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Deputy Pepper Sprays, Uses Baton On Man With Down Syndrome

December 26, 2012 by  

Deputy Pepper Sprays, Uses Baton On Man With Down Syndrome
Antonio Martinez, who has Down syndrome, was pepper sprayed and beaten into submission by a San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy.

A developmental disability is no excuse for not immediately and unconditionally complying with the local Gestapo, as 21-year-old Antonio Martinez found out last Thursday.

Martinez, who has Down syndrome, was pepper sprayed, forced to the ground and beaten into submission by a San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy investigating a domestic violence incident. Martinez is all of 4 feet, 11 inches tall.

According to reports, Martinez was walking between his home and the family bakery wearing a hoodie when the LEO (sometimes standing for law enforcement officer but in reality meaning Legally Entitled to Oppress) called out to him. Martinez didn’t respond to the officer’s “commands,” according to Sheriff’s Department apologist and (trained liar) public relations flak Jan Caldwell.

Neighbors who know Martinez well told the deputy Martinez had Down syndrome and had done nothing wrong. But the deputy demanded compliance, according to Caldwell, and while trying “to gain compliance and prevent possible escape,” he used pepper spray to subdue Martinez.

The pepper spray irritated Martinez’s eyes, as pepper spray does, so he naturally tried to rub them. This prompted the deputy to beat him into submission with a baton — a fact not disputed by the sheriff’s office.

CNN reported: “The deputy hit Antonio Martinez with it, forcing him to the ground, then levied ‘a couple more strikes to get his hands free,’ Sheriff’s Department Capt. Joe Rodi told CNN affiliate KGTV.”

Once beaten into submission, a sobbing and screaming Martinez was cuffed, placed into a patrol car and taken to the hospital. He was later taken to the jail where he was turned over to his family, but not before the family was told Martinez may face charges of obstructing justice.

Martinez’s father is considering suing the Sheriff’s Department and the city of Vista, Calif.

“But really, all we want is for the sheriff’s deputy who did this to my brother to get fired,” said Jessica Martinez. “That’s all we want. We want justice.”

But firing alone isn’t good enough. Perhaps a blast of pepper spray to the face and several swats with a police baton upon his arrest for assault and battery is in order. Since the deputy is LEO, that probably won’t happen, but one can dream.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dennis48e

    “But firing alone isn’t good enough. Perhaps a blast of pepper spray to the face and several swats with a police baton upon his arrest for assault and battery is in order.”

    That would be very fitting punishment after which he should be fired and sentenced to a year in the local hoosgow (sp?) where he would be forced to mix with the general jail population.

    • Michael

      The gestapo thug will probably not be fired, but will be transferred to another district. Why do any of us think these law dawgs will ever be held responsible for their irrational behavior? They are the Brown Shirts of today’s National Socialists – the progressives and others who want to control our every move.

  • Harold Olsen

    I doubt anything will happen to this scumbag cop. Police departments these days do not seem to give a damn about any negative publicity they receive through the actions of their badge heavy cops. They even seem to condone what they do. Sometimes I think the only way cops will wake up is if citizens declare war on the cops and give them a taste of their own medicine, though I wouldn’t bet on it. My attitude these days is that if I saw a cop in trouble, I’d do nothing to help, and, I understand, I’d be breaking the law.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      That’s the thing tho…

      As long as police (and gov’t people in general) have immunity (basically) for the actions they take in the process of “doing their job” this is never going to stop.

      – Smoov

    • pweiters9

      12/27/12, Civil war is coming, only this time more fierce & bloody than the one of the 19th century ever was. Bam, the king will precipitate such during his 2nd term. God help us all.

