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DHS Announces Increased Vigilance Of Social Networks

November 2, 2011 by  

DHS Announces Increased Vigilance Of Social Networks

If you post to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, the Department of Homeland Security is probably watching you.

As part of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign and a new National Terrorism Advisory System, DHS is looking at ways to better monitor social networks and “training hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers across the country in filling out suspicious activity reports” on social network postings, DHS Undersecretary Caryn Wagner told The Associated Press.

The use of social media to coordinate uprisings in the Mideast and the riots in England “shocked some officials into attention and prompted questions of whether the U.S. needs to do a better job of monitoring domestic social networking activity,” Wagner said.

While Wagner said DHS is not “actively monitoring any social networks,” there is little comfort in that. There are passive ways of monitoring to catch words or phrases that can put you on DHS radar. And U.S. law enforcement and the military have long been training to prepare for large-scale domestic uprisings.

How will they respond? Just take a look at the crackdown on the Occupy movement in New York and Oakland, Calif., for a good idea.

An economic collapse is inevitable. The United Nations International Labour Organization issued a report Monday warning that the world faces a dramatic downturn in employment and a new recession which will lead to greater unrest. The Greek/euro crisis could very well be the first domino to fall, setting off a cascade that roils the world markets in a way far worse than the 2008 crash.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Crusader

    Never in the 200 years plus that this country has existed have we suffered under a more corrupt, incompetent, secretive, and generally distasteful administration than the one we are currently experiencing.The amazing thing to me is the total lack of intestinal fortitude shown by the opposition party. The American people have overwhelmingly denounced this pack of micreants yet the politicians sit back and wring their hands while humming Happy Days are Here Again. While I have nothing but disdane for this administration, I am appalled and angry at the total lack of representative government. The sad thing is, we will trudge to the polls next November and vote for the same pack of do-nothings we have now. We as a people deserve all that we are getting. Are there any leaders left to champion the cause of liberty? Apparently not. Bugler, whup out that horn and play Taps. This is a funeral.

    • traci mccormick

      There are alot of us that feel as you do…WE need to stat on top of the liberal lies and voter fraud and watch those watching us they are a sneaky corrupt bunch of liars.

      • JimRed

        You’re right Traci, just don’t do it on Facebook or Twitter! Looks like we’ll be back to passing notes to one another in passing, then burning them to avoid capture.

        • firefight

          JimRed, There’s more to what you say than you might realize. It is already known that everything we do on Google is tracked and the Twitter and Facebook sites are monitored. Don’t even let them tell you that they aren’t. With FEMA stocking up on MRE’s and the camps they have put in place around the country, don’t think this is the government’s plan for nationwide daycare. This is all about being ready to deploy military and police against the populace. Something else the Constitution supposedly protects us from. The flagrant disregard for anything the Constitution guarantees us by this administration should tell us that they won’t hesitate to turn the military against us as soon as we show our will to resist and attack them and the use of foreign troops who do not care one damn thing about us will be a part of that deployment. PEOPLE, THIS CAN HAPPEN!

          • independent thinker

            couple of thoughts/comments.

            Watch the TV show Person of Interest.

            Has anyone else seen the car commercial that shows the car “breaking out of an internment camp”.

          • Old Henry

            IT, I have not heard of the TV show nor have I seen the commercial. However, when commercials come on I generally hit the up or down channel button.

            What network is the TV show on, and when?

          • independent thinker

            CBS Thursday 8:00pm. It fits right in with todays subject.

          • independent thinker

            Old Henery, I usualy read during commercials unless there is a ball game on I want to check the score on so I don’t change channels a lots.

    • Stunned at sunset

      Crusader: All of you are ABSOLUTELY correct in your assessments save for one VERY IMPORTANT aspect: You use the term “Liberal” or “Liberalism” and it is MEANINGLESS in this context. Remember, ALL of the horrid and oppressive laws that now torment our existence were put upon us by a CONSERVATIVE President’s Administration. These senseless and costly wars were perpetrated by people who called themselves “patriots.”

      These distasteful actions; this unpleasant circumstance has nothing to do with “political” monikers. It has to do with “thought” and “perception.” These people are REACTIONARIES. WE are the REVOLUTIONARIES. THEY want the return of a Fascist, feudal state where lords and ladies of “high breeding” dominate us and own us running our lives into the ground until we are disposed of as nothing more than “human refuse.” WE want a democratic paradigm wherein everyone is given value as a human being (rich and poor alike). From THAT platform of governance, we can build an equitable future.

      There’s nothing wrong with being a revolutionary whether you are a social conservative or a progressive. Harmony will always come out of a system of social integration where people make every effort to understand each other instead of parking their fellows into neat little cubbies of identification for the sake of political expediency.

      You may get angry with me but none of us should be labeling the brave souls who are now carrying the torches of Liberty as anything more than heroes of the human race.

      • Vicki

        Stunned says:
        “Remember, ALL of the horrid and oppressive laws that now torment our existence were put upon us by a CONSERVATIVE President’s Administration.”

        Well, not exactly. Bush is what Conservatives call a RINO. However let us ignore that for a moment and ask the following VERY interesting question.

