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Democrats Blasts Republicans On The House Floor Over Procedural Objection

August 5, 2010 by  

Democrats Blasts Republicans On The House Floor Over Procedural ObjectionAn enraged Democratic lawmaker publicly lashed out at House Republicans last week for their procedural objection to an amendment that would provide healthcare to 9/11 first responders.

The majority of Republicans opposed the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act because Democrats utilized a maneuver that prevented any amendments from being offered.

During his 90-second tirade on the House floor, Representative Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) erupted at the GOP after it became clear that the Republicans had enough votes to defeat the bill in its current form, according to CBS News.

"It’s Republicans wrapping their arms around Republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes," Weiner screamed. "It is a shame. A shame! If you believe this is a bad idea to provide healthcare, then vote no! But don’t give me the cowardly view that ‘Oh if it was a different procedure’…"

Due to the fact that Democrats chose to bypass the amendment process, the measure needed a two-thirds vote to pass. The bill failed to pass—with 255 representatives voting for the bill and 159 voting against it.

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    With that many votes against it, it makes one wonder why. Too much pork? Obviously there is some issue going on with it to make so many oppose it.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Yes, the issue is that the conservative right is unwilling to care for American heros or they were objecting to not being allowed to add their own pork to the bill.

      • Craig

        So Conservatives should vote no questions asked, for a bill to help the first responders no matter what other crap is in it? There should be a law that prevents law makers from including bills hidden in other bills. Or things in a bill that have nothing to do with said bill. Like the illegal health care in this bill.

      • YCGH

        So the Democrats used a procedure that prevented any amendments, thus requiring the 2/3 vote, and that’s the Republicans fault? Why did they not just call for a simple majority vote? One pattern that never seems to deviate is that of Democrats blaming others for their actions/choices.

        And if the Democrats really do not like amendments being added to unrelated bills, why do they not pass a rule banning such practices? Could it be that they would then not be able to do the same?

        Seems they just got caught with their pants down and are now trying to divert attention away from their mistake.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Doc Sarvis…. And you know this how? Have you read the bill? I was only speculating, but you seem to have an inside track to what actually happened… Enlighten us!

      • Sgt Mike

        I do not know the details of the bill.

        I DO KNOW, that many of the Fire and rescue people at ground zero REFUSED to wear the protective equipment that was provided by OSHA.

        Heros, many were. Con Artist, some were and they are at work today.

        I want my tax $$ helping ONLY those who honestly deserve it.

    • Kinetic1

      Let’s hear the whole story for once. There’s no mystery as to what was in this bill, the writer just left out many facts and slanted the article against the Dems. So here it is, the Republicans did indeed want to add an amendment to prevent any of the money being spent on illegal aliens. Further (and more to the point) the Dems planed to pay for the health care by adding measures that would close loopholes that allow foreign corporations based in tax haven countries to avoid paying taxes on money earned here in America.

      If you were watching coverage of the vote, the Republicans were not speaking to the issue of funding illegal heroes. After all, even if a 9/11 rescue worker was here illegally, he risked his life to save victims trapped in the towers. Would you want to be the one standing up to deny him help for illness caused by his heroism? No, the Republicans kept objecting to the attached “tax increase”! Oh yes, no one wants foreign corporations to be forced to pay their taxes.

      The bottom line here is that the Republicans wanted to force the Dems to vote on an illegals issue and the Dems were willing to risk losing the vote to avoid the situation. The Republicans were willing to accept the “tax increase” if they could get a club to beat the Dems over the head with and pander to those who fear the alien throngs, and the Democrats were willing to risk losing by using a special procedure, knowing they could try again another day and also have the “they don’t care about anything but corporations” club to beat the Republicans. Worst of all, we lost again because of politics. Our heros were denied health care because our politicians were too busy playing games in an election year.

  • Cribster

    I’m not contributing much here but Weiner may be the most annoying little prick in congress.

    • vsop4u

      amen. he reminds me of the kid who goes “nah, nah, ne nah hah”, when his dad or big brother are around, but won’t say shit when he’s by him self.

