of age, when he decided to come back to the good old generous US of A to get his University degree.
    Then he took his new-found knowledge of Islamism to become an Imam in some notorious mosques. One of these mosques was frequented by the 9/11 attackers. Later he would be responsible for the brainwashing of the Fort Hood jihadist.

    His ideology was Islam. Islam does not make you a citizen of any country but a citizen of Allah. Any land you live in is referred to as dar al-Harb or land of war until it is conquered by the armies of Allah to become dar al-Islam or land of submission.

    Anwar was an enemy, a traitor, and no citizen of the US. He was a citizen of Allah and Muhammad’s armies to conquer the US and establish a caliphate.
    Look at it this way, if, during the Revolutionary War, an American had crossed over to the British side, would he then be considered a US citizen or would he be a traitor and setting himself up for a death sentence in the battlefield?

    • Mark Are

      I guess I’m not an “ideological” citizen of the US either. Not if people like you represent the “ideological” content of what a US Citizen should have floating around in his brain. I must be on the list somewhere for a hell fire missile to blow me and my family to hell too. Ideologically, I believe in the Constitution. Which GUARANTEES ever citizen the right to a fair trial. Well, maybe except for “citizens” like YOU. Even your thoughts are threat to decency. But maybe that is the new norm…

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Again Mark, this guy does not fall under the Constitution. He gave up his American rights when he became a soldier of Islam, a sworn enemy to the United States. He was a terrorist Mark. Get it? He wanted you dead. Its people like you that make it dangerous for the rest of us. If they come for you, you no doubt would side with them against your own country. You need to move over there and become like this guy, so that we can send a missile with loving care to you also. Unbelievable that you could be an American.

        • DaveH

          And you gave up your rights, Beberoni, when you chose to ignore the Constitution and Morality.
          Murderers always have excuses for their actions.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            What ever Dave. You can hold their hands and tell them what wonderful guys they are, as they sharpen their blade to cut off your head. Because if they had the capability and power to do so, we would all go under their sword, and you know it. How moral is that? I dont see how you defend that. You must be a better man than me Dave, because even though I pray for these guys, Im not going to defend them while they plan our demise. I cant do it.

      • Jibbs

        You can’t make stupid people understand, but should hit happen to them by mistake……oh, how they will cry fowl and wimper like scared children and they will tell you that it won’t or can’t happen to them or any American.
        Tell that to all the people that are now dead because the drug war police went to the wrong house or someone over heard something and told the police and they rushed to judgment.

        It can and it doe’s happen….more than you’ll ever know!

      • Mark Dabney

        Well Said – “as you judge others so shall you also be judged” Jesus Christ – sermon on the mount

        To condone the violation of other people’s rights is to condone the violation of your own rights for they have a common source

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Wow. Seriously. Your going with the most used Christian attack on me? Pulling the Judgment card out? Wow. You know, just because someone speaks their opinion, or even states the truth, it has nothing to do with passing judgment. If I say your wrong, am I judging you? No. No sir Im not. But If I tell you, “your going to hell for that”, then yes sir, I would be judging you. Learn what it is to be judging someone, before you run your mouth. If I say Dale Earnhardt was a dirty racer, you would say Im judging him. No, I would be telling the truth, as I watched him race many times, and he was a dirty racer. A good one, but a dirty one. Thats not judging, thats telling it like it is. Learn the difference.

          • DaveH

            How about being a member of a very large gang who sanctions the killing of people he knows nothing about except what his lying gang leaders have said?
            You’d best hope I’m correct, Beberoni, that there is no God.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            You are wrong Dave. There is a God. And He has told me He will make my enemies as footstools for me, and He knows my enemies, are enemies of Him also. If you knew God, you would know there is such a thing as righteous anger. Thing is, and I will say it again. I pray daily for the well being of my enemies Dave. I pray for good things to come to them, that they may have the life I have found. Do you suppose they pray for me?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Kim Bruce,

      You write: “Anwar was an enemy, a traitor, and no citizen of the US. He was a citizen of Allah and Muhammad’s armies to conquer the US and establish a caliphate.”

      Perhaps al-Awlaki was guilty of treason, as you say. Perhaps he did not hold a loyalty to the U.S., as you say. However, I believe you are too cavalier in you attitude toward the Constitution. Article 3, Section III defines treason and its punishment thusly: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. The Congress shall have the Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attained.” Amendment 5: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury… nor deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law…” Amendment 6: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed… to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.”

      Notice it does not say citizen, but person. Notice how many Constitutional violations are found just in this short paragraph. And finally, note that the only “proof” we have that al-Awlaki committed the crimes for which he was murdered comes from the government, which has proven itself to be less than truthful on many occasions. (BTW: I will address this subject more thoroughly in my column on Monday.)

      I will not address your Revolutionary War analogy as it is a non sequitur.

      I’m sure, dear Kim Bruce, that if you or your loved one were accused of a crime of any sort, you would want to employ every right you have as granted by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. I urge you, and all others who believe as you, to rethink your position from a logical, as opposed to an emotional, standpoint.

      Best wishes,

      • Thor

        Alright, Chip, Bob, it’s time to put up or shut up:

        1) Anwar al-Awlaki’s citizenship has not been legally established. He was born in New Mexico to two non-citizens and went to Yemen at age seven, where he spent all his time (outside of that getting a free education on the US taxpayers’ dime). Awlaki himself did not consider himself a US citizen.

        2) Persons born in the US to parents who are not citizens have not been adjudicated as citizens by the Supreme Court—yet. And the question of whether the amendment (intended to make the progeny of slaves citizens of this country) has yet to be decided. And all ‘due process issues’ presuppose a person is in custody, which Awlaki was not and was going to great pains to make sure he avoided.

        3) One and two are made irrelevant by the fact the President took an oath to defend us and the US against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

        4) Citizen or not, Awlaki, a member of a politically powerful Yemeni royal family, was a sworn enemy of the US and a known leader of Al Quaeda.

        5) It is common practice for the US Military to take out enemy leadership where it finds them.

        6) The battlefield for the war we are fighting includes everything in terra firma right up to and including the keys of this computer keyboard.

        7) You and those of your political ilk are going to have to decide where to fight—here or there—and not fighting is not an option. We can bring back all the troops, etc., etc. and the wolf is still going to be at the door—only, it will be literally at your door.

        You think everything is going to be better if we just stop fighting and ‘can’t we all just get along.’ People have been saying that through all of recorded history and it has never been true and virtually every society that has ever believed it is no defunct. This is a fight for territory and the resources within that territory and it is only going to get worse. When Eisenhower was President—not so long ago—the population of Earth was 3.4 billion; yesterday—in less than one life time—it was 7 billion. It you think the Chinese or the Europeans or the South Americans are going to be less aggressive simply because we are, you are heading fast towards the ‘defunct society’ end of this thing. In the larger scheme of reality, your option to join the fight or not seems to be dwindling. So…what side are you on?

        Chip, you and Bob and Ron Paul can continue to exercise your freewill and free speech in comfort and in the safety provided by others fighting abroad all you want; but, so long as you espouse isolationism or non-aggressive, non-defense or any means of ‘bargaining with other nations’ on trade matters from any position other than one of strength, you are not only beating a dead horse, you are stoutly rapping on its sun-bleached bones.

        • Jeep

          Thor, I am sure by your postings that you are a thoughtful, loyal, patriotic citizen of the United States. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to really think through this situation. And, now for the but, I believe your argument is circular and flawed. However, it is easily fixed. A quick presentation of the “known” facts about Al-Wacko’s traitorous activities to a judge would easily suffice to obtain the necessary warrent for any action called for to end these activities (i.e. a drone strike.) The only stipulation is that the office of the president DOES NOT HAVE the authority to track down traitors. It would take congress to initiate the proceedings. If you wish to circumvent the Constitution to satisfy your beliefs, then I am worried about you.

          • Thor

            Thanks for the rebuttal, but the fly in your ointment is the plain fact that enemy combatants are not presumed guilty of ‘treason.’ For that one would have had to have been loyal in first place–which Awlaki never was. He was–always, from the age of consent–an enemy combatant.

          • Jeep

            No worries my friend…I guess we’ll just have to disagree on the point of citizenship for Al-Wacko. Again, don’t get me wrong, by all means kill him. I would just prefer to do it legally and with Constitutional authority. Your argument that he was no longer a citizen does have merit. But, I think a case can be made he was still a citizen. And, I will always believe it best to err on the side of the law.

          • eddie47d

            Sometimes we end up handling problems like Russia did with Chechnya and the constant curse of revenge. Russia would take away their rights and kill those people and then those people retaliated. Then Russia would kill more and the Chechnya’s would strike back with more dastardly deeds than the Russians. We may be more civilized but not by much.We keep poking and prodding in the Middle East and then are shocked that they strike back.Yemen is a difficult country to deal with and it would have been costly and dangerous to try and extract al Awlaki and bring him back for trial. I do not morn his death yet we have become too impatient and react without regards to the Constitution.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Thor,

          Rather than take over the discussion in Chip’s article with a rebuttal, I encourage you to stay tuned and read my article Monday. I believe I adequately address most of your concerns. However, I will say that the 14th Amendment, regardless of how you or I feel about it, is considered the law of the land. As such, al-Awlaki was a U.S. citizen. Irregardless, the Constitution doesn’t specify that all of those rights are strictly for U.S. citizens, as I pointed out in my reply to Kim Bruce. Wait until you see what I have to say on Monday and we can continue the discussion there.

          Best wishes,

          • Kinetic1

            I appreciate the information and agree with you in general, but I do have one issue I must bring up. “Irregardless” This bastardized child of regardless and irrespective may be recognized in our dictionaries, but that is no excuse for it’s continued use. Just a pet peeve of mine.

          • DaveH

            I expect more than that from you.

        • Str8Truth

          For evil to succeed, good men need do nothing. Each of us must stand for the rule of law. To do otherwise is to succumb to tyranny and mob rule, or the worst of man, survival of the fittest. Now the question becomes where is the battlefield, when it is on someone else’s property or country it is out of sight out mind, when it is in your country a good citizen will lay down his own life for the rule of law, and if it is on his own property he has the right to self defense as provided by the 2nd amendment. Let us always seek to defend life, liberty and the pursuit there of by (hard work and sacrifice). I will stand in defense of my family and those who are innocent and in harms way. All good citizens should seek to do the same, especially when the wolf is knocking at the door. Christ said, “If you abide in My word, … you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

        • Jibbs

          What about Barry/Barak?? they made him president and he’s not a legal citizen

        • Mark Dabney

          Defense is one thing – militarism another -

          Care to explain why after all these years our borders are being left wide open and our immigration laws unenforced?

          in October of 1980 – with my right hand raised I stated the following before a USAF officer: “I solemnly affirm that I will protect – uphold and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic – and I take this affirmation freely with no purpose of moral evasion”

          Again, all enemies – foreign AND DOMESTIC.

          You find out what happened to the 2.3 T$ that Rumsfeld announced missing – whose records were conveniently destroyed the next day when the Pentagon was hit – THERE ARE YOUR TERRISTS – THE ENEMY DOMESTIC

        • Mark Are

          MURDER IS MURDER. At least in my mind.

        • DaveH

          You’re a scary person. I wouldn’t want you on my jury if I’d been accused of a wrong-doing.
          How many Muslims have been killed by our military?
          How many American citizens have been killed by Muslims?
          After you and your war-mongering fellows have impoverished our country and made us enemies throughout the world, the rest of us will have to suffer for your indiscretions. I don’t approve.

          • Thor

            Sorry you feel that way, DaveH. Neither you nor this nation needs me ‘and [my] warmongering friends’ to make the US the enemy of the world. Having the last free market, capitalist economy on earth in a supply and demand world would accomplish that feat, even if we all stayed home and made jello instead of war. You should know that a large portion of my life has been dedicated to protecting folks just like you. Regardless of what you may think of my ethics, I did it so you could say things about me like you just did. You are welcome.

          • DaveH

            No doubt there are people (probably mostly the leaders) of other countries who hate us out of jealousy. But that’s no excuse for our immoral actions.
            And we Don’t have Free Markets. We’re a long way from that. You need to watch John Stossel on Fox Business Network, or do some reading at where they teach real economics, not the political kind that strives to placate the serfs.
            And I know you were in law enforcement. Do you think that impresses me? I have always been so law-abiding that I had very few friends in high school because I wouldn’t party and carouse with them. Still, I’ve had several run-ins with the cops who are supposedly “protecting me”. Of the 4 cops I’ve known personally, 3 of them were liars.
            The police are minutes away when my life is seconds away from being taken. What I worry most about is one of your kind mistakenly raiding my house and abusing or killing my family. See the raid map I posted in another comment.
            Thanks, Thor, but no thanks, I choose to protect myself.

          • Thor

            …then I don’t suppose wounds received in an earlier career would impress you either…good luck and best wishes, DaveH.

          • DaveH

            No it doesn’t impress me, Thor. However, I am sorry that happened to you. I certainly don’t wish you ill.
            Personally, I’m lucky to be alive with all the wild and crazy things I did when I was a teenager. Such is life. None of us will get out of it alive.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I agree. You are a true red blooded American. Those that want to curl up in a ball and wet their pants, wait for guys like you and I to come save them, and that is a shame. I will have to say, if I decided to crap on this country, move to say, Syria, and I stir up hatred against the United States, and side with those who seek to destroy us, and then the United States launces a missle up my butt, I would pretty much understand that I got what I had coming to me. You slap someone, you better be ready to get slapped back. Bottom line. If I go around doing rotten stuff, I better expect rotten stuff to be done to me. If I go around doing good stuff, good stuff comes to me. Thats just how it is. I just cant believe that people can actually call themselves Americans, and defend those who hate us and want us dead. It amazes me. This tolerance and pacifism is getting us in deep, deep trouble. Deep trouble.

          • Average Joe


            Considering how many times you shoot yourself in the foot…just posting here, I seriously doubt anyone here needs your help or defense.
            There would be way too much paperwork to fill out…explaining how you missed the perp and shot yourself instead… while getting your gun out. You remind me of the guy who puts a gun to his own head and says…”don’t laugh, you’re next”….

          • DaveH

            “curl up in a ball and wet their pants”?
            Beberoni, it is you who is the coward. I’m not afraid of the terrorists. It truly amazes me how people like you will try to turn the tables on the rest of us.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            After all your attacks Dave, I have to consider this. When you say your not afraid of the terrorists, I have to wonder why. For this reason. You have stated here and before, how you are scared to death of the cops, your scared to death of our government, but yet your not worried a bit about the terrorists. That is pretty amazing stuff. Where as I am not afraid of the police, as I know many of them personally since youth, and have attended mission trips with others. Kind loving family men. Our government, uh, well, I have know a few politicians, but I dont have as kind words to say about them, so Ill just leave it at that. And the terrorists? Well, put it this way. You wont see me defending them. You reap what you sow, you make a bed and you sleep in it. Everything we do is like a set of levels. What you do on one side, has a direct effect on the other. You need to consider what is happening with the things you do, and be prepared for the consequences of your actions, in anything any of us do. Thats just how it is.

      • Mudcat

        Since we have declared war on terrorism; and, to our best knowledge, Anwar is a known terrorist, would it not then seem cogent that any such terrorist is not entitled to the same privileges granted US citizens. We are not required to read terrorists any “rights” during acts of war. Just a thought….

    • Alex

      The term “ideological US citizen” is both offensive to anyone, on any side of the fence, as well as dangerous.

    • James

      Kim, Mere words don’t amend the Constitution. The 14th Amendment, Section 1 reads: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside…nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” That’s the law that President’s are supposed to obey.

    • professor


      Glad you posted that info about “Al cretin” being from Yemen. The fact that his parents are not citizens, is more proof that we don’t need to allow “anchor babies.” No other country allows its population and culture to be diluted with Millions of people like this Al cretin.

      When handing out citizenship papers, other countries, put much more value on them, than we do. We hand out citizenship, to this country, as if it were a cheap lottery ticket! No wonder we have the scum we do, voting and making our laws..

      Like some others, I am appalled that there are Americans still defending the citizenship status of this Yemeni terrorist. Even after he declared war on this country, and recruited a foreign army to kill as many Americans as possible, these Americans still want to spend Millions on a public trial.. And the trial would be bad for our country. Libs would use it as a platform to incite more hatred towards America..

      His parents were “living here illegally,” when he was born,and he should never have been considered a citizen, in the first place. This man is no American, anyway you cut it.

      • James

        We’re supposed to be a nation of laws, not men.

      • James

        However logical your argument may be, the 14th Amendment says: “All persons born…in the United States..are citizens of the United States.” There is no requirement that the new-born’s parents must be citizens. Mexican mothers-to-be step across our border and give birth to citizens of the United States every day.

  • Morduin00

    One of the conditions for losing one’s citizenship in the US is to make war or participate in war against the US. Al-Awlaki has done that and therefore abrogated his citizenship.

    However, I agree with the remainder of your argument. Government has become way too over-reaching and dangerous. We the people need to wake up and start correcting our past mistakes by replacing those in office that continue these policies.

    • Mark Are


      • Morduin00

        With regards to revocation of citizenship here is your proof:
        Title 3 Chapter 3 Section 349 Paragraph (a) Subparagraph(7) LOSS OF NATIONALITY BY NATIVE-BORN OR NATURALIZED CITIZEN

        “committing any act of treason against, or attempting by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against, the United States, violating or conspiring to violate any of the provisions of section 2383 of title 18, United States Code, or willfully performing any act in violation of section 2385 of title 18, United States Code, or violating section 2384 of said title by engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, if and when he is convicted thereof by a court martial or by a court of competent jurisdiction.”

        So the only real question is did he receive a trial or tried in abstentia?

      • Morduin00

        Sorry… the above is from the Immigration and Nationality Act as amended in 1996.

    • Joe

      People born in the US can never lose their citizenship. Only naturalized citizens can.

      • Chris

        Actually Joe, US citizens can give up their citizenship. It happens every day.

        • Average Joe

          Reading comprehension problems? There is a difference in concepts between losing one’s rights and giving them up through expatriation.In the future, you might try responding to the actual song being played…rather than putting your own spin from a completely different recording.

          Lose:verb (used with object)
          1. to come to be without (something in one’s possession or care), through accident, theft, etc., so that there is little or no prospect of recovery: I’m sure I’ve merely misplaced my hat, not lost it.
          2. to fail inadvertently to retain (something) in such a way that it cannot be immediately recovered: I just lost a dime under this sofa.
          3. to suffer the deprivation of: to lose one’s job; to lose one’s life.
          4. to be bereaved of by death: to lose a sister.
          5. to fail to keep, preserve, or maintain: to lose one’s balance; to lose one’s figure.

          Give up: to give away something freely and of your own volition.

          Stop trying to compare Watermellons to Winnebagos. (Two completely different concepts).

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    This guy was an enemy of America a enemy soldier he deversed to be killed the author sounds like he has not served in service to this country i have.

    • Mark Are

      PROOF PLEASE…and please send me a copy of your discharge that shows you weren’t kicked out for being normal. Apparently you fit the typical description of someone without a conscience.

  • Karolyn

    Why no mention of Samir Khan, the kid from Charlotte? His parents have been complaining for days that the State Department did not even contact them. Finally, yesterday they received condolences.

    This is a tough choice for me. Knowing that treason is an offense punishable by death; and knowing for a fact that these two were treasonous, it would seem that their deaths were justified. On the other hand, Chip’s point is very valid.

    I also have a third choice in that I believe that death is, in essence, a reward; that the spirit is freed from the vessel it has had to carry around for so long. That’s why I feel that the death penalty is, in fact, not the worst punishment anyone can get; life is!

    At any rate, these two made their choices and had to have known they were in danger every day. They certainly deserved death – we all do. The manner is what is so controversial. People had tried to save Khan. His mentors in the Charlotte Muslim community really worked on him for years to try to keep him on the straight and narrow, but it obviously did not work.

    The fact that these deaths may actually keep more Americans alive certainly does come into play here also. It might be said that the fates of many have been changed by the death of only 2. In that regard, it is a good thing.

    • Mark Are

      HOLY CRAP! Vote this woman in as PREZEDENT and she can NUKE THE WORLD and think she was doing us all a favor. WTF is this country made up of? TOTAL NUTCASES?????

      • Opal the Gem

        “WTF is this country made up of? TOTAL NUTCASES?????”

        Perhaps and you are at the top of the list.

        • Mark Are

          So what you are doing is siding with the woman above who thinks that being dead is better than being alive? And that somehow “we” freed him from his body he was trapped in? Can you try this for me? Find a GUN, be sure it is LOADED, place the part with the big hole in it next to your temple and pull the trigger. After wards you will be FREE. And I’m the nutcase?

          • Karolyn

            So sad to see such a closed mind. :-( Whether you espouse what I believe or not, I have the right to believe it without someone having such animosity and telling me to shoot myself.

          • DaveH

            Have pity for poor Karolyn. She is a very mixed up person.

          • Average Joe

            I believe the comment was directed at “Opal the Gem”(because of the silly comment opal made) and not at you. I could be wrong….but that’s the way I took it.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Wow. You just singled yourself out as one of those you were singling out.

    • Iris

      Seems reasonable to me. Too many of the commenters seem to think somehow we can live a perfect world, where it is easy to discern black and white. As a member of this ‘jury’, I would have to say that the evidence is indeed on the side of a sentence of death.

      As for the PERFECT people who want PERFECT justice, I would love to hear from YOUR families and loved ones.

    • Al Sieber

      What the Hell is that suppose to mean Karolyn?

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “I also have a third choice in that I believe that death is, in essence, a reward; that the spirit is freed from the vessel it has had to carry around for so long. That’s why I feel that the death penalty is, in fact, not the worst punishment anyone can get; life is!”

      There are those who would dissagree with that view. The dissagreement comes from the belief of many that when the spirit is freed it passes to another dimension (Heaven or Hell) for its just rewards or punishment. Then you have the Navaho belief that say (very simplified) that if you are evil your spirit hangs around to harrass others but if you are good it goes into the unknown.

    • Average Joe


      “and knowing for a fact that these two were treasonous, it would seem that their deaths were justified.”

      You base this statment on what “facts”? I am guessing that without a court case…there are no facts…only assumptions and enuendo as proposed by the government and media… Do you believe everything the government and media feed you? (judging by your statement, the answer is yes).Pssst..this is why we supposedly have a rule of law…to bring forth the facts….while weeding out the assumptions and enuendo. I can (or the government can) insinuate that you are a terrorist with designs on blowing up the Whitehouse and have you shot for treason tomorrow…Does the insinuation make it true? Of course not…but by your own reasoning, you should have no problem at all with being executed immediately…right? After all the government says you’re guilty…why bother with a trial…right?…Heck if you don’t believe the government, it was reported on the news…therefore…you must be guilty…right?…
      When you are on a slippery slope…be careful not to lose your footing…because there is a good chance that you will fall and bust you A55!

      Think before you speak….your very life may depend on it.

      • Karolyn

        Well, Joe, there are videos and there is the online magazine that the Khan started and was proud of. There was a lot of news about him here on the local Charlotte stations, including interviews with former mentors and members of the Muslim community.

  • Les

    Chip, welcome to Amerika. What has happened to the US of A over the last 40 years reminds me of the “How to boil a frog” story. Everything done by the Fed has been leading up to this. All these federal departments continue to multiply and grow. But this will all come to an end. They are spending twice as much as they take in every year. If you tax me at or near 100%, do you think I will continue working?

    We are supposed to be a Republic ruled by laws. We stopped being a Republic with good old Abe Lincoln, everybody seems to miss that point. That’s when they found you can violate the Constitution with no repercussions and we have been going down hill ever since.

    • Mark Are


      • Alex

        This ‘Mark Are’ is clearly a Tea Party shill trying to stir the water.

        • Buster the Anatolian

          I would say a liberal plant trying to start arguments with his extremist statements.

          • Mark Are

            Yes, we are living in the day where right is wrong, up is down, black is white, good is evil and liberal is conservative. Someone who believes in the CONSTITUTION and the following of it, somehow today is a liberal while people who think it is to be ignored are conservatives. YUP. EYZ A LIBERALL!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            No Mark, we are living in the days when wrong is right, and right is wrong.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Mark Are,
            Why you liberal plant, you!! HeHe! couldn’t resist!!!

        • DaveH

          Read the book “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo, and wake up:

  • kodster5

    Another writer brought up a serious point that you failed to expose in your article, Chip… and that was the fact that Anwar al-Awlaki was a dual citizen… of the US AND Yemen. “How could he possibly be loyal to both – or either? One nation is defined by its commitment to liberty, self-government, a nation under God. The other stands for tyranny and terror.” Those two nations stand at juxtaposition to each other. And obviously, al-Awlaki chose to follow his 2nd nation, in loyalty, because he encouraged the tyranny and terror against his birth nation.

  • Jennie

    Due process . . . . down the drain with this administration. Considering alAwlaki may have been a monster and a traitor, but he was an American citizen; exectued without a trial or due process. Now we will never know the exact reason he was eliminated. The President of the United States is just the President of the United States . . . he is not granted the right to executive whomever he pleases. A trial would have given a reason and evidence; now we will never know why BHO acted as judge and jury, contrary to the law. This sets a very dangerous precedent.

