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Democrats Promise BP's Tony Hayward Tough Grilling On Capitol Hill

June 18, 2010 by  

Democrats promise BP's Tony Hayward tough grilling on Capitol HillWhen BP CEO Tony Hayward appears in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he should be prepared for some rough questioning, according to the committee’s chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.).

The California Democrat and his colleague Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) sent a letter to BP in advance of the hearing, outlining some of the questions the CEO will have to answer.

They include inquiries about the alleged low-costs solutions and speed with which some of the elements of the damaged well were put in place.

"BP appears to have made multiple decisions for economic reasons that increased the danger of a catastrophic well failure," the lawmakers wrote in the latter.

They added that "in several instances, these decisions appear to violate industry guidelines and were made despite warnings from BP’s own personnel and its contractors."

In fact, media reports suggest that just days before the disaster one of the oil company’s engineers called the structure in question a "nightmare well."

On April 20, the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 workers and set off the biggest offshore oil spill in United States history. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19838330-ADNFCR

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  • tg7357

    So yesterday we the American people were treated to another segment of “The Obama Regime Razzle-Dazzle of the Gulf Oil Spill” on Capital Hill. The Senators and Congresspeople got to rake Tony Heyward over the coals instead of Barack Obama, which was the entire reason the whole exercise was set up. Mr Obama is tired of being scorned and jeered at by the American people for his slow and inadequate response to the Gulf crisis, so he shoved the CEO of BP up for public ridicule instead. The problem is, Tony Heyward is a much smarter man right now than Obama can ever hope to be if he lives another 600 years. No one who undertands this democratic/ socialist president and his slavish followers of the demolib party are fooled for 1 second by this charade.
    Tony Heyward really doesn’t know what happend on that oil rig. He wasn’t there, his own people probably have been advised to keep their mouths shut until the investigation is done and as the sitting CEO of BP, he isn’t going to admit to anything that will deepen the liability of the crisis for his company anyway. What this whole sideshow up on Capital Hill is can be summed up in 1 single word: criticism. Obama is tired of being criticised for his inept handling of the crisis in the Gulf, the slowness of his regime’s response, and the fact that he has absolutely no clue who to talk to, where to go or how to ask other, more qualified experts for help. His ego and inexperience is going to do a thousand times more damage to the Gulf than the oil is! BP caused the oil spill, and Obama is aiding and abetting it’s deepening impact.
    So the smoke and mirrors freak show goes on, the oil is still gushing, but at least Mr Obama can have a couple of days for his thin-skin to heal up from all the criticism while Tony Heyward doesn’t answer the Hill’s questions. Business as usual in Washington.


      Right-On tg7357 The Manchurian President Obama Just Keeps Changing The Subject Of His Problems, Yikees What Happened About Gangster Govt Chi-Town Style Of Sestak And Romanoff?? Oopps, Plus Anita Dunn Is Married To Attorney Robert Bauer Fighting To Hide Natural Born Citizenship, Yikees, Obama Is Not Eligible Under The US Constitition To Be President, With A Illegal Social Security Card Fron A Conn Man 100 Yrs Old, #042 Another Opps. Impeachment Now.

  • Th3D3adM3ssenGer

    Do you REALLY think you’ve got it all figured out? How can anyone say they truly do? What if we have been collectively decieved and manipulated on a scale so grand it usually, at best, conjures a most intense cognitive dissonance?


    They operate subtly through Machiavelian style tactics, playing both sides of the game in various sociopolitical issues. Left-wing and right wing; it’s like Pepsi and Coke… WHEN YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH, YOU FIND THAT THEY’RE BOTH CONTROLLED BY THE SAME CORPORATE BEAST.

    PLEASE take the time to watch these movies on for free: “EndGame” (there are a few movies with that title, so make sure it’s Alex Jones’ EndGame), “The Obama Deception”, “Terrorstorm”, “Fabled Enemies”, and “Invisible Empire:A New World Order Defined”.
    The key to taking our country and planet back starts with a proper understanding of how the bankster elitist operate behind the scenes. Humanity has been decieved and manipulated for far too long. Remember, sometimes the “Truth is stranger than fiction”. These documentaries will help you BEGIN to understand the depth of lies we have been systematically subjected to in this carefully crafted scientific dictatorship…


  • Jim H.

