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DHS Chief Says U.S. Borders More Secure, But Some Disagree

November 20, 2009 by  

DHS chief says U.S. borders more secure, but some disagree Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said the government is meeting many of the benchmarks which were set in 2007 as a prerequisite to immigration reform, according to media reports.

Speaking last Friday at the Center for American Progress, Napolitano said 600 miles of border fence have been completed to date and more than 20,000 Border Patrol agents have been hired, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

"I’ve been dealing hands-on with immigration issues since 1993, so trust me: I know a major shift when I see one, and what I have seen makes reform far more attainable this time around," she said, quoted by the news provider.

However, Terence P. Jeffrey, editor-in-chief of, recently quoted Lloyd Easterling, acting director of media relations for the DHS, as saying that Border Patrol is planning to decrease the number of agents on the U.S.-Mexico border by 384 in fiscal year 2010 which started on Oct 1.

In addition, Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, who is the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, expressed concerns about the more than 400 miles of border with Mexico which are still open.

The AP says the 2006 immigration enforcement legislation called for 700 miles of border fences and barriers to be built, and it quotes immigration critics who say the existing fence has not been built with double layers as the law requires.

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    What the hell does Nappy know, she’s part of the NObummer garbage dumpster administration and is just as stupid as ALL the rest of them????

    • http://none Sharon Tipton

      Well let me tell you that Madam Homeland Security Janet Napolitano doesn’t know beans about what is happening in Juarez – the Drug Cartel is still killing every day as of yesterday in Juarez and one time in El Paso, so where in Hades is that freaking Border Protection she was bragging about then?! Just another idiot of Obama’s pulling the wool over our eyes when it comes to their wanting amnesty to give all the money away to that Obama’s guys are printing out on the presses daily LOL!

      • Jana

        Janet N says the benchmarks for 2007 are being met, but things keep changing and are becoming increasingly worse. She is not up to date on what is going on.
        These benchmarks need changing almost daily.

        Our government is failing us in “KEEPING US SAFE”

        So many gangs have come across our borders and are now well established here in the states and they are wreaking havoc on and in our communities.

        Drugs which are still illegal are being brought in and we persecute the Border Patrol instead of backing them up.

        Illegals are still coming over in droves every single day. What they need they steal until hopefully getting established. By getting established that means taking jobs away from US citizens.

        We are not safe!

        • Curtis S

          Jana you talk about illegal drugs like it’s the Mexicans’ fault? It’s YOUR fault (not you personally Jana, your country.) It’s supply and demand capitalism at it’s best. If you Americans smoke, snort and shoot the illegal drugs somebody has to supply them. Why are you mad at enterprising Mexican capitalists trying to live the American dream making Americans $$$, from American drug-users? You won’t stop the drug trade until you stop being the world’s biggest consumers of illegal drugs. You’re hypocrites. Blame the Mexicans for everything, until you need your friendly neighbourhood Mexican to hook you up with some Acapulco Gold for the weekend. Until America weans itself from foreign drugs, the problem will not go away.

          • Jana

            Curtis, you are right in that we are a large consumer of these drugs.
            I noticed that you picked up on one aspect of what I was saying. I also said our government doesn’t even back the Border Patrol from using force to stop these drug runners and illegals from coming over.

            A lot of the illegals belong to some really bad gangs too that use and sell these drugs, and they make the most money.

            I know I probably shouldn’t be mad at the enterprising Mexican capitalists or blame them. They are so misunderstood. They don’t mean to kill anyone who tries to stop them. They just bring their guns along to make them look tough. They don’t know any better than to vandalize, steal, rape, and kidnap innocent women and children, and cause chaos and mayhem along the Border.

            Why in fact maybe we should just all line up in a long line and let them shoot us for fun and target practice. Yep, just give up, and not try to make things better.

            Its funny I had heard the term Acapulco Gold, but never knew what it stood for before reading it in the context of your post.

            Truly you are right, America needs to wean itself from all drugs, not just foreign.

          • Joe H.

            You seem to know a bit about drugs. Could you be speaking from experience?

        • Joe H.

          As the article says the border is more secure. Yup about as secure as a sieve treated with vaseline!!! Water proof for about 10 seconds!!!

      • John

        It’s just a bunch of BS, typical of what this administration is good at administering. Only the dummies buy into their crap.
        I don’t know about you, I just don’t like seeing any of those people on the news anytime or anywhere, I don’t believe a thing they say.
        The facts are just overwhelming, the only question is: On what topic would you like verification to prove they’re a bunch of liars? Not to mention their ineptness at running anything.

