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Dick Durbin Getting Closer To Taxing The Internet

June 8, 2011 by  

Dick Durbin Getting Closer To Taxing The Internet

Don’t think of it as an Internet sales tax — just think of Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-Ill.) Main Street Fairness Act as an attempt to collect the back taxes he says you already owe.

“Durbin is expected to step into the escalating Internet sales tax battle as soon as this week with a bill that would allow the 44 states — plus Washington, D.C. — that collect sales taxes to require out-of-state online retailers to pay up,” read an article on POLITICO. “Faced with state budget shortfalls, some large states like Texas, California and Illinois are looking to online retailers for additional tax revenues.”

In a press release accompanying his introduction of the Main Street Fairness Act on April 27, Durbin claims the Act is not a new tax.

“The Main Street Fairness Act doesn’t ask anyone to pay a single penny more in taxes. Instead, it would help governors and mayors collect taxes that are already owed,” Durbin said in the press release. “Between 2009 and 2012, states across the country, including Illinois, are expected to lose as much as $37 billion in uncollected state and local taxes on Internet and catalogue sales.”

Durbin also claims the Act will relieve a burden that currently falls on consumers.

“Currently, retailers are only required to collect sales tax in states where they also have brick-and-mortar stores. The burden falls to consumers who are required to report to state tax departments any sales taxes they owe for online purchases,” the press release read.

“Amazon, and other online retailers, have said that some state actions requiring sales tax collection by sellers that lack physical presence in the state are unconstitutional,” POLITICO reported. “Opponents of state efforts have argued that the bills would kill jobs if online retailers such as Amazon followed through with threats to pull up stakes in the state.”

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  • TIME

    This has nothing to do with tax, this again is a method of “Total control” Its a backdoor to shutting down small business’s on the net all the Intel on this can be found in the {Net Neutrality act.}

    Its up to you people, they will be taking away countless jobs that folks have of small home based business’s.
    Will you pay from $1.00, – $5.00 per click to visit a sight?

    Keep in mind that this sight more than likly would fit the permitters of a $5.00 per click sight, thus shutting down this sight over time. All good Intel would all but be lost and you will have no way of comunications with like minded people, look at it this way, if say today you click 100 sights at just $1.00 per sight that’s $100.00 today. That number will not include your IPS?

    So what if you clicked 100 $5.00 per click sights, do you get it yet?

    People its all to take away from you. So what will you do, will you sit back and watch this also take place?
    Will you flood your states reps with phone calls, Fax’s emails etc?

    Look I have said it before I will say it again the NWO is 90% plus ready to take its last few steps this is one of the last ones.
    You all figure out what will you do, you can’t run anywhere, you can’t hide, they will find you, so will you stand up NOW and say NO MORE?
    Will you wait until the 2012 elections to do anything? If so its all over just shoot yourself now and avoid the rush.

    People WAKE UP!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Paul Ritter

      Dick Durbin must be nuts, we are taxed on almost everything now, the problem with most elected people they don’t realize that they never have to pay one dime in tax, they only recirculate our tax dollars. If ever any new revenue is created it always comes frome the private sector.

      • Vagabond

        Paul. dick durban is just another LOW LIFE tax and spend democrat,

        • azwayne

          It’s way past time to send him to the OLD wacky politicians home. Do we have to keep these senile in positions of importance. Hasn’t he stolen enough , when do greedy politicians quit, it’s all ego?

          • JUKEBOX

            Durbin is just another Chicago hoodlum, machine politician, who along with that other transplanted Communist (OBAMA) is trying to micromanage our lives from cradle to grave. In ten years or less, we will be admiring the Russians and Chinese for their freedoms compared to ours, if we have any kind of free media left, (PUN INTENDED).

          • slapjack

            It’s called term limits. We all need to get on board and stop these blood suckers before they attack.

          • Old Henry


            Dick Turbin is a sleezeball traitor who was re-elected, again, in ’08 by the brain-dead ecectorate after in the Land of Stincoln. This, after the slimeball stood on the floor of the U.S. Senate in June of ’05 and called our military mass murdering communists, nazis and Poll Pot.

            Hi is up again in ’14, and if we are still having elections, will probably be re-elected by the morons in this state.

    • Al Sieber

      TIME, I’m wide awake, time to send these people straight to hell where they belong. they want everything we have.

      • Gale

        Only God can do that. We can VOTE

        • Al Sieber

          Gale, what choice do you have when you vote? they’re all corrupt and sold their souls, and sold us down the river. we’re just voting for the lesser of two evils, political choice is a illusion.