    BP will send a rep. to the hill. Politicians will ask the “hard” questions and make sure they place some blame. When all is said and done the oil will still be there, no solutions will come from congress, and things will still be the same. Just a waste of time dog and pony show.

    • Dave

      Yes it was a dog and pony show and that’s because that is exactly what you people demanded. First he doesn’t do enough then he’s doing too much. Let’s be honest there is no way he could have possibly done ANYTHING that would have made you people happy. No matter what he did it would some liberal conspiracy wasting tax money. That is why he should really not listen to people like you and do what’s right for this country not always what’s popular because he could end poverty and get world peace and you people still wouldn’t like him.

      • Tea Party Tim

        Actually he could do something that would make all of us happy, RESIGN!

        • Doc Sarvis

          You must REALLY like Joe Biden.

          • Tea Party Tim

            Joe Biden doesn’t possess the charisma to promote any agenda. Charisma alone shouldn’t be enough to get anything done and yet within the governement, business and even churches it seems to be the only thing that people pay attention to.

      • Tim Layman

        BRAVO!!! Well said. You are absolutely right. Isn’t it funny how all of these so-called patriots were deafeningly silent when Bush/Cheney were using the constitution as toilet paper?

      • Jim H.

        Dave, Who is “you people” who demanded the dog and pony show?
        I really don’t demand the Federal Government to do anything, but I wish they would stop hindering the people that are trying to.

      • JC

        Obama needs to sit down and STFU!
        That useless parasite and his whole politburo are nothing more than a bunch of self serving, self aggrandizing criminals.
        I’m sorry that was a little innaccurate…TREASONOUS criminals!

        • Doc Sarvis

          Without pressure from President Obama and Congress we would only know that an oil rig in the gulf blew up and sunk and that now there is oil washing up on the beaches. We would have no idea of how enourmous this environmental and economic disaster this is. It is doubtful that BP would have made half the efforts they have to try to cap the gusher, highly unlikely they would have said that they would have paid for anything let alone everything they are promising now.

          The Federal government is not equipped to fix the gusher so they need to make BP and other experts do the technical aspects.

          Yes MMS is corrupt and has been for quite some time. This administration acknowleged that and started to make changes but not soon enough for this and the coal mine disaster.

          • Tea Party Tim

            Are you saying without Obama there wouldn’t be any truthful news coverage? I believe it was actually public pressure that created some half-hearted activity from this administration, not the other way around.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I’m saying that BP has handled the media everytime it has had the chance and without the pressure from President Obama and Congress it would have continued to control the story. The media would have been shut out.

          • Tea Party Tim

            The fact is that the Obama administration is more corrupt than the MSM and we still are not getting the facts. The administration has done a lousy job of investigating and reporting and even worse in actually administrating any sort of resolve to either capping the well or in clean up efforts. If the MSM would quit relying upon big government to hand them the story on a silver platter and go out and do some real investigative journalism we would all be a far sight better off.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Tea Party Tim
            Actually, it is because of the government’s investigations, hearings, and sicking the Coast Guard on BP that the media has gotten access to BP. The media is not getting the information from the government other than what the Coast Guard says, it is getting it from the corporate big shots that are dragged before investigative panels.

          • Tea Party Tim


  • George E

    Rather than distracting BP’s management right now with hearings like this, Congress would do more good if they were asking 1) do you have everything you need to stop the spill?, and 2) is there anything we can do to help? They should be pressuring the EPA to contain and clean-up the mess since that’s their responsibility instead of getting in the way of stopping the oil spill. The fact that they chose to grill BP right now is probably driven by Congress’ need to try to convince the American people that they are concerned and doing everything they can to fix the spill, while focusing the discussion on BP rather than the administration and the EPA which has done a terrible job of responding to this problem. It’s not clear to me just yet to what extent BP has been negligent in this affair, but it should be obvious to a blind person that the administration and the EPA have failed on several occasions to take measures within their power to satisfactorily contain and clean-up the oil. So who should be grilled right now? I say the administration and the EPA.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      I agree with you totally. This is not the time to be finding fault. They should have been taking about what steps are being taken to resolve the blowout and the cleanup. Fault can be decided after this is under control and the investigation is complete. Democrats are looking for someone to blame because they have sat parallized for two months while the progblem has grown out of control.