      • vsop4u

        whoops! himself.

      • Tea Party Tim

        Of course you know that eventually that kid gets caught, when his big brother or dad isn’t around. Then somebody sticks his little head in the toliet and flushes it a couple of times.

        Looks like some voters need to take this guy and stick his head in the toliet.

        • Cameron

          Since his head’s already up his A$$ that shouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

    • Craig

      Weiner was on Hannity last week. Hannity tried to get Weiner to pledge to never vote on a bill he has not read. Weiner weasel worded his way around not taking that pledge. Guess we know what a class act Weiner is.

    • WarriorH

      He’s like a wannabe Rahm.

  • enough?

    Why has No One mentioned that attached to this bill was another minor portion granting ILLEGAL immigrants health care, to be paid for by our taxes. It is a very sad day for those who are supposed to be our eyes and ears in this nation…I actually remember when a person who was involved in the newa media reported the news as it was, and I am not that old.

    • Dan Burke

      When the media plays ball for your team, then you can count on them to cover for your mistakes and take your cues for calling foul on your opponent…. In sports, the ref or umpire actually caught cheating on their calls like that should be fired/fined/or something of that sort. Unfortunately, Americans have become so deadened to this and since media is our “umpire” in this game, it can be hard to call the media for bad calls when none of us actually know the whole truth…. Sort of like finding out that the stimulus bill had hidden health care agenda and the health care bill included student loan takeover…. Good thing I can read some people here catch some of the “facts” the media intentionally skips. Just keep in mind that I try (and its hard sometimes) to treat what I read here as facts either. So until I get to verify that claim about health care for illegals being in there, I don’t know if it was or not. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. However, I don’t think it would have been necessary. I believe that the current collection of laws we have on the medical profession would have been able to assure that happens anyways. The only real difference would be making it truly “legal” to do and thus create a “legal” defense for then granting “amnesty” for all or complete non-compliance with illegal immigration laws in the future…. Or some sort of convoluted nonsense which politicians are notorious for.

      • Dan Burke

        Correction: I try to not treat the stuff I read here as facts with supporting evidence.

        Looks like I am having trouble with getting all my thoughts into sentences today. Skipping words and all that.

    • Kinetic1

      No, there wasn’t. The bill did not say anything about health care for illegals until the Republicans made it known that they wanted to add an amendment prohibiting any of the money from going to illegals. It’s not clear how much (if any) would have gone to illegals, but those illegals would have had to have either been been emergency workers or victims of 9/11 and their families. Either way, denying health care for our nations’ heroes based on the notion that some money might go to an illegal, that’s ridiculous. I think we should deny health care to Republicans in the house because they may use some of the money they save on insurance to pay for their illegal maids health care costs.

  • Ben England

    I have to agree about all the added pork. If a bill won’t pass on it’s own then don’t try to sneak it in on a good bill.The republicans are for the good of the nation, not Mexico.

    • eddie47d

      The Republicans are good for nothings anymore. Vote Libertatian.

  • TIME

    The simple method to avoid the obvious rhetoric from progressive buffoons, is to have ALL bills presented based soley on only “ONE” issue, thus omiting any and all PORK.

    Each bill should be no longer than 20 pages in total. As well each bill should be fist voted on by the people, and it must pass with a 99% approval, then and only then can Congress even start on such work as passing the bill. And the Senate can’t change it to meet their liking or add any PORK.

    I say this due to the fact that the Congress and Senate can no longer be trusted to do their jobs, and this is nothing new for you little twinkies that want to blame someone else.

    As well we know that Barry Soetoro is not to be trusted at all, thus any and all Executive orders must be viewd by the American public and get no less than a 99% vote in Favor of such prior to any orders even being addressed.

    ** Just as the news is now breaking about Kegan being the one who has been kicking out all of the law suits based on Barry Soetoro’s Birth Certificate.
    Strage that he picked her for the Supreme Court? No ~ Not!

