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Department Of Defense Plans Gay Pride Event

June 18, 2012 by  

Department Of Defense Plans Gay Pride Event
Later this month, the Pentagon will be holding an event as part of LGBT Pride Month.

Just last year, members of the military could not openly admit their homosexuality. This year, the government plans to honor gay members of the military.

Later this month, the Pentagon will be holding an event as part of LGBT Pride Month, confirmed Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Laniez. Press Secretary George Little said senior Defense Department officials will take part in the event. Officials have said that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta feels it is important to honor the service of gays.

Around the world, cities observe LGBT Pride Month in June. The celebration in Boston included a pageant and an event known as Guerilla Queer Bar Pride. Ashville, N.C., organized a gay 5K and a gay-bar-q. Atlanta put together the Dyke March.

Few details are known, however, about what the White House is planning.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Brad

    What else would one expect from a fag like Panetta. Boys I dont think I would sleep on my stomach anywhere near this guy.

    • Robert Smith

      And because you are a heterosexual women should not sleep on their back around you?

      Is that about right? Your “logic.”


      • old hillbilly

        end to end we can be sure you & yours wil be able to see what’s comming and going.

        nothing like a lo-cal fecal-lite, right?

      • old hillbilly

        face down in the rug, tongue in the mud, is what’s called obama-nation… (having trouble with sinonyms?)

      • simian pete

        Don’t you mean a heterosexual woman shouldn’t sleep on her back when a heterosexual man is around ? Not on her tummy ?

    • Robert Smith

      BTW, have there been mass resignations from our military yet?

      Have any of the dire predictions come true?

      Can you give us some examples of what has actually happened?

      Everyone worked so hard making stuff up… I’m really curious about what the reality is.


      • Jim in NY

        Do you really expect to find reality on this web page? For the most part, those who post here live nowhere near reality.

      • James

        Actually, many of us are planning our exit right now. We don’t like the way that this is going, because of people like you. We will not have our values dictated to us, no thanks.

      • simian pete

        The USA is involved in lot more wars. It seems more body bags are happening when the military is more fagity ….

        God is giving Americans over to a crazy mental disease. We aren’t dealing with a “full deck” or as they say, our “egg salad” (brain) is degenerating. Just like in the Bible, in Romans , chapter 1….

        Anyhow, that’s just reality, it can suck at times. Americans are really suicidal. The military wants Jesus for an enemy …

    • Donald York

      Leon Panetta needs to be stripped and put on display for the whole nation to see, and horse whipped! Shameless bastard!

      • Robert Smith

        How would that compare to the suggestion of burning Romney’s house down?


      • simian pete

        Romney just isn’t an “opposite” to Panetta … They may both be “unique” but they definitely aren’t opposing ? I don’t understand your argument ..

  • Rocky Night

    Sad really. I guess Obama has Fked everything else and is now doing to guys what he did to America.

    • Madonna

      That he has !Unfortunately to white guys only… He has sad about some special job creations..White males need not apply ”
      This gay thing is so out of control…adoption os such is screwing up our kids !
      The end is near..God said it is an abomination..

  • http://none jay

    Obama must go before he destroys our military. The Liberals could not list one advantage to homosexual membership. There is a huge downside in the areas of health, hygiene, cost, safety of the sons of out military, and morale.

    • Donald York

      There would be an outcry if straight people held a rally and proclaimed it like the faggots do.

      • Robert Smith

        Really? Oh, that’s right I guess all those who are protesting at women’s health clinics are either straight or pedophiles.


    • Robert Smith

      jay lies: “The Liberals could not list one advantage to homosexual membership.”

      Sure can… For example, many interpriters were discharged for being gay, yet the job needed to be done.

      ” There is a huge downside in the areas of health, hygiene, cost, safety of the sons of out military, and morale.”

      NONE of which has happened. I asked for specific examples and you’ve come up with zero.


  • flajim


  • Big Woody

    When I joined the Army, it was illegal to be queer.
    Then they changed the rules, If you were homosexual, there was “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.
    Now is is legal and ok to be gay.
    I think I will retire now before they make it manditory (Read it on a T shirt)

  • jim

    A sad sad day in this country when a perverted disgusting deadly life style is celebrated by our country and military. We just continue to slide down the slippery slope to destruction. I wonder how long we have left until GOD pronounces his judgement upon us.

