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Dems Blast News Corp Boss’ Massive GOP Donation

August 24, 2010 by  

Dems blast News Corp boss' massive GOP donation Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the Fox network which includes Fox News, gave $1 million to the Republican Party, spurring a barrage of criticism from the liberals.

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) was the specific recipient of the June donation, which is one of its largest this election season. Moreover, it marks a departure from the previous practice of the media giant, which tended to spread financial support relatively evenly across different candidates, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Jack Horner, spokesman for Murdoch’s News Corp., told the news source that the move reflected the company’s belief in free markets, and that it considered the pro-business RGA to best embody this philosophy.

However, Nathan Daschle, director of the Democratic Governors Association, said Fox News should now put a "formal disclaimer" on its electoral coverage.

"Fox can no longer pretend that it is a ‘fair and balanced’ news organization," Daschle said, adding that "time and time again, Fox News has defended itself against accusations that it is nothing more than a tool of the Republican Party [but now we] know now that the reality is so much worse: they’re bankrolling the GOP."ADNFCR-1961-ID-19928290-ADNFCR

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  • http://?? Joe H.

    Dashle is just a good example of the pot calling the kettle black!!! (no reference to race intended before you try to hang me!!!

    • William

      Joe they dont want to talk about the millions of dollars given to obummer by the socalled main stream media in the form of free publicity with their constant praise for him and the IDIOTIC bills he jams down the peoples throaght,

      • L.A.

        The lefist George Soros has donated 100′s of millions to anti American groups disguised as the Democratic party! It’s still unbalanced to the LIBERAL, MARXIST,COMMUNIST, PROGRESSIVE side that is totally against the will of the people!

        • Mark Hartig

          Those rules do not apply to George Soros. And jopa, you are the ultimate poster boy for duped, liberal mornons!

      • Joe R.

        William what you said is in line with what I say. If the one million dollars had been given to the Democrats there would have not been a word said.

    • Jim

      Of course the Dems are mad. But what is also clear is that Dashie is not saying where the Dems get all their money. No one wants to say that Soros has been bankrolling the dems for years.

  • s c

    Daschle needs to do some serious research. If he thinks Murdoch is any better than a wealthy RINO, he needs to switch to a more refined hallucinogen.
    Murdoch is the George Soros of TV.
    He knows how to make money. He knows how to perform cheap tricks. He knows how to spread money around and keep people distracted. Smoke-and-mirrors gets him what he wants. Murdoch is an unelected politician. BFD. Get over it.

    • JeffH

      s c, ah but does he know how to create 30, 40, or 60 non-profits to spread his wealth like the Soros groups do? Afterall, turnabout is fair play isn’t it? The liberal harpies are constantly supporting the idea that two wrongs make a right.
      Me thinks Joe is right, “Dashle is just a good example of the pot calling the kettle black!!!”

      • David in Ma.

        AAAH! YA, BUT! The Soros Group is SOCIALIST inspired.

        • JeffH

          Anti-American communists…all!

  • viktor leben

    Murdoch has done nothing wrong in giving the Republicrooks a million bucks. Daschle and the rest of the Democraps are just mad Rupert didn’t give them any money !!!

    Personally I would have gave the money toa a few Rscue Missions and/or soup kitchens to feed the poor and/or homeless folk. You only need like 10 million bucks to live good ! In rupert’s case He probably needs security guards so 500 million is more like it ! Rupert, give it all those billions away but keep 500 million for yourself and your family …

    • Doc Sarvis

      I agree that Murdoch has done nothing wrong. I also agree that there are far better uses for that sort of money – espcially with the Haiti earthquake, Pakistan flooding, etc.
      As for Fox, the fair and balanced claim went out the window LONG ago.

      • Brad

        So Doc,

        ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC to include all the others went out the window before FOX News, wouldn’t you agree.

        • Fay

          I agree with You since I watched a video where George Pop corrected Obama when Obama said Muslim instead of Christin sorry about the spelling My mind isn’t up to speed yet to early I guess.

        • Dan Burke

          Yes. Here’s the differences in my mind.

          Fox News. They make a gesture at being fair and balanced. It ain’t perfect, but it is there… to some degree. On the positive side, they do believe in the free market. Perhaps that is why they are so successful because they are so good at applying what they believe in.

          ABC, NBC, etc.. They claim to be right (or left to the rest of us).

          So why do I watch Fox News? Let me see. I can watch a channel that believes in capitalism and treats me as someone who knows something. Or I can watch a channel that tries to teach me how to think the way they think I should think–if I am a skeptic then I am stupid??? I am well aware that I gravitate to information that does not conflict with my world view. And in my world view, the best way to help everyone (even the poor) in this imperfect world is in a free market with capitalism. So I am well aware of this, so does this make me ignorant if I CHOOSE to watch Fox News instead of the other channels? Or does this make me intelligent because I actually used my brain for myself? By the way, if I listened to the other stations, I am fairly certain they would tell me I am stupid for choosing to listen to Fox News–I had to read a book to learn that what goes into my mind affects how I think so when you compare wildly left leaning media to how many Americans think it should be surprise that people don’t understand the dangers of big government because media is all over how government should fix this or that. By the way, this even creeps into Fox News. It just typically more, um, balanced…. Now maybe my hearing is selective (a curse we all seem to have ever since we were two years old), but I cannot recall Fox News telling me that I am stupid if I listened to the other stations. Sure, they’ve bragged about being the best and supposedly they have the market share/ratings to back that claim.

