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Department of Homeland Security endorses ID bill

July 8, 2009 by  

Department of Homeland Security endorses ID billJanet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security, has expressed her support for the Providing for Additional Security in States’ Identification Act (PASS ID) legislation that has been introduced in the Senate on June 15.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Daniel Akaka, a Democrat from Hawaii, would repeal parts of the controversial Real ID Act of 2005, according to

Real ID has stirred privacy concerns when it emerged that it obliges states to collect personal information from drivers, store the information and electronically share it with other states. As a result, a total of 23 state legislatures have passed nonbinding legislation or bills that oppose or reject Real ID.

The proposed legislation’s supporters claim it will eliminate many of Real ID’s information-sharing requirements. The National Governors Association has praised PASS ID, saying it would reduce costs, offer greater flexibility to states, eliminate the need for costly new data systems and strengthen privacy protections.

However, opponents such as Jim Harper from the conservative Cato Institute are not convinced.

He points out it still sets national standards for identity cards and drivers licenses, and it makes possession or use either practically or legally required.

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union has said risks to privacy remain a major concern under PASS ID.

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  • Alan

    Yes they must get this to work in the system before the stock market crash and the demise of The US Dollar!With illegal hispanics here to stay The New North American Union needs the data base to have control and order when they take over.

    You American's have been sold out and if you resist you will be a prisoner a IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY! The FEMA camps are getting ready for you!Citizens here are sheep going to the slaughter house.Have a nice day!

    • Brian Rawls

      I totally agree with you. People are just not aware of the fema camps. This is starting to look like early Nazi Germany. Everyone just dont get it or want too. People are in for a slap in the face. Any person that voices out or stands against them will be taken away.

      • Salmon

        Where are the FEMA camps at? How do you think they knew where the Japanese folks were living, when they rounded them up and put them in the internment camps? That info from the census of 1940 put them away. ACORN is on the way.

    • duane

      I agree, we have been sold out by our government. The sad thing is we put them in control with our vote. NSA needs to be eliminated. I personal information should not be out there for all to view. Hitler knew who to round up and destroy and soon the USA will be the same way. We voted them in, lets get them out and that includes our President (hasn’t even proved his a citizen yet). This hate crime bill in the Senate needs everyone to call their representative to get it voted down.

      • Sharon

        Just exactlly makes you think we’ll EVER be allowed to vote again—-mmmmmmm?
        With the way they’ve moved against the constitution and personal liberty, I don’t have any expectation that we will ever be allowed to vote in 2012; maybe 2010 but,
        do you, seriously, think that they want to loose ALL of that gorgeous, lucrative power that they have snatched out from under our noses?

        • Brian Rawls

          Ding Ding Ding Sharon gets the prize. The people will vote but it will not do any good. It will be fixed by acorn and the other Obama click. America you drank all of the kool-aid. Next batch might be the special Jim Jones flavor.

      • http://na Mike

        I’ve said he was a communist from the get go. If you folks would have read the book, “Obama-Nation”, you would have been aware of his early tutoring from Saul Alinsky, his communist mentor. make no bones about it, his ambition is to be ruler of the world after he reduces the USA to a crumbling communist state. He was put in power by wealthy Europeans to destroy our country and that is his 1st goal. He’s succeeding at this at this point in time. Why? Because most citizens (especially those who voted for him), are too ignorant of his need for Power. He doesn’t give a damn about this great once free country, only his ambition to run the world as a socialist state. His cap and trade will kill our present domestic energy industry and his health care program will make you a slave of the state. It’s up to you – citizen or subject, your choice. Vote this communist OUT!

    • Laurie Bluth


      Glenn Beck was asked about the “FEMA camps” and didn’t have an answer. He had his research people do studies on all of the “pic’s of FEMA camps” and found them to be hoaxes. Not that I don’t think they could be established to keep us conservative nut cases from taking back our freedoms, but as of yet, they do not exist.

      • http://cw2generals Lee



        • Salmon

          What roads, what wilderness training camps???????? I heard they are on the closed military bases, and one story seems to relate there is one in Las Vegas? I don’t know for sure. Tooele Ut reportedly is a UN base.??Utes??

    • Kat

      Go Efff yourself, have a nice day. We will be putting you in one.

    • Chaz

      Go to “” they are putting out a special report (documentary) in the fall about FEMA camps. Alex Jones is a part of it also. Lots of good stuff from these guys. Wake UP America before it’s to late! Yours in freedom!!! Have a good one!

  • http://pliberty Dan Denman

    we don’t need anymore damned regulations or restrictions. what we need is BETTER SECURITY AT OUR BORDERS! READ MY LIPS-OBAMA!

