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DHS UnConstitutional Warrantless Searches Of Phones, Computers Near Border

February 12, 2013 by  

DHS UnConstitutional Warrantless Searches Of Phones, Computers Near Border
DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano

A recent internal review of the Department of Homeland Security’s procedure for warrantless and suspicionless search and seizure of mobile phones and laptops near the Nation’s borders reveals that the 4th Amendment is completely dead.

In 2009 DHS determined that it had the right to seize and review the contents of personal electronic devices, including mobile phones, portable computers and data discs, without the need to cite any reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

“Keeping Americans safe in an increasingly digital world depends on our ability to lawfully screen materials entering the United States,” DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said in defense of the unConstitutional policy in 2009. “The new directives announced today strike the balance between respecting the civil liberties and privacy of all travelers while ensuring DHS can take the lawful actions necessary to secure our borders.”

Amid increasing pressure from civil liberties groups throughout the Nation for more information about how DHS argues the Constitutionality of its warrantless searches, the agency recently quietly released a Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Impact Assessment of the searches.

From the report:

The overall authority to conduct border searches without suspicion or warrant is clear and long-standing, and courts have not treated searches of electronic devices any differently than searches of other objects. We conclude that CBP’s and ICE’s current border search policies comply with the Fourth Amendment. We also conclude that imposing a requirement that officers have reasonable suspicion in order to conduct a border search of an electronic device would be operationally harmful without concomitant civil rights/civil liberties benefits. However, we do think that recording more information about why searches are performed would help managers and leadership supervise the use of border search authority, and this is what we recommended; CBP has agreed and has implemented this change beginning in FY2012.

The agency argues that border protection is a higher priority than Constitutional guarantees and that the warrantless searches only take place near border crossings. But, as has been the case with immigration checkpoints in border States, it’s conceivable that the practice could be justified hundreds of miles from the border.

The American Civil Liberties Union, last week, filed a Freedom of Information Act to better understand how the government justifies its ability to conduct warrantless searches of technological devices.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Robert Smith

    Do the devices belong to American citizens or illegals?


    • rendarsmith

      Illegals are getting amnesty so what’s it matter?

      • BR549

        Damn, all that woman needs now is a cowbell and a salt-lick. Either that or use her for a freakin’ billboard advertisement. Can everyone say “MOOOOO!”

      • http://midcontent ridge runner

        BR549, this female looks more like a porcine organism, with those 2 pee hole staring back from that over finished fac, She must be one of Janet Reno’s half sister, Both are sized to be used a roping rides in a rodeo arena.

    • restorefreedom

      Dude it’s american citizens their searching illegals have more rights than we do!

  • Mr Diesel

    The devices belong to US Citizens. The US Constitution does not apply within 100 miles of any border.

    • DDearborn


      “the constitution does not apply within 100 miles of the border”? Really please enlighten us all and show us exactly where that is stated in the Constitution. The government cannot authorize private companies acting on behalf of the government to spy on us either. If that legal manipulation was actually valid than the government could “authorize” private police forces to “protect” us without bothering with our civil rights. Good grief people Wake UP!!!! This is government tyranny. This is a government controlled by a few for the benefit of the few and paid for by the rest of us. This is a government that since 2000 has been operating OUTSIDE the of the Constitution and the confines of the rule of law derived from it.

      • restorefreedom

        What a bunch of crap no constitution till a hundred miles in guess I need to go back to school missed that in the constitution!

      • Mr Diesel

        Some people are just to stupid to understand sarcasm and it is your government that is taking away your rights to travel freely anywhere within the borders.

        But it’s nice that I got so many responses to my posts about not knowing the constitution when, after reading this blog for years now half the people on here can’t even spell it.

    • Charlie

      If you actually believe that the constitution is void when you are whithin 100 miles of the border. Then you are freaking ignorant to the point of stupid. Actually almost everything that DHS does is constituionally illegal, therefore this bit of tyranny should be shutdown A.S.A.P..

      • Robert

        I agree with you Charlie, I have seen DHS team around Bart stations in San Francisco. Look like it is a police state. I think everyone should be concern weather you are gun owner or not, our rights has been chipping away every day. Two years ago, Obama signed a treating with Canadian PM Harper, when civil unrest occurred, Obama will request for Canadian troop in United States.

