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Democrats Criticize GOP Groups For Misleading Fundraising Mailers

March 19, 2010 by  

Democrats criticize GOP groups for misleading fundraising mailersOn Wednesday, the House voted 416-0 to ban misleading mailings designed to look like official government documents, following criticism from both sides of the aisle that two Republican groups were sending out fundraising letters that appeared to be official communications from the Census Bureau.

Under the new bill, which was co-sponsored by Representatives Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), mailings using the word “census” will have to include the name and address of the sender, as well as an unambiguous disclaimer that the letter has not been authored by the federal government, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

Meanwhile, several Democratic leaders have blasted the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) for trying to confuse citizens and piggyback on the Census Bureau’s multimillion dollar advertising campaign.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has alleged that the fundraising letters, which were signed by RNC Chairman Michael Steele and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), may discourage people from completing their Census surveys, The Hill reports.

“[Boehner and Steele] have a responsibility to tell every Republican who received their fundraising solicitation that it is not an official U.S. Census form and encourage them to fill out their census form,” said DCCC spokesman Ryan Rudominer.

Democratic leaders in the Senate have said they plan to sign off on the bill recently approved in the Senate.

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  • Darrel

    Though I can’t see anyone being confused by the mailers in question, I guess our nanny congress wants to be sure. Same logic that puts a label on an electric hair dryer that says “do not use in the shower”.

    • Barb

      I agree Darrel, another case of the left crying foul because they didn’t think of it first! Kudos however to the Republicans for not fighting this as it is really NOT a big deal, mainly a big waste of time in the Senate, but then they have to look busy don’t they? And to Joe H. RIGHT ON! Ever notice Joe that these libs are only interested in justice when it’s a republican in the hot seat. The lefties can do what ever they want and say whatever they want and that’s OK. A.L. when you guys shut some of your lying idiots down we may pay more attention to you!

    • marvin

      DARREL IT IS CALLED MUD SLANGING [the stuped repubs are trying to confuse the poor uneducated people], the liberals are good at that trying to distort the truth i guess i must not be confused for i had no trouble with the mailers in knowing from were thay came

    • Harold Olsen

      This is just another example of how stupid politicians believe the American people are.

      • Claire

        Harold Olsen: How true your words are!!

  • D.H.

    I’m with Darrel!

  • A. L.

    I’m disturbed by folks who can’t admit to wrongdoing. What these supposed representatives of the people have done is misleading and manipulative.
    They should be relieved of their duties and those who truly know how to behave with integrity take their places.

    • Joe H.

      Gee, you mean like Al bore and his misleading info about gorbull warming????? One of the newest Dem progressive billionaires!!!!

      • Norm

        Joe H
        Do you get your info from God. I think the jury is out on global warming, but there is a lot of evidence on the pro side of the equation.

        • John M.

          I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with recent Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change events, but it seems the supposed “good evidence” supporting AGW is wrought with issues, from data manipulation, missing data, data misrepresentation, and outright fraud:


          • John M.

            Sorry… I meant to address my reply to ‘Norm’ not ‘Reggie.’

        • Geo

          Then Give us the truth about global warming, not going around pointing at the excessive cold and saying its proof, then pointing at unusual amounts of snow and saying its proof, then saying the storms in the NE are proof… What we need is ALL of the facts, not just the ones they choose to let out, let us look at all of the information and let us make up our own mind, meanwhile hiding numbers and fudging numbers to make it work in their favor…

          I am all about saving the planet, but give me good data, not this Al Bore lies about how bad it really is… Remember the Movie $100 a Barrel Oil and how bad it was going to be, like back in the 70′s… Never happened when it was $150 a barrel…

          What I find interesting about the whole Global cooling debate is the fact no one actually measures what is important, all they do is measure the air, where it fluctuates every second, If you measure the temperature of the ground water, about 1000′ down you will actually get the average temperature of the area you are in for the year, when that starts fluctuating, let me know.

          • Geo

            I should say is I believe all they measure is the air.