          • Eric

            Well said!!!! If FOX news leans slightly conservative and less liberal SO WHAT!!! there are a 100+ liberal news stations out there if they want to listen to that kind of spin room tell the people what they want you to believe news C@#P. I guess they have no reason to complain about the state of the nation then. To many people listen to liberal progressive media. Our enemy just needs to weight we will destroy ourselves. Sounds sad doesn’t it, but it’s true. People take a serious look around you.

          • eyeswideopen

            You go Dan, just keep putting money in the pocket of that Saudi Prince who owns a major share in Fox news…. lets send that money to the very people that you radicals hate… funny and really funny. You are aware that the Prince believes in the Shia laws don’t you?? He also practices the religion that you all hate….but it’s ok, that he makes money off of all you nut cases….I bet you love sending all those billions to the Arab countries for our oil too don’t you?? lmao you people are not very logical.

      • Brad

        because they are all in for Obama.

      • JeffH

        …because you said so? Doc, you need to quit with the meds.

      • Lubo

        Doc…..all due respect but it is not YOUR money so what causes you think would be more “fitting” makes very little difference to most folks. That is the problem in this country, too many people worring about others folks BUSINESS!

        • Doc Sarvis

          I don’t know why you are jumping only on me. I was agreeing with that aspect of viktor leben’s post. I guess I can’t have an opinion even if I agree with someone else. Holy moly!

          • eddie47d

            Welcome to their Orwellian world.

  • Jim H.

    Since Dems Know how to spend our money more wisely than we do, they know better than Murdock, how he should spent HIS money.(being sarcastic)They would have taken that Million in a heart beat.

    • William

      Jim thats why they are pissed off at Rupert. he didn’t give it to them. ,

    • rwnut

      Jim H…It’s not over yet.The Demo-donkeys will try to extort a few million yet.

    • eddie47d

      I don’t think anyone should be allowed to give a million to either party. Murdoch is buying something and so is a Democrat that gives that much money. Watch the money trail and see where it leads.

      • eyeswideopen

        eddie, get ready to be called the “United Corporations of America”!!!

  • Harold Olsen

    I wonder why Daschle isn’t upset about Immelt, who runs GE and is the parent company of NBC and MSNBC, only givng to Democrats. He’d probably give the liberal stock answer “That’s not the same thing.” I will agree with him on one thing , I’m not so sure Fox is “fair and balanced.”. Like the rest of the media, they seem to be in the tank for Obama.

    • William

      Harold I dont think you can put Sean Hannity in that group, now I have noticed Bill Oriely seems to be cutting obummer a lot of slack like wise Juan Williams. but I haen’t noticed the rest of the Fox teams cutting him much slack at all,

      • JeffH

        William, I agree with you on Hannity. As for O’reilly, I have to listen to him closley at times but I think his “fairness” to O’man isn’t quite what some believe it to be. He’s more of a “show me the proof” guy. Juan Williams is a straight up Obama supporting liberal.

  • David in Ma.

    Rupert Murdoch
    Birthdate: 3/11/1931
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Occupation: businessman, chief executive officer

    Is/has Mr. Murdock become an American citizen?
    If not,
    Has he broken American Law by making such a “donation” as a non- citizen? If he is a non-citizen.

    (also;LONG READ, BUT INTERESTING………………..)
    ****my comment: (money & politics sure does make strange bedfellows)

    Subject: The Fox News connection to Ground Zero mosque
    Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 07:38:01 -0400

    DAY OF INFAMY 2001

    The Fox News connection to Ground Zero mosque

    Hundreds of thousands for project’s imam come from high-profile network investor


    Posted: August 23, 2010
    9:11 pm Eastern

    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal presents 9/11 relief check to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani

    The Saudi prince whose post-9/11 relief check was rejected by former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani has found a more willing recipient in the city for his millions: the head of the Ground Zero mosque project.

    The same Saudi potentate, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, owns the biggest chunk of the parent company of the Fox News Channel outside of the Murdoch family.

    Former Bush advisers have similar ties to the prince and the proposed mega-mosque in Manhattan, which may explain why they’ve asked Republicans to soften their opposition to it.

    WND has learned that one of the original board members of the nonprofit group promoting the 13-story mosque and “cultural center” took the job as a favor to James A. Baker III, the former President George H.W. Bush official and lawyer who defended Saudi government officials against a lawsuit filed by families of 9/11 victims. Baker has counted bin Talal as a client.

    The dots are finally being connected! Find out what Islam has planned for you: Get “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

    Bin Talal has pumped more than $300,000 into the project headed by New York imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as part of the prince’s campaign to “improve the image of Islam in the American public.” The prince’s charitable foundation in 2008 gave $125,000 to Rauf, which came on the heels of an earlier $180,000 gift, according to the Arab press.

    (Story continues below)

    The foundation is run by Muna AbuSulayman, a Saudi woman who appears on Rauf’s website as one of its “Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow.”

    Additionally, the prince funded “through a generous grant” the reprinting of Rauf’s 2004 book, originally titled “A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post-9/11.”

