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Democrats Boycott Coca-Cola Co. For Supporting Conservative Policy

April 6, 2012 by  

Democrats Boycott Coca-Cola Co. For Supporting Conservative Policy
Coca-Cola Co. will no longer give money to conservative group American Legislative Exchange Council due to the threat of boycott.

Coca-Cola Co. will no longer financially support the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a group that promotes voter ID and “stand your ground” laws.

Democratic officials as well as the website were making plans to blackball the maker of America’s favorite beverage because of the company’s support of ALEC.

The movement began when tweeted: “@CocaCola is helping undermine voting rights. Tell them to stop.”

In an attempt to avoid bad publicity, Coca-Cola Co. decided to withdraw its support from ALEC. applauded the corporation. A statement on the website read:

We learned today that Coca-Cola has ended its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. Coke dropping ALEC is a major victory for all who are concerned about efforts to suppress the Black vote. It’s also a victory for the many who are critical of the Kill at Will law that Trayvon Martin’s killer is using as his defense.

But Coca-Cola Co.’s withdrawal may not have been the best strategy. The move has some conservatives opting for Pepsi.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Sirian

    Ah, such reminisced similarities to Germany, 1930’s.

    • joe1cr

      I see Jessie Jackson old tried and true black boycotts and his shakedowns of business expanding to the liberal democrat party.
      After all ,that work with Budweiser getting his sons one of their distributorships and his shakedowns of companies making him rich.
      Can Coke Cola distributorships be far off for Obama liberal socialist cronies in the government ?

      • Robert Smith

        Remiinds me of the American Family Association boycotting Ford.

        Then there are One Million Moms is threatening to boycott Toys”R”Us for selling an Archie comic featuring a same-sex marriage.

        Oh my… The Right-wing Boycott of Thin Mints is real. They don’t like the Girl Scouts.

        Ohhhhhhhhh, and the American Family Association is boycotting Home Depot and Old Navy. Gosh that right wing bunch is just-a-boycotting all over the place.

        Here’s another bunch agains the Girl Scouts: ” Today on his daily radio bulletin, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins urged listeners to boycott Girl Scout cookies.”

        Those darn girl scouts.

        Even Google hasn’t been left alone: “Randy Thomasson of the right-wing group Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) has called for a boycott of Google for its opposition to Proposition 8″

        Now, what was that boycott from the left?

        Oh yes, Coke. I tried snorting it once and got the bottlecap stuck in my nose.


      • angelwannabe

        Robbie, Robbie, __Googling for opposing articles_getting 0.5 second answers, copy and paste. Hmmm_Makes the user “Look” intelligent……=P

      • http://naver samurai

        Just another chance to spin something, eh Rob? So any group that supports the traditional family, morals, ethics, protecting children, the Constitution, and our Christian family is automatically right wing? If this is true, then the right is on the right side with God.

        “”The wise man keeps his heart in his right hand. The fool keeps it iin his left.”

        Ecclesiastics 10:2


      • Robert Smith

        From angel: “Googling for opposing articles…”

        Yup, clearly demonstrating how much the right wing uses boycots.

        The hypocrisy of pointing out ONE boycot from the left and then watching all those religious nuts claiming they can stand their holy ground and force their version of “morality” on the rest of us by not buying girl scout cookies…



  • Vicki

    Just remember we can tweet to conservatives about telling companies to stop supporting liberal causes too.

    • wandamurline

      Since I read an article that Pepsi uses stem cell technology to enhance their taste, I already buy Coke products….since Coke cut off the Demorat liberal progressive socialists/marxists, I will double my purchases in an attempt to make up the difference that they will lose on the liberal side. Everyone pitch in.

      • Jazzabelle

        That made no sense. Coke didn’t cut off the liberals, they bowed to them and quit their membership in a conservative organization.

      • Robert Smith

        Enjoy all that high fructose corn serup in Coke. Looks to me like suicide by big business.

        I’ve been told that rum can reduce the effects. I’ll research that one personally.

        Cuba Libre!!!!!!!!!!!


    • carrobin

      Are voting rights a liberal cause? I’m glad I’m a liberal.

      • Jazzabelle

        That was myopic.

      • oh oh

        Voting rights are an American cause and Americans should support sensible solutions to protect their voting rights from being diluted by the fraudulent acts of others, whether American or not.

      • http://naver samurai

        Because they support voter ID they are considered bad to you Carrobin? What’s wrong with making sure that only Americans vote? Just like a stupid lib to not care who votes. This is how many libs get votes by having illegals vote. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Robert Smith

        Hey samurai!

        I was supporting voter ID 30 years ago when the right wing religious nuts were opposing it.



        • Fossil

          Robert Smith…..would you rather have right wing religious nuts or left wing radical Saul Arlinsky nuts. Trust me , you don’t want the Arlinky nuts. Do your home work.