    • Flashy

      How do we know they are US citizens? Same as when someone is pulled over…how do we know you’re a US citizen unless you carry papers?

      Y’all support asking anyone ‘suspicious” of being here undocumented to be held until it is verified they are here legally (i.e. a citizen). Does not the same apply to these issues?

      Y’all are getting what you demanded. And now you’re unhappy about getting it?

      • eddie47d

        Those who demand “let me see your papers” shouldn’t be too shocked over this. They say that is for national security and should be enforced. So maybe “let us see your computer or cell phone” isn’t so far off. If police break into legal Mexican American homes or stop them on the street that seems to be okay with some. Welcome to the party folks and its not a pantie raid.

      • Frank Kahn

        Ah, the Flashy and Eddie show arrives again to amuse us with their wisdom and wit.

        “How do we know they are US citizens? Same as when someone is pulled over…how do we know you’re a US citizen unless you carry papers?

        Y’all support asking anyone ‘suspicious” of being here undocumented to be held until it is verified they are here legally (i.e. a citizen). Does not the same apply to these issues?

        Y’all are getting what you demanded. And now you’re unhappy about getting it?”

        While ethnic profiling has its problems, and might be a questionable “reasonable cause / suspicion” for demanding documentation (ID / Green Card / Passport / Visa), if used with restraint and common sense it is not truly invasive. When it comes to illegal immigrants (most of which are Hispanic), the scope of the problem warrants some measures for curbing the trend. Nor does the need for documentation simply imply proof of citizenship, it also means proof of legitimate presence in the country. To be undocumented (no passport or visa or ID showing citizenship) in most countries is a crime with jail sentences and or automatic deportation, why should our country be so different?

        Now, that being said, there is no intelligent comparison between “show me your ID” and “I am going to search your computer”. Identifying yourself to authorities is not the same as being forced to submit to unreasonable searches. One (searches) is specifically mentioned in the amendments to the constitution, the other (showing ID) is not. I include the text of the 4th amendment to show why this kind of search is not legal.

        “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

        A computer or cellphone would be covered under effects (property) and probable cause is not “well he might be a terrorist”. It appears to require (demand) that a warrant be obtained with search parameters being specified PRIOR to the search. It has been upheld that no search may be conducted by the government unless it has either a search warrant, permission or the place being searched is the location of a crime scene currently being investigated.

      • eddie47d

        How do we know you are a legitamite citizen Genghis Khan? How do we know that gun in your pocket is legitamite or are you just about ready to rob the nearest 7-11? Matter of fact we should be very suspicious of you!. You want to be cute I’ll throw a little “wit and wisdom” back at ya.

    • ibcamn

      ignorant Diesel,yes the constitution applies to US citizens in the United States,all the way up to the border!!i lived in Tuscon for a year and in So Cal for quit some time and went through check points all the time,these border agents love to try to make us think we don’t but we do.they are there to look for illegals only!!most of the time they overstep their authority and try to get you to let them search you,which they can not!!if they suspect you are a illegal,they can ask and try to search,if you give suspition then they can search!people “DO NOT”believe this idiot!!

      • Flashy

        “if they suspect you are a illegal,they can ask and try to search”

        According to Arizona and the extremists…they can search you if they suspect you are undocumented without papers. So how would you state they had no ’cause’? you could be here illegally from Europe, Australia, Canada…etc. Unless, of course, you had ID papers carried everywhere you went…

        A national ID….that’s what the extremists are calling for. So police can walk up and say “papers please ….”

      • ibcamn

        well flashy,you can roll your window down enough so they can hear you and give them you valid I.D. or passport and that should be sufficiant!if not that means you have border agent’s looking to get you for anything!those officers are trouble!you invoke you rights as a American citizen,demand to speak to their superiors,it’s easy,don’t let them coarse you into doing something you don’t have to do!you have rights!they cannot search you unless you give them a reason!if they think your an illegal(by profileing)they will ask you to go to secondary,move ahead(so as not to block traffic)then invoke your rights!!{if you block traffic too long,it will give them reason to suspect you of ,something}that’s the way they work!be careful!
        American citizen’s have been harrased by these guys for so long they think they know it all,answer questions politely,most of the time they want drugs and your I.D. don’t mean sheet to them,they just want a reason!

        go to,…they can fill you in on a lot!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        flashy, even in Arizona, the law states that an individual must have been detained for an infraction. Only then can the individual be asked to present documentation.