  • Brent

    Overlooked in this entire argument is the action of al-Awlaki. This individual, voluntarily left the boundaries of the US and joined up with an hostile force on, what can easily be declared, a foreign battlefield and engaged in actions designed to bring death and harm to America and her citizens. By international treaty, commonly referred to as the Laws of War, this moved al-Awlaki from non-combatant, to combatant status and made him an eligible target for military action, which action was carried out. There never really needed to be a legal opinion drafted. Let me assure you that if the US could have targetted the person known as Tokyo Rose during WW2, we would have done so. That particular turncoat was dubbed a traitor and rightly would have been eligible for death if one of our bombers had happened to drop a bomb on her.

    This nitpicking and extra-legal arguing ignores the facts of the case and only stands if one accepts certain assumptions, which assumptions, in reality, do not apply.

    Bottomline, if you take up arms against the US, whether literally or by directing, training, motivating those who do physically take up arms, then you have moved yourself into the hostile category and are a perfectly legitimate target! You have forfeited your so-called legal rights by doing so. End of discussion!!!

    • Mark Are

      Is this a forum for FOOLS? PROOF PLEASE!

      And btw our Founding Fathers took up arms against THEIR country. Oh, how we forget…

      I wish I could BOLD THIS…
      But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security

      • Ted G

        You’re quite the contradiction aren’t you. Do you think I need the governments permission or the aggregate legal communities approval before I take out an [word removed]! Sorry Mark, you ‘d be better off directing your ire to the real corruption of our consitution where it should be…on Obama’s and congress’ actions of ignoring the limited enumerated powers that they should be following but don’t.
        You seem to want to take back the governement for this issue alone when all the others are much more damaging to this great nation!

      • Maranatha Mark

        Mark why don’t you prove he DIDN’T renounce his American Citizenship, and he DIDN’T wage War against this nation, where he was born of 2 Yemen citizens (Not American Citizen). Go to the man’s website and review all his Jihadist teachings and Anti-American rhetoric. Yemen does not extradite terrorist or it’s citizens to the U.S. So do allow the man to continue to direct actions against the U.S. and American citizens because he can’t be extradited to stand trial? How do you stop him from making more folks like the nut at Ft. Hood, the underware bomber and others? He was an anchor baby citizen when he was born, and he used that status to get an education, then to show his appreication to this country, he join our enemies and directed various terrorist operations, a fact that he never hid after the fact, and was proud of.

        So I think the proof is on you sir, to prove he was an American citizen. Or at least explain what you believe it takes to renounce your citizenship, if you believe you can renounce it.

        The videos I have seen of this piece of human refuse, clearly show a man who is trying to aid our enemies during a time of war.

        In case you are wonder, I think Obama is as bad as ole brother Al, when it comes hatred for this country, but Obama is here in on American soil, if we ever want to get serious about bringing Obama the traitor to trial. If ole Al, was here in the states or was just visiting aboard, but was coming back to the U.S. soil, citizen or not, I’d be with Chip on this, arrest and try him when he comes back. But as I understand it, coming back to America wasn’t in Al’s top 100 things to do or his travel plans. Again, what do you do, when Yemen isn’t going to allow our Mashalls, FBI agents or Military go arrest this guy, but the guy is directing terrorist actions against Americans and this country?

        If I thought Al was an American, I would be more concerned, but as best I can tell, as I said before, he had renounced his citizenship so I don’t think you can call him an “American” citizen, unlike the people at Waco, TX or Randy Weaver on Ruby Ridge in Idaho. While I don’t agree with David K. at Waco, he and his followers were American citizens, and all Randy Weaver was guilty of was wanting to live away from the rat race. These WERE Government sanctioned murders of American citizens, yet Janet Reno nor Bill Clinton ever went on trial for these murders! Funny how folks didn’t get that worked up over these blatant murders on American soil, but get white-lipped about real terrorist who has aided our enemies during a time of war and personally directed terrorist acts against the U.S. resulting in 2 dozen+ people killed.

        • Ted G

          Maranatha, agreed and well Said also.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          As the progs are so fond of saying, you can’t prove a negative!!

    • Ted G

      Agreed and well said!

  • Samuel Clemens

    I took an oath to defend the Constitution “against enemies, both foreign & domestic.” Why this BS about him being an American? Being American gives no one immuniety. And war is not murder. People that do not know the Constitution should not wrap themselves in it.

    • Mark Are

      People who do not know the Constitution should not even MENTION IT! Hint, hint…

      • Average Joe

        It isn’t that they don’t know the Constitution…it is the fact they they don’t actually UNDERSTAND what they read. Anyone can memorze a document…the key is to understand the meaning (wich unfortunately, there are too many people that don’t comprehend what they’ve read).
        I love it when someone tells me that they have “Constitutional Rights”…when in fact, the Constitution ,grants no rights at all.
        The document tells the Federal Government…what it can and cannot do…period. Our “Rights’ are granted by our creator (whether you believe in one or not)…don’t believe me? Try reading the Declaration of Independence :

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,……

        For those who still don’t get it…you have no Constitutional Rights….the Constitution is a set of rules that the government must follow…we are not a party to the Constitution….the government IS…think otherwise?…show me your signature on the Document…if you did not sign the document…how can you possibly be a party to the contract?…..YOU CAN’T. We don’t have a contract with the government…they have a contract with US….
        The problem arises when idiots allow the government to violate that contract with impunity….the more we allow…the more they will violate….the RULE OF LAW….still matters…but not for long at this rate.

        Idiots to the left of me…Morons to the right…here I am…stuck in the middle……again…….

        • James

          Average Joe, I agree. The U.S. Constitution created the federal government; delegated certain powers to it; and denied Congress the power to make laws concerning our rights. That’s all it says and that’s all it means.

    • James

      Samuel C. The 14th Amendment says: “All persons born…in the United States…are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside…nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Al-Awlaki was deprived of his life without due process of law.

      • Ted G

        I’m pretty sure the drone that fired that hellfire missile was not flying over New Mexico when it deprived ol’ al of his right to make war upon the US.

        • James

          Are you saying American citizens who travel abroad lose their rights?

  • Albert Maslar

    Anwar al-Alwalaki, American-born al Qaeda terror leader, was assassinated in Yemen by American drones reportedly controlled by the SEALs team that took out Osama bin Laden

    President Barack Obama supposedly ordered the hit in both cases, raising a plethora of legal and moral problems. U.S. government ordered assassinations across international boundaries, at the least raises red flags as to what this can possibly lead to?

    Obama may be on perfectly safe legal ground but the question is whether one person, be they a dictator or legally elected leader, has the right and/or the moral authority to order assassinations without due process, opening the proverbial Pandora’s Box for self judgment and retribution, both typical of dictator tyrants.

    Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Alwalaki perhaps should have been tried in absentia for terroristic crimes but American citizen Alwalaki might have been entitled to a trial before he was summarily taken out. It matters not that Alwalaki was in all probability guilty as charged but does that make Obama “Judge, Jury, and Executioner?”

    That type of assassination is the modus operandi of the very tyrant dictators the U.S. is fighting. America crossed into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden in cold blood while virtually defenseless and not offering armed resistance, while Alwalaki was killed in Yemen.

    Candidate Obama criticized President George W. Bush for his military excursion and diversion into Iraq, while now President Obama continues the Bush wars but extends his nation building into Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Yemen along with extending military intrusions into Pakistan. Obama’s plate is more than full.

    At what point in the world can America not cross borders cowboy and Bush II style to get the bad guys? Can America cross national borders willy-nilly before all other terrorist countries similarly lay claim to the same rights and physically cross into U.S. territory to get whomsoever they will? Unfortunately what goes around comes around, and in the process President Barack Obama may have inadvertently painted himself into a corner with a “wanted” sign upon himself.

    Albert Maslar

    • JCLEE

      They all ready crossed into this country on 9-11 (did those in the tower get a trial?)
      War is not pretty. Many soldiers died without a jury trial or just blamed for committing a crime,(fighting for country) some died on many fronts(D-Day for example) without getting to fire one shot.

    • professor

      A public trial for Al cretin would have played right into the hands of the libs! They would have loved a trial.

      The radicals in this country would have used Al cretin, as a tool to fan the flames of hatred against our country. Al cretin would have been given a public platform, for years. He would have been spewing his hate for Americans, and justifying the terrorists cause. We have to be smarter than that.

      One poster suggested that they should have announced their target was the driver, not Al cretin. There have been no discussion about anyone’s civil rights…he would have been collateral damage.

  • Timothy L. Singleton

    Whether he deserved it or not is not the issue. He was an AMERICAN and that means he does not get executed without a GD trial. Period. Am I glad he’s dead? Sure, why not? Were his rights violated? Yup. Do I care more about his rights than the rights of his victims? Nope. I care about my and your rights because when the UN decides to try to enforce the Small Arms Ban treaty it might be you and me who get executed.
    Even when you commit treason, you have to be tried. Hell, this president commits treason on a regular basis and then hypocritically executes another for treason without a trial and folks on the RIGHT want to defend Obama’s actions.
    Is it any wonder we lose our rights more each year when THIS is what passes for critical thinking amongst ourselves? I don’t know, maybe Americans are just as dumb as Obama thinks they are. They did elect the fool after all.

    • Mark Are

      Hell, THIS PRESIDENT is an ILLEGAL ALIEN! Who is kidding who?

      • Chris

        As you are so fond of saying—Prove it!!

        • Mark Are

          As they say…the PROOF is in the pudding.

      • James

        Mark, Are you saing an illegal alien president deprived al-Awlaki of his life without due process of law?

    • Lawrence DeYoung

      He had dual citizenship. The U.S. and Yemen. By our citizenship laws he forfieted his U.S. citizenship when he willingly,and knowingly, decided to become a member of an orginization that has declared war on the U.S. This organization has proclaimed that its intent is to strike at any and all U.S. interests. This included property, personnel and, any other U.S. citizen wherever they may be. Please stop referring to him as a U.S. citizen. You are giving me a strong sense of patriotism that I’m sure was not your intent. Also, you are giving me another strong sense that your education of U.S. laws and, the constitution, is really lacking. I hope that these truths will cause you pause for thought and reconsideration. Thank you.

      • Jeep

        Lawrence, you tread on a fine legal line. I have always found it best to squarely land on the side of the rule of law. Tip-toeing around the edges will almost always lead to a further straying from the original line. A quick trial in abstentia initiated by a congressional panel would have ended all debate. Instead, the president un-Constitutionally appointed himself judge, jury and then let the Air Force act as executioner.

    • Don

      Hey Tim, the left is who elected obambam not the right, if you can’t tell it right don’t tell it at all, DAH !!!

  • Samuel Clemens

    P.S. Tokyo Rose was America. Who? Look it up.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Samuel Clemens,

      And if you referencing specifically American citizen Iva Toguri D’Aquino, she was tried and convicted on one of eight counts of treason. She served a sentence and was paroled. She was later pardoned by President Ford.

      Al-Awlaki was not afforded a trial.

      Best wishes,

    • Jibbs

      Iva Toguri d’Aquino and “Tokyo Rose”

      Following the Japanese surrender in September 1945, American troops began searching for Japanese military leaders and others who may have committed war crimes. The press—sometimes following, sometimes beating the military to the scene—did the same.

      Two of these reporters, Henry Brundidge and Clark Lee, sought “Tokyo Rose,” the notorious siren who tried to demoralize American soldiers and sailors during the war by highlighting their hardships and sacrifices.

      Through their legwork and contacts, the two reporters quickly identified one young American woman, Iva Ikuko Toguri d’Aquino, who had made such broadcasts. Brundidge and Lee offered her a significant sum, which they later reneged on paying, for exclusive rights to interview her. Aquino agreed, signing a contract that identified her as “Tokyo Rose.”

      The problem for Aquino, though, was that “Tokyo Rose” was not an actual person, but the fabricated name given by soldiers to a series of American-speaking women who made propaganda broadcasts under different aliases. As a result of her interview with the two reporters, Aquino came to be seen by the public—though not by Army and FBI investigators—as the mythical protagonist “Tokyo Rose.” This popular image defined her in the public mind of the post-war period and continues to color debate about her role in World War II today.

      Early Life

      Aquino was born Ikuko Toguri in Los Angeles on July 4, 1916. Her father, Jun Toguri, had come to the U.S. from Japan in 1899. Her mother followed in 1913, and the family eventually settled in Los Angeles. During her school years, Ikuko Toguri used the first name of Iva. She attended grammar schools in Calexico and San Diego before returning with her family to Los Angeles where she finished grammar school and went on to high school and junior college.

      Iva Toguri enrolled in the University of California at Los Angeles and graduated in January 1940 with a degree in zoology. She did graduate work there until June of that year. During her school years, Toguri was a popular student and was considered a loyal American. Her favorite pastimes included sports, hiking, and swing music. From June 1940 until July 1941, Toguri assisted her father in his mercantile shop.

      To Japan

      On July 5, 1941, Toguri sailed for Japan from San Pedro, California, without a U.S. passport. In subsequent years, she gave two reasons for her trip: to visit a sick aunt and to study medicine. In September of that year, Toguri appeared before the U.S. Vice Consul in Japan to obtain a passport, stating she wished to return to the U.S. for permanent residence. Because she left the U.S. without a passport, her application was forwarded to the Department of State for consideration. Before arrangements were completed for issuing a passport, Japan attacked America, and war was declared.

      Iva later withdrew the application, saying she would voluntarily remain in Japan for the duration of the war. She enrolled in a Japanese language and culture school to improve her language skills. From mid-1942 until late 1943, Toguri worked as a typist for the Domei News Agency; in August 1943, she obtained a second job as a typist for Radio Tokyo.

      The Zero Hour

      In November 1943, Toguri was asked to become a broadcaster for Radio Tokyo on the Zero Hour program. The program was part of a Japanese psychological warfare campaign designed to lower the morale of U.S. Armed Forces. The Zero Hour was broadcast every day except Sunday, from 6 p.m. until 7:15 p.m., Tokyo time. Toguri participated in most weekday broadcasts, but other women handled weekend duties.

      Toguri was introduced on the program as “Orphan Ann,” “Orphan Annie.” Toguri’s average time on each program was about 20 minutes, during which she made propaganda statements and introduced popular records of the day, such as “Speak to Me of Love,” “In a Little Gypsy Tea Room,” and “Love’s Old Sweet Song.” The remainder of the program was devoted chiefly to news items from America and general news commentaries by other members of the broadcasting staff.

      By late 1944, Toguri was writing her own material for the program. Her salary at Radio Tokyo reportedly amounted to some 150 yen per month—about $7 in U.S. currency. Toguri was not a professional radio personality, but many of those who later recalled hearing her enjoyed the program, especially the music.

      As far as its propaganda value, Army analysis suggested that the program had no negative effect on troop morale and that it might even have raised it a bit. The Army’s sole concern about the broadcasts was that “Annie” appeared to have good intelligence on U.S. ship and troop movements.

      On April 19, 1945, Iva Toguri married Felipe Aquino, a Portuguese citizen of Japanese-Portuguese ancestry. The marriage was registered with the Portuguese Consulate in Tokyo; however, Aquino did not renounce her U.S. citizenship. She continued her Zero Hour broadcast until the war was over.

      After The War

      In September 1945, after the press had reported that Aquino was “Tokyo Rose,” U.S. Army authorities arrested her. The FBI and the Army’s Counterintelligence Corps conducted an extensive investigation to determine whether Aquino had committed crimes against the U.S. By the following October, authorities decided that the evidence then known did not merit prosecution, and she was released.

      Before the year was out, Aquino again requested a U.S. passport. American veterans groups and noted broadcaster Walter Winchell learned of this and became outraged that the woman they thought of as “Tokyo Rose” wanted to return to this country. They demanded that the woman they considered a traitor be arrested and tried, not welcomed back.

      The public furor convinced the Justice Department that the matter should be re-examined, and the FBI was asked to turn over its investigative records on the matter. The FBI’s investigation of Aquino’s activities had covered a period of some five years. During the course of that investigation, the FBI had interviewed hundreds of former members of the U.S. Armed Forces who had served in the South Pacific during World War II, unearthed forgotten Japanese documents, and turned up recordings of Aquino’s broadcasts. Many of these recordings, though, were destroyed following the initial decision not to prosecute Aquino in 1946.

      The Department of Justice initiated further efforts to acquire additional evidence that might be sufficient to convict Aquino. It issued a press release asking all U.S. soldiers and sailors who had heard the Radio Tokyo propaganda broadcasts and who could identify the voice of the broadcaster to contact the FBI. Justice also sent one of its attorneys and reporter Harry Brundidge to Japan to search for other witnesses. Problematically, Brundidge enticed a former contact of his to perjure himself in the matter.

      With new witnesses and evidence, the U.S. Attorney in San Francisco convened a grand jury, and Aquino was indicted on a number of counts in September 1948. She was detained in Japan and brought under military escort to the U.S., arriving in San Francisco on September 25, 1948. There, she was immediately arrested by FBI agents, who had a warrant charging her with the crime of treason for adhering to, and giving aid and comfort to, the Imperial Government of Japan during World War II.

      The Trial

      Aquino’s trial began on July 5, 1949, one day after her 33rd birthday. On September 29, 1949, the jury found her guilty on one count in the indictment. The jury ruled that:

      “…on a day during October, 1944, the exact date being to the Grand Jurors unknown, said defendant, at Tokyo, Japan, in a broadcasting studio of the Broadcasting Corporation of Japan, did speak into a microphone concerning the loss of ships.”

      This made Aquino, who had gained notoriety as “Tokyo Rose,” the seventh person to be convicted of treason in the history of this country. On October 6, 1949, Aquino was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment and fined $10,000 for the crime of treason.

      On January 28, 1956, she was released from the Federal Reformatory for Women at Alderson, West Virginia, where she had served six years and two months of her sentence. She successfully fought government efforts to deport her and returned to Chicago, where she worked in her father’s shop until his death. President Gerald Ford pardoned her on January 19, 1977. She passed away in 2006.

      Neither Brundidge nor the witness testified at trial because of the taint of perjury. Nor was Brundidge prosecuted for subornation of perjury. According to FBI records available at the National Archives, the Department of Justice thought that the evidence came down to the witness’s word against that of Brundidge.

  • William Miller

    This person was a terrorist of terrorists and had no rights except to die on his battlefield … which was not where he ‘claimed’ citizenship. I agree that this America is not the same place I grew up in .. where kids could walk to school or go fishing all day at the ol fishin hole .. etc and I doubt it will ever be again. BUT homegrown or foreign .. a terrorist will kill whoever and how many people he/she can without remorse. I do not particularly like the ‘monitoring’ of our lives and somehow it needs to be more controlled or focused but it sure seems to have been working to eliminate many real plots and threats. Granny is right on and I am much more aggressive than that. I WILL protect my family, friends and country at all costs.

  • bruce

    I almost always agree, but in this case, I only want to point out the he deserved what he got. He was an enemy of the state because he was recruiting jihadists against us and for the purpose of committing terrorist acts against us. Thus, the kill or capture order. Imagine the jihadists using our system against us over and over to escape justice and laughing at how stupid America is and how soft we are, as they slaughter thousands more of us. THis puke was a terrorist and he was clearly involved in treason against the state, for which in the good ol days you refer he’d have been hanged, possibly in the field so that the enemy whould see their future fate. Chip, love ya, but this is a war, and he was fair game. I certainly agree that Obama is a hypocrit in many, many ways and wants to create IMAGE, IMAGE, IMAGE for political purposes, and has done many things that he CAMPAIGNED against. He’s an idiot “community organizer” and all he really knows to do is pit one group against the other–that’s it. His incompetence is abundantly obvious, just as his socialist ideals became obvious while the Dems held both houses of Congress. It’s almost humorous now to watch him flounder with no clue as to WHY the American people find him a phoney,incompetent fascist whacko with no clue how to lead and govern in a free society.

    • Mark Are

      So, exactly what is the “State” that he was an “enemy” of. What PROOF do you have? AND what is a “state”?

      • Thor

        Not a personal attack…just an observation: you are one of those people who actually believe that a tree can fall in the forest and not make a sound…simply because you are not there.

        • Mark Are

          Glad you know all about what I believe about trees falling in the forest. Simpleton.

          • Average Joe

            I think “Thor” has been hit in the head too many times…with his own hammer.

            It’s “HAMMER TIME”!

        • DaveH

          So you’re one of those people who believe a tree has fallen in the forest because a known liar told you so, Thor?

          • Thor

            When a tree falls anywhere it leaves evidence. That evidence and the fact that the laws of physics are not suspended in one’s absence allows one to draw the practical and valid conclusion that a sound was made. The same may be said of the evidence against Awlaki and all the anti-American sounds he’s made over the years. Valid conclusion–irrespective of any lies told: the man was an enemy of the US state.

          • DaveH

            What evidence? Where is the court trial that gives both sides a chance to give testimony?
            You were a cop? Actually, that doesn’t surprise. The cops who I have known personally were mostly self-righteous people who had little use for legitimate adjudication.

        • Average Joe

          If a tree falls in the forrest and no one hears it…does it make any difference at all?
          Are you one of those people that can’t see the forrest…because there are too many trees in the way?

  • Roger

    Chip: Where were you during the hysteria that gave us the “Patriot” (sic) act? When they fired journalists who dared to question the Irag war? The ACLU was there, as they were for each of the other atrocities you mention. Your friends on the left WILL be there if they start rounding up conservative columnists.

    • DaveH

      Where were you lefties when the President signed the extension of the Patriot Act? Where were you when he illegally invaded Libya? Why have you let him get away with staying in Iraq, when he campaigned on the platform to get us out of Iraq?
      It seems that your morality only is in effect when Republicans are in charge.

  • Jim Benat

    WE are at war! Those mongrel maniacs want to kill us! What is it you PC worshipers don’t understand about that? We will never get our country back because of PC gibberishy articles like this and people who agree with it. Our lives, our families lives, and America is under attack. Taking out their leaders is better than taking out a regiment of soldiers. Maybe we should have challenged old al-wacko to a duel. Would that be nicer?
    Back in the American Revolution it was considered (by the English) un-gentlemanly to shoot a enemy officer. Our snipers thought it was great sport to plink the leaders who were directing their troops to kill Americans. I kinda side with the snipers.

    • Mark Are

      Mongrel maniacs? Thanks Archie. How’s Edith?

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    If Bush would have been the one to order a ‘hit’ on Anwar Al-Awlaki, every liberal and some conservatives would have went ballistic. Barry, as usual, is not receiving the flak a conservative president would get for this ‘murder’. Personally, I can see both sides and in all honesty cannot decide which side is the one I would like to join. I have to agree the United States has been changing since I was a kid, and for the most part I agree with Chip’s assessment. But, this Anwar Al-Awlaki thing is difficult to sort out…

    • Jim Benat

      It’s not difficult for me to sort out. He needed to be killed, he was our enemy. It’s just that simple. All this soul searching and hand wringing makes us look even weaker than we are, and that’s saying a lot! Leave it up to Ron Paul and Chippie and we are doomed!

      • TML

        You think it’s ok for one man, a president, to order the death of any other man, without having ever been formally accused of a crime, or any due process of law whatsoever… and you want to say that leaving it up to Chip and Ron will send us to our doom?

        The ignorance is stiffling.

      • Mark Are

        I’d rather be “doomed” then having people of your mentality running the show.

        • Al Sieber

          I’ll second that!!

          • Average Joe

            I’ll third that!

        • DaveH

          Unfortunately, Mark, they are.

    • kemp

      All tge proof that we have iswhat our”trustworthy “gov tells us backed up by our “trustworthy “news media .
      Both would put a purshin rug to shame.

  • CJ

    He may have been born in the U.S., but al-Awlaki, in many’s minds, renounced his citizenship, and entitlement to benefits thereof, when we joined the enemy. This raises the issue of who IS receiving benefits of citizenship without being a TRUE citizen. And while we debate where the lines are drawn, others get hurt by indecision. Nothing is plain-n-simple for deciding.

    • Mark Are

      Let’s see…Somehow who I am landed in a body in a place most of you call Ohio. That somehow makes me a “citizen” of the make believe place you call the USA. Sorry, I guess I really am not because I don’t remember ever signing a contract to make it so. I, as did Thomas Paine, one of our greatest founders, say this: THE EARTH IS MY COUNTRY. MANKIND IS MY BROTHERS and SISTERS. MY RELIGION IS TO DO GOOD. HOW EFFING HARD IS THIS?? Quit playing OZ and wake up to REALITY. OZ is DUNG BROWN WITHOUT YOUR CUTIE LITTLE EMERALD GLASSES.

  • Barbara

    Since when is the death of enemy combatants in a military action considered murder? The President’s sanction against him is irrelevant.

    • Mark Are

      Undeclared “war”, declaring people “enemy combatants” in said undeclared war. Killing in this undeclared war…to me it is all murder. There is only one reason to kill another human being. In self defense, PERIOD. But no, not to you PSYCHOPATHS. Killing other human beings is “ok” as long as it isn’t YOUR family. Where is that place setting?