      • Jazzabelle

        Robert Smith, the question is Are you STILL supporting it, or have you flip-flopped now that the religious nuts have stopped opposing it?

      • Robert Smith

        Some are worried about Saul Arlinsky.

        I don’t worry about him. As an individual he’s just another Jewish guy who worked to end poverty and oppression.

        Where have I heard about that before?


        • Fossil

          Robert Smith…..wrong again! Arlinsky was all about deception and the easiest ones to influence are the poor and uneducated. It’s all about destroying capitalism, the haves and the have nots. Sound familiar! You didn’t read far enough.

      • Robert Smith

        Do you mean like the Republican Southern strategy cooked up by Nixon? Toss in religious interests, like Nixon pandering the the catholic anti-abortion efforts (yup, it’s a political issue for the right wing and has absolutely nothing to do with “babies”) and wow do they lead the religious folks to the right.

        The Republican Party strategy of winning elections in Southern states by exploiting anti-African American racism and fears of lawlessness among Southern white voters and appealing to fears of growing federal power in social and economic matters (generally lumped under the concept of states’ rights) is real. So much of it can be seen around this forum.

        How does it feel being led around by the nose TODAY, not 50 years ago when the guy you are yammering about was alive?


        • Fossil

          Robert Smith….here you go again. What about the way the democrats (socialist party) lead around the sheeple minority groups? Man do they drink the cool aid.

      • Jazzabelle

        Hmmm…Robnert Smith STILL won’t tell us whether he supports Voter ID or not.

  • Paul

    Great move Coke, and Pepsi. Hope more firms join you.

  • JimH

    Pepsi, please.

  • Michael Keith

    Well I won’t be drinking Coke anymore.

    • Donald York

      Madness, madness I say!

      • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

        And don’t tell me that Dr. Pepper supports……?…..? (post lib protest here).. Don’t matter! I’ll drink it anyway.. C’mon Leroy, let’s go home.

  • ZED

    It is truely astounding that the democrats realize they cannot win an election but by dubious means. They need all of the illegals and of course their ACORN minions to vote illegally and often repeatedly by voting in the place of the dead. Every democrat county clerk in this country is suspect becasue they have direct access to the registered voter lists. They use these lists to get democrat operatives to vote in the place of people that have passed on. True Scumbaggery at work. This is why they oppose the voter ID laws. With these laws in place they will not be able to steal another election like 2008…the result of which is that we now have a marxist sub-human, his orangutan ‘ho and their picaninnies in our WHITE House. We need to remove these swine and fumigate the place to get the stench of sub-human out before we put a good and respectable American and his family in it.

    • jeanne jones

      As big a company as Coke is I can’t believe they believe the tactics the liberals are using. I love coke but I’ll stick with water until the liberals figure a way to scare the water companies. They should have the freedom to support whatever they want not having to stoop as low as the liberals are forcing them to.

      • Robert Smith

        My water at home is municipal.

        Aren’t most places that way if folks aren’t on wells?

        Glad to see you supporting your local government.


      • angelwannabe

        ROBBIE,__”Glad to see you supporting your local government.

        You get a cut of that loot too don’t ya robbie, after all it is payday on shill island?

    • dlee4144

      I sure hope you aren’t on your local neighborhood watch team.

    • Thinking About

      I will also suspect the republican voter register of fraud since I am receiving political mail for my step son who passed away in 1988 and had never registered to vote. Have a feeling this son has been “voting” in several elections in the past few years. The game works both ways. After Florida in 2000 I see how boxes are stuffed.

      • Libertytrain

        My son used to get tons of high end political stuff – and he was just a young kid. But his name is the same as a certain prominent business exec – Not in the same city – but the same name so am guessing it’s not all that unusual if someone found an address to match a name – voter or not.

  • Cynicalc

    Gave up Arby’s so I won’t need coke.

  • B. Holmes

    Coke never has been good for you…or good. It sure is easy to select something else.

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      Beer. It’s proof that God wants you to be happy.

      • Robert Smith

        And in years gone by a way to drink something without it being contamnated.

        Most of history was created by guys with a buzz on.


  • Robert Peterson

    Quit buying coke stuff. Don’t let your kids drink their slop either. Its amazing that anyone can vote without showing an I.D. The democrat party should be re-named the party of commie-pinko-bed-wetting-socialists. They don’t care about the real Americans in this country. Power is what they are after.

    • eddie47d

      ALEC has sponsered many state bills and are a major lobbying group on several issues themselves. They encourage more Corporate influence in the voting booth not less. They are deeply involved in social issues also such as the vaginal ultrasound bill that failed in Virginia,Texas and Pennsylvania. They are another arm of the Chamber of Commerce and Citizens United. These groups also tell you how to vote and who to vote against and the individual voter won’t be relevant anymore with their tactics. The Republicans also have their arm candy (ALEC) to help suade Legislators.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Robert, you posted: “Its amazing that anyone can vote without showing an I.D.”

