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Democrats See Losses In Their Future

September 23, 2011 by  

Democrats See Losses In Their Future

Many House Democrats expect a glum future for their party leading in to the 2012 election season.

According to POLITICO, interviews with dozens of House members of both parties have revealed a shift from Democratic optimism last spring to a grim dismay at the challenges facing Democrats in 2012.

“We never said winning the House would be easy. It’s hard, tough work and it should be; the stakes for the American people are high,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman Jennifer Crider told POLITICO. “[DCCC chairman Steve] Israel promised the caucus one thing — the House would be in play. And the House is in play far earlier than anyone expected it to be because of Republicans’ vote to end Medicare, their lack of focus creating jobs, their obstructionism and their hyperpartisanship. The DCCC is working 24/7 recruiting excellent candidates and helping them and our members build top-notch campaigns. This work will pay off in November 2012.”

According to the article, Democrats need to net 25 seats to take the Speaker’s gavel from John Boehner, but a gain of that many seats has occurred just six times in the past 20 election cycles — and just once in a Presidential election year.

The party is hopeful that Texas Governor Rick Perry, who seems to give many independents a skin-crawling feeling, will get the GOP nomination to tip the scales back in their favor.

“If they nominate someone [for president] who’s off the edge, doesn’t believe in global warming, doesn’t believe in evolution, doesn’t believe in Social Security, they’ll be in big trouble,” said former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Martin Frost. “If they nominate Mitt Romney, things will be a lot tougher.”

Even if the GOP picks a hard-to-run candidate, redistricting following the 2010 election cycle has given the party a competitive edge when it comes to 2012 House elections, the article says.



Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • TheRealBob

    It will not be enough to just defeat the scumocrat party; this morally diseased organization must be annihilated. We cannot be content until every lieberal/fascist/atheist is removed from power and banished to the land of political impotence. To leave any of these degenerates in power is like leaving a cancer in your body. We must also remove these traitors to humanity from the media and our educational system.

    • Forrest Gump

      Reality Check! As long as there are people who want to do good things for the unfortunates there will be Democrats; (misled as they may be, they are USUALLY just people who want to do good for the unfortunate masses of poor or oppressed people we have in our country.) A government without Democrat opposition would be as bad as a government with no conservative opposition.
      What we NEED to do is find a way to get people into those offices who are NOT professional politicians, but rather normal, everyday people who are not interested in or prone to lobbying, legislative pork or corruption of any type. We need to restore our country to (if not a decent level of morality) at the very least a lack of the immorality that is so prevalent in government officials these days.
      You ca’t tell me that you think it would be a good thing if everyone who had ever championed a Democrat plank or policy were stripped of all power and influence and perpetually forbidden from partaking in the political process.
      Ron Paul is the best choice for POTUS next year, but it’s sad that he’s the only one of his kind that even has a chance at it.

      • Allan

        The liberal war on Christianity is part of the reason for declining morals.

        • bob wire

          There is no war on Christianity Sir. That is only a shared perception by “some Christians” that take their evangelical duties seriously. So serious it become militant in nature and “can be” construed as zealotry.

          • Matt Newell

            I beg to differ with your opinion sir. The Christian religion is being attacked by all parties (Christians included). The latest is in San Juan Capistrano, California where they are being told (and fined) that they can’t have a home Bible class. Why are Christians being killed in other countries? Why have Christians been denied the right to build a church while other religions are not bothered? Why are people being told they cannot use the words God or Christ, or even have silent prayers in public places? If these are not attacks then you know nothing.

          • bob wire

            Matt, being denied something is common to everyone, as is killing and dieing. It’s not an “exclusive” with only Christians. ~

            The statement was made that “WAR” was being declared on Christians!

            And if I’m not mistakes BY LIBERALS! The term “Liberals” and Christians and “War” is being used so loosely any incident might sever as validation to this charge. ~

            YOU and I know, you can pray anywhere and anytime that you wish!

            Unless of course praying to you requires some theatrical production.