    • queenieAZ

      This is bullshit! How are they getting away with all this? A drivers license is enough.
      We are already being watched thru the FBI`s computers.

      • Brian Rawls

        That is to know who needs to be arrested when the time comes. If you are aware of the things that are going on you will be arrested at some point.

      • Patricia Henson

        I agree. I know that illegal aliens get drivers licenses and don’t even have proof of identity. The government just wants to know what Americans aren’t conforming to their program and I have no doubt that we will be hauled off or denied healthcare under his new healthcare bill and will be allowed to die. I understand that now when Acorn does their censuses that our sidewalks and roads will be sprayed with GPS sensitive paints to identify exactly where we live. Makes it easier for the military or secret police to round us up. This country is in a world of trouble.

        • Salmon

          Won’t be spray paint: just GPS data points to locate your front door.

        • Patricia Henson

          Thank-you Salmon, I must of misunderstood. No matter what it is we are in a world of trouble. If whoabamas plans are allowed to progress we will be hauled off just for posting these blogs. It almost makes you want to find a little cave in the woods. I hope to have the courage that it will take to stand up for what I beleive no matter the consequenses. I hope to be a good example to my children and grandchildren. My real hope though is that we as a people band together,turn back to God and take our country back. I don’t think Americans have lost their courage,I think alot of them have trusted the people in charge and are now discovering the truth. We are made up of alot of good people and are capable of doing whatever it takes to take our country back.

  • Jamie Savoie

    The Federal Government should focus their attentions on protecting our borders and making it impossible for criminal jihadists from entering this country. Don’t worry about American citizens. They’re American! Stop the illegal infestation of this country and profile all Muslims entering this country who are not already citizens. Viva la Profiling! The liberals just want to bully conservatives with their Real ID act. It’s their way of profiling patriotic and conservative Americans so they can intimidate us into changing sides.

    I’m Silence Matters, and so do you….

    • Kat

      They don’t intimidate me, they pss me off. They should pay for it if they want to endorse it, and the states can literally tell them to pss off.

  • Jack

    strong text Department of Homeland Security is not worth the name it implies. We need to get rid of all the Illegals regardless where they came from and then maybe places like California could balance their budget and pay their bills. It is the Democrats that want to keep all the Illegals and add more in the coming years. We need to start acting like other countries when someone crosses our borders without permission. One extreme is the North Koreans they have secure borders and all know if you violate their laws then you will pay the price. Getting rid of the Illegals (all of them including Obama) would free up many jobs now taken by Illegals, a little work for Americans even at lower wages would be better than being on unemployment and collecting government money or in the case of Californians they might be collecting an IOU for their unemployment check.

    • queenieAZ

      Most of the other countries have closed borders.I think it is Switzerland, you have to be RICH to come in, Denmark you have to marry a native & have a job.We can thank France for the statue of liberty.”Give me your poor…..”, we should give the statue back to France & they can take the poor….I`m not sure why or how France gave us the statue.???

      • Sharon

        I believe it was in 1768 or 1769 that the poor and sympathetic “nobility” stormed the bastille ( the motorious prison for poor, criminals, and other societal mal-contents that the King and rulers didn’t want at loose fomenting unrest among the
        much larger masses than the aristocracy) and released all of the “undesirables”
        (by high society’s standards).. They, on release, stormed ALL of the living residences of ALL of the aristocracy. Almost all of the aristocracy except those who “turned coat” to side with the revolutionary forces were be-headed by “Monsieur Guillotine” and the REPUBLIC OF FRANCE was born. When we, the
        vassals of the English Empire (in America) became familiar with the news—-freedom spreads like wild-fire when it reaches the oppressed- they conspired to
        gain their freedom from a long distance tyrant by patterning their Bill of Rights under a Constitution much like our French brothers and sisters in LIBERTY had
        done. You see, our Declaration of Independence was patterned after the
        French Declaration of Independence.
        The French were so very and righteously PROUD of their American brothers and sisters in LIBERTY that they chose their most gifted and talented artistic engeneer
        (Monsieur Eiffel–yes he designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris) and GIFTED HER
        (The Statue of Liberty) to all of Frances Ideologically sympathetic brothers and
        sisters in the newly born REPUBLIC of the united states of America.
        And so when we, here, sit and judge where and what our poor friend, FRANCE, has become and see all of the social and Ideological problems they now have,
        we don’t have to look too far to see that we here, in our inattentive and lazy population have allowed to infiltrate and pervert OUR country. We, here, in our apathy have allowed the government to have enough power that they can, and
        probably WILL UNLESS WE ARE ABLE TO STOP IT, turn this great and free
        nation into something that FAR surpasses our brothers and sisters situation in dear old France. To see the future, you NEED to look at what happened between
        the first and last chapter of the book.