    The amount of the grant is undisclosed. Attempts to reach bin Talal’s Saudi-based foundation were unsuccessful.

    Guiliani refused to accept bin Talal’s $10 million donation after bin Talal blamed U.S. policy in the Middle East for the 9/11 attacks and suggested the U.S. take a position more favorable to the “Palestinian cause.”

    Critics called his offer “blood money” and praised Guiliani for rebuffing it.

    After Giuliani’s snub, bin Talal took a more indirect strategy to influence American policy.

    In a 2002 interview in the Arab press, bin Talal intimated that “Arabs should focus more on penetrating U.S. public opinion as a means to influencing decision-making” on the war on terror and U.S. foreign policy.

    Bin Talal proceeded to give more than $500,000 to the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington. The prince currently is helping CAIR finance a $50 million campaign to fight “Islamophobia” in America. According to a sensitive State Department cable, top CAIR officials in 2006 traveled to Saudi Arabia to solicit bin Talal and other wealthy Saudis for campaign funds.

    “We are planning to meet Prince Alwaleed bin Talal for his financial support to our project,” CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad told the Arab press at the time. “He has been generous in the past.”

    In addition, the Saudi-based Organization of the Islamic Conference has kicked in more than $300,000 for CAIR’s propaganda effort, according to the book “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” which exposes CAIR and other fronts for the radical Muslim Brotherhood in America.

    CAIR last week held a press conference at the National Press Club to support the construction of the mosque near Ground Zero. It also denounced critics as “Islamophobes.” CAIR occupies a suite next door to Rauf’s Manhattan offices, and Rauf has honored CAIR’s New York chapter spokesman as one of his “Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow.”

    The Justice Department says CAIR is a terrorist front group for Hamas and its parent the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR in 2007 was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal scheme to funnel millions of dollars to Hamas suicide bombers and their families, prompting the FBI to cut off all outreach to the group.

    The group in the past has insisted it receives no foreign support but now acknowledges taking it least overseas money from bin Talal, whose operations are based in Saudi Arabia. However, CAIR argues it shouldn’t be held to a higher standard than Fox.

    “News Corp. is headed by Rupert Murdoch and is the parent company of Fox News Channel,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said. “If CAIR is taken to task for bin Talal’s donation to us, so should these companies be taken to task for accepting his money.”

    Through his Kingdom Holding Co., bin Talal owns at least a 7 percent, $2.3 billion stake in Fox’s parent company News Corp. His website lists News Corp. as a “core” holding.

    “KHC [Kingdom Holding Co.] intends to continue to leverage its relationship with New Corp.’s mangement to identify new investment opportunities,” the website says.

    Indeed, bin Talal last month launched a new Arabic TV news channel in partnership with the Fox network. The 24-hour broadcast channel will compete with Al-Jazeera. Earlier this year, News Corp. agreed to buy a 9.1 percent stake in bin Talal’s Rotana Media group for $70 million. Rotana hosts Fox channels in Saudi Arabia.

    Critics call bin Talal an “agent of Saudi influence” who has even marshaled direct influence over editorial content at Fox. He once boasted of persuading producers to change a screen banner under video footage of Muslims rioting in France to remove its Islamic reference.

    “I picked up the phone and called [New Corp. chief Rupert] Murdoch,” bin Talal said. “Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from ‘Muslim riots’ to ‘civil riots.’”

    Fox does not deny his account.

    News Corp. also owns the Wall Street Journal. Insiders say two of the newspaper’s top investigative reporters covering terrorism left after Murdoch scaled back their beats. Glenn Simpson and Susan Schmidt, both award-winning journalists, had broken major stories on Saudi funding of terrorism.

    Bin Talal, News Corp.’s second-largest shareholder outside the Murdoch clan, has described his relationship with Murdoch’s son and heir-apparent James Murdoch as “very close.”

    “If he (Rupert) doesn’t appoint him, I’ll be the first one to nominate him to be the successor of Mr. Rupert Murdoch, God forbid if something happens to him,” bin Talal told Charlie Rose in a recent TV interview.

    The Aspen connection

    After 9/11, Rauf co-founded the Cordoba Initiative with former Aspen, Colo., Mayor John S. Bennett, which explains why Cordoba’s tax filings list an Aspen address.

    During his four terms as mayor, Bennett was introduced to bin Talal and other Saudi royals, who own chalets and other properties in Aspen (Bennett’s own home is valued at more than $2 million). Bin Talal met his second wife in Aspen.

    Before taking over Cordoba as executive director, Bennett headed the Aspen Institute, which included among its board members former Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan, as well as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Rice has appeared with Rauf at events in Washington and overseas.

    Aspen Institute recently launched the Middle East Leadership Initiative with “generous support” from Saudi Arabia. AbuSulayman, bin Talal’s aide, is an Aspen Institute Middle East fellow.

    Cordoba’s tax filings show that Julia A. Jitkoff of Kingsville, Texas, was a director before resigning in 2007. Sources say the Texas socialite was sponsored by “longtime friend” Jim Baker, who sits on the board of her family’s King Ranch holding company.

    FEC records show Jitkoff and her family gave over $30,000 to the Bush-Cheney campaigns. Cordoba’s 2008 IRS statement shows its books are kept by Kay Zimm of Kingsville.