            This have never been the way of the Christan faith. On your hands and knees , a$$ in the air, a moaning and gowning and the thrashing of ones limbs, or the repetitive dipping like a 4 legged beast trying to get a drink of water or the rolling of eyes and shaking of the head.

            If this is the kind of praying you have in mind, you need to take it home or to your churches where it belongs.

            I have no interest in such public displays.

            Muslim, Christian, Buddist, Hindu have all been targeted victims of someone taking exception to customs and behaviors.

            Now I have little doubt that you believe Christian are at WAR, but it’s with the Devil. So being a self righteous person with Right Wing Conservative bias, you see the Devil in all opposition. It just a short hop, skip and jump from devil to liberal “IN YOUR MIND”

            You are declaring “War” with claiming that you are under attack to justify yourself.

            Like a person that has developed a strong appetite for snake bite medicine, willing to carry around your own snake to justify your use of it.

            The church is always attempting to grow ever so gradually into government. To ignore this growth, sets a president that some in the church enjoy exploiting. When it comes time to quit ignoring this behavior and prune back this conflicting over-growth, over extension of the Church, Christians always howl they are under attack.

            And maybe they are as they are being found out of line and out of order and out of place but it not a “WAR” as you suggest.

            The Church is much like a Camel that wants to stick his head into the tent. If you ignore him, in short time you have a grown Camel in your tent and it’s not a place for camels.

            This pop on the nose, might well make a Camel mad, but we are not declaring war on Camels but simply encouraging to return to accepted and know boundaries.

          • Allan

            First of all, I’m not a Christian. I’m a Jew who is highly respectful of Christianity and disturbed to see it under assault by Progressive/Socialists. It is a blow to morality and charity.

            Secondly, why is it that Progressive/Socialists don’t judge Christians by the masses who AREN’T “militant zealots” (your words), but they expect Americans to judge Muslims PRECISELY that way?

            We both know the answer! — H Y P O C R I S Y.

            Anyone who doesn’t recognize the de facto war on Christianity either has no contact with the outside world, or more likely is just dishonest.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            BULL!!! If you are right, then why, at some state colleges is it illegal for a professor to visibly wear a cross, yet muslims not only can wear the RELIGEOUS head dress and openly, loudly pray, disrupting flow in hallways? why are the same colleges installing foot baths for Muslims as well? If all things were EQUAL as you say, then the same professor could place a bible on his desk without any problem!

      • vicki

        Forrest Gump writes:
        “Reality Check! As long as there are people who want to do good things for the unfortunates there will be Democrats; (misled as they may be, they are USUALLY just people who want to do good for the unfortunate masses of poor or oppressed people we have in our country.) ”

        Conservatives do not have a problem with people wanting to do good things for the unfortunates. What we object to is people using the force of government to take OUR money (at gunpoint) for THEIR pet unfortunates.

        Theft by proxy is still theft.

    • EddieW

      There are as many pukey republicans as democrats! We need Constitutionalists!!!
      Just think, as I told the Dems when they wanted a “super” Congress, if the Republicans take the Senate, then you will have no voice at all in Congress!! The super congress will be all Republican!!
      One of the big problems we have had in the last 10+ years, is No Balance…if the President is republican, the congress should be Dems, if the Pres. is Dem congress should be Rep’s!! Twice now we have had the disaster of Rep President and Congress..Tyranny of Bush!
      Now with Obozo, our Liar in Chief as Pres, and a Dem Senate is also a huge tryanny!! When will we wake up, or is it too late!!

      • bob wire

        Well, It’s refreshing to hear someone speak of “balance” of power.

        Now could can I get a “worthy” opposition?

        as I fail to find much worthy opposition today.

        Bad Bob (above)seems to thinks democrats needs to be “annihilated”.

        Now what kind of person would wish such a thing on 50% of America’s citizens, that fight our wars, have our babies, man our factories and pay our taxes?