      Used to be the right wing was opposed to voter ID. Remember that old 666 garbage?

      What has motivated them to change?


      • angelwannabe

        Robbie__”Used to be the right wing was opposed to voter ID. Remember that old 666 garbage?

        What has motivated them to change?


      • BunRoe

        Probably to spite the opposition. Certainly not as an advocate for the people as politicians of all color and platform are incapable of humanity. Just another ploy that the opposition beat them to so, why not stir some $hit..

      • Robert Smith

        Angel asks: “What has motivated them to change? ”

        Rush Limbaugh tolld ‘em to.


  • http://yahoo camdenme12

    Businesses intimitated by these socialist organizations are weak!!! We need to rise up against these liberal groups and squash them like a grape!! Coke taste terrible anyways.

  • http://AT&T RHESA COOK


  • dan

    Don’t drink ANY of that suger-water crap….first it rots your teeth and then it rots your brain. I believe Coke has been a long time sponsor of Planned Parenthood…the baby killing corp. but then so has Ford and who knows who else….I’d say drink water but the
    FDA has been allowing them to dump fluoride into it ,sigh

    • Jazzabelle

      Well, there’s water in Coke, isn’t there? Wanna take bets on whether it’s fluoridated?

      Seriously, though. If you have no choice but to drink city water, get a filter. You’ll need it for more than the fluoride.

  • hooder

    Stick coke where the sun don’t shine! The spineless execs have been bullied into the corrupt Obama’s administration way of thinking. They want a total dictatorship and are on their way to get one. Pour the coke out and drink water or beer or anything not connected to coke. And get rid of Obama and all of his corrupt cohorts and czars and fellow idiots!

  • dlee4144

    How did you manage to overlook the fact that Coke was a few days behind Pepsi in making this move? They both said they just want to sell soda, and not get involved in politics.

  • Dave

    I think it is a bad move to give in to these threats to boycott your company. I would prefer that the company stand its ground and not be intimitated by thugs. This has nothing to do with suppressing the voting rights of blacks, whites, spanish or any other ethnic group. It has to do with being able to commit voter fraud at the polls. We all know that you can’t buy cigarettes, alcohol or cold medicine without showing an ID! Try to rent a car or buy a plane ticket without one. Think People! Drink Coke not Kool-ade.

    • Jazzabelle

      Coke might be worse for you than Kool-Aid. It’s full of high fructose corn syrup, which contains mercury, a known neuro-toxin that causes permanent brain damage. Where did you think all the Obama supporters came from??

  • rePete

    Bye bye (among others): Coke, Pepsi & Homo Depot.

  • jopa

    hooder;You may find it awful painful when you try to sit down.However I believe in freedom of choice so you just stick that bottle wherever you want.

  • Doug

    Lets hope all the Demorats, Communist and Marxist and Socialist drinks as much coke and pepsi has they can handle hell give it to them for free! Thats one way to make sure they don’t live long healthly life you be better off drinking rat poison then any type of soda that has oorn syrup or Aspertaine have at it! Al I almost forgot Eddie and Flushy make sure you drinks at least 10 servings a day it bring out the liberal in you even more!

    • dufas magnet

      My Gawd! You people are so gullible.. You slam Dems, giving everybody the impression that once your crunch buddies get into office everything will be honky-dory.. That their the answer to all America’s problems.. Well what about those tea sippers who in 2010 said, “vote us in and we’ll produce jobs, jobs, jobs!!” (where are they?) and 2000 – 2008, what about THAT ‘Kick start toward the abyss’..? OH, I forgot.. That’s past history and you’re talking future.. So, has ANYBODY noticed if the Pubs you value so high has changed since Bush? All those who believe this political crap, hold up your check book.. Bottom line here is, their ALL power hungry money grubbing slime and we just keep playing merry-go-round with them.. (when are we gonna learn?).. Now that the Trayvon Martin buzz is beginning to lose it’s luster, they’ve decided to give us soda pop in order to take our minds off the pathetic bills their passing on us behind closed doors.. B’ness as usual.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        The reason the Tea Party candidates haven’t been able to make headway where jobs are concerned is because we failed to take control of the Senate too. Reid has done everything he can to stonewall and hinder any legislation that goes against his annointed one’s agenda of Socialism. It’s part of the “checks and balances” system this country was founded upon. Unfortunately, sometimes that system can still bite us in the A## but it’s still the best system there is.

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      Coca-Cola and Pepsi products. The new “Kool-Aid”.

  • William Amann

    If you can still buy Coke products with food stamps, the liberal boycott won`t work!!

  • B.K.

