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Democrats Threaten Special Procedure To Prevent Education, Healthcare Filibuster

October 26, 2009 by  

Democrats threaten special procedure to prevent education, healthcare filibuster  Media reports suggest Democrats in Congress are preparing to invoke special rules that require only a simple majority vote to push through upcoming education and healthcare reform bills.

According to, Democratic Senator Robert Harkin of Iowa, chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, is planning to use the reconciliation procedure to go around a possible Republican obstruction when presenting legislation that would end the Federal Family Education Loan program, which offers subsidies to student loan companies.

Democratic lawmakers also paved the way for the use of the special procedure to vote on the comprehensive healthcare reform bill when the Ways and Means Committee approved the measure last week.

Committee chairman Charlie Rangel of New York said that the "action was necessary because there is a possibility that a handful of Senate Republicans could choose to engage in partisan tactics to stall this important health reform bill," quoted by FoxNews.

Reconciliation is a legislative process intended to allow a contentious budget bill to be considered without being subject to filibuster. Under its rules, only the simple majority of 51 votes, rather than 60, is required for the bill to pass.

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  • spinnikerca

    Clearly, since the Democrats have enough votes in the Senate and House to pass anything they want, however terrible for the American people, it isn’t a ‘handful’ nor any other number of ‘Republicans’ that is causing them to pull the trigger on the nuclear option.

    Watch it detonate to remove their majority after 2010.

    • viv davidson

      2010 AND 2012

      • Gregory


        • American Citizen

          The IRS would also seize all your assets.

      • The Republican

        YOu ..know it is funny … the republican party had controlof the house,senate and presidency for 8 years (+) and all they demonstarted was the essence of an “impotent” governing style… Whie under the Republican watch ..America was attacked and battered financially… Finally President Obama and teh Democrats have had teh guts to actually help America.. If the Republican party woudl only “just wake-up” adn join the 21st century like the rest of America adn actually “OFFER” some real alternative legislation that was actaully geared towrd helping a “fellow American”.. they wouldn’t haev to “wine adn cry” now about 2010 & 2012.. If the Republican party had “substance adn intelligence” …You could actually see that Sarah Palin is really “Stupid” and you guys need some real leadership besides if you want to win anything in 2010 or 2012…or 2024…

        Get real

        • American Citizen

          Wrong, President Bush had a Democrat Congress his last two years in office.

          • Farley

            Wow, two whole years! What credit do you give him doing anything for the previous 6? There is absolutely none. Oh yeah he let America be bombed by their own airplanes and then started a war on false pretenses. Good job, Bush! Yet another set of failures he can add to his resume.

        • http://naver Bardy

          Gee dude! Who the heck tought you how to spell? You sound like a person with low or no education. We all know those are the kind of people that the democrats and liberals want on their side. Why? Well, they tend not to be smart enough to know what is going on around them and can be easily lead sround like sheep. I don’t care what you say about health care except you should know:

          1. When Hillary tried to get it passed before, it would have cost the average American $3000 – $5000 more a year in taxes. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that. That would be less food for my kids at the dinner table.

          2. It would create regulations that the average person may not be able to meet and another 30,000 politically motivated jobs! Gee, I don’t think we need that! Do you?

          3. It would also restict how many operations, etc., a doctor could do every month. It’s already run that way in Canada, so they come to the U.S. for many operations they may need to survive.

          4. Such a program is unconstitutional and is against what our Conservative Christian Founding Fathers had envisioned for this country.

          Alol I have to say “Republican”(not) is that you really need to study what is going on in Washington, The Constitution, and in the world around you. If you do this, people won’t think you are just some blow hard that gives an opinion and then sticks his/her head back into the sand.

        • s c

          Republican/RINO, we get all of the insincere crap we need from other fakers on this web site. Your remarks are straight out of the ultralib playbook. Get some new material. FYI, you forgot to mention GB being in the white house for 8 years.
          You know what you can do with comrade obama and his warped, stoned administration. Large tubs of vaseline are available for you and your ilk at a nominal, discounted charge (free shipping, too).

