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DHS To Launch Hotline For Jailed Immigrants

January 9, 2012 by  

DHS To Launch Hotline For Jailed Immigrants

The Department of Homeland Security is launching a hotline for individuals who have been jailed on immigration charges and believe they are victims of a crime or may be U.S. citizens, The Associated Press reported.

According to the news outlet, the toll-free hotline – 855-448-6903 – will be staffed 24 hours a day and run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to answer questions from people held in local jails concerning possible deportation proceedings.

The AP reported that the hot line is the latest move by the Administration of President Barack Obama to address concerns about alleged illegal immigrants held in local jails. In early December, Homeland Security ended agreements that allowed deputies at an Arizona sheriff’s office to check the immigration status of local inmates.

This practice was halted after a Justice Department report outlined allegations of discrimination and racial profiling against Latinos.

The Los Angeles Times reported that interpreters will be available for alleged illegal immigrants who speak other languages.

“ICE personnel will collect information from the individual and refer it to the relevant ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations field office for immediate action,” immigration officials said in a statement.

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  • s c

    Man, do I feel better. It’s gonna be good sleeping tonight! I would hate to have it on my conscience to think that illegals are not being pampered. Why cater to American citizens when you can cater to illegals?
    Yep, this government just gets better and better every day. So who’s the guy in the photo? Is he an actor? Whoever he is, he sure doesn’t look like a president. I’ll bet he’s an insurance agent.

    • Randy131

      You didn’t understand what reason DHS was giving to institute this hotline, even though you’ve probably assessed the correct outcome of what will really happen, and the real reason for Obama having this done. DHS claims this hotline is for those who a crime is committed against by being jailed unjustly, or a US citizen wrongly jailed for immigration infractions, but I’ll also bet the real reason is to set illegal immigrants free in our country.

      • Flashy

        Ummmmm if an American citizen is jailed accused of being here illegally or is accused of a crime which they are not guilty of….how does that cater to illegal immigrants?

        • James

          My guess is, when illegal aliens are detained lawfully, every effort will be made to make them citizens by juggling the records, or just acecepting the alien’s word that he is a citizen.

        • cawmun cents

          Uh,why dont you ask the supreme court,instead of bringing up rare situations and making them sound as if they are occuring regularly,
          turning(by phonelines)methods of doing that into a protection racket,and trying to keep the illegal immigration protected for political gain?
          Why arent you asking those questions Mr.Flashman?

  • fiscalsoundbiteme

    That’s because the POTUS is an illegal! Birds of a feather flock together!!! THIS POC ADMINISTRATION has to be DEPORTED!!!!

  • cawmun cents

    Witch hunting is being popularized again.
    Those who wont goose step to the politically correct rules of engagement are doomed to be chastized and castigated.
    While they try to seem empathetical to the future voting people of illegality,they seek to make those who choose to obey the rule of law to appear as modern day”sherrifs of Nottinghams”,while fancying themselves as”robin hoods”.
    It is a mockery of American interests,and tactically maliciously marxist in its very origins.Doing anything in the guise of help should produce some kind of results,wouldnt you think?
    Ones that they could put on the evening news and boast of what they had done to help.But unless they are putting these results on”60 minutes”or”Dateline”,I havent observed any monumental exposure to their faux kindness.Pandering to special interest groups is not a new tactic,nor is using that idea to garner votes.
    But when you start to demonize the folks who keep law and order to do so,it becomes a political hammer by which you can subjugate the weakminded into forming torch and pitchfork fact finding committees,that only serve to deepen the suspicion of those who want to enforce the laws.
    Then what you achieve is to have unknown sources of abject power,and figureheads for political leaders.Achievement attained.Radical Mexican Nationalism is taking foothold in your border communities.
    Criminals can strike at your populace,and retreat back across the border with impunity.
    That friends and neighbors is a sad state of affairs.
    When a big eared robin hood like figure backs their game to gain voting power from a segment of ethnic prospects,the witch hunt begins.
    Someone who will rob an American to give to a Mexican,should not be enjoying rounds of golf at the taxpayers expense.
    I move that we oust this fake.
    As soon as possible.