    • James

      Barbara, In WW II many Americans spoke out against it but they weren’t killed, they were arrested and detained and some of them were tried, but the Court held disagreeing with what our government does, is not a crime. Elizabeth Dilling, on of the detainees, wrote a fine book about that, and what she considered to be unAmerican conduct by the President.

  • Dan

    I just don’t follow the logic. If what is said to justify the killing of an American is followed then what it to stop the killing without trial of homegrown terrorist? They fit the same criteria as al-Awlaki.
    Why wasn’t there a warrant issued? Couldn’t he have been tried in court in absentia? It just seems like a slippery slope to me.
    Should the man have died? Absolutely!!!
    Maybe we should go back to Wanted Dead or Alive listings. At least there is then a judicial finding for a warrant.

    • Mark Are

      THE CONSTITUTION has a provision called “Letter of Marque”. Which was backed by a judicial proceeding where as the target is given a trial of sorts and then letter is issued to a PRIVATE citizen who then can go and execute the letter and get paid for it. No more blowing up wedding parties and saying OOPPSS we were after the terrorist in their midst.
      THE MORE I READ THIS I AM CONVINCED THAT THEY ARE WRONG ABOUT ONLY 5% of the population being PSYCHOPATHS. Maybe it is more like 50%, at least here in the good ‘ol USSA.

      • JeffH

        LETTER OF MARQUE AND REPRISAL, War. A commission granted by the government to a private individual, to take the property of a foreign state, or of the citizens or subjects of such state, as a reparation for an injury committed by such state, its citizens or subjects. A vessel loaded with merchandise, on a voyage to a friendly port, but armed for its own defence in case of attack by an enemy, is also called a letter of marque. 1 Boulay Paty, tit. 3, s. 2, p. 300.
        2. By the constitution, art. 1, s. 8, cl. 11, congress has power to grant letters of marque and reprisal. Vide Chit. Law of Nat. 73; 1 Black. Com. 251; Vin. Ab. Prerogative, N a; Com. Dig. Prerogative, B 4; Molloy, B. 1, c. 2, s. 10; 2 Woodes. 440; 6 Rob. Rep. 9; 5 Id. 360; 2 Rob. Rep. 224. And vide Reprisal.

        A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.

  • Shawn Frost

    I understand the issues one would have with the actions that were taken as, like any unchecked governmental authority, the granted powers will be abused. But this is not unlike past manhunts for public enemy #1 and so forth where often the bad guy was killed during the confrontation. Is this any different than making someone “wanted dead or alive”? There is no due process given then either but not many were upset when past gangsters like Floyd, Dillinger and the Barrows were hunted down and killed. Perhaps a formal hearing of sorts should be done in absentia to argue the merits of placing a bounty such as “wanted dead or alive” on criminals and possibly terrorists. They could be publically tried in absentia to deem them as true enemies of the state and then declared as such making such aggressive actions that were taken with bin Laden and others legal. To me it seems the only difference between bin Laden and al-Awlaki is his citizenship…which obviously means more to us than it did him. I don’t think many argue about the actual actions taken to protect other citizens or even the results…but clearly a process or check of some sort by another branch of the government, likely judicial, needs to be put in place to rein in cowboy diplomacy or worse abuses of power.

    • Jeep

      In all the outlaw cases you cite there was a court order. I’m all about “dead or alive”, just show me the court order. Get it?

  • momplayer

    I’m having a hard time understanding why certain people are ordered killed because they commited treason yet jane”I’ll sell you out”fonda is walking around and getting the “Woman of the Century” award. To me treason is treason. It seems there’s different standards for different people.

    • Mark Are

      Let’s have a trial for Abraham Lincoln. Can we execute him for Treason now at least in everyone’s MIND? THERE HAS TO BE A TRIAL. One that the TREASONOUS BASTARD PSYCHOPATHS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY ARE GOING TO HAVE SOON ENOUGH, I HOPE!

  • TheRealBob

    Al-Awlaki was a traitor in a war zone engaged in an act of war against the US. He gave up all his rights as a US citizen when we aided the murderers of US soldiers. This whole article is grossly hypocritical because the libertarian position on abortion is that it is ok. I guess killing one gangrel maggot like al-Awlaki is bad while the murder of 40 million plus babies is ok. How is that for hypocrisy?

  • Joyce from Loris

    This is a confusing position, I agree. Yes, I think that al Awlaki was a terrible person, and his death means nothing to me. His rights? Well, that’s where the slippery slope comes in for me. HE, never actually pulled a trigger on anyone, just encouraged others to. Yet, the REALLY bad guy that killed and hurt all his peers in the Fort Hood shooting is getting a “fair trial”, and until his final verdict, is still receiving his military pay. This confuses me. al Awlaki is dead for encouraging this murderer, yet the murderer is getting his day in court, and is innocent until proven otherwise. There were many EYE WITNESSES, and yet he gets a trial? These are the things that confuse me.

    • Maranatha Mark

      Joyce, you don’t have to “Pull the Trigger” to be guilt of murder, ask John Gotti or anyone who has hired or order the murder of someone or group of people. Again, the fact that Yemen doesn’t have an extradition agreement with the U.S. and will not allow it’s citizens to be put on trial in a foreign country, is what everyone really failing to mention.

    • Mark Are

      Read this and you won’t be confused any longer:
      Google The Trick of the Psychopaths Trade-Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others

    • DaveH

      It’s all about what can make the Leaders and their Crony Capitalists the richest, Joyce. Why would our leaders want a speedy efficient trial for Nidal Hasan when so many of them and their buddies are making money off the taxpayers?

    • professor

      There wan an attempt to “take out” this Fort Hood Shooter, but they missed and just put him in the wheelchair..if they had been better shots, hw wouldn’t have a trial, either…

      Too bad for us, as he is collecting his military pay as if he were an hoonorable military soldier.. The laws are crazy and we have lost all sense of reason.

      • DaveH

        They are reasonable, Professor, once you realize that it’s all a game in which the Politically-Connected are doing whatever it takes to relieve the rest of us from our wealth.

  • http://n/a Anna M

    Your article doesn’t make me angy as you predicted. It actually befuddles me. Awlaki WAS an American – he denounced his country when he openly plotted to kill Americans and destroy our country; HE IS NO LONGER AN AMERICAN. Secondly, if you naively thought by capturing him (IF that was even a possibility in the near future) and putting him on trial – have you noticed our ‘system’? It would drag out for many, many years. It would also incite demands for his release by his ‘group’, they would kill many, many more Americans RIGHT HERE ON OUR SOIL, kill our troops, and one can only guess what other horendous actions against us.

    We need to ‘grow up’ as our country faces threats and defend and act with the times. When I was growing up I never heard of a ‘terrorist’ – the closest I ever got to terror was getting caught by my Mom for not doing chores.

    • Cawmun Cents

      First,let me state that the following position in no way reflects my own.
      As to the assertions of others that the Constitution was violated here in this case,it has to clearly be understood that the laws of extradition have changed somewhat since that time.
      This creates a situation where a government such as ours,cannot obtain a writ seeking the detaining of said individual for the purposes of importing him back to nation of origin to face his accusers.
      The Founders were writing of those amongst them that fought on behalf of the Crown.They were also thinking of those who were in hand,not of whom had absconded half a world away.

      Whenever someone declares war in its machinations against a nation,the nation in question does what it can to defeat such an enemy.The”both foreign and domestic”connotation is that if a citizen takes up arms against his nation(by making war upon it)…it is established then that he has abandoned his rights to citizenry.
      In that case if one were to see him on a battlefield,it would be assumed that one could kill him without benefit of trial or capture.
      Al Awlaki was an enemy of the United States of America.He may have never formally renounced his rights and titles of citizenship as a result,but he was clearly an enemy combatant.
      This warrants a discussion of just exactly what an enemy of the state,truly is by definition.
      Should we question the tactics of those involved?
      One would be remiss if he did not worry about the implications of being missile striked while enjoying his morning coffee,were he to say something off color the previous day around the water fountain.
      It begs question of Orwellian conditions.We know of such things being true.The need to observe and record nearly everything is rampant in this age.So if the need to destroy supposed enemies of the state arises,do we give it creedence?What if you suddenly become the scope of an assumption of non-fealty by someone who decides you need eradication?Could you then be put in the same category as Al Awlaki?
      To be declared an enemy?,or not to be declared an enemy?….
      that is the question.

  • sting45

    As much as I have grown to hate Odummer and would like to see him suffer the same fate as al-Awlaki this was one of the few things he has done that I give him my support on.
    Had al-Awlaki been on US soil my opinion would be different. He was not! He was on foreign soil consorting with our enemys and beyond the reach of our judicial system. He got what he deserved!

    Now if the government of mexico decides to charge Obama or anyone else involved in “fast and furious” with the deaths of so many mexican citizens I say,” Go for it!” I would be the first to hand over these criminals and if we don’t we are no better than the terrorists we are so hell bent on killing !

    • Maryland Freestater

      Good point re Mexico / F&F – I wouldn’t blame the Mexican gov’t for wanting to deal with Obama / Holder et al for this fiasco. Awlaki (al-Lackey?) may have been a ‘citizen’ but he sure didn’t act like one, so no tears for him. I think the moment he crossed the line he was no longer one. Should we let the Mexes try Obama and Holder?

      Similar thought – what’s happened to “Taliban Johnny” Lindt, the Virginia boy captured fighting with the Taliban?

      • Maranatha Mark

        If the Mexican government was a just and moral entity, they would be calling for all kinds of investigations. However, the truth is, they are as crooked as a dog’s back leg, and go to the highest bidder. So don’t look for them to do anything concerning Fast & Furious, other than perhaps, black-mail the Obama Administration in order to keep silient!

        • Mark Are

          Oh, yes and the government of the USA is made up of angels, wearing halos and doing good for the world and people in it….NOT!

          • Maranatha Mark

            I HAVE NEVER STATED THAT THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS JUST OR OPERATES WITHIN IT’S OWN CONSTITUTION!!! The Fact is it doesn’t and hasn’t for a very long time now… so why get your panties in a bunch now!?! Despite having a very corrupt system, this is still one of the most “Law-abiding” government in the world. If it were up to me, I’d send every Federal Employee and elected official home, dissolve all federal agencies, get the constitution out and start over, but add one amendment to the Bill of Rights or make a federal law that prohibits professional politics and their pensions! All that said, and living in the real world, we know that ain’t going to happen! So we make do with what we have and try to make a difference when we can.

    • James

      Sting45, Our troops consort with the enemy on a daily basis in the Middle East. They don’t know who their enemy is until they’re shot at. This is not a war, it’s a police action. Congress did not declare war on any nation there.

  • nick beck

    this ALL WACKY WAS NOT AN AMERICAN….he was a member of a hostile foreign force engaged at that moment AGAINST the USA…..we CERTAINLY did NOT kill anyone that had the slightest right to any trial whatsoever SO stop with all of this nitpicking PC sh– and lets not be SELF distracting. WE MUST keep our eyes on the REAL issues PERIOD

  • Mirage

    Chip, you’re a jack-Asx bent on somehow defending Ron Paul, and the Right’s stance … anything to deface the current president. How typical of a person who belongs to a political party.
    If this terrorist had been killed via a decision by George W. Bush, you’d be beating your chest about what a patriotic president he was.
    Killing this guy saved American soldiers lives – end of story: next!
    How about writing about the Republicans/Tea Party’s successes in creating jobs since 2010?

    • Al Sieber

      What’s George Bush have to do with it?

    • Mark Are

      Why, why, why we can ALL HAVE JOBS! Polishing ROCKS at the seashore. Paid for in FIAT money created out of thin air! Like the thin air between your ears.

  • GRusling

    When anyone, citizen or not engages in “war” against The People of the USA, they deserve to be treated as an enemy of the USA. We all know that al Queda (and other radical groups) accept no “borders” as restricting their activities, so wherever they are found is where the fight should be joined, and I really don’t care if it’s downtown Washington DC!

    Awlaki declared himself, at various times and in many ways, to be one of the terrorist enemies of America. Such terrorists are “The Enemy” in this war on terror, so wherever he is found is where that war should be fought. If he didn’t want to be treated the way he was being treated he should have returned here and defended himself in court. He chose not to do so. That was HIS mistake, and he has now paid the price…

  • Russell Cook

    If you think “treason” is at work in our Country as i do , please say so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark Are

      Well, just a little itsy bitsy bit….Yea right. More like TREASON is at work in the USA OVERTIME. All the way down to the local PSYCHOPATHS in clown suits pretending to be “police officers”.

  • grayfox255

    Both sides have valid points. The thing to consider is how many more lives would of been lost during the time it would of taken us to find and bring this terrorist to trial. Not to mention the threats from other terrorist while he would of been in jail. I say good riddance.

    • TML

      “The thing to consider is how many more lives would of been lost during the time it would of taken us to find and bring this terrorist to trial.”

      This is the kind of thinking that makes tyrants. What difference are you then from the traitor if you suspend the Constitution out of your own misguided fear?

      • Maranatha Mark

        TML, again, I think the difference is the fact that Al denounce/renounced his citizenship in this country. But as for the “Slippery Slop”, have you forgot Waco, TX and Ruby Ridge, Idaho which WERE real murders of not one but dozens of American citizens. So the “Slippery Slope” has been used like the Disney Log ride! The government has its “Hit List” of American citizens in this country that will meet with untimely but purely accidential deaths! You guys are morning over an expatriated terrorist, that the media keeps calling an “American Citizen”.

        • Mark Are

          PROOF PLEASE! Give me the court transcript PROVING your allegations. THAT’S THE POINT. Are we going to let the MEDIA put people on trial or the COURTS. I don’t recall any mention of the media being in charge of the trial procedure in the CONSTITUTION.

          • Maranatha Mark

            Yes, please prove he was an American Citizen! Have you seen his birth certificant? I think what you are going on that he was a citizen, is based on what the MEDIA has reported, right Mark.

          • DaveH

            Who cares if he’s a citizen? Being a non-citizen means we should throw out all rules of morality and common sense?
            There was a reason for the Fifth Amendment. Our Founders, especially the Jeffersonians, knew that Government could not be trusted. Being a non-citizen does not absolve the authorities from reasonable rules of conduct.

        • TML

          “I think the difference is the fact that Al denounce/renounced his citizenship in this country.”

          The point is, unless it’s on record, through trial and due process of law, it’s impossible for us to quantify whether he is a citizen or not and what his crime was if any. I have not forgotten Waco, TX or the others, and stand on the same ground as I do with this. But the Constitution doesn’t limit itself to American Citizens for the right to due process of law.

          It is those in favor of this “hit list” and execution of anyone the President of the United States of America deems “terrorist” or “traitor”, that stand on the Slippery Slope.

          “You guys are morning over an expatriated terrorist”

          It isn’t the so-called “terrorist” or “American Citizen” that we morn. It is the loss of our values this country was founded upon.

          • Average Joe

            Well said…but you are trying to educate those amongst us, that don’t want to be educated….Logic eludes them in ways that we couldn’t even imagine. They are only concerned with the “SELF”…..and the big picture (everything other than self) never comes into view. It’s their opinion and therefore it must be true. Legends in their own minds…..

            I don’t believe it. Prove it to me and I still won’t believe it.
            Douglas Adams

            Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
            Douglas Adams

  • John R. Harbison

    I think a lot of us are missing Chip’s point of view. I here what he’s saying, and I agree with what Jennie said, it does make a dangerous precedent. I don’t think Chip lost any sleep over the U.S. Goverment blowing this dude up, but I think he’s right on

    • James

      Where we seem to be at, now, is that anyone a President deems to be a terrorist is fair game.

  • Centurion

    OK, so many of you say that, “he was in fact a traitor,” that he “committed treason.” How do you know? Did you know him personally? Are you familiar with the details of his behavior? I doubt it. All any of us know about this guy is what the media has said. How good is the media track record? If the local TV station “alleges” that you you killed someone, should the cops shoot you on sight to carry out capital punishment? Give it a break people. This is why we have laws and courts.

    When the government can spin a message in a way to justify illegal actions and suckers people into thinking its OK, we have lost. If you accept the party line on this, you are surely one of the sheeple. This is no longer a nation of laws. It is tyranny. When even the worst among us lose their day in court, we are all at risk. Because of the morally wrong actions of our government and the loss of all of our rights through government intrusion, I uncomfortably find that I have at least one point of agreement with Michele Obama. I am truly ashamed of my country.

    BTW, do we even know that this guy was killed? No body, just like Bin Laden. How many times did Bin Laden die? Every now and then we announce the death of yet another terrorist only to find him sending a message to the media a few days later. This could just be a stunt to stir us up and divide the people. George Orwell would be proud.

    And, why the hell are we over there shooting missiles at people in another sovereign nation? Are we at war? An aggressive war of our own making? No war has been declared, as required by our Constitution. No declared war, no budget for a war, no clearly defined enemy. Sounds more like a government throwing a tantrum than a war. How many undeclared wars are we currently fighting? Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and our Gubmint dared to express its disdain that the UN didn’t “authorize” us to start bombing Syria! We’ve surrendered our sovereignty to the UN. Its not our business and we can’t afford it.

    Our military adventurism is the main reason that this guy and a lot of others attack us. You may be pissed that 3,000 people died on 9/11 or that that a madman killed some soldiers on a military base. But how would you feel if another country killed 10′s of thousands of us every year, sent troops to our cities, directed our politics, picked our so called “leaders” and blew people up with remotely operated drones? Stop the madness!

    We need to leave our “foreign entanglements” and mind our own business. For God’s sake we’ve made a big enough mess of our own country. What gives us the right to start messing with the rest? Bring our troops home, close most of our overseas bases, drill for our own oil, secure our own country and maybe in 10 or 20 years, we can fix the country we live in. Leave the middle east to “them.” As my mother in law says, “they’ve been throwing rocks and sticks at each other for 3,000 years, why to we think we can fix it?’

    Give them what they deserve. Each other and the chance to screw up their own countries and lives. The fastest way to solve the mideast problem is to let them kill each other without any help from us.

    • Clint

      Good points that you brought up. I would just like to add that Anwar Au Awlaki was a guest at the Pentagon shortly after 911 events. The shadow government has financed the majority of so called radical muslims. They have a habit of covering up loose ends whenever it best suits their needs. Why would they want a public trial when all they have to do is use their corporate whore media to distort fact from fiction and baffle the deliberately dumbed down populace that is more worried about entertainment and idol worshipping than constitutional rights?

    • Mark Are


      • Ted G

        Shove it up your island Mark. I get your points now just go away

        • Jay

          If it weren’t for idiots like mark we wouldn’t be in the middle east right now. Yeah mark!

          • Jay

            Please accept my apologies Mark, my statement was not meant for you! As you can see, it was 1:30 am when i posted that statement.

            Sincerely, Jay!

  • TML

    “Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny” – Thomas Jefferson

  • http://personalliberty James D Bast

    I can,t abide by what sc had to say ! Any conversation that might lead to the Demeaning of our Great American Troops is & cannot be tolerated by any U.S Citizen ! I was comming home From the service in 1966 when I personally witnessed some of the most horrendis treatment of our Great troops back then & I will not abide by the filthy talk & rotten treatment today of our troops , that the troops of those days had to endure ! Believe me , A man had just as well punch me as spit in my face !

    • Mark Are

      WE WERE INVADERS IN VIETNAM. WE ARE INVADERS IN IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND OTHER SUNDRY HARD TO PRONOUNCE NAMED COUNTRIES. We are no different that NAZI Germany was when they invaded Poland. So tell me…except for being PAID MERCENARIES, why SHOULD I support a bunch of PSYCHOPATHS THAT go along with the ILLEGAL IMMORAL invasion of countries that have never done a GD thing to us. TELL ME! HOOO RAAA, (making face of gagging)

      • eddie47d

        During the Vietnam War I looked at the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara as a traitor to our Constitution and also Rumsfeld during the Iraq War.They were both pivotal in beating the war drums and playing lose with the facts. I do like your passion but the Constitution has to come first in any military decision and it seldom does.

  • http://yahoo Jim Sherwood

    Chip Wood,
    I wonder if any scummy person of the same type was killed during WW I and WW II?UM! Al Awlaki was here till 6 years old and was on the FBI most wanted.He activley and agressively conspired against the US and the west,and was successful.During his time in the US,he ranted and raved about the US and all the while he went to whore-houses that are specifically forbidden by Islam.He left the US and went to Yemen and joined,no not the boy scouts,but AL-QAEDA! He was known to be a high level operative of said organization and was caught professing his deep love for the US of A,as long as we all died in Jihad…A person who leaves the US and actively conspires against her,successfully, has forfeited his or her CITIZENSHIP!
    But I hear the conundrum of ,’what if the leftists are successful and we God-fearing,freedom loving,commie hating,true-blue Constitutionalists and Americans,become the bad guys; will people like Obama and Holder and others, come and drone us under some trumped up charge backed by the MSM?’ SCARY!That day may be close at hand,so we will see…
    My Q! Who is really doing these things?Who is orchestrating this?This is monstrously well organized and executed and is being planned with day-light precision bombing skill of the ultimate kind…One cannot fight an enemy if one dooes not know who the true enemy is!

  • AnswerMan

    Does the US government sanction murder?

    The above example is a poor one. Consider the fact the government “officials” accept “collateral damage” where hundreds of thousands are placed at risk to eliminate one enemy. Those who die as “collateral damage” are victims of premeditated political murder, of which the US government is guilty.

    That guilt is a major cause of terrorism today.

    • Ted G

      I disagree, the major cause of terrorism today is islam.

      • Mark Are

        Let’s see…so you disagree. CHINA decides to invade the US because US CITIZENS won’t overthrown their rouge PSYCHOPATHIC leaders. YOU take up arms. I guess the reason you take up arms is because of what? HELL, if I was a relative of the THOUSANDS of Islamic’s murdered by “US”, I’d be doing everything I could to stick a gurkha knife UP YOUR ASS.

        • Ted G

          Bad analogy, bad reasoning, and just plain rude.

        • hitthedeck

          A sniffling coward always gives excuses for his country’s enemies. Could that be you Mark?

      • James

        I would say the cause of terrorism is the federal government, at one time we were on great friendly terms with Islamists, when we switched our friendship to Israel is when the terrosism started.

        • Ted G

          What are you talking about? Nevermind, let me propose a simple test.
          I won’t even give my own opinion of the contents of the following opposing doctrin’s I’ll just present the question.

          If you were to read all of America’s founding documents including the federalist papers and then read the Islamic trilogy (Koran, hadith and the sura’s) which ideology would you fight for?

          If we were to agree on which one, and I do hope it would be America, we may then be able to strive together to return this, our wayward government, back to within the bounds defined therein.

          • James

            I’m a purple heart Korean War veteran, and proud of it, but I call attention to the fact that President Truman had no constitutional authority to wage that war. After Israel was created in 1948, our relatiions with the Islamic nations deteriorated rapidly because of our favoritism there. President Bush has stated publicly that “an attack on Israel is an attack on America.” I’m saying we should treat all foeign nations equally, unless they give us reason not to.

        • professor

          You are kidding?

          The believers of Islam can never befriend the infidels..

      • professor

        You have got that right, Ted.

        This old game of, “blame America for everything,” is not cutting it any more…

  • Alex Frazier

    I have to say that I’m personally of two minds about this whole thing.

    From a constitutional point of view, this is no different than the double jeopardy clause. In the 1950s there was a young black boy killed. The men were aquitted. Then later, they bragged about how they killed him in an interview.

    It has been long since agreed that amending the constitution for the sake of justice in that one instance, righteous though it may be, would be opening a can of worms that we would never get closed again.

    In this case, I think the same thing is an issue. If the man was a terrorist, then he deserved what he got. However, if we allow the government to issue executive orders of execution on American citizens, whatever their crime, without due process of law, we WILL find ourselves in a Nazi situation. It just a matter of them passing the law that makes YOUR lifestyle treasonous.

    Take, for example, gun control. When they outlaw guns, every gun owner that refuses to comply will become a criminal and an enemy of the state. If they catch you, under the precedent of this recently taken action, they’ll have the authority to put you to death without a trial, or even an arrest.

    So the real problem with this issue isn’t whether or not the man deserved what he got for his treason. The problem is that a president exercising the authority to make executive orders to execute American citizens without detainment, trial, etc.; i.e. due process of law, opens the door for them to shoot any of us when as-of-yet unpassed laws turn us into criminals and enemies of the state.

    We’re not terrorist sympathizers to say that this was wrong, and that the president should be immediately impeached for this gross overstep. We’re constitution sympathizers. This kind of stuff just can’t be allowed.

    • Al Sieber

      Good post Alex, I’ll second that also.

    • Jeep

      Good post Alex, minus one point, there is a remedy for traitors and traitorous actions in the Constitution. This administration merely needed to follow the rule of law as expressed in the Constitution and there would be no argument. But, clearly Article 3, Section III states that the courts can find you guilty and congress can set punishment. Hmmm…that’s funny…no mention of presidential authority to authorize drone strikes against citizens at all.