    • bob wire

      “TheRealBob says:
      September 23, 2011 at 7:22 am

      It will not be enough to just defeat the scumocrat party; this morally diseased organization must be annihilated. ”

      Sooo~ I take it that we are we off your Christmas List?

      I guess you know that such a statement is well beyond inflammatory and implies harsh judgment that you, yourself will be subjected to one fine day.

      What you see,~ is you. What you do to others, you do to yourself. These are just some on the things a Christian is suppose to understand and conduct their life accordingly.

      Did you get lost along the way?

  • Wayne937

    I hope all Democratic Socialist and Comunist Obama are fired. This would be a good starting place. Each term after that we can work on getting more Democrats, and Socialist fired. I am sick of the Democrats, and Democratic Socialist scumbags who are trying to wreck this countries economy. We are sending billions and billions of our dollars to OPEC when we have more oil here in the United States than they do and these Communist do not want us to drill and use our own oil.

  • skippy

    I just hope the new president is not just a conservative wannabe. I hope we can actually, truly get the real thing!!! :) And sorry, Perry, but ‘you ain’t IT’….

    • moonbeam

      I’ve been saying from the beginning that Perry is NOT the one, particularly after doing some research on him. After watching last night’s republican debate I am more sure than ever. He looked like a complete moronic idiot than a presidential contender, appearing weak and unprepared. Not presidential material at all. In addition, while he should have been listening, he was writing notes…perhaps to keep up? I didn’t notice anyone else needing to do that. His mind is not sharp.

      I say let Texas keep him. He’s not ready for prime time. We already had a cowboy from Texas running things. Not looking for a repeat.

      Besides, Perry’s got a lot of baggage, gardasil-gate being one of them, as well as his stance that We The People should pay for illegals to get a discounted education while born and bred Americans pay the FULL price. I liked Santorum’s rebuttal on that issue.

      I look for Perry to drop out sometime in the next 6 months or so.

      • Bob from SoCal

        Perry is a political chameleon. He says what he thinks that you want to hear. He becomes what ever will get him elected. Like he is really sorry for being Al Gores campaign manager. He is a Builderberg attendee, and is promoting Globalist ideals in Texas. He killed the Anti-TSA bill in Texas just before it passed. This guy is not to be trusted.

        • Old Henry

          Kind of a GOP Clinton, Bob?

          • CJ-CA

            Kinda like a Awnald S, former gov. of Callyfornia. He came in as a Republican, proved to be a RINO. Trust none who have any involvement with Bilderberg – God only knows we’ve had more than enough of this over the years.

            Last election, regardless of who won, or who took the Donkey preliminary, we would have had Bilderberg in the Oval Office. Both Clintons, both Bush, as well as Dumbo in OUR White House are members of one of their sub-organizations. From what I’ve read, only Van Buren wasn’t involved with this NWO group in some manner. Scary thought, eh?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Anybody that truely believed that a member of the Kennedy clan would marry a true conservative republican needs to have his head examined!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        did you see the look on Perrys face when he was rebuked?? PURE DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS!!!

        • bob wire

          Our next president will be Perry or Obama. ~ It’s going to be close vote.

          If it’s Perry, ~ I hope the Tea Party will continue on course and offer worthy opposition.

          But I fear, you will simply disband and go home, finding it hard to fly with no wing under your wings.

    • Old Henry

      Ron Paul 2012!

  • eddie47d

    Well Skippy you better “hope” that Wayne and Bob above don’t represent the voice of the future or this country will be in bigger trouble. Their rancor and angry diatribe will chase people away from a better government faster than a jack rabbit. This country has been dependent on oil and OPEC for a heck of a long time and even more so under the previous President who was an oil man himself. There is plenty of drilling and fracking going on in the USA just take a look in Colorado and Pennsylvania for proof. We know the reason for the slow down in the Gulf and that will surely come back. New permits have also been approved in Alaska and environmental guarantees by oil companies are coming into play.