        • Farley

          You’re absolutely correct. The republicans, what is left of them, are now being run by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, because those republicans who ran congress for over a decade, and had the presidency for 8 years, did absolutely nothing to benefit the American people. They savaged the world and the world’s markets the entire time. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns. Oh what irony that they’re because they were so impotent before, that now they are being led by a viagra imbibing bigot. Just their speed, I say.

  • Mic

    I agree….EVERY politician that votes FOR this bill (majority of Americans do NOT want this legislation) – - will be looking for new jobs come 2010 & 2012. The American People are fed up with WASHDC. They work for US and not the other way around! Their attitudes will be their end.

    • Gregory


      • eyeswideopen

        Sorry, but you are being represented, you voted them in, you are responsible for their votes.

        • denialator

          NO, sorry, but representation means that your elected officials vote according to the consensus of his/her consituency. When we have 80% of a state against this public option / single payer health care bill, and our representatives vote for it anyway…that’s NOT representation. That’s out-of-control, politicized maneuvering by career politicians protecting their special interest group power grabs and pandering to the lobbyists so they can be better liked and receive perks. So, don’t start no SH and there won’t be no IT!

    • Farley

      Unless you’re making up poll numbers, which you apparently are, then you must hate the facts which show the majority of Americans want the public option.

  • http://AmericaTakenDown&ChinaOnTheRise RoseC

    Destroy the minds of the children and the adults who continue their education and you’ve destroyed the future of America. It is obvious that those on the left are intent on destroying the minds of the youth, endoctrinating them, and removing parental rights under the Rights of the Child supported by Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer and the Emperor who illegally chaired the U.N. and illegally took a Nobel Peace Award in violation of the U.S. COnstitution, as this U.N. Bill removes parental rights from U.S. parents and places them in the hands of the U.N. which is their goal. Hitler said that he didn’t care what people thought about his agendas or some thing to that effect because he had the children.

    • s c

      A public school is a government school. They indoctrinate children. Back in the ’60s, the American people should have done the right thing and yanked their kids out of every public school. It would have saved trillions of wasted dollars and put America’s two-faced non-leaders in their place (and that includes ‘religious’ leaders who sold their souls to the highest bidders).
      Homeschooling is the best cure for our education ills. It’s time for America to rise up and throw off its many shackles. If we have any George Washingtons or Thomas Jeffersons left, they are NOT to be found in politics. Sift your leaders and your friends. Those who pass the test are to be cherished. Those who fail must be shunned. America was meant to be free. It is our responsibility to keep it that way.

      • eyeswideopen

        S.C. what world are you living in? You can hardly find any parents who spend time with their children. Home School? That would be possible, if salaries had increased in the past ten years, but it take two incomes to just stay even. Parents today, are just interested in being friends with their children. Parenting is left up to the over worked teachers.

  • Robert

    So what else is new. Washington politicians could give a damn about the people they are suppose to represent. As these idiots wrest away more and more of our civil liberties, they themselves become more powerfull and self enriching. And you might say ” We’ll vote them out in 2010 and 2012″. Yeah, right. I can just see Nancy Pelosi call for a do over if the encumbents are voted out. Or she’ll just state “It doesn’t count” because of some BS argument.

  • Donna Hansen

    Communism is just around the corner…

    • liz

      seem that way . we the people are the blame for not getting involve in polities. See people dont understand the the government is really suppose to ran by the people but not the other way around. It a choice us free people have.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    Even so, come LORD Jesus. AMEN!

  • Jerry Smith

    Congress and the Administration do not care about the American people. If they did they would throw this absurd so called health reform bill i the trash. It flys in the face of being unconstitutional let alone plain ignorant. Where does the Government get the authority to tax citizens because they don’t do something. In this case, purchase health insurance. I cannot find this in the Constitution nor in the history of our legislative process. It is absurd. They can also fine small business’s if they fail to provide health insurance to their employees. Again absurd. If this ignorant crap gets by Congress I only hope we can tie it up in court until we can vote the self serving nitwits out next year. We can actually get the whole house and 1/3 rd of the Senate out. They do this that should be our goal.