      • Holton F. Brown

        to weiters.. query: How many fighter bomber squadrons do the skiunheads have? Same goes for the Klan.. and Jesus Christ Savior ?? and you reeally gonna take on the local chapoters of the crips .. bloods .. hells angels… MS-13 .. the local national guard and reserve units .. not to mention outfits like the army, navy, iar force and that fun group .. the marines ..
        and even if you did win.. what the hell are you going to do with it .. who’s gonna run it ? rush limbaugh?? he can’t even stayed married to the same woman for any length of time .. Glenn Beck ??? he’s druggie and has that problem with all those itchy littlemen inside his head …
        and then there’s that annoying little article in the constution… comes before 2nd amendment .. the one that refers to treason ….and rebellion ..
        you know.. one can get killed for doing treason … that’s why I have my guns .. don’t shoot buls .. or watermelons (Why? i’ve never heard of anyone being attack by a melon_
        any how .. I shoot man sized sillouettes.. do pretty good too ,,ei

      • Jack Hollius

        If civiul war comes I will be looking for the deputy that did this. I believe in Justice.

  • Greg Beaty

    If the police received a citation for the crime he committed, had to serve some time and lost his job. Then and only Then would The police bullies stop. I have personally know several policeman and all of them felt they were above the law.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Greg, such action would only stop that particular cop from behaving like a moron, and then for only the time he was incarcerated. When he got out, he would still be the same person of low moral character in whatever job he was able to obtain. The so-called rehabilitation factor of imprisonment is non-existent. This man thinks his status as a cop entitles him to abuse others. Or perhaps, he was an abusive personality in the first place, who decided to become a cop to lend some authority to his abusive actions.

    • Bob Johnson

      Go walk in his shoes for a shift or two, and see if you sing the same song. You won’t, I doubt seriously if you have the intestinal fortitude to pin a badge on your shirt and strap a gun on your hip and chase down a dark alley after a suspect, or step between a man and his wife in a knock down drag out disagreement. I did that for thirty years, and very few who knew me would have walked in my shoes. Until you know all of the facts, don’t date complain about the blue coats. In this ever increasingly lawless society, the only thing between you and complete anarchy in the law enforcement officer.

      • clark

        Well Bob, just recently my grandson was sleeping in his house, and some black guys robbed a store a few blocks away. They were seen, and it was reported that they were black. My grandson (who is totally white) was rousted out of bed and made to kneel in his yard with numerous assault rifles trained at his head, because his car was the same color as the one the blacks had used to rob the store. What kind of insanity does it take to do things like that? How many blue Neons are there in the world? Complete and utter disregard for the rights of anybody, was the thing behind that. The damned cop who transported him to jail, threaten him with a beating all of the way there, because he kept telling them he was innocent, and they were arresting the wrong guy. My grandson was very angry, (and rightfully so) and I am sure, wasn’t being very polite, but I dare say that almost anone would be under the same circumstances.

      • Mikey

        Bob, thanks for your service as an officer of the law. It is unfortunate that a few make the group as a whole look bad. All the law enforcement officers that I personally have dealt with were good men. I really hate it when a few rogue cops do this crap and make them all suspect.

        • Holton F. Brown

          Agreeing whole-heartedly with Mikey and Bob ,,,

      • JC

        The courage to pin on a badge…

        I would have given that thought some credence years ago but not any more.
        The police no longer (generally) feel they are in place to protect people.
        They have lost all sense of “community” other than the fact that ultimately “their” community is there to protect itself…from us. They also answer to the UN and are under the command of the UN at the drop of a hat. (See how they behave at a G8 meeting)
        It’s sad to see, but America’s police agencies are becoming self preserving robo-cops
        and if they want to reverse that perception, they’ve got a lot of work to do.

        The attack conducted on this poor victim of downs syndrome is just another symptom of our decaying society and the integrity of the police agencies is no exception.
        Integrity….is going away very quickly.

      • Mikey

        Have you not heard of the “Oathkeepers”? If not, check them out:
        Most of the law enforcement in my area are members and will protect the citizens per the constitution, not the elites in power.

      • ranger09

        Bob, 30 years where did you serve, And i can tell by your remark you need to pick better friends, Not sure about the way you served, But i have been around many large cities and some small ones. I guess LA was the Biggest. We have always had bad cops, But to day its becoming out of hand, Granted you have areas of heavy concern, But when cops treat all People as suspects, then you have cops with no respect for the The People or the Badge. Weapons are tools to only be used in case of possible bodily hard, But the tools are only as good as the people using them, To day to many Cops want to be A Rambo,a Chuck Norris, an a Swartnegger and a Steven Segal. When cops become more respectful of the People and their rights and less paranoid, Then maybe People will respect them more, Seems like Cops today have more education and more Pay, They just do not have the common sense to know the differance between Right and Wrong

      • JC


        Yes I have heard of the Oathkeepers. And I couldn’t be more proud of them. :)

      • larry ryan

        Sorry, it being a tough and frequently thankless job does excuse abuse and incompetence.

