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Despite Campaign-Related Violence, Rand Paul Increases Lead Over Democratic Opponent

November 1, 2010 by  

Despite campaign-related violence, Rand Paul increases lead over Democratic opponentThe libertarian GOP candidate for the Senate in Kentucky, Rand Paul, appears to be leading his opponent Jack Conway into tomorrow's election. That's despite the fact that the recent debate between the two candidates was marred by activist violence.

Last week, national media reported that one of Paul's supporters tackled and then stomped on the head of a woman who was demonstrating against his candidate. This prompted Paul's campaign to issue a statement calling the incident "incredibly unfortunate" and urging civilized discourse.

However, far from hurting his candidacy, the controversy seems to have boosted Paul's numbers. Before the altercation, he led Conway by an average of 7 points, but the latest poll from Public Policy Polling found that the lead is now twice as big and stands at 53 to 40 percent, according to

In fact, the news provider suggested that in the final week of the campaign, undecided Independent voters seemed to be swaying in the GOP's direction. This is helping the Republican Senate candidate in Illinois, Mark Kirk, and Roy Blunt in Missouri. 

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  • wayne

    H E I L Paul !!!!!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Oh, now that was an intelligent reply……

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

      That wasn’t a demonstrator, but a Democrat attempting a dirty trick ploy on Ron Paul that his people spotted and put a stop to. Anyone watching the up-close video of the incident can plainly see that the head stomp was accidental and was meant for and put on her shoulder to hold her down till she could be restrained and escorted away. Strange that the real assault by another Democrat on a Ron Paul supporter at the same event was not reported on by the main-stream media, but considering their bias against conservatives, I guess its really not that strange after all.

  • Dan az

    That’s great.Maybe we need to do more of the same.But this time lets use the democratic party and really show them that we are not fooling around.
    This just shows them that no matter what happens we are not going to lose this one come hell or high water.

  • Fact Check Poster.

    The article lies by asserting that the anti-Paul protester’s head was “stomped” on when the video clearly shows that a foot was lightly pressed against the person’s SHOULDER & never made any contact with the person’s head. Shame on this bad journalism. Furthermore the protester had initially rushed up to Paul’s car shoving a sign right into his face which is why the protester was tackled to the ground in the first place as people thought the protester could have been an assassin. Which is an understandable concern. Considering the long history of political assassinations & attempted assassination in America. Furthermore the press has not reported as much on the Conway supporter who attacked a Paul supporter. One has to hand it to the electorate who was able to see through the over media manipulation directed against candidate Paul & the over the top hype of the minor altercation with the protester.

    • rich hutchins

      The first news report I heard of this incident, was on major network TV news – [and not fox] & they reported it as protecting Rand from a possible attack. We need to bring down the rhetoric on both sides.

    • Kinetic1

      If you’re going to use a name like “Fact Check Poster” you need to at least get the facts right. Yes, she did stick her sign in Rand Paul’s window, and for that she deserved to be restrained. Mr. Profitt on the other hand had no reason to place a foot on her and certainly did not do so “lightly”. I’ve seen the video several times, including in slow motion. His certainly does not “stomp on her head”, but he does push down with enough force to push her head hard onto the curb. Even the man holding her admonished him for doing so. As to where his foot was, it slid up her shoulder as he pressed down and it clearly met the top of her neck/base of her skull. It was violent and he was out of line.

      • libertytrain

        I still can’t help but wonder, if this “woman” had been a man, would there be much furor over holding this person down?

        • Bus

          Equal rights, means equal responsibility

        • Kinetic1

          I don’t think it has as much to do with “holding her down” as it does with the unnecessary force. I’m certain that there are some who believe the whole event was too violent and would complain no matter who it was or what sex they were, but I understand the decision to restrain the activist. I just feel that Mr. Profitt went over the line and, as far as I’m concerned Mr. Paul’s words were not properly directed.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            One question. do you think this person will ever make the same mistake of being too pushy again??? I’m not in favor of excessive force but when you put yourself in this type of position you have to understand it could happen!!

    • Craig

      Who gives a flying rats behind if the boot was on her head, neck or face. The fact is she got what she deserved. She has a history of doing idiotic stuff. She is a nutter. Those people are seriously mentally challenged and mentally unstable. They all deserve to be locked up behind bars.

      • eddie47d

        Nice job of setting yourself up Craig! The whole incident does matter and she didn’t deserve what she got. Both Valle and Proffit should have been retrained,nothing more. You quite often come across as the one who is mentally unstable.Do you want a padded cell or one without? Paul Rand might make a good Senator for Kentucky so why don’t you concentrate on the positive instead of the “mugging”.

        • Craig

          Yes she did deserve what she got, boy. You are clueless.

          • eddie47d

            Are you a masocist?

          • Craig

            No, not ignorant like you, boy.