          • marvin

            you dare to speak out on the chosen one the inventer of the internet the great and all mity al goreble warming expert that is like saying OBAMA lies or pelosie is a great american or rangel has payed all his income tax or reid won,t buy votes how dair you speak the truth and confuse the my mind is made up so don,t give me any true fact.s that you can document for i am the all powerful and all knowing AL GORE

          • eyeswideopen

            Geo, what source would you believe?

        • marvin

          norm you are right the jury is steil out so why is lisa jackson in obama epa taking it as fact and settin up regulation to say co2 a plant food plants take in co2 and give of oxygen and why make up lies and distort the truth are you willing to pay 2 to 3000 or more a yr in tax and higher bills and lost jobs maybe your job for made up lies

          • Stephaan

            Norms jury is “still out” as far as how to address your post. It seems he/they just can’t decide how to answer to fact based posts, and he doesn’t have Al Gore to help coach him through the lies!

        • Harold Olsen

          Why, then, won’t scientists who claim global warming is real debate the matter with scientists who say it is a bunch of crap? Why is it that in the seventies and early eighties they called it global cooling when we were having colder than usual temperature and the whackos were claiming that we had only 10 to 20 years left because we were going into another ice age and the world was going to end? Then when the temperature went the other way, they claimed they misspoke when they called it global cooling and meant to say global warming and denied anyone said anything about another ice age.

        • Joe H.

          As a matter of fact I do get my ifo from God in a round about way. He gave all people the ability to see through BS by study and reading. you would have the same ability if you weren’t so blinded by the kool-aide!!!!! Put that stuff down BOY!! IT’LL BLIND YA’ PERMANENT!!!!

        • Grover Syck

          The only part of the jury that is still out is the part that has a financial interest in letting the status quo continue. If we do not start to make drastic changes to the way we are pouting the environment, our children and grand children, and beyond will pay the price.

          Global warming is real. It is causing many problems now, but compared to the future destruction, today’s problems are nothing.

          If Gore is wrong, it is that he is too conservative in his projections.
          The scientist of the world all agree, (except for those scientist who are bought and paid for by the BIG polluters that do not want the situation corrected), that Global warming is real, and the situation is getting worse.

        • American Citizen

          Actually, there’s been nothing that unusual in the weather. It’s the same thing year after year. That’s why we have four seasons. There have always been summer with sizzling hot days and then the next year a cooler summer. There have been winters with little snow and warmer weather, and winters with lots of snow and colder weather. It’s cyclical, nothing strange about it. It also holds true for storms.

    • Jo

      That may be the best solution! Because then all of them Dems and Rep would have to leave the District of Coruption! Let yea that has no sin cast the first stone.

    • marvin

      TO A L you say replace with others like THE HONESTwho don,t pay THERE tax charle rangel or your unamerican if you don,t like illegals pelosie or the war is lost reid or mabe obama a change we need what obama was saying you can keep the loose change cause we the smart people know whats best wake up liberal and open your eyes and see were this left wing liberal [OBAMA] IS HEADED and it an,t for the good of the country


      Gosh A.L., do you mean to say you support removing Obamadimjob from office for lying? Maybe there is hope for you yet. Have you considered actions that are harmful to the USA as being treason, also grounds for removal. Gosh A.L. YOUR BEING AN ALARMIST. We need to sit back and consider this, maybe for 3 more years, yes thats it lets give the poor guy a chance, after all in his first year he has only angered our allies, increased our national debt by triple, and is now allowing Pelosi to violate the constitution with her slaughter plan. We really are not being fair, I think we should re-elect this weasel no matter how bad he has been, I am sure he can get worse if we only will give him a chance. THANKS A.L. for understanding the issues.

      • marvin

        to JOSEPH LARSON i can not agree with you more CARTER and OBAMA ARE two liberals from the same book i say if this so called health bill /bills pass let the law suits begin and they will mabe liberals will think befor acting or voting and reading what they are voting for not what pelosie and reid and obama tell them to do i say what ever state you live in call and email and fax your rep in congress to vote no on healt deform bill or you will vote no in nov and not having to vote is a yes for pelosie,s bill and you will vote no in nov we want a yes or no vote by all the rep,s not just deam it passed so we can vote for them that are for the 62% that don,t want this crap forced on us

  • Reggie Brian

    Lemme see if I got this straight. Constitution says count the people every ten years.