    • Jana

      Call your Senator today on whether you want the Senate to vote on whether or not to have a discussion on this Health Care Bill. They are voting on this tomorrow, Sat.the 21st. If they vote yes, it is almost a positive that it will go through.

    • bob

      Napolitano does know what the real issues are, and is disseminating miss information to take people off point. The preferred immigration policy is let all the Mexicans cross the border to work in the US and to heck with the American public.

      I lived in Utah several years and Police Chief Ortega took office while I was there. I am sure that they thought he would be “soft” on the immigration issue. But after awhile in office he correctly identified the issue, he said the majority of crime is committed by the minority, principally the illegals from Mexico. Many times you’d hear of a rape or murder just to find the perpetrators fled back across the border to Mexico. Our politicians hide these facts! Of course they got rid of the truth talking Ortega.

      And, another negative aspect, our government just wants us to pick up the social costs. It cost money to pay for the illegals to go into our hospitals; our costs go up because the hospitals cannot refuse them so they pass along the unrecoverable costs to us. When they ram health care down our throats it will be just another vehicle to rob the US citizens to pay the social cost for the illegals!
      When does it end, well it ends when you vote out the political element that defends the un-American policies they put in place.

  • richeyrich

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Ilegal immigration it not an important issue with this administration. Causing the US and all its citizens to go broke is their only concern at this point.

    • Joe H.

      I read the other day the higher up in the dems have told the people that are at risk, the people who are up for reelection in 2010 were to avoid the subject of amnesty at all costs. Gee, I wonder why?

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    To paraphrase the wonderful, compassionate women regulars on “The View”, “What is it with Democrat women [in charge of federal agencies] named Janet?”. Anyway: “Don’t Worry, Bob’s here!” That was the punch line from a rather memorable commercial for a temp agency from a few years ago. I took that line, applied it to illegal immigration and came up with the following tongue in cheek essay: “Don’t worry, B.O.B.’s here!” “B.O.B.” stands for “Bag limit? Or Bounty?” (If Bounty, “Dead or Alive?”) It went on from there. Unfortunately, it’s lost somewhere in the old, real old computer it was created on. You, however, I believe, get the idea. Of course, the “progressives” who read it were “outraged, simply outraged” by it. I saw this reaction as a good sign, since they usually are by the truth. I also was saddened by the realization that “A Modest Proposal”, or something similar, could not be published in todays world of “Politically Correct, New Speak”.

  • Winona Wacker

    What does Napolitano know? When she was in Arizona, she was so busy tearing down the infrastructure of the state so her Mexican boyfriends could move in, she didn’t address any of the problems the state had otherwise. She is guilty of taking property from the rightful owners and giving it to her Mexican friends, she has allowed illegals to move into the country with no legal problems, and gives them jobs that she has taken from Americans. As far as I am concerned, Napolitano is a liar, a murderer, thief, political assassin, and overall a thoroughly dishonest, evil little twit! Maybe she’ll get hit by a 10-ton truck, and won’t bother us any more!

    • bruce

      janet does not like men she likes ugly females like herself.

      • Joe H.

        there seems to be a lot of women like that in the dem party!!!

  • susanburnette

    these people are draining our country dry, most of our jobs went over to other countrys we say our laws work but our own government lets this go .A law is a law , just tell me any other country that we can go to and make money and live off of when they have so many out of work . this is so the dems can get more votes and make this country like mexico poor . if the government wants to help them go over there and change the place leave our country alone. God bless america.

    • AZ Rifleman

      I agree fully along with very deep and disturbing additional concerns;
      In regard to the unrest in the border towns as a result of the Drug Cartels fighting for power and position the illegal influences are not only becoming more severe but are reaching deeper and deeper into the United States. Connections and alliances are quickly solidifying between the cartel factions and illigal gangs throughout the US and these unions are cementiing themselves into extremely dangerous factions of organized crime ivolving the drug trade on all levels so that what has been experienced up to now for the most part in Mexico, will more and more be realized in our country, yet our own Government, by turning a blind eye, refuses to acknowledge any of it, and won’t even when it is too late and we have US citizens dying on our city streets.

      The other problem associated with this is the banter coming out of middle eastern countries joking about how porous our southern borders really are. Terrorists from these countries are expressing great interest in entering the US along with the rest of the illegal aliens from Mexico / South America, and have gestured benevolently to assist Mexico with their faultering economic issues.

      • AZ Rifleman

        Sorry ’bout the mispellings…my mind gets going faster than my fingers.

        • Joe H.

          Don’t apologize we get the point and a good one at that!