  • Norm

    Obama did the right thing in getting Tony Hayward and his boss to set aside 20 billion dollars (minimum) to pay for some of the damage they caused. Even Bohner and Cantor agreed that the fault was BP’s, and their partners, and all of the financial responsibility is theirs and not the taxpayers.
    Tony hemmed and hawed and shirked as much blame as he could. When you make 6 million bucks a year you should at least be aware of what is going down under your watch. Also it’s apparrent Tony and company knew the flow rate was 60,000 barrels/day from day 1, but lied and said it was only 5,000 to 10,000 and not all that significant.
    I have no pity for BP. Their safety record is horrible, by far the worst in the industry.
    Texas Congressman Joe Barton’s BP apology was one of the most amazing statments I’ve ever heard. Talk about being on the payroll of big oil! I’d like to see him repeat the apology to the people of Louisiana on their home turf.

    • BigBadJohn

      Republican always have been on the payroll of big oil. Bush gutted enforcement of regulations on big oil, which is the reason BP thought it could cut corners.

      Rep. Barton apologizes to BP for Obama ‘shakedown’

      But Bartom was not the only republican to try to claim BP’s innocence while indicting Obama:

      ….In his opening remarks, Representative John Sullivan….charged that the Obama administration is “focused on the politics of putting the oil and gas industry out of business.”

      ….In his opening remarks, Representative Parker Griffith, an Alabama Republican said that “if we’re going to talk about the environment,” he’d “like to remind the committee that the greatest environmental disaster in America has been cigarettes.” That means, he said, that the spill is “not going to be the worst thing that’s ever happened to America.”

      And this:

      Georgia Republican Representative Tom Price, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, [] said BP’s willingness to go along with the White House’s new fund suggests that the Obama administration is “hard at work exerting its brand of Chicago-style shakedown politics.”

      ….And former Texas Republican Representative Dick Armey, a leading voice in the conservative Tea Party movement, told a Christian Science Monitor breakfast this week that Obama lacks the constitutional authority to set up such a fund.

      ….In addition, conservative Republican Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota was quoted as telling the Heritage Foundation think tank on Tuesday that the escrow account was a “redistribution-of-wealth fund.”

      So it appears that republicans think that BP should not even have to pay for the damages that have been done….

      • Tea Party Tim

        Actually it appears that they believe that we are still a nation of laws and not of men. They still have belief in the Republic and the Constitution. They still believe that the ultimate rule is the rule of law.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Actually it is Obama that has been on the payroll of BP. Haven’t you been watching the news about the campaign contributions and Obama’s regulators looking the other way for the last year and a half? Also Obama has accopmlished nothing as the BP CEO has said right from day one that he would take full respnsibility and pay all claims. If the CEO is guilty of some crime that should not have prevented Obama from starting the cleanup two months ago. It is Obama’s responsibility to keep the oil from reaching our shore line as he is in charge of the regulators and the red tape. It only took Bush three days to respond to Katrinta and you all hate his guts for that. Why the free ride with Obama after three months and gross negligents.

      • marvin

        BigBadJohn i must have been asleep did not bp say they would pay all leget claims and do they not have hundreds of people working on them right now, so your point being the same people that are in charge of the spill clean up that turn down help in the first 3 days that would have averted most of this mess the same people that have been in charge from day one the all mighty and all powerfull odumbo people or hell bush done it

    • Harold Olsen

      While the oil leak is the fault of BP it’s the fault of the Obama regime that the leak hasn’t been stopped and the oil is spreading. According to Obama, he and his regime are in charge of the clean up and the stopping of the leak and have been since day one. He also said that BP is not allowed to take ANY action without his permission. So, any failure is Obama’s fault. It’s what I hate most about the left. They refuse to take responsibility for anything but are quick to take credit for solving problems that they had nothing to do with.

