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Detroit Homicides Up 10 Percent In 2012

Detroit Homicides Up 10 Percent In 2012
Detroit is becoming increasingly dangerous.

DETROIT (UPI) — The number of homicides in Detroit increased by 10 percent in 2012, pushing the murder rate to 53 per 100,000 residents, officials said.

As of Sunday night, there were at least 379 murders in Detroit in 2012, surpassing the 344 tally for 2011, The Detroit News reported.

“This is a problem that just keeps festering,” said retired Detroit Police Detective Dave Bashur. “It’s a sad thing to see.”

Experts say poverty, the drug trade and a violent culture are the main contributing factors to Detroit’s high murder rate.

“The income level of Detroit residents has been dropping precipitously over the years, and that’s an indicator,” said Detroit criminal justice professor Daniel Kennedy. “I can tell you where the more violent parts of the country are going to be by sitting here at my desk and looking at income data; I don’t even have to look at crime data. I can tell you what parts of which city not to go to based just on income.”

Bashur, 62, said he believes Detroit’s murder problem has to do with the lack of jobs for young people.

“Growing up in Detroit, you could find a job. Now, there’s nothing. I used to work at Frank’s Nursery and Crafts on McNichols; now it’s just an empty lot,” he said. “So these kids have to get money somehow; how do they do it? They go into the drug business. But if you go into that business, you have competition. How do you get rid of the competition? Violence.”

Police are set to release the official 2012 homicide tally and other figures on violent crimes in Detroit later this week.

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  • wandamurline

    Thanks to the unions and high taxes, businesses and people with a brain have left. You can easily see the violence by looking at what the unions did to people who were in Michigan for the right to work agenda…destroying the tents, assaulting people, tearing up a poor black man’s equipment because he was cooking hotdogs for the people trying to get opinions from both sides. So, Detroit is becoming the city of the future of the United Socialist States of America….take a good look you morons who voted in 2012.

    • jopa

      Wandamurline.Yes you morons, take a look who you voted for in 2012 and be thankful your candidate did not win.We would really be in a mess if he did.

      • Paul Wells

        Joppa, YOU are the moron! Unemployment remaining above 7.5%, yet you, like some deluded fool vote for more of the same, all the while blaming the last guy, then wonder why things don’t get better! That is the classic definition of insanity, yet fool that you are, you do not see!

      • Warrior

        Taxes are raised on the evil rich and the middle class has been saved once again. I would suspect by this time next year, Detroit, will be the shiny beacon on the hill.

      • The Big Easy

        @-COMRADE dopa—————If your ‘dear leader’ is so wonderful,why is that the chicago city has the HIGHEST MURDER rate going,what with the great ‘gun control’ laws there,and states that have ‘CONCEAL CARRY’ or ‘OPEN CARRY LAWS’ have very little crime ??????? And why is it that the states with Republican Governors like Wi. and N.J., are doing so much better than the states like ca. or n.y. with a flea-infested flea-bag lilly pink left wing progressive liberal dumbocrap as governer ?????? And I guess you,COMRADE dopa would like to see more of your ‘dear leader’s’ wonderful programs like’ the fast and the furious’,where he got several of our Brave AMERICAN Border Agents MURDERED so as to gain support for the ELIMINATION of the SECOND AMENDMENT,and the case where the Ambassador Christopher Steven and 3 Brave Patriotic AMERICAN Warriors were MURDERED and the pukes in the half-white house did NOTHING to give ANY help to save them.And I guess you COMRADE dopa would say that it was a great idea to SHUT-DOWN the oil pipe line from Canada to Texas because it would create 100′s of THOUSANDS of HIGH PAYING jobs for AMERICAN CITIZENS that are now UNEMPLOYED ? And I guess that you COMRADE dopa would say that INCREASING the TAXES on EVERYONE who pays federal taxes is a great thing ?————-What a ZOMBIE puke—————