    I am so sick of this BS the liberals are pushing. In what sphere of reality does it remove anyone’s right, black, Hispanic or white, to vote just because you have to show proof that you are in fact a legal citizen of this country? How is it that this has become a legitimate argument? They cry for “social justice” which is not justice at all. It’s let me have my way because I have skin that is different that you. What we should be saying is where is the equal justice for everyone. It doesn’t restrict anyone who has a legal right to vote in this country to prove they have that right. It also keeps people from voting more than once. This is the most decisive and corrupt administration that we have had in my memory. They need to go and the people who are pushing so much hate and division need to have something done to stop them. People need to stop listening to them and looking at what is happening because of them. We have been set back 40 years in race relations just in the past three years. When I was in school race wasn’t an issue and even 20 years ago when I had black men as my managers in a couple of jobs. Wonderful men who told me race was never and issue to them, Why can’t people wake up and see the real motive of these people. They don’t want racism to stop, they would be of no consequence then. If we all looked at one another the same the Sharpton’s, the Jackson’s and the Panther’s of this world would have nothing to whine about and they would have to find a real job.

    • Alex Frazier

      The real fear I have with the REAL voter ID is that it is far too reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, where citizens had to have their “papers.” People without them would end up being arrested.

      If the REAL ID is used for voting, and ONLY for voting, I have no problem with it whatsoever. As many others have pointed out, we have to show ID to drive a car, buy alcohol or cigarettes, get a tattoo, etc. No black has ever felt the need to cry racism because they were forced to have a State issued identification card to buy a blunt.

      It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that the REAL ID is not a hindrance to minorities voting. It’s a stop gap on voter fraud.

      Except for the danger of the REAL ID furthering the cause of socialism, I’m otherwise 100% for it.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        You know Alex, I’m having a real problem following your logic here. The Voter ID law would simply require a voter to verify his/her identity with a photo and would allow the election judges to request said I.D. which, currently, in some states such as mine we are not allowed to do under the law. The law would further make accommodations for those who do not have a photo I.D. such as a drivers license to be able to obtain a reasonable facsimile through their local Dept. of Motor Vehicles. I fail to see how this equates to, as you put it, some socialist identification program reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Russia when it was the U.S.S.R.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    So Coke caves to lib/’socialist blackmail. Why am I not surprised?

    • eddie47d

      It could be that Coke did the right thing and didn’t give in to Corporate sponsered blackmail from ALEC. There is hope from some companies.

      • Vigilant

        “Blackmail?” What the hell are you talking about?

        Specifics of blackmail, please.

  • JDL

    ‘It’s also a victory for the many who are critical of the Kill at Will law that Trayvon Martin’s killer is using as his defense.’

    Talk about a spin! I am so sorry that the author wasn’t in New Orleans after Katrina, you know, like when the criminals were simply following the fed . marshals around the neighborhood bookmarking those who were now unarmed and then returned to same night to burglarize them. Maybe a tiny amount of first hand experience would temper his BS spins.

    • James

      People keep misstating what the law allows and the Martin-Zimmerman case is not about the Stand Your Ground Law………the media has consistently described the laws incorrectly. The “Stand Your Ground” or “Castle Doctrine” laws replaced the original requirement to retreat with a “reasonable person” standard, that a reasonable person would believe that a criminal intends to inflict serious bodily harm or death. For example, you can’t shoot a fleeing criminal in the back. You can’t provoke the attacker into attacking. You can’t use unnecessary force to stop the attack. Anyone who thinks that the law lets them “shoot first, ask questions later” will end up jail.
      The Washington Post’s description is almost laughable, claiming the law “immunizes an individual from criminal charges if he asserts he had a ‘reasonable’ fear of grave harm.” It isn’t that the individual firing the gun who gets to say that he had a “reasonable” fear. Ultimately, a judge or jurors get to decide if the fear was reasonable.

  • angelwannabe

    Geez_ WHO KNEW, the Dems Boycotting a Conservative leaning Business__Wah, Wah, Wah, I’ll Take my dollies and go home if I dont get my own way__Get Stuffed, ya bunch of cry babies!_

  • Liz

    Coca Cola is now on my Boycot list, along with everyone I can convence to do the same.

    • James

      That’ll be easy for me, I never liked Coca-Cola anyway.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        I just realized last night that this personal boycott by myself is going to be a real dilemma for me. I have a strict personal rule about drinking alcohol if I’m going to be out riding on the bike. So anytime I stop at a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol I would normally order a coke. Last night I was out for a ride and stopped at a Buffalo Wild Wings and out of habit I ordered a coke (not even thinking) and didn’t realize it until I got home. Needless to say, 1. I will have to be extra mindful not to order cokes when eating out, etc. and, 2. what do I chose for a beverage now? I don’t do Pepsi products and now I won’t do Coke products so what’s left at a bar/restaurant unless they serve coffee. A dilemma indeed.

  • CaptTurbo

    If Coke is so easily bullied by liberal trash, they are getting what they deserve. Grow a pair Coke! You were doing the right thing but I guess your sense of right and wrong isn’t your strongest virtue.