    • Robert Smith

      Question asked: “I wonder how long we have left until GOD pronounces his judgement upon us.”

      The Romans had a run of about 800 years.


  • Big Woody

    ” Later this month, the Pentagon will be holding an event as part of LGBT Pride Month.” More important is the fact the United States Congress is holding hearings to determine what cuts to make in the Pentegon’s budget. Is there any waste in the Pentagon that can be cut in these times of the longest recession this country has seen?

    • Hokie Business

      Is there any waste in the Pentagon that can be cut in these times of the longest recession this country has seen?

      You mean like not spending money to participate in non-military events? The military has no business taking an interest on the sexual activity of American people. Sexual activity between two people should be kept private, as long as it is consensual. If it is not consenual, then it is illegal. If an illegal event occurs in the military, then there are ways of dealing with those events. Our government has become way to involved in the private matters of the people.

  • Bill

    Nothing new under the sun! Our history through all the wars always repeated while we’re very ignored about it.

  • Sirian

    This will receive who knows how much MSM coverage. Way, way, way to much I’m sure. This is so much more important than the leaks out of the WH? Military Gays take precedent over the security of our country on a whole? Just what level of ridiculousness has everything really come to?

    • Ted Crawford

      If Obama is re-elected, Sirian, I feel the amswer to that is ” You ain’t seen nothen yet! “

  • Dennis

    This is a slap in the face for all those moral Americans who have served and are still serving, this is a disgrace, God did not create them that way,man decided that he was that way. God loves them,he just hates the sin they are in and are commiting.

    • Jim in NY

      The Lord makes some people who are gay. Our diversity is a reflection of the Lord’s face.

      • Dennis

        Wrong,Joey, they were created by man,not god,man is the one with the evil tendencies. Man thinks that by saying God created him that way,gives him an excuse for his devient behavior.

      • Wildey

        The Lord gives man the power to make choices. He also spells out what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. The only power Satan has over man is persuasion. We either walk morally; function in God’s code of conduct for action and interaction, or we don’t. We may get away with our conduct in mans laws but in the final analysis, we WILL answer in God’s court. I shudder to think of what will happen to the “In God We Trust” country.

      • Robert Smith

        “they were created by man,not god,man is the one with the evil tendencies.”

        Don’t tell that to Dick Chaney and his wife!

        Or is Dick Chaney evil?

        Guess that’s a tough call.


      • simian pete

        Yep, Dick Cheney is evil. He spawned a lesbo daughter ! ? Right Robert ?.

        That’s what happens when you’re an evil parent – most of the time you get evil children …

  • Joey Biden

    Early next year after Obuma’s gone, the military will issue gays a bright rainbow uniform. With a big red “D” on the chest.

  • Daveh234

    Homosexuality didn’t just start yesterday.
    They have been prominent in many endeavors throughout history.
    Nothing too deadly there. Opinions tend to be against all people of different persuasions.
    Now they can serve with honor and acceptance, except by those who don’t believe “all men are created equal”.

    • Big Woody

      No society has survived for long after accepting homosexual behavior. It has been around for a long time and it will continue but do not tell all of society that it must be accepted as appropriate behavior. The rest of us have the right to live and raise our families in what we deem an acceptable environment.

  • OldSpice

    The apex of PIPE dreams. It’s one thing to be left out on the chromosome pool yet another just for a lifestyle change which much of the shift seems to stem from.
    I’m first line of defense for the military in the ME whereby the Army brings up the rear. Guess I need to start watching my back…side.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    If God wanted men to Butt _uck Men he wouldn’t have made women and the world would have ended when Adam and Bruce died. What perversion you want to do behind closed doors is fine by me “butt” not in the open where you give children the idea it is OK, you are sexual devients and I for one don’r like it and NEVER WILL. Keep your perversions to your selves and we can live together in peace continue the way you are and all hell is going to break loose.

    • mn1013


  • jim

    If the Department of Defense is looking to make cuts, then why would they waste the money to plan a celebration that promotes a life style that leads to spending more money to treat people of diseases that could be prevented in the first place?