    • James

      I agree, “enemies of the state” now seems to be anyone who disagrees with the national government.

  • Karolyn

    Why is everybody acting like this is something new? Of course we are not told of the numerous other assassinations that have taken place over the years because they might not be popular. There is nothing new under the sun.

    We should be concentrating more on the injustices that occur right in this country on a daily basis like those who get 10 or more years for minor drug offense while a wife-beater might only get 5. A person’s defense should not have to depend on his pocketbook.

  • Dobie

    It isn’t a hellfire that will get us here, yet. Tragic single car crash, a random drug over dose, suicide in the jail cell, sudden heart attack…How many times have we over looked the obvious? This has happened for decades, if not centuries. You lie to yourself if you think it was any better when we were young. At least we have access to better coverage where as the culprits cannot hide and have to at least make up some lame excuse.

  • Alex

    Blackwater/Xe is most definitely a terrorist organization that got away with a massacre— I’m sure that even the most shallow Teagaggers amongst you can agree with that.

    Where is the call from the Fright Wing to turn them over to the World Court? Obviously, since Bush Cheney Rice Powell Rumsfeld Wolfowitz etc killed hundreds of thousands of non-combatant Iraqis in a fraudulent war (not to mention over 5000 of YOUR KIDS!!), they too must be held accountable for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, but most of you supported the Bush Regime and so it is understandable that you are willing to let them slide (it lets YOU slide as well, a sort of rinsing of the blood from your hands). But surely even the most black-hearted neo-conartist Reich Winger amongst you wants Eric Prince & his Blackwater murderers brought to justice, no? Can we use drones in North Carolina to kill them, or do they have to be out of the White Estates of Amerika, like Al-Alwaki, to kill them?

    • Centurion

      Alex, you make a fair point. If Blackwater/Xe broke the law, they should be prosecuted. But, not by the World Court. That globalist organization has no authority in this country and its activities here would violate our sovereignty and constitution. So, if you have some evidence regarding Xe, or know someone who does, go to the NC or US prosecutor and make your case. Everyone, even the neocon corpratocracy of the military industrial complex is innocent until proven guilty. The rule of law is all that saves us from the boot of thugacracy on our necks. If we lose that, we are done.

  • John

    Don’t be so naive, Chip. This is business as usual for the U.S. It has been for decades.

    The only surprise this time is that it was done in such a public way. Is this the openness that Obama promised?

  • Robert Walker

    Jane Fonda was filmed and the film televised during the Vietnam non war (undeclared) sitting with the Viet Cong and vilifying American soldiers. She was not marked for murder. She was in a foreign nation with the enemy, pictures abound on the internet, but that was an “unpopular” war. Where are the pictures and sound bytes of the victim, who had lunch with brass at the Pentagon after 9/11, vilifying our soldiers? This is blatant murder ordered by the elected Commander in Chief of the Military. We can elect a new Commander in Chief. There is one man with military experience running. Only One.
    Thank you,
    Robert Walker

    • Alex

      As dreadful as her movies have become, Jane Fonda will always be a hero for standing up for the innocent non-combatants of Hanoi on whom we were dropping bombs. Dropping bombs on civilians is for [word removed] like Paul Tibbits of the Enola Gay and any other miscreant who would drop a bomb on sleeping babies because “somebody told them to”.

      Anyone who drops bombs on civilians will burn in Hell, right next to Reagan and Hitler.

      • Jeep

        [offensive post removed]

      • Maranatha Mark

        Sorry to burst your bubble Alex, but dropping bombs on civilians is call WAR. It is the most horrible of businesses, but war was never about just killing the military, but rather breaking the enemy’s will to support a government and/or military. This concept of “Collateral Damage” and “Non-combatants” is an invention of the later part of the 20th century. But we seem to be in a retro-period, where like in the Victorian age up to the Revolutionary War, and like in initial stages of the American Civil War, where war was treated like a spectator sport. In the first part of the American civil war, folks would pack a lunch and come out to the battlefield’s and watch all the soldiers lined up directly in front of one another and shot it out, until one side or the other broke ranks and retreated. The crowd cheered for their side and when it was over the left and went home. Later in the war, this wasn’t the case. Now days, we have smart bombs and gunsight and munition cameras to send video back to us here in our homes so we can watch the spectical while eating supper or playing on the internet! War has been Hollywoodized and got a good PR firm to brainwash most that War can be waged only between the combatants and the “innocent” or “non-Combatants” should expect not to be harmed. What a bunch of garbage! Vietnam was the first “Police Action”, war where civilian casualties are frowned on and not acceptable by “civilized” people. Folks it is WAR! It isn’t a police action! We had enemies trying to kill American soldiers and take over an friendly country (yes, I have heard all the conspiracy theroies about what the Vietnam war was really all about). Nevertheless, the North Veitnam Government used the tactic of parking anti-Aircraft missiles and artillery by hospitals and schools, so that when they were bombed there would be “Civilians” killed, so they could be paraded around for the foreign camera men to see. Hamas and Hezbollah use the same tactics today in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon, so that when the IDF strikes at their rocket launchers and mortars that are firing into Yisra’el. Yisra’el has trying to abid by the foolish belief that war can be waged in such a manner that no or few civilians actually die or are injured. This is a moronic on so many levels! But soon, the world will see what REAL War looks like, as the Arabs will launch an all out offensive against Yisra’el, with the ideal to wipe Yisra’el off the face of the earth. Then it won’t matter if a person is in uniform or not, the enemy will be anyone across the front lines!

        Grow up folks, or get ready to discover what real “Shock & Awe” is all about. Only our WWII veterans have an ideal about what is about to happen.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    I fail to understand to furor of some people over the killing of American born terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki. After all, some century and a half ago President Abraham Lincoln sanctioned the killing of approximately 250,000 American citizens. Admittedly these citizens were part of an armed insurrection, but they were uniformed (to the best of their abilities) and had an identifiable rank structure. Thus, they weren’t terrorists, but met the strictures of the later Geneva Convention. Yet, they weren’t read their rights, nor were they granted civil trials. Instead they were slaughtered in great numbers, often several thousand in a day.

    At one point, in 1864, a cavalry unit under Col Ulrich Dahlgren was even sent on a raid to Richmond with the express goal of assassinating Jeff Davis and his cabinet officers. Nobody, in over a century, has ever complained about these past events; yet there is great gnashing of teeth over the death of this particular terrorist. Forgive my lack of concern.

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    I’ve thought about this for weeks, considered everything I knew and thought I knew about the USA, wrestled with so many of the aspects of our deteriorating REPUBLIC and finally came to these conclusions:

    (1) Obama is not to blame insomuch as our entire U S Congress is, and I do mean from both sides of the aisle, for the rotting mess of federal laws, mandates and regulations, and the lack of personal and professional integrity and stewardship toward the U.S. Constitution.

    (2) Wall Street and the “banksters” are not to blame so much as also the Congress, with blame to both sides of the aisle over the past 40 years or so. I expect stock brokers to hype and lie to me, just as I expect a used car salesman to only tell me what he thinks I want to hear. I expect bankers to seek power and wealth…it is just what they do…it is part and parcel of the banking profession itself, very much like the money-changers mentioned in my Bible. I was once a banker myself but thank God I developed a conscience and quit.

    (3) Even the unions are not to blame…they took advantage of the benefits they paid for by supporting unethical Congressmen and Congresswomen for decades.

    (4) When the time comes to arrest, incarcerate and perhaps even execute Congressman and Congresswomen for their often-treasonous acts, perhaps the USA will evolve back into the America Americans can feel pride again in this hearts and souls for being Americans.

    (5) Cut the purse strings with a Balanced Budget Amendment, eliminate 90% of all federal regulations and the alphabet organizations of the U.S. oligarchy, and do so lawfully when we have a President like Mr. Cain and Dr. Paul in the Executive offices of the federal government. With Cain and Paul in office, supported by Tea Party affiliated Congressmen and Congresswomen, true patriots will with even those elected officials continuously and constantly follow, mark and watch as to what they (the Congressional members) say and see how closely it matches what they actually do by each and every caring American taxpayer.

    In closing I would point out to anyone who still enjoys common sense thought processes and behavior to remember that historically speaking our forefathers came to America when they were unhappy in their native lands…we have really only two choices: (1) Clean up the USA or (2) make the preparations necessary in order to leave and then leave with your family and your wealth (or at least what is left of each or either).

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

  • Jason

    You are right! Ron Paul is right!

  • http://propertyinspections-repairs, offgrid7

    For all that are agreeing with this murder, then remember not to beg for due process when your number flips up. This is the same slippery slope that began long ago.

    • Al Sieber

      You got that right.


    The gov’t with all its faults still has the right to protect the majority of the citizenry. For an example, why was everyone so upset over 9/11 ? The perpetrators could have been stopped if the people (gov’t) had stepped in using the info they had on these guys, but no it would have been against the Constitutional laws of this country. So don’t get upset when the lawless bastards of the world use our laws to get under the radar and strike us.

    • Clint

      Do you not understand that 911 was a false flag attack? It was carefully planned and executed with inside assistance at the highest levels within our own government agencies with the help of the Mossad. Check out The Lone Gunman. It was a tv program that had a few episodes on in 2001 before the attacks. One episode virtually explains the whole plot for the events that occured on 911 and the reasons behind it. There have been many whistle blowers but their stories don’t get covered by the mainstream media whores who are controlled by the CIA and the rest of sociopathic wealthy Kabbalist.

    • Mark Dabney

      A clear and present danger – just as if we would have bushwhacked the Japanese task force as they approached Pearl Harbor would be perfectly lawful – in that case due process is not really an issue – it would be lawful all the same.

      The war mongering Project for a New American Century said that a ‘Pearl Harbor’ event would be helpful. The question is not – was 9/11 a ‘Pearl Harbor’ event – the question is: does one view that with the naive trust of December 1941 – or a contemporary informed view that FDR did all in his power to provoke the attack – the Japanese intended and tried to declare war before the attack began – which FDR’s staff stifled and delayed. And FDR treasonously withheld needful intelligence to ensure the attack was a success.

      “we have met the enemy and he is us” pogo was right!

      • bob wire

        Well that rumor has been floating around for a while and shot down many times but it has it’s fans that believe Roosevelt was guilty of something! ~ugly old mean and nasty double talking Liberal! ~ but

        What was there to gain in going to war with a tiny island nation? When the first order of business was to save the total destruction of western Europe and do a door to door sweep all the way to Berlin rather then bomb the Germans to oblivion and lay waste to great cities in the process. Not to even consider the task of stopping Rommel and the German surge in the Middle East or to mention Africa to address. We had a full plate before us. The world was crawling with Kraut’s and Germany’s expansion.

        Japan seen an opportunity to play a little tag team and expand their influence in search of markets to satisfy demands and the US stood in their way. They gambled it all and they lost. They were to be the third leg of a three legged stool. End of a chapter but not the whole story.

        However, it is true, the war with Japan was due to failed US and Japanese diplomatic and Roosevelt “was” siting 1st chair position at the time but that does not make him a villain.

        • James

          FDr wanted to destroy Germany because they had attacked the Soviet Union. He knew Americans would not agree to go to war over that, so he prodded Japan, which was allied with Germany, to attack us. Germany would never have attacked us, even though FDR sent several ships over there as ready targets. When the sanctions against Japan finally denied them any access to any oil, Japan had no choice but to attack us. Anexcellent book on that is “Day of Deceit – The Truth About FDR and Pear Harbor” by Robert B. Stinnett (2000).

          • bob wire

            See what I’m talking about?

          • James

            FDR deliberately provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor; our Secret Service had cracked the Japanese code and FDR knew every move the Japanese fleet made enroute to Pearl Harbor; Admiral Kimmel, at Pearl Harbor, was kept out of the loop of intelligence, lest he be allerted to defend it. If that doesn’t make FDR a villain, what does?
            Read Stinnett’s book “Day of Deceit.”

          • DaveH

            Here’s a Free online book anybody can read to see that James speaks the truth:

          • bob wire

            Well, we do know the mood of Americans at the time was one of being isolationist and FDR was guilt of many under the table activities because of it.

            This is just a charge that’s been made one one man with his ‘facts” that he has yet to produce by 2009.

            It could be true , it could be just a good book to read.

          • DaveH

            Percy Greaves spent much of his life researching and writing the book I linked to. Don’t just dismiss it without reading it.

          • James

            The author of “Day of Deceit,” Robt. Stinnett was in the Navy in WW II, and after witnessing the slaughter at Pearl Harbor, he spent the next 18 years, using the Freedom of Information Act, to dig out the details behind the attack on Pearl Harbor.

          • bob wire

            Thanks for the link Dave, I download it and have spot read it. ~ I’ll try to download it to my android as I’m spending a lot of time bedside at the hospital these days and could use a good read. From what I see, this book was a labor of love on the part of a surviving spouse and very well done or so it would appear.

            Needless to say, nothing surprises me in big league play,not when losing is not an option while just opening moves alone are so devastating.

            Perhaps Roosevelt seen his hands as ties and this would untie them? Something to get the American people off the fence and engaged in world affairs that would soon be at our doorstep, invited or not. The sinking of the Lusitania didn’t seem to work.

            It’s clear Pearl was caught in a stand down position and a heavy price was paid for it. Leadership was lacking there is little question and this lacking was a hard pill to swallow on the part of many as Japan had it’s game face on this faithful day.

  • jopa

    There are times one has to just use plain common sense.Thank you Mr. President for a job well done.

    • Clint

      Please inform yourself with information not forcefed to you through the mainstream media whores. Your praise for President Hussein shows your lack of morality and your bloodthirsty attitude will encourage more tyranny!

      • Jay

        Hey Clint, I see you have jopa pretty much figured out! LOL!

  • CP

    The biggest difference in Al-Alwaki and so many other deaths during war,or even during peace, is that we actually heard about his. There have been many enemy leaders taken out quietly and the cause of death never publicized. We have had execution teams for a couple of centuries now, but now we know who they are. If the president didn’t know who was being eliminated, he knew that someone had been targeted for elimination, and had to authorize the operation before it was begun.

  • CDL

    After reading the piece and your comments, I had to register my opinion too. Prior to Earl Warren’s Court, any person who deserted, joined, aided or abetted the enemy was “denaturalized”. That means they voluntarily forfeited their American Citizenship when they defected. Alwaki endorsed, sponsored, planned and instigated several “known” terrorist attacks that targeted as many American Citizens for death as he and his ilk could possibly achieve. To wit, Fort Hood, the Underwear Bomber, etc. Some accomplished their goal and some did not, but Alwaki had his hand stamp of sponsorship and approval on each and every one. This guy was no Saint and was not worthy of American Citizenship nor the protections that it affords. No one took his allegience to the USA away from him, he voluntarily threw it away when he instigated, planned and via proxy, executed attacks on his former fellow citizens. We can’t always be politically correct and I’m surprised that so many of you think we should. Perhaps if you had been sitting next to The Shoe or the Underwear Bombers on a flight, and knew Alwaki was behind it, your perspective would be different. In my opinion, he got what he deserved. God wanted to see him and the Hellfire simply arranged his dispatch.


      My feeling exactly, political correctness will be the reason this country will fall victim to those that want to do us harm and set up a world caliphate.

      • TML

        It’s those such as you, who think it’s ok to suspend the Constitution at will, that will be the down fall of this country.

        • Cawmun Cents

          It is the intention of those who hold power to do just exactly that….make the Constitution…..of their own will.To have congressional people representing interests,and not the people.Now ask yourself…am I an enemy of such a condition?Will you post it publicly?
          Is there a missile with your name on it somewhere attached to a drone?
          Have I in my distaste of Big Brother,become an enemy of the State?
          I can see no redeeming factor in being friends with it,other than survival.So when is my missile strike coming?

          I can only guess.
          The rules of engagement will be modified to include me sooner or later…I get that part.
          But do you out there in the bloggosphere get it?
          Has the influence of new technologies evaded you?
          Will you stick to the same old tired arguments over left and right,conservative and liberal,moral and depraved?
          Have you becme user friendly to a state that does what the state is doing to you?Can they trample you with impunity?Will you stand and allow it because you fear being its enemy?
          Al Awlaki didnt.You may disagree with his stance against the nation,but does that mean you are friends with the State?
          Interesting questions that you probably need to answer if you intend to take a position sooner or later.
          Meanwhile…back in the Comfort Zone,you probably are taking issue with some local staute or ordinance that doesnt work in your favor.
          But if you are friends with the colossus of Greater Gubment,then shouldnt you do what friends do and clam up?

    • TML

      “That means they voluntarily forfeited their American Citizenship when they defected.”

      Even Saddam Hussein got a trial. There is no excuse for us to voluntarily forfeit the Constitution

      “Alwaki endorsed, sponsored, planned and instigated several “known” terrorist attacks that targeted as many American Citizens for death as he and his ilk could possibly achieve.”

      Where is the trial, evidence, and ruling? Are we to accept media convictions, or just because the “president” says so?

      “Perhaps if you had been sitting next to The Shoe or the Underwear Bombers on a flight, and knew Alwaki was behind it, your perspective would be different.”

      Nope… I base my view in accordance with the Constitution, not my own fears.

      • Jeep

        Not picking a fight, but Saddam was tried by Iraqis in an Iraqi court. His trial has nothing to do with this violation of our American Constitution. Carry on…

    • Mark Dabney

      According the WHO? the same ZioNazi media that has flat out LIED about everything else? The underwear bomber was an entrapment operation like all the rest to prop up the absurd idea that ‘we stopped another attack’ conveniently leaving out that there would have been no attack had not handlers created one in the first place. This is the norm – the media only repeats info they want believed.

      The day of the Ft. Hood shooting I heard reports that there were 3 to 5 shooters – what a coincidence that the only one they actually caught just so happened to be a Muslim! How convenient that lame stream media conveniently ignores the reports from that day – what became of the other shooters?

      This selective amnesia is normative

  • Cep

    I Think the President did the right thing.Although I don’t like the guy,he still did the right thing.HOW silly and just down right dumd ass can people be in this country about something like this.If you really want to get mad at somthing ,get mad at the goverment for all the babies its killed over the last fifty Plus years in legal orbortions. (And to think that we called hitler a crazy Bastard)

  • TonyD

    Trying to differentiate/rationalize murder between US born and non US born is splitting hairs.
    Is our justice system based on place of birth or the crime, in this case the act of comitting murder.
    This is nothing new, it has existed throughout the 20th century and continues in the 21st.
    Our nation has preached, carrying the bible in one hand and a loaded revolver in the other.
    The preaching is reserved for out internal image the revolver to implement the economic/wishes needs of the month.

  • tridntru

    Back to the Diem brother executions whether or not there are parallels. Great return on that decision:
    58,000 killed, 50,000 maimed, untold suffering to those who fought there and their families to this day. Just a wonderful decision made by clueless people.

  • Mona

    Although I certainly don’t care that Awlaki is dead, it is the fact that Obama does just as he wants regardless of whether he has the right to do it. He continuously shows that he doesn’t care about the laws of this country or the people in it. No one seems to have the guts to stand up to him. Complaining isn’t enough. Someone needs to take action against him. What does it take to get rid of this lying, inept President?

  • Homer Izzor

    People we are at war.. Whether Mark wants you to believe it or not. This scumbag who orchestrated the killings of many Americans was the enemy and got just what he deserved. If this had happened under a president that we all loved and trusted was doing the right thing this article would never have happened. But that we suspect everything this corrupt regime does makes us leery that we might fall victum to the same fate. I am glad this turncoat piece of camel dung is off the planet. And I am sure he is just the first one. But like Bush said on 9-11, we will hunt you down where ever you are and we will seek justice. (paraphrasing for all you anal liberals) And when you are out at the dump shooting rats you don’t have to read them their rights first. As far as I know never in American history have we been allowed to maintain dual citizenship. This treasonous piece of garbage gave up his citizenship when he fled the country to push his evil agenda in against America in a foreign land. End of conversation. Period..

  • Cary

    I think we have bigger problems in this country. Start with murdering 50+million totally innocents and Koresh/Waco.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Make no mistake,it is all part of the same issue.Roe,Reno,Soetoro,its all the same predicament we find ourselves in.
      Where does it all come to a head?
      I think that since you have not only condoned it,and watched it happen without burning pyres in effigy of your once great nation,you are about to have the carpet of comfort yanked out from under you and you wont like it a bit.

  • Dale

    I do not know if this man was guilty of anything. All I know is that we have no facts, and no one has presented any evidence, called any witnesses, listened to any testimony, reviewed any documents, assessed any evidence, listened to any defense, nothing. We do know that he was a natural citizen of the USA, and that we never charged him with a crime, he was never arraigned him, we never indicted him, we never arrested him or attempted to, and that we did not try him in any federal court, in absence, or now posthumously.

    Any yet some of us want to say he was a terrorist and was guilty of treason, and deserved to die. On what basis? Our government said so?

    Our government is in denial about a lot of things and has lied to the public over and over. What was the real truth about Ruby Ridge for example? What was the real truth about Vince Foster? What was the real truth about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? What was the real truth about Osama Ben Laden? What is the real truth about Pakistan and their actions to protect or harbor Ben Laden?

    So, since we do not know the truth, then we should not jump to the conclusion that this guy was a terrorist. Give us some facts and let us make up our own minds, but we need the facts. Blind faith or trust in the honesty and integrity of our government is something that most of us used to have, but have lost, in almost every action of the federal government since the Viet Nam lies. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin Incident? Our president at the time made up the incident and used it as an excuse to attack another country. The incident never happened. We believed it at the time, and we only found out the truth years later.

    What do you suppose we will find out about this in 8 or 10 years?

    • Maranatha Mark

      Dale, “we have no proof”? What about Al’s own website and his own words. I think you are little behind here brother!

      • Dale

        So, what is on the internet, (and could be posted by anyone, could be a total fabrication, just as the Golf of Tonkin was fabricated by our own government) is proof to you? Do you believe everything you read on the internet?


  • R. J. Schneider

    Homer is correct. Whether we like it or not war has been declared on us. We did not choose this war. Since when is war “not killing”. Oh my, you mean that when we go to war we kill people. What a new way of thinking. WAKE UP AMERICA AS A VETERAN I AM APPALLED AT WHAT OUR CITIZENS DO NOT KNOW.

    • Jeep

      And I am appalled at your lack of knowledge concerning the Constitution, the rule of law and how it applies in this case. As a veteran you swore an oath, and yet you willingly applaud when the Constitution is violated and trampled on. The president has NO authority to declare a citizen traitorous, nor does he have the authority to order his execution. Or, because Awl-Wacko was such a “bad guy” its okay to suspend your oath to get the outcome you desire? So, which is it? Do you beleive in your oath and the Constitution, or not?

      In case its not clear, my position is that by all means kill him, just do it under the rule of law and the Constitution.

      • bp

        Jeep: EXACTLY! “The president has NO authority to declare a citizen traitorous….to order his execution” sounds like Hitler.

  • skiparoo

    the constitution means for little to our new government of the corporation. our country is in the sewer. wait until the total collapse of the dollar and they start killing and jailing citizens in the fema camps. i saw a training session 2 years ago; this bogus government is ready for marshall law at anytime. better load up.

    • bp

      skiparoo: The pressure is ON as the election approaches.

  • DaveH

    Chip says “An awful lot of readers will be angry at some of the things I have to say today”.
    I’m NOT one of that lot, Chip.

    It sickens me how we’ve become a nation of sheep who will sacrifice their morality at the flip of a coin if they think it benefits them. I’ve known very few who will abide by their own moral code if it means they will suffer for it.

    • Jeep

      DaveH, it is disconcerting to my sensabilities to read the posts of several veterans here that “because it feels right” they have abondoned their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

      To all – Free copies of the Constitution are available from a number of sources, please feel “free” to obtain one and really study that which you have sworn to defend. That is all.

    • JeffH

      DaveH, you’re right! I’m a firm believer that when you believe in something, you support it 100% or not at all. Now, more than ever before in my lifetime, I better understand and fully believe in the US Constitution as the law of the land, depite what my personal opinions may be on any issue. You’re either for it or agin’. There is no middle ground or “grey” areas to be mis-interpreted…it is exactly what it is.

  • Larry Pierson

    Recently some SWAT teams in California finally overtook a thug who had been terrorizing citizens and then hiding out in the woods nearby. They didn’t hesitate, they took him out. There was no trial, no due process. There is no difference in what the SWAT teams did and what the US military did with the Predator drone except that the thug was only engaged a felony, the overseas American was engaged in treason.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Does Captain Obvious need to tell us these things?

      Or similarly,will Lieutenant Hindsight come to your rescue in the future?
      I have my doubts.
      I am entitled to them too….haw!