          • JUKEBOX

            Jesse Ventura described politics best: POLY MEANS MANY, AND TICKS ARE BLOOD SUCKING PARASITES.

          • Al Sieber

            Gale, the Lobbyists run everything, not Congress.

    • Warrior

      Even Dennis Kucinich gets it right once in a while. This clown NEVER gets it right!

    • skippy

      yep, another nail in the coffin of USA

  • Disgusted

    This is just another way for gib government to balance their budget without having to cut their spending sprees. They don’t want to cut anything out so they have to find ways of making more. TEA = Taxed enough already. We all are and we should all be pissed about it. The government needs to balance their budget and live within thier means. I do, you do and they should.

    • Vagabond

      yes disgusted they should. but they wont as long as the IDIOTIC voters keep sending the same sorry tax and spend SLIMEBALLS back to keep up the spending on so many STUPID WORTHLESS projects,

    • Gale

      That is why I think there should be a 10% flat tax with write offs only for the home you occupy and the tithes you give to your church.

    • Ann

      I agree. Of course it just so happens that it will benefit Illinois where Durbin is from.

    • Libertarian

      Yes, but if if they actually did, they would have to face “the white elephant in the living room”, i.e.: The Military Industrial Complex! 1 day prior to 9/11 Rumsfeld talked about 2.3 TRILLION dollars Pentagon could NOT account for. Since then, Pentagon got 70% increase in its budget, spending the regular -close to- a TRILION a year budget, PLUS fighting TWO illegal wars (at close to 2 TRILLION at the moment). So, doing the math, 2.3 + 1 (x 10 years since 9/11) + 2 (nominal amounts for 2 current illegal wars) = 14.3 TRILION dollars. WHAT IS THE US DEBT AT ???

  • Peter

    Totally agree with Time, America need to WAKE UP before it’s TOO LATE.

  • http://yahoo Ruth

    Just another dirtbag in Congress telling US what we can and can not do! Investigate your own self, Dickey Boy! There are a lot more Weiner-type dirtbags in Congress – they just haven’t got caught yet!

    • Vagabond

      so very true Ruth, the sad part is when they do get caught there is nothing done about them. our prison system needs to be filled with the SLIMEBALLS,

      • JUKEBOX

        When they say they are sorry, they really mean that they are sorry they got caught!

  • Former Walmart person

    Someone explain to me why I should listen to people who flash their wee wees at women? If I did that, a SWAT team would pound my face in (afterall selling raw milk can’t be worse than showing women my huge man hood). Either that or an enraged husband / boyfriend would chain saw me in a basement. But if a member of CON gress does it, its A O K.

    The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire. The roof! the roof! the roof is on fire. We don’t need no water let the mother @#%#@%$ burn. Buuuurn mother @$@!$

  • Patriot

    How do the people of Illinois get rid of this “Little Dick”?

    • JimH

      Patriot, If we can figure out a way to nullify the “Chicago cemetary vote”, we could get rid of Durban.

      • Vagabond

        Jim as long as there are democrats the dead will continue to vote<

        • JimH

          Vagabond, If those Chicago dead became undead (zombies), they would still be Democrat.

          • http://deleted Claire

            JimH–A pitiful state of affairs. This is terrible but I despise Quinn, too.

          • JimH

            Hi Claire, Quinn is another one who rely’s on the Chicago cemetary. The living voter’s didn’t put him in office.

    • Al Sieber

      Patriot, you cut the “Dick” off.

    • http://naver samurai

      Wasn’t he the one that said our soldiers were terrorists? Just a thought. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Vagabond

        yes samurai thats the same sorry bastard. and even though I am not from Ill. I wrote and told him what kind of sorry bastard I think he is. I have over 20 years military service and I damned sure didn’t like his crap at all. but the people of Illinois with the help of the tomb stone voters keep puting the sorry bastard back in office,

      • Al Sieber

        Yes samuari, he said just that about our soldiers and our military, he’s a traitor.

      • sylviam

        Thank You Samurai, WELL said, long life Patriot

      • http://naver samurai

        Thank you, fellow patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


      Are Dick & Weiner synonymous?

      • Al Sieber

        JUKEBOX, you got that right.

        • skippy

          HAHAHHAHA…at AL!!!!

    • r.p.

      Indict and Impeach. It’s called “instant term limit” We’ve had these powers since the beginning of our Constitutional Government. If you fail your oath to office or are found guilty of dishonouring your position of trust(I.E. Weiner), you can be indicted and impeached. Just recalling or voting them out of office will not punish them for their actions, and they then leave office with all the perks they so generously bestowed upon themselves, and it only validates their corrupt term.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Patriot–I never voted for Durbin. Chicago politics got him elected. Need I say more?