        If Obama is the savior, why then, in the 2 FULL years he had all of Congress at his side, with a SuperMajority in the House and filibuster proof Senate, did he do NOTHING to correct those “evils”? WHY did he (and they) extend the patriot act provisions. TWICE? (Maybe more). Why does the DHS still exist? Why do all those horrid and oppressive laws that now torment our existence STILL exist?

        The problem is, as it always has been, (Big) Government.

      • ChristyK

        We are a Republic, not a Democracy. A Republic is “rule of law”. A Democracy is “mob rule”. Our founders were very clear about not wanting a Democracy.

        • moonbeam

          ChristyK is correct. The US is a republic. It is well documented that democracy was the downfall of many nations. When you hear a politician talk about democracy, he’s talking about mob rule. Much like what Obama is doing now, ruling by executive order and fear.

          If a politician does not understand that we are a republic, then he does not deserve to be in office. Additionally, any one vying for public office should need to take and pass a test on The Constitution. Only give them one chance to pass it, make it hard as hell with most of it being composition.

          Yep, they have to write out the answers and cite where in the constitution to back up their answer and discuss a case where it applied. Make it very hard as HELL to pass. This means they have to study very hard for it. This should be mandatory so we don’t this BS we have now.

          If they fail it, that’s it. No second chances. AND I want to see a bonifide US birth certificate for presidential candidates. NOT a certificate of live birth (COLB). They are NOT the same.

          I bet any money Bush or Obama couldn’t pass a test on the constitution, but I know who can pass this hellfire test without studying for it…Ron Paul.

          Wonder what would happen if the Occupiers realized that Obama is an illegal president, since only ONE of his parents was a US citizen?

          Our Constitution says to be POTUS, BOTH parents must be native born Americans. Therefore, Obama is ineligible. Forget the question of his own birthplace. That is not needed. Obama’s biological daddy nails it for him that Obama CAN’T be president!

          NOBODY in Congress or any other part of our government can deny or dispute this fact. Obama himself says so in his books. So, he couldn’t just all of a sudden waltz into the room with a US birth certificate for his daddy, who was African.

          If a big enough stink was raised about this, Obama would have to vacate the premises, taking Biden and all other illegal appointees with him and illegal legislation (obamacare). Then indict him for murder (the killing of Alwaki, a US citizen/alleged terrorist who was denied due process afforded him by the constitution) like Judge Napolitano said should happen.

          • Vicki

            This video, which discusses several types of government, nicely describes both Democracy and why it is so bad.


          • professor

            Good points made here.

            I would like to have some other qualifications, (along with that of being a natural born citizen,) met before a person could run for the Presidency of the United States. This idea that a hot-dog stand owner
            could wake up one morning and decide he would run for not going to work in this complicated world.

            One of the things that seems important is for the would-be candidates to pass a battery of psychological tests. There are many career fields that require testing. How important is it that we have a “well-balanced” individual running this country.

            Another would be, like Moon suggested, having the would-be candidate prove that he/she has an intimate, working knowledge of the Constitution. That is the basic law of this country.

            Every would-be candidate should have to go through the same background check required, to work for the most covert agencies. As I understand it, this foreigner, would never have been able to pass a background check. This check would include in depth checks on family, friends, and associations. As the president, he has privilege to high-security information vital to this country and we don’t even know where this person comes from or why he has multiple identities.

            There could be other qualifications necessary, but they should all be basic ones that declare an individual as intelligent, well-rounded, mentally competent and stable, and one that has passed a high-security check.

            Just wondering if the usurper could pass random drug tests…I would prefer a “drug free” president, as well.

      • Mary

        You are right. They want all of us slaves.

    • eddie47d

      I love how this site brings out the paranoids or an extra helping of excuses to lambast Obama.You bellyache to no end that the government doesn’t do enough to stop terrorists and if one sneaks through you bellyache some more. “They are so incompetent”, “They don’t do enough to keep us safe”,”They need to catch terrorists and torture them until they scream uncle”. Yet when they monitor the airwaves to find suspected terrorists and criminals you all have a hissy fit. The problem is you want your cake and eat it too. Keep us safe but don’t do anything to keep us safe. Your arguments are mind numbing hypocrisies. Did you miss the part about the government working on this for a very long time.They have been pulling this off since Truman and Eisenhower and maybe before.Those events were encouraged by the John Birch Society so did you speak up then? Now we have Twitter and Facebook so are you now worried they might come for you?

