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Detained for photography in Baltimore

June 6, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • BrotherPatriot

    The “Patriot” Act…ummm…yeah.

    The Agenda seen in motion here.

    God Bless.

  • Peter


  • TIME

    What will you do when your stopped and made to go through a TSA mobile unit before you can even get in to a FOOD STORE? How about the Mall? How about to buy GAS for your car?
    Or how about leaving your home to go to work?

    What you have just looked at within the context of this video is CRIMINAL behavior based on the PA of what is CRIMINAL in and of its self.
    As it makes “YOU the American Citizen” a CRIMINAL for just being alive, NOW – your GUILTY until you prove otherwise, question; is that really what this nation was founded on?

    Look you will either take back your FREEDOM’s or you will all suffer fates that will in the end make the NAZI’S look like good little boys playing games.
    Its your choice, you make it. Freedom & Liberty v POLICE Slave State?

  • jopa

    I was asked not to take pictures of a cruise ship we were boarding in Ft Lauderdale and I was okay with that and I could see there over concern.They were just doing their job.The only other place I was restricted was in Vatican City in the Sistine Chapel.Apparently from what I understood the Japanese have all the copyrights for the paintings in there and in return they will keep the paintings in immaculate condition.They also claimed flash photography will discolor the paintings.Maybe, I don’t know but I respected their call.The character in the above video was in my judgement a little too feisty and really did make a mountain out of a mole hill.Seemed like he wanted to be a you tube sensation and I stand with the cops on this one.

    • independant thinker

      First there is NO comparison in photographing paintings and photographing trains. This is a problem for ALL railfans especially in the larger cities. The transit police seem to think everyone who takes a photo of a train from a public platform is fair game to being harassed, arrested, and having their camera confiscated if only for a short time. Next thing you know you will be subject to harassment and arrest for photographing historic bridges, overpasses, and viaducts.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        You are forgetting photographing public transport, and police officers harassing a handicapped citizen.

        They especially were upset at getting their pictures taken.

    • TIME

      First off both places you note are not “Public owned” aka owned by the US tax payers.
      Let alone even with the limited audio I could tell that the person was not able to hear, Police should be trained in that so as to avoid issues.

      So, by your logic if someone who can’t see has someone that can explain what the areas look like that as well is a “Mental picture” thus should not be allowed.

      You see when you open Pandora’s Box its not what you think or feel is ok, its far deeper than personal opinions. Thats why this nation was founded on “Personal Libertys as in FREEDOM” to do as you please.

      Again you seem to miss the very large beast sitting in the very small tent, that being the “Criminal Patriot Act.”

      How very strange that the same venue of law’s found within the Patriot Act were also instituted in Nazi Germany in 1936.
      But they only targeted the JEWS, Gays and anyone whom the Nazi deemed as problems to the state. Perhaps you should do so looking into the parrllels before you lend an opinion.
      The last time like laws were invoked it brought about the deaths of over 50 million people.

      With the PA its open to whom ever fits any profile that the Government wants to use, that means even YOU.

    • Mike

      That “Fiesty”ness, you so blithely referred to, is that mans rights to question the authorities in their harassment of him.

      People that do not stand up for their freedoms, are doomed to have it taken away from them.

      All of those officers were legal in asking to see his ID. They were, however, were wrong for detaining the man for taking photographs. State properties that photography is allowed are the Washington Monument, The Capitol Building (exterior), The White House (exterior), Lincoln Monument, Jefferson Memorial….NEED I GO ON!?

      They (the officers) have/had it in their heads to harass and intimidate anyone that will let them get away with it.

      So, the officer’s assertion that the man was making a mountain out of a mole hill is spot on. The man was bringing to attention the bullies that the law enforcement officers have become.

  • http://google mike b.

    All this man had to do was paint his face black and wear a long, black cape and wave a billystick and claim he was a member of the black panthers and these officers would have took the pictures for the brother! This is the Hope and Change Hussein Obama promised us, if he turns black in time Holder would let him go because as he says; I cannot prosecute my people. The Hussein Obama adm.: THUGS!!!!!!!

  • JC

    This is straight up “Police State” CRAP!

  • Trever

    What has happened to common sense? There is way too much paranoia and fear effecting so many people these days. The cops kept saying “don’t you remember what happened 9-11?” Yes, the event on 9-11 was terrible and horrendous, but it’s not the “be all” and “end all” of bad things to happen to innocent people. It was only one event of many that has happened around the world. If we continue to allow our fears to rule us and society, then the terrorists have won.

  • Rudy

    You also cannot take pictures of the Capitol building with a tripod. I was told by the guards on 2 occasions not to use a tripod to take a picture of a building that my tax dollars pay for.

    I was also stopped once in the Philadelphia subway. I use the footage of these things for videos I create for general educational purposes.