    • john k

      This healthcare bill is not about healthcare its all about control just another way for these left wing liberals to push their soicalist agenda.They think the American people are to stupid to do anything on their own.We need to vote everyone of them out and term limits should be something that is ammened.There are to many power hungry career politicans.How do these idiots stay elected there’s one thing that most of them are lacking COMMON SENSE.Barney Harry Nancy do you know what that is?

      • s c

        JohnK, this health care circus is about total control of every man, woman and child in America. It is insanity on steroids. Its more common name is the New World Order.
        A typical American citizen has ten times more common sense than the retards we send to Washington. We couldn’t do worse if we picked names at random out of a phone book.
        What we need is a foolproof way to bypass Washington’s status quo. Conservatives have finally begun to see that those in congress will never do the right thing, and end their country club existence. We MUST assume that everyone who wants to win consecutive terms is an enemy of the American people. No more lawyers. No more good old boys or girls or freaks. One term and your sorry “asterisk” is OUT.
        We CAN beat these slimers at their own game. If it takes another in-country teaching moment (Revolutionary War-style) then SOBEIT.

  • GSJ

    Well of course Charlie Rangel, the ethics guy pesonafied, would be the one to make this recommendation.

  • Barbara

    To require people to BUY something or be TAXED is Unconstitutional. What’s next? Car insurance, even if you don’t own a car! Isn’t this why our founding fathers left England-taxation without representation!!

  • American Citizen

    This will come back to bite them.

  • Benjamin Marcoux



  • Sonny

    Benjamin,The American veterans of World War I tried this to get their benefits they were promised and American troops shot them down. The President, like it or not is Commander in chief of the Armed forces. Unfortunatly we will probably have to wait until 2010 and 2012 to make our voice heard peacefully.

    • American Citizen

      If our Military truly cares about this country, they will not follow an unlawful order. The right to peaceable assembly is guaranteed to us in the Constitution. I don’t care who the CIC is, no soldier has to follow an unlawful order or he/she could be prosecuted. Look at what happened in Iraq with Abu Graib (sp).

  • http://personallibertydigest Becky

    I hope the democrats in office do just that. The repubs are going to lose for a long time. Get over it.

    • s c

      Little becky, on your planet, do people see you as someone who makes sense occasionally? Only an inferior mind would willingly replace common sense with a totalitarian outlook. Your prejudice would equate Chairman Mao with George Washington (never having learned the difference). Do you really think that ANY laws get passed must be enforced over-and-above the will of the American people?
      Did your parents tell you that Peter Pan and Mary Poppins are role models? Do you look for Santa to fly over your house in late December? Do you see Tim Leary as a god?
      Do America a favor, and join the military for at least 4 years. When you get out, you will have had an attitude adjustment, and you may be able – then – to rightfully claim that you have put your childish ways behind you. Until then, please stay at home, and do not mingle with people who care about America. You have many lessons to learn, and some of them are true mind-blowers. LSD and similar mind-warping drugs will not save you (neither will comrade obama).

  • susan

    Becky……prepare for a big surprise. You and your congress are facing a tsunami and attitudes like yours are guaranteeing it.

  • http://gopusa outspoken

    I feel sorry for people like Becky. S.C. was quite eloquent in telling it like it is. Even some of those that originally thought Obuma was a good choice are beginning to see the error of their ways. The main problem is Congress, as anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows. The Dems destroyed the Social Security system when they saw all the money it had and decided it should be in the general fund – now it is going bankrupt. The Dems also insisted on people who couldn’t afford mortgages to be given them anyway. The government can’t effectively control anything – P.O. is going broke, Medicare isn’t doing so hot AND they want to control our healthcare? The last amnesty was a failure, so now they want to do another one? The current President has 35 Czars that don’t answer to anyone but him – how could Congress allow that ?! If the DEMS and any Repubs that go along with this current plan to push through what American don’t want – WE THE PEOPLE have finally woke up and are NOT going to take it anymore. !