    • Bob from SoCal

      The only reason any new permits are being given out is because that is the way the oil executives want it. B.P. showed total dominance over the Obama Administration during the Gulf oil spill. As the prices rise, the oil tycoons will now tap into the large finds such as Alaska, but only if they can still keep the prices high by creating false scarcities. They do this by not building new refineries, or shutting down existing refineries.

    • Old Henry

      “There is plenty of drilling and fracking going on in the USA”

      Yeah eddie, most of it in gay bars…

      • http://?? Joe H.

        O H,

      • bob wire

        Well Henry, having never been to such places , I’ll have to take your word for it but companies are drilling all over the place here in north Texas.

        It seems about every 5 to 6 miles a well is being bored. There is many different stages of boring, fracking , and collecting taking place.

        They have been seismic sounding in my neighborhood for two weeks now. Where fracking is taking place at the same time, I don’t know. I count 7 wells currently in view.

        I think that it foolish to blame one man for what is or isn’t happening today. I guess you can do that for your own amusement if you wish, but you need to understand that all that it is, ~ your amusement.

        Supple and demand forces can be manipulated, but only to degrees. It hard to keep a stallion fenced with a mare in season. That just the way things work in spite of anyone ‘feelings” to the contra.

  • chuckb

    eddie, you are a dreamer. drilling coming back, lol, while this jackass is in the white house it won’t happen. the news yesterday announced shell would be permitted to explore waters off the alaskan coast, it didn’t say they would be allowed to drill, this is all political baloney.
    the gulf will surely come back, lol, your messiah has refused to comply with the courts decision to allow drilling in the gulf.
    so what part of “no more drilling don’t you understand” until we get the congress to clean up the commodities market like they are supposed to do, we will continue to pay high prices for gas. your bolshevik party is as guilty as anyone in protecting the oil companies and the marketing of crude oil. we have laws to prevent the companies from bidding on their own products, so what do they do they market the oil in london to subvert our laws and the good old bolsheviks protect them. check out the reform bill passed last year, the bolsheviks managed to stop this part of the legislation to enforce the law preventing the manipulation of oil on the futures market. it’s time for harry reid and the bolsheviks to go and i will throw in a bunch of rino’s to go with them.

    • eddie47d

      Come to Colorado Chuck and I’ll show you the oil and gas wells. Look at any map of the gas fracking going on in Pennsylvania you might be surprised. No need to be condescending over a fact.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      eddie thinks the drilling has increased cause the price of gas dropped. Actually so many people aren’t working because of his hero in the White House that they can’t afford it, thus less being demanded, thus they lower the price to raise demand!! .21 a gallon lower today than day before yesterday. Even gold and silver dropped!

      • bob wire

        No Joe, ~ like me,~ he sees them drilling.

        It hard to ignore and over look seeing a drilling rig. ~ It’s a rather large operation. Lots of men, trucks and large equipment coming and going.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’m not suprised, with you AND eddie looking through the same type of prog glasses, you’re liable to see ANYTHING!! seen any pink elephants lately??

  • s c

    My artistic skills aren’t equal to the task, but the life-form/animal that exists now is no longer a jackass. The ‘other side’ can’t bring itself to admit that it has morphed so many times that the ‘Democrat’ mascot now resembles an alien life form that can’t be described in mere words.
    HST couldn’t recognize that which represents the ‘other side.’ Carter doesn’t have the brains or the spine to admit what has happened to his fellow conspirators. Even Bubba Clinton should be nervous, as dedicated sexual perverts and stalkers are waiting in the wings for their ‘permits’ that will let them emerge from their caves, closets and laboratories designed to destroy nations from within.
    Only in a society where crime is encouraged could you find such a twisted blend of criminals, career criminals, apprentice criminals, perverts, social pariahs, denizens of public bathrooms, traitors, space cadets, kooks, aluminum hats, neurotics, psychotics, Constitution-haters, enemy-lovers, ex-cons, appeasers, limp-wristed scumbags and lame-brains. And THOSE are the ones who get elected!
    Yes, these character-for-sale losers are trying to distance themselves from the false god, wunderkind who thinks Air Force belongs to him. They’re right, as no self-respecting subhuman werewolf would be caught dead in the vicinity of a nation-destroying vampire.