  • Paul

    It is about time we send this spending freaks packing. Durbin has done enough damage to our State and Country, so let send him a message, and have him removed at the next Election.

  • Pappy

    Just another useless suit aiming at more regulation in a system that is over regulated. Why do you think his name is Dick?

  • Tom

    Perhaps I didn’t read the same article as Time or the rest of them, but Durbin isn’t proposing to tax you every time you open a web page. He thinks you should pay the sales tax for an item bought over the web, same as if you walked into the seller’s store and purchased it. If you buy something out of state, you are supposed to claim it on your tax return (but who does?), so it’s no different. Sales tax is sales tax, whether you pay it in the store, through the mail, or through the internet. Nobody likes paying sales taxes, but it’s the law in most states.

    • TIME


      If you place a candy coating on a pig is the pig not there anylonger?

    • Judy

      Tom – You are the only blogger so far who understood this article.
      Browsing the web is just like window shopping. It costs
      nothing until you buy. I also would prefer not to pay this tax,
      but I do understand the concept.

      Time – The word is SITE, not SIGHT.

      • TIME

        Judy, Pull your head out of your butt. Thank You.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Had you a nit of intelligence, you would be able to understand that Time did not say that it will be that way from the start of this bill, but this is but the FIRST STEP towards that!!! Wake up, lady!!

        • http://naver samurai

          So he is suggesting a national sales tax? Where is this moron placing his skull? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Push comes to shove

      Is not paying sales tax in another state taxation without representation?

      What the rest of us know is this is just a first step in controlling the content available on the internet. The liberals know this is how a majority of conservatives share their views and ideas, and yes libs do it too but that is not the threat to them, we conservatives are.

      • Tom

        To “Push”: If sales tax on out-of-state purchases is taxation without representation, this is where you should direct your attention. You pay sales tax on items you buy when you’re traveling outside of your home state. Abolishing this practice would mean you would have to show an ID everytime you walked into a store outside of your home state to prove you are not a resident, then the retailer could waive your sales tax. This will never happen. It will just give a lot of people a reason to carry fake ID’s. Some internet sellers already collect sales tax from their in-state customers, but they do it voluntarily. Most don’t bother to collect at all. The point is, if you get a pass on paying a tax that’s already established, they will find a way to create a new one to make up for it.

        • Push comes to shove

          I will gladly show my ID. In Texas we do not have a state income tax (Thankfully) so a state sales tax is OK, i guess, but still a double tax none the less since i pay Fed tax. For people who visit Texas who already pay fed taxes, state income taxes, state sales taxes where they live is far from enough, why should they pay taxes to support another state when they do not benefit from the services of another state for the most part?

          Can you say ‘Boston Tea Party’?

        • sylviam

          Tom—Have you ever HUNTED or FISHED in another STATE—–WELL They charge you a LOT extra for the LICENCES to do juat that. THE FEDERAL GOV. DOES THAT. Can’t happed it is already there.

      • xcergy

        ‘State taxation w/o representation’
        Not true. You buy online, you owe Sales Tax (Use Tax) to your state. This bill allows YOUR STATE to collect tax FROM YOU. The difference is they are forcing that seller in another State to be the tax man, same as if you bought from a local WalMart or Mon & Pop store.
        One of the problems faced is there are 7500 tax districts across the US. Take Myrtle Beach SC for example. They have a 3% ‘tourism’ tax of 3%. Fine for them. They asked and local voters approved. Problem is, MB has 3 zip codes and the city divides all three. SO you buy form me online and live in MB. Do you owe 6% tax or 9%? Sadly, neither MB or SC DOR offers software for me to figure correct tax, and State Law prohibits me from overcharging tax. Why should a seller located in CA need to know SC local law. Sales tax was designed for one store, one location, with one tax rate. It was never designed for mail order, or today, the internet.

        • DanB

          You know politicians HATE small business. They love big business. Big business gives them political frills and campaign funds… lots of frills.

          Doing business online, I don’t mind collecting taxes as if I was a brick mortar store. But ONLY as if a brick and mortar store. What does that mean? It means I would only collect taxes for where I have a physical presence. When you buy food, drink, clothes, gas, toys, or whatever else you fancy while traveling across the several states (or internationally), is the retailer responsible to pay your local sales taxes? Or are they simply responsible for their own local sales taxes? How long before those brick and mortar stores would decline any business unless the customer lived within say a 60 mile radius? A reasonable distance for them to know the tax codes and make payments?