        • queenieAZ

          Sharon, thank you for the info.America has gone to hell.It is not the current pres. total fault, it has taken many years & much planning to bring us down. My ancestors fought in the Rev. War, I guess they fought & died for nothing.I don`t see any bright future ahead.If we can just stay free & alive, we will be lucky.

        • http://na Mike

          Don’t worry, our 2nd revolution is just around the corner. When the 1st & 2nd amendments are scrapped or changed to suit the Socialists now in office, things will begin to crumble. Most Americans cherish their freedom and will fight to defend it. The present government’s tyranny is just surfacing to most Americans. We will not become subjects instead of citizens. The democratic socialist party will be forced to resign one way or another. Tyranny will not be tolerated in this country. That’s why the founding fathers instituted the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The retention of Free speech and the right to bear arms against tyranny will triumph. May God continue to bless our country.
          That’s why the present party in power want to censor what you say and why they want your arms. Never give up your freedom!!!!!

          • Pathfinder

            Well said, Mike. I just worrry about that 48% of us that still think Obummer walks on water. Man oh man!! Bush and Obummer have really devided this country. What to do? What to do??

        • The Major

          Dear Sharon You are close, no cigar. It was 1789 not 69 , July 14, when the people stormed the Bastille, releasing all 8 prisoners. (More guards than prisoners). 2) It was Fred. Bartholdi who conceived than designed the Statue of Liberty. Eiffel was brought in as a strucural engineer . 3) The Dr. who built the guillotine was in fact Dr. Guillotine. He built it becauce he knew he could not stop the mass executions ,,so he made them more humane, if you can believe that. Hacking off heads with swords & dull axes was not working, the guillotine did work. 4) It dragged on for years until the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, who wrote the rule for French justice,, many of them are still in use today,,,NOT written by illiterate revolutionaries. With all due respect,,, where did you go to school?? Did they NOT teach history??

      • Kat

        The statue was a gift of freedom and thanks for the wars we helped them win over there, like all those white crosses at normandy?

        We should give it back if they refuse to help us , but they are trying now. We had a lot of dead americans over there.

      • Salmon

        It was the trophy for keeping Francois and Louis from speaking Deutsche!

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    This is the beginning of the end. Next we will be required to be micro-chipped.

    • Brian Rawls

      You will Robin. I will only live one way. Freedom!

    • 13th Gen. American

      NEVER NEVERNEVERNEVERNEVERNEVERNEVER TAKE THE CHIP! NEVER!!!STARVE,DIE,CRAWL IN A HOLE,WHATEVER, NEVER TAKE THE CHIP. If you think it will be bad here just imagine what hell will be like. That chip is a one way ticket to hell on the lucifer express.

    • Sharon

      Read the bible in Mark 13 for the 7 seals the elect need to have learned CORRECTLY. The seals are sealed IN THE FOREHEAD. Our “mark of a Christian” is to carry God’s TRUTH in our minds. When anti-christ comes there will probably NOT be a chip. The people who don’t HAVE GOD’S TRUTH will carry HIS mark IN THEIR MINDS by believing his lies (in their forehead) and/or
      their hands (busy, busy, busy little hands) that DO his work. Most people who have never been taught diddly squat (like me; I went to a church that rotated the same passages over and over and over again EVERY blasted Sunday year after year after year) don’t know that anti-christ comes FIRST.
      There will probably be an affadavit that you have to sign that you will worship the entity who’s picture is printed on the scrip that is the money of that day, though. Make sure you have a stock of food supplies and other needs you might have and something of value you can barter. The time IS coming VERY
      quickly now. Can’t you see the signs of the birth pangs coming closer and closer? If you believe, don’t be deceived. God will NEVER leave you or foresake you unless YOU leave Him or you don’t keep your salvation in good order by repentance. Learn all that you can about Him and His plan in the word he gave you. Don’t be afraid. He loves you. HE IS THE ONE IN CONTROL,

  • John R. Turner

    To paraphrase the immoral words of the Dixie Chicks, “I am ashamed that Napolitano is from my Great State of Arizona.”

    We do not need “Papers” in order to travel in OUR own Country.

    The mentality of this regime is that any American Patriot is the enemy and that all former enemies are now friends and are to be invited in so that they can help the puppet and his masters control the domestic terrorists. We the People.

    • Patricia Henson

      It is truely ridiculous that our military men and women are called terrorists along with the people who attend the teaparties,but the people who mean us real harm ( the jihadist) are called peaceful and misunderstood. I attended a teaparty on July 4th and was amazed at how many cops were there to do nothing more than to watch us and to make sure that we didn’t get out of line. There has not been one act of violence at any of these teaparties but we are called terrorists.