      • Norm

        Harold Olsen
        If I drive a truck load of gasoline into your house and ignite it, is that Obama’s fault. Your logic is beyond flawed.
        The private sector takes the risks, makes the profits, and when they screw up the government bails them out. What a system.

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          You ought to pay closer attention to the news. Obama is in charge of the federal regulators and they have been everyone tied up with red tape like the Jones Act. Bush suspended the Jones Act during Katrina but Obama is heavily indebted to the unions and won’t do that.

        • JC

          And you are definately a psycho.

        • http://naver samurai

          Abnorm, try to stop taking such long drags on your bong. It has damaged your brain. Since Obama bin Laden is the so called leader of this country, it is his responsibility to help clean up this oil spill and quickly as possible. Finger pointing, blame game, shakedowns, etc., just isn’t going to get the job done. Have him suspend the Jones Act so something can be done. Please state some sources next time.

    • Dave

      Now Obarry has 20 billion to spend however he pleases. Personally I think he will invest the money into bringing Roosevelt back to life…being a “God” is expensive….just my opinion

      • Norm

        The money is not his to spend.

        • Jana


    • Earl, QUEENS, NY

      First, our dictator-in-chief doesn’t have the authority to compel this with BP!!…..Second, while BP is undoubtedly at some fault, the lackadaisical negligent BHO administration also shares the blame. Thus BP must bear responsibility. But BP’s liability should be limited to the monetary loss which would’ve occurred had this crisis been dealt with properly by the fed. gov’t. BP should not be responsible for the negligence or incompetence of the Obama regime…..Third, drones and liberal morons are always happy to see wealth confiscated from producers. But do they ever ask: Where will all this money go?? Will the $20 billion actually go to people who suffered monetary losses due to the Gulf crisis? Or will it go to BHO’s cronies and democraps’ midterm re-election campaigns?? Don’t forget about the tobacco industries, which were foolish enough to settle with the states instead of fighting such frivolous lawsuits. Little, if any, went to the so-called victims of tobacco. Most went to the greedy trial lawyers, general state funds, and for all we know, maybe into the pockets of crooked politicians!!

  • Al Sieber

    They should of had this well capped by now.there’s something more serious going on. I don’t think there’s much of a pipe left after 2-months of oil gushing out at high pressure. theres a good chance the casing collasped in to the hole. in that case you can’t cap it or plug it. they’re not telling us everything, and either will this guy. I’ve had a little experience on drill rig’s, on land only.

  • Marilyn

    If “Democratic” Congressmen knew about BP’s hurry and blunders BEFORE the disaster, why were they too busy making asinine legislature for the American Public instead of heading off a disaster in the Gulf? And, instead of sitting back and pointing fingers, why are Congressmen/women not busy trying to figure out a way to help clean up the mess? I am wondering now why the disaster happened in the first place since the Democratic Congress KNEW about problems from the get-go!! DUH!!! There is something rotten here and it starts smelling from Washington DC. The President was even too busy to be on the scene when the disaster happened. Did he know the oil disaster was going to happen at a certain time so why make a mad dash to the “scene”??

    BP has been accountable since day one. Why the big scene now to make them accountable? Sounds to me like ‘someone’ wants to feel important and show the American Citizens that they are doing something about the oil spill when, indeed, Washington has done diddly squat!

    Again, if Congressmen/women knew the BP oil rig was risky from day one, why did they wait for the disaster to happen then start screaming to make BP accountable?

    All of this money that BP will need to pay the US Government…where does it go and who will be handling it? Will that money go toward helping to clean up the oil mess, pay some workers who are now out of work due to the disaster, etc.? Or will the money sit in Washington and be used to fund unrelated programs like increase Congressmen/women’s pay raises or pay for Pelosi’s grand trips to CA??

    Oh, yes, when was our 2 billion tax dollars loaned to Brazil for off shore drilling and WHY? Was that before the Gulf disaster or after? The United States gets nothing out of that loan. All oil, if found, goes to China!

