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Despite Claims, Obama’s Inaugural Marines Weren’t ‘Fake’

March 1, 2013 by  

Despite Claims, Obama’s Inaugural Marines Weren’t ‘Fake’
Real Marines from Marine Corps Barracks Washington, D.C. 8th & I marched in the inaugural parade.

A few days ago, a website called The Truth Is Viral “broke” a story that the Marines from Marines Corps Barracks Washington, D.C., 8th & I who marched in the President Barack Obama inaugural parade were “ringers.” Based on video of the inaugural parade, the site proclaimed:

On orders from the Obama administration, the bolts from the M1 rifles carried by Marines in the Inaugural parade were removed. Even more shockingly, it appears that the Marines who normally provide security and perform ceremonial functions for the President were replaced with ringers.

Some of the “Marines” that paraded in front of the reviewing stand on Inauguration Day were unshaven, their uniforms out of line and ill-fitting, and their marching skills — in the opinion of this writer and dozens of other real Marines — could easily have been bested by any 3rd phase Marine Corp recruit platoon.

Host Bob Powell challenges former Marines to look at the footage from the video (beginning about 13:00) and pretend to be an inspecting general.

“These, some of these Marines are unshaven,” Powell said. ”If you look at their rank and file, they’re walking all over like ducks. They look like they’re just bouncing back home on the block. These are Marines, they’re supposed to have been marines from Bravo Company Marine Corps Barracks Washington, D.C., 8th & I. All these guys do 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, 365 days a year, is drill, drill, drill.”

After it was posted, the story made the rounds of the anti-Obama Internet sites with the declarative statement, “Obama’s Inaugural Marines Were FAKE.”

In short, no, they weren’t. I personally spoke with a Marine currently serving at Marine Corps Barracks Washington, D.C. 8th & I in Alpha Company. He confirmed that the Marines pictured in the video were Bravo Company Marines whom he knows personally. They were not “fake” Marines. He admitted they were sloppy, but he explained why.

The claim by Powell that all the Bravo Company Marines do is “drill, drill, drill” is untrue. Bravo Company trains mostly in the field to be the first responders in the event of an attack on the Capital. Alpha Company primarily drills and performs the ceremonial functions, including funerals. Also, certain mustaches are allowed, so Powell’s claim there is also bogus.

According to the Marine, Alpha Company marched in the inaugural parade from the Pentagon to the White House. Bravo Company marched from the White House.

As to Powell’s claims that the Marines had the bolts and firing pins removed from their guns, the Marine said Alpha Company’s guns — aside from seven used in funerals — already have the firing pins removed. He did not know why Bravo Company had to remove the bolts from their rifles.

He called it silly, and he said that each Marine was searched by Secret Service agents, as were their rifles and bags, prior to the parade.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Right Brain Thinker

    Another “no news” item to occupy the PLD contingent and distract us from such things as the Dow Jones hovering in record high territory (which means that the greedy rich of the 1% will likely further outpace the 99% as income and wealth inequality worsens in this country). Or does Bob L somehow owe a little “shout out” to Bob Powell and The Truth is Viral and this is a “scratch my back” thing?

    Yeah, I must admit that the clips in the video show a group that could have been more squared away, and that the Marines at boot camp graduation parades look sharper. However, the video was stop action, didn’t show any extended marching, and kept repeating the same clip over and over. Could there have been some “selective editing”? It’s a fair hike from the Pentagon to the White House—-could this clip have been taken at one of the “no crowds” places where the Marines were slacking off a bit? Not much of the segment right in front of the viewing stand was shown, but it looked like they were a lot sharper there.

    Let’s throw some CONSPIRACY into the pot. Could it be that many in this group of Marines have been looking at too many wing nut web sites, and they are O’Bama haters, and they looked sloppy ON PURPOSE to embarrass O’Bama? Huh?

    Ooooooh! Boogeyman time!

    PS One of my indelible memories from way back was watching a platoon-sized contingent of messmen marching to the mess hall at o’dark thirty. in the AM. The group was 100% black (anyone who was in the USMC in 1960 will understand that), and they were counting cadence and stepping out as smartly as I’ve ever seen any Marines ever do, anywhere. They were all alone on a dark street with no one to see them and did it out of pride and S/F—-made me proud to watch them.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      RBT [personal attack removed]

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Buster, you should probably stop reading my stuff—-it obviously goes WAY over your head. If you DO read it, you probably shouldn’t comment on it, because that just makes you look like a “[comment has been edited]

  • dan

    thanks…saw that Powel piece and was wondering. i would have considered the Marines but am not fond of marching or parades…or even dressing up….and don’t get me started on the barbaric custom of shaving !

  • jopa

    For Powell to state the Marines looked like a bunch of slobs. he apparently forgot what he himself looked like.He makes the Marines look real good and if you consider how many years of continuing warfare and how many tours most of these Marine endured a little misstep here and there is okay in my books.It was a very cold day and a long march and for anyone to expect perfection the entire parade route isn’t being fair to our bravest.Thank you Bob L. for clearing up this potential conspiracy.

    • Bobby Powell (@TheTruthIsViral)

      How do you know what I looked like 30 years ago? I’ll have you know that I was one devastatingly handsome Marine – LOL – squared away and meticulous about my appearance, especially when I wore my Blues. If you doubt any of that, there is a picture of me at the end of this video entitled “A New Declaration of Independence; Impeach Obama Now”, which BTW documents – via MSM sources and my own interviews with NATO commanders, CIA spies, and lawyers with the ACLU – and proves that Barack Obama has committed every single crime attributed to King George; and then some.

      Enjoy (I’ll be sticking around for your apology.)