      • Butch

        Since you don’t slam this pig for his Gestapo behavior on the very citizens HE SWORE AN OATH to protect, YOU are a POS just like that craven coward. Notice yr dumbass made no attempt whatsoever to call out this swine for violating the s@#t out of this disabled man’s rights, EVEN when witnesses explained that he was mentally challenged. Too bad the neighbors didn’t blow his ignorant fascist head off.

        • Holton F. Brown

          and then those neighbors would have been guilty of murder… i’m not defending the actions oif the cop .. whay i have been saying is that his actions are not the same for all cops .. and nothing should jusitify mob rule…
          and if you take the the time to read the updated CNN dispatch, the san diego county sheriff’s office has admitted fault ….cool the blood lust guys,, this is the real world .. not a chuck norris movie..

      • Jack Hollis

        How many down syndrome kids did you pepper spray and beat to the ground while you were a cop?

    • charlie

      It does not stop with the police, Greg.
      Just this morning, we learn that a “deal” has been struck in Congress, on the ‘fiscal cliff’ fiasco.
      Friday, at the Closing Bell, the Stock Market was UP 166 points.
      Knowing that the Congressmen can Trade with impunity, on information not available to the General Public – These bandits made billions of dollars, two days before the rest of us even knew what was happening!

      Everyone in Congress must be audited, and HUNG for what they are doing to the people!
      This behavior must END! Or, I will welcome a Civil War!

  • Holton F. Brown

    It’s nice to know that there are people like Harold who, because of the actions of a lone cop..they hate all cops …. and I feel that maybe Harold has had his own run-in with law enforcement ..


      Holton Brown – This is not an isolated incident with a lone cop. There is not a week that goes by that we do not see some cop somewhere abusing his authority and using his position to assault civilians. There are still good cops in service, but they are few and far between. A lot of incidents go unreported in news and are swept under the carpet. Watch videos on youtube to see how these pigs use their assault weapons to abuse people and lethally injure people including children woman and elderly by batons, stun guns and even by brutal force of 280 lb men grabbing 90lb elderly people fragile and throwing them into the air and driving them to the ground breaking bones and skulls and necks because they are a product of the “dumbed down” America by which they know no other way to handle weak and defenseless people other than to use brute and deadly force for even the simplest of crimes if any at all such as perhaps shop lifting or jay walking constitutes brute force and injury just so a pig can constitute his needed presence in society.

      Cops were needed to serve and protect civilians, but they have evolved from being the good guys in uniform to joining the ranks of the ones they were hired to protect the law abiding citizens from. Everyone is a criminal in the eyes of a control freak pig. If he uses excessive force, not to worry, his captains and colleagues will back him up and lie for him and maybe even bring along a drop weapon to cover up their comrades brutal tendencies against the public. Happens everyday in America, in cities all across this Country.

      People like you try to defend the cops – But the fact is and is becoming more and more evident daily that when people see a cop they turn the other way and distance them self as far away from cops as they can. There used to be a time that people would run to cops for help and even just to say hi and show their gratitude towards an officer. But in todays police world, people distance them self from cops because they know that where ever there is a cop, there is attitude and trouble not protection. Cops are on constant lookout to find fault in everyone. It is how they justify their job, they have to prove to their commanding officer that they are doing their job by making arrests and handing out as many tickets as they can to generate revenue for the police force as well as the court system. Do it not and the police force has to cut back and lay them off as well as lay offs in the judicial system.

      Cops give out tickets all the time that are thrown out because a court finds no fault. But the public still has to pay court costs and legal fees to prove their innocents because some cops needs to get his quota. Even if it is proven that the citizens are innocent and at no fault for any crime or violation, it stills cost them lost wages from work, court costs, legal fees and bad PR even when the citizen was completely innocent based on the actions of incompetent cops.