          • http://naver samurai

            Edduh just doesn’t understand how these attacks work. They can either have people leave a person or make them draw closer. I think the latter is in play here. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • eddie47d

          Craig; I ain’t your boy,Boy!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Yeah Craig, he’s somebodies girl!!!!

  • ChrisD

    Of course he increases the lead. Everyone saw that stunt by the paid activist for what it was: antagonizing republicans to get a reaction so she could then say “see? look how bad they are”. Unfortunately for them it didn’t work.

    • wwjd

      Do you have proof it was staged. I would like to see it will you post it?

      • Alex Cole

        Proof? How about no blood, no bruises? She was up in front of the cameras 2 minutes later looking fresh as a daisy- now if someone “stomped” on your head while on the curb- what do you think it would have looked/felt like? The video clearly shows the guy rubbing her shoulder with his foot…which wouldn’t hurt anybody.
        Why would the liberal media not include the ‘charge’ on Mr. Paul, by an assailant with unknown intentions, which changes the entire context of the incident? Think about it. Why wasn’t the Conway supporter attack even mentioned?
        If anyone wanted to hurt the perp, with her head on the curb like on a pillow, she would be bloodied and dead.
        This was a show for the stupid to latch onto.
        Neither Demoncraps or Republicants want any of the new bunch of Constitutionalists, Independents, or Libertarians to gain a foothold, lest next election the RNC & DNC would be swept to the irrelevance they both deserve so dearly- the ‘ash heap of history’. Wake up and realize THEY are they cause of our current economic situation, our uncontrolled borders, the healthcare debacle and our massive loss of jobs over the last 30 years. There is no real difference between them- they are wings of the same bird- the vulture that is picking over the bones of a once great and free country.

  • Hiram23

    It was a bad decision to fly in a professional agitator to UMW territory. The coal companies often use paid agitators to disrupt strikes, so this will not help Conway. Recent polls show Paul’s lead GREW after this incident.

  • s c

    Independent [libertarian?] voters, unless they’ve been living in a deep cave, must know that America-hating interlopers are in the White House and Congress. Some of those interlopers think America needs to be enslaved ‘for our own good.’
    Americans, make NO mistake about it. If we are not willing to TAKE BACK our country from the ravening, dark forces that are drooling at the prospect of putting America in chains, America’s children and their children and their children will CURSE us.
    This may be one of America’s last hurrahs. Even if we do repudiate The Anointed One and put him in his place, this is only the beginning. It does NOT stop here, people.

  • Ken Owens

    Arrogance and desperation almost always leads to serious blow-back. In my opinion, this is a prime example of it. It backfired BIG TIME and tomorrow poetic justice will be served……My hat is off to Rand, Kelley and the entire Paul family for the way they have conducted themselves in the face of the lies, smears and lunacy.

  • wwjd

    Rand Paul had no control over the incident and the people of Ky that were there and the News media here said it was as always dramaticized by media. Media makes millions from those negative attack ads and the elections and yet true journalism has left the buildings.

  • wwjd

    Rand Paul could have used the breaking story of Conway’s helping his brother illegally but I admire him he did not and that shows character. I hate the political deception and the the way we allow the people to constantly pout off this slaner. I hate the spinelessness of journalism to stand and report the issues, instead of the dramatization for the ratings. I am ashamed of the way many sprout their hates on both sides of the toetem poll and get by with it, but when a conservative speaks truth of an issue these same old echoers just keep rambling non truths. Here in Ky they used Barr’s conviction at 19 YO for a fake ID and said he lied on his application. Many lie and exaggerate on their resumes and applications of all ages, maybe they all should be exposed now. Maybe the closet skeltons of all Americans should be exposed and then these scandals would not propfit anyone. It is just a crime in my opinion for people to sprout out half truths and deceptions and especially those using a UnID person when the law says we have a right to face our accusers in court we should have that same privilege of law when it comes to campaigning or running off at the mouth without facts!

    If some of these will take the news medias, the political liers to court these will soon stop and that means civilians too, they should not be allowed to defame anothers character untruthfully and if the media won’t do their jobs and report an expose they should be sued too, all the way to the highest court. This is my opinion and I am sticking to it. Yes we have freedom of speech except where censored any way but when lies are the fabric of the speech it is protected by the courts or the last I knew it was.

  • MR.Washington

    A very sad but true Ad by Citizens against Government Waste

    “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • 45caliber

    I think one of the main reasons it didn’t hurt Rand Paul was because it came out that it was blown out of proportion by the media. And the people didn’t like that.