  • Darlene

    This is just another excuse for “Big Brother” to take everything
    you got…they give you back what they think you should have.
    While they drive in fancy cars and fly in US Government planes!
    Take back your liberty vote them OUT!!!!!

    • Donna

      Yeah, it’s time to put the Govt. on an allowance. The way they are spending our tax dollars, I want a refund. If they work for us, we should regulate their pay, and the programs that we are funding. Let’s revamp their benefits, too. If they are working for us, shouldn’t we have at least the benefits that they have? (Salaries, medical benefits, and retirement benefits)
      Eighteen million dollars to revamp their govt, website. They don’t know how to handle the money that they receive.
      It’s a CROCK!!!

    • Salmon

      Every incumbent up for re-election in 2010 must be voted out, to get the word out to the rest of them. If that doesn’t change them, the incumbents leave office in 2012. Then, we stand a chance, otherwise you can kiss it goodbye!



    • Brian Rawls

      Wake up people! They are not going to stop!

  • D.W. Wolfe

    For all of you people who voted for the former King , George W. Bush feel proud of your accomplishment in helping our shadow government (FEDERAL RESERVE) in bringing an end to AMERICA! When Bush signed the P4P agreement with Canada , the U. S. and Mexico 5 days before 9/11 and the revised Patriot act in May of 2005 that was the final round in ending AMERICA as we know it. These two hidious pieces of legislation had some of the following items in the, 1. placing 5 million mexican immigrants in homes by 2010. changeing the requirements for the identification they needed to open bank accounts and get mortgages by showing only the MEXICAN MATRICULAR CONSULAR CARD , since it took about 2 years to legally obtain I.D. the suspension of habeas corpus , suspension of the posse comatus , the real I.D. act (which they are now changing to the PASS ACT. Lee Iacoca had it right in his 2007 book (Where have all the leaders gone) he said American would be over in mid 2010. We are well on our way. The FEDERAL RESERVE owns our congress, senate, presidency, every corporation on the planet, our police and every law enforcement agency in this country , our giant military industrial complex and they have owned these agencys since 1913 when a group of European Central bankers took control of our currency. Just take a bill out of your pocket ( if you have one ) and note what it’s called (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE) IT IS A REMINDER TO all of us that they own the mortgages on everything we own and now they are after our souls. You had better wake up AMERICA we are on our way out. I’m sure the meeting between Bush and Obama before Obama was sworn in Bush informed Obama who his real boss is, again the FEDERAL RESERVE.I’m probably luck I dont have that many years left but I definately feel sorry for aall of the young people of this country who have been dumbed down by our department of education ran by the federal government. Remember “no child left behind”? What a joke! Yesterday in Phoenix , Arizona they were 750 Social Security managers having
    a get together at the Biltmore Hotel (one of the most expensive in Phoenix) to decide what to do with the graying Americans. $750,000.00 spent ! Incredible!
    Have a nice day because they are numbered

    • DixieConnie

      WHAT????????? Deciding to do with the graying Americans? What is that? and who are the Social Security managers? Who hired them? How can this happen? where did you see this? Crap, I’m mad now.

      • Sharon



      • Patricia Henson

        Just on of the many czars that Obama is putting into offices with no bosses other than him. It is hidden in the climate bill and people managed healthcare means exactly that. Seniors WILL be told that the treatments they need are too costly and unattainable. This is real and not part of any conspiracy plan. If they let you have the treatment you will have to wait in line behind the more compliable younger people, so long in fact that it will never get to be your turn. The government will be targeting the older people because we have outlived our usfulness in their minds and most older Americans are Christians and we sure can’t have that getting in their way. There is no God but Obama in his mind. He even was quoted at his first 100 days speech as saying”That the next 100 days that he would complete 72 days and rest the 73rd”, making fun of Gods creation of the world. Scary isn’t it? Pleae pray for America as the only way that America has a chance is for the American people to turn back to God.

      • JC

        That will be done through socialized medicine…or rather the lack of…

  • Annabelle

    As just an ordinary citizen of the United States, I was appalled when the Patriot Act became law. I could see then the restrictions placed upon American Citizens, and it upset me (and still does). Those in Congress who want to add even more restrictions are going to move this country into a Socialistic dictatorship sooner than we ever thought possible. This PASS ID law is not in our best interests.