      People are seeing and even experiencing this kind of thing on a daily basis and they are learning now that cops are not there on their side, they are in fact the enemy and a thug with a badge.

      Look into your inter cities especially, when cops show up or try to ask questions, no one talks and turns away. Some of this is because they fear what a gang of other criminal might do to them after the police leave, but many do it because they know that cops may end up detaining them and dragging them downtown and try to pin some charge such as being an accomplice to the crime for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      • steve

        this is what happens when you give some one immunity from the law. just like the senate and congress act, so does law enforcement. a little common sense would go a long way if they have any.

      • Mikey

        Wildfire, where the heck do you live?
        I live in Southern California in a fairly small community. Here it’s just the opposite: The majority of law enforcement are still the good guys, and the “pigs” are few and far between.

    • ana

      Holton, I disagree with that assumption. I believe Holton is outwardly expressing the fear all of us have, and should have, about the rising power of a police nation that wants citizens on lock down and subordinate to police power. The police training aimed at restraining normal citizens, and the humiliation citizens receive at the hands of the TSA when we travel is there to entrain us to accept becoming subject to commands and accept that we are powerless over our own destiny… a habit that will come very handy when the final collapse of our economy and fiat currency wipes out a life’s worth of work and savings. Then you will see what all of this has been leading up to. It will take civil unrest and more courage than most of today’s men have in them to hold back the wrath of a police nation.

  • lisa

    The guys they hire don’t have the highest IQ and are more prone to knee jerks besides jerks. Where are these idiots when the mob youth were rampaging stores across America or single citizens were being hit to unconsciousness by colourless thugs?

    • Holton F. Brown

      Actually .. many big city and county department’s require applicants to have at least an high school education .. and some require an associate’s degree…and you might want tpo consider thgier “knee jerk” reactions are cause by soft judges who “throw out ticxkets” .. or judges who consaider ethnic or economic backgrounds of the accused .. as for complaints about “mob youth rampaging” .. well it was probably because folks like you and Wilkdfire didn’t call the cops and cooperate in the investigation ..
      as for finding fault’s a circle.. you don’t cooperate with police , whyshould tyhey trust.. you’re consorting withg the enemy ..
      by the way .. many cops today are veterans .. combat veterans .. as a veteran myself .. you get in the habit of watching your back .. or “covering your six” ..
      as for Gary .. calling them cowards ? they have to work in neighborhoods you wouldn’t have the stones to drive through …

      • Jack Hollis

        Are you just being the devil’s advocate? Cops have guns, If I had a gun I would not be afraid to go plkaces I am afraid to go unarmed. Honest citizens have not abandoned the cops, it has been the other way around. If you can’t see that then so be it.

    • Elda

      This all seems to have happened with affirmative action. Standards had to drop drastically and I think it caused the attitude to go from professional to junk yard dog no matter the race of the applicant.

    • netrageouz

      I believe that they will not hire people with high IQ just to be certain they will not question the order that come from their superiors. I think they need mindless mass and bulk… Just thinkin’ out loud…

  • Gary

    Formula for an instant bully; Give a coward a government paycheck and a badge.

  • roger

    When this kind of incident(crap) happens, the rest of the department turns a blind eye to their criminal, and fellow miscreant. That makes them all un-trustworthy, in my not-so-humble-and-biased-opinion. If he loses his job in S.D. Co., he’ll just move north to a new agency. After all, it’s us against them. trolls, all of them…………..

  • clark

    I fear that most of those commenting on this are probably closer to the truth then what we want to believe. I live in MO., and I find that a huge number of the police force here are thugs. The highway patrol used to be much better, but I know several of them personally, and they have slipped drastically in their behavior also. Yet I think it may just be that they are taken from a cross section of society, and we have (as a society) slipped that much.

  • Elda

    Wow…..I guess it is not safe for my handicapped son to walk with us in public. He is mentally 2 and not quite 5 feet tall but does have a nice little mustache. If an officer was to tell him to do ANYTHING my son would not do it because he is autistic and can’t. I have adopted another child that has rage issues and trys to control everyone including the one with autisum and guess what that one wants to ge when they graduate from high school……a police officer.