    The mail (which we pay for) is used to send the census back and forth, on a 9-page form for a 10-question form (which we pay for) and the return envelope postage is pre-paid (which we pay for) after we received a letter from Census (which we pay for) telling us that a census form is coming in the mail, but that this is not the census form yet, and then the census form comes and requires us to say, under oath, how many people will be living in that house in the future (April 1st), which we cannot know until April 1st, but if we don’t reply before then, we will get another letter that says WTF (also with the reduction of paperwork notice attached, which we pay for) and there may be a letter coming that tells us to vote for these morons, but then we pay some lawmakers to make that practice illegal (because lawmakers should probably be properly called ill-lawmakers, since they make things illegal in this free (no pun intended) country of ours) and then we can read them, but not be confused about whether or not it is a letter from Census, which presumably we will be reading anyway, so we will already know whether or not it is from Census.

    Ah, that makes sense.

    I’m glad they explained it to me with this new law that we paid these morons for. I guess you get the quality of the people you hire, don’t you?


    (I said that so that you would read it. How did that work?)

    • Jo

      Hey Reggie, please send me a letter to let me know that I got the letter, so I know I got the letter.

      • marvin

        jo what i don,t understand is the census is to count the american citizens can someone help me understand why we count illegals and in spanish illegal is just what it saz not legal why count illegals that have no rights and are not suppost to ,vote or get housing ,or food stamps , and free healt care, whats that you say they do vote and get free food schooling and health care that i don,t get, this can not be we have laws aginest that but hell whats a few more million illegals give or take 20 million

        • American Citizen

          Maybe they should deduct that number from the number of votes that Democrats get.

  • thefedupamerican

    Well…some of the stupid voters who only know enough to look for the “D” behind the name in order to vote for that person might be confused. As for the rest of us, I’m betting we can tell the difference.

    • marvin

      i say look up there voting record and if you don,t like it vote no for them DEM OR REP OR IND KICK THE BUMS OUT they work for you not the other way like OBAMA SAID I WON SO SET DOWN AND SHUTUP ,, BUT IN NOV 2010/2012 STANDUP AND OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND VOTE NO FOR ALL THAT CAN NOT HEAR YOU

  • Victor L Barney

    Watch! About 2/3rds of Democrats are Marxist out to over-through Freedom and Capitalism very soon! Ever wonder why Democrats have all the richest people in the world in it? You’ll find out soon! Not only is an anti-messiah (Karl Marx himself said that Marxism is anti-messiah and Karl Marx should know)! Also, remember that both Lenin and “Mao,” Obama’s favorite idol, were rich to start with and suddenly got a whole lot richer and more powerful) President of America, but maybe even the anti-messiah described in the Bible! I wonder if Obama can beat the 100,000,000 killed by Mao?

    • Norm

      Victor L Barney
      You do have your delusions.

      • Victor L Barney

        What, About Mao killing 100,000,000 Chinese who were against Communism? I heard, myself, obama lauding over this guy! For your information, 6,000,000 jews killed by Hitler is much smaller in number! I doubt that they teach American history anymore in the Progressive(Marxist) school system! Look what lies that they are now telling in school about our founding fathers! Hell, even Lenin and Stalin both killed many more people than Hitler! Me, delusional? Sure, try the mirror!

    • eyeswideopen

      Victor, if you are right that the richest are the dems, then since 1% are paying 40% of taxes, those damn dems are paying most of the taxes according to ,DaveH, right? Then they must not be the slackers that you accuse them of being. lol

      • Harold Olsen

        Not if they are putting their money in foreign banks. That’s what Ted Kennedy and several other wealthy Democrats did to avoid paying the taxes that they forced on the American people.

        • Joe H.