  • Jerry M

    There are still enough conservatives in this country that if we stopped buying COKE we could cause COKE to rethink their decision to cave in to the RACE BAITERS. I’m doing my part, are you?

    • eddie47d

      My bet is that most of you aren’t even Coke drinkers and are just blowing smoke because you can. I don’t drink Coke or Pepsi and don’t have a pony in this show. Besides Coke does most of it’s sales overseas on the worldwide market.

  • Jerry M

    Only those people looking for dishonest election results would be against a fair election? You Know, People like Obama. Let’s see how that works, now. ACORN fills out a voter registration application in the name of “Mickey Mouse”. That name is given to someone to vote in the name of Mickey Mouse and they have to show no proof of ID. They get paid a few dollars and then get another name and vote in the new person’s name and this is done over and over. The only way there will ever be a fair election is to require a voter registration card have the voter’s photo to match the person voting on the card. Even if ACORN signed up people with made up names or dead people, only those people showing a voter registration card with a proper photo to match the person voting would be allowed to vote. After a person votes, their finger should be dipped in purple dye to stop that person from voting again the way it‘s done in some other countries.

    • dufas magnet

      FAIR elections? When did THAT phrase enter the picture? As long as you have officials slumming with politics, you’ll never have a fair election.. Look at 2004 and the crap that spewed from our ‘fair’ election.. We blamed Florida for their screw-up but I’m telling you that which ever State was chosen to be the last decider, this crap would have occurred as well.. It’s not the State, it’s the crooked counters who have a direct benefit from preventing ANY ‘Fair” election.. Don’t you get it? Since inception (when popular vote edged it’s way into the electoral college) the elections have been far from “FAIR”..

  • Okie

    I never did like Coke….Drink Dr. Pepper Heritage…real sugar, no corn syrup!

  • http://WND fay miller

    Coke has always been my favorite. I would not drink pepsi and all the eating places knew it. Coke, please stand up for whats right. Obama has taken everything he can for the wrong reasons. He is now quoting Jesus and he says he feels the pain that Jesus felt before he(Jesus ) was crucified. I think he stepped too far when he started quoting Jesus. Coke was and will remain my drink. but I won’t buy it until Coke wakes up and joins the real world. Coke remains me of what Obama said about wearing the American flag pin and the American Flag itself. He doesn’t want to take sides. I thought we were all Americans. Please coke wake up

  • Don Weingartner

    It is very sad that Coca Cola to see that you have given in to pressure from the left knowing all to well that they will suffer for this. I have bought my last bottle of Coke.

  • Mirage

    The Republicans/Tea Party are the ones behind the new voting laws because they cannot beat President Barack Obama fairly, so the parties on the Right HAVE TO CHEAT, OTHERWISE THEY LOOSE. NICE.
    From what I’ve read, voter fraud has never been much of an issue in modern times … sounds like an answer to a question that was not asked, like it was specially created to control something else.
    These new laws, with more “paper-work” required, make voting that much more difficult, particularly for the poor who have limited resources/transportation to appear at the various governmental offices for the new documentation. The poor, who naturally vote Democrat, because it is the only party that does anything to try and help them, will be most affected.
    That said, all Ameicans will be affected, and now that the Right is making voting more difficult, instead of something like a 30%+ percent turn out, it will probably be reduced even further …. just what Right-Elites want; reduce the public vote to something like 25%+, and increase their control on America.

    • StanB

      Mirage, You need to read more than Democrat talking points. Obama got elected via massive voter registration / voter fraud. Vote early vote often is a Democrat tactic used in all elections since JFK. So is rigging election voting machines, aka Harry Reid style. The Democrats even allowed voter intimidation tactics by the New Black Panthers in the 2008 election.

      Your false messiah, and the Democrats in Congress are pushing for a National I.D. Card for everyone…. now isn’t that hypocritical? Isn’t that against the poor, just like Voter I.D.? They are also pushing for bio-chips to be implanted in American Citizens….. You can’t have it both ways. The Democrats are against showing Voter Identification simply because they cannot win if I.D. has to be shown. If they get their way and a National I.D. card is adopted, what will be their excuse for not having to show it to Vote?

      • Thinking About

        Maybe you was not around in 2000, but a president was given an election due to rulings of rw supreme court. Also the state in question had a republican governor (which happened to be the candidates brother) and declared by a republican official, don’t bring up voter fraud. My stepson who died in 1988 and never registered to vote is now receiving political mail from republicans. Wonder how many times he “voted”. Also my county voter register is republican. When republicans can’t win elections it is because they don’t get the required votes.

  • wannahug

    Terrible news for Coke lovers! Know my hubby would be turning over in his grave about now, for he used to drive delivering semi-trucks full of Coke and others to Coke plants and he would be very angry with Coke for making this decision. However, I stopped drinking coke for other reasons, for am on a Diabetic diet – but sure will tell family members to stop buying coke for their bowing to the Leftist goons! GOD HELP AMERICA!