    • eyeswideopen

      Well, Congress allowed 46 Czars for Bush, so really Obama is under staffed.

  • tim k
    • eyeswideopen

      You have no impeachable offense. Disliking someone is not grounds for impeachment. Sad that you don’t know or understand that.

  • Airdaleusn

    There will be a large distraction most likely man made and we will forget 2010 and 2012. Just wait and see.


  • Stacy

    I’ve been reading here for the last few weeks. Usually I’m not one to join in but figured I’d give it a whirl. Given what I have observed over the past months I had an incredibly disturbing thought the other day. The current administration and evil clones seem to be on a fast-track to destroy our constitutional solvency (my way of saying they are blowing that sucker up). Has anyone considered the possiblity of a manufactured “national crisis” that would then bring about the suspension of elections in 2010 or 2012? Or perhaps Obama would refuse the transfer of power (assuming that enough of us are mad enough to actually go to the polls)citing “national security” reasons. If the healthcare legislation does contain, as part of its core, provisions to transfer power and more or less centralize it more so than it is now…isn’t the ground work being laid for a totally legal usurpation of power? I continue to ask the question, “what can be done to stop this mess now before it is passed into law?” Anyone have any ideas? Are those who support the so-called reform so stupid as to believe they will not have their a**es handed to them in 2010 and 2012? Surely, they are not so blinded by their own ambition that they don’t see the backlash that is coming? I wonder if perhaps there isn’t something in the works that would preclude the turds from being tossed out on their kiesters–right to the back of the unemployment line where they belong. They are trying to cram so much agenda down the throats of Americans who don’t want any more of their stinkin’ programs or policies. Since traditionally politicians have reason to be worried about crossing their constituents why does this batch of politicians not seem to care that Americans don’t want healthcare reform such as they are proposing and amnesty for illegals. Just a comment here: In general I am a conservative; however, I am aware that both parties have been responsible for the usurpation of our individual liberties and the dismantling of our rights. I am also aware that both parties are corrupt beyond what we can begin to imagine. I’m not trying to open another round of right vs. left I’d just like to “hear” what others are thinking. Does anyone on this forum believe that the issues we face are much more serious than just party politics and the usual rhetoric? Maybe it IS just politics as usual; however, the times seems so serious and there seems to be so much more at play here. It seems to me that when any administration comes into power that embarks on a course to fundamentally change the premise on which our country functions to a premise which is diametrically opposed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness it should give us pause that maybe this is not just politics as usual. In addition, the reason for another push for amnesty is that they know the millions of brand-spanking new voters by virtue of a mass amnesty will ensure lots of hugely grateful voters to utilize all those ballots in spanish. Anyone think that those granted amnesty wouldn’t continue to hand these sad, pathetic power-hungry dolts term after term as reward for their benevolence? Yes, they would. Not only that but politicians know that the way to a vote is through the empty wallets of a would-be voter. That means they will continue to ramp up the “freebies” (free to everyone but the American taxpayer) because after all if you give them everything they have ever wanted and needed and give it at no cost to them they will continue to come and bring their friends. Lucky us! The push for amnesty that will come this year is about that very thing. The Obama Admin tinkering with the Census a trivial deal? Nope! Think again. I would encourage anyone who reads on this forum who believes Obama is sincere in his proclamations of “This great country” and “change we can believe in” to do some research. Make a list of all the seeming minor things that this administration is tinkering with and what their significance is and I venture that you may begin to recognize your own liberies being suffocated one by one. He is a smart man who has spent many years learning how to use the system. Think he couldn’t manipulate our system? I read things all the time about how he is doing this or says that and people scatter or start writing posts about it…and with few exceptions they don’t talk about how what he is doing is illegal or unconstitutional and challenging him legally instead they speak of what Obama is doing and what it will mean for this country as if Obama has some supernatural power to ride over the top of the backs of those he is trying to crush without repercussions! Actually, he may succeed because no one seems to have the right focus to challenge him. I’ve heard lots of politicians say that we shouldn’t do the reform this way or that way because…(fill in the blank); however, I have yet to hear one of them say “HEY! MR.PRESIDENT! YOU AND YOUR MINIONS DO NOT HAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY TO DO WHAT YOU ARE DOING! If our elected non-representatives do not have the backbone to stop him and the people are so baffled by bulls**t so as not to see the real problem with what is going on then what do we do? I don’t even know if anyone on FOX news has said anything about the constitutionality of the so-called reform. In short, if he is overstepping to that degree then let’s impeach him! Of course, we have to get his evil minions in the House and Senate out of the way first. Having said that though why do we not get rid of them before the midterms as well. Are they not accomplices to this debaucle? They do not have the right to dictate that we buy health care insurance! No more than they have the right to require us to purchase toothpaste and tax us if we don’t comply. They are overstepping their limits of power and who is going to call them on it? I have been so disgusted and outraged for so long that I don’t even know what to do with it anymore. Almost as bad as that is that when anyone voices dissent or opposition the current administration has taken an active posture of “shut up or we’ll shut you up.” I’ve never seen anything like it in this country. What is happening in and to our country is disturbing.