      • bruce

        long range shooting practice should take place on the border..50 cal

        • Joe H.

          I can make do with an M-60. I don’t wanna’ kill just brown stain some shorts!!!

  • s c

    WAKE UP, America! Napolitano should change her name to Barbie (fer sure). Like bubba clinton (arkansas), they won’t ‘want her back’ when she’s done in washington. Her favorite drink must make her think America has a very narrow south border. As I recall, it’s a BIG border. No one in her position can do the job if they’re allowed to live in constant denial in that paranoid’s paradise called washington.
    It’s obvious to most Americans that standards for getting into politics are so LOW that ANYONE can wind up in washington if they’re willing to tolerate perverts, criminals, turncoats and worse. All they need to do is to accept a damned ultralib brain transplant. Look what it did for (or to) gore and biden. To make life even worse, they want to do it to America’s kids, in the name of ‘it’s for the children.’
    Whatever we did wrong, we’ve got to STOP making washington a country club/resort for quasi-human FILTH.

    • Joe H.

      s c,
      When the ICE caught some 25 illegals last year in a raid Nappy told them to release them and issue work permits to them. Gee, I wonder if I go out and steal a car I can get her to order MY release!!!!!

  • Robert

    Spin, Spin, Spin. That’s all this administration does. No facts to back them up unless its a study their own people did. There is a rumor going around, and I haven’t been able to find any info on it anywhere. It says, :This administration and democratic leadership is developing a plan that would suspend November elections if the Dems appear that they will loose a substantial number of seats in congress and the senate. The rumor goes on to say that there is some sort of legislation that permits the President to suspend all National and State elections temporarily if he declares a National emergency and there is an imminent threat to our National Security. Does anyone know of this or heard about it? Like I said, I can’t find out anything on this and believe it is probably just a rumor. At least I hope it is.

    • Joe H.

      I hope there’s no truth to it as I think you would see riots like Detroit circa 68′. Don’t even want to see that again but……

      • s c

        JoeH, I don’t want to see bad things happen, either, but this disaster of an administration is busy doing everything it can to turn America upside down. What the twin boobs in the white house and most of our elected criminals in congress need to realize is that when this speeding train hits whatever is sitting on the proverbial tracks, ALL of the BLAME goes to COMRADE OBAMA.
        My parents would never have believed that a prez could act like a textbook paranoid schizophrenic and almost get away with it. The price for this concentrated stupidity is going to be extremely
        high – and in many more ways than one.
        Payback is going to be a first class ^*#(). You and I and most Americans know that comrade obama and his camp-followers will he looking for rocks to crawl under when their antics are obvious to the rest of America. The Founding Fathers warned us. Thank God, some of us can read and understand what’s gone so wrong.

        • Joe H.

          Nah, he’ll just join his brothers…….in the middle east. he’ll sit around their fires lamenting the fact that there were too many Americans that could see through his smoke screen!!!

      • bruce

        hitler was only to the right of stalin other wise there was little difference between them.curtis are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party or a front group like the obama party?

    • AZ Rifleman

      I haven’t heard anything but considering how much they have trampled our constitution over the past year I wouldn’t be suprised to find this is just another “step in time”.

      • John

        I haven’t heard anything on this either, but it’s typical or should I say atypical of what this administration is well practiced at doing.

      • Curtis S

        Hey Chuck Connors! Explain what you mean by “how much they have trampled our constitution over the past year”. Ya got any examples backed by facts?

        • John

          Curtis, just pull your head out of your a*# the facts are overwhelming.

          • Curtis S

            That’s not an example nor is it supported by a fact.

        • Jana

          Curtis, where are you from? Earlier in a post to me you said “You Americans”. This says you are not from here. Do you live here now and where did you come from?

          • Curtis S


          • Joe H.

            You are from germany and you try to tell us about OUR faults? How is the rising tide of skin heads doing for you over there? How about the nazis that are still active over there? Let’s see, a country that up to about, what ten years ago was divided in two parts? And we helped get rid of that as well!!! Talk about hypocrites!!!!!

          • Curtis S

            Yes JoeH, ten years ago Germany was a divided country and neo-Nazism was on the rise. I was feeling a little nostalgic so I came here. Lots of division, lots of talk about removing elected leaders, lots of talk about getting rid of minorities. It takes me back.

