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DHS Grants Not Making Anyone Safer

December 6, 2012 by  

DHS Grants Not Making Anyone Safer

In a new report, Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) points out that America’s burgeoning homeland security apparatus is undermining the safety of the Nation with wasteful spending while robbing citizens of precious individual liberty.

Coburn’s report “Safety At Any Price: Assessing the Impact of Homeland Security Spending in U.S. Cities” takes a look at some of the ways that taxpayer dollars have been spent with the supposed purpose of making American cities safer.

The Senator singles out the Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) which provides government grants for the militarization of local police forces and other localized homeland security initiatives. But Coburn argues that the Federal government’s careless handouts are leading to gross misspending on unnecessary equipment.

DHS has spent an estimated $35 billion on grant programs over the past decade, $7.144 billion of which was directed to UASI grants. Coburn argues that it is unclear whether the many billions in spending has actually served to make American cities any safer from potential terror threats, pointing out some questionable uses of the grant funding throughout the Nation.

  • Michigan officials used DHS grant funding to purchase 13 sno-cone machines.
  • Officials in Cook County, Ill., spent $45 million in DHS funds on a failed video surveillance network.
  • City officials in Columbus, Ohio, were given $98,000 to purchase an underwater robot.
  • The tiny New Hampshire town of Keene (pop. 23,000) bought an armored military vehicle for its 40 cops to use during patrols of the local pumpkin festival.

Coburn also outlines a number of more mundane expenses in the report such as purchases of office equipment for local police forces or security upgrades to sports complexes. The biggest concern, the Senator argues, is that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is unable to define how, specifically, the billions of dollars in spending directly improves homeland security or disaster preparations.

From the report:

Given our nearly $16 trillion national debt, and the federal government’s many competing responsibilities, it is important that Congress carefully consider what we can afford and what investments on anti-terrorism programs will yield the best return on investment in terms of improved security. Before Congress embraces a consolidation plan, and allocates another $35 billion in homeland security grants, it is essential that DHS’s address the difficulties it has had to this point implementing the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) and other DHS grant programs.

The report also pointed out that DHA allowed cities to use grant funds to pay for officials’ attendance at the HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit in San Diego in late October. “The marquee event over the summit, however, was its highly promoted ‘zombie apocalypse’ demonstration,” the report said.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    From the day George W Bush created it, Homeland Security has been a joke. A bad joke played on the American people. Under Obama it’s become even worse. Instead of going after our country’s true enemies, they have found a new enemies to go after: veterans who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even Vietnam and the American people. They have seen the enemy and it is us.

    • Hey you

      No, the enemy is not us. The enemy is those who perceive that the enemy is us, but all the while curtailing the freedom which the US constitution previously guaranteed.

      • SJJolly

        DHS was tasked with fortifying America against terrorist attacks. With al-Qaida practically non-existant in the USA (other than some home grown wantabes), DHS has been hard pressed fo find good uses for the $ billions it has been given.
        Besides which, Q: what is the biggest difference between a fortress and a prison? A: Which way the guns are pointing.

    • LTCB

      Actually liked some of Bush efforts; until he started shredding the Constitution. Obama has been using it for toilet paper. But, the shredding started under Bush and Clinton.

      • Joe America

        We need a good Gestapo to ovesee our new brownshirts.

      • SJJolly

        Clinton, Bush, Obama, and those preceeding them, didn’t simply deside to “shread the Constitution.” Powerful interests are driving the expansion of Federal power, and any POTUS that comes out hard against them is going to get bulldozed out of the way.

  • Paul Wells

    What a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars, this HALO event was! Does DHS understand that real terrorists move a lot faster and in more cohesion than a bunch of fictional zombies? I mean…they DO understand that zombies are fictional, right?

    • Hedgehog

      Are you sure they are fictional? The zombie apocalypse occurred. The zombies won! Obama was re-elected!

      • Paul Wells

        Well, true that. Yes, then zombie training is real and necessary. After all, when the weather warms up, they’ll be occupying again this coming year!

    • Steve E

      Don’t they know that you can’t kill a Zombie, they are already dead. The Zombies will just get back up and eat your brains out.

  • Warrior

    And to think, all of this “bacon” could have been sent to detroit to save them. Quid Pro Quo. We deliver the votes, you pay us. Super, just Super!

  • roger gunderson

    Our legislators are 99% of all Americas problems.

    • Hey you

      I would say that you’re wrong. Only about 89% of the problems are caused by legislators. We do have hurricanes and earthquakes now and then.