      • jopa

        Well Mr.BP: There was a picture of you with fuzz all over your face and you were pretty nasty looking in comparison to all the Marines in formation.However as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you and your mother may think you are a cutie, however I think you are quite a beaut.I know they are expensive, however a razor blade will help you out some.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Bobby! Way to strut, Marine!. It was 50+ years ago for me, but I too was “one devastatingly handsome Marine”—-weren’t we all?

        “Obama has committed every single crime attributed to King George; and then some” (You may have strutted a bit too much with that one, though). S/F

    • Bobby Powell (@TheTruthIsViral)

      One other thing: Marines chosen for ceremonial duty with the 8th & I are the best marchers, and the best looking, Marines in the Marine Corp, having been selected specifically for those attributes by drill instructors very early in their enlistment.

      Every Marine is a Rifleman, and after they attain a common proficiency with their weapon they specialize. The Marine Corp doesn’t like to spend money training one individual to do two or three different jobs. Once you are assigned an MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) that is what you do for your entire enlistment; of course there will be exceptions, but generally once you are trained for a job it’s not very easy to switch your MOS to something else.

      Barracks Marines are called POG’s by Fleet Marines. POG stands for “person other than grunt”, and they are not held in the same esteem as Marines in a combat MOS, the reason being that they will NEVER see combat during their tour of duty. They’re just too pretty to waste on the battlefield.

      Of course there will be exceptions, there always are, but that is the general rule. Once a POG, always a POG. If you want to change your MOS you generally have to do it at the end of your first tour when you re-enlist. The Corp uses job choice as a perk to retain good Marines.

      Personally, even though I was a Fleet Marine (0341) I don’t like the term POG. I think it is derogatory and totally unnecessary as it is a term invariably applied by one Marine to another. I don’t like that. We’re supposed to be Brothers, and I feel that every Marine deserves the same respect regardless of his MOS – unless he’s also a “shitbird” (like the asshole that threw the puppy off the cliff in Iraq.)

      So yeah, the “you’d look haggard too if you’d been fighting the Taliban for a decade” excuse doesn’t work either. Most of them were Lance Corporals and PFC’s that I guarantee have never even left the United States.

    • Bobby Powell (@TheTruthIsViral)

      RBT – Watch that video brother, I prove it every charge; every last one. As far as “and then some”, I purposely left out any mention of birth certificates, place of birth, or that Obama might be a closet Muslim who is shaping foreign policy on behalf of his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood (even though I believe both issues have merit for further investigation, and his partiality to the Muslim Brotherhood can not be denied)

      • WTS/JAY

        Don’t waste your time trying to convince RBT in regards to Obama, Mr. Powell. RBT believes Obama “walks on water”, and any criticism aimed at his “messiah” will earn you a month in “latrine-duties”! If you want to see a grown man act like an adolescent school-girl, throw a serious hissy-fit, pout, and become completely dishelved, just criticize RBT’s messiah-obama…!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Bobby P,

        As I said, they definitely don’t look all that sharp, but a choppy stop action sequence of a few seconds out of a long video of 14 minutes doesn’t quite prove it to me. I would love to see a longer video clip that shows all the “swinging D’s” over a longer period of time rather than the selected scenes here. Do you know of one?

        The rest of what you say is the same old-same old that we always hear from the wing nuts but no one has ever proved. But if you must grind that axe, feel free—–there are many on PLD who will perk up and listen to ANYTHING you post that cuts O’Bama down.

        Hello JAY,
        Are we in a manic phase or hitting the bottle a bit early tonight? You know darn well that I don’t think O’Bama “walks on water, and have never said anything that would lead one to think I regard him as a “messiah”. He is merely not as bad as “the other guy” and we shall see if he earns the trust the country has put in him. Like I said, you’re either going manic or getting drunk—-that’s the only explanation for your flaming rhetoric here.

        And, “a grown man act like an adolescent school-girl, throw a serious hissy-fit, pout, and become completely disheveled, just criticize RBT’s messiah-obama…” Lord love a duck, Jay—-you are looking bad here with comments like that. Sober up!

        (And you need to get your terminology down—–it’s a “head”, not a “latrine”—-and don’t trip as you step through the hatch in the bulkhead the next time you go there.)

      • WTS/JAY

        Having another one of your hissy-fits, RBT? News-flash, not everyone worships your fruity-tutti leper-messiah, you silly-girl…get over it!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Say goodnight, JAY

  • ibcamn

    Oh boy,people just went to an extreme with this one..Obama does have a Hollywood style dept. that has doctor smocks and nurses scrubs etc.,but why Marines would be fake is just plain dumb!there are plenty of suckers,i mean followers,i mean soldiers that will obey Obama and stand behind him,why fake it!!out of his costume dept. Obama has i’m sure there are uniforms from all branches(down to boy scouts)of service.Obama was dumb enough to put in a prop dept. so he should expect some flake over things like this,his judgment on this was stupid,but look at what you got!..i could see the Mrs’s(the one with the hair thingy) making a call to wordrobe late at night”ummm prop dept,could you bring up a SS uniform and a whip and a little schoolgirl outfit(in men’s size),thank you!”….

  • dan

    I gotta admit that you were a handsome lad,Bob….but then ,weren’t we all .
    I think you laid out the situation and I’m on your side of the line in the sand.
    The best thing about Marines is that they’re either your most loyal friends or
    fiercest enemies.It’s important to remember that we have them surrounded.

  • john

    So first responders have guns with no firing pins…makes sense I guess in Obamaland…


    Some of you folks will grasp on to any nutty conspiracy theory that comes down the pike.


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