  • DixieConnie

    Haven’t ya’ll noticed how the hand shakes in front of your face and we focus on that hand, all the while the other hand is doing all of this other stuff. How are we to take care of our own daily lives and still concentrate of all that goes on in Washington DC and in our own states? Crap its all I can do to get up in the morning, come to work (and yes write this while at work) pay my bills with what little money Obama says I can have, go home, cook dinner and then to it all again tomorrow. There seems to be no rest for the weary. Oh, by the way, did anyone hear about Michelle Obama and the new clutch purse she was totting yesterday? Cost $6,000.00. WOW, Wish I was RICH.

    • Patricia Henson

      Sorry. The only way your’e getting any money is to quit your job and let someone else get your purse for you. It helps if you happen to be an illegal alien, you may not qualify.

  • steve

    Yes, many voted for them in last election. Thinking CHANGE was coming. They are getting just what they voted for—-CHANGE! George Bush was hated by many. Now was he so bad compared to the present regime? Yes many don’t pay attention in the right areas so they do not know what Obama is up too. This is very scary.
    I think we need to vote for another party in the next election. Maybe someone running under a party CALLED the Boston tea party!! repubs,demos, & independents all suck. In the Past they all have pandered to some group or another. Not Us! All are seeking power and the autonmony to do whatever they want. The peoples party is the answer.
    So will they get on the HORSE and RIDE? Will they have a person run that has some common sense? Not Bob Barr, that won’t work. We need a polished speaker and someone young. Someone from the blue collar work force. Someone that knows what it is like to earn money. A conservative with common sense but who does not represent any of the lame parties & ideas. America will need a complete change for the best.
    Congress is under the influence of the ultra rich…;Soros etc. Our Federal Government is in need of complete overhaul. Start in 2010!! Vote all idiots out! Try a new approach and change the system with new faces. Get involved, its the only answer.

    • Gary

      I agree… lets start that new party. THE PATRIOT PARTY. I

      f you want real CHANGE, there’s only one way VOTE OUT EVERY SINGLE ENCUMBENT in 2010. Get all new people in government.

      Lets LIMIT OFFICE to only 4 years and you’re gone. Enough time to get things done but not enough time to be completely corrupted by the “Thrills & Frills”
      No more lifetime benefits for Part-Time employees. Just like in the real world.

      Institute the FAIR TAX doctrin for fair equal taxation and create enough money to bring the economy back… build new prisons, and re-open GITMO the new PRISON for POLITICIANS who took advantage of the TAXPAYERS. That’s my idea of some CHANGE

      • DixieConnie

        OK, where are you from and when are you going to start campaigning. I’ll vote for you.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Ill vote for Mark. Mark and um mike and this guy here. Regular guys that have a clue. And they can vocalise our thoughts better than some of us. Hey Ill vote for that Sarah Palin for sure. She pissed A LOT of dems and libs off so she must be doing something right. Actually lets watch for who the libs hate, a lot, and vote for them.

      • Mike51

        I believe you have the right idea Gary. If we combined all of the Libertarians, Constitutionalists, so-called Right Wing Extremists, and Conservatives we would have enough people to replace the Obama regime and get this country started on the path to freedom once again. The Patriotic Party would be a great name for this new political party also.

        • Ben

          If we combined all “These Groups” (Libertarians, Constitutionalists, so-called Right Wing Extremists, and Conservatives), true Americans, then we could truely make a difference. I’m all for a Patriot Party. Count me in.

      • Sharon

        FREE AND TAX FREE SOCIETY HAVE TO START PAYING TAXES ( THAT, AND THE 13th and 14th ammendments to the constitution)

      • Kris in CO

        Ooooh, I like this one. The Patriot Party, I like it…….A LOT!

      • Macena

        I agree! I have been spreading the word to everyone I know…vote in 2010 and vote for anyone who is NOT a dem or a Repub…and send all those in power now to Gitmo! Sue them for the crimes they are committing, take all their money and possession, pay off our National debt and take our country back!

      • Sharon

        For those of you who don’t know, the Patriot Partyhas been in existance for at least a decade now it’s just that because they have been the under-ground watch-dogs of the country and have been labeled “extremists” by
        BOTH bogus parties that have been in power, people shy away from them.
        It’s time for the dumbed-down in this country to wake up and start using the
        internet to educate themselves instead of spending all their time facebooking
        and twittering and bloviating about the MOST INANE S* I have ever had the displeasure of looking at. Wake the hell up!!! Just WHO do you think was in charge of educating maybe you and all the chidren of this nation for the past how many decades? mmmmmmmmmmm? Never forget this
        For just a start, I suggest you start with the site
        COUNTRY IT’S A…….” The only excuse ANY of you have is that you’re
        LAZY or you have no more capacity to learn the truth….I’d hate to think that
        about ANY of my fellow citizens who are the CHILDREN OF GOD. Where is it, do you suppose that we get our drive and capacity to LOVE and SEEK the
        TRUTH????? If you don’t understand that question, I guess you’ll just have to slug along like you have been all along——in darkness and with lies as your
        constant companion. So sorry for you, R.I.P.