    Last note – Our system was meant to work, on a per issue law not a bundle of Porkers.

    But as per the norm, our congress and senate can’t seem to work for the AMERICAN People. Strange, No, ~ Not!

    No instead they word rather work for their own “SELF SERVING – Self GRAIFYING” – NON American issues, {thus promoting more of the same preverted progressive agenda} that seems to be ever present in the DC belt way as a natural way of life. They are not above the law!

    Just for the record, The Wiener is a 100% total Pork Filled Intestine. One who needs a new JOB very soon, New Yorkers, you have your job set out for you, its nearly a 100% total toss out for New York state. So stay on target!

    • eddie47d

      I’ll agree we need to rein in pork but what about Republican pork? Everything you say can’t only be about progressives and Obama. I believe in line item vetos on both parties. The Republicans about 8 yrs ago passed a bill and signed by Bush that allowed 6 suv’s to be classified as farm vehicles. This includes the Hummer with one of the worst mileage ratings of any vehicle. Any person who bought these vehicles could claim a business deduction for the full price of the vehicle.(taxpayer money).President Bush said he wishes he had read the bill for he never would have signed it.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        eddie47d…. And why hasn’t anyone held Barry to his promise that all bills will be posted and read before being brought up for a vote? Not to mention he campaigned on stopping all the pork laden bills and even said he would use a marker to mark out the pork? I doubt there is any from either party that hasn’t had something to do with all the pork in these bills. I agree that it has to stop. It’s like getting your oil changed. The sign said 29.99, but when you get your car back you have new tires on it, windshield wipers, etc, to increase the bill to 929.99. Who wouldn’t be mad?

      • TIME

        Eddieeeeee are you just plain stupid?

        I mean really I just outlined what should be followed by “everyone in Congress and the Senate” pull you head out of your butt and smell fresh air for once.

        You don’t need a bloody line item veto with the way it was set up that has been preverted over the years.

        If you keep it simple stupid known as KIS, there can be no special interes at all.

        Also when the American people get to see the bills and see if they will even allow such a bill – as noted above within the text of my post a 90% rate.
        Then ZERO abuse can occur, Can I make it any more simple for ya?

        • eddie47d

          Here we go with the name calling.Atta boy big shot.

      • s c

        Bush, Bush, Bush. Are you related to Queen Nancy? Just HOW MUCH do you get paid to spew your diatribe on this website? You re-define redundant, dude. Get a life, and find a way to believe that GB is no longer in the White House. The current White House LOSER is Herr Obummer. And, stick to the point, progressive. Your mind wanders WAY too much.

        • eddie47d

          I was on the same issue as TIME,PORK was his issue or is reading a problem for you. No wonder you repeat the same mistakes over and over again.You skip over parts of history that you would like to forget.

    • ChuckL

      TIME, welcome aboard. I’ve been using the idea in your first paragraph for over ten years now. I call it a “Single Issue Bill”.

      Think we will ever get it though?

      • TIME

        Hi Chuck,

        Its very possible but first we will need to remove every last progressive from both houses.

        Greed is a strong factor in why most politicians go to DC, then it becomes Greed second, Lust for Power then becomes first.

        This format would remove all special interest groups once and for all, and the best part is a total end to Government waste spending plus a smaller Government overall.

        It would allow REAL JOBS to spring up by the hundreds of millions and we could in fact move forward and perhaps within ten years become number One in the world again.

    • Cameron

      Our Constitution was only a very few pages in length. It’s a crying shame that supposedly simple laws take thousands of pages to be submitted. I guess our current crop of lawmakers isn’t anywhere near as smart as the Founding Fathers were, huh?

    • Kinetic1

      First off, this bill was not about pork. There was an attachment to pay for the program by forcing foreign corporations to pay taxes on money earned here, but you can hardly call that pork.