      • firefight

        Come on Eddie. Your words are empty. “NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO WASTE A GOOD CRISIS.” That is how the government functions. WW II gave the government the opportunity to start an income tax just like 911 gave them the opportunity to pass the patriot act. Every measure is one that pushes the government further and further into our lives. We know who the enemy is. Newt Gingrich stated it very clearly. “Every one of these terrorists had one thing in common. None of them were Rotarians.” That was his politically correct way of saying that all of them were MUSLIMS! Since we know who they are, are we profiling them to help stop terrorists attacks or are making 80 year old grandmothers take off their shoes and walk through an invasive scanner at the airport? Wake up EDDIE, it isn’t about Obama or Bush. It’s about the entire government that’s like a bus heading in one direction. All we do as Republicans or Democrats is change the damn driver every four years or give the old driver another four year shift, but the bus isn’t changing direction. That’s the problem…….and changing the direction of the bus isn’t going to happen. What needs to be changed is the bus, and that is going to take an all out assault by free thinking Americans upon all of these lying, cheating thieving tyrants that are now in office. We must get the government out of our lives before they own us entirely. It can be done by ballots or by bullets. It is and will always be our choice. One great man, Patrick Henry said, “give me liberty or give me death.” We have to adopt this same attitude and believe these same words if we are going to have the courage to be free.

        • eddie47d

          I’ve been awake since the late 60′s and see both parties playing this seesaw game. This is nothing new and that was my whole point. The Republicans will do the same thing and their supporters will defend what ever they do. No different than Democrat supporters defending Democrat actions. Such as Bush in Iraq and Obama in Libya.If Obama is reelected he will continue these actions and if Bachmann,Romney,Cain,Perry are voted in then they will continue these actions. To say differently is being in denial.

          • ChristyK

            That’s why we need to vote for Ron Paul. He’s the only one that will make more than a tiny course correction. Turn that bus around.

    • azwayne

      Want to do more than read and comment , look up “National Day of United ACTION”, study, join and support, only thing being done today. What’s your representatives doing???

    • Old Henry

      Crusader, think and vote RON PAUL.

      Here is a web link for Town Hall and their straw poll vote.

      And for the Illinois voters wandering the halls here at the Livingston Acacemy for Free Thinkers here is a link for the Illinois Republican Party Straw Poll.

    • http://MSN Mike Stone Sr

      It is easy to see the radical progressives in Washington fully intend to destroy capitalism and ALL personal freedoms, what is not easy to see is why a republican lead House sets idly by while obama dictates to this country like a two bit despot! If you are a history buff, you know that our forefathers gave us a direct duty to overthrow government tyranny, and our unamerican federal government qualifies in every way! I no longer owe any allegiance to our unamerican federal government!

  • Al Sieber

    Who’s watching them?

    • DanB

      It should be us, the people. You can talk about oversight and other protections but in the end these all must lead back to a nation of citizens actively engaged in preserving freedom. Unfortunately we have become a nation of zombies that merely go about the act of living while tossing our freedoms upon the alters of security, social justice, economic justice, environmental justice…. so on and so forth. That is why any oversight at this time really wouldn’t make a difference. Because we are not enforcing any oversight over our elected officials, so why should you expect any better over the unelected? Our politicians lie, cheat, steal, and have dirty backroom deals to sacrifice our liberties to the causes that present themselves to the body politic, and what do we do when betrayed by our politicians? We reelect them! So, until we exercise our oversight, I wouldn’t expect any other oversight to be anything more than a chocolate covered waste of money and personnel.

      • Born in America

        Dan you are right to a point, our politicians need a course in our Constitution. It seems they are allowing laws, etc., being passed that are alien to the concept to our rights. The press/media is filling us with so much propoganda and lies, and the majority of folks are swallowing it hook line and sinker. Our ancesters fought to give us rights no one else in the world has. And this was based on the Christian idealogy, love thy neighbor.

        • Allan

          Before we educate the polatitions about the Constitution, we muct instruct the lawyers and judges on the Constitution, that it is not a living document that they massage any way they please, but a stable document that means the same as it did at its adoption. It requires a political solution in the form of an ammendment. not judicial review!!!

      • professor

        Americans can never expect their tyrannical government to police itself.

    • Bob Dibble

      Who’s watching them? Very profound. Just that which surfaces should lead prudent people to take action to stop the corruption that defines the political practices of this administration. It is apparent though that “We the people” are powerless when our elected representatives in congress lack the courage to do their jobs, being, in this case to: Investigate, subpoena, charge and indict them. Back to your question, perhaps Darrell Issa is watching.I know Tom Coburn is but no one listens to him because if they did, they’d be compelled by guilt if not the law to act! Very messy. Very dangerous. Very unlikely.

  • 45caliber

    We’ve been monitored since Clinton was in office. One of the very first things he wanted to do was monitor all messages. They passed the “Privacy Improvement Act” which required all manufacturers of telephones, faxes, computers, etc. to include a chip that recorded everything. A computer in Washington then contacts you and copies everything. It is then searched for code words and a live person reviews all flagged messages.

    Not long ago, I was talking to one of the IT people in the company I work for and mentioned this. He laughed and agreed that it is still being used by Washington. He said that when his group didn’t have anything else to do, they would call or send messages to each other with words like “this is NOT a bomb threat!” since bomb is one of their code words. It simply required the human in Washington to waste his/her time on it.

    Remember the little “ting!” your telephone used to do for some years? And you wondered why it did this? Well, that was their computer contacting you. Now they have eliminated the “ting!”

    Now … doesn’t that make you worry about the comments above?