    • netrageouz

      Elda, it is commendable that you take on the challenges. I hope you can mold that child, but I fear that many of the people with a badge have issues such as those- rage and impotence shielded by a uniform a badge and the power to do whatever they feel empowered to get away with, and of course, the district does not want to look foolish or guilty so they simply candy coat the issues that arise, and cover up the turds by shoveling sand over the incident.

  • Elda

    All my siblings are/were in law enforcement and I watched all their attitudes change over the years. Two of them were compassionate people wanting to help others and changed into uncaring thugs. The other one began as an uncaring control freak thug. I believe it was because of the people they say every day and how they were treated. When you roll with the scum you get very dirty.

  • Holton F. Brown

    jc .. you’ve been watching too many Glenn Beck internet feeds .. you ask ther average cop who he/she takes their orders from..they’ll say “My sargeent” .. and most cops..twhen they vote .. go to the Republican voter registrtation list for validation

  • paul

    Bad laws make bad cops. The drug war is a perfect example. Check out this news report to see what I mean.

  • paul

    Here’s another similar video on that story.

  • paul

    Here is another example. 20 years ago, if I was driving down interstate 10 between Tucson and Phoenix at 75 MPH, I could have been stopped, arrested for reckless driving for driving 20 miles over the speed limit and have my car impounded. Now, Fast forward to today. I could be driving down the same stretch of highway in the same car at 75 MPH and I would have no problem what so ever because the speed limit is now 75 MPH.

  • paul

    Here is another video about this.

  • Gary

    LEO’s at one time were referred to as “Peace Officers”, then “Police Officers” and now “Law Enforcement Officers”. They don’t prevent crime. They only solve crimes. Now they want to take away my guns but gladly provide drug cartels with “assault” weapons.I fear we will see homemade weapons and bombings in the future. No lessons learned from Afganastan?

  • Cliffystones

    All other things aside, and after reading the CNN article at the “reports” link, something is a little fishy here. “neighborhood men explained that the young man had Down Syndrome”. No names? Who actually witnessed the exchange? What really happened here? Having worked in a hospital 16+ years, it’s been my experience that just because somebody has a mental or physical disability doesn’t mean that they are always in Barney the Dinosaur group hug mode.

    Rodney King didn’t get beat because those cops were having multiple orgasms from masochism. So I’d love to hear and/or see other accounts of the incident before I condemn the cop to being an evil power freak.

  • Dan Mancuso

    Dear Bob;
    I was somewhat shocked by the last paragraph in your article!
    “But firing alone isn’t good enough. Perhaps a blast of pepper spray to the face and several swats with a police baton upon his arrest for assault and battery is in order. Since the deputy is (a) LEO, that probably won’t happen, but one can dream.” Back in the 50′s and 60′s, I was taught as a kid, that two wrongs don’t make a right.
    I myself tend toward supporting law enforcement officers and the idea of law enforcement – being that they are what stands between us and anarchy – in theory.
    I will grant you though, as your article, shows the reprehensible behaviour of some individuals in law enforcement, that there is a big problem and getting worse. I understand the sentiments of Bob Johnson’s commen alsot – it is a dirty and thankless job that most people couldn’t or wouldn’t do in an increasingly anarchtic world.
    I started thinking about the fact that when a parent – used to be able to discipline their children with a whack on the ass – and how effective it could be to that child, if administered at the time of the offence, and how effective and justifiable it would have been IN THAT PARTICULAR SITUATION, if Mr. Matinez’ neighbours had grabbed the thug LEO, pepper sprayed and whacked him then handcuffed him with his own LEO tools and then made a citizens arrest and brought charges against him, how much of an effect that would have had on that particular law enforcement thug, like instant Karma, and how much of an effect this sort of citizen vigilante behaviour – in appropriate circumstances – against thuggish criminal individuals in law enforcement could have in general.
    I don’t see vigilanteism as a negative, in appropriate circumstances.
    So except for the very heavy handed repurcussions that would almost certainly be visited upon a community or individual, acting in this appropriate way, by law enforcement organizations, I would have to conclude after all, that your last paragraph was in fact correct.
    In all seriousness, this may be the only way to step back from the abyss we are heading towards, for individuals and communities to take the law into their own hands and mete out justice themselves, IN APPROPRIATE CIRCUMSTANCES.