      I think we all agree that pork is a bad thing and unrelated attachments should be forced to stand on their own. I feel the same way about adding amendments and pork to a bill AFTER it has passed vote, but If every bills concept needed to be passed by 99% of the electorate before congress could even discuss it, we would still be living in the dark. This country is lead by the party that has the majority of elected officials. To offset that majority, the minority has some recourse to prevent particularly biased or vile bills from passing. but no guarantee. Now I understand that you and your ilk would like the government to be whittled down to an office with a staff of a dozen or so temps, but some of us appreciate having good roads and guaranteed education. Your idea would allow any fringe group from stopping a bill before it even got started. Auto companies would stop Rail investment, tobacco farmers would have stopped cigarette taxes and The KKK would have stopped civil rights bills. Now you might think this is a good idea. You may even agree with some of the groups mentioned, but MOST Americans would be opposed.

      We elect leaders based on their promises. We know that they will be compromised from time to time, but we accept that reality. We hope that they will do the right thing, but when they don’t we need to vote them out. Unfortunately, most voters don’t take the time to see if their elected officials do what they promised. They base their votes on adds that run during campaign season. I’ve always wanted to limit a candidate to 4 o 5 debates on public television, no adds, no speeches, but that would only work if Americans were willing to sit and listen or read and then look into the claims made by the poiticians. Judging by this site, even those who are interested won’t do the leg work.

      As to eddie47ds comments, fess up TIME. You ranted on and on about progressives. You may intend for
      “everyone in Congress and the Senate” to follow your ideas, but you blame everything on progressives.

      “thus promoting more of the same preverted(sic) progressive agenda”
      “need to remove every last progressive”
      “obvious rhetoric from progressive buffoons”

      I won’t say that progressives aren’t responsible for some pork and I won’t argue that progressives are always right. But in this case, when it comes to the 9/11 bill it was the Republicans, the CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS that shot down a bill to aid 9/11 victims and first responders because the bill a) did not include wording to prevent ANY illegal from receiving ANY of the aid (talk about “obvious rhetoric”) and b) it included a passage that would have paid for the bill by closing loopholes allowing foreign corporations to avoid paying taxes on money earned here. Eddie47d was right to point out your hypocrisy. You scream about the foul deeds of progressives even when the story is about the games the conservatives were playing. You can hide behind your claimed intentions, but it’s clear what you really have on your mind.

  • Lee

    If Whiner thought is was so importment, why the hell did it take 10 years to bring to a vote?

    • eddie47d

      Insurance money must have ran out.

  • http://yahoo abby

    the reasons Republicans are against many of the bills trying to be passed by the House and Senate are many and varied. What is hidden in the bill? Media wants you to believe they are the “bad” guys. The title of the bill does not necessary guarantee that’s what being challanged. Besides hidden agendas, How about where is the money coming from; what is the government going to cut back on to ensure fiscal responsibility for these bills? Look at the the muck in the health care bill – not even remotely related to health care. The bill passed (through arm twisting and bribery) and now we are having the ramifications.

  • Dee

    IF the bill was so good, why didn’t it pass? As stated, it had provisions for ‘illegals’ healthcare .. Now why in the world would anyone vote for this bill when the President said that ‘illegals’ wouldn’t be covered by his own Health care bill .. It’s those ‘sneaky’ amendments that get’s the Democrat’s panties in a bunch & tries to discredit the ‘Republicans’ … NOBODY trusts this Congress… As we’ve seen with other bills, there’s always something HIDDEN, that we find out about later, then it costs every TAXPAYER… Vote out all the ‘Progressives’ in November …

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Dee… You are so right! The Republicans are always cast as the bad guys, but I was pretty much convinced that there was more here than what we were being told. It’s the stuff that is tucked away in the bill that is what we need to know about.

  • Allen

    I beleive that every bill that comes before congress should stand on it’s own merits. If the Health bill had come to a vote in this manner, then only about 6 items in the myriad of garbage would have passed and we would have a much stronger health care system with less Government intrusion and no increased tax burden.

    As for a direct vote of the people, you must remember that we are not a direct democracy, we are a Representative Republic form of government. This means that we must be very careful in whom we elect as our representatives to Congress. They should speak for their constituents alone and not rely on backdoor politics to foster party agendas.