  • Harold Olsen

    These hearings are a joke! Those IDIOT senators don’t want the truth. They want the people testifying to give them the answers that they, the senators, want to hear. I’m surprised that they didn’t give Hayward and everyone else a script and tell him that this is what they want them to say and nothing more. The hearings are a waste of time and just another way for those idiots to waste our money. THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

  • Dale on left coast

    Congress once again demonstrates they are as clueless as their leader. Troll Waxy wants BP to tell all what caused the disaster . . . Prior to the Investigation???? This is the same congress that is overspending by 1.8 Trillion this year. The govt agency that was supposed to be monitoring oil rigs was MIA.
    The Pres is two months behind the spill, declined assistance from over a dozen countries, many with much expertise, and looks like the Amateur he is.

  • J.M.R.

    well guys and gals i don’t know if i heared right but if i did 50% of the blame goes to our ass holes in the E.P.A. and the dick-tater and his cronies as BP didn’t want to drill in water that deep,but was told do it or nothing. so he needs to kick his own ass too. who has refused all outside help one guess and the first 2 don’t count. personally i’m sick of this corrupt bunch of ass’s. i’ll also bet since the pay master will be one of his cronies the people will not get half of thier money

  • chuck b

    its quite obvious our representatives have been chosen from the planet of the apes. what a charade!! waxmzn has to be the most obnoxious individual in congress, well maybe, its hard to take the title from

    i would be the last person to defend oil companies, but the questions asked of mr heywood were ridiculous, with lawsuits pending hes supposed to admit guilt before the trial?? “all show!!”

    the question of that hearing should have been: why is the barry admin doing everything in their power to restrict efforts to clean up the oil?? there’s something amiss here,

    there’s still no explanation of what caused the explosion on the rig, we will probably never know, but isn’t it strange that cap & trade seems to be more to barry’s interest than cleaning up the oil.
    the admin is blocking every effort to clean up this mess, thats quite obvious.

  • mehoward

    I watched some of the interrogation of Tony Hayward. I saw a lot of posturing by our lawmakers all they were interested in was to get their knock on BP. Where was Slesar and his group that failed to
    inspect the drilling rig? And why in the world is this person still
    in his position? He should have been fired and all that were supposed to inspect the rig not just the woman who they fired right away. Why
    did they hold this interrogation they knew that he was not going to tell them anything that they did’t already know. Pure and simple they
    only wanted to make us think they were doing something. Well I say to them get off your royal duffs and go to the gulf and start cleaning up
    the mess that you & our government allowed to happen. mehpensacola.fl.

  • marvin

    here is my take after 20+ years in the oil field accidents happen, now who to blame no one right now, if you must point fingers the epa the coast guard msm dhls when 13 nations offered to help in the first 3 days and were turned down by are goverment, at a time when in was of the utmost importance to incircle the spill of mabe 2 miles,so you can blame bp for the leak, rightly so but OBAMA,s people were and are in charge of containment from day one,[obama said so] as for the jones act could have and should have been lifted and allowed the dutch and all that offered help to do so, as for bp,s ceo blair he is a manager not the tool pusher or production manager or gelogist or the engineer, the tool pusher is over the rigs day to day operation the gelogist is over well cutting samples and tells the tp and driller were there at in the formation the prod manager is just that the engineer tells the tool pusher what he wants done the tool pusher tells the driller and the driller and crew does the work

  • marvin

    were oh were does all the flaming idiots norm and dave and bigbadjohn come from they only hear and see what they want for obama allmity can heal the sick and raise the dead

  • coal miner · Cached page


    To bad the protocall is so onesided and the inquisition is thrust upon the defendant. It would be great if the enraged congressmen where asked to defend the governments blatant errors in all this and defend their gross spending of billions of unaccountable tax payer dollars.

    I am sick of hearing these bigmouthed hypocrites get the pulpit and not the inquiry.

    • Michael Severt

      It is undeniable fact that the men in the congress are responsible
      for the condition of this nation! But, do they care? Or who does?

      Will anyone step forward to handle the job at hand? If not there is
      no need of our troops fighting an enemy while we are destroyed from within!