    • Stan

      Fair comment, Stacy; well put out there. And for realizing that we need to get beyond the old right-vs-left paradigm, because it is misleading. Both sides of the political aisle have become corrupted, and are controlled by those who want power from the top down, to rule the world their way.

      So what’s the answer. To me, it’s obvious. The answer is to go neither right nor left but up. To a place in ourselves where we release the role play, and claim our true power, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience,’ as it has been put.

      It’s time for a change, all right. Real change. Not the kind championed by people with forked tongues, and feet of clay. But be aware, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing will ever be the same again, once we opt to go through that portal, into a new reality, of life on Earth.

      Which we are called to face, now. With ‘affairs now soul sized,’ as the playwright put it. And hiding from our true destiny no longer an option.

    • eyeswideopen

      You don’t have much faith in your Republican leaders do you? If it were possible they would have found a way to stop President Obama. But guess what the Constitution protects people from you and the radicals who want to over throw the present legally elected government. You need to go and study the Constitution, how a bill is made, what the law allows you to do, and how to change the laws. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. Most of the Congressmen are lawyers who are practicing to be rich lawyers. If they could find a way to impeach Obama, they would. Don’t think that they wouldn’t.

      • Stacy

        If you had read what I wrote you would know that I DID say that politicians from both parties are corrupt beyond what we can all even imagine AND I did imply that I do not have faith in politicians in general. I am not a radical who wishes to overthrow a legally elected government. I never said that but if it suits your agenda to characterize what I wrote in such a manner go ahead. Since I don’t generally don’t care to remediate for those not perceptive enough to grasp the direction of my writing I should decline to do so now; however, I’ll take the bait and try again. You should go back and read what I wrote…for instance, IF what the politicians are trying to do is beyond their limits of power then why don’t we impeach them? First, my thought is why aren’t the conservatives making this point and the fact that they aren’t may mean they are complicit in this mess. Second, impeachment is a legal means by which a leader can be removed from office should they not serve their office in a way . I do not believe I ever advocated overthrowing anyone. I believe Obama and his minions are overstepping. Does that make me wrong or a bad American? No! It means I am paying attention. You conveniently spun my remarks to make your point which I’d like to point out you did quite badly. I have read your posts and believe there are some fundamental flaws in your approach here on this forum. Can I just say that you present your thoughts and arguments in a way which can be construed as a personal attack on the person to whom you respond. Bad form. If you wish to be seen as credible at least from the standpoint of being intelligent enough to hold your own water then please present yourself more intelligently and not like some frothing pitbull. In other words, calm down and stop wetting your pants every time someone disagrees with you!!! I disagree with your politics in principle; however, you have the right to voice them. I would appreciate the freedom to voice mine without your insulting me. Should those of us who hold views different than yours fire your ire to point that you can’t be rational or civil then why are you here on this forum? And why would you assume I don’t know anything as indicated by your statement that I should go study and “knowledge is a wonderful thing.” I simply see inconsistencies in what is happening and what seems logical. Giving me reason to question what is really going on here? Do you feel your position is so tenuous that you must never entertain questions about why something is or what might this mean? I have learned enough to understand that most things in this world are not to be taken at face value. In case you didn’t understand me that means that not everything is what it seems.