    • Holton F. Brown

      What is an appropriate circumstance? What if youfind out after you beat the crap out of the accused, it is learned the complainant was lying? And the alledged perp declarres you thge perp.. and rewards you for your slight mistake with a humongous law suit that drains your assests and makes you a pauper.. how ’bout them apples .. or better yet .. he contacts a buddy who’s into a motercycle gang makes the Sons of Anarchy look like kitty kats ..
      there is no justification for vigilatism …

      • Dan Mancuso

        Mr. Brown;
        Your question,”What is an appropriate circumstance?”, is a tough question!
        Unlike the way things are run today where people either want someone else to take of things, or want a ‘one solution fits all’ answer – which is obviously NOT working – we each have to look into our own hearts and souls to find the answer to that question. I think if you had witnessed the thuggish behaviour of that LEO in Bob’s article and it went down as portrayed, that would have been an appropriate circumstance to jump on that thug. Don’t you agree?
        As a society we have been programmed into a system and a mindset of ‘the lowest common denominator’ for so long now it’s hard for people to see any other way – in spite of a wealth of history to the contrary.
        The only problem I have with capital punnishment is if some innocent gets killed by the state. Completely unacceptable. Do we get rid of capital punnishment then?
        I don’t believe capital punnishment – like any punnishment – really acts as a deterrent. It does however ‘even the books’ in a moral society, this is a moral imperative in a just society. It’s not revenge.
        The rest of your comment is invalid. Like a typical liberal attitude it suggests that any number of possibilities cancels out the validity of a solution and therefore nothing gets done or changes. This is a limp wristed, hug-a-thug mentality. Each situation must be judged on it’s own circumstances and judged accordingly. I reserve the right to judge for myself and not be told what to think.
        There are absolutes. There is right and wrong. No amount of socialist propaganda will change that truth. Given those absolutes and basic truths it then becomes immediately apparent what should be done in any given situation.
        The injustice commited against Mr. Martinez is glaringly obvious, that it was committed by a member charged with maintaining law and order makes it heinous indeed. Was Bob’s suggestion or ‘dream’ an innapropriate solution. I don’t think so!

        • Holton F. Brown

          no .. I would not “jump in” ’cause tgat’s the way stupid people get shot .. what you do is pick up your cell phone .. call directory assistance .. get a certain number, say thank you.. back off the number and on answering say: “Hello, sir, may I please speak with the special agent handling civil rights violations and police brutailty for the Baltimore Field Office of the FBI” ….
          that’s what you do .. you take the law into your hands and you WILL be arrested if not shot and killed .. by either the attending LEOS (love that term .. makes me thgink of the MGM lion coming up and playing whupbutt) .. or if you’re really lucky.. the perp opens up ..and caps
          and as a poster here put it .. I don’t know where all you cop haters live .. but it ain’t around me .. and I have city, county, state, federal police agencies of all types ..and just as long as you fly straight and fly right.. no problems with the population …
          and one of my best friends is a retired city cop who retired as an arson detective and went to work as a county sheriff ..

  • Holton F. Brown

    Here is the five day old story from CNN…might want check out the last graph which sort of stifles Livingston’s rant about the cops not caring ..:
    CNN) — His eyes stinging with pepper spray, a developmentally disabled 21-year-old man was hit and forced to the ground before being taken into custody by California sheriff’s deputies in an incident that left his family Thursday demanding justice.

    Antonio Martinez was taken to a hospital and detained for possible obstruction of justice, but there was no citation or charge filed on that or other counts, said San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jan Caldwell.

    His father is considering suing the department and the city of Vista, California, the young man’s sister, Jessica Martinez, said.

    “But really, all we want is for the sheriff’s deputy who did this to my brother to get fired,” Jessica Martinez, 20, said. “That’s all we want. We want justice.”

    The incident occurred Tuesday evening in Vista, where sheriff’s deputies were looking into a domestic violence incident, Caldwell said.

    One of them saw Martinez cover his head with his hood and, believing he might be involved in the incident, tried to talk with him, said the spokeswoman. The 21-year-old — who weighs 158 pounds and stands 4 feet, 11 inches tall, according to a Sheriff’s Department document — didn’t respond to the commands, she added.