    • eddie47d

      Although there is no direct censorship on this site they do monitor everything that is said. They have their own list of words that are unacceptable and you are then warned. It’s no different on talk shows and other media venues where they can bleep you out or disconnect you.Although that is private monitoring,in general they don’t have to worry about bomb threats or terrorists.Maybe those willing to wreck havoc on the USA will communicate through Facebook and consider it a safe venue.Did the government get wise to them or are they overreaching?

      • 45caliber

        You are correct about this site. But they don’t arrest you if they decide they don’t like you. They simply kick you off. Big difference.

        • eddie47d

          Yes there is a difference but terrorist threats are real to the government and they have to react. Talk show hosts (or blogs)on the left and right can spend hours spreading their verbiage and almost never have to worry about harm coming to them. That is the difference.

  • jack dean

    What has happened to government of the people by the people and for the people. he presen admin. .is socialistic and is destroying our freedom and our right to chose. They should be impeached for not holding to their constitutional oaths.

    • traci mccormick

      RIGHT…he should be impeached…arrested…what to do when the DOJ is one of the most corrupt liars in history….
      how about pig is that a buzzword ???my nickname for moochelle

    • Old Henry

      Well Jack, it’s been happening since the dictator Lincoln. It’s just that this communist does not worry about whether or not the people approve. IN that respect he is indeed like Lincoln.

  • Starvin Larry

    “The use of social media to coordinate uprisings in the Mideast and the riots in England “shocked some officials into attention and prompted questions of whether the U.S. needs to do a better job of monitoring domestic social networking activity,” Wagner said.”

    Apparently freedom of speech is now optional in America,you can say whatever you want,just as long as it doesn’t offend those in charge of our law enforcement agencies.
    The DHS is concerned about uprisings? The population being able to communicate with each other?

    Maybe all the conspiracy theory people who say the national EAS test on 11/9 is something more sinister are right.

  • martin

    The dream that was the United States of America is rapidly disappearing into the pages of history along with the Romans, Greeks, and the British Empire.
    Politicians of both parties are to blame for this difficulty but the main reason for this situation is the voting public who believe that “my elected official is just fine, it’s the other guy who’s wrong” and those who just don’t vote.
    The only way we will regain control of our Nation is to rout every one of the criminals that presently infest DC, bring to trial those who are actually guilty of crimes (destroying the economy comes to mind) like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and enforce strict term limits on the replacements. Our Founding Fathers did not envision “career” politicians and this has become a blight on our Nation.

    • Capt Gene

      You are partially right in pointing at the politicians, but the root cause goes much deeper that that. I blame the so-called “silent majority” who sat quietly, saying and doing nothing, allowing evil to triumph. As a high school student back in the early 60′s, I saw the changes starting to transform America from a free, honest and righteous nation to one of “gimme, gimme, gimme”. In high school debate I argued against Johnson’s “great society” and medicare; a program that was supposed to increase ONLY 10% a year. More importantly, the American Psychiatric Assn. declared homosexuality was no longer considered a mental illness; it was a “choice”; a life style. The silent majority stayed silent through all this. The “free speech movement” (aka: the filthty speech movement) arrived. The silent majority said nothing. I could go on and on but I have limited space. You are mostly right; just remember the silent majority allowed evil to triumph proving George Santayana right again.

      • Ted Crawford

        Capt., your analysis is frieghtening accurate! I’ve watch the same regression. My experience in Nam shook me awake. I’ve watch the progressives, at first cloaked with the mantal of “liberal”, using a pattern layed out by Cloward and Piven, creat new government institutions, and overload the existing ones, untill our government has become so bloated and cumbersome that it barely functions when things are good. Now, with the existing conditions, it no longer can!
        We were warned about this and even given the proper means to prevent it! Ironically the amswer was provided by the very individual that you first mentioned. Lyndon Johnson! Here is what he said “You {should} not examine legislation in the light of the benifits it will convey if properly administered, but in light of the wrongs it would do and the harm it will cause if improperly administered” We should have listened!

        • 45caliber

          In 1968, the Air Force Academy printed the “Three Rules of Takeover of the USA” by the American Communist Party. These were initially written in the 1920s and were still in affect in 1968.

          Since then, the American Communist Party has folded and become part of the Democrat Party.

          The three rules were:

          1) Destroy the ruggedness of the American people by concentrating their attention on spectator sports and sex.

          2) Take control of the news media to tear down the image of any person the American people might wish to follow (anyone remember Palin?) and to prevent the American people from finding out what is going on in the legislative halls.

          3) Disarm the population through gun control.

          Does any of these items seem familiar?

          • eddie47d

            What shallow swill Caliber. The CPUSA folded because they were out of touch with the wishes of the majority of Americans. So you are wrong on that one. Are you telling me Conservatives don’t like sex or don’t watch spectator sports? So what was that nonsense? Fox (Beck) trashes Obama all the time so you showed you bias on number two. Since there are millions of more firearms in peoples homes today vs 10 years ago number three isn’t very accurate either. Are you wishing for things to happen and are wagging the dog to prove yourself right? For someone who doesn’t like government rules(Air Force) you sure like to bring them up to make your case.