          So I would be fine collecting Utah sales tax for my city. In fact, I checked with Utah when I registered my business and I was told that as long as I sold merchandise online to a location in Utah, I was only responsible for the sales tax for where I lived and not every city and county in the State. So I would be responsible to collect taxes for each of those sales, but I would not have to know all the tax rates across Utah nor send checks to each individual tax district. The individual on the phone even suggested that there were counties and cities inside Utah that were more friendly to online sales because their tax rates were lower so if I just moved and did business from there….

          Anyways, if you move so that every state, city, county (and eventually federal government–you know they want to get us ready to accept a VAT) can collect taxes from purchases sold online and across state lines, there will be two conditions setup.

          One, you shutdown all small online business transactions. No small business can afford to research the tax codes for EVERYWHERE in the US. Tax codes change constantly. The only way this would be reasonable is if you had a universal tax code (federal–which I would object to because it consolidates even more power in a federal government) and no state or local government could collect more or less than mandated. Only big business could afford to do online transactions. In fact, big businesses that have brick and mortar stores in every state would probably be unaffected as they would already have to abide by local tax laws (like the ones I learned about in Utah) so they would not even be required to know all the taxes for all jurisdictions because they could probably collect taxes as if people were driving into their various stores–charging the best rate they can manage in each state.

          Two. It sets the American people up for more federal control. And that would be the real purpose of this. How long before this filters back to the brick and mortar stores? Imagine if Washington State no longer had to require their citizens to pay the difference in sales tax to register their cars in Washington (sales tax is higher in Washington so many make purchases across the State borders). For registering cars, they already collect the difference in sales tax because of their laws, but the difference in sales tax isn’t just on cars. Imagine if they could force brick and mortar stores to collect all their “lost” tax revenue when citizens of their State traveled? How much business would Idaho lose? And if the State could do it, what of the local communities? Would cities and towns be pitted against each other trying to collect “lost” tax revenues?

          And don’t forget that the federal government wants to add some of their own tax to our everyday sales. The “value added tax” just like Europe, where tax increases can be hidden because retailers can be legally required to NOT disclose the amount of purchase collected in taxes. Win-win for big government. They get taxes. They can blame your high prices on the greedy businesses. No fallout for big government….

          Also, is it not ironic that so often when they talk and implement measures to increase revenue that taxes collected actually drop. When they talk about and implement measures to allow businesses and citizens keep their money that tax revenues often go up??? Sometimes I think politicians spending problems are so caught up in denial that they can longer observe when the coffers are full.

    • Dan

      Some states DO NOT HAVE A SALES TAX . . .

      What about THOSE ?

      These people must be REMOVED from OUR Government !

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I could be wrong, but isn’t Fla one of those states?? Or is it that they have no property tax??

    • RivahMitch

      There are some additional issues here…
      1st, since most businesses pay a “gross receipts” tax to their local governments (putatively “for services rendered” by that government), this forces them to incur costs (by forcing the business to compute, account for and to, as well as send money to) a second jurisdiction (from which no services of any sort are received).
      2nd, return to that “gross receipts tax”. The money collected may count toward “gross receipts” in some jurisdictions. Hence generating tax on a tax.
      3rd, this is the collection of a “tax” for no rendered service. By my book, the extraction of money by force without any consideration returned is extortion.

      The real reason for this is to force businesses in low tax localities to pay the freight for high tax areas… Ain’t Socialism Wonderful?

      These people should be fed to “Donderbeck’s machine” and used as chum.

    • Doug

      Why should the state get taxes on something they have nothing to do with? Tell me what is it that the state is providing that they should get a cut of the profit of a company selling good on the internet?

    • for the children

      Tom your right! its sales taw on items purchased online. I agree with Dick Derbin (probably be the only time I do), as a small business owner I’ve seen my company downsize because on internet sales. Once was a 3.5 million dollar company ( 15 employees) to a 1.5 million company (8 employees). Sales sold across state lines are considered non-taxable which means most sales on-line are tax free. Why are these purchases not taxed? Do you know e-bay did 60 billion in sales in 2007. I f they were taxed at 10% the government would have 6 billion in revenue to waste ( a little sarcasim). Thats one company. Not knowing the amount of sales on the internet but I would think that figure would be between 100 to 200 billion dollars in additional revenue. Think about that.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        for the children,
        and prices would go up to reflect that! Think about THAT!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Would you mind paying my sales taxes then? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • JimH

    Durbin is the kind of guy who thinks we should just hand our paycheck over to the government and they can set up “programs” to provide for us and they will figure out how to spend the rest of it.
    These states are reckless with their budgets. They aquire massive debt. Instead of managing their budget better, their solution is to “take” more money.
    All more money does is “enable” their incompetance.