    • Flashy

      Demonize law enforcement? LOl … now that’s a laugh. Just how does this Hotline demonize law enforcement? Any denigration of the police seems to be caused by their own hand..and they’re doing a darned good job of it by themselves without any help.

      • cawmun cents

        People who cant make it in society,by societies given laws often engage in crime to”enrich their lives”.They cant seem to get all they think they need from living under the inherent conditions of where they live.
        So they decide to take it from others.
        Not that I am making a comparison,but that is how you get folks like Bonnie and Clyde.When you become willing to break laws to enrich your lives,then there are the conditions and the consequences of breaking those laws.When folks enter this nation illegally,whether you think they are just trying to better themselves or not,laws are being broken.
        Well then,if the same conditions for breaking laws pertintent to their country of origin were present,they might not risk the ordeal.
        But since in the context of seeing that here in America,they can basically get away with breaking those same laws without the harsh treatment they would get in their own nation of origin,then they feel it is okay to break that law.
        One would assume that if they think it is okay,because they are not treated harshly here for breaking that law(undertsanding that Americans dont seem to care if thoselaws are broken,by way of deduction)then why cant they break any old law that is here wating for them to break?
        Mr.Flashman,why is it that liberals here in America assume that everyone thinks as they do?Because sir,if you can bend or break the rules at will then there is no need to follow any of the laws.
        What then occurs is that you have let someone who doesnt live here,come and commit criminal acts at will on the people who do,without having reservations about doing it.Does that seem logical to your liberal senses?My guess is yes,it does.
        That is how you fail to connect with those of us who have been victims of such conditions.You assume that your view is the pertinent one,without knowing why someone might think to the contrary,because of experience.
        The hotline is designed to protect someone who has broken the law.
        You may not see it that way,but some of us who see things differently from you,evidently do.If I came to your house and robbed you,and then I used your phone to call someone up who would give me an alibi,and you sat and watched while I was found not guilty,that would likely be a source of irritation to you would it not?
        You would probably think that there was no justice in the land,right?
        Do I need to go on defending my right to find this sort of thing offensive?
        Of couse I do.
        Folks like you who think that kindness is something you extend when it pertains to how you see the conditions,but are nowhere to be found when confronted with a crime,are a dime a dozen in this country.
        They are the same ones creating hotlines to protect law breakers.
        I think that is wrong based on my experiences,and the conditions which arise from those who come here illegally and break our laws.
        You may think I am wrong.
        But I think history will be on my side.

        • JoMama

          Kick ass, cawmun cents!! I say that you explained that perfectly. BUT – I think that flashy just isn’t going to get it – because he has no common sense – there is a pun in there.

  • copsarecriminals

    The hot line in question is no doupt fake, its just a way to pretend to help mexicans so voters who are mexican vote for said politition, cops are the biggest criminals I’ve ever seen, and all of u cop loving hard line tea party fakes should know it, you just like to complain about everything

    • JoMama

      There really is a hotline. I called it just to harrass whoever answered the phone. I told them they are traitors to the American people & there should be no amnesty & they are Barack Obama’s puppets.

  • copsarecriminals

    I doupt anyone can dispute the fact that the real witchhunters are “law enforcement” trying to beef up they’re useless unamerican system of jails and drug wars with a new scam

    • Vigilant

      Oh I think that crackpot theory can be disputed by just about anyone.

      With a screen name like yours, I can understand your hatred. BTW, in which correctional facility are you being held?

      • cawmun cents

        He is likely one of those staunch defenders od his point of view,like those who killed fifty+ people after Rodney King got his ass whupped for leading police on a dangerous high speed chase through LA,and then resisting arrest.Yep that kind of justice which favors the crime over those who are trying to arrest the ones who broke the laws.
        The whole darned country are full of folks who think this and that.
        That is why I thank the Lord for helping our founders to ensure that I can protect my family,property,and self,by Constitutional Law.
        The same ones that the criminals would like to have rescinded so they can run amok over the populace.
        Just so you know,that person who thinks they can do that to me or any American with testicular fortitude,is number one with a bullet,Jack!
        Lets see how wellyour hotlines protect you from that!