  • http://personallibertydigest 1911rules

    Control every aspect of your life, this is the plan. Maybe this is a way to control what you say. Does this remind anyone of the gestapo’s a spy on every corner and in every household? or maybe the NKVD doing the same thing with their spies?Is history repeating it’s self only now it’s in this country?

  • BruceScorpio

    It is no wonder all theses politicians want to be elected,”the new boss same as the old boss”. Look at their entitlement package. To correct this greed, corruption and usurp to special interest, we need to pursue impeachment, that only Congress can do. The problem; “Lawyers don’t sue Lawyers and Politicians don’t impeach Politicians,

    • 45caliber

      You forgot to add, “Judges don’t try judges”.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    Who is watching the guards?

  • Downs1

    Free speech isn’t really one of our rights anymore! If you read something and express an opinion on one of the social networks that is different from the government’s they are just liable to come after you for being a “threat” to the security of the nation. For instance, if you mention a “birth certificate” they will say you are a terrorist! The more I see of people, the better I like my dog!

    • 45caliber

      “Politically correct” speech is one of the worst ideas ever originated. Guess who came up with it.

      • eddie47d

        I could say Glenn Beck although I know that is not the correct answer. He tell everyone what to think who to hate,scolds you if you vary from his views and has propaganda down to a science. This country is full of people telling everyone else what to do.

        • Old Henry

          My guess is dick-for-brains and the Hillabitch.

        • jyrine

          Like you eddie47d.

  • Jeffrey A. Williams

    Reads like an Orwellian saga/novel to me.

  • CP

    For all who say the “silent majority” hasn’t spoken, a simple word or two. These people do speak, and speak quite well, but they do NOT yell and scream and run to court every time they think something maybe should be changed. Instead, they quietly and peacefully go about doing what can be done without a lot of noise and clamor. For this group to be led to do anything more, a leader will have to come to them, not demand they come to him.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    1984 is upon us NOW! I hope you are all preparing, it is too late to take back our Constitution, as it is dead and buried. Has been for quite some time. The election in November 2008 wast the final nail in the proverbial coffin. They are creating civil unrest that will lead to violence and the declaration of Martial Law. It will be the end of the United States of America. I hope I am wrong.

    • Ted Crawford

      Obama’s very, very early, I’m sure he hopes we have long since forgotten, creation of EO-13524 would seem to indicate that you are not wrong Capitalist!

    • 45caliber


      You hope you are wrong. I’m afraid you are right!

      The first year or so of Oblama’s rule I was amazed at the Demos. They consistently were coming up with all sorts of new things with the belief that these would NEVER be removed or replaced. It puzzled me since it was obvious that the voters weren’t happy. Then it occured to me that the Demos planned to NEVER be out of control of the government again – regardless of what the people might want.

    • eddie47d

      They said the same thing when Nixon was President. He and J Edgar Hoover were pros at wiretapping and used it frequently. Did Capitalist raise hell back then or did he enjoy seeing his fellow Americans being taken down through government means?

      • Old Henry

        Yep eddie. And we all know what happened to Tricky Dick…

  • Kenneth Alexander

    Security funds not necessarily well spent. While thes activities may identify imminent threats of civil unrest snd/or activities of individual citizens, in no way can it effectively address a spontaneous mass explosion of intelligent, angry determined people (armed or unarmed) without first treading on Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties. The think tanks can not be trained or prepared to a massive flash mob targeting vital infilstructures, treading on such rights, especially with military support will only fuel imminient destruction of a serious magnitude.

    The plan, in effect amounts to measures to protect the Government from the people – never have and never will work – the people are inherently greater in numbers, more powerful and resouceful then the Government,indeed, the people are the Government and any so-called Government aside from the people risk falling. History reminds us that “of the people, for the people and by the people” should never ever be compromised.

    Instead, avoidance may be realized simply by addressing concerns and demands of the people. Our ‘totalterian’ way of administering the Country is outdated, unreasonable and dangerous. Blood flowing in the streets, food, drinking water, utilities and vital infilstructures will be destroyed necessitating re-structuring of the whole sorry, disgusting mess. Simply physics dictate little more than an observation of kios in a test tube may be had. Real progress comes from what is learned through such observation.

    Our radical way of addressing complex, unpredictability is primitive, just wait and see! Peace can not be had through violence no matter what political philosophers theorize, there is no light in darkness only tolerance. “Death” is a fact everyone will realize at some point-in-time, causing more death will not prevent it, wishing and imagining light will brighten the darkness.

    Simple apease the people, not satisfy them but simply apease them. Much destruction may be avoided.

  • peter

    We are watching them and we are aware of what they are up to. The problem is that we show no effort to reverse the situation or even rectify the matter as is evident in the way we continue to vote for these incompetents. The fault is ours and it is time to look in the mirror James. They are in a hole and don’t know how to climb out. The point is, do we?

  • http://personallibertydigest 1911rules

    apeasment can only work if the majority of people acept it. I don’t beleive that will happen.the american people are pretty much fed up with encrotchment on all of our rights civil or constitutional, and ready to take our country back. First use the ballot box, if that fails the constitution guarentees us the right and duty as american citizens to decide what comes afterwords.