    According to bin Talal’s biography, he and Baker met regularly in Houston to discuss business in the 1990s, when bin Talal was a Carlyle Group client of Baker. Joining them for business lunches at the Bayou Club was former President George H.W. Bush, a senior Carlyle adviser at the time.

    Baker’s Houston law firm, Baker & Botts, which defended Saudi officials against the 9/11 lawsuit, is one of the top international firms specializing in Shariah-compliant finance – another hobbyhorse of bin Talal.

    Bin Talal in 2007 donated $250,000 to the James Baker III Institute at Rice University.

    Bennett is also close to the Bush family. He graduated from both Yale University and Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. In 2002, bin Talal donated $500,000 to help fund the George Herbert Walker Bush Scholarship at Phillips Academy.

    The Cordoba documentary

    The Cordoba Initiative is promoting the Ground Zero mosque. According to its tax filing, its mission statement, among other things, is to “address the root causes of international terrorism.”

    Cordoba was the center of the Islamic caliphate in Spain, and the Cordoba mosque was built over the cathedral there.

    Rauf has also worked on a documentary film – “Out of Cordoba” – by New York director Jacob Bender, a peace activist and Islamic apologist. The 2008 film, for which Rauf is listed as an adviser, purports to document how Islam led Europe out of the Dark Ages.

    “Cordoba was the most advanced city on the European continent,” Bender says.

    He also claims it was the most tolerant, allowing Christianity and Judaism to “coexist” with Islam.

    Bender said he made the film to respond to “growing evidence of Islamophobia and attacks upon Muslims,” adding that “negative stereotypes about the Muslim are the result of ignorance.”

    “American society has always been quite isolated, not wanting to know about the rest of the world. Secondly, American popular cultures always needed an enemy to confront,” he said. “First it was the native Americans, [then] Germans in World War I, and later the communists.”

    Then came 9/11 and the war on terror. “In recent years people in the United States looked to justify the huge military budget by finding a new enemy in the Arab and Muslim world,” Bender continued. “The 9/11 and al-Qaida presented them with an opportunity to say that Islam is an enemy of the West.”

    Muslim leaders around the world have given the film rave reviews.

    “The film will contribute to solving the problem of misunderstanding between the Islamic world and the West,” gushed OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, who has proposed with CAIR an international law criminalizing blasphemy of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

    Listed first among “major funders” backing the film: Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation.

    Another backer is the Islamic Society of North America, which bin Talal also finances. The uncle of Rauf’s wife, Daisy Khan, serves on ISNA’s board. The U.S. government recently named ISNA an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-finance case in U.S. history.

    An ISNA affiliate – the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences – changed its name after federal agents raided its offices after 9/11 on suspicion of supporting terrorism. Northern Virginia-based GSISS is now known as Cordoba University.

  • Joan Chew

    Thank you to Mr. Murdock.
    He has a right to give to what he thinks will help free entrprise. I only watch Fox. They give both sides and you can decide. Jeff and his GE bunch are not on my list anymore.

    I guess “George” can give and the Democrats don’t think that is a problem. When the street is two ways they don’t like it.

    • William

      thank YOU Joan. you are so right in every way and like you I only watch fox anymore,

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I watch the alfhabets once in awhile to see how much bull I can catch them in!! Watch BBC once in awhile, you will see a lot of info you don’t see on the news in the US!

  • Shirley Prouty

    Talk about bankrolling – the unions banroll Obama – look at the payback. Fox is STILL FAIR AND BALANCED and the only SANE voice in the mediat who covers everything, leaving out NO details or information.

    • Kinetic1

      Do you really believe that? Let’s take the post from David in MA as an example. Fox and friends had a segment on the funding of the “ground zero mosque” where they spoke of a “Saudi prince who funds terror madrases around the world” who is giving money to the mosque. They never showed his picture or mentioned his name, but he sounds like a pretty bad character. Why would they choose to leave such information out? Could be that, since they were taking about Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal they didn’t want to have to address the fact that this “funder of terrorist groups” is the 2nd largest share holder in their parent company, News Corp. Fair and Balanced? Really??

  • Mark

    I urinate on Daschle and all the far left dems. They woller in their own snot ball of hypocritical crap and point the finger at anything and everything that doesn’t work their way. Oidiot was given billions by far left extremists and soros and they have the brass to complain about this little (in comparison) donation to freedom, instead of tyranny which is what they represent. If the saudi boy, and he ain’t no king to me, wants to eat pork by giving to mosque organizers, then he too can join all his pig masked friends in the depths of hell. I mock ALL of them and would mock them to their face. Our country is already lost, it will take something major to get a foothold to our freedom once again.

    • http://comcast danl

      Mark you have a way with words. Thank you.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      As long as we have freedom loving, angry, patriotic people that love this great nation, She will never be completely lost!!! God Bless America!!!

    • Kinetic1

      Poor Mark. Murdoch’s number one partner at News Corp is the man the right claims is funding the mosque. A man the CIA suspects of funding terrorists. Face it, Murdoch is just in it for the money. His funding of the right is just another self serving profit move.

  • L.A.

    The lefist George Soros has donated 100′s of millions to anti American groups disguised as the Democratic party! It’s still unbalanced to the LIBERAL, MARXIST,COMMUNIST, PROGRESSIVE side that is totally against the will of the people!