    • Bob from SoCal

      Obama isn’t smart enough or wise enough to be compared to a vampire. He is closer to a dimwitted parasite living off of the waste inside the colon of one of his Illuminati overlords.

      • CJ-CA

        If only LA and San Francisco would agree with the majority of us in SoCal our state wouldn’t be in this mess. Nor would there be so many Dims (sic) in DC and Sacramento.

      • bob wire

        Bob , I know you can get more gross, please try harder next time.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          sometimes the truth IS gross!!

  • Rich

    Vote them all out. Put a bounty on lobbyists, rein in all the special interests. We need new people to set us back on the path of being the greatest nation in the world. Just MY opinion, hope you all understand.

  • chuckb

    the republican candidates leave me cold, there’s not one of them i’d wish for president and least of all would i want barry sitting in the wh for another four years.

    perry loses me on immigration, romney is a rot gut politician and empty suit. we have the republican hierarchy pushing romney, perry is nothing but a democrat in republican clothing. newt gingrich is the best of the bunch, however, he would hide when the going got tough. i like herman caine, but, doubt if he could get the nomination. sarah palin where are you.

    • CJ-CA

      I’d rather draft Allen West R-FL.

    • Allan

      Vent…but vote.

  • James

    If you think people came out in droves for Obama in ’08 wait til you see 2012, it will be unprecedented it will be something to see. So if you really don’t Like Obama I suggest Canada!.

    • Palin12

      Time to put the crack pipe away, James. Obummer will be so badly defeated, Walter Mondale’s numbers will start to look great. We’re not only firing Obummer, but also all the fools he’s surrounded himself with, starting with the Hildebeast and Napolitano.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        nobummers numbers will look so bad that Pat Paulsons numbers will look good. You do remember Pat Paulson don’t you??

        • Palin12

          Oh yes, from the Smother’s Brothers.

      • bob wire

        Such wild talk !

        I’ll make it easy for you, of all the contenders running, Perry I don’t want!!

        and I fear he has a real chance at the 1st chair. And if he gets it, you can thank the Tea Party and the Fox News team.

  • wandamurline

    Have you ever noticed just how in tune with the Demorats that their mascot is…look at the jack@zz and you will see the face of Pelosi, Reid and many others.

    • Palin12

      LOL, you’re right!

    • bob wire

      Don’t Bogart that J , time to pass it so everyone else can see too!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Only if you look at the north end when it’s facing south!!!

  • chuckb

    your looking at the wrong end.

  • http://outlookexpress Gerard


    • bob wire

      I take it that you don’t contribute?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I don’t know about him, but for the first time since Reagan, I donated to a campaign last week! Ron Paul in 2012!!!!

  • Troy Lee

    I take issue with “Democrats” being refered to as “Democratic”. The last three years should have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there is nothing democratic about Demicrats. I think that we would all be better off if we “Dumped the Dems & replaced the RINO’s” with real consirvatives.

    • bob wire

      Well Troy, there many issues before us for sure.

      as to yours, the last three years has been little change from prior years, ~ When the Democrats had the votes, it carried and when they didn’t they failed.

      The only change we might see on Capital Hill from prior years is how the Senate GOP used the filibuster some 300 times (a record setting number)to block the vote, not permitting “BILLS” to come to the floor and thus “STOPPING” the democratic process, which pretty well stands your observation and comments on their ear, wouldn’t you say?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you mean like dirty harry did last week with the budget bill??? Pot, Kettle, Black???

  • chuckb

    bob, stop the democratic process?? isn’t the veto part of that process?
    maybe you should visit the bills that were vetoed and look at the damage the ones that got through did.
    you are too much of a bolshevik at heart, you want the socialist bills to pass and all other cancelled. that’s exactly what crockobama wants.


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