    • 45caliber


      I’ll tell you what I expect and fear.

      Some group such as OWS will riot. The majority of the people will hold up waiting for the police to stop it. The police don’t – and the rioters start breaking into homes to rob, loot, etc. The owners start shooting back and the police object. Then the owners figure they have nothing else to lose and start shooting the police, the rioters AND EVERYONE ELSE THEY SUSPECT MIGHT BE A PROBLEM. At some point the military is called in to put down the problem and the government uses that as an excuse to institute a police state.

      Look for it.

      • eddie47d

        You and CJM are the riotous ones. OWS is being harassed by police and you accuse them of breaking into peoples homes. That is called provoking a situation and making false accusations. You really do want trouble don’t you Caliber.

        • Opal the Gem

          “……and you accuse them of breaking into peoples homes.”

          He did no such thing.

          ” That is called provoking a situation and making false accusations.”

          You are the one provoking the situation and making false accusations eddie.

          • eddie47d

            The OWS are rioters …and the rioters will be breaking into your homes. Comprehend OPAL.

          • Opal the Gem

            eddie you read and comprehend. You said he accused them of breaking into homes. He did NOT accuse them of doing it he said when/if they riot it would be a very real possibility big difference.

          • lonetrader

            Eddie47d is like most liberals. They only read a part of what is stated and then form an agenda answer. If they don’t see it or want to see it, it must not exist. Like wise if they say it it must be true. So what happened to Obama’s campaign promist to NOT resign the Patriot Act. Obama FAIL. His policies are killing this country. If you don’t see that you have a negative IQ.

  • CJM

    “How will they respond? Just take a look at the crackdown on the Occupy movement in New York and Oakland, Calif., for a good idea.” What crackdown???? Seems to me the OWS gets nastier every day and the police are berated for trying to do their job in protecting and serving the community. The police are even blamed for the ungodly things these mobsters do to themselves. Crackdown? I’ll believe it when I see masses of this dung-heap of paracitical deadbeats hauled off in the jail bus for booking, charges, trial, and conviction for crimes committed–including obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting criminal acts, and terroristic threats to the victims who wanted to report these criminal acts.

    • mark

      CJM…those might be the deadbeats protesting but they are protesting a cause that affects us all in a very negative way!!! Who are the police protecting?

    • Old Henry

      I have heard CJM that the homeless people in NYC are going to the fleabaggers “campground” looking for their fair share of free food and booze. Gotta love it.

  • CJM

    If homeland security, such as it is, is trying to monitor and stalk the citizens of the US for possible imprisonment for speaking out against a corrupt government, the members of good standing of this current administration (ie: those who still view obammy as their god) will have to vacate the prisons and move in behind the stone walls because the prisons aren’t built to house 4/5ths of the US Population.

    • 45caliber


      But Homeland Security and FEMA are certainly trying to build those prisons!

      One thing that I thought most interesting about these sites is the one in Alaska. It is rated for 500,000 people … who are supposed to grow their own food … in Alaska! I just can’t see that happening – but I can certainly see 500,000 starving.

      • http://personallibertydigest 1911rules

        sounds to me like the gulags in siberia back in the old USSR

      • eddie47d

        FEMA camps have been around since at least 1968 and were to be used for riot control.(Johnson/Nixon) The were also set up for disaster settlements after catastrophes.This is not a new Obama phenomenon as a few of you are implying.

        • Old Henry

          How many “camps” eddie were utilized after Katrina? As I recall they had no idea what to do with the displaced citizenry and eventually began shipping them off to places like Texas.

          I have no recollection of any FEMA camps being referenced at that time.

          • independent thinker

            Right on Old Henry.

          • edie47d

            That is what their original purpose was for but you do bring up a good point and actually show that they aren’t used and apparently never had been. There weren’t in 1968 either and at that time they were set up but never used. That kinda refutes all the Fema death camps advocates so thanks for pointing that out.

          • professor

            And Texans deeply regretted ever opening their city to accommodate these cretins. Most of them never left. They just signed up for all Medicaid benefits and increased the crime rate…

            Cleaning up after them cost Millions. They were animals, crapping where they stood,refusing to use the restrooms, just to see Whites cleaning up their sh$t. They were demanding and crude, instead of pleasant and thankful that a city fed them, gave them medical care, met all their immediate needs, that included giving them credit cards with two thousand dollars available, and giving them a place to sleep.

            Those FEMA camps should have been used instead!

  • Bruce

    Did all of you forget that in just a few short days as in November 21st 2011 ~~~ the FCC will be taking over the internet by way of the “Fairness Doctrine / Act?”

    Hey and it was all done by “Executive Order’s” by Barry Soetor, or Harrison J. Bonnel, or OBAMA or what ever his name really is, do any of you really know what his real name is?

    How strange as its not unlike EO #1, that created a new form of Government way back in 1860… Signed by old Honest Abe.

    Or the Emergency EO sigend in to law back in the 1930′s by FDR, where he sold all of US as human CHATTEL to the Rothschilds.