  • everett

    Tea party…. bull !

    our nation was started from rebellion to taxes on our whiskey, beer and other spirits….

    that tea dumping was minor in comparison …

    and then, 1st off, our new nation then taxes our boos again !!

    time for another tax revolt !!!

    all republician and democrats in congress are thiefing our nation’s blood … their give-aways and fed reserve policies has bankrupted the dollar, …. and their easy money has grown our foreign competition (china, etc) .. and grown the expectations of other society parasites on the governmental dole…

    • http://naver samurai

      I do believe it was “taxation without representation” and not about our booze. Look up your history next time. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://naver sook young

        I think you are referring to The Whiskey Rebellion, but that was after our Revolution wasn’t it? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • http://none Mike

    I think that people are seeing this for what it really was a publisity stunt by move on and other Soros organizations. The lefts problem is they have used these tactics for years ad nasum. And that has led to apthy and disbelief even with some who have been center left all their lives.These tactics are now starting to backfire on them all over the country. I belive its because we are starting to win in the battle of ideas and education.But that being said we need to continue the fight becaues if we do not the apthy will creep back in. We need canidates now for 2012 that are able to speak in complete sentances and articulate our ideas. Not ones who are just good when they are reading from a teleprompter or a professional speech writers script. Whoes ideas come from the heart and not a party line. Untill we get away from professional writers for these folks its too easy for them to hide their ideas in retoric. If a person actually speeks from the heart they wont stumble and gaff through a speach. And even if they do I dont mind so much if its from the heart. Mike L.

  • jopa

    Typical conservative cowards.Three fat guys tackle and stomp a twenty three year old womans head and they think it was okay.Tim Proffit of Paris Kentucky the head stomper is an embarrassment to any American of a civilized nature.Small town easy to find this guy.

    • libertytrain

      that twenty three year old woman has apparently been around the block more than a few times in her terrorist activities – she knew exactly what she was doing and what the repercussions could be unless of course, she was counting on the fact of her being a purported “woman” would be more to her favor amongst these folks – perhaps on another occasion, they would have held the door open for her, but not when she is actively engaging in physically attacking their candidate

    • 45caliber


      With your remark about Proffit about, you have shown you have far less class than he does. And he don’t have much.

    • independant thinker

      “Three fat guys tackle and stomp a twenty three year old womans head”

      Proffit’s foot did not touch her head. It did slip some and touch her collar but did not touch her head and certainly did not stomp it.

  • joe_k

    Last week, national media reported that one of Paul’s supporters tackled and then stomped on the head of a woman who was demonstrating against his candidate. … However, far from hurting his candidacy, the controversy seems to have boosted Paul’s numbers.

    That is because to many Americans saw the second video which showed the activist woman (the men involved were not activist, by the way, unless ALL Republican candidate supporters are now “Activist”) shoving her sign through the car window into Ron Paul’s face. Also, to many Americans did not see any one “stomp” on her head. We saw a foot used to hold her down slip off her shoulder onto her head, And finally, to many Americans recognize a liberal set up and a line of (fill in this space with your favored description of what bulls drop on in the pasture) when we see it.

  • http://com i41

    jopa, what picture were you looking at? whimpy weinys like you are the reason this is such a pusified country. If that simple minded Soros paid slut didn’t have here head “stomped” unless she is like Pulosee, id she has anymore skin tightening she need to shave, and this bimbo must have her head a long way up her posterior vent. It was a way to prevent the idoit from hurt herself in thrashing around, and the toe restraint was not a stomp.If I was there hand cuff her right wrist to her left ankle, and left wrist to her right ankle, and let her cool down, like hot horse. Release after a hour to settle down. Of course dumbocrats just never learn, when the sheperd faggot got his ticket punched out permantly, he had a history, of going into red neck and oil riggers bars and being a blooming faggot looking for trouble. He found it in Larmie and it was one over the top a$$ kicking. Durning my mid teen years on thru my mid 20′s , the hippy, hair balled, drug heads hated cowboys and conservatives, and usually had a crap attitude of trying to give a$$ kickings. They always needed to have a bunch of lumps put on them faster than they could wipe off before the lights came on. I tried to show compassion and gave several close hair cuts for or used Nair for a smooth close cut.

  • SEN. stephen anderson

    hi president,
    seasoned greatings ladies and gentlemen of the great AMERICAN CONGRESS,
    THE MILLENIAL american dream has drove far into positive construction of the supreme command of the human dream to conquer disadvantages of concurrential darkness, i am proud to say the united states seal of authorityhas won the magestic move of victorious and infinite excellent living in the american liberty live, i will like to ask sir SEN.ETHERIDGE,and SEN. RENEE ELLMERS, why should the disney tea party be cancelled………..if we all in congress love liberty statue of the great seals the american kingman city texas, we need awe

  • jopa

    I4I It is very hard to understand all your gibberish and garble.Do you claim to be a shepherd faggot with your head up your posterior or what are you trying to say?I did understand the part about where you never grew up and think of yourself as a cowboy and not a cowman and your married to a cow woman,How are the fall colors doing up on Brokeback Mountain boy?


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