      • JC

        We already have a Patriot party…its Called the Libertarian Party.
        Life, Liberty, Property and the right to defend them. Very American stuff.

  • Zonian

    You want to do something about it? Let Uncle know you are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more! Be in Washington DC on September 12, 2009; the New American TEA party is going to have a combined march on Washington to let our elected representatives know that the silent majority will be silent no more and that we are mad as hell about their irresponsible actions.

    • Patricia Henson

      Everyone who can’t make it due to finances or health need to go outside and form a chain all the way to Washington to back everyone who did go. Every voice is important and there are things everyone can do to make our voices heard. Despite what the government thinks age does not make you unuseful.

  • Gil

    First of all, Janet Napolitano, as with most Obama appointees, obviously has no idea what the responsibilities of her office entail. The evidence is in the fact that she was the Governor of a southern border state, and did nothing to insure her state’s portion of the border was closed to the illegal invasion of our country from Mexico. Apparently, she doesn’t even understand the definition of the wordsecurity” , because her apparent position is, in typical left wing fashion, that our government should support and reward those who are here illegally. We have a “Secretary” of Homeland Security, rather than a Director , and secretary is a fitting title for the person filling the job right now. She should be taking dictation from somebody who is actually CONCERNED about our national security!
    S.1261 gives the government very few restrictions on how to accomplish the bill’s ends, and perhaps the “ways and means” are left open so they can interpret the wording in whatever manner they deem necessary to expedite the establishment of socialism within our borders. There are rumors that RFID chips will be hidden within government-provided identification documents – “for our own protection”. These rumors also state that the RFID chip will meet an international standard, enabling U.S. citizens to be tracked at any location in the world, by any government in the world. S.1261 does not specifically rule out any means of accomplishment other than prohibiting the use of the SSN on government provided identification cards.
    The Obama administration is indeed creating a Big Brother environment in the United States of America, and they are doing so very quickly. Why the hurry? Because they know if they don’t rush forward, that eventually, even the slowest of our citizenry will catch on to their skulduggery.
    As for the FEMA “camps”… I too have heard rumors about FEMA detention and reorientation camps, but I have yet to see the specific locations published anywhere – either by street address, intersection, or GPS coordinates. For something that is supposed to be rampant within the country, the FEMA camps are quite elusive. Government sponsored “camps” only brings to mind images of Auschwitz and Mao Tse-Tung’s “Red Brigades”. I need more specific evidence of such camps before I will buy into that particular urban legend.
    Although I loved the country I was born into, the USA is becoming something other than that country. Our country is being rapidly transformed into a clone of western Europe… a transformation that will be strongly resisted by the masses of citizenry when we all finally “catch on”. I love my country, but I do not yet fear my government. However, I have not trusted our government for several decades. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • DixieConnie

      Gil: I didn’t want to believe it either but I just looked it up. Go to FEMA camps and locations. Several sites came up. I went on to and saw what I didn’t want to see. Too much to think about. They say there are over 800 camps in the US. WOW. Now what?????

    • Sharon

      By the way, as of Jan 1, 2012 The Office Of the President Of the United States
      will be in charge of the national decenial CENSUS ** and ONE OF THE FIRST
      HOLE CAN SERVE AS OUR VERY OWN DICTATOR OF THE MOMENT. There are token counter bills to this measure
      but you and I know that unless enough of our “fellow americans” wake up, these travestys can and WILL take place. It’s too late for the census, but the other hasn’t been ratified yet. This information is available to you at the site
      in the ORIGINAL INTENT website. Look for it.

  • Gary

    Ask yourself one question… why does the U. S. Government keep very precise records on existing homeland Americans living here, yet refuse to secure the boarders, identify illegals or enforce federal immigration laws already in existence?

    That one question should really bother Americans. The ObamaNation of America?

    And you think Bush was bad… how do you like our new King? King Obama and his cronies have just brought “community organizing” to an amazingly astrological level.

    OBAMAGADON is here. If you people wanted CHANGE… YOU CERTAINLY GOT IT! Virtually everything you used to own, the Kingdom either now owns or soon will. Did you say we had a Constitution? What Constitution? We still have one? You know, that thing that polititcians swear to uphold and defend? Nope, all gone.