    Martinez is well-known around the Vista neighborhood, where he lives and his family has a bakery, his sister said. He was out walking between his home and the bakery when the deputy called out to him, at which point neighborhood men explained that the young man had Down Syndrome and wasn’t doing anything wrong, according to Jessica Martinez.

    The deputy didn’t back off. Instead, while trying “to gain compliance and prevent a possible escape,” he used pepper spray on Antonio Martinez, said Caldwell from the Sheriff’s Department.

    The deputy began using a baton as an agitated crowd approached, the spokeswoman added. The deputy hit Antonio Martinez with it, forcing him to the ground, then levied “a couple more strikes to get his hands free,” Sheriff’s Department Capt. Joe Rodi told CNN affiliate KGTV.

    Jessica Martinez said she joined the crowd after a nearby business owner had run into her bakery, telling them police were beating up her brother.

    “I heard my brother screaming mine and my sister’s name,” she said. “He was screaming for help.

    “My brother wasn’t fighting. He was crying and screaming. He was scared.”

    Two deputies got on top of Antonio Martinez as he rubbed his eyes from the pepper spray, eventually handcuffing him and putting him in a police car, his sister said.

    He was taken to Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, California, where Jessica Martinez and her father found him with scratches but no broken bones.

    The family asked to take Antonio Martinez home from the hospital, but a sheriff’s deputy refused, Jessica Martinez said. It wasn’t until around 11:30 that night — at the Sheriff’s Department, after being brought back from the hospital — that he was released, she said.

    “When I asked my brother if he was sad, Antonio told me his heart hurt,” his sister said. “He’s just really sad right now, and he doesn’t want to go to the bakery any more.”

    The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has opened an investigation, according to Caldwell.

    Rodi met with the family Wednesday and acknowledged the situation should have been handled differently.

    “We made a mistake here,” Rodi told KGTV.

  • OldSully

    Pat Buchanan in a column about the recent school murders correctly pointed that what is missing is the fear of the judgment of God. The young shooter, thinking he had no future sought his five minutes of fame then ended it all with a shot to his head not knowing the judgment of hell that awaited him.

    The knowledge of God has been ripped out of the heart of this county by godless lawyers, judges and politicians. The US government has become antichrist. Most of those under 40 have no knowledge of the Holy. Most have been raised in a godless government run educational system where they are taught they came from goo, one third of their peers were murdered in the womb and they just happened to live because of dumb luck, then they are entertained with violent imagery. It is not surprising that it translates into real violence.

    There is good and bad in everyone. Law enforcement personnel are made of the same stuff as everyone else. The difference is they have been given authority over the average citizen by federal and local governments that are not accountable as public servants but are overlords of serfs. The greater the power that government has, the more evil is magnified with greater potential for atrocity. The 20th century saw non wartime deaths from antichrist governments exceed over 100 million of their own citizens. In addition US government, state and local governments were conspirators in the murder of 50 million unborn human beings.

    The scripture tells us that those in authority are to be ministers of God who are accountable to him to exercise their duty with justice.

    The scripture also declares that those who murder the innocent will be punished. It will not matter if you hold office, wear a badge, or are a criminal, God will keep his promise for He is completely just.

    • Holton F. Brown

      So. what are you going for here” A thewocracy? Well, it isn’t gonna work because not everybody has your interpretation of God. Some don’t even believe in the Christian God. They might believe in tyhe Hebrew God.. or the Moslem God .. in rrealitry he’s the saame God to all three but some Christians say their guy is the only God.. he’s the same one that alledgedly, according to a US senatorial candidate gives a woman a blessing when she gets impregnated by a rapist. (So then is the rapist a messenger of God?) OH course I’m being sacastic here and mean no harm or foul to honeszt practicing Christians but it enfuriates me when people like you, and the Westboro Baptist Church and Pat Robertson say the acts of a few demented people are to be blamed on abortion, gays, civil rights workers, gun banners, .. maybe you might want to castigate the Senatior Crapos and Robert Ensigns, and Gov. Mark Sanfords and Ryans .. and Duke Cunninghams (who took a 7 year 4 month plea deal rather than have sexual misdeeds and bribery acceptance come out at trial) .. and Larry Craigs…
      don’t blame me for timmy mc veigh or terry nichols who avided believed in Jesus Christ..