        As far as thinking that I believe that the Repubs are the angels… you really must lighten up. Again, please read what I’ve already written. I know that many presidents through the years from both parties have put things in place that have eroded our rights and freedoms. George W. was one of them and so was Bill Clinton (I thought he was a good president for the most part but his personal conduct was regrettable AND I objected when they tried to impeach him). George W accomplished what he did under the guise of increasing “national security” just as I believe Obama will when the time comes. The Libs said Geo W should have been impeached. Maybe so. I didn’t think they were a bunch of “radical” commies wanting to overthrow a duly and legally elected government. The Libs just didn’t like what he was doing and if they could have impeached him they would have. Obama is over-reaching just as George did but I don’t hear the Libs calling for Obama’s impeachment. Perhaps that is because Obama suits their agenda. There is a great big DUH! for you. However, we aren’t dealing with anyone but Obama and his minions right now. Obama is reaching farther into our pockets than the gas and oil people ever thought of doing (Cheney and his minions had a field day with this country) and dismantling our rights and freedoms at record pace with what seems the blessing of the conservatives since they seem to have lost their will to fight. The debates or lack thereof tell me that something is amiss. Do you honestly believe that either party wants any of us to have a thought beyond the rhetoric that is blown around like chunks after a college keg party? If you do then it is my duty to inform you that you have been played. Surely you know that both parties play the ends against the middle? What they don’t want any of us to figure out is that what the fuss is all about is not what we should be fussing over! I noticed years ago that the controversies that the politicians put out there are just diversions. Let go of the dogmatic rhetoric, step back (and for heavens sake, calm down!)and start paying attention. When it all hits the fan do you think they will differentiate between you and me based on philosophical differences? Don’t be that simple. You will be just one more face in the sea of faces that were duped as will I. If our dollar falls off the map and we can’t buy food do you think you get to go to the front of the bread line because you sat and wrote these mindless posts in defense of your supreme leader, his minions and their agenda? Do you believe that when healthcare rationing happens that you will get special privileges for that same reason? Au contraire, commrade! Really, do try to not show your gullibility and rank and file intellect. Wake up and smell the poo gas before it is turned into nerve gas! When I speak of changing things I mean change to stop both parties from selling us down the river. Today, Obama is the nightmare we are dealing with. Vote the incumbents out (ALL of them), put in term limits (someone said we have them just don’t vote the guy back in but election year amnesia is rampant for both sides of the aisle so for our memory challenged fellow citizens we need term limits), take away the gold plated retirement and healthcare for all politicians and make them live with the same crap they have handed the American taxpayer. Are there any politicians worth keeping? I doubt it. John McCain is in some respects a progressive and he has seen the last vote from me he will ever see. Don’t know if my fellow Arizonans can see through him but I know I am officially disenchanted. My comments and concerns should be the least of your worries. I don’t much care what party is doing the damage, the fact is that it is wrong. My point here is that our constitution is slowly (now rather quickly) being dismantled and the concern is how to combat what is happening. I didn’t read what the responses were after yours as I thought I should respond to your post first since you seemed hell bent on misrepresenting and misinterpreting what I wrote. Perhaps you didn’t take the time to read what I posted thoroughly and give some thought to what I could be saying. My belief, based on your past post responses, is that you are inclined to throw out the usual rhetoric instead of engaging in thoughtful and intelligent exchange of thoughts and ideas. My experience tells me that those who can’t make their point without using those kind of tactics don’t have much to offer in the way of intelligent debate and really aren’t much of a challenge. I don’t wish to change any person’s view or beliefs. An intelligent conversation would have been welcome. Further, I didn’t miss the boat on anything. However, you obviously are not well versed in the concept of “reading for content.” My apologies for all the big words. That’s all I’m saying.