    AMAZING… 330 MILLION Americans are completely controlled by only 535 cowardly politicians, you know, those federally funded organized crime families called the Congress and the Senate. They have stolen more than a trillion dollars of OUR MONEY, WITHOUT OUT CONSENT, and without a single accounting for where any of it has gone. AND they ain’t done yet. Transparency? Accountability? You show me where?

    Can you count the lies? Anyone keeping tack? No? Really? That’s incredible how absolutely gulible we are. Just like sheep

    Has anyone seen ANY of King Obama’s PUBLIC RECORDS? I am not talking about secret stuff here. I am talking about simple things that everyone else normally shows for a job application or a driver’s license or passports. Now ask yourself why would ANYONE pay almost a million dollars keep his simplist of public records sealed and hidden from view? What possible reason could ANYONE have to keep ordinary school records, passport records, college records, foreign school records and citizenship records or even his physician signed-hospital certified Birth Certificate? It would take 5 minutes AT NO COST to put those questions to rest, yet King Obama refuses to produce ANY public records and pays perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep us from seeing them. WHY? There’s only one reason to seal records.


    We are like sheep being led to slaughter with a smile and a promise of prosperity “if you follow me” the King swears “I am the one, I am the only savior”

    Despite the overwhelming evidence that we are lied to on a daily basis, true, by the best King & politains money can buy… we remain loyal, obedient “silent” servants.


    • 13th Gen. American

      Ya and you know what also happens to sheep……Bend over..

  • Herb

    I Can’t believe Obama and the gang of thugs he has put into office that nothing he has done, is impeachable.Where are the people we voted into office defending this country and our freedoms from such oppression. Why do you think they are tracking.

  • Sharon

    Check this link out and UNDERSTAND

    • Gil

      Link?? There’s no link there…

      • Brian Rawls

        I think if we take a big stick and rub some poo poo on the end of it. We can run these people out of office. I just need a couple of people to help me get past security. So I figure that will take a few of you with poo poo sticks to help.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Poo wont work at all with them. They are full of shit themselves and therefore have built up an immunity to it. I say take a cross and some garlic. I also think one of the reasons the libs want our guns is they are afraid we might put a silver bullet it them.

      • Sharon

        link text
        So sorry, here’s the link

  • Sylvan Malis

    There seems to be many people posting on this thread that the present political parties are about the same in being corrupt, dishonest, and not in the best interest of the people of the once great country.

    The call for supporting anything except the “politics as usual” is totally justified. But in order to accomplish taking back the power from the two major parties we have to all pull in the same direction and in order to do that we have to rally around a principle and concept that most people can understand and support. That is the Constitution.

    There is already a group of people just like you and me that have started the road to recovery for our country that have said the very same things each one of you are today saying. If you want to get this right for the election in 2110 and 2112 then look at the Constitution Party. This is what all of you have been saying in all of your comments as to what you want. The Constitution Party is worth looking at to support in the next two elections.

    Remember that If We Don’t Stand Together, Then We Will All Fall Separately. Come on people, lets get behind something that will do what we all want and that is to get our country back from the socialists and bankers. VOTE THE CONSTITUTION, VOTE THE CONSTITUTION PARTY!

  • http://Hotmail Dick Andrews

    I think we have talked enough because it has done no good and who will listen. It is time to march on Washington and reclaim our government. We the people are the government and our representatives only look out for themselves. All we need is a leader that will step up and he will have a great following.

  • Dale

    What’s the big deal ( or is it the New New Deal? ) with
    PASS ID? At least they aren’t forcibly implanting a
    tracking/ID microchip in our right hands or foreheads…
    YET! But I’m sure NAPOLEANitano has that idea in
    the works. After all she is working for Ob-east-a.

    • http://microchip Jeannie

      Ummm – you do NOT KNOW if a chip has or has not been implanted. I canNOT remember where I read it – will get back with you when I find it – but these chips can (and supposedly HAVE BEEN) implanted into newborns and to those who have ANY kind of shots. Dental or medical. If this is not true, please, please correct me. I’m hoping you can.

    • Patricia Henson

      You’re wrong about that. They are implanting chips in the military and prisoners in this country. Of course it’s not the Anti-Christs chip as he hasn’t been identified yet but the technology IS being used. Have you ever read the consent slip in a hospital for surgery or certain procedures? In the fine print there is a statement giving them consent to implant a chip in you. Don’t beleive me? Check it out.

    • JC

      take no vaccines.

  • Sharon

    Now I’m so, so sorry. I’m just gonna write the blasted thing out

  • catwoman

    I am afraid the American Public has been passive to long and if we don’t vote a lot of the senate and representatives out their next election they will keep making rules to suit themselves and big buisness groups. The voters are getting tired of lawmakers who do not follow their own rules and then tell the people they have to do this and then that with out choices.