            Honestly, I always wondered how people could blindly follow Paul Joseph Goebbel’s propaganda in the 30s. So I decided to write my thesis on it. You people have been like a time machine for my research. The way you praise Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News is astonishing. Proven time and time again to be the most manipulative news source in the free world your adoration of Fox is just astonishing. Just like Herr Goebbels, Rupert Murdoch’s brown shirts of Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck and the rest of the gang are using The Big Lie as first described in Mein Kampf. Goebbels was one of Hitler’s most devout followers, Fox News’ Roger Ailes has been a Republican media advisor as far back as Nixon. Goebbels used the “Big Lie”, Ailes has his “Orchestra Pit” theory. This forum has been one of my “petri dishes” for my research, thankfully you people are a little more liberal, a little more rational and a little less scary than the fanatics on the Fox threads.

          • s c

            Jana, do you think curtis would try and explain how he can confuse Nazis (national socialists) with right wing Americans? Even if right wingers had plans for acting like hitlerian stormtroopers, we can’t hold a candle to comrade obama and his brainwashed hordes. Comrade obama’s obsession for total control is taken straight out of Hitler’s master blueprint.
            Comrade obama could stand in for hugo chavez at any time (or a leader in russia, china or north korea).
            Confusing, eh?

          • c. lee

            It doesnt matter where curtis is from if he is unhappy here perhaps he needs to go back where he came from. Dont speek about the immagrants because we welcome them as long as they do it legally. As I understand it ellis Island was the legal way thats how my grandparents came here. But in my dictioary ilegall still means outside of the law. When you started talking you gave youself away. When you speak you refer to us as you people that tells me all I need to know,so curtis if your not with us then your against us. Your nothing more than a talking head doing what you talking heads do but you wont change who we are or what we stand for so give it up and go home comrade.

          • Joe H.

            s c,
            that’s because he is a socialist from Germany and to him all people are socialists!!!! that’s why he likes O-man so much!!!

  • AlfredJSenior

    Chuckle! Yeah…..just as with every other aspect of governance this administration has a very different idea about how to handle the immigration problem.

    They aren’t worried about fences, border guards, illegal aliens and immigration reform. They know that all things are inconsequential to their plan: to end ALL illegal immigration into this country in less than 10 years.

    Instead, Obama and his “tanked thinkers” borrowed a tested, tried and true model used by countless countries for the last three centuries: destroy this country’s economy, enslave and impoverish its people, eliminate all property rights, spend 10 times more than the country’s dwindling GDP each year, raise the debt so high it can never be paid off, erase the worth of the country’s currency, raise taxes to nearly 100% of income, destroy free capital and free enterprise, set up a totalitarian state that encroaches into every aspect of its citizens lives and redistributes most of its citizens wealth – in short make it very, very unattractive to live here.

    Et Voila’! No more illegal immigration…… least in this direction. Saaay…..anybody out there know any reliable, inexpensive “cayotes” who still take greenbacks and can get folks across the stream……going South.

  • Russ Moore

    I believe the 20,000 new hires is closer to 37! Anyone believe 20,000? Sounds like “jobs saved-or-created” math.

    • Joe H.

      There’s a whole lot of new jobs created by the gov…….All out in those non-existent wards in some states. Didn’t you hear about that?

  • Kris

    Obama does not want to keep us safe. This is a man who disrespects American dead and the American flag! After the Hood massacre, he appoints a muslim to homeland security. This female Muslim is a strict believer and will not help keep us safe at all! Obama wants amnesty for the lawbreakers who are here now and wants them to bring over their aunties and grannys and cousins so he can give them amnesty too! Give me a break with unemployment over 10%, this is what he does to help Americans! Not only is he wanting to do that, they have increased the work visa’s to 200 thousand instead of the 100 thousand that they have now. Wow, good luck getting a job or even finding one! Since he intends to reward lawbreakers, well I guess that makes it ok for us to commit crimes and get no punishment! Maybe the messiah will reward us with cash instead of jail time since were already citizens. Who knows, but I would tend to doubt it. If anything we will get even more jail time then usual so the illegals have more jobs!

    And lets not forget about cap and tax! Wow, that will drive more businesses out of America to foreign shores and leave even less jobs! And then there’s the deathcare bill. Premiums will go up so you can’t afford them and then they can fine you and put you in jail, leaving more jobs for the illegals! Don’t ya just love this messiah? Tell me, are you loving the change? Every time the messiah opens his mouth, lies come out but he is such a good con man that gullible people believe him! Wake up folks, he is a con man of the highest order, the same kind of con man who robs old people and gullible people out of their life savings!

    Just this memorial day while at Arlington cemetary, he again refused to place his hand over his heart for the national anthem and the raising of the flag. Does this say anything to you yet? Are you getting it yet? He despises America and wants to ruin it totally. He wants a one world govt. in which I’m sure he see’s himself as king!