  • http://gmail i41

    eddy, we know you arebrain narxist democrat,voting libatarian is just another way to guarantee socialist democrats continue to destroy the country. As soon as you get the wiring connection twix your ears fixed, and the running lights come on, join the tea party. Some real facts and original thought, not socialist drivel and revised history that you have swallowed, there might be hope for you yet! Lil Weiner from NY, needs to just bi-ched slapped for at least a hour so he can gather his thoughts. Just another eleitist self serving legal moron. How in the heck can dems whine and throw a fit about procedure objections, they must have a memerory as long as a rooster life creative organ which is under feathers, like most of the waste under the tail end of this bill.

  • http://personallibertydigest JFS

    mr.weiner barking like a hotdog? the bu bully always makes a lot of noise when his buddies are near.bills not read by some barkig dogs.OBOMACARE:ARIZONA ILLEGAL IMIGRATION>AND OTHERS>There are three answers toa question YES
    ::;NO OR I DO NOT KNOW. doubt /

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest ja454c1

    I love my country. I have served my country. I am registerd republican. But I try to vote for the person who believes as closely to me as possible. Unfortunately, in this climate that we as voters have created, there are very few fiscal conservitives left in Washington. Because of the life style we lead, we have allowed OUR congress to be filled with lawyers, docters, and straight out ulta liberal money grabbers that completely changed what our country was founded on. Personal liberty, the true right to punish the law brakers, and trying to completely legislate GOD out of our lives. We have even elected a president who wants us to turn into a Muslim state wit sociallistic policies where we have no say in our goverment. If we allow it to happen, the liberals, gays, lesbions are going to get a real supprise. According to the Muslim belief they will be rituallisticly be-headed in the center of town for evreyboy to see as an abomanation. So somebody over there better wake up and make some decisons as to what they are going to be and where they will go to avoid it. In time there want be anywhere anyway. That will be for us all. God puts up with our unbelief just so long,then the punishment starts. This time it may be the last. God Bless America.

    • RedViking

      You make a good point.
      The Gay/Lesbian/Trans-Gender Community needs to pay closer attention to history.

      In Nazi Germany, the Gay Community was used by Hitler to push thru his agendas, once that was done… He had them Executed.

      In the Muslim world… Gays and Lesbians are seen as Abominations and Executed.

      BTW… Nazi stood for National Socialist Party. They were just the other side of the same coin as the former USSR.

      Be careful what you wish for… You may not like what you get.

  • Tea Party Tim

    This weiner dog is so busy yapping that he doesn’t even see the big boot of the American voter coming. That yapping will turn to yelping when he get sprawled across the floor.

  • jack

    This bill has a big Union payback in it….
    that’s why they’re pushing so hard for passage before elections, and without full disclosure….AS USUAL!

  • Joe K

    If the democrats tried to put it over without any discussion of amendments, you can bet your sweet bippy that the bill either contained vast amounts of pork, the means to get at vast amounts of pork, or some taxpayer funded benefit for illegals or the so-called ‘victim’ groups of Americans.

    I do not believe the democrats are capable of passing an honest bill that does not contain some kind of taxpayer backstabbing or throat cutting. I am only surprised that they claim this bill is for ‘first responders’ rather than claiming it is ‘for the children’ which would have (in their own minds) given them solid footing for real fraudulent righteous indignation, which is always their fall back when they can’t get what they want by honest legislation.

    I don’t believe for a minute that the republican party is pristine in it’s intentions and tactics, but I do believe that what ever their weaknesses in the republican party, they are not nearly as blatantly anti-American citizen as the democrats have become.

    Somebody should have called a waaaaaaammmmbulance for Wiener.

  • FlaJim

    The fact is, these first responders didn’t need this bill since they’ve already received over $1-million – cash – and many, if not most, took early retirement because of real or imagined ailments.