      • Flashy

        Nancy…ask any cop. no one obeys all the traffic laws. there is always a reaosn to pull someone over. not keeping proper distance from the car ahead of you? Didn’t turn on your turn signal within the proper distance? etc. now…got your papers? A DL isn’t acceptable y’know. got your passport with you? You don’t? Anything identifying you as a citizen? no? Well…let’s have you get in the back seat and go downtown where we’ll book you until proof you are here legally can be obtained.

        you cry and wail about the powers of the government…yet you scream and demand they have and exercise those very powers.

        If you had Mr. livingston in front of you (I believe he is Canadian…if not, pick a Canadian) .. and say ‘speak’…you think the lack of an accent is proof he is here legally? I should have to speak with four or five of my co-workers. All here on E1s. You couldn’t tell what nationality they really are just by speech accent.

        You are getting what you demanded.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        flashy, obeying traffic laws is a choice! If you disobey those laws, you open yourself up to being questioned and detained! However, if you are obeying the laws, they have NO right to pull you over and interrogate you!!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The Constitution of the United States does not GIVE you your rights! It simply states them! The Declaration of Independence states that your rights come from GOD and nature! Therefore, since the rights enumerated in the constitution were not granted by government, they CANNOT be taken away by government!!! When the government passes laws that take away your unalienable rights, these are illegal laws! It is our duty according to the Declaration of Independence to NOT obey these ILLEGAL laws!!! It is also overtly obvious that we find ourselves in the very position that our founding fathers found themselves in!!! WHAT will we DO about it?!? We must begin by NOT obeying illegal laws!!! Tell the government NO!!!

    • Steve E

      What tyrant decided that the 4th Amendment starts to fade out when you get close to the border?

      • momo

        Bush and his (un)Patriot Act did away with your 4th amendment rights, and Obama is in no hurry to give them back.

  • lee

    Rob, my understanding from people working the Canadian border near the falls is that drugs are also a target, so Americans are often searched, included their mobile devices.

  • Flashy

    “warrantless and suspicionless search and seizure of mobile phones and laptops”

    Ya mean…like stopping folks and asking if they have papers showing they are here legally? Oh wait…to the crazies, that’s OK because the cops will stop and demand only from non-white folks. I mean, we don’t have any undocumented aliens from Canada or Europe to use as an excuse to demand papers….Uh huh ….

    Criminey. If y’all would stop being extremist and candidates for the asylum, the issue would not be able to be marginalized and characterized as ‘only the wack jobs are against this’.

    you want efforts to halt illegal immigration. yo call for fences, mass deportations, able to demand papers from non-white folks, etc… and when the proceudres are used across the board? y’all start to scream for getting what you demanded.


    • Frank Kahn

      So now Flashy plays the race card in his ignorant ranting about how asking for ID is the same as a search. If the police have reason to question you, they can ask for ID. If the question is nationality and/or citizenship status, a definable accent can be reason to question someone about their nationality, I do it all the time. I dont usually have to ask a Mexican about his heritage whether they have an accent or not. I have seen Mexicans that were as white as myself and even encountered some Latino’s that were as dark as black Africans. In the state of Arizona, and especially Tucson (where I lived for 12 years), a state drivers license can be suspect due to the fact that some Mexican nationals working for DOT there were caught issuing drivers licenses to illegal Mexican immigrants. There are reasons for what is accepted or not accepted, making the DL unacceptable was a consequence of a group of Mexicans actions. Does this cause problems for legal immigrants, YES, but what solution would you give?