  • Jim

    FOX NEWS should put a disclaimer banner on its programing that reads
    ” We at fox news support any and all who stand for the free market and capitalism
    And will stop at nothing as long as it is legal and honest to expose the
    George Soros and the socialist marxist communist democrat party in its true agenda which
    The muslim Iman and dear leader chairman obama the first black criminal to hold the
    Office of president of the USA”

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Make this a November to remember!!!

  • dnld

    George Soros give multi-Millions to the Democrats through various front organizations – Does that make the Dems a tool of Soros? The unions give millions to Dems but little or none to Reps – does that make the Dems a tool of the Unions? Maybe we need a very restrictive law that declares NOBODY can give money to either party – then police the hell out of it. While we are on the subject of donations, what ever happened to the investigation of the millions of overseas and fake contributor donations that Obama received? Seems like that one may have been smothered at birth.

  • Soldier

    Regardless of the supposed Fox News funding of the Ground Zero Mosque, even if you take issue with it or think that it is a terrible thing, there are bigger evils going on in the world that we shouldn’t lose focus of like World War 3 starting between Israel and Iran (whatever the facts may be behind the war, whether or not Isreal and/or Iran are the true evil is irrelavant), and our entrance into the 2nd Great Depression.

    This whole craziness with the mosque, just like the craziness with the New Black Panthar party guy blocking a polling station in 2008 is designed as a “weapon of mass distraction”. It is working brillirantly because no one seems to care that the market lost 150 points last Friday and is currently down almost 100 today. While we are distracted over lesser evils, extreme evil continues unabated. Lol, I guess in the Fema concentration camps we can talk about our given stances on the mosque at ground zero while waiting for “shower time”.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      while the loss of 150 points is important, imagine what the result will be if the Muslims get a symbol of defeating America at grond zero will be. this will be a rallying point to all radical Muslims all over the world!!! What do you think the result will be if the Muslims hit wall street???

  • dnld

    George Soros gives multi-Millions to the Democrats through various front organizations – Does that make the Dems a tool of Soros? The unions give millions to Dems but little or none to Reps – does that make the Dems a tool of the Unions? Maybe we need a very restrictive law that declares NOBODY can give money to either party – then police the hell out of it. While we are on the subject of donations, what ever happened to the investigation of the millions of overseas and fake contributor donations that Obama received? Seems like that one may have been smothered at birth.

  • Raggs

    Should we say “AHHHHHH POOR BABY” for the democraps?

    I applaued Mr.Murdoch, it’s about time someone has the sence to do what America needs. And that is to dismantle the DNC.

    I’m not at all surprized the democraps are whining they need to grow up!

    • Lubo

      Raggs….I get your drift but it will take more than a Million bucks to dismantle the Soros bought and paid for DNC!

  • NormP

    Why don’t these rich guys get together and buy back America? Maybe that way us ‘little people’ can just work for a living and earn enough to support ourselves. Instead we have to work ourselves to death in support of a government that takes and takes from us and gives to the wealthy who don’t need it anyway. And we condemn the Vanderbilt’s ans Rockefeller sr. They put AMERICANS to work, if any of them are still around ask your great grandparents. ‘Enuf’ ranting.

  • http://gmail i41

    The socialist democrat bastards would b-tch if they got hung with an old rope. Of course being socialists they want to be given a new rope, I’ll donate a wire 3/8″ cable so America can have a group neck tie party! Listening to the USDA whiny broad, is going to sue , damn, I’m surorised. Last time she did, she got several million and stayed as well still in NAAcp, just go back to the cotton patch, she is a racist bigotted w-tch. After she got her settlement, she should have been terminated and kicked to the curb, but she is black, so now some people get special favors as they whine over their imagined discrimation.

    • eddie47d

      I bet you loose allot of shoes! Trying to pull your legs out of that big pile of crap your always standing in.

  • Raggs

    Isn’t it great that we live in the “NEW” USSA?

  • Raggs
  • 45caliber

    It is bad that someone gave the GOP a million dollars … but it is perfectly okay for Soros to give the Dems a hundred million.

    • Lubo

      45caliber….. If we really knew the REAL number, it would probably be closer to a BILLION that Soros paid to BUY the DNC.

      • 45caliber

        You may well be right. And much of it may be funnelled through Soros from places that shall remain nameless.

    • s c

      45caliber, you indirectly touched on a point that “dems,’ libs and progressives can’t get through their fuzzy heads. The way they ‘reason’ demands that anyone who is NOT a ‘dem,’ a lib or progressive and has access to a mere one million dollars is automatically corrupt, immoral and NOT to be trusted.
      However, if you are a ‘dem,’ a lib or a progressive, trillions and billions and hundreds of millions of dollars are “OK.” Is it any wonder that we look at ‘dems,’ libs and progressives as people who can’t think their way out of a wet paper sack or walk, talk, chew gum and think at the same time?
      They are so far beyond HYPOCRISY that it’s difficult to think of them as human. Normally, people who switch back and forth between insanity and reason are thought of as mentally unbalanced and in dire need of therapy. How am I wrong?

  • AZ Jack

    Hooray for Rupert Murdoch. If I had the means to do so, I would do the same thing.