  • RichE

    So much fear, so little faith. Didn’t God save the faithful, Lot, Noah, Moses? Is elimination the only way you can be faithful to your beliefs? What strength does it take to hold up a solid wall?

    • Jay

      That made absolutely no sense, as usual!

      • RichE

        Makes no sense and I wrote it at a sixth grade level. Give me a hint Jay, how many levels do I need to drop?

  • Harvey1

    I pray that GOD will stop all of the sinful and disgraceful actions that some people are taking. These action supporting the queers is another part of the
    master plan to destroy our country. “WE” the peoe need to wake up before Odumba finishes his “change” and turns our freedom loving Christian nation into a third world desolate nation!

    • Wildey

      This is the what the Zionist in control of Israel’s military, now America’s military, do. The conscript sodomites, immigrants and anyone else to fight their wars. Foreigners are brought into America’s military. If they get killed the military doesn’t have to account for them because their not American ctizens. They only count for dead American soldiers. Zionist tacitcs are taught to American soldiers.

      • Oneguess

        Your anti-semitism is showing…

    • Robert Smith

      Harvey says: “I pray that GOD will stop all of the sinful and disgraceful actions that some people are taking.”

      Why don’t you pray for understanding that not all Americans are exactly like you?

      Remember, hate is not a family value.


  • cheryl

    What about us hetrosextuals?

    • RichE

      Good point.

    • J

      What?? no parade for us??

      • Robert Smith

        Sure there is celebration. Look at the Miss America pagent.

        Look at all those baton twilers and cheer leaders.


  • Nancy in Nebraska

    DISGUSTING!!! Government won’t allow talk of GOD but this is acceptable??? ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!

    • RichE

      Another good point.

    • Jay

      I agree, Nancy! We are all aware of the slow but steady erosion of America, but what most people are unaware of, is a cadre of well organized and well funded religious-organizations that work behind the scenes with the singular goal of eradicating Christianity, and replace it with their own religion. People need to know who these religious organizations are, and how they manipulate politics, economics, education, and the entertainment industry, to name a few;


      Stated Agenda

      “The Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc., is an educational group working for the separation of state and church. Its purposes, as stated in its bylaws, are to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism.”


      This foundation has become the most formidable foe of religion in America. It invests large amounts of money into battling religion and has already been successful in the following areas:

      Won the first federal lawsuit challenging direct funding by the government of a faith-based agency
      Overturned a state Good Friday holiday
      Won a lawsuit barring direct taxpayer subsidy of religious schools
      Removed Ten Commandments monuments from public lands
      Ended bible instruction in public schools after 51 year practice
      Halted prayer at public institutions
      Stopped direct subsidy to religious schools
      Ended commencement prayers at a Top Ten University after 122 years of practice
      Ended distribution of Gideon bibles in public schools.
      Brought nearly 30 First Amendment lawsuits since 1977, and keeps several Establishment law challenges in the courts at all times.
      (18 Feb. 2007).

      Approach Used to Spread Agenda

      Files lawsuits!
      Publishes Freethought Today
      Sponsors annual high school and college atheist based essay competitions with cash awards
      Conducts, annual national conventions, honoring the “Freethinker of the Year” for
      state/church activism, a “Freethought Heroine” and student activists
      Bestows “The Emperor Has No Clothes” Award to public figures for their criticism of religion
      Promotes freedom from religion with educational products, bumperstickers, music CDs, winter solstice greeting cards and literature
      Publishes useful atheist books
      Provides speakers for events and debates
      Established a freethought book collection at the University of Wisconsin Memorial Library as well as a 2,000-volume office collection


      Founded by Madalyn O’Hair, the litigant in the famous case which removed Bible reading and prayer recitation from public schools.

      Stated Agenda





      Religious groups should not be tax-exempt.

      “We have the right to be free of an enormous tax burden in order to support the few people who do go to church regularly.”

      “We think that giving churches subsidy by permitting them to remain tax-exempt is an unconstitutional violation of the basic principle of separation of state and church.”

      “Religion is responsible for the increase in child neglect, child abuse, abortion…”

      “Organized religion has been a major opponent of the distribution of birth control information, the lack of which has led to the increased incidence of child neglect, child abuse, and above all, the use of abortion “as a birth control measure.”