    It looks to me like Osama Bin Laden may have lost the battle, but really won the war. We gave up our freedoms with the grossly misnamed Patriot Act.

    “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”. —- Benjamin Franklin

  • josiahe

    I certainly would have more interest in comments by people if they knew how to use the English language correctly – being unable to communicate sufficiently is part of their/our lack of freedom.

    Most people no longer seem to understand the difference between the words “there”, “they’re”, and “their” ….. or, as in this case, “your” and “you’re”. I make mistakes too but this is pretty much across the board with young people, people who don’t care or are poorly educated.

  • sallysue

    Having lived in West Germany when there was an East Germany, I vividly remember a trip to the East part of the country where you couldn’t photograph any buildings, etc…we were told that when we got on the train that took us to East Berlin for “sight seeing”. Watching this video brought back that time back in the 80′s…I never thought it would come to this in the good old USA….The guy had every right to stand up for what he was doing….particularly if there were no signs posted forbidding photography.

    Chipping away at our Freedom and Liberty all in the name of our protection!

  • http://WWW.USRNSF.COM Ted B from Kansas City

    Not long back my wife had to make regular visits to the Radiological Oncology unit at a local hospital. We had left home early expecting traffic but had not hit any on the way and arrived in the area an hour early. I stopped by a local sporting goods store to purchase a pair of binoculars for an upcoming sporting event. While my wife was getting her treatment I unboxed the binoculars and stood outside on the sidewalk looking about 200 yards our at a squirrel on a tree and adjusting the adjustments on the binoculars for the best visual picture. I was approached by hospital security who mentioned they had been trained to watch for TERRORISTS based on a Michigan State Police video on the Seven Signs of Terrorism. See 7 signs for Terrorism. on youtube. Based on the video if you have binoculars or a camera a map or pencil and paper you are a potential terrorist. and thats just sign one… ITS POLICE STATE BULL CRAP.

  • Thomas D.

    This video and the actions of the police were a real eye opener.

    The police were wrong to be doing what they were. It was the pure attitude that is taught to cops that they must maintain control of the situation at all times. If they don’t have control of the situation they will do everything they can, including lying, or attempting to find a charge they can haul you in for. That is why when the young man asked the officer what law was he in violation of, he would like to know the statute number, the officer would not answer him and changed the subject.

    When it came to the whole sore did situation, there were four police officers confronting a harmless student. For all their threats that they were going to take him in to custody, they did not. At least from what can be determined from the video.

    The police were obviously in communications by radio as at a couple points in the proceedings you can hear an officer explaining to someone else what was happening on scene. If a person is not supposed to be photographing something in particular then it should either be posted or immediately explained by the officer fist making contact.

    The police obviously did not expect the reaction they got from the student and didn’t know how to handle it from there. A supervisor should have been dispatched to the scene to straighten things out.

    As a side note. There are some police officers that are out there doing their job in an honest attempt to make a difference for the population. Unfortunately, there are way too many who are not.

    It has been my experience that police will lie, plant evidence, or buddy up with one or more of their cohorts and trump up charges to arrest someone. In this case the officers seemed more concerned with the student’s recording of the officers conversation and occasional glance at their faces than they were of obtaining the individuals identification. How much different is it when an officer of the law pulls his patrol car in behind you and leaves the camera mounted on the dash to record you and your conversations with the officer, who is usually wearing a remote microphone transmitting the conversation back to the camera.

    Now, for those of you that are pounding on your keyboards already in hopes of proving me wrong, I am a former police officer, a former police detective, who left law enforcement because of the crooked crap that went on in it. The lying, falsifying reports, what ever it took to hang the guy they think is responsible for the crime. Often, without even checking out the suspects alibi.

    Working as a licensed private investigator my former coworkers would come to me and ask why I was messing up the cases they were trying to make. I explained to them, they were not making good cases. They had tunnel vision. They felt they already had the perpetrator and would bend the facts in the case in an effort to make it fit the case to get the conviction they wanted. With their predetermined rush to judgement, they ignored or tried to hide the evidence that the person currently charged with the crime had a good alibi and could not have committed the crime. I told them that when they slowed down and actually did an investigation that presented to a jury would convict, they wouldn’t have to worry about me, because my investigation would show the same thing. Of course, they didn’t want to think that they were jumping to conclusions and trying to convict the wrong person.

    I new a couple of Baltimore police officers. Some of their stories were very enlightening. Like when a particular Department Store had a huge tent sale on color TV’s. A squad car pulled up to the front of the tent and engaged the security guard that was hired to insure the stock was not stolen at night. They engaged him in conversation and even shared the donuts they had and brought him a cup of coffee.

    While this was going on squad car after squad car pulled up to the back of the tent, slipped in under the flaps and carried of a color TV. A large number of officers that night got their very first color television.

    There are more such things I know of, including a murder performed by the Baltimore PD. But, if you don’t have the point by now you never will.


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