    • eyeswideopen

      Where you missed the boat, is that not just the Dems are the evil minions, you can’t think that the Repubs are the angels of politics, that would be a childish thought.

      • Stacy

        One more question. Do you like politics as usual when your chosen candidate is not in the White House? Would you like politics as usual if your guys were not in control of the Congress? OK, so it was two questions. Try to give some thought to the point I am trying to make and “get it” without me having to explain it to you.

    • Robert

      Stacy, I’ve been saying this for quite some time. 2010 elections, Nancy Pelosi will negate the results if the Dems loose too many seats. Some BS will be used to justify her call for a do over. As far as suspending the elections, be assured, Rahm Emanuel is all over this now and will pull the bunny out of the hat if polls show the dems are in danger of loosing control.

      • Stacy

        I figured someone else out there had probably entertained the idea. I’m sure you can appreciate that I hope you are wrong. :)

  • Maryann72961

    This message is for those that voted for Obama, Like most Americans, I believe you voted because you wanted change. I have to agree, President Bush wasn’t much better, so that brings me to the question, What has gone wrong in Washington. Corruption is what is wrong. If you don’t believe their is corruption, then look at the way the main stream media is covering this administration, as compared to what Fox news has covered. Before you jump on your band wagon, Remember it was on the fox news channel that broke the Van Jones story (remember he was the self a vowed communist that was President Obama’s green Jobs czar , and also remember that fox news broke the Acorn story, I blieve Obama use to be their lawyer, and he was very involved with that organization, along with other radical groups, such as S.E.I.U, the appollo group, americorp, and the Tides foundation.
    If you are a fan of those other news channels. then please explain to me, how come they didn’t cover these stories, or ask yourself these questions, why Haven’t you heard about the story of stuff, that is being taught in our school, (this video brought to you by the Tide’s foundation is indocternating our children), or the school that taught the kids the song of praises for Obama, replacing Jesus’s name with Obama on some of the lyrics that come from sunday school songs. Did you hear about this on your news channel, and if not, ask yourself why.
    If the canidate of your choice is so good, and so on the up and up, why has the media chose to ignore the number of people that has showed up at tea parties, and why are those people being ignored. These people agree that we need health care reform, but not a health care take over, these people believe that taxing small business to cover such health care refrom and voting in cap and trade is destroying the small businesses, which in turn is taking jobs away from American people. Our goverment wants us dependant on them, and not on our ablities and innovations. I agree, there does needs to be change, but before change, the corruption needs to be rooted out of Washington. This is no longer about Democrates, or Republican, this is about American, and what we are losing because of corruption. This American is not happy with either party. I am not happy with the way our nation is, and I believe we need change, but the change we need is not to be socialized, or having our capital system destroyed, or growing Goverment even more bigger. We need to stop being divided, and join together to let Washington know that the change we want doesn’t mean losing our liberties or our freedoms.

    • Stacy

      Concerns that are voiced very well and your thoughts reflect someone who has actually thought about what the real problem is and what needs to be fixed. I, too, hope for change that is substantive and meaningful…not rhetorical and inflammatory. Corruption should never be considered a necessary evil; however, up until recently I think all of us thought it was. Do we have the courage and focus to change not just our own apathetic and dumbed down approach to our country’s problems but to change what is ruining our country as well? How can we encourage others to be courageous and use our God-given ability to reason and think to make better choices? We have allowed ourselves for way too many years to accept politics as usual because it was easier than being accountable for ourselves. Stand up and be counted Americans! Riding the wave of party rhetoric and policy is just plain intellectual laziness regardless of which party and we are beyond the point where we can afford to continue to do so.