      • Average Joe

        To expound on your observation:

        It is a rare mind indeed that can render the hitherto non-existent blindingly obvious. The cry ‘I could have thought of that’ is a very popular and misleading one, for the fact is that they didn’t, and a very significant and revealing fact it is too.
        Douglas Adams

  • S.C. Murf

    What most people are missing here is the FACT that we are a nation which governs by LAW. Not mob rule but by LAW’s. They broke the law plain and simple. Now you don’t have to believe this, America freedom of choice, but do not complain when it’s your turn and the mob comes after YOU.

    up the hill

  • Chris Schilke

    First I’d like to point out: the tithe in the old testament was a tenth of your agricultural produce and a free will offering was on either your agricultural produce or your income. Enough about that. We’ve gone from a republic of law to a democracy of mob rule and an oligarchy or a dictatorship is next. The natural progression of government it seems. I agree, an American was denied “due process”. If they knew where he was they could have attempted to capture him. If he died in the process it would have been his fault for not surrendering. So what happened was murder by our government. Heck, even old Saddam got due process. But, heck, the inappropriate use of force is nothing new to our government and I didn’t say that to make excuses for what they did since there is no excuse.

    • Jeep

      Chris, we execute citizens legally in this country all the time, and in a number of ways. It’s not murder, as long as one has legal and Constitutional authority, to execute a traitor or even a murderer.

      And, as a side note, Saddam was tried by Iraqis in an Iraqi court. Unless you are making the case that the Iraqi legal system is “more fair” then that is not a good example.

      • Chris Schilke

        Thank you Jeep for pointing out my lack of clarity.
        No, I’m not saying that the Iraqi system is better I’m just saying that at least we allowed him his due process even if it was in his own country. If this, whatever his name is, was a real terrorist and a traitor he deserved execution but only after an attempt to grant him due process was made. I’m all for eliminating threats even by death but only after a person is found guilty by law.

  • maurice billet

    How could you possibly have a judicial process and a trial when a criminal who has sworn death to America is at large?When a policeman orders somebody holding a gun in public to drop it or be shot,there is no time for a trial.Those that have sworn to kill are an immediate and present danger to society and should expect to be killed. It’s pure self defense and I applaud the Obama administration for that.

    • Clint

      How cowardly has the United States Military Industrial Complex become? They use unmanned aircraft to target whomever, whenever, wherever and you praise them for a job well down. You do realize they will do this to every citizen that opposes their totalitarian rule after they implode the dollar and implement One World Currency.

  • DaveP326

    Being a citizen if a country means giving your loyalty and allegiance to that country. By that measure, Al-Awliki was NEVER a US citizen. When someone is doing everything in his power to kill you, your family, your fellow citizens and destroy your country and EVERYTHING you hold dear, and it 100% certain that this person is guilty, you don’t worry about being nice to him. You deal with the immediate threat to your life. It is 100% certain that this man would have carried out another attack, if he was able to. Since trying him in a US court was impossible, the next best thing was to neutralize him. It’s easy to make platitudes about due process and rights and the Constitution, when your life is not immediately threatened, but the view is quite different when you are in the trenches, fighting for your life. How many more of us were we supposed to let this man kill?

    • Clint

      Who said he was a threat?

    • bp

      With all due respect, you’re missing the point, DaveP326.

  • Hanna M Jones

    If you abandon the law you descend into anarchy and no-one should be entitled to do that, president or not.The law is there for the benefit of all, it does not distinguish at the outset that one or another are lesser and therefor not entitled to those benefits of due process. The USA is on a very slippery slope and sliding down fast. It did not take Hitler long to pick and choose his targets and murder them in the night, on trains, in camps or wherever he and his henchmen decided to put them. Please let’s not go backwards.

  • Clint

    Anwar Al-Awlaki was a CIA operative that was a guest at the Pentagon shortly after 911 false flag attack.

    • bp

      Clint: Prove it; back-up?

      • Clint

        I have read a document that was on Although this doesn’t prove he was an operative for the CIA, it does prove that he was in the Pentagon shortly after 9-11-2001. 9/11 Mastermind Invited to Pentagon Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s …
        More on this page
        Paul Joseph Watson
        October 21, 2010

        Al-Qaeda terror mastermind Anwar Al-Awlaki, the man who helped plot the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, the Times Square bombing attempt, and who also preached to the alleged September 11 hijackers, dined at the Pentagon just months after 9/11 documents …
        Cached pageAl-Qaeda terror mastermind Anwar Al-Awlaki, the man who helped plot the aborted … it’s hardly surprising that he made an appearance at the Pentagon. Awlaki has also …

  • Robert W.

    Anwar al-Awlaki deserved what he got but not the way he got it. He was born in this country; therefore, by law he was an American citizen, whether you agree with his activities or not — and I do not. He did not, to the best of my knowledge renounce his US citizenship. That being said, he was guilty of treason and sedition. Had he renounced his citizenship, he would have been guilty of being a war criminal. I think he should have received due process. For any of you readers that are old enough, I bring up the name of the Rosenbergs. That, right or wrong, was the result of due process.

    • bp

      Interesting point. If he had renounced, than he was just another enemy combatant like OBL.

  • bob wire

    So we are standing on the letter of the law are we now? Well? That’s what they are for. Attorneys just love it! and I too finding it amusing.

    but we do not live in a black and white world or can citizenship always be clearly defined. Is it determined at the place and time of conception or birth? When does life begin? When does personal right become active? Are the four events synonymous with each other or separated by time and location?

    If you plan to abide by the letter of Law, such matters become issues.

  • Bill S

    This is a perfect example of why we should eliminate Anchor Babies as US Citizens. Neither of his parents were US Citizens. He was just born here. Get rid of the Anchor Baby option!!!

    • bp

      Bill, this should be THE litmus test for any presidential candidate.

  • scott5134

    We are supposed to be a nation of laws and when we break them the fed is there, but when the fed breaks them, oh well. You either stand for the whole constitution or not at all. It is ridiculous that those we are in conflict with take what they believe in and live it and breath it, but so many in the US don’t. You either believe in the constitution or do not. The President does not have ultimate power. So if by the constitution this individual deserved a trial, then he did. We really do not know if he was doing more than gibing spiritual support, not actually taking action.

    Earlier, someone mentioned Christianity, I throw in my 2 cents. As I said, the enemy lives and breathes what they believe, but so few Christians live and breathe Jesus and His teachings. If they did, they would recognize the entire Bible not just the parts they want; like so many do with the constitution. For example, God says no same sex relationships (Leviticus 18:15-24, this sin is a detestable sin), God says women will not be in high positions of leadership (1st Timothy 3, 1st Corinthians 11), yet people who say they are Christians participate in these areas every day. Then we have the Christians who protest war in the name of God, totally ignoring the fact that God commanded groups to go to war on many occasions to right the wrong that was done. (and do not yell old testament, that is man’s designation, it was meant to signify Testimonies before and after the coming of Jesus, read the last page of the Bible)

    So give your all for something, completely; for the enemy does. You are either for the Constitution or not, and if not then by some of the post I have read, you should be labeled a traitor, citizen or not, and not receive a trial, but be executed.

    • mtnmantn

      Many who post here are conservatives who are against Obama and the present administration. It’s not a far strecth to imagine the administration to deem words against THEIR government as treasonous and order the execution of ANYBODY who counters their desires. This could be any of us in the future. The Constitution must be obeyed by everyone. Exceptions have gotten us the the point we are at.

      • bp

        MtnManTn: EXACTLY! The tail is wagging the dog; there is no exception to the rule of law. Believe our forefathers are crying!

    • Cawmun Cents

      The Bible also states that we should love our enemies,and that we should obey the laws of our nations(paraphrasing).
      So is this how we show love to our enemies?
      By piping a missile down his chimney,whilst he eats his supper?
      Does the law specifically state that we can pipe that missile down his chimney?Probably not.
      Its up to interpretation….as would it seem the Bible is.
      Frightening when you see who it is that does the interpreting isnt it?-CC.

  • Mrs.Jilby

    What would be the ultimate irony is if they had had second thoughts, decided maybe they ought to call the operation off, and sent a memo to Holder at the Department of Justice asking him to affirm their red light decision…

  • James

    I think people should read TITLE 8 OF U.S. CODE 1401 1409 LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP. We are still a land of laws. He was a trader and took up arms against our people. Gave aid and comfort to an enemy that has declared war on you and me. I feel we have others that fit this bill that are in the news today and should be prosecuted under the law also. I remember Lockerbie Scotland, Pan Am 103, 1988 that killed 259 passengers and crew members, I remember the 1st and 2nd attacks on the World Trade center, the 241 U.S. Marines killed in the Beirut Barracks Bombing (October 23, 1983) in their sleep on a peace keeping mission. I remember a Sailor shot in the head and dumped on the tarmac during a airline high jack, I remember them cutting off the heads while filming the results for all to see but most would choose not to (still on the net check it out). And other assaults waged against our countries people that went unchecked by our politicians while thousands of our citizens died that had no direct involvement with the politics. Yes they should be held accountable. I feel that we should declare War on the countries that give them safe haven. Just think! The next group could be your son, daughter, grandchild, wife, parents, or friends. I do not care for President Obama’s agenda and did not vote for him and will not vote for him. But it is not because he gave the order that took this trader out. I do think he should have had his day in court afforded by title 8 but on the other hand the DOJ (Eric Holder) and ACLU would have not had our best interest at heart and would have spent millions to get him off and make us the bad guys for making him kill innocent civilians and hide like a coward.
    CW3, USA, Ret

    • James

      I did not write this, my comments are all of the above.

    • professor

      Good point! The libs would have loved to parade this cretin around and use him as a tool to fan the flames of hatred towards this country. A public trial would not have been in the best interest of this country.


    Radical Islam has declared war on the United States over a hundred times. There is no question that we are at war with them. Any enemy combatant, regardless of place of birth, is an Enemy. That is all there is to it. Enemies need to be killed before they can kill you.
    You do not go to war to die for your country. You go to war to make some other son of a bitch to die for his country (or his allegiance).
    Pull a gun out and threaten to shoot me and I am going to kill you as soon as my reflexes allow me to. There is no harm in blowing up enemy combatants in other countries. If other countries are harboring the enemy combatants those sons of bitches will die in those other countries. Such is war.

    • bp

      Joe: We have not declared war against Islam. We are not at war with any country. You must be a citizen to be a traitor.


    Even without Awlaki’s killing, and the scumbag deserved it, this country has gone to hell in the last 50 years. This government is the SOURCE of all of our problems and debt. This government will be the demise of this great nation.

  • Dagger

    I, too, have felt for some time that I no longer live in the USA of my youth. This nation is totally different than the nation I grew up in. I feel like I now live in a foreign country and that foreigners and illegals have taken over the country that I once knew and loved.
    Our nation has reached a point of no-return and will never be like it once was. Our politics and politicians are shot through and through with blatant corruption on every level; federal, state and local. In the election for president in 2008 there was enormous vote fraud. I expect the same, only worse, in 2012. I also exepct the current person in the Whitehouse to be re-elcted no matter the plurality of votes. It has become the norm in American politics that money and corruption can buy the presidency.
    Our country was once truly the United States of America, however, that nation no longer exists except in name only.
    What is left is a country that should be called:
    The United Socialist States of America
    Our nation resembles more and more the old U.S.S.R. with all it’s evils. That truly is a freightening scenario and picture of how low this nation has descended. Once all our freedoms and civil rights are gone there will be no way to return to the former condition. We are dangerously close to becoming a police state. The “riots” now taking place in New York city and all across our land are a prelude to civil unrest. At some point in the vey near future the president will only need to declare that our nation is under civil seige and declare martial law. Once that happens there will be no more freedoms and personal rights, you will become property of the state. There will be no more elections for they will have been suspended for the ‘good’ of the state.
    At this point our freedoms, liberties and civil rights will have become only a distant memory, America as we once knew it will be no more!

    • bp

      Here is our hope as a CHRISTIAN nation: “No weapon formed against you shall prosper & every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD & their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD. Isaiah 54:17

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      Hi Dagger! You sound too pessimistic.I think there is a vast majority of clear-minded Americans that have inherited good family education, are educated and have convictions like yours.Do you think they want to see this Country their parents, grandparents and forefathers had worked so hard to build “go down the drain”? This land is a rich land, just like “The Promised Land”, full of opportunities and it was discovered and worked on by the forefathers. It would be the biggest “shame” to let it go wasted! Roll up sleeves and clear up “the rubbish”. It will become a “paradise” again! Starting from 2012!

    • Oakley Mann

      Dagger, a fine piece you wrote,and what you say is true. Some how we are going to have to take this country back from thieves and pretenders at all levels of Govt. I certainly don’t think BO will put our country into martial law for what is going on in NY. Indeed, he is the one urging the crowd on so that he can fulfil his ultimate goal of class warfare in the ugliest degree, and the final downfall of America. He cannot fulfil this goal without the complete division of the American people, if we are divided he is assured reelection so as to continue with the total and complete destruction of these Free United States of America. He knows it and I hope many Americans will start to see the real light and path of destruction he has laid us upon and be assured he will succeed if we do not unite as one whole people. We are destined for utter and complete failure as a Democratic Country if we cannot unite quickly so that by election day 2012 we as one can clear the dirty halls of Congress and the US Presidency of all rememberances of the filth that has pervaded it’s hallowed halls and offices for these many years. Unite, unite and unite American people of all races and faith, it is on us to clear this infernal mess, our children are going to have enough problems.

  • http://Boblivingstonletter Lyle McDaniel

    THINK ABOUT IT A LITTLE. remember such a short time back when B.O. obummer had so much praise and lauded for his leadership and decisions and the never ending patting himself on the back, for order ing Osama Bin Ladan to be assasinated by the navy seals. He was likened to a hero of the highest regard. Then of course his constant boasting of the decision. His ratings went through the roof. Now with such low ratings maybe picking off a terrorist now and again will bring his popularity back up. All in all lets blame Bush for it. In case you don’t remember, Bush gave the order to get Bin Ladan ..where ever he may be….

  • Buck

    I have never been more disgusted with my government as I am now , however my peers must like it this way because they elected all the miscreants in Washinton . It is definitely NOT the America I grew up in , and in fact the only thing keeping me here is my financial shortcomings and my second amendment right to keep and bear arms . Take the latter awaay and I will find a way to overcome the former . Never the less I support the killing of this terrorist , not as a criminal but as warrior in a war for the protction of not only what little is left of our constitution but to protect American lives as well .

    • FreedomFighter

      I agree with the killing of this bad guy also, just not without due process, checks and balances to prevent future abuse.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • don

    al-awlaki went to the side of the enemy – osama bin laden and aquida. they murdered thousands 9-11. why should he not be treated as a deserter of this country and a traitor. he dealt with killing just plain murder. does any one else give a damn about who would have gone on killing. murder has the death penalty and a traito used to be hung in the old days. i think it was a fitting thing for a murderer and a traitor. too bad the human race cant just stop all the killings and wars and try to fix this great earth.

  • Al Hill

    Chip and Bob,
    It is obvious from the responses to your posts that there are distinct differences of opinion about this issue. Your points (both of you) are well taken and in the main I agree with your logic.

    What most of us learned growing up was mostly Big Brother indoctrination. And I’m talking about my “education” of the 1940s and 50s. Even though I wish it were so, that ideal America never existed. It was convenient propaganda, purposely designed to make us loyal little wage slaves.

    To the point. NO president should have the power of assassination. There is nothing in the constitution that even hints at such power. Judge, jury and executioner? It’s not there!

    For those who disagree; you are not idiots or morons or any other insulting term. Please just question what those in government and the media spray at you on a daily basis. I think most of it is lies and spin.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    If he was a U.S. citizen, he deserved his day in court and due process. But I suspect that are those are afraid of what might have been revealed in a public trial.

  • Staceey

    Hi, I’m new to the news letter and posts. To the writer, thank you for your thought provoking questions and concerns… From reading the posts, I think the majority of us “feel” there is a problem with our government. What do we do with this information? I don’t know about you all, but I am overwhelmed by it all. This United States and it’s constitution is the best in the world. Some of my black brothers and sisters would say, ” the constitution didn’t protect us from slavery and Jim Crow… “. I would say to them, and to all, ” the constitution is a code of conduct.” It is unfortunate that our leaders of that time, didn’t hold all of America’s citizens to that code. We can’t turn back the hands of time. But, we can look forward and outward, together as Americans and address this issue. So, again, what do we do? What can we do?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Staceey,

      Thanks for your excellent question. I don’t know where you are in your transformation from Conventional Wisdom to Independent Thinking, but I have some suggestions that will help you on your journey. There is, in fact, much you can do. First you must realize we are in for a long slog to right our country. The struggle will be difficult. I have been working for 42 years to change minds and sometimes it seems no progress is being made. But we didn’t get to where we are overnight and we will not right the ship overnight. We have been heading down the path toward tyranny almost since the ratification of the Constitution. If you study American history—which is one of the things you must do to understand what is going on and why—you will see that even our Founders began to govern counter to what they had advocated just a few years before when they were working toward separation from British rule. Some of the suggestions I give you may seem fruitless. You may (will) feel alone in your quest to change minds (yours and others). So you must not get discouraged. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

      1. Read, study, read some more. Learn all you can about the history of America. Read the writings of the Founders (including the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers, available online or at the library). Check out selections in our selected reading category. Read John Locke’s Two Treatises on Government. Read the U.S. Constitution over and over until you have it memorized. Read The Creature From Jekyll Island. Some websites—besides—for more reading that will open up a whole new world of information for you (, [and read his books Meltdown, Nullification and Rollback],,, Pro Libertate (, just for starters. This will help to break you from the shackles of conventional wisdom.
      2. Remove yourself from the false left/right paradigm. The political parties are two sides of the same coin. Theirs is a quest for power. They seek to maintain the status quo. They use class warfare and false arguments to keep people divided.
      3. Share your new-found knowledge with your friends in a calm and reasoned manner, not arguing with them, but feeding them slowly and carefully. Understand that they will probably initially reject what you say. Conventional wisdom is deeply ingrained and it will take a long time to extricate them from their old thought processes. Present your arguments in a logical fashion and let them reach the proper conclusion on their own.
      4. If you have children, home school them or get them into a good private school. Government schools are simply government indoctrination camps.
      5. Vet your candidates for offices (local, state and national) carefully. Look not at what they say but at what they do or have done. Look for consistency in their positions and rhetoric.
      6. Contact your elected representatives regularly and tell them when they stray and when they have done what is proper.
      7. Listen to Ron Paul’s speeches and study his positions of the issues. Then campaign for him for President. He is the last, best hope to save our nation from a collapse that is coming at us like a runaway locomotive.

      Finally, never think you have all the answers, but be prepared and relish the opportunity to defend your positions. It either makes you stronger, or shows you where you need to study or reevaluate.

      Best wishes,

      • Clint

        Sorry Bob, I didn’t know that you had already answered Stacee’s questions. Good advice I shall also check out the information that you suggested. I am way behind the 8-ball compared to your expertise and dedication to inform others. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

        • Jay

          Excellent advice Mr. Livingston!

    • Clint

      Staceey, You have taken a step in the right direction. Seeking out sources that don’t conform to the mainstream media will broaden your knowledge and allow you to make better informed decisions. There are many things that you will discover that the majority of people would scoff at. Your family and friends may be the toughest to convince of the truths you discover. I don’t have an answer that will change the damage that has been done or will be done. All I have tried to do is get more politically involved and contact congress members and local newspaper. What gives me hope is Representative Dr. Ron Paul and his campaign for liberty. He is a wise man with integrity and is one of the few politicians with a conscience. Stay vigilant get involved and prepare yourself and family for the likely difficult road ahead of us. Health wise you might be interested in or Financial news check out the or Political news check out or ronpaul2012 or whitehouse.go/we the people,, Educational check out Also is an excellent site to download informative books if you enjoy reading. (Spread the word) has several documentaries that are thought provoking and rarely seen on mainstream media.

  • Wayne Miller

    While I don’t condone murder, I do understand that this individual had conspired to kill innocent Americans and that no doubt he would do it again and again, so his death as repugnant as it may seem, in all probability saved countless American lives.I know that our God says that vengeance is mine BUT JUST PERHAPS he used this method to carry out his wishes, so all the bleeding heart commentary is useless as we have no way of knowing just what or how our GOD works to get things done. God Bless

  • Dr. Mabuse

    “Did The U.S. Sanction Murder?” is the question that Chip posed.
    In regards to the current case, the answer is yes. But this isn’t a policy shift when it comes to the elimination of political leaders and other individuals who are considered to be threat to U.S. interests. I cite the destabilization of Iran and the assassination of Mossedegh, by Truman/Eisenhower in the early ’50s. The CIA significant role in the death of Patrice Lumumba in the ’60s and the eventual installation of the despot Mobutu. The assassination of Allende in the 70′s (with Heinz Kissinger’s blessing) and the installation of Pinochet. So why do all these wagging tongues have their panties all knotted up now? Quote: “We are a nation governed by Law.” Well thats sounds good, but in point of fact thats just some more lip service. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, roughly translated… this means kill or be killed. So put the Constitution up on the shelf… (its been thoroughly eviscerated anyhow) and lock and load.

    • Al Sieber

      Very well put Dr.. are you familiar with William S Burrows?

  • Jerry

    Does anyone remember Benedict Arnold, he was a traitor in the revolutionary war. I believe he was tried, convicted & hung by the Continetal Congress. This tells me that all people deserve due process.
    I believe both Chip Wood & Ron Paul deserve the admiration of everyone for standing by the values & beliefs that made America the greatest country on earth.
    Believe me if we speak out against our government, the slippery slope that we are going down will become steeper & harder to tread our way back up.

    These are the things that have been done by the countries that we have fought & disagreed with for years. Do we want another Russia or Hitler’s Germany on our shores.

    Ben Franklin said, “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
    I believe we need that outrage to keep our country free. The people that are marching on Wall Street & other places around our country could be considered terrorists & enemy comabtents the way our country takes this now. Do we want a Tennaman Square here in America.

    Choose the America we want by either speaking against injustice or idley standing by and letting it happen.

    • Oakley Mann

      Hey Jerry, just want to set the record straight on one part, Benedict Arnold was not hung, he died an oldman, bitter and broken . His end came peacefully according to accounts but it was the kind of death because of his actions in life that you would wish on no one that you even disliked

    • DaveH

      Great quote, Jerry (Ben Franklin). And it’s so true.

  • Staceey

    … Vengeance? Lock and load? I don’t think neither of these are the answer. Violence + Violence = VIOLENCE. If we still believe that We, the People vote in our leaders. Then, it would stand to reason, that We vote them out.

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    Good article, Chip. And now I’m reading articles that strongly indicate that Awlaki’s actual deeds are not so clear cut. For example, his involvement with the underwear bomber was apparently indirect at most. The phone calls to Yemen were not to Awlaki, nor was his voice on the tapes. Rather, from some things that were said it was inferred that he was in the room or at least nearby.

    The bottom line problem is that Obama is pursuing a secret war with drones and the JSOC, while pretending in public that all is well. We have a right to know what is going on, and we have a right to have our representatives in Congress in position to hear the issue and take some votes. Executive prerogative may exist, but not as permanent policy.

  • hitthedeck

    Congress should pass a dead or alive law for terrorists. Wanted posters and world media of who is on the wanted list with a clause to surrender for trial by military tribunal. Notice should revoke American citizenship for those who expose their allegiance to terrorism.

  • Databyter

    You won’t find anyone more protective of individual liberties for citizens than I. But that being said lets look at this case.

    After 9/11 President Bush with full agreement and passed bills from Congress declared war on Terrorism, and specifically on Al Queda (that Awlaki was a leader in) and the Taliban.

    This was a legal declaration of war that was approved by Congress.
    Therefore he was an enemy combatant in an approved war that we are legally waging.

    There is no question of his combatant status. It is not a grey area. He is convicted by intelligence and his own public admissions.

    He was out of reach of Juris Prudence and avoided capture even as he posed a constant threat towards OTHER US citizens who ALSO have rights.

    The government not only had the legal right to take out this threat, this traitor and enemy combatant. But it constitutionally had a responsibility to do so.

    If he was assasinated in the USA I would be the first crying foul. But the fact is he was out of reach, and scrupulously avoided any chance of due process and posed a constant threat against US lives. Therefore he lost his chance for a trial and we had to take him out.

    It is much the same in law enforcement when the suspect is holding a gun at you and refuses to surrender. If you have a shot you take it.
    Threat eliminated.

    I know what people are concerned about, but this is a legal killing. I would support a bill however that made sure that there was a record of the determination and attempt at due process for a citizen who finds themselves in this situation. The record would be released eventually and would keep people honest and resist abuses.


  • LarryH

    “…this renegade U.S. citizen did all he could to give “aid and comfort” (the Constitutional definition of treason) to our enemies. But so what?”
    So what? I’ll TELL you so what! The Constitution does indeed define Treason, and it also provides the punishment for it – DEATH. It’s high time We started paying attention to the Constitution again. Oh, and while we’re at it, isn’t Obama giving aid and comfort to our enemies too? Preferring Islam to Christianity in his speeches and actions surely counts for something when coming from the Bully Pulpit. Just a thought…

  • Mark

    I’m an old Viet-Nam veteran and after reading most of these comments it’s painfully obvious to me why our country is so screwed up. Once you abandon the laws of our constitution/nation (due process in this case) you become no better than the object of your revenge. I recently read where the mayor of a small town in Missouri branded a juvenile “A cyber Terrorist”, should he/she be killed ? And I have a friend who was a retired Green Beret that has the FBI and ATF monitoring his mail/phone/and most likely, his friends. Was all the people killed at Waco & Ruby Ridge terrorists ? I think not ! But the FBI & ATF murdered them any way ! I, for one am against BIG Government with too much power and thats what we have and for those who are against it also, get off your arse and do something like vote,boycott,and use any legal means to rectify the problem, I do.