  • harvey

    we had better get ready i believe the liberals have set us up for a power grab.they have put this country in debt more than it can ever the time 2010 elections come around i almost bet obama will say the people in office will need to stay to continue the work to fix the economy in other words they are to important to do without( sound familur),therefore there will be no electoins in2010. i bet it will happen.when 2012comes around he will say our country is into much trouble to go through an election besides (iam to important to do without)have anyone seen the commerical where obama says (YOU KNOW PEOPLE THINK IAM COOL)get ready people its comeing. very hard times ….liberals in charge soon they will be the only one with rights.

    • D.W. Wolfe

      Harvey….you are one of the many citizens who have been conned. This entire planet is being controled by ultra fanatical conservatives. Let me repeat again “THE FEDERAL RESERVE”!!!!! Their entire objective has been to keep to so called liberals and conservatives of this country at one anothers throats just to keep your eye off the ball! I consider myself a radical ,liberal, conservative and above all a humanist! Everything I have EVER seen, read or witnessed has been done by a human. When you get a minute google “current ownership of the federal reserve” you will be shocked at both the American and overseas corporations that own our currency. You may also want to google “lawful rebellion conference” with John Harris that took place in London in January of this year.
      It’s only 5 ten minute videos but I think you will find it interesting. Obama knows who he’s working for and if he didn’t when he started campaigniing I’m sure he knows by now. Remember, to the Federal Reserve “money is debt and debt is money” and the entire planet is endebted to them or the IMF , the World bank all of which are controled by the same greedy freaks with an ultimate goal of total global domination. I have now developed a new respect for the Persian (Iranians)
      people . They have mustered up the guts to go after a tyrant but they may have waited to long also. Unfortunately we have sat around on our butts and ignored this for almost 97 years and unless the angry black man rises up from Obama I think it is to late. I hope not! Dont think for a minute that all this started with Obama he is just a squeaky little cog in the master machines wheel and is only following order. All Americans should call their representatives Monday morning and protest the passing of the “PASS ACT” which is part of BuckFush’s real I.D. act. it is part of the new BIOMETRIC IDENTIFACATION SYSTEM! Also there is a bill in our illustrious capital to repeal the 22nd amendment to stop limiting the term of the Presidency to two terms. Also be very aware of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and if you dont know what is is just google it or go to HealthFreedon and read about it yourself. Gotta take a break………my blood pressure is rising ! Take care all and “PAY ATTENTION’
      Wolfman out

  • James Corbin

    There isn’t much anybody can do—–with all dem. congress that walks hand and hand
    with Obama. It’s crazy!!!

  • James Corbin

    Sharon, it’s coming!

    • Sharon


  • D.W. Wolfe

    Oh yeah……………..I forgot to mention about the social security managers that are partying in Phoenix at the Biltmore Hotel that the $750,000.00 was just for the cost of the rooms. Who knows what the total bill will be. This information comes from a relative who lives in Phoenix.

  • LOL

    They want more personal information to identify me? How much do they need. They pretty much know more about me than my parents do. How hypocritical, trying to pass this while Oboma doesn’t even have to prove who he really is to be the president! I’ve had to get my birth cirtificate form the hospital where I was born because it needed the state seal stamped on it. No copies excepted. I should have been applying for the presidency.

  • Gary

    Real change can only become a reality one way and one way
    Give them just enough time to get something done but not enough for corruption
    Make no exceptions. Even if you agree with some of what they stand for… if they have been there more than 4 years… THEY’RE CORRUPT

    VOTE OUT EVERY ENCUMBENT… NO EXCEPTIONS. Only then will they know that we are mad and want our country back. If you love America and your family’s freedom… vote them all out or buy a gun cause your gonna need one!

  • Gary


    Only that will bring true change. Any Politician in office more than 1 term is probably already CORRUPT* Give them just enough time to get comfortable with doing something, then send them down the street talking to themselves. We should self impose term limits for them…

  • The Major

    Dear Sharon You are close, no cigar. It was 1789 not 69 , July 14, when the people stormed the Bastille, releasing all 8 prisoners. (More guards than prisoners). 2) It was Fred. Bartholdi who conceived than designed the Statue of Liberty. Eiffel was brought in as a strucural engineer . 3) The Dr. who built the guillotine was in fact Dr. Guillotine. He built it becauce he knew he could not stop the mass executions ,,so he made them more humane, if you can believe that. Hacking off heads with swords & dull axes was not working, the guillotine did work. 4) It dragged on for years until the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, who wrote the rule for French justice,, many of them are still in use today,,,NOT written by illiterate revolutionaries. With all due respect,,, where did you go to school?? Did they NOT teach history??


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