  • James

    So let me get this right, dems threaten boycott and coke bowed to their wish so now Repub. want to boycott coke because they bowed to dems, will coke say okay we changed our minds again and bow to repubs? really people? really? what the heck is the diff. SAD!

  • Fossil

    Wake up Mirage there is no such thing as the Democrat Party,there hasn’t been one since Truman. It is the Saul Arlinsky radical party and that is no conspiracy theory. They call themselve progressives, liberals, etc. as a smoke screen , This is how they keep the sheep in line is by lies and deception. Go read Arlinsky’s doctrine,if you really care, Obama follows it religiously. I didn’t believe it at first , but it is right on.

  • Tess

    The beginning of “1984″ and “Atlas Shrugged”. People BEWARE.
    I thought we had a LAW against Bullying.

  • James

    Caio Coke! You and the Home Depot (support for homosexuals) no longer deserve my business…………….

    • dufas magnet

      Hey! Disneyland has a special Homo Day.. Are they to be boycotted? Where does it all end? with the new inquisition..??

  • http://personallibertyjustice david fank

    im a coke drinker i will no more drink there product or any thing else to do with them its a sad day when a big company lets someone bully them well thier are people that support this law that drink thier product i would suggest to stop using there product and pass the word to anyone who will listen an boycott thier product i just bought 5 cases of thier product needless to say its all in the garbage now shame on these companys

    • BunRoe

      You could have at least donated those cokes to your neighborhood food bank.. What’s wrong with you? Is it your intention to allow the poor and needy to die from starvation so that you can save a tax buck? Pitiful!!

      • Alex Frazier

        No poor or needy person will ever have need of Coca Cola destined for the garbage can. Coke has no nutritional value whatsoever. It is high in caffeine, dehydrates you, rots your teeth, and can cause a variety of health issues. Beyond that, it is not food, so no one can be fed with it.

        Apart from being deprived the privilege of having something tasty to drink for free, no poor person will suffer a moment’s grief at the loss of Coca Cola in someone’s garbage can.

        So get real.

  • turingschild

    I suppose that’s fair. I’m boycotting Pepsi because they make their sweeteners with aborted baby parts. :p

    • Alex Frazier

      Correction: They test the reaction of their flavoring chemicals on fetal tissue. They do not use fetal tissue to make their flavoring. i.e. there are no aborted babies in Pepsi, just in the Pepsi lab.

  • Raggs

    color of change?
    (offensive words removed)
    SCREW the democrats!!!!!

    • CynicalC

      I try to aviod these kinds of discussions. But
      Raggs, you’re a PIG.

      • CynicalC

        And your grammer sucks.

  • CynicalC

    Who chooses to advertise where isn’t so much the issue.
    It’s a business decision based on audience demographics. But when a company chooses to announce a decision to advertise or not to advertise on any particular venue due to company policy or to outside pressure they have entered a de facto political arena. As a citizen I then have to make a decision, and doing nothing is its self a decision. The advantage a capitalist economy is that I do have choices. As opposed to a socialist economy, where the government makes many of those choices for me (and you).

  • Ben

    The better I like Coke products now that I have read this, I will be buying more Coke’s now to support the Company. Go Coke Co. you all are great and have a great product.

    • carl

      I wll no longer buy Coke products and none of my affilliates will handle coke products. Just a small dent , about 100 cases a week.

  • jopa

    Cynical C;I must agree Raggs is a Pig.

  • genie

    Canada Dry is still family owned. Their “Izze” is a nice change from the syrupy stuff. They own Frosty Root Beer, La Croix and have the US franchise (or whatever) for Perrier and San Pellegrino.

    • BunRoe

      And what about “Purple Passion”..? Why’d they take THAT off their list of products? Oh, I forget.. Purple is for homos.. Yeah! Right! And Kickapoo joy juice? Don’t tell me the word ‘kick-a-poo’ brought on those boycotts.. Hey! Why don’t they ever call it ‘girlcotts’..? At least it wouldn’t sound biased.

  • C.W.A.

    Doesn’t much matter to me. I tried Coke once when I was eight years old. It tasted dirty, so I have never touched it since. I am now sixty-five.

  • rightgunner

    The presidential election is under siege from those who can’t win if the voters are required to have valid picture ID. The Democratic Party, companies like Coca Cola who backed down on support, and others refuse to support a picture ID to vote. People who want to cash a check for even $1.00 must have a picture ID, but Democrat leadership doesn’t think a valid election is worth that much.

    With picture ID voter requirements, the Democratic leadership apparently believes that it cannot win the election. Don’t let this important election be subject to fraud. Sue the Justice Department for interfering with States who wish to validate voters, and accuse the Democratic party of trying to use non validated voters to commit fraud.

    Lets not just stand there and take this outrage, react now while the problem can still be solved!