  • Scott W

    Well folks after reading all the comments I have come to the conclusion that there are so many Constitutional Illiterate people. That when GOVERNMENT decides the you need to be dead then I guess you should just stand there and let them shoot,poison or blow you up. And just be a good little sheeple.
    And how is it you know that this man has done anything wrong at all! I can’t believe that anyone would believe everything they are told from the GOVERNMENT. I know that I sure as hell don’t.
    He may have been the most vile person on the planet, but I don’t know that to be a fact. So this would mean that if I thought you were evil and I think you deserve death then I could take your life and that would be ok right? Hell No! I am just a “man”, just like the “man” that gave the order,and the “man” that pulled the trigger.
    This sounds to me like a one sided civil war. American’s killing American’s only one side has the power to say who lives or dies.

    People get your heads out of your ass! You don’t have to give GOVERNMENT the power of god. They are taking it themselves.

  • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

    The Constitutional argument is very clear, although people may want to interpret it to conform to their political views. Obviously there is lots of gray area, which makes decision of this kind very difficult. And for this reason alone the order to strike should not be made unless every aspect has been clearly thought out, legally proofed. President Obama, as a legal scholar in the US Constitution Laws, is expected to know the complexity of his responsibility in making this decision. AT least from the sketchy reports it looked like a decision on the moment,the “push-button” type action.
    Setting aside the legal aspects of it, I wonder if he should also think about the international repercussions. Not long ago he saw the reactions of Pakistani Government when he sent in Navy Seals to kill (or perhaps originally to arrest) Bin Laden. He doesn’t seem to have learned the lesson. Or perhaps he couldn’t care less? All these actions, in other sovereign countries’s public minds, certainly will create profound impressions. And these impressions are certainly not favorable. Some may ask: what if one head of anti-America movement is hiding in Siberia or Gobi Desert, would President Obama dare to send a squadron of Navy Seals or planes to take him out without these countries’ governments knowing and approving it? Moreover,by the token of using such “assassination” method to take out an enemy, US Citizen or otherwise, US Government has also given the other side some kind of “justification” to “return” the favor. And if more and more countries begin to mount this kind of sentiments, what would it lead to? Is this what we, the American People, really want or welcome?

  • texastwin827

    While I am a firm believer in “due process” I am also a firm believer in going after terrorists, regardless of their citizenship.

    He chose his death…as witnessed by the videos he released.

    May 2010 Interview with him
    Nidal Hasan is a student of mine, and I am proud of this. I am proud that there are people like Nidal Hasan among my students. What he did was a heroic act, a wonderful operation. I ask Allah to make him steadfast, to protect him, and to free him. I support what he did, and I call upon anyone who calls himself a Muslim, and serves in the US army, to follow in the footsteps of Nidal Hasan. Good deeds erase bad ones. In addition, I call upon [all] Muslims to follow in his footsteps, and to wage Jihad by speech or by action. Nidal Hasan set a wonderful example, and I ask Allah to make it a beginning, and that many other Muslims will follow in his footsteps.

    My message to the Muslims in general, and to those in the Arabian Peninsula in particular, is that we should participate in this Jihad against America. Today, America leads the global Crusader campaign against the Muslims. The America of today is the Pharaoh of the past. We should take part in it. We have a glimmer of hope in this small band of mujahideen in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in Somalia, who have managed to bring the US army to its knees. Due to this Jihad, the US economy is reeling today. If that small band of mujahideen have managed to defeat America, imagine what would happen if the Islamic nation rose up. America cannot withstand this Islamic nation. It is too weak. America’s cunning is weaker than a spider web.

    Nov 2010
    A new video featuring American-born radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki surfaced online today, in which he calls America “Satan” and urges Muslims to murder Americans.

    Justification for killing Americans is no longer derived from religious edicts, al-Awlaki said in the 23-minute-long video message released Monday.
    In his last broadcast message, the senior al-Qaeda figure said Americans are from the “party of devils” and so don’t require any special religious permission to kill.

    In the 23-minute Arabic language video entitled “Make it known and clear to mankind,” al-Awlaki said it was “either them or us”.

    In Al-Awlaki’s own words “either them or us” sums it all up, neatly. There was no option of due process because Yemen isn’t going to turn these people over to the US, so should he be allowed to continue to “war” against the US, and as we sit by until one of his so called “soldiers” (like Nidal Hasan) are successful in killing more Americans?

    • Oakley Mann

      Texas, thanks, great presentation.

    • bob wire

      “In the 23-minute Arabic language video entitled “Make it known and clear to mankind,” al-Awlaki said it was “either them or us”. ”

      And that’s a complicated as “battle” gets. Wars are made on several levels but a battle is like a single room with many doors leading in. It don’t matter which door that you used to entered the room, YOU ARE THERE.

      Pick a side, one you are willing to die for or leave it for someone else.

  • Roger Davies

    While I fully appreciate Mr. Wood’s argument, something we must understand, Islam is not compatible with American values, Islam is a form of governance parading as a religion. Muslims are to lie to protect Islam. I would not trust a Muslim, EVER! READ THE KORAN!!! I would have video and audio recordings of EVERY room of EVERY mosque in the United States! If they don’t like it, tell them to go find a country where they do it their way.
    As to Awlaki, I must believe my Country when they say he was plotting against us. That makes him a trator.

  • Scared To Death

    Dear Mr. Wood,

    It is not the America we grew up in. The government is taking over and bullying its citizens all the way down to the local level. I live in Douglas County, CO. The local tax assessors office and attorneys are as crooked as they get. You hit the nail on the head. If you don’t know the laws from front to back they will find a way to nail you. They’ll find a way to nail you anyway.

    They tax people illegally, steal papers from citizens, refuse to look at photos that citizens bring to tax protests, they manipulate, lie, tag team, threaten, and go consistently outside the law in their pursuit of more tax dollars. They will try and pit you against your neighbors in comparisons. The message they tell you is that you had better shut your mouth.

    This county has the highest median property tax in all of Colorado. The property taxes in this county have not gone down overall despite dropping property values. Interestingly, we also have the highest paid school superintendent in all of Colorado at over $280,000.00/yr. plus benefits.

    The county tax assessors goal is to eliminate as much agricultural use as they can get away with. The assessor lobbies at the state capitol to pass laws against agricultural use. Our county commissioner has no say over the tax assessor because it is an elected office. The govenor’s office and state senators office said they will not do anything, not even investigate.

    There are only a handful of attorneys in this county and they are on the side of the county. They flat out tell you that you had better shut your mouth and go along with the program. They have been here for decades and want to see the agricultural use taken away also. They take cases based on big dollars and whether it is in alignment with what they believe, not what the law dictates. The attorneys outside this county don’t know the laws of this county, so they don’t want to take cases here.

    I, as well as my neighbors, are harassed about our farms by the county. Every year they raise the property tax bill and every year the bills have to be fought. One of my neighbors, who are a retired couple, live in an old farm house. Their place is so old that they can only find one comparable property in the area for assessment. They took a tax protest to the state level last year and won. This year, the local county raised their taxes right back up again and are making them go through the same process…again. They raised their taxes as high as some of the new houses in the area. These people worked all of their lives and do not deserve this harassment. My other neighbor had their property taxes raised $33,000.00/yr because the county claimed they had abandoned land. I watch my neighbor grow wheat and run cattle on that land every year. They had to hire an attorney and pay through the nose to fight the county. My neighbor eventually won. My neighbor across the street had his taxes raised significantly last year. He didn’t protest. Only 4% of the people in this county protest their taxes.

    I have been through so much harassment with the county tax assessors and now they have threatened me on paper. They have me backed into a corner and there is no help. I work on my farm 6-7 days a week and 12 hour days are common. The only way for me to possibly recoup the losses they are forcing me to take by denying my agricultural use is to up my game more and work even harder. Part of the problem is that the law is worded so loosely that they can manipulate it and demand more until they finally claim they are satisfied or they are sued. It’s a game of whether or not they can wear you down.

    One thing they don’t know is that I’m not a quitter. I’ll work my knuckles to the bone, and I will always find a way. I don’t care how illegal and how harassing they become. Hell is going to freeze before they get my farm and my ag AND I WILL NEVER QUIT!

    You’re not wrong, Mr. Wood. You’re not wrong at all.

    • Oakley Mann

      it sounds like out and out intimidation on the local level to me. Purely unjust the way you put it. Have you and your neighbors thought about a joint venture and hire someone worthwhile or to at least move it to the State level of jurisdiction? It really sounds like the old west and gold has been found on everyones property, and the bank is trying to force legal tenants out

  • Lavant

    He denouced his oth when he enterd that terrorist meeting.And one other thing our justice stinks.It would have been postponed for years and probably would loose the evidence.We dont cause look at all our citizens which have been murderd by a person that was drunk behind the wheel of a car.This person when he went into the bar that it was possable to kill a person.Despite all the warnings they had.They are treated as being sick and cant help it.They should be charged with premeditated murder.Its a shame its allowed in America

  • Oakley Mann

    He surely denounced his American Citizenship to flee to the east in the land of Satan. He surely embraced Muslim HO’S and Extremists and stated his intentions were the same as his HO’s and other extremist Muslims, to kill all Americans, regardless of whether man, woman or child, whether a combative or a non-combative, the distinction would not be made, all Americans killed, period… When he embraced the HO’s, and denounced his American citizenship, all Freedoms and Protections afforded to American citizens are null and void. We deserved to plant this HO where we found him and bid him a fair and well deserved adieu!

  • Lavant

    Now get mad at that three or four years dont fit the crime,So America does protect people which do murder.The justice should be done over to fit the crime.Dont forget where this man was and what he does for a living aganst our citizens,Is this justice murder behind the wheel he is protect becuse he is on American soil.But this terrorist was living with the US enemy its treason so he was treated like one,Justice was searved

  • Lavant

    It makes me question some of my fellow citizens,Do you think this terrorist should be protected both by American law and at the same time protected by Islams law.He would had a Islamic lawyer cause they would cry discimnating and at the same time protected under the constitution and his goal was to destoy the very same with terrorisam and he would have walked free probably been deported to the same country he was killed in.

  • DaveH

    The brainwashed war-mongers on this board need to read this:

    Wake up before it’s too late.

    • DaveH

      From the above article:
      “there is no greater lie in American public life than the propaganda we hear every four years about how the new president/messiah is going to usher in the great dispensation of peace, equality, liberty, and global human happiness. The idea here is that the whole of society is really shaped and controlled by a single will — a point that requires a leap of faith so vast that you have to disregard everything you know about reality to believe it.
      And yet people do.”

    • bob wire

      Hmm after reading that Dave, I feel like the little black boy that walking home from school one day in between several other small groups of school children that pickup on their chant as they walked “here comes the niqqer” , “here comes the niqqer”. He sang their song all the way home, “here comes the niqqer” Needless to say his mother was not impressed and had to sit him down and attempt to explain something to him that his sweet little mind had never been exposed to. Am I the niqqer?

      Where it’s fascism,or racism ~ you are the last one to know. Odd that it works that way.

  • Gregg Weber

    War is one thing and it seems to me that he got what he deserved. But we must consider what would happen if the President of the government decided that the Tea Party or any other group was part of an insurrection? Or conversely if President Nixon had the power and desire to get rid of his enemies list? We must be very careful who we elect (and make SURE that there is no fraud) as President.
    There are many other points that I don’t have the time to get into ranging from our duties as voters and citizens, those as government workers either elected and non-elected, the military, Secret Service, and the militia (meaning National Guard) to the Constitution of the United States and not to the government in power nor a particular leader. (Don’t translate “leader” into german.)
    I write that in concern for the results of the Milgram Experiment, unlawful orders, an American version of Tiananmen Square, and Roland Freisler. I hope it doesn’t happen here.

  • Charles

    may his tribe decrease
    was changed recently
    to a spot of grease
    He sent his dupes
    to kill kids and babies
    He called it Jihad
    We call it Rabies

  • Gin

    If one is a supporter of the U.S. Constitution & the 6th Amendment in the Bill of Rights, this is appalling. Please realize people, they can trump up charges on YOU now, and shoot you dead. YOU could be next.

  • Charles

    Before I get exercised about the death of an obvious traitor like Al-Awlaki, I’d like the Federal Government and ex-Atty General Janet Reno to justify the killing of something like 167 American men, women, and children, at Waco Texas during the the Presidency of William Clinton. No due process there as I remember.

    • bob wire

      Considering all the sheriff had to do was phone David and say, “Hey David, next time that you are in town I wish you would stop in and see me. There has been some charges made about your activities out there and we need to clear it up before things get any bigger then they already seem to be.”

      It was an awful travesty and a serious over reach of government of the Federal government of the highest order.

      That’s one of the problems with have with government and their “Do right boys”, all their actions are predicated on the belief that they are in the right and anyone that is not them is trash to be taken out.

    • Thinking About

      Since David Karesh ordered the settings of the fires and expired in those fires just whom would be available to stand trial for the wrong doings of David but a person who is dead.

      • DaveH

        Who set the fires? Do you really ever think at all? Learn some truth, Thinking:

        From page 13 — “In the summer of 1999, previously undisclosed audiotapes surfaced and revealed that Rogers actually gave the order to FBI field agents to fire pyrotechnic devices. That disclosure
        raised a deeply disturbing question: Why did Rogers sit passively behind Attorney General Reno when she gave sworn testimony
        to Congress in 1993 that pyrotechnic devices were not used against the Branch Davidians on April 19, 1993?”

        • Average Joe

          No Dave, he/she isn’t thinking…I believe he/she picked the name…to make others think he/she is thinking….and then he/she opens their mouth and the truth spews forth…no thinking was done at all.

        • professor

          When Federal Agents come knocking, people better not blow them away with a shotgun.

          That is what these people did. I don’t agree with burning down the building, but why did they start killing officers. They should have come out of the house and saved the lives of their children. They were not going to win that war…

          • professor

            It should read..

            “I don’t agree with him burning down the building, why didn’t they just come out….”

          • bob wire

            “When Federal Agents come knocking, people better not blow them away ”

            Well, it clear that you have your view on this matter Professor, a shared view by many sheepeoples I’m sure.

            A single complex or simple sleepy farm house isolated in a rural area comes under siege by numbered Armed forces dressed up like Ninja Turtles, weapons drawn, a crawling on your roof and surrounding the property on a early peaceful Sunday morning is a far cry from just knocking on the door.

            The Federalist was looking for a fight and “assumed” they had surprise, overwhelming force and the law on their side. In this case they had neither. ~ But it doesn’t seem to matter much, does it? The story is left to be told by the survivors, much like Wounded Knee.

          • DaveH

            You need badly to rent the movie “Waco — The Rules of Engagement”.
            Especially pay attention to the initial raid in which those innocent officers were entering the compound. The movie doesn’t get into it, but three of those officers were former Clinton bodyguards when he was Governor of Arkansas. I didn’t know that when I first watched the documentary, but I was thinking “what an idiot!”, because the last guy in was standing in the window firing into the building that his fellow officers had just entered.
            From the linked article:
            “Two separate federal sources told Soldier of Fortune magazine that such a round was removed from a wounded ATF agent, and that many, if not most, of the ATF casualties resulted from ‘friendly fire’.”

          • DaveH

            And read this one, Professor, especially the part about the Clinton Bodyguards (Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Conway LeBleu, and Todd McKeehan):

          • bob wire

            And to be an advocate of American Civil Liberties is a bad thing? right?

            It funny how life can get all turned around.

            In a world where ‘increases in deficit reduction’ can be spoken with a straight face and sound,~ sound so statesman like, there is little wonder thinks are all screwed up.

            The ACLU has indeed taken on some very unpopular issues, defended people rights that you might think don’t deserve them but that is what a Nation of Laws is much about.

            This picking and choosing which laws we are going to employ and which we wish to ignore is only a game we play to select winners and losers.

          • bob wire

            Chip Woods on words;

            “I was raised with a profound respect for the fact that we are a nation of laws, not men: That “no one is above the law,” that a jury of our peers will decide our guilt or innocence, that we are guaranteed the right to face our accusers, that “our home is our castle” and that we will be protected in our persons and our property.”

            Now if everyone had the resources of a “Howard Hughes” there might not be a need for the ACLU, but few do.

        • Thinking About

          DaveH, you are beginning to sound as you are a one person ACLU. You can believe you eyes or trumped up stories. How many of these innocent children was able to have their day in court or at least been given the freedom to leave the compound? You can spread whatever story you wish, kids was being held without due process and a death sentence carried out by a deranged person.

          • Average Joe

            “Not” Thinking About….again?

          • DaveH

            Because you choose to remain ignorant, TA, is not an excuse to push that ignorance on others.

        • James

          I agere with Dave, here, The Army smashed exit doors with tanks, positioned snipers, that shot those escaping, then set fire to the building. David Koresh went into town on a regular basis, unarmed, and could have been arrested by the feds on numerous occassions. The Branch Davidians were simply speaking out against what our government was doing. The mistake they made was creating a like-minded group and establishingt an armed compound.

  • George

    His father had asked for a Judicial Review of the charges against him, and the court ruled that since he had been declared a terrorist his father had no standing to ask for a review, and apparently the rule was that a review could not be mandated due to the suspect’s status as a terrorist.

  • FreedomFighter

    Here is the Oath Keepers’ list of orders they would not obey, particularly because, as the Oath Keepers themselves note, such orders are “unconstitutional (and thus unlawful) and immoral violations of the natural rights of the people. Such orders would be acts of war against the American people by their own government, and thus acts of treason. We will not make war against our own people. We will not commit treason.”

    We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people
    We will NOT obey any order to conduct warrantless searches of the American people, their homes, vehicles, papers, or effects – such as warrantless house-to house searches for weapons or persons.
    We will NOT obey any order to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to trial by military tribunal.
    We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state, or to enter with force into a state, without the express consent and invitation of that state’s legislature and governor.
    We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty and declares the national government to be in violation of the compact by which that state entered the Union.
    We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.
    We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.
    We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control” during any emergency, or under any other pretext. We will consider such use of foreign troops against our people to be an invasion and an act of war.
    We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies, under any emergency pretext whatsoever.
    We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      I hope they don’t take that oath as insincerely as the Politicians who swear to uphold the Constitution.

    • JeffH

      FreedomFighter, Hear Hear! I am a member of Oath Keepers.

      • Average Joe

        Me too and damned proud of it!

        • bob wire

          Anger is what gets people in trouble, pride is what keeps them there.
          Samuel Clemmons

          • Average Joe

            bob wire,
            And your point? Oh, I forgot, we should not take pride in the things we do or participate in…accomplishment is overrated …right? I am not sure your quote was approriate…since my staement did not in any way convey anger at all….only the fact that I am proud to be a member of the Oath Keepers.

          • bob wire

            Sorry Joe, it wasn’t directed at you personally.

            Mark Twain’s observation is more of a universal truth and applies to everyone.

            and you are right, I see pride of man a slippery slope.

            Things simply are or are not, You are an Oath keeper or you are not.

            Any vanity rooted in pride doesn’t change the fact or is it necessary.

            Pride is the product of emotion and not the best part of man to confer to.

  • bud

    Ok, so you people feel that if ole “allwhackie” had his finger on an atomic bomb trigger that he should have his rights read? Don’t you people read anything, don’t your use your eyes? People are killed every day without a trial for a lot less than ” ole el whacky” has alrready done. some are shot by the police because they point something at them so bam!
    If you want to get your temper up do it over something worthwhile like abortion – the killing of thousands of “INNOCENT” babies. Illegal aliens running amuck in the US and and a pRESIDENT who is a radical.
    In my opinion if you kill or train a foreigner to kill Americans you are fair game, especially if you live in another country. In fact wwe have many more traitors here than anywhere, what we really need is a good Joe McCarthy back again to ferret out the communists from our governement and expose those in our media and businesses.

    • DaveH

      “In my opinion if you kill or train a foreigner to kill Americans you are fair game”.
      Our enemies think just like you, Bud.
      Somewhere along the line, people have to become better than that, or we will all pay the price, guilty or not.

    • bob wire

      Hmm, the current president is no more radical then the one prior.

      We can’t seem to feed , house and educate well all the children that we have and you want more? Or want more but less at the same time?

      Or maybe you want people to just stop breeding. All people? or some people people? Who’s to decide? Would you like someone in your home making these decision for you? Who should that be? A government bureaucrat or representatives of the Church?

  • Thinking About

    I am amazed it has taken Chip to write this article On 9-17-2001 Bush stated “bin Laden was the prime suspect” and he pledged to capture him dead or alive. When Al-Awlaki follower did as Al-Awlaki had supposing told him to do was the shooter to give our brave military at Ft Hood due process before they was shot? The war on terrorist had been declared some years back so don’t come up with some after thought on this one.

  • Rosemarie Pandiscio

    The UCLU is the most evil organization in the world. They go so far as to say, “A minor girl who gets pregnant has the “right” NOT to tell her parents.” Also, this President has gone tooooooo far digging into our Constitution. We have the “Right to Bear Arms”, the “Right to have and keep, “In God We Trust” on our currency. As for me, I write In God We Trust on the back of every piece of mail I send. I would just love to have someone tell me ‘they’ are offended because of this! I’m a young 75, and proud to say my family has fought in every war since the Revolution, and have the right to literally spit in anyone’s eye telling me ‘I cannot write this on my mail’. I’m Caucacian and have many black as well as white American brothers and sisters. Petty black/white racism must stop..NOW! Blacks were brought here in chains, yet every one I know is pure Christian and also fought in every war since the revolution. Would you rather have muslims, islims, buddhists for your nest door neighbor or the people who helped build this country from the ground up?? To me, that’s a no-brainer.

  • Paul

    Well Chip, I usually enjoy reading your columns, but this one pissed me off. It sounds like your powder has gotten a bit wet. I don’t care if Anwar al Awlaki was an American citizen. He forfeited his right to be an American citizen when he decided to take sides with the terrorists. You can’t be an American terrorist and still be covered by the Constitution. Last time i checked, American and terrorist completely contradict each other. Kudos to Obama for giving the order to take out this enemy of humanity. By the way, it’s only the second time in his administrations tenure that he has done somehting right.

    • DaveH

      You have no idea what they really did. You only know what they tell you they did.

    • Alex

      Where on Earth did you get the idea that the terms ‘American’ and ‘terrorist’ “completely contradict” each other? Really?

      So you have never heard of My Lai or Tulsa or Rosewood or Hiroshima or Columbine? Wow, you really live in a vault.

  • http://deleted Claire

    You know, people bitched when bin Laden wasn’t caught and done away with. Now that bin Laden was caught and killed, people bitch about that. Sh– or get off the pot. This creep is no different than bin Laden. As far as I am concerned this so-called American citizen committed treason. This so-called American citizen turned his back on all Americans snd America. Do you think for one moment he cared whether or not America was attacked by his “buddies”? Hell no, he didn’t and wouldn’t care. I say good riddance and I mean every word I say.

    • http://deleted Claire

      BTW–go ahead and call me a warmonger or whatever but I have no use for anyone that turns their back on America. This creep was a traitor.

      • Average Joe


        “This creep was a traitor.”

        Proof? Evidence?….anything other than media and government talking heads?…no?…..hey let’s ask Anwar al-Awlaki for his side of the story…oh wait…he’s dead and can’t tell us his side of the story….hmmmm…how convenient for the government and media….nobody to dispute their version of events. It sure is easy to win…when there is no opposition….don’t you think? Or should I say…do you think?

        • http://deleted Claire

          Average Joe—Anwar al-Awlaki was involved with the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda. He was also known as the bin laden of the Internet. He also preached for jihad against the United States. He called for the killing of all Americans (even you). No opposition? He was totally against America and all Americans. He was a terrorist. Let me ask you this–Are you “for” any person that denounces America and wants all Americans killed? Are you “for” jihad? Seems to me you are the one that should stop and “think.” I have edited numerous manuscripts on terrorism and this guy is mentioned in a number of these books. Do not accuse me of believing everything the media or the government tells me. Do not accuse me of not “thinking.” Perhaps you should stop and “think” a bit more yourself. I do not condone terrorist actions/people.

          • professor

            Claire, you “Can’t change stupid.” He has been on here for two days proving that…

          • Average Joe


            Apparently, you are correct…nothing has fixed you…..

            What are you a professor of?
            Professor of stupidity at Slippery Slope University?
            Don’t buy a vowel…buy a clue.

          • Jay

            AJ, in their defence, i suspect, that the one’s that applaud the actions of the dictatorial regime, presently in power, may be doing so out of the need to cover their behinds. I suspect fear, may be what motivates them, rather then gullibility!