      Back to the subject of ID vs SEARCHES, if the police get a report of a prowler in my yard, they have the right to ask me to identify myself as the owner/renter/occupant of the house. They do not however have the right to search my home. They can ask, and get permission from me, to search it for the reported prowler. If I cannot produce proof that I am the owner/renter/occupant of the house, they can arrest me on suspicion of a crime and search my person subsequent to the arrest. Being an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT is a crime, so failure to provide proof of legitimacy, the person can be detained and questioned, even searched. All of this is buffered by the term reasonable. You have a limited authority for detention and searching. A good officer/system will make every attempt to ascertain the status of the person as quickly and respectfully as possible.

    • Opal the Gem

      Flashy, as has been pointed out to you many times there is a BIG difference in asking for ID and taking a persons cell phone or computer and going through everything on it for no better reason than the police want to.

  • Charlie

    Janet Napolitano have a question for you: do you think you are a true U.S.A. citizen? If you answer yes then maybe you ought to read your oath of office and the constitution of our counrty. Then if after you have read both and continue to order your sheep in the DHS to break constitutional law for the pleasure of some politician then you should be hung from the tallest yard arm for treason against the constitution. WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR CONSTITUTION ARE YOUR ACTUAL BOSS JANET.

    • ibcamn

      Charlie,her and her progressive friends don’t see it that way,to them it’s now their country and they say they know what’s right for us!that’s what the NWO is all about!and now we have it!thanks to Obama supporters!why you think Obama keeps using ex orders!??!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The gates of h*ll have been opened and evil has poured out over the face of the earth!!! You don’t really think they’re concerned about breaking an oath, do you?!? This is truly a battle between good and evil! We are required to choose sides! We repent and turn back to the GOD that this country was founded on, or we descend into h*ll! It is as simple as that!!!

      • http://yahoo Don

        we could turn to go, but what would do more good than anything would get every living elgible voter to vote in elections. the vote would beat any thing because it is a god- given right as said by the founders. big money could not control quite like they do now if we could get government of the people forthe people by the peopleback like it was originally meant to be.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Really?!? Do you think voting is the answer? We are beyond that! Joseph Stalin said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything”. The last election in this country was rife with fraud! Blatant fraud! Publicized fraud! And no one in government said a word! No investigations! Nothing! As if it doesn’t even matter any more! It is naive to think that our votes count for anything anymore! It is ALL one big fraud!!!

  • Charlie

    One more thing am so so so tired of all of these clowns stating in so many words that we are taking your rights from you to keep you safe. What a crock of manure,the only way that we are going to be safe is if clowns like this Janet is made into an example and tried for treason.

    • rendarsmith

      Finally, a voice of reason! Pretty much everyone in Washington needs to be tried for treason.

    • Flashy

      Is that why you support asking those suspected of being undocumented to provide proof or be detained? Because you ‘stand up’ for the Constitution? I take it you pack around proof of being here legally then … and don’t mind when asked to produce them.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The government is passing laws that are illegal. They want us to be afraid that if we don’t obey these laws, we will go to jail. We need to make them understand that THEY are the ones who need to fear jail!!! THEY work for US!!!! NOT the other way around!!!

      • Flashy

        If the laws are “illegal”, then the courts will toss them out. If you refer to the ID and survelliance issues …. isn’t that exactly what you demanded?,

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        flashy, you keep telling me that I demanded these things! Put up or shut up! Show me one example where I ever said that I want these things!!! Just because you say something, doesn’t make it true!!! Where I come from, we call that LYING!!!

  • Andy

    Personally, I have never expected nor asked the “gubmint” to keep me safe. Anyone here that thinks the government cares whether you are “safe” or not just needs to follow the rest of the sheep to slaughter.

    • Andy

      BTW, is Napolitano a woman in drag or a man in drag…can’t quite make up my mind.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Andy, that’s because they want you to think that up is down, down is up, right is wrong, wrong is right, back is front, front is back, man is woman, woman is man, evil is good, and good is evil! They want to confuse you and make you question everything you knew as truth. They want you to think that everything is interchangeable. Therefore, nothing is truth! If there is no truth, then they can pass off every kind of abomination as normal and acceptable!

      • eddie47d

        Andy is just being a mean hearted smart alick nothing more!

  • Les

    This is what happens when people are promoted to their highest level of Incompetence. They finally start doing stuff without a clue. They think they have a right to do stuff. Some politically appointed hack with no practical experience in the position they got placed in.