    • JoMama

      Sounds like you have an axe to grind with members of law enforcement.
      Good luck with that. Been arrested much?? YOU may be the criminal here.
      Keep in mind that these “cops are criminals” are just doing their job & are regular people. If you have an attitude with any of them – yeah, then YOU have a problem.
      Some of my best friends are police. They are great people/police.

  • menlou-dallas

    …so, does anyone else here think that if we controlled the southern borders, well, all the borders for that matter, anyway, if we controlled the borders, wouldn’t that tend to decrease the amount of illegal immigrant activity, thus, perhaps, there would be little need to set up this phone line to monitor police who are doing their job….just wondering…??

    • Flashy

      Sure…,eyes rolling> that’s the answer. Wall them out…would that also not wall us in?

      Anyone who employs undocumented workers toss them in the county hoosegow for 60 days. No fine…just put ‘em in the county clink (and audit them to ensure they paid the correct taxes and not evaded them). Pretty soon, folks won’t hire undocumented workers. Guess what? no jobs, they won’t come over.

      Now if the Right was so all fired concerned about the issue, you’d think they’d be all over that policy pushing it hard. Instead, they want to punish some poor slob for doing the American Way…looking for a job.

      • Vigilant

        Flushhman, you got it wrong.

        “Now if the Right was so all fired concerned about the issue, you’d think they’d be all over that policy pushing it hard. Instead, they want to punish some poor slob for doing the American Way…looking for a job.”

        I know “the American Way” in your walnut brain means breaking the law to get a job, that’s not what it means to proper thinking Americans.

      • Vigilant

        “Sure…,eyes rolling> that’s the answer. Wall them out…would that also not wall us in?”

        Answer: No, it wouldn’t.

    • eddie47d

      We have at least 500 Americans who have been illegally jailed in Denver for a variety of supposed crimes. All innocent and one case a black man was arrested when a white man committed the crime. In another a white man was jailed when a black man committed the crime.One spent 9 days in jail and the other 7 months. So mistakes happen and this immigrant hotline could be a good thing to keep innocents people from being mistakenly deported.

      • Vigilant

        Hey eddie, if every criminal who claimed he was innocent used the hotline, you’d need about 100 call takers, 24/7. And paid by the taxpayers. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

      • eddie47d

        Always be on the side of the innocent and fight for justice for all.

        • cawmun cents

          That is if”all”means everyone but the American citizen,right eddie47d?

          • JoMama


  • Raggs

    I’m sure that us taxpayers will now be on the dole to provide “FREE” cell phones for all of the illegals crossing our border so these people can use them for drug running. Hell why don’t we just give them “FREE” firearms too?… Oh we already do that…
    Anything for a vote huh?

  • THOR


  • FWO21

    Ever hear of the National Defense Authorization Act? Well, all they have to do is THINK we are guilty of a crime and can slap us right in jail or worse.

    Last night, on coasttocoastam, I heard the guy say that the police is force isn’t even a constitutional requirement.

  • FWO21

    I’m sorry I didn’t proof-read before I posted. Should say “the police force isn’t even constitutional.

    • s c

      FWO21, there are police forces in every state. America has no single ‘police force.’ What counts is whether or not the regime in Washington has any plans for being CONSTITUTIONAL, moral or should be in power.
      For the last 3+ years, the criminals in Washington have run an utterly UNCONSTITUTIONAL government. THAT”S what matters. Any politician who can justify open borders is by definition a CRIMINAL. Look up and READ article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution.

  • Carole Harmon

    IN Albuquerque N.M. Jan. 2012 Juan Galindo raped and killed his girlfriends 1 month old daughter. He had been deported back to Mexico in Aug,, Has had several other felonies in which he was released-not deported. One was a child assult in El Paso, Dwi’s, drugs etc. What’s wrong with this picture. It’s pretty common for illegals to commit horrendous crimes in N.M. We have a Dem. controlled State Senate that thinks we should give ill. aliens driver’s licences! Impeach Obamma!

    • cawmun cents

      I just had a liberal thought….
      Why not make Mr.Galindo the new U.S. Attorney General?
      They would probably vett him as though he was good enough for the job.

      • cawmun cents

        Nope,instead get the man a hotline so he can have an alibi……

        Flashy…..where are you?


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