  • garon

    This is another example of the democrats idiotic thinking. How about NBC CBS and all the public news media only reporting what Obummer wants them to. One sided FOX news?? They should be applauded for actually showing the facts of what is really going on behind the news media vail. For instance what crimes are really happening now in the Arizona invasion from illegals and drug cartels. You would think all journalists would want to do their job rather than be told to nix that story as obummer will not like anything showing his disregard of constitutional rights he took oath to abide by. Freedom of the press has been bought and paid for by this administration and Fox just pisses them all off. Go FOX!

    • Lubo

      garon…..Agreed! Fox is the only news outlet that actually takes on the tuff assignments and REPORTS and then lets the FOLKS decide. The others are bought and paid for by the socialist dems, managed by Soros.

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    Let’s face it. The Dems think everyone is brainwashed & should only do what they want. Good for Murdoch, at least one Media source owner isn’t kissing their asses. But in all truth, both parties have made a mess of this once great country. I am afraid it is beyond repair. Members of both parties know Obama is an Illegal President,& nothing is being done about it. Time to kick all the incumbants out & get new blood in Congress. I am an Independant, who leans a lot more toward the Republicans, but damn near all of the people in Congress, are Lawyers, liars, & crooks. As far as the Media goes, you can’t believe very much of what any of them report. I do watch Fox only. They are MORE FAIR & BALANCED then the others.

    • 45caliber

      Steve: You said: “…but damn near all of the people in Congress, are Lawyers, liars, & crooks”

      You mean there is a difference between them? I thought Lawyers, liars, and crooks were all the same!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Sounds like the old Cher song Gypsies, Tramps, and Theives, only it’s Lawyers, Liars, and Thieves!!!

        • Sutekh

          Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves?

          the problem we have is that, like in the song,

          “Every election day all the voters would come around
          And check us on the ballot.”

          We get the government that we are intelligent enough to vote for.

  • patrick

    Here we go again, the cry baby liberal democrats! See how they react when others do the same thing they do? Obammy boy don’t know how to run the country, he fails everyday, all his czars are stupid idiots, they also fail daily, they syeal from us are then they re-distribute it to their lazy stupid entitlement voters, change and or pass laws behind closed doors, ram new health plan down our throats, try to allow illegal immigrants and give em a free ride, won’t defend our states or support our border security, allow queer gays to marry each other, promote the killing of babies through abortion, etc. etc. Now when smart people decide it’s time to support the correct policy and the people that know how to turn the USA around to survive… the little cry babies shout foul! Well a big ha ha ha and a he he he. Can’t take it huh? oh sorry I forgot to mention the Gore/Hilary blame global warming for India’s flooding and devistation.

  • L.J.

    Of course they would! Nothing would be said if Murdoch donated to the progressives JUST LIKE SOROS HAS/IS DOING! The dems need to sit down and shut up!We need everyone to donate whatever they can to turn this country around by getting career politicians OUT of office this November and beyond. I live in Wisconsin and there is a political figure at the state level who has been in office for 40 YEARS! 40 YEARS–COUNT ‘EM!This guy needs to be unceremoniously dumped out into the street on his butt! NO ONE should be allowed to serve more than 2 terms; just like the president. If WE are going to get term limits amended into our Constitution, then WE are going to have to put the fear of Almighty God into these politicians to change the status quo. Also, I downloaded a very interesting video this morning regarding getting the scum out of office which dealt with taking away the PERKS!
    Once a politician is done “serving the public”, he/she should get NO LAVISH retirement package except for the president–and I may even retract that one!

    • Lubo

      L.J…..Agreed! None of them, within both parties, deserve one red cent of retirement pay. The fact is, if they worked in the REAL world, like we do, then they would have been FIRED for incompetence!

      • 45caliber

        And the sad thing is there is less turn-over in people in Congress than in business.

  • patrick

    What’s wrong with this picture? One million dollars? Hell, they could have gotten by so much cheaper if they would send me that million. Lets see, you have Obammy boy, Holder, Gibbs, Emmanual, Janet Paliotano, Pelosi, Reid, etc. etc. somebody will have to come up with a list of imposters and liberal demos, shop around for the best price for a case of ammo or a few tons of sand for burial to the waist for stoning? perhaps curious minds will come up with a cheap way to eliminate our problems? I support Murrdock, now we need more like him to donate more money in the fight to take our country back! It statrs with your votes folks… get ready.

  • patrick

    I’m with you L.J. I live next door in Minnesota, one of, if not the most liberal demo state. You should see how many Muslims and Samoly’s they have paid for to come and exist in Minnesota. Just watch the daily news and you will see that Minneapolis has become a hot bed for terrorists going all the way back to 911 when a student at a Minneapolis college was arrested for his involvment in the attack. Then a few weeks ago the FBI arrested a group with ties to terrorists, once again a Minneapolis connection. The problem in Minnesota is the liberal democrats the run and control this state like: Klobuchar, Franken, Ellingston, Obastar, Rybek, etc. etc. This control needs to change NOW.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Hate to tell you, but minnesota would have a long way to go to be as demo liberal,progressive as either Michigan or California!!!

  • Hubert

    Whose money to give was it?
    Did it belong to any of the complainers?
    The liberals did not work for it.
    Did the libs turn down any donations to the Obama campaign because they had so much more money than the McCain campaign.
    How much did Obama get from Golman Sachs?
    Obama is still returning the favor for their nearly one million donation. OneWest bank (now owned by Golman Sachs big shots)is making a lot of money in the foreclosures because of their special deal with the Obama administration which garantees obscene profits exceeding 50%.