    The purported reason for this bill was to get the goodies hidden in the fine print. As Pelosi said of the healthcare bill, “You’ve got to pass it to find out what it covers.”


    I have been a spectator since the 1960′s. Heavily involved as a Democrat, serving on the King County Executive Board in Washington State. I watched as socialists gained powerful seats within the democratic party and as they set aside our party funds to help with the legal battles of communist Angela Davis in Los Angeles. My vote being the lone no vote on the executive board.

    I watched and read reports in the Seattle Post Intelligencer that in 1969 became news that was liberally distorted.

    I overheard conversations about the importance of the graveyard voting which was so prominent yet so well hidden from the public. It supposedly was responsible for 2-4% of a candidates vote depending upon how many registered voters had died over the past few years in certain years.

    I even started to write a book called the “Beginning of the End”, because I was so sure that our nation would be doomed the way that it was heading.

    And so, I am never surprised to hear about the corruption and the death of the old democratic party which my grandfather loved and taught me to love. We now have a socialist-democratic party. Things that they set out to accomplish in the 60′s were done.

    The dumbing down of our children and grandchildren were accomplished. I had two whole chapters in my book about this threat to our future. Just witness Jay Leno on the street asking college students about history, math, geography and hope to understand their twisted english reply.

    I have witnessed dozens of corrupt, loud mouth, undisciplined democrats like Wiener who yell, lie and act so amazed that the other party actually “read” the bill and recognized the pitfalls of voting in favor of such a “loving, patriotic and moral” sounding bill.

    Be ready for much, much worse my friends. These people have no shame, and unfortunately many of the Republicans are also repulsive to the idea of really representing the values of those who they have sworn to represent.

    There are some trying times coming, and your freedom is hanging by a thread. Glenn Beck may just be discovering what I have known for over 50 years, and he may even be clueless on some things, but he is a fast learner and right now, I see him as the one bright light of hope to save our constitution and our freedom.

    Watch him and re-learn some of the history that you were never taught in school. Obama is scared to death of Glenn Beck, and he has ordered his media puppets to throw every dart that they can at this fine man.

    Don’t lose him!

    • Warrior

      Thanks and a good job Fud Dud!

  • s c

    Only a progressive weiner would proudly show how much of a weiner he can be in public. Weiner’s arrogance almost rivals that of Der Obummer. Someone tell that horse’s arse to chill out. He’s not good enough to have everything he wants, and he’s definitley not smart enough to pull off such a cheap, progressive stunt and get away with it. It sounds to me like someone in Congress (Queen Nancy?) looked around for someone dumb enough to show America how duh he can be, and it turned out to be a New York weiner.

  • http://charter howe

    If anyone watched the debates and the voting during the healthcare debacle better known as OBAMACARE, there were over a hundred amendments put forth by the Republican leadership that all went in the trash except one by Tom Coburn (R) Okla. The Republicans were absolutely and purposely left out of the legislative process which was criminal since the entire Congress represents WE THE PEOPLE. This healthcare bill was the most devisive piece of legislation to hit the country in over 100 years. This bill creates more entitlement than the country can afford, it robs medicare of 500 billion which creates rationing for seniors and taxes everyone in the country except for the eternally jobless who will get all their benefits free. It will drive doctors out of practice,Also it allows govt to be extremely invasive into the private matters of every citizen in the country. Govt overreach through the broad use of the commerce claus that allows the govt to direct citizens to buy a product (healthcare Ins) and either pay or go to jail. 37 states will be bankrupt within one year after implementing medicaid according to govt mandates where the state pays for most of the medicaid useage and has to use a new dollar amount for eligibility of 30,000 dollars which will spike upwards for the number of people including the huge population of homeless and immigrants who become eligible under this new mandate. Obama and his cronies don’t know the meaning of freedom or of a “free country,” nor do they care to. They are Democrats in name only. They are the radical, communist backed Progressives of the 1960 grown out of the ’hippie” generation which didn’t realize at the time that they were being led by a communist ideology.
    Some of us of that generation finally woke up to reality and realized that our freedom and liberty depended upon taking personal responsibility for our lives. Others never did and are now running our government using the same communist ideology of a liberal utopia that can never be. The only way to be truly free is to be truly self-dependent. Dependency on government is nothing less than slavery. Just look at what has happened to the states that have surrendered their sovereignty and 10th Amendment rights for federal handouts. They can’t even run their own schools the way they want to anymore. Democrats decry ancient slavery of the blacks, but seem to want it for us all with our master being whoever is in power in Washington.
    This must stop now and it has to begin with the state and local governments taking financial responsibility for their own spending. Stop driving business away with taxes and regulations, and stop spending money you don’t have. Only by adopting these values will America again become a free country. Conservatives know this, Democrats need to learn it or get out of the way. I don’t really know where the Republican Party stands now, or what it stands for. In my view, when the Republican Party rejected its conservative values years ago and adopted the insane idea of a “big tent,” it lost its way.