    • jibbs

      And don’t forget that Illinois raised the income tax this year by 2.5 percent to pay for their overspending, if they could take it all, they would. It will never be enough and I’m glad we left that sewer of a state.

      • http://deleted Claire

        I pay 8% sales tax on all of my purchases.

        • http://deleted Claire

          Durbin also made numerous phone calls for Sheila Stocks-Smith (Democrat) who was running for mayor in Springfield. His calls were recordings, and we simply hung up. He should have gotten the message loud and clear. She did not get elected. A RINO was elected so there will still be no way out of the mess we are in.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Off subject, but how is the husband doing?? We still mention him EVERY night!!

          • http://naver sook young

            Yes, how is your husband? Has he gone back to the doctor yet? Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • http://deleted Claire

            JoeH– Bob is hanging in there. He did not feel good Tuesday but he thinks it was indigestion. I could not get him to go to the doctor. He is very tired. I do not know if he is going to change his mind and go ahead and let the doctors do the vein thing and put in the port to prepare for dialysis. He has not said one word about any of it since he cancelled the procedure. He has had so many surgeries that sometimes I think he is tired of it all. Thank you for asking.

          • http://deleted Claire

            sook young– Please read my post to JoeH–and thank you. I appreciate your asking.

          • http://naver sook young

            Sorry for asking Claire, but why did he have many surgeries and what is his medical condition? Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Give him my best and tell him we still remember him in our prayers every nite!!! God Bless!!

  • American Citizen

    The Democrats and Progressives won’t wake up until they have the chains forger around their necks. By then it’s too late. I believe we already pay taxes on the internet through our providers. It’s called a “universal tax” to make sure everybody had access to the internet.

    • sylviam

      American Citizen—– My view axactly, I pay a Cel-Phone tax for two phones VA. STATE,then a universal tax just in case I want to call outside of AMERICA, Same with my server, wich by the way does NOT have DSL,or HIGH SPEED in my aera. But I get charged just the same.
      ENOUGH ALREADY, with the I DON’T MIND PAYIN MORE, thats the reason that the dang GOV. is doing exactly what they are, RUNNING US INTO THE GROUND. SUBMITT NEVER

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Durbin is an ass it is his ideal to tax the hell of us, he is not my rep.

  • http://msn Kerri

    Not a new tax? Are you kidding? And who will pay all these new not taxes? They will be passed on to the consumer just like everything els. Soon they will be bringing back pay toilets and charge you a tax to pee in public places.

    • xcergy

      No, it is not a new tax. For purchases made online out-of-state, the buyer already owes Use Tax, and those who do not pay are LAWBREAKERS. Durbin’s bill would allow ‘better enforcement’ of collecting that Use Tax.
      That said, his bill, just as many other State laws that have been enacted this year, is a bureaucratic mess that will raise overall prices that are caused by compliance costs.
      This is a consumer issue, not one for online retail. I doubt if Durbin’s bill will get out of committee.

    • sylviam

      The same way WE are paying for THE NOT– WAR IN LYBIA, and they have the NERVE to tell our HEROS comming back from WAR, PAY YOUR OWN WAY BACK. DISGUSTING to the MAX.

  • Bryan K Donnelly


    That looks like an oxymoron doesn’t it? A guy like me favoring taxes of any sort, much less on internet transactions. I’ll tell you why. I am fortunate enough to live in a non income tax state, Florida. Like Texas and other enlightened and growing states we have no onerous state income tax, but we DO derive a good deal of our revenue from SALES TAXES. With internet sales expanding exponentially, we are bound to see a decline in THESE revenues. The alternative is too aweful to consider; a STATE INCOME TAX HERE!

    Unless non income tax states are permitted to tax online purchases by thier citizens, we might be forced to that horrible alternative. Only federal legislation can serve here since it is an inter state matter. However, may I suggest a reasonable compromise; only allow NON INCOME TAX states to charge such sales taxes! Sorry Dicky Durbin and the People’s Republic of Illinois.

    • Dan

      What about the states that DON NOT HAVE A SALES TAX or a STATE INCOME TAX ?

      How will this “INTERNET SALES TAX” be applied in those situations ?



      • Bryan K Donnelly

        I can’t think of a state that has neither a sales tax or income tax. However, all I’m supporting is allowing STATES without income taxes (FL, TX, TN etc.) to collect their own state sales taxes on purchases xhipped to consumers-businesses IN THE STATE.