    • Thinking About

      So democrats introduced voter I’d bills so they could win? Think it is the other way around. Wonder what the next scheme will be, continue to introduce bills and continue the war on women with sharia twist and this will bring mire votes for conservatives. Dream on and lose more elections.

  • Ronn Candow

    CocaCola executives aare cowards who would rather give up their principles morals and ethics to appease a minority group on the lunatic fringe. as for me, i will no longer knowingly purchase or consume any cocacola product, and i urge all conservatives to do the same. maybe they will get the message, but i doubt it.

  • Kay Beard

    Now Republicans can boycott CocaCola. I am!!!!!

  • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

    After over 50 years of supporting Coca-Cola and preferring to patronize restaurants that served Coke over Pepsi I guess now I have to settle for non-coke products. It’s time we start boycotting these socialist supporting companies as well as not go to any films or buy any CD’s, DVD’s, etc. that feature blatant Progressive celebrity figures. I think it’s obvious there are a lot more Conservatives than Demoncrats in this country yet. The only problem is we’ve been resting on our laurels for way too long and it’s time we mobilize. Don’t patronize any company that gives in to these extortionist groups, don’t support anyone (such as the aforementioned celebrities) that have ties or associate with known radicals, and get the Conservatives fired up and get them out there to vote! With all the discourse in the Republican primary, the one thing I’m not seeing out of the RNC is doing for the Republicans in this country what the Demoncrats did in 2008 and 2010 called “Get out the Vote” campaign. If we want to restore this country to what our founding fathers/brothers envisioned, we have to start with the ballot box regardless of how futile some may have come to think or believe voting has become. That’s just the attitude that the left is counting on. Meanwhile they’re ramping up the votes in their corner with all kinds of fervor and deceit.

    • Thinking About

      Your facts on there are more conseratives than democrats is not quiet true. Why do you think there are voter I’d bills being introduced if conservatives thought they had a majority? I don’t know if you have ever had the opportunity to work on election day but it just might open your world as to how elections work.

      • Rick in MN USAF(ret)

        I still think there are more conservatives than demoncrats. The problem is the conservative base has not been energized for years and the really said part about it is I don’t see the RNC putting any effort into energizing them either. Instead, they put all their effort into getting Romney nominated… thanks. We recently had coverage of the first election held in WI where photo ID had been implemented and they interviewed a couple of Senior Citizens who said this was the first time they had voted in years and it was because they believed their vote would actually matter this time. And yes, I have worked as an election judge the past two elections and will be again this year. I am also a delegate this too. The problem boils down to the conservative feeling like their votes don’t matter and the voter fraud by the Demoncrats has become so rampant that they haven’t bothered to show up at the polls. That’s the biggest reason we need photo ID across the nation…….so we can finally get some integrity back into the election process as well as to give the people hope of a much more accurate election process.

  • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

    Just an addendum to my previous comment. Coca-Cola would do well to take a lesson from the Susan G. Komen foundation’s debacle over Planned Parenthood. When news broke (first) that SGK had been funding PP, all H-E-Double Hockey Sticks broke out. Then, when they pulled their support only to cave to the extortionists at PP in the end we saw support for SGK seriously decline in the end. I believe there’s still hope for SGK after learning recently that there has been a major shake-up in their board of directors. After all, they WERE doing a great thing but, when it was revealed at what cost and who they were in bed with (no pun intended), the walls came crashing down around them. But they can still recover if they get their morals and ethics back in check and keep them that way.

  • cawmun cents

    Isnt Coke owned by Mormons?
    Isnt the republican candidate likely going to be Mormon?
    Isnt it strange that now the Democrats are going to hurt your candidate by destroying him from the base and all of you will help because you cant see the forrest through the trees?
    What we have here,is a failure to communicate.
    Jump on this or that bandwagon,damn the consequences.
    There are businesses which I stopped patronizing because they support Democrats.
    But I learned that if you go deep into the corporate structure,you get many products which you are used to using on your spit list.
    For years I wouldnt dream of touching a Pepski to my mouth for fear of spreading communism to my capillaries.
    I quit using Procter and Gamble products.
    I hated Wal-mart,because everything about it reeked of Red China.
    But then a startling thought overcame me.
    The reason many of these corporations have taken up overseas,is because of regulation to the point of draconian measure.Why I too suffer indignation at the hands of gubment regulators,dont I?
    The enemy of my enemy is my enemy,correct?
    So if I buy a foreign made product,or an American Union made product,I am still supporting communism,right?
    In a day when I have a choice between no.1,and no.2,(not withstanding the fact that these are represenative of potty numbers to those of us with small children)I suppose that this is all the illusion of the left-right paradigm all over again.