      Religion should not oppose various forms of co-habitation.

      “Marriage and divorce laws should be based on the individual desires of the participants in the relationship. Neither the state nor the church has any right to say with whom you can cohabit. That is your exclusive freedom as an individual.”

      Religion is anti-women.

      “Religion is antifeminist. The principal opposition to the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment was from religious groups. The cornerstone of Christianity is the domination of the female by the male. If you are a woman, you must abandon religion first before you can talk equality. The position of women in any religious system is below that of men.”

      Religion is anti-science.

      “Religion is anti-science. Religious dogmas can never be verified through the scientific method. Therefore, science is the enemy of religion. Through the scientific method it has been proven that Earth is not 6,000 years old as Christianity claims. Human virgin birth is not possible. Transubstantiation is not possible. The church must retard science, for its spread means increased explanation of human questions and the lessening of the need for a faith solution.”

      Religion is anti-life.

      “Most important of all, the worst intrusion of religion into your life is religion’s anti life teachings. Life is not important, says the church. It is only valuable as a preparation for death and life after death — the real importance is placed on the “afterlife.” The world and our lives on it are considered disposable; they mean little. Our efforts here only bear on the kind of existence we will have eternally. ”

      Atheism alone can give true freedom.

      “Life, the only thing we know, all that we have, is thrown aside by faith in something beyond our termination. If you are one of those who knows that life here and now is wonderful and should be lived to the fullest, you are one of us… According to sociological studies, there are about 22.5 million persons in the United States who are Atheists, persons who have rejected the concept of spending their lives preparing to die; persons who have found the ultimate freedom, FREEDOM OF THE MIND. ”

      The rest;





      Follow the link to familiarize yourself with the rest of the organizations, their agendas and their success…

      • mn1013

        I think you are as crazy as a loon.

      • Jay

        We are talking about an American military that burns piles of Bibles lest any Muslim gets offended. Newsflash: what do Muslims hate more than Bibles? Gays.




  • Wildey

    When was it the definition of gay changed to have something to do homosexuals? America is based on the Bible, period. When people get sworn into offices, what do they put their hand on? That said, what does the bible say about sodomy? Because of there conduct, what happened to the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah?

    Its interesting, the word homosexual only appeared about 150 years ago. It was to change lewd conduct by giving it an scientific name. Man’s conduct could be now be explained scientifically instead of morally; God’s code of conduct for action and interaction. Already our military consists of foreigners, why not sodomites?

    This is an aside but America is sending war ships and planes to Syria and Russia is doing the same only the Russians are in support of Syria’s legitimate government. They saw our conduct in Iraq and Libya and know our intentions in Syria and Iran. Our military does not fight to defend America, it fights to build the American Empire in control of Zionist.

    • Oneguess

      So what would you have, Abdullah? Sharia?


    Being a homosexual in the military is one thing but to spotlight a particular segment of sexual proclivity and proclaim it a special honor is like putting a target on their backs, that indicates less than logical thought went into this thinking.
    The military accepts honor as a unified group not by using a sexual proclivity as a honor, if this were the case then I suppose that next month might very well be the military’s time to recognize all our Druid Breathern or perhaps Military Transgenders in Drag month or some other warped ill thought recognition to single out anything but military unity…fathead thinking for another moron decison coming from the WH….





  • The Harrytruth


  • The Harrytruth

    What is next,
    with Obama’s Administration you never can tell.