    So how can any of you really be shocked over this venue?
    I mean really, how can you be afterall when you submit to false IDOLS / False GODS, you loose your power, you loose the real GOD you loose yourself.

    But you all just keep fighting each other thinking one or the other has the answer’s when all of you are lost and clueless.

    • http://personallibertydigest 1911rules

      hey bruce, not all of us have given up to false idol worship I personally am waiting for a better world that will come but until that day we have to govern ourselves by humans. I choose the government that gives us the most freedom mankind has ever had with the help of god and wish to continue our form of government until the ultimate governmrnt is established in his kingdom.

      • mark

        Bruce…you are pointing the finger at everyone else….Its nobody’s fault. You are no different than the rest. Presidents are se-lected not e-lected. They all work for global interests not the people

        • mark

          It is the system…90% of the presidential candidates with the most money win the presidential seat. Thats the problem. With big banks donating millions to guys like Obama…who do you think he works for? It is not people’s fault for being misled and lied to by politicians who say one thing and do another

          • http://personallibertydigest 1911rules

            mark is correct, we must make judgements based on the info we have then remain vigalent and hold the politicians feet to the fire when need be.

          • lonetrader

            WHAT, Obama supported by banks. But, THEY are the EVIL enemy. Surely he wouldn’t lie to the people about that. Wait. come to think of it, when did he tell the truth about anything?

      • Bruce


        Again what I stated is > {that we “all” – as in even I have fallen,} yet some of us will regain themselfs, like I did when I awoke to the “TRUTH.”

        If in fact you hold to the current system of RELIGIOUS beliefs you then are in fact quilty of what I noted. Rather you like it or not, the TRUTH has NO AGENDA, nor do I.

        If you understanded what the root that Religion is founded on as well has been used to restrain and controll the populations of the earth and yet you still follow them, then you are GUILYT of FALSE Idol worship rather you wish to admit it or not.

        Only when you understand that we are ALL GOD’S Childrend thus you then can understand what Christ was here for, it was to awake us to that fact.

        We all hold GOD’s or YAH’s blood within our viens; Just as a side note I can prove that with the science of DNA: thus we are all one with nature, as well one with the universe, until you hold that “TRUTH” your SOUL is encumbered.
        ONLY until that moment of “TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT” hits you square between the eyes you are still blind.

        Now Would you like to KILL ME for telling you the TRUTH.
        Hey they tried to kill CHRIST about 2000 years ago and that failed to.

        As for Presidents When you wake up let me know, what I placed in the post explains far more than your watered down rhetoric, or is it that you just don’t understand what I posted thus you hold Hate and Anger in your soul?

        • John

          Just reading thru here and not up to arguing or discussing an impossible to debate subject, however, must point out one very impt. fact. “we are NOT all God’s children” as you are not a child of God’s until born again. Don’t get hooked on any religion or church. Get hooked on the Word… find a Bible teaching church that does not have it’s own “man made” traditions, routines and acts. Should you want to pray to someone …. you pray to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

  • http://personallibertydigest not fooled

    United nations =New world order.Clinton/OBama bought and paid for by the U.N They both work for the U.N not the USA.

  • Monte

    It’s looking more and more like Orwell’s ’1984′ or Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ every day.

    • Reality

      As I told everyone in 1984, Orwell was right about everything but the year. It just keeps coming…

  • dntmkmecomovrther

    Well unfortunately the DHS will only see what they want to see; and I can guarantee they won’t dig any further than the surface of anything. They will make the same ‘knee jerk’ reactions they currently make; and in doing so will cause much harm to innocent parties by their incredibly stupid and inane behaviors. As investigators they would make great ditch diggers.

  • Hub

    We the people insist that all public officials submit to mandatory drug testing. This is for elected, appointed, hired and otherwise. We must get to the bottom of why our United States constitution is being ignored and why our public trust is being betrayed.

    • eddie47d

      HUB- Is that a real answer “Mandatory drug testing of public officials” and you want to be taken seriously? I think we’ll promote you to Captain of the insane asylum.

      • Old Henry

        Havin’ a bad day eddie? You’re unusually cantankerous today.

  • Laurie

    OWS is using Social Media and are terrorists.
    Janet N is doing nothing about the THREAT OWS is to this country and our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    the REAL TERRORISTS are currently in office.

    • eddie47d

      OWS are not terrorists and have legitimate issues that need to be addressed. Since Laurie wants to stiffle free speech which makes her a threat to the Constitution then should she be labeled as a terrorist against the USA.

      • professor

        The ows are not “legitimate” in anyway.

        What they are accomplishing is that of a growing contempt for themselves, and their actions. They should be crap$ing on the White House steps instead of police cars. Breaking store windows, having sex in the streets, raping an occasional young woman, shutting down privately-owned businesses, fighting with police, will not further their cause. They have been paid to riot, they have been joined by the unions in an effort to cause chaos, and they have been endorsed by obama. After all, this is the way he does business, and the only thing he does well…community organizing. Maybe when they start with the physical violence, the country will be declared under Marshal Law….or, maybe it is a little early to be able to suspend the election.