          • Average Joe


            I am not, nor have I ever disputed the guilt or innocence of Anwar al-Awlaki.
            While I agree that he may be guilty of crimes….it does not excuse the lack of proper, Constitutional approach to finding him guilty in a court of law (Due Proccess). That is the issue in a nutshell. We do not subvert the Constitution on a case by case basis, because doing so nullifies the document in it’s entirety (what good is it to have a “rule of law” if it is subverted at the whim of the president or any other government body?). We are a nation of laws, set forth by the Constitution…we are not a nation of heartstrings and emotional fortitude. The rules are there to provide equal protection to all…not just the ones that the president or any judicial body decides is “worthy” of the law. I realize that many of you people don’t use critical thought in your summation of the real world…for that, you have my sympathies. If you feel that it is ok to subvert the Constitution on a case by case basis…then you should have no problem when you or a family member, friend etc…have your rights taken away…because the government deems you or them are unworthy of “Due Proccess” of the law. Be careful in what you advocate…you just may get it.
            As for your question about what I am for…I am for the rule of law…period. If they can sidestep the Constitution to assassinate him…they can do it to me, you or anyone else they choose.Today, you may be an asset to the PTB..tomorrow, you may be a liabilty….food for thought.
            I will stick with my original statement….You need to start thinking instead of following the lemmings over the cliff….. because it is obvious to me (as well as others)that you really haven’t given the issue much thought at all.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Average Joe–You say I haven’t given this issue much thought and that others agree with you. That is your opinion, but how can you speak for others? You don’t know me so don’t play all-knowing with me. Are you judge and jury? Follow lemmings over the cliff? Not hardly. I follow no one—you or anyone else. I have given this issue a lot of thought–due process is correct, following the rules of law is what it is and should be orchestrated–same with the Constitution. But in this particular scenario I stand by what I said–this guy is a terrorist and should be dealt with accordingly which is what transpired. What would you prefer? That this guy be the leader of a terrorist plot within the U.S. and possibly kill scores of people? These terrorists will do anything in their power to eradicate the U.S.

        • bob wire

          In this case,it about making decisions Joe and you wasn’t in the position to make it. It is the very horrid nature of WAR Joe. Bad things happen to both bad and good people.

          If you wish to subject the dearly departed to his rights, you can if you wish, it’s with in your power. Take up a collection and build a martyr’s shrine or sent his next of kin money and a bereavement card.

          What was your position at the start of these wars? I believe the question most relevant. I know the position that most Average Joe’s took.

          Chip say;”So what on earth happened?

          Or maybe a better question is; what have we allowed our government to do to these cherished principles?

          Well I hate to break the news to you but GW & Chaney threw out principles a long time ago! It’s a little late in the game to be bring it up.

          The argument presented might be conceived as a noble one if the US had a history of conducting itself in a noble manner in regards to these wars. That’s simply not the case.

          • Average Joe

            bob wire,

            As usual, you fail to see the bigger picture. As usual, disputing your thought proccesses would be a serious waste of my time. So, if I refuse to debate you on the subject….don’t consider it a win on your behalf…consider it a case of me not wasting any more of my valuable time…. disputing your usual drivel. Bury your head in the sand and pretend that the world is flat….it doesn’t bother me in the least…Have a nice day.

          • bob wire

            Maybe so Joe, but what I see, is Chip Woods and yourself swallowing a whole camel while gagging on a Nat.

            The point of contention is clear, 44 punched someone ticket for him and Chip Woods is questioning his actions and sees a violation of civil rights in that the “injured party” not being afforded due process but subjected to summary termination.

            The bigger picture being, if he can do that once and get away with it can it be repeated over and over again and again?

            Is that the bigger picture that you refer too?

            Chip is playing the devil advocate, something that two people can can play. Chip does have a legal point to make and a political bias to defend and project.

            In this case, he seems to advocate the need for a neutered President of the United States.

          • Average Joe

            “The point of contention is clear, 44 punched someone ticket for him and Chip Woods is questioning his actions and sees a violation of civil rights in that the “injured party” not being afforded due process but subjected to summary termination.”

            It has absolutely nothing to do with “civil rights”….it has to do with violations of the Constitution. Due process is not a civil right, it is a constitutional guarantee. The president and every elected official took an oath to uphold the Constitution. While I will stipulate that almost every single one of them violates the Constitution daily, we the people need to hold them accountable for those violations. This particular violation has extremely bad consequences attached in the wrong hands (does the name Hitler ring any bells?) and sets a bad precedent because it opens the door to the greatest violation ever…the taking of a human life without due process, which amounts to legalized murder. If we fail to hold them accountable on this violation, then you, me or any other American citizen could be next on the “hitlist”…simply because of our views. Anyone who disagrees with the “flavor of the week” government can become a target of that particular regime…and we have become compicit by not speaking out about this type of abuse and holding them accountable. Do we really want to stoop to the tactics used by people like Saddam Hussien or Kim Il Jong? I thought America was supposed to be the beacon of hope for the world…judging from many of these posts…I guess I was wrong…..

            “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
            Edmund Burke (January 12, 1729 – July 9, 1797)

          • bob wire

            “Due process is not a civil right, it is a constitutional guarantee. ”

            A guarantee of what? A civil right?

          • Average Joe

            bob wire,

            Please show me where in the Constitution we have “Civil Rights”. You can’t show it to me because it isn’t there. Civil Rights was an “act” of congress and has absolutely no Constitutional foundation. We gain our “unalienable rights” from our creator. The Constitution however, guarantees certain protections against the abuse of power by our government. The Constitution was written to prevent the government from doing anything not allowed under the rules of the document. The Constitution is a contract, signed by the government agreeing to those rules. The things that government can do, are spelled out in Article 1 Section 8. Anything not mentioned in the article and section, is pretty much a no-no….period. The Bill of Rights was an extention of the Costitution by Amendment, it tells the Government specific things that it can “not” do.
            Now, I have laid the groundwork for you to make a distinction between An “Act of Congress” and the guaranteed protections afforded by the Constitution. The Constituion is the Law of the Land…and no Act of Congress can supercede the Constitution. In other words, if we live as prescribed by the Constitution, there would be no need for an Act of Congress….because out rights are given to us as a result of being born….not because the government says so.

            Declaration of Independence :

            We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…

            Article 1 Section 8:

            Section 8: Powers of Congress[edit] Enumerated powersMain article: Enumerated powers
            Congress’s powers are enumerated in Section Eight:

            “ The Congress shall have power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;
            To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;

            To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

            To establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;

            To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

            To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current coin of the United States;

            To establish Post Offices and post Roads;

            To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

            To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;

            To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations;

            To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

            To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

            To provide and maintain a Navy;

            To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

            To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

            To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

            To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;—And

            To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

        • Jay

          Excellent point AJ!

  • T.L.

    Way to Go, Chip,
    There are two generations of people who feel the same way you do. The road we are taking is one FORIEGN to American Principles. If we turn our back on our FOUNDING PRINCIPLES, then America is just another piece of real estate to be carved up for the benifit of the global Elite. I do not agree with Al-Waki, but I will NEVER agree with a Government that thinks it is a master of free people who are guaranteed freedom, and yet, live under it’s crushung thumb.

    • professor

      Wow, TL, that is a lot of “drama!”

      This cretin, Awlaki, is not important. He was a terrorist, an enemy that was taken out on the battlefield. He was from Yemen, and grew up in Yemen…. His parents lived here, a short time and were illegal aliens, that moved back to Yemen… Please stop with the hysterics. The death of this cretin, is not putting all our lives in jeopardy! He was killed because he was “high profile,” and flaunting the fact that he was “supposedly,” an American, giving the terrorist-cause, support… That is very bad for our soldiers and our country.

      He wasn’t innocently sitting in his American home, with his American family, helping his American neighbor build a deck. He wasn’t taking his American daughter to school, or going to his American job, and paying his American taxes…and, he wasn’t just posting on an American Conservative blog! People have to be able to see the difference between a real American and men like Awlaki! What happened to “common sense.”

      Those that don’t want to see the difference, just keep trying to equate this piece of “camel dung” with every American in the country. It just doesn’t work! Real Americans would never have been wearing the robes of the enemy, living with them in the Middle East, and giving them aid and support, in a time of war..

      Those that believe our Founders would have been anxious to give this cretin a trial, I believe, are badly mistaken..

      Anything, people fear, from this government, will “not be stopped” by having given the cretin, a trial! Trial or no trial, the government will do as it pleases, until it is put out of business (by real Americans, living and working under its rule.)

  • DaveH

    How many of you armchair warriors have heard the story of Pat Tillman?

    With all the evidence of past and current Government lies, I really can’t figure how any thinking people can just blindly follow the Government’s excuse for anything they do.

  • http://personallibertydigest Dana PA

    I can not read all the above comments on this but around a week ago on another sight I said this and I stand by it today. An American citizen should be tried by a Jury of their piers, not assassinated by our Gov. Remember if you are against the present POTUS you are considered a terrorist. He has called the Tea Party a terrorist, He has called returning GIs terrorist, He has called anyone that carries a Gun a terrorist, so under his rules we all can be summarily blown up, rounded up, or held without Constitutional protections, at the instruction of the POTUS.

  • Glen Xx

    Never ever call the evil bank the fed.

    Call it either the FRB or the Fraudulent Reserve Bank or the Fraud.

    I hope this catches on. Ron Paul had hearing on the FRB audit, tues oct 4th find it on you tub or

  • Duck Soup

    Heck why would anyone have a problem with a secret committee on killing enemies of the state? Come on where’s the trust? Chip, why do you feel you have to apologize for stating the truth? You said it like a “true” American patriot, not some Neocon mouth breather. Fact is, we can’t trust our government on most issues and certainly not on deciding who to murder. Can’t believe we are even discussing this topic, but we ain’t in Kansas anymore Toto.

    Fact is, Al Awlaki was a government asset, and if you doubt that just Google “Al Awlaki dined at Pentagon after 911″……………and now he’s supposedly dead, like his old boss Bin Laden (Aka Tim Osman, CIA) and whose body we won’t get to see either. No, but trust our government to choose who to kill. I think not. This isn’t a dangerous “slippery slope” we’re standing on, it’s the beginning of a dangerous “mud slide” into a Soviet Union police state, American style.

  • Jay

    The world knows that the US corporate government headquartered in the mini-state of Washington D.C. is doomed.

    The leaders of the world know this corporation posing as a government murdered close to 3,000 of its own citizens in order to create a fake pretext for a massive oil grab in central Asia. The countries of the world have also decided not to finance this monstrous regime any longer. The result has been a steady and accelerating decline in the power of the military industrial complex.

    Their criminal corporate leadership is now carrying out a battle of the bulge style offensive that is mathematically doomed to failure no matter what they do.

    Behind the scenes various leaders of the cabal that has controlled the US and many Western governments are scrambling to preserve their own interests. There is also increased infighting at many different levels.

    First of all the US regime continues to act like an unemployed junkie running out of friends to borrow from and possessions to hawk. The latest sign of this is the announcement of social service disabilities payments are on the verge of insolvency. This is another way of saying the corporate government has been raiding people’s money they were never entitled to have and that even that money is running out.

    Power and drug shortages are other signs all is not as they pretend.

    More important has been the fact that more and more small investors are finally waking up to the fact the stock market is a rigged casino and are taking their money out ASAP. That means all the Federal Reserve Board fake money being pumped into the market is no longer going to con those with real money. Hence the record gold price and the flight from the US dollar.

    The US criminal regime, however, is not going to dissolve right away. It continues to use the threat of World War 3 to buy time and kick the can down the road a bit further by getting temporary credit extensions from its foreign lenders. It is interesting to note how US Vice President Biden was quoted in English corporate propaganda media as saying “do not count out the US yet,” but that his comments got no publicity in China.

    Behind the scenes, a major pentagon/CIA/NSA agency faction is still preparing for the mass arrest of US criminal oligarchs.

    Nazi leader George Bush Senior and his cabal have finally contacted a White Dragon representative seeking some way to preserve their assets after the US corporate bankruptcy.

    Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, the other top Nazi, tried to convince CIA power broker Dick Cheney to kill several key White Dragon members. However, Cheney knows the cabal was planning to throw him under the bus and is not going to be manipulated into doing something that is not in his interest.

    David Rockefeller is claiming to be old and senile and to be not involved in what is going on. J. Rockefeller remains in deep hiding.

    The German and Dutch factions headed by the likes of Queen Beatrix and Deutschebank’s Ackerman have withdrawn to the sidelines, aiming to keep their own interests intact until the dust settles. The British royal family are circling the wagons around the British Commonwealth.

    The French have decided to try to settle their internal spat. French President Nicholas Sarkozy has rushed off the [to] China to try to cut a deal.

    Meanwhile, the latest evidence links Sarkozy to the maid who accused IMF leader Dominique Strauss-Khan of rape. DSK of course, threatened to reveal all sorts of cabal secrets if he went to trial so the cabal is now trying to bring him back into their ranks.

    In Japan, meanwhile, various bits of new information have emerged about recent events.

    A professional killer who was involved in over 70 political assassinations in Japan and South Korea told the White Dragon society the foreign cabal controlling these countries through murder no longer had anybody willing to do their work in these countries. That is why they resorted to using an atomic-bomb triggered tsunami attack and nuclear crisis to try to force their will on Japan.

    This move has backfired as a growing number of members of the Japanese self-defense forces, the yakuza, national Broadcaster NHK and politicians now discuss the atomic attack on Japan as a given fact. It is still not being admitted publicly simply because it would push public opinion towards war against the US despite the fact that most of the Pentagon was unaware of this attack and is opposed to the perpetrators.

    The scuttlebutt in Japan is that the next Prime Minister will be Seiji Maehara.

    Maehara is known to be friendly to the Pentagon and US interests. However, he is expected to be another short-termed Prime Minister whose main purpose will be to maintain public ambiguity until the over-arching world power struggle ends.

    The sudden offensive by so-called Libyan rebels working for the British, French and Italian colonial interests in Africa is a Rothschild gold grab, according to an alienated Rothschild family member. Some sort of compromise over mineral and other interests in Africa is still expected and this sudden offensive is merely high powered bargaining.

    There is still a crack 7,000 man unit standing by to try to seize Saudi oilfields if necessary but trying to do that would be foolish.

    The Saudis, for their part, are making new friends in Asia by helping sell Thai Royal gold to China by laundering the proceeds into dollars, according to a high level Asian gang source.

    As usual, there is plenty of other information being passed to this writer from sources within the Yakuza, the Italian P2 Freemason lodge, the Rothschilds etc. about bonds worth hundreds of billions or trillions that are about to be cashed.

    This talk has gone on so long this writer can only say, I will believe it when I see it.

    The White Dragon Foundation, for its part, will be concentrating its initial funding on setting up a committee of experts to scientifically assess “free” energy technology and begin planning the establishment of the new International Economic Planning Agency.

    There is much that this writer is being asked not to report at the present time.

    However, the overall assessment remains that there will be more turbulence before the old world order finally cedes power.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      You can provide no evidence to your spurious charges that our Government was involved in the attack on 9/11. You are, either insane, or stupid to believe something of this nature.

      • Jay

        There is plenty of evidence capitalist, unfortunately, you refuse to take your head out.

        The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. -J. Edgar Hoover

      • http://UnderConstruction Thom

        To believe that 9/11 was caused by our own government requires one to be crazy huh? You obviously have not paid any attention to the history of the U.S.

        There have been several things that were perpetrated to ignite a reaction of outrage from the American people. The results of which were anticipated and the American people reacted as desired, accepting the American Governments reaction to the actions, which included war in at least two occasions.

        Study history and you can follow where the American people react and support government actions just exactly as they were expected to.

        Talk about naive. Grief.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    He has dual citizenship. Does that make him an American or a Yemeni?
    I think he gave up his rights long ago by swearing his first allegiance to Islam. Therefore, he is my enemy, period. I expect to be protected from my enemies. If not, what good is the paper the Constitution is written on. As long as these efforts to defeat the Terrorists, remains on foreign soil, or only involves those communicating with known or suspected terrorists on our soil, I have nothing to fear and neither does anyone else. Ge over it. The only right think Obama has done in nearly three years in office.

    • Jay

      It is your sort of feeble-minded thinking that keeps despots in positions of power. You say that this is the only thing that obama has done right in three years, yet, the notion that he is in campaign mode, has not crossed your mind? You are mesmerized, and display a confused state of mind! How easily you are fooled, and are brought under control, even to the point, that you label the insane-criminal, acts of the present leadership, as being virtuous. You are truly a joy to dictators!

  • jopa

    Average Joe;I believe we have this traitors side of the story.If some think they want to hear it in person, when do you think he was going to come to America and tell you?In the meantime were we supposed to let him continue his terrorist activities?Deep in your heart you know the right thing was done and you are just arguing for the sake of arguing about it.Use a little common sense.Thank you.

    • Average Joe


      Stop being your usual “toad” self….

      As usual, you can’t see past the nose on your face.

      “I believe we have this traitors side of the story”

      Really?…When did he get his day in court?….Oh, that’s right….he didn’t.
      The courts are set up to make sure that all evidence is put forward and brought to light….by both the prosecution and the defence. By by7passing the court system, all we will ever get is the governments side of the story (by way of the media)….but hey, the government and media has never lied to the people…right?

      Remove head from rectum and open your eyes (remove the blinders) for the first time in your life. Stop being a clueless lemming.

  • bob wire

    Chip, you can’t have it both ways. I know it’d be nice if one could but it just doesn’t work that way.

    If anyone thinks that ringside seating to a good fight doesn’t have logistical hazards associated with it, they are mistaken. A little sweat and blood in the front three rows is common and it’s best to come prepared. This individual made a decision on where to stand and got his ticket punched in the process. End of story, happens regularly somewhere. Got himself caught it the “Bite”

    People is places of decision have to make them. That’s their job. Where you are calling in artillery in on top of your own troop or to fall back and fight. But someone somewhere has to make the call and it can be second guessed by others from safe comforts of their home in their rob and house slippers.

    Maybe the next president will be more to your own personal liking. But for now , we’ve got this one. If I could endure “W” for 8 years and his twisted notions of righteous leadership with God in his ear, Obama should be a walk in the park for you. On GW decision many American lives have been altered and lost, his score card is well ahead of BO in the game of questionable killing.

    I know you have to write about freedoms and personal liberties and offer support and examples but this example is thin.

    • Average Joe

      bob wire,

      ” But someone somewhere has to make the call and it can be second guessed by others from safe comforts of their home in their rob and house slippers.”

      When the president violates the rule of law, it is not second guessing….he broke the LAW (U.S. Constitution)on several counts…period.

      If you go out and kill someone…what are the chances that they will overlook the fact that you broke the law and murdered someone? Well the same standards must be applied the the president….the same as any other human being. Just because he is president….does not put him above the law….period.

      Was this man a bad man? Probably.
      Did this man deserve to be killed? Probably.
      Did this man deserve to have his rights (due proccess)removed at the whim of the president?….Absolutely not!
      The Law was meant to protect everyone. If the law can be violated with impunity and at any time, what is the reason for having laws in the first place?
      I realize that all of this is going in one ear and out the other…but at least I am attempting to make you think outside of your normally, narrow viewpoint.
      If I am successful…great, if I am not, at least I tried.

      • Thinking About

        Where did all the bleeding heart ACLUer’s drop in from. A vote was held some years back giving the president the ability to make the decision to go to war, by the Constitution. GWB declared the war on terrorism. Terrorism is not a country and many operatives started to go after bin Laden and his gang. It was even in the days shortly after 9/11 CIA was on a mission to bring bin Laden’s head to the president. Now we have not had anything close to ending the war on terrorism except for the Mission Accomplished trip so the war rages on. Nodal Hassan, a student of Al-Awlaki carried out a mission of our military. I doubt al-Awlaki will order another mission on Our military

        • Average Joe

          Do you actually read what you are responding to? Nothing in the above post had anything to do with your reply. If you are responding to the question posed… way up above to tell us when the last time we actually declared war…technically your are incorrect because congress did not give GW the authority, they abdicated their responsibilty under the Constitution Article 1 section 8…which they have no authority to do….it was both illegal and Un-Constitutional.

          Section 8: Powers of Congress[edit] Enumerated powersMain article: Enumerated powers
          Congress’s powers are enumerated in Section Eight:

          To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

          To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

          A list of all wars declared by Congress:

          War of 1812 Declaration of War upon the UK United Kingdom June 18, 1812 19-13 79-49 Madison Treaty of Ghent (December 24, 1814)

          Mexican-American War “An Act providing for the Prosecution of the existing War between the United States
          and the Republic of Mexico.Mexico May 13, 1846 40-2 173-14 Polk Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (February 2, 1848)

          Spanish-American War Declaration of War upon Spain Spain April 25, 1898 42-35 310-6 McKinley Treaty of Paris (December 10, 1898)

          World War I Declaration of War upon Germany (1917) Germany April 6, 1917 82-6 373-50 Wilson Treaty of Berlin (August 25, 1921) Austria-Hungary December 7, 1917 74-0 365-1 Treaty of Trianon (in part)
          World War II Declaration of War upon Japan Japan December 8, 1941 82-0 388-1 Roosevelt,
          Truman V-J Day, Japanese Instrument of Surrender (September 2, 1945), Treaty of San Francisco (September 8, 1951)

          Declaration of War upon Germany (1941) Germany December 11, 1941 88-0 393-0 V-E Day, Unconditional German Surrender, (May 8, 1945), Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany (September 12, 1990), Treaty of Vienna with Austria (May 15, 1955)
          Declaration of War upon Italy Italy Paris Peace Treaty (February 10, 1947)
          Declaration of War upon Bulgaria Bulgaria June 5, 1942

          Please take note, that we have not Declared War on anyone since WW2.
          Anything else that you may think was a declaration of war….was in fact…NOT!
          Everything else is considered be an undeclared act AKA military engagement and technically illegal as well as Un-Constitutional.

          Have a nice day…..

  • Bob McCormick

    As much as I disapprove of most of what Obama does, he has done a positive thing here. We are in a war that’s reality,remember the world trade center, the USS Cole, the U.S.Embasies that were bombed, not to mention all the failed attempts since, we are at war. The difficulty is that the enemy wears no uniform, has no country carries no flag,there is no army for us to figh. What Obama has done with BinLaden and now Awlaki is to send a clear message, these scumbag cowards can’t hide we will seek them out and kill them. It’s not pretty and it’ is definetly messy, can any of you come up with a better way.
    On the other hand I too am worried about how far the practice of assasinating american citizens can go. The whole issue in a nutshell has less to do with the constitutional rights of one scumbag than the fact that WE CAN NOT TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT.

    • Jay

      Yes Bob, I can come up with a better way. How about we get the hell out of their countries, and stop meddling in their personal affairs! We have plenty of human rights violations right here, in our own country that we should be correcting, rather then invade their countries on the false pre-tense of defending human rights. Not only is this absurd, it is absolutely false!

      We must also obliterate the idiotic ponzi scheme that is our economic, and banking system.

      The true reason the middle-east is being invaded is because they refuse to sell their oil for worthless paper, and were in the process of establishing their own currency based on the gold standard. Of course, the crooked bankster’s that seemingly rule the west with an economic iron-fist, would have none of it, as their currency, and economic system is in the crapper, and are essentially broke!

      The incompetent, powers-that-be, that control the G7 countries are broke, scared to death, and are desperate to maintain power, and will do and say anything to keep that power. Even if it means terrorizing, and butchering Americans in order to keep them in-line! The TPTB are loosing control, and it’s just a matter of time before they self-distruct! Fight the power!

      • Average Joe

        Well said, two thumbs up! ( If I had more thumbs, they would be up too).

  • Jay

    Barrack, Hussein Obama, elected to be President of the United States, has now apparently appointed himself to be the Supreme Court. We all remember a few months back when a Federal District Court Judge, Martin Feldman, Declared the Obama Regime to be in contempt of Court for ignoring the ruling that was supposed to end the Oil Moratorium.

    Then, some time ago, Obama took it upon himself to declare “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” unconstitutional and ordered Congress to overturn the Clinton Era Ban.

    More recently, the Rogue Regime, decided that the need for Congressional Approval to go to war against Libya did not apply to him, and commenced with the conflict without so much as a courtesy phone call.

    Or, how about his arrogance he expressed, at the mere idea that Obama displayed, when he himself decided that the Defense of Marriage Act violated people’s civil rights, and ordered the Justice Department to stop defending the cases.

    Well, the man is at it again.

    The Obama administration’s “presidential assassination program,” whereby American citizens are targeted for killings far away from any battlefield, based exclusively on unchecked accusations by the Executive Branch that they’re involved in Terrorism. At the time, The Washington Post‘s Dana Priest had noted deep in a long article that Obama had continued Bush’s policy (which Bush never actually implemented) of having the Joint Chiefs of Staff compile “hit lists” of Americans, and Priest suggested that the American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was on that list.

    The following week, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, Adm. Dennis Blair, acknowledged in Congressional testimony that the administration reserves the “right” to carry out such assassinations.