    • mark

      No, the American people are 99% of America’s problems. Have you ever talked to any of them – and gauged their level of intelligence? Just read this blog to get an idea of their level of rationality.

      • Cramer

        Mark would you PLEASE post this again and again and again until We the People start to understand what you’re saying?!

      • Joe America

        Mark, buddy, you won’t have to worry about all those Americans for much longer. In fact, the entire world is about to be thinned out by the NWO. There’s a huge monument in Elbert County, Georigia, USA, called the Georgia Guide Stones. It’s also called the American Stone Henge. Here’s a fairly benign link to Wikipedia, which contains an article about the monument and it’s very cryptic origins:

        The NWO clearly believes that the world would be better off with a population of only 1/2 a billion. It clearly states this on the monument, in many languages. Not only do they want to reduce the population of the world, but they want to make sure good breeding is going on with what’s left of humanity. All the rest of what’s said is sounds great, if your still alive and around to appreciate it.

        I agree that Americans have gone down the crapper, intellectually, but you must realize that’s been planned. The NWO has been working desperately to dumb down America for decades. Their greatest achievement in this effort, was when their CFR stooge, Jimmy Carter, created the Department of “Education.” The NWO should be very proud of Jimmy, as his efforts have successfully dumbed down Americans by lowering the bar, over, and over, again.

        The number of years that Americans had attended any schooling was pretty spars during the Civil War, however, if you read any letters written by soldiers of either side, to their loved ones, it’s like prose. The hand writing is excellent and the verbiage is like poetry. Today, the average person can’t form a sentence. It also doesn’t help that Sodium Fluoride, which suppresses intellectual function, has been mandetorily put into our water. It’s a waste by-product of aluminum production. It’s the main ingredient in rat poison and prozac. The hype about reducing cavities is only a cover. It’s a wonder our brains aren’t flowing out of our noses and ears:

        As a last thought, ever wonder why we have so much cancer in our nation? Check this out:

        Our own National Toxicolgy Program, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, has conducted a study, proving sodium fluoride causes cancer. Imagine that.

        So, Mark, you’re right, we are stupid, but there is a reason why.

      • JC

        I totally agree. Americans sit back and complain but wont do anything to get these corrupt, greedy, selfish dogs out of office. The bible says greedy dogs. Our borders are wide open for anyone to come here and our legislators give them drivers licenses, food, section 8 as they suck American taxpayers dry!!

      • JC

        mark says:

        December 6, 2012 at 9:32 am

        No, the American people are 99% of America’s problems. Have you ever talked to any of them – and gauged their level of intelligence? Just read this blog to get an idea of their level of rationality.

        A case in point.

      • ranger09

        mark, so true, the American People are to blame for they allow this crap to start and exist. WE need to change or get rid of these People, But things will never change because we just keep on following the Bell. Govt grants to States, Cities, has always been abused NO over site. Let States and cities take care of there own problems,Thats why we pay State and Local Taxes. Except for GOOD and USEFUL Projects. I remember a small town received a grant covering a 4 man Police Dept. 100,000 dollars for Electronic equipment NO one new how to use and had no use for it, Set in storage for years until the town sold for a few thousand dollars. NEED to have more control on wasting taxpayers dollars. But remember we pay them VERY well to look after our Country and its People. Of course im making a Joke.

      • Old Henry

        And here is another explanation why we have a cancer epidemic.

    • Old Henry

      The government is a reflection of the governed.

  • Joe America

    Here comes the NWO. It’s not going to happen, my little babies, it’s already happened.

  • Fenix1

    I’d like to know why they felt they needed to purchase over a Billion rounds of Ammunition! Check the Federal Register!

  • Terry Sternaman


  • tlgeer

    Sam Rolley,

    Have you actually verified the facts stated in the report, or are you just doing “copy and Paste”?

  • ranger09

    CRIME will never be controlled by these Agencys, FOR they Exist because of crime, Crime keeps them well Paid, Crime makes them become larger and more Powerful. YET crime still is on the Rise and will keep on rising UNTIL the American People Say NO MORE. Since the day WE took off our Guns and started hiring people to Protect our Lives and Property,It has slowly turned into THIS And all these Agencys we pay to Protect US and Our Country NO longer answer to US they Answer to The Powers to Be. And we all know they will do nothing to Stop crime because they exist only because of crime. An old Sheriff back in Texas once told me that he did not need to hire more officers That he had all he needed.for basic problems, I asked him what if he had a major problem.Well he said young man, BECAUSE he could Muster as many as he needed in two hours, Because the American Citizens are my Peaceofficers when needed, because it is their RIGHT and it was written into law to Protect what belongs to them. They dont make many Sheriffs like him today. I guess thats always been my problem, He taught me well. Right from Wrong, Respect for the People who put their Safety and Trust into you.PROUD TO SERVE wonder what that means today.