      God help America!!!

  • John

    The Real Issue here is, the Democrat Party does not want this man to run for office. Even to the extent that they are willing to destroy one of their own. Now that is starnge to me. Here they have a person who did quite well in the outcome of the election, but they don’t want him? Who is it they Really want instead? Is the reason he is Black? Because he is poor? Because he served in the Military? Or is it he doesn’t fit the Democrats ideal, or agenda? Sounds like the progressives don’t want to take the chance and lose in this one.

  • Raggs

    You know what this is about don’t you?

    If BP goes belly up the dictator in chief will own them!

    This is nothing more than yet another power grab to gain ownership in yet another industry….
    obama will take all business one at a time until he owns everything in sigth….. Believe me it is true!

    • Norm

      BP is the largest corp. in BRITAIN. It is extremely unlikly that they would ever come begging to the US tax payers for aid, as did GM, Chrysler, and many banks and Insurance companys.
      Incidently Obama didn’t bail out the anybody, the congress did. The process was started by GW Bush and his treasury sec. before Obama was even president.

  • Raggs

    Some of you seem to be missing the BIG picture….

    Like I said this is about power and the grab bag democrats taking control over even the foreign nations with a “CRISIS” situation as an excuse…. TOO BIG TO FAIL…. Yeah I wonder why they coined that phrase?…. I bet I know why… Do you?

    • Norm

      You mean taking over foreign nations like Iraq and afghanastan?

      • http://naver samurai

        Iraq, baaaaa! Afghanistan, baaaaa! Bush, baaaaa! Can you sheeple get some new material? We did not go into these countries for the purpose of conquest and you know it. If you have the BALLS, tell that BS to the families of soldiers that died there. Get off of the kool aid.

  • David Hake

    Yes, Dave, there is something ‘HE’ could have done that would please almost all of us. He could just dive right in there and plug the hole with the 2600 pages of the ‘Obamacare Bill.’ I hear all this wailing, and gnashing of teeth, but does anyone understand the meaning of the word ACCIDENT???? They didn’t do this on purpose. They didn’t kill 11 workers, just to give Obama a break from hecklers!! The well is just too damned DEEP to fix by 5:00 tonight!! Deep water drilling is TOO risky. Obama should get out of the way, and let the OIL WORKERS do their job!!

    • Raggs

      Maybe you need to think for a second.

      Picture this….

      This country has an unemployment rate of 9.7% to the account of the media… It is actually much higher that that.
      That means only around 46% of this population is working some of which are paying taxes and some that are not.

      That means the BIG government is broke along with the rest of the country. So that being the case where does the money come from other than the printing press?
      We sure don’t have it and we are not producing it that means the BIG government has to take it from any source possible.

      Do you see it yet?
      Maybe this was an accident… even if that is tha case it will be used as something else.

  • Stephen Russell

    Hayward should do a Tony Stark ( see Iron Man 2) & challenge Congress for NOT doing its job in this mess.
    Now thats radical.
    I blame these for oil mess:

    o BP Corp Mgmt with NO Emerg Plan for Deepwater driling
    o US Govt NO Plan for Deepwater drilling.
    o Obama Regime for Inaction?
    o Congress for passing regs
    o The Environmental movement whose regs impact BP to DO its job,.

    Blame the Sierra club & Greenpeace etc.
    SUE them.
    Hey LA, AL, FL, MS sue GreenPeace & likes.
    Theyre just as guilty as ever
    Remember 3 Mile Island.

  • Delores Smith

    The Energy and Commerce Committee was one of the most ignorant that I’ve ever seen in The House. I have a great deal of compassion for the Gulf states, and I feel that they should be compensated and made whole again. The rudeness of the Committee toward Tony Hayward of BP was uncalled for. They were questioning a legal non-citizen of the United States without all of facts of several investigations pending. Someone even asked Mr. Hayward…”What day is this? Well, he at least knows the day.” Another asked, “How much do you make?etc, etc.
    President Obama is guilty of extortion and pretending that he is The Supreme Court. Henry Waxman needs to keep in mind that he is a member of the legislative branch of our government, not the judiciary. You were rude, sir.
    Mr. Hayward, I apologize for the stupidity of our President and Waxman’s committee who attempted to rake you over the coals. They were not successful.
    Delores Smith

    • Raggs

      Apology from you in the likes of obama or for obama?