      • Dan Mancuso

        To Mr. Wells and Mr. Big;
        I understand your anger and frustration with the likes of Mr. Dope, but you are wasting your time and effort responding to ‘people’ of his ilk. He is a programmed robot and many of them visit this site. No amount of fact, logic or reason will ever penetrate the consciousness of the deeply indoctrinated like him/it.
        If this sub-human type was to ever be objective enough to look at the ‘arguments’ they make, and actually had the basic intelligence, along with that objectivity to understand how ridiculous and assinine their dogma and socialist philosophy was, they would probably want to commit suicide out of such a sense of embarassment and shame, that the population of America would drop about 47%!
        This is not likely to happen, so save your breath. If no one responds to these retards (as in having a retarded intellectual and moral developement), they may just go away…
        If you do run into one of these moral deficients in public, don’t try to engage them in debate or discussion, again, you are wating your time. The worst thing about these automatons is not that they never question their ‘beliefs’, it’s that they don’t even see a need to question them! This is a moral failing.
        I coined an acronym a few years back, “PEEPER”, (P.P.P.R.). It stands for Pre-Programmed Pavlovian Response. Due to the profound affect of public school indoctrination, MSM brainwashing and the legal facilitation of the government, a large percentage of the population has been conditioned to buy into the liberal dogma. How the Peeper works is as follows; when in a discussion or debate with one of these socialist/liberal/progressives, at some point you will say a word or phrase that will trigger a PEEPER. When this occurs, two things happen simultaneously. One, their ‘mind’ shuts down like a steel trap – SLAM! They aren’t hearing anything you are saying after this point, because you are ‘one of those’. Two, they affix a demonizing label to you. This has the effect of marginalizing you in this politically correct world and effectively shuts you down and allows them to go back to the false comfort of their dogmatic ‘thinking’. Thus you will basically be talking to yourself, wasting your breath. You CANNOT get through to these ‘people’.
        You may run into a few who are a bit more sophisticated and seem to debate you, don’t be fooled. The Peeper has happened and they will NOT be hearing the logic and reason of your debate, they will only be interested in espousing their specious dogmatism in a one side conversation – their side!
        It’s one thing to have a reasoned debate with an open, intelligent person who has a different opinion and in the process you exchange information and ideas. It is something completely different to engage one of these marionnettes. Learn to know the difference.

    • Bill

      You are so right, Wanda
      This is Amercas future if we continue on the same socialist policies. Business goes where it is easier to conduct business. Why do you think so many jobs are outsourced over seas

      To change this we need to promote prosperity over poverty. We have promoted poverty and Detroit is the result

      • sam1966

        You are right Bill. We have allowed special interests and greed to go on unfestered for too long. Soon many of our cities many look more and more like Detroit. Here is something dealing with that greed:

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “I hope to see you all in heaven, both white and black, both white and black.”

        Andrew Jackson

  • Paul Wells

    Welcome to the Obama generation, sit on your fat lazy butt and draw a welfare check! Unions are definitely to blame too, Detroit automakers tried to follow Japan’s lead in the 70′s and 80′s by mechanizing a lot of their plants, but of course the UAW wouldn’t hear of that! They instituted a contract that guaranteed that worthless jobs that a robot could do more inexpensively (and safely, I might add) would still be manned by humans.

    Detroit is, unfortunately, a blueprint for what will happen in the big cities…festering puss pools of ramshackle housing, crack heads and junkies, and bullets flying everywhere. I’m afraid at this point the only thing that could be done is make a massive sweep of miles of Detroit with flame throwers! After the fire goes out, then see if there is anyone left who really gives a damn, and see about starting some businesses. Sigh…won’t happen, Obama thinks business is the problem, and welfare is the solution! Sad, but all the monkey butts that voted for his sorry keister have only themselves to blame!

    • Brad from TX

      I have tried flame throwers on cochroaches and it does not effect them

      • Caesar F

        I never had cockroaches – although I did once have a rash on my thigh ……………

    • Warrior

      All of this brought on by gubmint corruption. Politicians, unions, scrools, patronage, cronyism and strict adherence to NO moral codes. Yep, just another “progressive dreamland”. “you didn’t built that”. “Someone along the way helped you”. Absolutely mr flexible n chief, you were dead on with that one.

  • Jamie

    we all know American Prosperity is gone.major drop in property values. no work for the skilled. or unskilled. and guess who’s ideas made it happen. O Boy.

  • jungle man

    I thought Detroit was a Democrat run city, where democrats have all the answers for a happy, safe and prosperous way of life. But then again, they can always blame the Republicans…

    • Paul Wells

      …and do, & all of the ignorant sheeple just bleat their single minded agreement!

  • Nan

    When black mayor, Coleman Young, took over Detroit, he gleefully said that ‘his people’ would own the city–well, they did & do, & look at it now. Why Detroit isn’t featured hourly on anything that proclaims to be ‘news’ is a mystery to me–wait! Seeing the destruction that liberalism/racism brings on might be detrimental to the ‘One’, the socialist who blames the folks who left Detroit for its collapse into decay, not the ignorant welfare slackers who cannot even fathom such a thing as work & independence. This once great city, where I was privileged to live long before the rot set in, is a prime example of what we face all over this country if Obama & his minions have their way…

    • The Big Easy

      And the crazy thing to me is that the pukes CONTINUE to vote back into office the very same pukes that are keeping them DOWN,maybe they like being ‘tools’ for the flea-infested flea-bagger’s ? More of the wonderful teachers unions handiwork on full display !———–What a bunch of pukes—————-

  • New world

    Every single night in Detroit there are frightening confrontations between desperate criminals and exasperated homeowners. Unfortunately, the police force in Detroit has been dramatically reduced in size. When the police in Detroit are called, they often show up very late if they even show up at all.


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