  • Holton F. Brown

    You know guys..on this abortion problem .. it is a well known fact that never in the history of mankind has a republican/conservative woman sought an abortionb .. this included situations here the mother knew she and the fetusw would a horrible and painful death .. or cases where daddy was the mother’s daddy .. or where the impending baby was the product of a God’s blessing rape ..
    in other worfds, only liberals get abortions .. what that means thsat iff all those aborted babies would have grown up to adulthood .. they woulld have voted LIBERAL .. and actually there woulkd be more than 50 mill .. since many of them would have sired or given birthg to more oif those liberal limp wristed heathens ..
    as for scriptures .. you really believe that the earth is the center of the universe and that the earth was created on September 19, 4635 BCE, at 1515 hours?? I know it’s detail, but thast time.. was that Eastern Standard, Eastern Daylight, or Greenwich Mean Time??
    sorry for the sarcasm .. but get a bit tired when i’m called a limp wristed thug hugging liberal just because I don’t kowtow to every conserrvative blathering .
    by the way .. I own guns.. none of them suitable for hunting .. they’re made to kill people .. I shoot them .. i’ve taken shooting lessons from a certified sniper .. and I know torture techniques Chuck Norris has never even thought of ..
    anyway.. merry christmas, happy new year and cover your six .. and .. never jump a cop .. he will kill you with the full blessing of his buds ..and the local district attorney ..f.

  • http://AOL Pat

    His family is thinking about legal action? If that was my Downs son, My lawyer would have been with me and the first threat of legal action against my son would have been met with “I will see all of you in court and it will be you who will be the denfendants in a law suit that will break this city and none of you will have a job”. ” But first you will be paying for his medical bills and ALL of his visits to a therapist for the trauma you have caused him”.

  • Dad

    How are the commie governemnt unions working for you now?

    • particlewoman

      I’m afraid to leave my house. Working great, thank you.

  • Gordon in Texas

    Any LEO who is out of control, as this one clearly is (not was), should be taken out off the force and if battery is involved, should be tried as a civilian. This type of behavior is on the increase. Could it be because of the lawlessness that is occurring in this administration on a daily basis?

  • particlewoman

    Read about the Otto Zehm case, Spokane, WA. A real gem.

    I feel sorry for anyone who would think about laying a finger on my sister with Down Syndrome. God forbid anyone should don a hoodie sweatshirt anymore!

    Poor Antonio! I’m really sure he was directly involved in the DV call…RIGHT!?! )):-(

    Who will defend the defenseless? On another note; read about Marie Freyre, another individual with her basic human dignity stripped away…..Is history to repeat itself?

  • Ranchman

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! 4’11″ tall with DOWN SYNDROME!!!! And where’s the outrage?!? Where’s the community which should be standing right beside this young man?!? You have GOT TO be kidding me!!!

    And there are some who argue with me, saying that we won’t have to physically fight and use force to restore this Republic!!! REALLY?!? Are they blind? Can they not see the BRUTALITY? I just want to somehow tell this young man, this child of God, that, evrn though I did not do this, I am so sorry he was treated this way. How can we ever hope to continue as the human race when we treat others this way?!? That man who did this (I refuse to call him a policeman, what a disgrace he is) should absolutely be in prison for a long, long time. It’s unconscionable!!!

    And this is why I say…
    Molon Labe!!!
    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

    • nutz

      right on. Thugs with a gun should be discharged immediately But don’t forget the cop in NY who bought the boots and the cop in ozhio who did his job and gave a ticket and gave the driver $100 to pay the fine.

  • Carr

    My daughter has downs sydrome and it is typical for them to shut down when being spoken to, especially if it is harshly. I do respect the law inforcement officers of this great country, but this guy isn’t one of them. He needs to lose his job and serve some time. No excuse this time.

    • Carr

      Sorry I tyoed too quickly out of anger. It is Down Syndrome.

  • Reginia Poff

    i always think that somehow someday, there will be a genetic cure for downs syndrome.’

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