      Are you kidding me?

      Give me a freaking break! have you not seen the news?
      obama has already had his apology camp for the muslims so what else do you want?

      I wonder how he will tell GOD he is sorry?

      I already know he is a sorry man so I’m ahead of the game!

      • Norm

        How could a venomous, hate filled person like you even talk about God. What a hypocrite!

    • Norm

      Delores Smith
      You can’t apoligize for something you didn’t do.
      Why don’t you go to Venice Louisiana and tell them how you feel sorry poor Tony was treated “rudely”? I think you’d rightfully be tarred and feathered, and run out of town. And there is plenty of tar available.

      • http://naver samurai

        Abnorm, I think an apology is in order here. We know that you are just a lib looking to start trouble, so just go somewhere else and take another long drag on your bong.


    The danger to America is not Barack Hussein Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Hussein Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    • usmadgirl


      I think you should have put this comment in quotations. It doesn’t bother ME that you used the quote, but to avoid some of the loons here from “turning you in for plagiarism”, you might want to show it as a “quote” from another author!

      Your comment is, word for word, a quote from an article translated into English appearing in the Czech Republic as published in the “Prager Zeitung” on April 28, 2010.

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.”

      “The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.”

      “The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.”

      “It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

      Now, I agree with this to a certain degree, but now that the “evil deed has been done”, it’s the O-dumbo administration who is responsible for implementing all of the unconstitutional, progressive deals, the insane spending bills, making up or changing the rules as they suit his needs & the one who is “fundamentally transforming” this country into something even the biggest pessimists can’t imagine!

      True, he wouldn’t be in the position as our leader without the “fools” who put the “Prince of Fools” in office, but he has put things into place that we might never see reversed. I don’t think that even a majority of the idiots who put him into office ever dreamed that the “change” he mentioned in his campaign, would be the “change” he’s forcing on the American people even though he pretty much laid it all out BEFORE they voted for him & his “fundamental transformation” agenda!

      We are on the verge of collapse! This oil “accident” (or was it?) is just another “crisis that they will NOT let go to waste”! It will help the “fools” to allow “Cap & Tax” to become law & we can kiss our lifestyle, our jobs, what little money we have left, & our country as we know it, “good-bye”!

      One more point: Have I missed the “investigation” that PROVED that BP was the culprit in the oil rig disaster? Doesn’t anybody find it slightly suspicious that Obama was absolutely against off-shore drilling, then a couple of days before the explosion on a safety award winning rig, he announces that he’s going to allow it? Then, “ugh oh”, one rig blew up so “we can’t have any more drilling”! Planned?

      That’s like banning all flights because a plane crashed or eliminating all cars because of one auto accident, banning food because someone died from choking or food poison, eliminating trains because of one train wreck.

      This administration has given “Bawney Fwank” & his cohorts a pass for destroying the global economy single handedly, with no legal action against him or any of the others, but the people on the panel of the Congressional hearing treated Tony Hayward like a sub-human. Personally, I think he’s an arrogant A$$, but the Dumb-o-crats on the panel & some Repubs just wanted to show their “POWER” & to flaunt it to the world! I guess nobody learned the “Golden Rule”: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”!

      IF BP is responsible, they should pay for everything, but that has yet to be proven! It’s their rig so they should consider all the ideas available to stop the leak & do everything they possibly can to clean it up, BUT if I were BP, I would NOT give THIS ADMINISTRATION the money to decide WHO should be reimbursed. You see how THAT’S gone is the past! Where has the “bail out” money, the “stimulus money”, the “tarp money” gone?

      If I were BP, I would pay out money myself to the people who had claims to it! I would not pay one red cent for the people who were out of work due to O-dumbo stopping ALL the off-shore drilling! It’s not BPs’s fault that this moron halted ALL drilling!