      • xcergy

        “States with no Sales Tax … how will this bill affect them?”
        It depends. Durbin’s bill addresses Quill v ND which has to do with the location of a business and whether they are liable for out-of-state Sales Tax collection. The bill would open the door for the Streamlined Sales Tax, of which there are 24 member States. If Durbin’s law passes, then these member States would be able force those online businesses charge for Sales Tax across State Lines. Certainly, if the law passed, more States would join the membership, but why should a State that has no Sales tax join?
        Sales Tax free NH for example, already has a law on the books that prohibits out-of state businesses from forcing sellers in NH to collect said tax.
        What a tangled web lawmakers weave.
        While a good attempt to solve a problem, this legislation falls short. It fails to solve the overall problem, and adds a bureaucracy level that can add on a cost of $1 or more per transaction.
        There are more simple answers, but SIMPLE is a word lawmakers do not have in their vocabulary.

  • YankeeClipper

    Hey “Turban” Durbin, why don’t you talk to your buddy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran? Get him to tax his repressed internet & send you the proceeds?

  • Steve Coy

    I just e mailed Dickhead and told him to Balance the Budget and leave the Internet alone, how many of you did the same?? Let’s get back to the real issue an ILLEGAL President start e mailing your reps and lets get this piece of crap out of the White House I email all my reps every day and if everyone did the same we could get him out NOW. His father is an British subject not American so he is not a Naturalized citizen therefore he is an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT, force our reps to REMOVE HIM NOT IMPEACH that also means all legislation all other elected officals and all his Czars and Biden (2nd stupidist person on earth) Obamanation is first can be removed.

  • CSense

    Online business is the last wild west of free enterpise. If there is any recovery going on, it is online. It was just a matter of time that the politisians that represent the non producers tried to steal from this business venue. It is hard to be a capitalist in a socialist dominated government. I would not be suprised if large retailers decided to move out of the country.

    • sylviam

      CSense— They have already started in —–GUESS WHERE, ILL. They told a REPUB. Sen. that they were to blame for ILL. LOSING LARGE BUSINESS, and that Those BUSS. were leving a a high RATE OF SPEED, God BLess Them for going.

  • Raggs

    I suppose this administration will need to hire around 50,000 new government employee’s to oversee grandma’s internet flower purchases.

    • Push comes to shove

      Don’t forget they will then buy them GM products to tool around in.

      • sylviam

        Thank You BUT NO WAY, NO GM NO HOW.

  • Phyllis Murphy

    Letting you know when I try to post on facebook. This link is wanting to close tabs, and also before you can send it to post it disappears off page.Some thing is terribly in the works. They do not want me to pass these messages on to facebook.

  • GWF222

    How much longer must the USA put up with the likes of Dick Durbin? I’ve met several people from Illnois over the years and they seem like nice people. Why do they keep electing raving lunatics like Durbin? What has he got against the USA anyway? If I’m not mistaken he is also for giving amnesty to all illegals along with social security and in State Tuition. Get rid of this yo yo Illnois.

  • Jeryl

    What that idiot either doesn’t know (or care) is that all taxes are passed along to the consumer. We already pay dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of open and hidden taxes already. For instance, we pay sales taxes, but we also pay the corporate taxes in the form of increased costs of the items we purchase. Virtually everything in life is taxed now. A little over 100 years ago there were virtually no taxes and we were the most affluent nation on earth. Look at us now! When is America going to wake up and insist on electing people who will listen to the people, rather than furthering their own evil agendas?

  • anastasia beaverhouser

    he can take his first name and shove it up his A$$—what a jerk-Have you ever noticed that the ones telling us we owe more $$$ is the ones that actually COULD afford to give more without it hurting them????

    • Push comes to shove

      And let them put thier money where there mouth is, they should give all thier extra monies to govt except what the average american household income is.

  • Bob from Calif.

    Hey Durbin, you and all the other parasites in Washington can kiss my shinny right cheek. And I’m not talking about the one on my face. You can not squeeze blood out of a turnip. Stop trying to destroy this country. If you don’t like freedom move to China. You and Obama need to start plowing some fields over there to start paying off that Trillion that you borrowed from them.

  • Bob Marshall

    More governmental control. Just what we need. Good think most taxpayers haven’t seen the picture of the new US Embassy built in Iraq with your money. The largest by far in the world.Couldn’t have been accomplished without the support of all who assked for the War on Iraq. What is a few more billion? Right. You who are out of work and those who lost their homes doesn’t concern Obama nor congress.