    When does what the “Federal Government Employees” think they have a right to come up with become treason? Congress makes laws, regulations, acts, etc. not some jerk or department that works for us. They need to be busted and removed in a timely manner. If Congress refuses to do it’s job then we all know where this will end up. The constant growth of indignant population known as federal government employees has deliberately out stripped the capabilities of Congress to do it’s mandatory oversight. Congress, do your job and fire these “thinkers” and return us to the rule of LAW.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Les, it isn’t that they don’t have a clue or even that they THINK they have the right! They are counting on the fact that no one will stop them!!! They KNOW exactly what they are doing! They also know that generations of our people have been indoctrinated into accepting whatever they give us! They have programmed us, through the media to THINK that they have the right! They are counting on the fact that we are so consumed with our work and leisure, that we won’t take the time or trouble to stop them! We’re too busy to get involved! It’s why we’ve let them handle everything up to now. Unless and until we say NO, they will continue to institute their tyranny! They will not stop until they can control every aspect of our lives!

      • Wellarmed

        Great insight Nancy in Nebraska. I agree that whoever is in charge knows 100% what they are doing and it all appears to be fairly well orchestrated over the course of numerous administrations.

        Those that continue to believe that what is now happening is completely due to our last presidential election are still not willing to accept reality.

        I would like to know if there is any provision in the United States Code to issue warrants for the arrest of Government Employees which choose to follow/implement laws that are in direct violation to their oaths of office, and if it could be issued retroactively for those that are no longer holding office.

        I am in agreement that the states must exercise all peaceful options available to them, up to and including secession if need be. I personally do not wish to see states exercise that later option as I do believe that USA can make it through not only this current administration, but also with our current House/Senate. Our system of Government is worth preserving even when the people in it are not.

        I am considering printing terrorist trading cards that will have the picture of said elected official on the front with the list of Unconstitutional Legislation they have passed while in office printed on the back. That way If the SHTF we all know who we will need to put on trial so they may receive due process.

        Is this still a protected right (1st Amendment)? or will one be thrown in a Gulag?

        I think a special set of cards with past and present members of SCOTUS would also be appropriate at this point in our nations history.

        What do you think?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I LOVE the trading cards idea! I’d buy them! And after all, it’s what our very own government does to the criminals in other countries so it’s got to be legit, right?

  • ibcamn

    People,know your rights!do not believe some people,do your own checking and carry the constitution with you!most of the time border checks(in that hundred miles) have turned into road blocks for drug checks under the disguise of border checks,if it is a legal stop,there will be signs stating it is gov’t approved and funded(all a US citizen has to do is stop)then you can go once the border officer says you may proceed(don’t exit the vehicle!!)if there is no sign saying it’s gov’t ok’d,then it’s what we call an illegal stop,(means they want you for DUI,DRUGS,things of that nature)they will have K-9 units and all kinds of patty wagon’s on hand.the police put up DUI stops all the time,those are illegal!all you have to do is stop,and wait for the officer to let you go(as long as you give them no reason)they need a warrant for “YOU” at DUI stops to arrest you!..find out the law and how to deal with these types of harrasment’s by local police,remember the cops will lie to you to get you out of your car to arrest you!!you have rights,us them!!..and please don’t listen to stupid sheeple like mr. desel…..

    oh,and remember,if you see a posted notice in the paper that a DUI checkpoint is going up in your area,that’s the only legal recourse the police have to make you stop,just stop,no more!and it also gives you the chance to make a change to the route your taking to wherever your going to that day or night!avoid if you can!legally,they have to have side roads open to you before checkpoint to opt out if you wish,but they always have cops sitting on those roads to pull you over if you do opt out!if you do use the opt out roads,be ready to be grilled,for them to suspect you did something wrong because you turned down a road is no reason to pull you over!!(but they try)know your rights!

    The gov’t has their henchmen trained and brainwashed to arrest you and search you for nothing!!

  • Chester

    ibcamn, they will tell you when a DUI checkpoint is going to be held, but never where. Oh, and at those checkpoints, they also check seatbelt usage and insurance papers as well as giving the vehicle itself a walkaround to be sure you aren’t driving on unsafe rubber and don’t have any lights burned out. In my area, they like to set them up in places where you can’t do a turnaround, or hit an opt out road, as there will be no available turnarounds within a half mile or more, and opt out roads will be even farther back. Unless you get stupid with them, they won’t bother asking to search your vehicle or anything like that, so normally there is no problem as long as you are obeying the law.