  • jopa

    I watched fox in the past and still do at times.They sure can mislead the public with their creativity on a chalkboard and just outright lies.I read on Huff. that Rachel Maddow won the Walter Cronkite award so I think I will go and see what she has to say.Growing up in the mid-west we only had one news channel (cbs) so he was the man and what he said I believed.Today a person has to research many sources of information and draw their own conclusions.To get back to the article I thought donations to candidates were private whether they were made from foreign countries, corporations, or American citizens.

    • JeffH

      jopa, this article covers Murdoch’s contribution to the Republican Governors Association, not a donation to any specific candidate.

    • 45caliber

      If you think Huff gives you real facts it’s no wonder you are lost here.

  • Margaret Nicomede

    Who thinks 1 million will bank roll any candidate. How much did Obama get to run his campaign on?



    • eddie47d

      I doubt it!

  • Dennis

    Fair and balanced doesn’t that mean reporting what the other networks aren’t?

    • 45caliber

      Fair and balanced is horrible! It might make people try to think for themselves. That should never happen! They are making every effort to teach our kids to not think and you are trying to upset it! Everyone should do just like the MSM and only give the liberal side of things. That solves all the problems in the world.

  • jopa

    Margaret N;I believe Obama received millions from individual taxpayers and American citizens in small contributions and some large.That is the reason for his support of the average American on the street not banks and corporations.

    • JeffH

      Obama spent upwards of $650 million to get elected and I don’t think it was all raised by good liitle American donations. Read my info about Soros for a better idea to O’man’s funding.

    • 45caliber

      A lot of that money also came from Mid-East sources. They might have as many as five hundred charges by different people to the same credit card number. And a LOT of it came from big companies such as the banking industry and the unions (which does NOT mean the individuals in the union contributed to that purpose.)

    • Lubo

      jopa….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You keep believing that buddy!

  • JeffH

    jopa, O’man is hard of hearing when it comes to the average citizen and offers zero support to the American people in general. You seriously need to ingest some realtime news, no matter what the source.

    In 1979 Soros established the Open Society Institute (OSI), which serves as the flagship of a network of Soros foundations that donate tens of millions of dollars each year to a wide array of individuals and organizations that share the founder’s agendas. Those agendas can be summarized as follows:

    promoting the view that America is institutionally an oppressive nation

    promoting the election of leftist political candidates throughout the United States

    opposing virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government, particularly the Patriot Act

    depicting American military actions as unjust, unwarranted, and immoral

    promoting open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws

    promoting a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs funded by ever-escalating taxes

    promoting social welfare benefits and amnesty for illegal aliens

    defending the civil rights and liberties of suspected anti-American terrorists and their abetters

    financing the recruitment and training of future activist leaders of the political Left

    advocating America’s unilateral disarmament and/or a steep reduction in its military spending

    opposing the death penalty in all circumstances

    promoting socialized medicine in the United States

    promoting the tenets of radical environmentalism, whose ultimate goal, as writer Michael Berliner has explained, is “not clean air and clean water, [but] rather … the demolition of technological/industrial civilization”

    bringing American foreign policy under the control of the United Nations

    promoting racial and ethnic preferences in academia and the business world alike

    promoting taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand

    advocating stricter gun-control measures

    advocating the legalization of marijuana

    Soros’ ties to Obama date back to 2004, when the multi-billionaire hosted a fundraiser for Obama during the latter’s 2004 campaign for the U.S. Senate.
    In 2004 Soros spent some $26 million of his own money in an effort to drive Bush from office. That sum included a $5 million donation to, a $10 million grant to a Democratic Party 2004 get-out-the-vote initiative called America Coming Together, and $3 million to the Center for American Progress (CAP), a think-tank headed by former Clinton chief-of-staff John Podesta.

    Apart from the more than $5 billion that Soros’ foundation network has donated to leftist groups like those listed above, Soros personally has made campaign contributions to such notable political candidates as Charles Rangel, Al Franken, Tom Udall, Joe Sestak, and Sherrod Brown.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      In other words Soreass supports anything anti-American!!!!

      • JeffH

        You hit the nail squarely on the head Joe.

  • JeffH
    • eyeswideopen

      JeffH, I see you are still on the same old band wagon of George Soros. Why don’t you beat the drum on the Koch family, who owns or had funded every conservative think tank in this country? Oh, no, you would never admit that the richest corporation in America was funding the repubs/conservatives, that just wouldn’t be right. You and your cohorts are hypocrites. By the way, just saw that your favorite state Alaska, receives $5.76 from the federal gov (us taxpayers) for every dollar they send in. They scream about socialism, but sure love that pork that they get from all of us don’t they? Just more hypocritical stances from the radical right.

    • eyeswideopen

      guide to all the conservative Kock owned think tanks.

      Go ahead clink on most of them, as you will see who is really behind the repub/cons party…. but then you would have to stop that silly Soros mantra, and I don’t think you can…lmao

  • jopa

    Soros is only one individual out of millions and Obama is mature educated and refined enough to know good from bad.I’m sure he will pick up on the good points and ignore the bad.You must agree he is doing an excellant job so far despite all the opposition from the party of no.