      This whole thing is a circus to put O-dumbo in the spotlight in the center ring as “Mr. Goody Two Shoes” & to take the blame of incompetence off of him & his thugs & onto the evil BP.

      The idea of the “hay soaking up the oil” was presented just a few days after the oil disaster. Why wasn’t it at least TRIED? The fabric that soaks up & separates the oil from the salt water came shortly after. Why wasn’t it tried? These fools don’t want to resolve the “crisis” because they don’t want it to go to waste! Do you have any idea how many Americans will be dependent on the government if they don’t resolve it?

      O-dumbo is doing everything possible to collapse our economy & the “wicked capitalism”, to rid us of our only allies & to keep us dependent on the government for everything & to keep us dependent on HIS allies in the Middle East for oil until he gets his Global Climate Change BS implemented so he & his criminal cronies can make billions of dollars selling “puffs of invisible air”! How freaking stupid does he think we are?!!! Obviously, about 45% of the people in this country ARE that stupid!

      God bless our country & the people on the Gulf!

      • JeffH

        I believe I’ve seen a spectacle similar to the Congressional brow beating of Tony Hayward on the National Geographic Channel once or twice. A pack of laughing hyenas, howling and circling the carrion, looking for any opportunity to take a bite of his arse.
        BP and Hayward deserve what they get but I know Congress sits up high on their thrones believing every word they spew. Well, what goes around comes around..come November there will be quite a few new asses filling those soon to be vacant thrones and I’ll have no remorse helping to empty and refill them.

  • Raggs


    Gone, gone say goodbye.

    I’m shocked to the extent of this counrties people that have lost thier morals most of which would not even have a clue to the definition.
    Chucky is correct!

    • Norm

      Look in the mirror my friend.

      • http://naver samurai

        Remember abnorm, when the Roman Empire went by morals and ethics they were invincible. When they started going by the liberal way, the country rotted away from the inside out and eventually fell apart. Raggs and Chucky are right about certain things about our morals. How many people live together in sin and say that its OK or women laying around with men and getting pregnant, though they are supposed to be married first before even knowing a man? Are these OK to you abnorm? Please answer when you get off of your bong.

  • http://gmail i41

    normie, get the diaper off of you face and put it back on your socialist head, maybe sme fresh,not socialist tainted air,would improve your mental reasoning. This muslim professor and his eleitist posteroir carbuncale group of radical dometic terrorists, should be grilled off the face of the earth, for their blatant stupidity, and
    the inability to do something constuctive to prevent the mess on the beaches. Of course most crap brained,college trained eleitist, just
    blow smoke and make problems worse. Private companies should have been sent in immediately, private companies always can correct and cure problems, government run programs never work, cost excessivally, and are failures. Norme, all of you illigamate, brain dead, miracle babies, who voted any damn democrat crimminal and espically Onumnut, are responsible for the mess on the beaches and our massive defeict!

  • Mick

    BP helped write the Cap and Trade bill. They will make a big profit if that bill is passed. The American public will be paying more taxes.
    What is going on here is a crime

    • JeffH

      ConocoPhillips, BP and Caterpillar quit USCAP

      ConocoPhillips, BP and Caterpillar have dropped out of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), the coalition of corporations and environmental groups that has been most prominent in pushing Congress to pass cap-and-trade legislation.

      Conoco and BP cited concerns about the effect that proposed climate legislation might have on the oil refining business. Conoco chief executive James J. Mulva said in a statement that the current bill “left domestic refineries unfairly penalized versus international competition.”

      BP spokesman Ronnie Chappell said, “We think the organization has accomplished what it was intended to do. It has established a broad, principle-based framework for climate-change legislation. With the completion of that blueprint, that work was done.”

      “We don’t think legislation pending in the House or Senate conforms with the blueprint,” he added. “A disproportionate share of the cost burden falls on the transportation sector and consumers. As a result, we’re going to miss out on the most cost-effective measures, and misallocation of resources could occur.”

      Chappell said BP was concerned that “poorly designed legislation could result in the closure of refineries, an increase of [refined petroleum] product imports and the loss of U.S. jobs.”


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