    In a perfect world,it wouldnt matter about political affiliations.We could go on harmoniously living the good life until disaster strikes,right?Wait a minute……isnt that happening now?
    While we argue left,right,liberal,conservative,God,godless,deviate,normal,the system goes on in perpetuum,correct?So what is our main complaint?Whether we drink Coke or not?
    Did you buy anything manufactured in China today?Because if you did then you have no ass to grumble with.If you are no-assed about what you buy them only buy products made in America with Americans who dont work for unions making them,with only parts made in America.

    Meanwhile back at the Paradgim Ranch,a realization comes sliding across the bar,as you sip your Belgian Budweiser.
    “I’m a victim of circumstances!”,you announce.
    Light beer is for whimps,but you were always taught that you have to be rail thin and running a marathon every week to be of decent health,so that is the beer of choice for consumers.Damn if I know why socialists think light lager beer is for the best,but they do.
    I know I drink American brewed micro-beer,not socialist owned light lager.How many of you drink the yellow fizzy urine-like stuff and think it is the cats meow?
    Millions,no doubt.At one time,the beermakers were on the pinnacle of manufacturing innovation,with their fancy bottling plants and production line tactics.Millions flocked to drink cold beer made in America by folks who thought it tasted good and brought it home to put in their American made refrigerators.
    Now they drink Belgian beer,and put it in their Chinese made refrigerators,and drive a Korean made car to get it from a Mexican owned store.
    Meanwhile,some of us have noticed something else.That there are very good beers being made by mom and pops breweries here in America.They arent mass production,and there are no multi-billion dollar ad campaigns,designed to make you think that one whimpy light beer is more manly than another.
    Just plain old potent American ingenuity at work,devising a better product through small business,and mom and pops engineering a marketing strategy of homemade brews.
    The giant corporate Obamacare specialists and regulation”expert/researchers,will tell you that homemade beer is bad for you.You can never live to be a hundred and fifty if you drink their American made excellent beer.
    You have to have light beer from some mass-political nightmare corporation or you will get Diabetes,right?So you drink the light beer which was made for whimps,and pussify yourself on how American you are for not drinking Coke.What a maroon…..
    Is it the patent you wanted for America?
    To be convinced that you are weak,and be mind manipulated into buying feckless products to the tune of trillions to support socialism from its very base?
    Shame on you America for not seeing the new revolution for where it takes place in the market.Beer sales.Beer got you here,and now you have a choice which direction you want to go.With InBev,to the Belgian Bolshevik Bureaucracy,or to the modern American innovator.
    My choice is clear.
    My beer is cloudy,and American made,with an alcohol by volume measurement,and caloric content that reflects the John Wayne in my heart.It has flavor and is not really marketable in many parts of society.It’s not watered down,advertised,socialism in a bottle.You cant get me to drink light beer.But then again Many of us…convinced by the healthcare industry,and insurance companies,that American made beer is bad for us,can go on living forever in our socialist utopia,euphorically denying what makes us Americans.
    I raise a toast to their arrogance!

    • Fossil

      cawmen cents….you da man!

  • jopa

    Pepsi made the same move as coke and you have to look real close to figure out what brands these two companies actually control such as Dr, Pepper,Sprite etc.A good concoction for the Conservatives would be a Santorum slushy topped with whipped cream and a cherry.Google Santorum for recipe.

  • Brad

    I am curious about all this talk about suppressing the minority vote by making people show an ID. Do minorities cash checks? Do they buy alchohol at restaurants and stores such as Target? I could go on and on about instances in daily life that I have to show an ID to prove who I am. Most people do not even blink when asked for an ID when they do these things.Tell me why somehow voting is different? Maybe it is because when you load up a van with people and carry them from polling place to polling place, it makes it inconvenient for a third party to be able to excercise the voing priviledges of those who are either dead, incompetent, or physically unable to go to the polls, when you have to prove who you are.

  • http://PLD FRENCHIE


  • oldschool

    Too many special interests in America. Too much selling out. Too little independent thought. Libiots desperate because they know they’re in trouble….

  • PWE

    Perfect! Just the encouragement I needed to cut out both Coke AND Pepsi……and limit my purchases to “house” brands.

  • RW

    Coke has lost their moral compass again. I didn’t need there poison anyway

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  • Dad

    So what makes these guys think that they will be boycotted by the other side?
    I haven’t used Sears for over a decade after they went after the Boy Scouts… included the United Way with them. Water is better for you anyway…

  • James

    Let’s remember, Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine.

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      And that was when? 1894 to 1904? Ahhh, seems to me medical science was essentially still in the dark ages back then. Most of the experienced doctors/surgeons by that time had gotten their training on the battlefields during the civil war. Even then, their formal training was a matter of only one or two years at some school of higher learning with no real credentials.

    • James

      This comment and the above I don’t like coke, are mine. The other ‘James’ comments are by another ‘James.’

  • FEDUP!


  • grnmouse

    Speaking of water wells-don’t let the town know you’re not connected otherwise they will force you to have the town water department dig on your property to hook up and you will have to pay for it!


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