Despite bad economy, hurricane home preparation ‘a must’


Despite bad economy, hurricane home preparation 'a must' Mindful of the potential of the recession to compound hurricane damage, experts are warning Americans against saving on upgrades or putting off protecting their property.

When a natural disaster strikes an already cash-strapped household, it becomes a double-edged sword, so it is crucial to follow a few simple and low-cost steps to avoid a financial catastrophe down the road.

The Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) says it is important to conduct a roof inspection to make sure the covering is well-adhered and there are no missing pieces. Secure any loose sheathing with spray foam seal adhesive or caulk.

Next, it is time to secure any doors and windows which can become entry points for flying debris or become dangerous debris themselves if they shatter.

Install shutters ahead of time to protect windows, and use plywood as a last resort, suggests IBHS. It adds that masking tape is not a substitute for window coverings and will not protect the house against wind and water.

Other vulnerable entry points that may need to be secured include roof or ridge vents. It is a good practice to reseal around windows, doors and vents using caulk as water can penetrate through even the smallest openings.

Finally, once the storm is on its way, it is wise to remove all outdoor furniture and any loose objects that can be picked up by the wind and compound damage to surrounding property.

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