    • JeffH

      jopa says, “Soros is only one individual out of millions and Obama is mature educated and refined enough to know good from bad.I’m sure he will pick up on the good points and ignore the bad. You must agree he is doing an excellant job so far despite all the opposition from the party of no.”

      Sorry jopa, you are wrong on all points.
      1. Do some extensive background research on Soros.
      2. Obama is not mature and is a complete narcissist, full of arrogance and has a totally deaf ear when it comes to the people.
      When he speaks, listen for the uh’s and mmm’s…which is poor delivery and a failure to focus.(lieing)
      3. excellant job? Tighten your britches and stock your pantry as this man is a financial disaster to the USA by design.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Thanks jopa I needed a good belly laugh!!!!

    • JC

      Obama’s own Federal Election Commission documentation says that he got at least $33.8 million for his campaign from disallowed foreign contributions, including 520 contributions from interests in Iran as well as $30,000 from the Hamas-controlled Gaza area.

      And that is definately grounds for impeachment.

      • eyeswideopen

        JC, how much do you think that Saudi Prince is making from his investment in Fox News?? probably more than you can even comprehend.
        Until your news is not influenced by a wealthy Muslim, you should probably not be throwing those stones at others…..every fox viewer is a hypocritic, as they are helping a Muslim get rich off of a TV station (not news as they only report one side)

  • jopa

    Jeffh; Did you hear the republicans want to cut out social security,medicare,medicaid and healthcare.Or even privatize social security and invest it in Wall street.They will do anything to make the rich richer at the expense of seniors and the middle class.Such a shame would’nt you agree???

    • 45caliber

      You really should read other sources that Huff. The Repubs created some of those things. Privatizing SS was a suggestion back when Bush first took office. That meant to give the individual the permission to invest his on contributions. Investing on Wall Street was a Clinton era idea – the idea was that the Dems could invest SS for you – on ownership of a number of businesses such as GM that they wanted to nationalize. They weren’t concerned about profits for SS but about taking control of the companies.

      Yes, the Repubs want to do some of this – so do the Dems. In fact, Oblama has proposed doing away with Medicare/medicaid so the money can be used in his healthcare program.

    • 45caliber

      An interesting site that might help you think. Maybe.

      • Lubo

        jopa can think? That would be a long shot, my friend!

        • 45caliber

          Well, it only took a moment to post the link – and it MIGHT help, despite the evidence. Perhaps he will have an epifany.

    • JeffH

      jopa, they come from the same mold as your liberal left, maybe not quite as extreme. Am I supposed to be surprised by anything a liberal tells me? Nothing surprises me more than when I talk to someone that voted for the “hope & change” and now admit how they’ve been duped. You obviously cling dearly to Obama’s brand of “hope & change”.

    • Warrior

      Jopa, and the dems counterpunched with an idea to take over private 401k’s. Isn’t this just the most fun we’ve had in a long time?

      • Sutekh

        Take over private 401k’s?

        They steal the bag of cookies, and then they come back and take the crumbs at gun point. I hope you don’t have any gold teeth. They’ll knock them out and take them, too.

        To get any worse, they’ll have to lliterally start eating babies.

  • Allan

    I seem to remember last year the CEO of Whole Foods dared to disagree with obamacare. Whole Foods is known for generous employee benefits and it caters to a liberal customer base — who boycotted and villainized the company.

    With the death threats made toward Bush, Cheney, Palin, Limbaugh, Rumsfeld, Rove, and others, most of the actual hate in the U.S. today actually comes from the left.

    I believe the left will support measures that imprison and physically punish conservatives for their thinking…A Clockwork Red.

    Time to pull the plug on this insanity.

    • eddie47d

      Several death threats have been made against Obama and 2 days ago Al Franken found bullet holes in his front window.

  • don l.

    I work for six doctors, other than their private offices they share a doctors lounge with a television, FOX NEWS is the only thing i’ve ever seen on it.

  • Claire

    I watch all stations and then I make up my own mind. Same with radio.

  • Claire

    Personally, I think politicians should publish a list of ALL the sources of their donations. And I mean a truthful list.

  • Sutekh

    Since in the middle of an unemployment crisis, Obama ordered the closing of 270 Chrysler dealerships that had donated money to the Republican Party, I guess we can soon see Obama trying to boost employment by shutting down Fox News.

    Since I posted this, he will probably try to bankrupt the people I work for, so he can put me and the rest of them out of work.

    I wish people would wake up and realize what’s going on. 911 was an attack by Muslim radicals on our financial structure that sent us reeling, and our I’m-Not-Muslim Obama-in-a-poke was sent in to finish the job.

    • Duende

      Silly person.. 9-11 was a false flag attack perpetrated by the New World Order. Until Fox news, CNN or any news show will discuss it openly as such they are all a tool of the NWO. As are and any others who are still blind to this my delusional friend.

      • Sutekh

        \\\\\\\\\\\ On August 25, 2010 at 11:38 am, Duende wrote:

        Silly person.. 9-11 was a false flag attack perpetrated by the New World Order. Until Fox news, CNN or any news show will discuss it openly as such they are all a tool of the NWO. As are and any others who are still blind to this my delusional friend.

        Your story is interesting. At what point do the UFO’s come in?


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