  • Carol J

    In California we already pay the sales tax for anything ordered online. It’s required.

    • Palin12


      • http://?? Joe H.

        Good(?) ole Taxifornia!!!!

  • i41

    If it can be taxed,east and west coast citizens are getting hosed every time they breathe. Durbin the Dork, is the same bastard who thinks are military are Nazis and terrorists. Of course his is a marxist/communist democrat puke who never seen a tax he didn’t like. Remember the jug eared marxist muslim wants every one to buy an never electric piece of match box crap, either by hook or crook. There isn’t a dumbocrap thaty can point to one possitive thing thepr marxist/communist democrat party has done right since they got control. So we will see if these dumb f–ks ever will learn what their s–t bird party does, is just more screw ups.

  • Sam

    Please spell and pronounce this poop’s name correctly. It’s Turbin, not Durbin. He’s close with you-know-who.

  • Palin12

    Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw while passing thru Illinois….”Illinois, where our governors make our license plates”.


    This bill can be stopped and dismantled, you have to put hard pressure on these cowards we call representatives because they just love the power and soft job that they managed to lie their way into. This involves calling, faxing and showing up at meetings to hammer them with the fact their lively hood is at stake and if the last election did not convince them this one coming definately will and God help any who try and stop this freight train of frustration.

    Stand up folks, you need to be counted and your continuous input as well as your vote is going to be needed to put the RINO’s and the libs out of their misery and then keep them out.

  • http://None J.B. Williams

    When will we get out heads out of rear ends and eyes off the television and use the resource that God gave us to us, our brains. We have all learned in school and from our parents how to search the truth and how to stand up for our beliefs and values. So where are the Patrick Henry’s today? Don’t let Dick Durbin decide who will be taxed for what. Get that gang of thugs out of the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court or move to Australia. Their President and Newtanyahoo are the ONLY leaders who has had the gonads to stand
    up to this gang of thugs. We knew when Bill was elected he had been the head of the Arkansas Mafia, but anyone who investigated him was erased. Nothing has changed folks. His gang is still there.

  • John in CA

    As terrifying as the prospect may be, I think we have reached the point where our only potential solution is a second Constitutional Convention. We lost control of government at the moment the Federal Congress granted itself the authority to impose direct taxes. This is true to a lesser extent for the state governments. Once obtained, power is never relinquished willingly. It is the nature of the beast. If we are ever to have a free society which lasts more than two centuries, we need to address the underlying reasons for this.

    Humans have four hardwired behavior traits; we are predatory, greedy, tribalistic, and xenophobic. We have these traits because up to a point, they ensure our survival. Most normal people moderate and control these traits. Sociopaths and narcissists don’t. Not being bothered by the inconveniences of conscience the rest of us have, they tend to rise to positions of authority and influence, and once there they are even less bothered by such little speed bumps as written laws. No political system to date has addressed this issue, and this is why every one of them has eventually collapsed; the lunatics end up running the asylum.

    I think that Gerry Spence’s ideas on government are on the right track, but I have little hope of putting such a system in place now. The implosion has already started.

  • sylviam


  • sylviam


  • George B Vieto

    Come on man what are you thinking about taxing the internet?

  • Raymond Babcock

    we all no durbin is a crack pot him and all of his cronersare losers

  • JON

    I for one, use Amazon because I don’t have to pay the almost 10% Cal. sales tax. This way I can justify paying the shipping costs and still get a good deal. If, I now have to pay that tax, my purchases will be very limited if at all. What will this do to Amazon’s business and other online retailers? Don’t we need to “save” jobs??

  • Ridge Runner

    I guess this might not be posted but this is more senaible than these fing thiving crooks that these lazy ass drop out dead beats have been electing for years. here goes. Every thing that a man has is taxed to the limit except his man hood. The reason is 95% of the time it is unemployed the 5% of time it is employed it is in the hole. It has two dependents and both are nuts.This just about describes the democratic liberal social communists party.

  • 45caliber

    Durbin’s comments here are very similar to the Muslim this morning who said that cutting off people’s hands (and heads) and stoning people to death is “compansionate”.

  • don

    Durbin also wants to give the illegal workers amnesty to become automatic citizens!

    • skippy

      don, that is a DEMOCRATIC DREAM COME TRUE!!! free stuff, free stuff…well, who (word removed) is paying for it???!!!…well, go figger.