    • tlgeer

      “Since the day WE took off our Guns and started hiring people to Protect our Lives and Property”

      We have almost always had police/sheriff/constable protection. What you said doesn’t make sense. Do some historical research.

      • ranger09

        Tigeer, back in time we carried our Guns to protect our lives and property when there was NO or Very little Lawmen. I can tell you were Raised in the east. Also YOU should read up more on the History of this Country. Also i bet you have never carried around Guns for 12-24 hrs a day, They are heavy and hamper your working time. The worst thing that ever happened was when the people gave up their right to keep and carry. And we thought the old days were Bad, Just look at our crime today.

        • Joe America

          Ranger, Everything you said is absolutely correct. People have been brainwashed by the NWO media anti-gun program. They will never understand the need to protect one’s self, until roving gangs begin their attack on citizens. Even if we don’t have a breakdown in society, people need to be armed. If every woman had concealed carry, there would be no rapes. Raping a woman is all about power and abuse of another human being. The leverage the average male has over the average female is quickly lost when a woman draws down on her would be rapist. Having a gun is not about being a red necked, gun toting white male, as the NWO media preaches to the public, on a regular basis. Having a gun is leverage of the weak, against the strong. As soon as Australians were forced to turn in all their guns, citizens denied the right to protect their homes and lives, suffered horribly when crime sored, trippling. Why? Because criminals regained the advantage of the strong, over the weak. As well, there are now only two classes of individuals who own guns in Australia; 1) military & police and 2) criminals. And, good Autralian citizens are now at the mercy of both. The only people who preach gun control are shills of the NWO, who want citizens unarmed so they can’t resist them, criminals who want to steal from them, kill them, or rape them, or fools; people with no sense of self preservation. There is such a thing as a survival IQ and peope anxious to give up their guns have low ones. People who strictly rely on their government to protect and care for them, will become extinct.

        • tlgeer

          “Tigeer, back in time we carried our Guns to protect our lives and property when there was NO or Very little Lawmen. I can tell you were Raised in the east.”

          You need to a LOT more historical research! Try actually reading town meetings and what they said and what they paid for. You, quite obviously, have not read anything even close.

          As for my being brought up in the East, what facts have led you to believe this?

  • ranger09

    100 sq miles, one deputy, Fight in a Honky Tonk along the River.About 5 Cowboys, The Deputy walked in seen the Problem. Knew that he could not stop it by himself Safely without someone getting hurt. So he looked around and picked 5 large Texans and said Boys break up that fight, Well these boys knew that they had to do as requested, After the Fight was stopped and the Deputy warned them No More Problems tonite, He was ready to leave when he walked over to the Men that assisted him and thanked them for the Help. The men replied its not only that its the law for us to assist, BUT you belong to US and its our Right to come to your aid when needed.

    • tlgeer

      Where do you get such strange stories? And what makes you believe that they are pertinent?

  • Mindy Robinson

    These issues will not be resolved so long as we continue to accept the 2 parties, repubs and dems as our only options. It is time for a new party. Until we are ready to accept that all of this will continue on. Allowed to fester much longer and there will be no peaceful means of ending the corruption in gov.

  • http://yahoo ROHBAR

    The d-h-s no security to it, its to help those who will be brainwashed (those who are to protect the American serf now!) when zee fuhre obama proclaims marshal law and many
    of zee units will be arrested and put into zee FEMA camps with gas chambers, guillotines and most likely shooting galleries for you and me! The whole global elitists plan is to get rid of the eaters of the world you can see it on zee Georgia Guide Stone!

  • USN retired

    The one bad thing that could have been done by any president is generate an organization that can be turned on our own people at the whim of a bureucrat or a president. We the people are the government not the administration nor his or her bureucratic lackies. The Constitution specifically says foreign or domestic ENEMIES not people who don’t agree with their policies. That is a right guarenteed by the Constitution by an afterthought of the founders in adding the states rights amendments specifically the first amendment giving us free speech (which as been eroded by this and other administrtions)for those that still study American history— Remember “John Paul Jones”.


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