  • ED Bertolas

    Hope the Law reads this because this is what I have found . On Facebook many Muslim Names are not real people but front pages for messenging behind the their favorite pages on those dummy facebook pages . Go look up Mohammid or however you spell it and see exactly what I found . Search their favorite pages then see arabic written which to me is another way they easily communicate . Hope this does NOT fall on DEAF ears this time !!!!!!!!!

    • Old Monkey

      If you wonder what they are saying, follow the link & use Google to translate a few posts. If it doesn’t translate from Arabic, try translating from Farsi. Dari which is a dominant language in Afganistan is a dialect of Farsi.

      I got friends who fear the Fascist “President TOM” in Iran that had their votes stolen. The Marxist residing at 1600 Pensylvania Avenue had no testicles when it came to helping them stand up. As a direct result of the inflation he spread around the world that is just starting to bite us in the tail, a few Arab leader who were friendly to the US were taken down with his help to be replaced by Islamists

      The Muslims there and here who are a threat, are far less of one than the Marxis thand his Mara-devils, or the Chinese “National Capitalists” in China Today the thugs in China are Fascist, and want more stuff. Obama wants us poor and eating out of his hand

  • Alfie

    What these people fear is us – ‘we the people.’ Their paranoia has them by the throat. We refuse to just lie down and simply do their bidding. The People recognize them for what they are – a paranoid Cauldron of Corruption. Spying isn’t necessary – they need look no further than outside their doors to spot “We the People.”

  • Reality

    Some of these comments come close to the truth, but still miss the whole picture.
    Blaming the current administration for the assault on our liberties is foolishly ignoring history. The current assault is just the latest in a long line of administrations’ taking bites out of the constitution.
    Remember Reagan’s “War on Drugs” (it’s still going on)? We just lost a few constitutional protections. “No big deal” said the silent majority, “they only apply to criminals, so why should we care? We’re afraid of crime, and drug criminals are the worst. We don’t want them to get off on ‘technicalities of the law’”.
    How about the “War on Terrorism” started by George Bush and the Patriot Act. “Hey, it’s worth giving up some of our rights to feel safe against the evil terrorists” said the silent majority… again. To make it even better, George said, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” And the silent majority falls in line. Once again, “it only applies to criminals and terrorists”.
    The Democrats and Republicans agree on two things:
    1) Stay in power by whatever means necessary;
    2) Divert attention from the real causes of our problems by fear-mongering and, if necessary, force.
    The two parties work together to make it nearly impossible for a third-party candidate to get elected. When a third-party ideology becomes popular, the parties work to assimilate that ideology into their own to ensure they keep their power base. This is why Ron Paul is running on the Republican ticket.
    Too many people believe what one party says about the other allowing their focus to be diverted from the real issues. Both sides work to control the people through fear and erosion of the constitution. Remember that DHS was the creation of GW. Since the FBI is not allowed to spy on Americans, it was necessary to create a new agency whose purpose was to do just that.

  • Ridge Runner


  • Carol J

    I’m sure glad I’m too paranoid to have joined any of these so-called “social networking” sites. I have also unsubscribed from all the .coms which now require you to “friend” on facebook to read their newsletters. Don’t have much email anymore.

  • nowhereman

    RE: Everything here.

    Well, duuu! Ya think/!!!!


    One of our biggest political problem is the party system. It has nothing to do with what is right for America or her people. It is selfishly looking out for itself. It is Republicans against Democrats and the general public be damned.

    When this country was founded and the first elections were held, the person with the most votes was president and the next vote getter was vice-president. What’s wrong with that.

    It is literally the person with the most money wins. In other words, a playground for the rich who don’t give a damn about us–until they say (but never do) what they think we want to hear to get re-elected.

    After the smoke clears, it is still a playground of the rich who have no interest in the wants and need of the people who elected them.

    We need to do away with our “incumbents”. In the next general elections, we need not put any incumbents back in office.

    Mark Twain said it best: “America is a nation without a distinct criminal class…with the possible exception of Congress.”

    Some of the offenses, all made through public record checks include:
    routinely avoid payment of debts, write bad checks, abuse their spouses, assault people and openly violate the law, lies to Congress and misstatements to the Internal Revenue Service, assaulted on other members of Congress, gone to prison for racketeering, fraud and money laundering.

    Sixty-four have personal and financial problems so serious they would be denied security clearances by the Department of Defense or the Department of Energy.

    Thirty one members of the current Congress have been accused of spousal abuse in either criminal or civil proceedings.

    Twenty four are or have been defendants in various lawsuits, ranging from bad debts, disputes with business partners or other civil matters.

    Seventeen have drug-related arrests in their backgrounds.

    Are you proud of our elected officials yet?

    We need to amend the length of office for all congressional leaders. They make a career out of getting re-elected, not representing the people who put them there. One 6-year term with half being replaced midway between terms and no re-election: one term, one time.

    Our foreign policy sucks. We need to take care of “ALL” Americans and then worry about the rest of the world. Sorry, I like my neighbors, but I am not going to let my family starve to feed them.

    The only way to clean up Washington is to NOT put the people currently running it–back in. It is too corrupt to fix; it needs to be eliminated!


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