Detroit Files For Bankruptcy; Council Votes To Ask Feds To Investigate George Zimmerman


In the throes of the largest municipal economic crisis in American history, the Detroit city council found an opportunity at its Tuesday meeting to ask the Federal government to investigate a guy acquitted for a self-defense killing that took place more than a year ago in Florida.

The council passed a resolution calling on the Feds to investigate the merits of possible civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, after a Florida jury found him not guilty on criminal charges in the “stand your ground” self-defense death of Trayvon Martin in February of 2012.

Council member JoAnn Watson sponsored the resolution, dismissing the comments of fellow council member Kenneth Cockrel Jr., who observed that a burgeoning epidemic of urban black-on-black crime has failed to capture the attention either of elected leaders or the media.

The Detroit Free Press covered the meeting, quoting Cockrel’s message that “we need to have the same level of outrage with respect to black-on-black crime that takes place in our community.”

Watson responded that there’s plenty of outrage already over that kind of crime. “Because the so-called major media does not cover all of the expressions does not mean it does not happen. So that’s not correct.”

Despite the back-and-forth, the council approved the resolution unanimously.

With the resolution approved, George Zimmerman remained free and Detroit remained bankrupt.


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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Shorty Stuff

    The liberals have moved on. They can now stop blaming Bush for everything and start blaming Zimmerman. So we all now know that it was Zimmerman’s fault that Detroit had to file for bankruptcy.

    • wavesofgrain

      Good response, Shorty! Loved it. You just may be right, you know. Especially since our leader identifies so passionately with TM.

      • IsThisAmerica

        Our so called leader never takes blame for anything. He always blames someone else. We are leader-less. Never before have I seen a pres. use a teleprompter like this one does. It’s due in part to uh, um, duh.

    • David Wallace

      I think you’re on to something. I bet it was Zimmerman that failed to cap the Deep Horizon well in the Gulf causing the massive spill. And it was probably Zimmernam that crashed the Fukushima nuke plant.

  • brente

    What a bunch of moron, their town is bankrupt and wallowing in crime and they stick their noses into a Florida issue.No wonder their city is a bankrupt sh*t hole if this is the kind of idiots they elect they deserve to have their city bulldozed!

  • jdn

    There will never be any outrage about black on black crime , rape or murder from the black community or its leadership . The mentality as a whole is one of never report a crime , never help a victim of crime and blacks should never be punished for anything . Its getting real old real fast .

    • Dr Moon

      I agree jdn. It’s time we as in Whites, started raising hell about the massive discrimination taking place favoring Blacks who still complain and whine blaming everyone but themselves. This is what this Nation has turned into, White Apartheid. Whites are the majority therefore we should control the show. What’s good for Africa is good for us.

  • dan

    Debters prison for politicians that file bankruptcy because of their mismanagement and corruption…..because hanging is too good for them

  • hippybiker

    Why don’t they ask Chris Newsome and Shannon Christian what they think? That would be silence, because they were murdered by a group of sub human Savage Negro Beasts in Knoxville, TN. Who will stand for them? How about Barry, whatever his name is, or maybe Al or Jesse.

    • wavesofgrain

      I remember that tragedy. The trial was also horrible for the family. Everyone should search for the details of that trial of those savages.

      Yes, and do not forget Anne Pressly, tv anchor, from Arkansas, whose family saw little national coverage of her murder at the end of Oct 08. She was also beaten savagely beyond recognition.

  • Warrior

    And so, NY city and Chicago refuse to be “out stupid” by Detroit. NY gets more wiener and today in Chicago, we had a retiring aldercreature’s daughter anointed to replace him. Just so happens she’s “gay”, so she let the media know that this “appointment” will end the voices of “homophobia” throughout the land. Listen “honey”, I really don’t give multiple “hoots” about your dysfunctions. Personally, I have a “phobia” involving “nepotism”.
    Now, the Ricketts Family, who owns the Cubs, is going to spend $500 mil of their money to provide upgrades to Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighborhood. So, not to be “outdone” another aldercreature, Tom Tunney, another gay aldercreature, describes to the media that he is going to be “in his butt, in his butt, in his butt”, explaining how he, as the local fiefdom “king” is going to make sure Tom Ricketts spends his own money in the manner that appeases the uh, honorable mr. rump driver.
    Folks, seriously. Why does “anyone” go to work each day to “pay” for this? Seriously?

    • wavesofgrain

      Wow!! Such incompetence in our State, Municipal and Federal governments!

      • ldazzle

        When in doubt, they can always look to our ‘idiot-in-chief’ for direction.

  • wandamurline

    Just hearing the City Council of Detroit should give you all the reasons that this city is bankrupt and falling into ashes, literally.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Maybe from the ashes a new city will emerge ? Once bankrupt , it might have better management somehow ??

      • IsThisAmerica

        Only if you get rid of the people in control of it now.

      • wandamurline

        Not as long as they continue to vote and have the progressive, liberal, Marxists running it.

      • wavesofgrain

        It will not survive with the militant Union stronghold.