  • skippy

    Hey, c’mon…let’s just face it. WE have no power…THEY tell us what to do…THEY send out B$$$$ to BS stuff that WE don’t give a crap about…c’mon Chinese whores & how they drink? give me a BREAK. just who can educate a person on how to VOTE…and I agree, term limit time has come, ….hey…who votes for THAT??…ummm…that would be THEM!!!! S O L

  • Gov Ponzi’s

    They’ve already scammed and stole most of everything! Does it ever END???? These low life’s in all levels of government! They go around mucking around and creating more & more problems! Is there really a HELL for these (in their minds) civic leaders!??!!!! How disgusting they are! Now they’re struggling to cover their sorry asses to re-money everything they gave to their crooked constituents that was taken from those who lived within their crooked laws!!! Yet, the audacity of putting Madoff behind bars, but not themselves! Amazing!

  • wayne

    Yes, however, you people have to remember, this is part of government…, US Government and they want to take and RAPE the people of anything and EVERYTHING they can get. They now want it all.
    If just 20 years ago a private company was doing things the government is doing today, the company leaders would go to jail.
    Social Security is NOTHING but a huge, government run Ponzi scheme.
    The government takes money from workers and gives themselves over a 60% raise (but I “thought” the country was broke?)
    The reason for the raise? Because inflation was so high.
    People on a small fixed income like social security has not had a raise for years. WHY? Because there (according to the same “people”, there has been no inflation.
    They tell us social security is going broke and it is “our fault”.
    I thought maybe…, just maybe, it was the fault of those politicians that STOLE the money…, you know, said they would put in an IOU and pay it back later.
    Well, NOW is “later”. Why are the government thieves not paying back what they stole from tax payers?
    Entitlements??? YES, again, YES!!! We as tax payers, workers, are “ENTITLED” to what we invested, “made to invest by the us government”, we had no choice in the matter. As a comparison, if I put money in the bank for 40 or 50 years and then went to make a withdrawal and was told “we are sorry, the money you put in is gone”, that is EXACTLY what the government is doing, it is called THEFT.
    Name one, just one politician that is doing without or worried about what will happen at retirement or if he gets hurt at work ( I know, if you are not working you will not get hurt, but just as an analogy)
    What do they do, vote themselves another raise, better benefits, more retirement and “they” are representing us???
    How many of you voted this for them, just one, anyone vote for this?
    Now you have an Obama-nation. Listen to HIS speeches. HE “IS” tearing america apart. How? By making us, the people divided. By pitting american against american. Can I prove it?
    YES!! listen to him, when he talks, it is “us” and “them”, it is “we” against “the enemy”. He is NOT talking about outside forces, he is talking about fellow americans, He is dividing us apart.
    Why??? As you know, “a house divided against itself can not stand”.
    You can use that as a family divided will wind up splitting, a company divided will split of close and a country divided against itself is a weak target. We are no longer the “UNITED states”, more like the Divided” states.
    Why is the president bowing to muslims? Why is the president golfing, playing basketball or campaigning MOST of the time?
    Why can politicians raise millions or billions in record time, but none goes to help pay the debts THEY made? You and I did NOT make TRILLIONS in debt, politicians did, but expect us to pay for it and THEY in turn get over a 60% raise!!
    ANY company I EVER worked for, if you did not do your job, you were fired.
    If you did not help make the company money, you were fired.
    If you did not show up half the time, you were fired.
    If you made a mess of things, you were fired.
    What about government?
    They are NOT doing their job of “running the country, just spending.
    They spend OUR money, loosing it, pocketing it, no account of it. Half the time they are not there to vote (um…, too lazy to show up to say “yes” or “no”.) That is their “job”.
    They messed the country up, they get a HUGE raise. How long would you have to work to finally add up to a 60% Raise? How many YEARS?
    They put the country in worse debt than I can even imagine and then get a raise while a lot of us do without. Not only has Owebama NOT created jobs, but we have 25% less now than when he took office. I know, I know, it is easy for him to “fix” the numbers, however, if things were getting better, they would be “getting better”, not like the mess we are currently in.
    “IF” one of us was doing what “they” are doing, “we” would be in jail in record time.
    FACT- This is no longer america and getting further and further from it.
    WE NEED to stick TOGETHER as americans, THE people that built this country and modernized it and not allow the corrupt MEDIA and Politicians to keep us divided, pointing a finger at each other. WE NEED to stick together and get rid of every stinking last one in office, big or small, that is not doing their job. I do not care who wins the president seat-
    1`- as long as it is NOT Owebama
    2- as long as he or she has morals and american principals
    3- Male, female, black, white, Indian, and nationality AMERICAN, not another closet muslim which has an agenda to control and destroy.
    We NEED leadership, but from someone that is “for us, not against us”


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