      like 2,300,000 Bushaloons sent to China in his 8 years of Worst Administration in History of world

      Businesses and Jobs were not Created in the 8 LOST YEARS.

      WSA used money for Gambling in new World’s Largest Casino–WSA.
      In past that money was used to build new industries, new businesses expand current businessesa and create jobs.

      JOBS where are thou
      Clinton left Bush a record 237,000 per month.
      Bush let new Gambling Casino take it to 31,000. Lowest since Hoover

      It is undeniable. Facts Speak Truth.

      WSA learned they could make more, faster, easier money by Gambling.

      It is Truth. Undeniable.

      p.s. Bailed out and right back to gambling.

  • Claire

    From what I can tell, this was another “put-up” job by the Democrats. Another political scheme. Talk about a “hot dog.” Will they ever stop the political crap? Both parties are nuts. I am fed up with all of them. Neither party will get anything of merit accomplished. They could give a rat’s rump about America and the mess we are in. Just think, we are paying their salaries and they are conducting themselves with next to no common sense whatsoever. Now they will be going on vacation for 6 weeks? Heck, they have been on vacation for the past year and a half. A year and a half wasted on botched-up legislation, fancy trips, living like kings. And we are paying for it. In more ways than one.

  • Bob

    I have no problem with the goverment helping out the first responders, ie. the firemen and policemen, but could some one please tell me how the teachers union became a first responder?

  • rwnut

    My impression is that Weenie is on a Meth Rant. Ever notice his buddy “Shifty Eye”Shumer when he’s interagating someone? The rapid eye movement,the slight drooling at the corners of the mouth,the need to constantly shout over others? I say,Drug Tests for Congress!


    Amendments were to be allowed but limited in number and time.
    Repukelanuts always try to destroy by ranting panting slobbering.

    If it is not for top 1% forget it for Repuglinuts

    Like Weiner I Rants.

    • independant thinker

      If it is not for the ones living off the freebies funded by the working people forget it for the dumbassocrats.

  • Delores Smith

    Representative Weiner,
    Your acting on the House floor was pitiful. Why wasn’t this 9/11 Health Bill included in the original Health Bill that Obama shoved down the throats of Americans? Relax, Weiner, when Republicans come into office, we will not neglect the health of the brave responders of 9/11. However, we will repeal the old Health Bill, and give Americans and 9/11 responders what THEY want. Obama excluded the 9/11 health care to pretend that costs were down. Then, Majority Leader Reid, shoved the Health Bill through under budget reconcilliation (which only required 51 votes) against the Byrd rule. You couldn’t get the 60 cloture votes, so you picked out Medicare items…whatever would make it pass. Look,
    Weiner, I have watched on C-Span as Republicans have submitted amendments, only to have Democrats either vote it down, shelve it, call a point of order or scratch it away at conference. Weiner, Republicans are going to repeal every Marxist bill that’s been passed. No more power-grabs. November 2nd is almost here, and the House and the Senate will be rearranged to give the American people what they want from their reps. You are running scared, Weiner.
    Delores Smith


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