  • 1947rhoda64

    The Feds have already investigated George Zimmerman and they was unable to find any wrong doing or anything he had done. It is amazing to me how they are trying everything in their power to stop the scandals that is plaguing the WH to charge George Zimmerman. I hope these evil deeds that they are doing will come back and bite them in the hind end. Evil, Evil, radical corrupt communist. The Lord will bring his wrath down everyone of these evil corrupt loons. Just wait and see. You can’t do what these idiots are doing and get away with it very long.

  • Dave

    I would like to believe that this could only happen in Detroit, but unfortunately there are mant individuals and groups who are unhappy with the jury verdict. and of course, our government that wants to be all things for everyone is chomping at the bit to jump into the fray. How else can they keep the circuses going to distract the masses?

  • DalasKnight

    Nothing but a bunch of racist [expletive deleted]

  • Dr Moon

    Do we need any more proof about how Racists Blacks Are. This is absolutely the most ridiculous action ever taken by a City. Only a Bankrupt City run by ignorant Blacks would do such a thing. I guess its Chicago’s turn next. Blacks are proving to be too racists and to ignorant to be in important positions, they waste time and money trying to punish everybody for their lack of success. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m tired of the BS. To think these people are given good jobs and get to go to top Colleges ahead of much better qualified people. Enough is enough, its time we started celebrating the best in society instead of lowering standards for Blacks.

    • steve

      actually the state of illinois will probably the first state to claim bankruptcy unless the left coast beats them to the punch

  • momo

    Last time I checked a map Detroit isn’t anywhere near Florida. Don’t these fools have 18 billion reasons to mind their own business? And they wonder why they’re screwed.

  • steve

    what a bunch of morons . how come no one in the city ask that the council be investigated for crimes unbecoming of people acting like moron’s. their more concerned about zimmerman than the city. sounds like an obama tactic.

    • MargaretJacobson

      They can always comfort themselves by looking at other people being successful and somehow blame them ??

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    They need to take care of their own city, county and state and keep there nose out of our state business! Your counsel needs to be investigated if you can’t balance your own budget. Mind your own business and let Florida mind its own business! Lessons from Obama I can tell! Throw the focus someplace else! What is Detroit hiding?

    • Oldmonkey

      First they need to stop their young men from killing each other. Over 50 young men died at each other’s hands and value life, including their own. Then take care of their own city’s business.

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        I agree but how do you stop the killings? They have no self worth in their own eyes. You can’t force someone to believe something that the don’t want to believe! They are blaming their own failings on other people who have nothing to do with it. They need to take control of their lives and open their eyes to the damage and destruction they are causing themselves. How do you make that happen?

        • Oldmonkey

          It takes a decent existence to value life. Revenue from taxes from good jobs Obama torpedoes in oil, natural gas and coal certainly would be helpful.

          Detroit has abandoned areas that need demolition that can be at least partly done by manual labor by the unemployed. As areas are cleared, food can be manually grown to feed those demolishing abandoned areas, and those farming. Once they get a work ethnic, the unemployed can be trained progressively for more skilled work. Providing 2 hots, a cot, a chance for a future and pocket change I think there will be takers. With a city of 160 square miles, and about half needing to be demolished or renovated; this will take a while keeping many busy for a long time.

          A couple other ideas to consider are looking a decriminalizing some drugs, shame, and substitution of caning instead of incarnation for some crimes after conviction if requested by the convicted.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Detroit is hiding the fact they are broke !! They have already closed half of their schools, cut services like trash pickup, schools , fire protection, police protection …… jobs, retirement pensions money ….gone ?? What more can go wrong ?? We have to wait and see ??

  • Warrior

    So I just listened to Austin Goolsbee explain that the reason “Detroit” failed is because of lack of “education”. Black Americans, you just got majorly “dissed” by oblama’s chief economist and this is the “party” that you are devoted to? You Americans really need to examine where the problems with this country originate. This is really sad and disgraceful.

    • wavesofgrain

      They had the finest Union Public Education taxpayers could buy!!!

    • TexasOlTimer

      Melissa Harris Perry, an MSNBC host, said it was due to ‘small government.’ Apparently the Dems have to blame all of their failures on others – it’s never ever their fault – nope, it’s the Republicans, or Bush, or the people down the street.

  • Pete0097

    Talk about pandering to your constituients!

  • ldazzle

    As I’ve stated before: Detroit: Ctrl/Alt Delete! Real simple…

  • mnkysnkle

    The last sentence says it all Ben. Glad you pointed it out.

  • Alan

    The council is concerned over an event that happened in another state,and not their business,while their own city is going down the flush. Is there any wonder why the city is broke with morons like this in charge for 50 yrs?

  • jim b

    I wonder if they change their own diapers?

  • Ibn Insha

    They still believe they are relevant.

  • Dajeno

    Detroit’s problems are the result of liberal policy’s starting with the defeat of the last republican mayor in 1961 and the election of Jerome Cavanagh. Then came LBJ’s great society and war on poverty in 1966. This resulted in over 170 thousand middle and upper class residents exiting the city by the end of 1967 because of the tax burden and racial unrest. Detroit has been under the rule of liberal policys for over 5 decades and this is the result. Does this sound like another liberal leader now in power. The leaders of the United States should look at this model of failure and learn from it. Do you hear me Mr President.