  • Bernie

    There are arguments on both sides of the isle of this issue, I can understand the need for a safe border but at what cost? We are entering a phase of Americas transition that will see more and more of our so-called freedoms and rights that many have fought and died for being either watered down or down right obliterated by our left wing socialist govt. in this day and age, if you are not typically PC or if you are anti abortion or don’t support the gay right movement or any one of a myriad of other PC causes that the Left Wing Govt backs than you become labeled in horrible ways that are entirely false, misleading and designed to force or coerce you to eventually fall into line with their way of thinking of face massive penalties . The problem with that thinking is sooner or later the masses will rise up and when you waken a sleeping giant , move out of its way.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Keep electing these marxist/communist Dung heads Party pukes to a fed office or any office, and more mexicans, muslims and just plain morons that beleive laws are to be broken, who have no allegiance, to USA, and want to destroy USA. That includes the muslim marxist illegal in the WH. The BS of Omoron was born in a statewhere birth records could manufactored, than the breeding records for a rat. The only hard evidence is the dam on his concotted record, his is definitely 1/2 white, and the other half is mutt heinze 57 blend. A program used on fence crawlers, that works for a better class of work organisms, it is call cut and realease. The knocking the nut sacks out the way, calmer and smaller pron popuations.

  • Stan Strehlo


  • Jim B

    This farcical of a government run militant organization must go… along with the TSA! They both must be disbanded as quickly as they arose. The day this country needs SS like forces to tyrannize its citizens is the day we should have all taken up arms against the government. Let’s not let another liberty crushing injustice occur in this country again. That door must close!

  • Dale Briggs

    i belive that home land security should be closed and remove her from office and let the people that are being riped of do the job that she has been paid for and give them the 7000 guns and alll the amo that she has stock piled f or her army of goons and give them the power to close the borders take no prisoners my opinion

  • Dad

    So how are these Washington DC communists working for you now?

  • 45caliber

    This search is done daily all over the country. Why get concerned about just the border. Oh, wait! It must be because they are finding things to worry about along the border, right? And we can’t allow the government to get concerned.

    I’m against all of it. But don’t pretend it only happens along the border with Mexicans only.

  • Lawrence

    These laws enacted by the feds are unconstitutional and should be declared so by all state governments.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    As long as we have rino’s willing to compromise (give into to the communist and the marxists), the beltway is always in snafu mode. We will see how fked up up this country is next year, that is if it is God wil it.l

  • meteorlady

    If they were truly worried about border security they would throw more tech, people and money at it. They have completely hog tied the border patrol. They are told to let people go if they are found working at a job, even if they are illegal. My brother works border patrol. They have been told to look for drugs and other illegal items, but they are unable to bring illegals to deportation hearings.

    Our Constitution is supposed to keep us safe from invasion by foreign nationals. I would say that this is very much an invasion. They bring their gangs, drugs, guns and expect us to pick up the tab because they can’t understand having more children than you can afford to support.

    I work for Habitat for Humanity and in my county (50,000 people) most all the applicants are Latino with too many children. Granted they have to have jobs and be able to pay for the house, but it’s a low low payment. Some of the houses are already looking like a junk yard and need repair and yard work. It’s hard to keep giving and working for a charity and watch the houses deteriorate because they are too lazy to keep them up.

  • Borderbully

    I live right on the Canadian border and we have 2 ports of entry here. Guess what? I’m moving 100 miles north of the border very soon. I’ve had enough of Obama, Napolitano and the whole communistic sociopathic bunch in D.C.

  • http://None Gabriel Alon

    J anet N apolitano is totally unqualified for her job. She has no more knowleage of homeland security than a Saturday N ight H ooker. O bama may be everyone elses Commander in Chief but to me he is just another N ig ger. Get him the hell out of the White House before He ruins the country any further. We are already bancrupt to the gills. S crew him and the W o od pile and snuck in this country under. F you.

  • lexi63



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