  • DaveH

    This is what we will see more of, if the Liberals get their way with education:
    This is older, but many of you may not have seen this:

  • DaveH

    We must trust Big Government, they are here to help:

  • american

    I have never read so much nonsense in my life,no one seams to know anything about our government,nor do they understand our constitution, what a shame.Open a book–ask questions-but make sure you dont ask idiots like those above,you would not have learned anything!

    • Stacy

      american, you obviously believe yourself superior to everyone here. Too bad you have that attitude. I don’t believe that anyone here ever said they knew it all. Further, I don’t believe anyone’s opinion makes them an idiot (unless it would be my ex-husband but that is a different topic altogether). Curious, you insult and passionately denounce whatever you read here as if your intellectual capaity is so far superior to any one. Please give me a break. Unless you are willing to constructively contribute you are no better than a drooling idiot yourself. It takes nothing less than a know-nothing-blow hard to tell people how stupid they are yet offer not one helpful or intelligent thing to the mix. I would love to engage in an intelligent exchange of ideas; however, based on the quality of your post I am in the wrong place. I don’t mind to be corrected with fact and logic; however, you obviously can’t offer anything close to that. If I were to take anything at all from your comment I would say it would have to be that you are stuck in the lower levels of thought and logic development. By the way, it is “seems” not “seams” and your sentence structure and punctuation are flawless. Truly impressive!

      • libertytrain

        Stacy – there will always be those who feel superior. There are also a lot of wonderful contributor’s to interact with – don’t let a few bad apples spoil your enjoyable comments.

        • Stacy

          I find it interesting that those that post the most ctitical and nasty comments always have to resort to name calling and dogmatic assertions as to our intelligence. Seems if they were interested in really having any kind of dialogue (the idea is that people with different points of view can have dialogue) and not just spouting off they would put something intelligent in their post. However, having said that I realize they have the right to intelligent discussion but it is the ability to engage in same which they lack. I heard somewhere once that those who resort to name-calling and profanity lack the ability to express themselves in the most basic way. Doesn’t bother me too much as those people aren’t a challenge but, most ironic to me, almost make the case for those that believe people are not smart enough to run our own lives and need Big Brother to babysit us. I’ll keep reading and posting. I didn’t come here for the complete answer to anything. Just thought it would be a way to interact with people whom I have similar philosophical views and some with which I differ. I guess the tactics of the Obama Admin trickled down to his followers. Call names and insult opponents so as to attempt to marginalize them and make them be quiet. Bad form.

      • Farley

        LOL you wrote two pages of dribble which I’m sure everyone on here read and understood it ;). Here, (WORDS REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT)Come up for air every once in a while.

  • don

    how dare you call yourselves independent this entire web site is nothing more than republican talking points. iam a true independent not some ditto head. your website sucks as well as all you teabaggers! (WORDS REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT)

  • Dan Kanoza

    I find it hard to believe that so many people in this Nation who call themselves Christions find it so easy to turn their backs on the more than 47 million people who have no health protection, other than showing up in the emergency wards.

    Dan Kanoza

    • Robert

      Dan. You need to look at the real numbers. Included are 12 million illegal aliens, estimated 15 million young people who choose not to have insurance, another 8 million who qualify for some type of federal or state health care. And that leaves roughly 12 million uninsured. Let the government work on solving the 12 million and prove to the American people that they can do the job without increasing our taxes or contolling our lives. What about tort reform? What about allowing interstate competition? What about letting Americans buy prescription drugs from Canada, New Zealand and Australia? No the politicians wont consider those as possible solutions. They’re not going to bite the hand that feeds them unless your a taxpayer who has no real representation.


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