    Basically Obama has declared himself to be the sole ruler of these United States, not bound by the constitutionally required balance of powers; rather he alone has the power to rule independently on all issues. Obama has in effect become a dictator.

  • Thinking About

    Thank you Mr President for continuing the former administration policy with our war on terror. We are a great nation and innocent bloodshed will not be tolerated. God bless this great nation.

  • justfacts

    It was Pres. Bush who specifically proclaimed a war on terror, as opposed to declaring the 9/11 attacks as criminal attacks and using international law enforcement to pursue the perpetrators. He declared a war because war allows invasions and other actions that would be illegal if pursued as a police action.

    But the development that should be most alarming to Americans is that Obama has set a precedent that a president can chose any person to be vilified in a media campaign and then killed with a drone strike. No formal charges, no trial, no due process, just the decision of the president, and the person is killed.

    Ironic that it is a democrat and Nobel “peace” prize winner that authorized the killing of Osama Bin Laudin (he was to be killed, not taken prisoner) and has authorized what is essentially the murder of Awlaki.

    Then and again, it was Obama, the “constitutional law expert” who thought that American citizens could be required to purchase health insurance like auto insurance, as if breathing and being alive was the same as driving a motor vehicle.

  • LeeS

    That man may not have been steering the boat that blew up the USS Cole, but he was the mastermind behind it. If somebody is shooting at you, you don’t say “Hey, man, stop we must have a trial to see if your shooting at me is grounds for guilt”. You shoot back with whatever weapon is the most effective to stop him. So by killing him with a drone or whatever, he has paid for his involvement in killing all those sailors on the USS Cole. The world is now without one more piece of worthless humanity.

  • Jay

    There is no mention in the U.S. Constitution of a presidential power to order the summary execution of any person. In fact, that power is expressly denied to the government by the Fifth Amendment, which states: “No person shall be … deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

    What that means in layman’s terms is the government cannot kill you, imprison you, or take your property without first clearing some legal hurdles. Not that the Bill of Rights has really stopped the political class from engaging in human slaughter, plunder, and kidnapping through the years, but at least it has provided the people some protection.

    As a bulwark for liberty, constitutions are about as strong as the paper on which they are written. The U.S. Constitution really is just a “scrap of paper” unless it is enforced by the people for whom it was supposedly created. Relying on government officials to enforce it and thereby restrain themselves is naïve in the extreme, and it is the sure path to tyranny.

    The recent extrajudicial killing of two American citizens, including radical Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, on the order of President Barack Obama, is a clear violation of the very law he is sworn to uphold; and for that he deserves to be thrown out of office, charged criminally, and put on trial. But that will not happen, because our republic has degenerated into a bellicose empire where the rule of law has given way to the rule of despicable men.

    Al-Awlaki was nothing more than an Islamic propagandist who never had any command authority in any specific terrorist organization. At one time he was considered a moderate and was actually recruited by the Pentagon to provide advice on countering Muslim extremism. He was apparently gradually “radicalized” by the U.S. government’s use of lies to justify its invasions and occupations of Muslim countries.

    The other U.S. citizen killed, Samir Khan, had earned the ire of the U.S. government by being the “Internet jihadi.” According to the New York Times he moved to Yemen and became the editor of Inspire, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s online English-language magazine. Khan, however, had reportedly never been put on the U.S. government’s hit list, and thus his death in the al-Awlaki hit must be written off as “collateral damage,” or as the Obama administration might say, “a twofer.”

    Al-Awlaki’s “crime” was saying critical things about the U.S. government and exhorting others to take up arms against the U.S. military, which has brutally occupied wide swaths of foreign real-estate owned by Muslims. But voicing opposition to policies and advocating armed opposition to the State is protected free speech, and it is certainly not terrorism. As Glenn Greenwald, a journalist and former constitutional litigator explains,

    The government is absolutely barred by the Free Speech clause from punishing people even for advocating violence. That has been true since the Supreme Court’s unanimous 1969 decision in Brandenburg v. Ohio, which overturned the criminal conviction of a Ku Klux Klan leader who had publicly threatened violence against political officials in a speech.

    The Supreme Court ruled that “except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action” — such as inciting a mob to burn down a house or hiring a hit man — “the constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press do not permit a state to forbid or proscribe advocacy of the use of force.”

    The Obama administration never put forth any evidence to back up its later assertion that al-Awlaki had an “operational” role in planning terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens. If the U.S. government had any evidence to support that charge, they were duty bound to get a bill of indictment and take their chances in court.

    Moreover, since U.S. intelligence officials were obviously aware of al-Awlaki’s location, they should have used that information to apprehend him rather than murder him. The Yemeni government is a client state of the United States, and its leader, Ali Abdullah Saleh, a reliable thug. There is no doubt that he would have cooperated in any effort to track al-Awlaki down and extradite him. But that would not have allowed Obama to fabricate yet another presidential power.

    The obscenely circular argument used by the Obama administration to justify al-Awlaki’s murder was on full display in a dialogue between White House spokesman Jay Carney and ABC News’ Jake Tapper:

    • bob wire

      I think that you are trying to split hairs Jay. Which is fine if you might permit other people to split hairs too. You use terms like laws and summary execution. I really doubt if that’s the way the command came down but more of a “go or no go” command nor was there talk of any execution but to stop or naturalize a target.

      It’s funny how so many of you want to defend laws and principals this later into the game. After we have violated another nations sovereign borders, laid waste to their infrastructure, disrupted supply of the more basic human demands , like clean water and power. Chased down their heads of government like rats and killed them and imprisoned them. Ignored the International laws of the Genevra Convention,subjecting detainees to cruel and unusual punishment under pretense the means justifies the end.

      Today as you sit and polishing your own halo you are most willing to pass judgment on a sitting President that was against these wars from the beginning is doing everything at his disposal to clean up and bring to an end the whole nasty mess.

      I swear Jay, there is no end to the hypocrisy. Where was your respect for matters of law and compliance when 43 was doing the turkey strut and ignoring brighter council from staff and top bass? They were telling him, NO! this is not right! It won’t work out as you think, you break it, it yours! I didn’t hear you complaining about ‘over-reach’ from the 1st chair then.

      After so many Americans dead and maimed for the rest of their life, children growing up with out fathers or crippled fathers that can no longer support their families, what does this one dirt bag really mean to you?

      This argument is far too late in coming and what really annoys me about this Tea Party bunch, as they speak like new born infants the stork just delivery without history or sin.

      • Jay

        Excuse me bob, but i resent your use of the collective term “we” with respect to the invasion of Iraq. As well, i truly resent your insinuation that i, supported Bush in his decision to invade Iraq shortly after 9/11. Further, and, no doubt, you probably assume i voted for Bush. How can you bring such charges against me? Are you omniscient? If, in conversation, and personal conduct, i happen to express conservative sentiments, and ideals, does this mean that as a consequence of such, i am to be viewed, and charged, as someone who voted for, and supported bush in his knee-jerk reaction to 9/11? In case you are unaware, i do not support, nor encourage the game of who’s the superior party! Another words, i recognize and abhor, the left/right idiotic circus act. As to your comment that the present potus is trying desperately to clean-up the mess in the middle east, my only answer to that is: Are you deluded?, are you lying?, or are you stupid? By that idiotic statement you made, i would say that you are blinded by your bias towards your party, as were those who cheered and supported Bush back when! As to your comment regarding polishing my halo, don’t you think it a bit hypocritical to say that, when you seem to be spending a considerable amount of your time polishing Mr. Barry’s halo?

        • Average Joe

          Although Bob sometimes “gets it”, most times he doesn’t. Sometimes logic eludes him….as it does many people. I used to think this was a liberal failing, but now, after reading some of these posts…I can safely say that I have my doubts about so-called consevatives also. I am glad to see that more and more people are figuring it out….keep trying to educate them, we will get through to some.
          It is a shame that too many people assume that because we have conservative views, that we somehow must support anyone that claims to be a conservative….just because they belong to this party or that party.
          Like you, I thought Bush was a travesty for the country…and so is the present administration…Obama is Bush on steroids….neither got my vote.
          Ron Paul/ Andrew Napolitano 2012!

          • mann

            At least you folks of little knowledge can see that BO has been a hug error. But your pondering on Gorge Bush is crazy. If George Bush wantd to run again I would surely vote for him. And yes, if it cam between Ron Paul and BO I would 100% be in Ron Paul’s camp. But that ain’t going to happen, no matter how much wishful spouting about 9/11 myths and so on that you do.

          • Jay

            Mr. mann, you apparently have no clue as to the history of the Bush family, and who they really are. In fact, you seem to have no clue about anything at all!

          • Jay

            Thanks AJ, although most of the time i find myself grappling with mindless crazed dogs! They seem to pop-up out of no-where, like sock-puppets!

  • Bill Wright

    I strongly Agree.,(In my opinion) the president that started a lot of this crap was Nixon.I’ve always said that Nixon should’ve gone to jail if Nixon had gone to jail,as he should have,it would’ve send a signal to future presidents not to over step the Constitution.of course you would have to overlook Thomas Jefferson. when he made the Louisiana Purchase.,and although it helped our nation grow,Congress was more than just little upset about it.Its kind of funny when you read history and see how many rules and laws aking or ruler breaks.But of course we are all humans.

  • Anthony

    Chip -

    Several years ago, the POTUS made it a reality that our own CIA is now allowed to kill US citizens “on” US soil. We both know this. The fact that I agree with you, this shouldn’t be the case, does not diminish the fact that our own Gov’t and its complicit Press (run by the Bilderbergers) are still moving forward with their own NWO agenda.

    Our own Gov’t moving forward with this Agenda IS at the marching orders of the BIS/World Bank “telling” the FED what the next move is. And, this is done, thru my research, of the Committees running the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. None of these groups have any affiliation to the elected representatives.

    This situation will never change, unless the People stand up for those that are marching on Wall Street, to attract hatred for THE FED and hopefully, its collapse. That’s the first step. After that, you have to worry about the Politicians running blockades against the people, because they’ve fully supported THE FED for their own greed, all these years. Especially the DEMS.

    Dems – rob the financial of America
    Reps – rob the freedoms of America

    This is all by design, according to the needs of the NWO and their Albert Pike Plan for THREE WORLD WARS, to accomplish the plans of those who have ruled this planet for centuries. You do remember that Bush is related to William of Orange,.. yes?

    It’s gonna get a lot worse before it ever gets better.

    • Realist

      hxxp:// Because you can handle the truth.
      R U awake jet? beware of the Zionist Neocon/Neolib diatribe.
      They seek only to deceive you and allow for our demise!

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Let’s not forget Clinton and the then head of the Just-Us Dept., Janet Reno. Didn’t they murder Randy Weaver’s son and wife and the Branch Dividians ? I won’t lose any sleep over the dead rag head or any other traitor but it is a dangerous precident when libs like BO and Clinton have the power.

  • Jay

    Although a decade of research has proven a high level cabal at the top of the Western power structure was behind the 911 terror attacks, few realize the attack was an esoteric battle in a war for control of the global financial system.

    Fewer still realize the 3-11 (March 11) nuclear tsunami attack against Japan was also part of this battle.

    However, a critical mass of military, law-enforcement, banking and other officials has identified and is about to arrest the culprits behind these and other attacks. The search for the ultimate culprits led to something known as the global collateral accounts and a high level group of conspirators that illegally took them over.

    These accounts are backed by the pooled assets of many of the world’s governments and were meant to be used to finance peaceful development. Instead, they were mostly misspent on war by a group of misguided oligarchs concentrated in the financial, military, oil and (to a lesser extent) pharmaceutical industries.

    According to a U.S. intelligence group that has been on this case for some time, the top cabalists include,

    George Bushes Jr.& Sr.
    Henry (Heinz) Kissinger
    Queen Elizabeth
    Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
    Senator J. Rockefeller
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Frank Carlucci
    Donald Rumsfeld
    Tony Blair
    the Pope

    Of course there were many thousands of working below them or else above them in the shadows who were in on the scheme.

    The intelligence and police agencies of the world have now obtained the codes for the global collateral accounts and can trace in detail who has been using these funds, and for what purpose, ever since they were hijacked in the 1950’s.

    The main plot line, for those of readers who still do not have the big picture, goes back to the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944.

    At that time England, France and the U.S. were supposed to run the global financial system for a 50-year period ending in 1994. However, in the 1950’s it became clear these countries were not going to keep their promises of Marshal Plans to develop Asia and Africa.

    Instead they wanted to finance a dialectical fake “cold war” between the Soviets and the “Western World,” in order to benefit the military, oil and related industries.

    When U.S. President John F. Kennedy agreed with the 77-nation non-aligned group to create U.S. treasury dollars to finance the development of the third world and a trip to the moon, he was killed.

    Over the coming decades other non-aligned leaders were also killed, hounded out of power or intimidated into silence.

    The cold war was wound down and the Soviet Union was dismantled in the run up to the end of the U.S./French/British Bretton Woods financial mandates. However, the esoteric group at the top of the financial system could not agree on what was to come next.

    The Chinese and their non-aligned allies around the world rightly argued that their turn had come. Furthermore, they were armed with multi-trillion dollar certificates of various sorts given to them by the Western Powers.

    In one example, in 1938, 7 U.S. warships took vast amounts of Chinese gold to the U.S. in order to keep it out of Japanese hands. In exchange the Chinese were given Treasury bonds that expired in 60-years or 1998. When that time came, the Chinese owners asked for their gold back but the owners of the Federal Reserve Board refused.

    The Feds were sued at the International Court of Justice in the Hague and lost. The owners of the Fed were supposed to hand back the first shipment of gold on September 12th, 2001.

    As those of us who are not brainwashed understand, the Feds gave the world the “finger,” on September 11, 2001 and instead embarked on a vast new military build-up intended to replace the cold war.

    The problem with this fake war on terror is that it required the rest of the world to continue financing the U.S. military industrial complex. That was predicated on the complex being able to maintain control over oil, the lifeblood of the 20th century economy.

    When Putin kicked the cabalists out of Russia, suddenly the cabal’s control over oil, and thus their stranglehold over much of the world’s economy, began to collapse.

    The battle has now raged on for a decade. The 9-11 attack on the U.S. was followed up by the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan aimed at stealing oil and obtaining illegal drug money.

    However, the entire plan began to crumble after 2006 when the Chinese began to stop buying U.S. Treasury certificates. The cabal tried to counter this by jacking up food and oil prices. When that failed and a counterattack known as the “Lehman Shock” took place, they started sucking up to China and trying to bribe top Chinese officials with promises of a global Chinese dictatorship (in partnership with the cabal). This was seen in the news as U.S. President Obama going to China in 2009 and offering a “G2.”

    More action took place in June of 2009 when two Japanese carrying $134.5 billion of various bonds were seized in Italy and had their bonds taken. U.S. military and law enforcement types followed the trail to an organization known as the OITC and a Cambodian royal family member by the name of R.C. Dam who theoretical was the legal signator to the global collateral accounts.

    From there the trail led to cabal members located at the very top of the Western power structure.

    Fearing arrest or more, a menagerie of top members of the Western Who’s Who popped out of the woodwork trying to cut deals and offering secrets.

    Until this mess can be sorted out, a freeze has been put out at the very highest levels of the global financial system. This is what is ultimately behind the recent financial turmoil seen around the world.

    Because of the incredibly sensitive nature of the situation, a blanket of secrecy has been put in place until this mess can be sorted out.

    The best intelligence available says that many cabal members will be put in jail while many others, who are judged to have sincerely worked with the greater good in mind, will be allowed to stay free and stay rich.

    There will also be some sort of announcements to the global public at large about what has been going on.

    Humanity will then enter uncharted waters.

    • mann

      According to you, all disastors, natural or othrwise are directly because of George Bush and peopl undr him. You are indeed one sick human being if you believe the garbage you try and and get others to believe with your incoherent ramblings is in any way true. Wake up

      • Jay

        Sick human being? As opposed to a brain-washed and indoctrinated, human being such as yourself? Raised on main-stream fabricated view of reality. Your obvious ignorance of history is the reason you are unable to connect the dots, but then again, it is not in the nature of a domesticated sheep to seek the truth about its handlers, nor its environment! Happy grazing, you dumb mutton!

  • Bill Wright

    The truthfulness of some people are indeed questionable unless i can prove some one has said ,or,stated something correctly,I just keep an open mind,and just think to myself,everyones entitled to an opiion.

  • Sheila Taylor

    Far worse than sanctioning the murder of Awalki, is the 1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions by the Supreme Court that has to-date sanctioned the murder of 50,000,000 children who had an inalienable right to life given by his/her Creator. I wish people had the same fervor in discussing this slaughter as they have of a terrorist who has made terror attacks and is most likely planning future ones. This is not the America I knew growing up! My mother and my life were both in danger because my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck twice. The doctor in 1951 (God bless him/her) saved both our lives. After 1973, the Doctor (who took a Hippocratic oath to do no harm) would have probably suggested aborting me to save my mother. I believe my mother would never have allowed this, but thank God I was born when I was. Today some doctors don’t try as hard to save both. By the way after I was born, my mother had two more children.

    • Chicago K9

      Sheila, you are 100% right, and yet the single most important fact is left out; namely that the entire abortion industry is based on a lie. The woman who brought suit under the name of Roe wasn’t even pregnant. It’s a wonder that no one has tried to overturn the law on the basis of lack of standing to have brough suit in the first place.

  • Jay

    Protests in Syria began in earnest in May and have not let up since then.

    While there are calls for intervention into Syria, there is much at stake for America in terms of Syria’s relationship with Iran.

    The Americans are quite interested in the link between Iran and Syria, noting that there have been several joint ventures between the two nations in the financial and manufacturing sectors, as it was noted that,
    “there have been several reports of increased Iranian investment and trade with Syria,” “Iran has stated its intention to establish a joint Iranian-Syrian bank, possibly involving Bank Saderat and the Commercial Bank of Syria,” and “the Iran Khodro Industrial Group has established a car assembly plant in Syria through a joint venture known as the Syrian-Iranian Motor Company.”

    There are also military links as Iran supplies weapons to Syria which, from the U.S. perspective, pose a threat to its ally Israel.

    “In June 2010, Iran reportedly sent Syria an air defense radar system designed to detect Israeli aircraft or possibly increase the accuracy of Syrian and Hezbollah missile strikes against Israel in the event of a regional war.”

    Thus, the U.S. was deeply worried about the link between two anti-American nations and the growing friendship between them.

    Due to these worries, the U.S. became involved in Syria’s protest movement, using methods that are similar to the ones the Americans used in the Egyptian revolution and in the Libya conflict..

    For the past five to six years, the U.S. policy toward Syria has used what could be called a two-pronged strategy to push for regime change.

    The U.S. has supported “civil society” activists or external opposition organizations. It has also worked to delegitimize, destabilize and isolate the country through the application of sanctions and various other measures, which could be applied to exploit vulnerabilities.

    One “civil society” organization that is being used by the U.S. is the Movement for Justice and Development (MJD), which is, “closely affiliated with the London-based satellite channel Barada TV, which started broadcasting in April 2009 but ‘ramped up operations to cover the mass protests in Syria.’”

    The Americans may have wanted to work with MJD due to the fact that they are a moderate Islamic group which wants to end the Assad regime via democratic reform.

    This democratic reform may very well play right into America’s hands if the U.S. does intervene in Syria, they can back the MJD and argue that they are the same as Libya’s rebels: people who want to end their oppressive regime and replace it with a democracy.

    The U.S. is using U.S. organizations such as,

    “Freedom House, American Bar Association, American University, Internews and work done by MEPI with the Aspen Strategic Initiative Institute, Democracy Council of California, Regents of the University of New Mexico and the International Republican Institute” to aid in fomenting regime change in Syria by working with and funding Syrian “civil society” groups.

    There have been many reports of the Syrian regime attacking unarmed protesters, however, one should be quite skeptical of these reports.

    The U.S. media has reported that there are violent Syrian protesters, which should make one question the official narrative that the protesters are peaceful. One must also include the fact that there are absolutely no outside media sources in Syria whatsoever. Journalists have contacts whom they can get information from, but who says that these sources are being objective, much less telling the truth?

    All the reports that are being shown in the mainstream media may very well be half-truths, if not outright fabrications. The U.S. may very well plan to attack Syria if manipulating civil societies does not work.

    The Arab Spring, while an overall movement to overthrow oppressive regimes, has too many times been co-opted by foreign powers who seek only their personal gain.

    Due to this, the Arab people may never experience true freedom.

  • PJR

    This is a very difficult case to put into perspective. Al Awlaki held dual citizenship, U.S. and Yemeni. He had passports from both nations and claimed both nationalities in official documents. Further he joined and assumed a leadership position in an organization that declared war against America and carried out violent acts against both civilian and military personnel and assets of the United States. As a leader of Al Qaeda forces in both Yemen and the U.S. Al Awlaki acted as an officer in an enemy force. Al Qaeda’s war against us is no less a war because the organization is transnational and unaffiliated with a specific nation state. It’s most radical followers consider Islam to be both religion and state and therefore any branch or sect is both a government and a religious entity. Under the radical fundamentalist Islam practiced by Al Qaeda’s adherents and supporters, there is no separation of religion and state, the two are unalterably united. Therefore, a declaration of war issued by Al Qaeda is the equivalent of a declaration of war by a nation state. Our laws make an exception to the norm for American citizens who actively take up arms against this nation by joining a foreign enemy or domestic insurrection. Citizens who actively participate in warfare against the national government are considered enemy combatants and are subject to the rules of war and do not have the protections of their constitutional rights on the battlefield. Yemen is a battlefield in the war against the jihad.

    If Al Awlaki had been arrested on American soil by civilian law enforcement he could have been turned over to the military as a POW or war criminal. Under that circumstance it might be argued that as an American citizen he was entitled to a civil trial for complicity in domestic terror attacks or that he face a military tribunal for the attack against U.S. military forces in Yemen. (USS Cole)

  • Ellen McClay

    Some may remember the question “What is the definition of ‘is?’” So it all depends on who is in the driver’s seat and calling the terms. I had forgotten, although I should not have, the case of Diem, although I met with a small group of people in a Beverly Hills hotel one night to meet and hear Mrs. Nhu discuss what was going on, and she indicted the Kennedy administration for the murder of several Buddhist priests among other crimes against her people committed by that administration. On the way home, I said to my mother this woman is going to be assassinated. I was wrong. It was only the next day her husband was murdered! No one in this country even blinked an eye. And when Bush violated the Constitution sending troops into an island country and seizing the leader on drug charges, and has held him in prison for many years (is he still alive, did he ever get out, was there a trial? You see even I don’t remember except the shock I had at the invasion with no authority from Congress, and isn’t that what Truman did with his police action? Stalin’s Yagoda has been blamed for inventing “murder with a guarantee” meaning murders dressed up to look like suicide or accident, many of which happened on American soil, defenestration being just one unquestioned technique, not to mention planting radium vials in favorite seats to create cancer,and the like. The Soviets early introduced death by misadventure as part of their foreign policies and after all, hasn’t the leadership studied them all? As Dewey said, we learn by doing.

  • Ellen McClay

    When a man has the power and authority to order the death of another in another country, he has too much power.

  • Ellen McClay

    When a man has the power and authority to order the death of another in another country, he has too much power. I have no idea what more you are waiting for me to say. So scrap it all.

    • Chicago K9

      Ellen, men (and women, let’s not forget Maggie Thatcher, Golda Meir, et at) have had such power since the dawn of time, and MUST have such power in order to protect their own citizens/subjects/countrymen. Railing against the existence of this power and authority is as useless as complaining that the sun rises every morning. Your issue should not be with the fact that such power exists, but rather with the MISUSE of it.

  • Jane

    Killing an enemy who has sworn to kill you is not murder, it is self defense. Remember,we were attacked that makes the USA the victims not the perpetrators. When the government who protects us kills an enemy that is the performance of duty, when the government coddles the enemy and calls the parents of a traitors to express condolences for the eath of the traitor that is insanity!

  • Mike

    I have to agree that this was murder. The man was a citizen. He was not allowed to stand trial. Does this open the door to our government just deciding to kill anyone they think is dangerous? Are we to just stand by an let things like this go unchecked? Things are getting real ugly very fast. God help us!

  • R A

    Citizen or not, if he joins a “wartime opponent” (and he did), he forfeits his rights to the American legal system and faces the life or death of war. Certainly we are at war with muslim/jihadist terrorists. Even though Congress has not declared it, the enemy HAS. A country must defeat the enemy in any way possible.

  • Handyman

    What do you think of swat teams in the usa?

  • Frank

    You ask who is responsible for the mess the country is in? Answer is anyone who voted, because anyone who voted helped put us in this dilemma mainly because they are voting for money rather than someone who cares about all the people.

  • Alden Wayne Dumas

    The dangerous ground we tread upon once we start killing our own citizens without due process, and you might just throw in the dangerous ground we tread on in all of our “Foreign Policy” antics. The Main reason we have enemies is “Our Govt; created them” ….END Foriegn Policy, mind our own affairs


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