  • Dan Mancuso

    Very interesting these comments, and others on other similar sites, they seem to have one thing in common. DIVISION!!!.I Divide and conquer. I remember reading years ago the book “Unintended Consequences” (athour ?) and the one – banned- about the comming race war – ? – . It seems to me the socialists in office have DIVISION in mind, because their actions seem to completely defy logic and reason. I don’t believe these polititians are stupid – evil yes – stupid no. Get people to be at each other’s throats, then call in the millitia, UN or NATO forces – oh right you guys don’t have Posse Comatatus any more, do you? – then they become the saviors right down the slippery slope to TOTALITARION GLOBAL FASCISM (SOCIALISM). For the record I believe in what the Bible says about homosexuality and whereas, what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is their business – as soon as you go outside of your own home and start seeking approval for your deviant, degenerate WRONG behavior, you open yourself up to judgement and ridicule, and when you start to impose your wrong headed behavior and attitudes on the rest of society, through the legal system facilitated by corrupt bureaucrats and polititians, dupes or otherwise, you open yourself up to a bullet in the head – did I say that out loud, oops, that’s a little intolerant I guess. Oh well I guess it’s easy to get a little exiteable when your rights are being stolen from you – especially by that ilk. Anger, hatred and violence isn’t the solution. It only begets more of itself and doesn’t really accoplish anything – except the agenda of those who wish to divide and conquer! So, let the fags and the dykes and the radical feminists and the cultural elite (mainstream media) and the rest of the socialists spew their hatred and anger, this will show them up for who and what they are. For gthe rest of us who are normal…I don’t know what the solution is. BUT, what you Americans have is a very powerful tool to take your country back – your CONSTITUTION.
    Envious Canadian

  • 45caliber

    Are they also planning an event to honor NON-gays? I would certainly hope so since they have never done it before.

  • palman

    Homosexuality is a sin. There is a demonic spiritual being that controls people and deceives them in this sinful lifestyle. All homosexual people I have met can trace their roots to this lifestyle not to birth but a time of experimentation with dress or lifestyle where they were then lied to and told you are doing this or you like this because you are gay and they are deceived into beleiving this lie is true. All homosexuals need to be set free and delivered from this spirit back to the truth of God about them. They are not to be hated but loved into the kingdom of God and deliverance.
    However, this demonic spirit that is represented by this rainbow flag and is decieving people is to be hated, not celebrated with pride. Hate what God hates and He hates this sin and the decieving spirit behind it. But as God we should love the sinner and try to pray and draw them to God through repentance.
    Now as far as our military goes I think until President Obama is willing to sleep him and his wife and his daughters in the White House with gays in their bedrooms he should shut up about his stand. Because as the leader of the army he should either live what he beleives or not force what he does not want for his family on others.
    Also as far as this university in Arkansas that some judge ordered them to to allow an a male ( anatomically) even though he calls himself a girl and dresses like one to be able to use the women’s toilets should also have to hire someone like this to use his wife and daughter’s toliets while they are also using them but as soon as he decides he does not wantit for his family then the college should also be able to say that they do not want it for their female students as well. Either the President and these judges should have to live it for their families or they should not have the right to force others to do what they refuse for their own families.

    • Robert Smith

      From palman: “Homosexuality is a sin.”


      So is eating a cheesburger.

      So is wearing a blend of fabrics.

      and all those other silly rules I don’t see “christians” obeying.

      I’m free of sin because I don’t follow your brutal god or his flock. Remember the sheep… The flock gets sheered or eaten.


      • simian pete

        It don’t matter, Robert ! It’s all relative. Some people go to Heaven when they die, and some go to Hell. Atheist go to HELL, Why ? Because God don’t want that type of fool in Heaven…

  • http://google john p.

    we have a very sick country and is getting worse . you have gay’s
    parading around our streets .and you have a PRESIDENT who
    supports them . this is sick i wish they wood go back in the closet
    where they belong . they make my skin craw just thinking about them ..

    • Robert Smith

      “they make my skin craw just thinking about them ..”

      Nobody says you have to think about them.


  • simian pete

    Them “GAYS” are going to get us all killed. Look what happen to Sodom & Gomorrah ! Two cities destroyed by God….

    There’s your proof….. When someone says “Damn Queers” , it really true.

  • Frank Molina

    This is NOT the way to do it, nor is it the time. I served in the US Navy for 7 years, and lived as a bisexual male, and even I think this is inappropriate and ill-timed. I just went to work and did what I wanted out in the civilian world. Come on, people. You join the military to defend the country, not look for a boyfriend(or girlfriend). We have much bigger things to worry about than a gay pride parade sponsored by the military. Come on, let’s stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about the country. I didn’t think I could ever be alienated by the gay and lesbian community. I guess there’s a first time for everything; thanks for being so overtly political you scumbags.


      “Frank Molina,”

      GREAT COMMENTS. (offensive comment removed).



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