          Reading some of the older threads here and I came across a real case JJ. says he thinks there should be a law cutting peoples worth off at one billion dollars!! Envious that there are people out there that know well how to use money!! I wonder who people like him think they are telling someone how much they can make??? Is this not still the land of oportunity??? doesn’t that mean the sky is the limit??These people are too concerned about how much someone makes and how much they should pay when what they should be concerned about it whether they PAY what they owe. I’m sure there were some tax cheats on Bush’s team, but I still think there are a whole lot more on Obummers team!!! now if they make a million or two then if they don’t pay the stated amount they owe then and only then should these I want what you got people worry about the taxes the rich pay!!!

  • Reggie Brian

    @Victor: With all due respect sir, are you crazy? Or did you just accidentally mis-post to the wrong article? One of us is on the wrong page, to coin a phrase.

  • Warrior

    Another small problem with the census surfaced the other day when people who live in multi-family developments with deeded parking spaces received census forms for their parking spaces. Who potentially could occupy a parking space? Acorn?

    • Joe H.

      BERNIE MADDOFF, he was probably trying to sell them as housing lots!!!!

      • Claire

        JoeH–did you hear that Bernie Madoff got “beat up” in prison? I heard it this week. Justice rules in different ways sometimes.

  • Ben Cataquet

    I received one of those mailing…But it was not from the GOP…Guest from whom!


    I think I must be crazy, but here goes anyway. How about we remove everyone holding office that we can in the fall, then in 2012 we can dump the president and another third of the Senate, in 2014 we remove the last of the incumbents. The new guys will be judged by past performance, not what they say they will do, but what they have done in the past. If they ran a successful business, (at least up to the TARP BAIL OUT) If they don’t have business background, we look at their work in the community, their work habits, do they call in sick, do they pay their bills, do they have any friends. We chose them for what they have shown to be the real them. Then a final qualifier, do they know the answers, if they think so, they are not qualified. Most of us don’t even know all the questions. I would attend meetings where they were speaking and ask them if they would like to be lifers in congress, if they answer yes, I would look long and hard for a better candidate. Just a few thoughts. A guy near me ran this year and actually asked for ideas how to and what changes he should try to work for. Imagine a congressman asking you what you think. How refreshing. I also want them to re-identify themselves as liberal or conservative, remembering there is no such thing as a middle of the road, the centrists are undependable, you don’t know which way they will go. If your conservative your conservative in all matters, if your liberal in one area, you are a liberal.

    • American Citizen

      I’ve always said Moderates are middle-roaders and you know what happens when you walk in traffic in the middle of the road.

  • s c

    So, the House can band together and vote 416-0 on a topic that is almost as important as astronauts using mouthwash so their breath won’t be offensive.
    It’s so nice to know that these geniuses would never vote on anything that could be construed as an utter waste of time. Maybe we should repay their talents with special legislation that lets them have a midnight pay raise once a month.
    Who says we don’t have the very best government that MONEY can buy?

  • Charles Adams

    This is another law that is passed and is ineffective. A person with a little intelligence can tell. I rip up 99% of the mail anyway.

  • Claire

    I receive mailings from both parties and do not even open them. I destroy them immediately or mail them back at their expense.

    • Joe H.

      Claire(from ill?),
      not me, I tell the repubs I’ll send them money when they run true conservatives. I figure it costs them postage on their pre-paid mailers!!

      • Claire

        Joe H–yes, from IL–sometimes I open them up, write not so nice messages and mail them back. Only your messages sound nicer. I can get rather hateful. But that is o.k. they should wise up.

  • eddie47d

    Basket case VICTOR BARNEY,I believe you are the one who cracked the mirror. Your another sinister person on this site who comes up with the most unbelievable nonsense (yesterday;bringing up charles manson and globalwarming in the same sentence).Today your ranting about the Democrates being the super rich. Stick to the facts and lay off the hysteria. Sure is funny that the vote was 416-0,so there certainly must have been a bunch of conservatives in that vote. Some of you must have selective seeing.

    • Joe H.

      There are very few conservatives in government right now eddie47dumb. just because they have (R) after their name doesn’t mean they are conservative. This is evidenced nowhere better than the vote today on the HC bill. A true conservative would never go against the wishes of 75% of their constituents, but a lot of Repubs did. Or should I say a whole lot of RINOS did!!! there’s a whopping hell of a lot of difference between the two!!!

      • Smilee



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