    It’s time to impeach this traitor!

    • Joe H.

      good luck on that giving YOU money. You’re not wearing a bhurka!!!!

  • http://suicidepreventionblog Darrel Wayne Sides

    “My; Response,on this matter,is this.We need to quit sending all of our jobs overseas.Quit making our country more unsafe,than it already is now,by allowing eilligal human trafficking into this Country.,From any Country in the world,for that matter.Not just Mexico,but every other third world country too.We also need to put a cap,on trade policies with China.Also,sue them,for unfair trade practicices.We need,also to get back the $800,000,000.00.That China owes Us too.That in itself,I think would pay off Our national debt,to Make other Countries,pay Us for any unpaid debts also.Thank You!And God Bless America.Sincerly;Darrel W Sides.(MOONDOGGY)McAlester,Oklahoma.74501.

  • http://at@t uscitizen

    Bull! There is alreay too many over here, i can’t turn around in the supermarket without stumbling over one or their half dozen kids.I don’t care what they do about immigration reform, it won’t matter. we are already overrun and drained economically by illegals. I don’t think nothing they do will help our country which is more like mexico!! The stupid Dms knows that and thats why they are pushing amnesty. Its the only hope they have of staying in office.

  • Joe H.

    If that is how you truly feel about this country, why don’t you go back to the Fatherland and stay!!!! Go back and “improve things” there rather than screw things up here! You are just like two Vietnamese I overheard a few years back. They were griping and complaining about the fact that they couldn’t make enough money on the job that Uncle Sam gave them and the house the government gave them wasn’t big enough!!! You go to college here, probably on the dole and here you are cutting down the country that gave it to you!! Du Miam!!!!


    Everyone should KNOW by now about the crap these piece of crap Democrats pull!!! (Repubs do it once in awhile as well, but NO WHERE near as much as the Dems!) Didn’t Clinton give nuclear technology to Iran and North Korea?!! How much money did he get for that? Didn’t Gore (under Clintons orders) MAKE INS LEGALLIZE OVER 1 MILLION ILLEGALS, WITH NO BACKGROUND CHECKS AT ALL BEFORE THE 96 ELECTION?!! Didn’t Biden tell the terrorists in Beriut in 83 that if they killed enough of our men that we’ll just pack up and leave (just like Vietnem), so when it happened (they killed 241 of you Marines there) Biden was asked “Don’t you think you had a hand in that, the killing of our men?” And what was Biden’s answer?- “Well, yeah, but if I didn’t do that then how would we get back in the Whitehouse?” (check Wall Street Journal for that)
    It ALL happened!!! And now you’re surprised that Obama and his Dem-Mafia are doing all they can to destroy this country and SIEZE POWER FOR GOOD??? ARE YOU ALL BRAINDEAD??? You keep voting them into office, so just like they say- “YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!” Right?

  • Robin from Indiana

    It is really sad to know that illegals in our country have more rights than we do.
    Oh, and Curtis…. you really don’t know squat about Fox News. To be informed, it is the only station to watch and get the entire scoop, without the benefit of slant. You sound brain-washed. You probably wouldn’t understand….

  • kilrntex

    They should move Area 51 to the border, so they can use deadly force to keep people out. If the “wets or fence jumpers” can’t read the signs…..well I hate that for them!

  • Ed Pyeatt

    Janet knows, as does each and every member of Congress, that if JOBS ARE AVAILABLE, FOLKS WILL CROSS THE BORDER ILLEGALLY FOR THEM!!!

    Until our Congress abandons its sell-out to business’ craving for the low pay, benefit free labor of the illegals and sets the social security card as this nation’s SOLE WORK AUTHORIZATION DOCUMENT the border WILL BE OUT OF CONTROL!!! A respectable, secure, enforced social security card, DEFINED AS CONGRESS AS A WORK AUTHORIZATION DOCUMENT IN THEIR OTHERWISE DESPICABLE IMMIGRATION REFORM AND CONTROL ACT OF 1986 is the SOLUTION!! By their own definition, that card is NOT a national ID card as they utter to avoid action.

    Fences, tens of thousands of agents and other costly resources are unnecessary. Waste. Fodder so Congress and people like Janet don’t have to lose their campaign contributions from businesses who employ illegals.

    Until WE, THE PEOPLE, make them accountable, we will continue to waste billions of taxpayers’ dollars so they can continue in their lucrative employment, ignoring the PEOPLE!

    I am a retired, career U.S. Border Patrol Agent, proud of the great work our young folks do on the border, in spite of the losing strategies conjured by folks like JANET to avoid the obvious.


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