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Democrats are Leaving Party to Vote for Ron Paul

December 26, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Mark V

    Just thought I’d let you know that my Dad, who fought in WWII, and my Mom, both of whom voted for FDR and who have been lifelong Democrats, just switched their party affiliation to Republican because they support Ron Paul. They are disgusted with the wars, the bailouts, and the money printing and corrupt crony capitalism including the Federal Reserve.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Raymond Trinidad

      Mark, my wife and I have also switched and are pulling for Ron Paul but as you know, the U.S. Communist media will do all they can do to stop him from pushing their pick ( Romney ) out of the race.

    • Jeri

      God BLESS them!

  • americanfreedom70

    More government spending: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More government debt: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More erosion to liberty: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More government regs.: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More government opression: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More gun regulation: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More illegal imigration: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More big business: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More fiat money printing: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    More welfare: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    New World order: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No
    Martial Law: Newt, Mitt, Michele, Obama:Yes Ron paul: No

  • Sandor Geza

    Any more brain dead comments? It would be wonderful if these people woke up and did some real soul searching for the truth.

  • MART


    • Friend of Dr. Paul

      @MART You stated that Ron Paul “DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE WHEN HE TALKS”. Give us one example of what doesn’t make sense to you, honey, and we’ll help you understand. Unless, of course you don’t want to understand.

      • Joe H.

        He CAN’T! There isn’t any place he doesn’t make sense!!! like Whoopie, the other day on the view, mart is talking out his hind end!!!
        RON PAUL/ANDREW NAPOLTANO 2012!!!! Vote for him as a candidate or write him in!!!! He CAN WIN!!!!! AHEAD IN IOWA!!!

      • Mary

        He’s 100 years ahead of his time. Masses don’t get it for them Ron Paul doesn’t speak English. He is brilliant. He is getting everybody out of their fiction comfort zone. To much government cut the unnecessary which is about 50%. We all know there is no way around. The situation of government dependency has to end. It’s a crime to pass the bill to future generations. The smartest young people that I know is going to vote for Ron Paul. They may not get lucky but they are trying for them is a matter of surviving. They know they are the minority. The stupids outnumber them. We are in dangerous times. Something has to happen isn’t going to be good.

    • Robert Fishback

      Who’s mad? I even bet he can type better than you. Maybe you should stick to learning grammar and typing before you attempt to discuss politics. We’ll take care of the country. Ron doesn’t need your vote, he’s got mine to offset yours. Get with the program amigo!

    • Rayma Dorsa

      Mart,the only reason Ron Paul doesn’t make sence is because before he finishes what he is trying to say the media cuts into it and he can’t finish,I thought that at first until I heard a complete speech and he makes sence like NO OTHER candidate.He is the only hope America has with the exception of the return of JESUS CHRIST,which ever comes first.It is time we listen to the “young Americans” those that face an illegal war..they should be the speakers,thier interest is not “for money” it is for thier “lives & future”

    • Jeri

      Tell me, Mart, do you understand what our “Constitution” is? Maybe you should educate yourself on our rights as citizens of this blessed nation so you can then understand why Ron Paul is so determined to operate in the principles of our Constitution. People that have been around long enough to know that our rights have been slowly taken away & our privacy violated,
      have no problem understanding what his message is. He is a man of principles. Learn from him!


    ONLY!!!!! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT, NO QUESTION!!!!! I CHANGED FROM INDEPENDENT TO REPUBLICAN otherwise I could not be counted,even if he become president, will take a lots of years to clean up corruption done by previous presidents and bank gangsters.

  • Raymond Agnew

    Ron Paul & Any Down Ballot Liberty Minded consitiutionalist Candidates Is A Good First Step In Restoring Sanity To The FED. GOV., But In Order To Fully Restore Our Republic & Our Liberty, Their Needs To Be A Mass Exit From The Two Headed Serpent Of The One Party System Owned & Controlled By The Global Feudalist Tyrannical Banksters & Their R’s & D’s, & A Good 2nd Step Would Be Too Register as & Support $$$$ The Libertarian Party To Occupy It For Liberty & Restoration Of A limited republican form of government To Make It A Major Party & The Also find Other 3rd & 4th Parties & Independent candidates In The Next phase & Do The Same. As The Libertarians Would Open Up The RIGGED Election System Of The D’s & R’s To Have Open & Free & Fair & EQUAL Access To The Ballot Say 1000 Signatures For All Parties & Independent & Non Party Candidates, This Would Put An End To The Globalist Power & Total Control Of The Government, As Their Would Be Too Many Factions For Them To Deal With, This Is How I See It, Dose Anyone Else Have Any Suggestions On This?

  • Barry

    Ron Paul is the best for America no doubt! Sound money equals Sound Nation. Righteous money policies and righteous governing exalts the Nation. When the righteous are in Power the People Rejoice. Everybody knows Ron Paul has a good name for all american citzens. Freedom for all, strong forces, getting us out of debt and into a surplus. Throwing out the strong holds that hold America back. His position on Israel is correct. We (America) are not to be Masters over Israel but a friend when in need. To Help when called upon. He knows Israel can take care of themselves but if they need our help we are right there for them. America threats are DEBT,Arabs terrorist attacts, enslavement to mandated health care ect. Insurance, taxes . Monies that go out of Americans pockets for “so Called” protection and what they think is best for you. Sounds like legalized “Mafia”. People should not be forced into paying for anything unless they want to. that is freedom. Ron Paul can led this Nation in the correct direction just by his sound policies and let the people go to work. Go America Go Ron Paul.

  • s c

    Sounds good to me. I wasn’t aware that typical ‘Democrat’ had a functioning conscience. Now, how many are leaving that rat-infested sludge pile to vote for Paul?
    Will enough ex-’Democrats’ compensate for MILLIONS of illegals and those pesky DEAD voters? Will enough people insist on getting a PAPER COPY of their VOTE?
    Kindly remember, people, that widespread voter fraud via electronic machines controlled by treasonous SCUM is also a fact this time around. Obummer’s puppet masters have too much to lose by not doing everything they can to SCREW America in the next election.

    • Joe H.

      If ron Paul doesn’t get in, watch for our next war to be on the southern border!!! The US is already allowing Mexican soldiers to stage on US soil for interdiction in Mexico!! If The Mexican government can’t defeat the drug cartels, the US government is ready to invade mexico to defeat the cartels. Calderone doesn’t have a big enough set to wipe them out so in the very near future, he is going to beg for help as the cartels are going to make him a marked man!!!

      • s c

        Joe H, when it became obvious that The Anointed Laughing Academy Graduate wouldn’t close the borders, it was obvious that he was leaving open the possibility of war with Mexico. If that happens, then anyone who supports Obummer will be forced to admit that he’s no different than any other flunky politician who sends our military around the world to fight unnecessary wars to waste lives and bankrupt America.
        When those drug-infused and rose-colored glasses are ripped off the faces of America’s robots who still ‘believe’ in Obummer, it will be quite a painful experience for them.

  • J.Spencer

    It is so stupid to view things from the ridiculous perspective of Liberal or Conservative. While you are engaged in that game the not so NEW WORLD ORDER is putting the final structures in place for your families’ demise. Your either an American and for liberty or you’re not. It is time to drop all the nonsense and cover each other’s mutual fight for our constitution and our country. Grow up and let’s get the job done..

    • magee.jj

      Sounds about right. I’m ready to come together with any one who is for liberty and the true american values expressed in the constitution.

      • Joe H.

        Then you ARE voting for RON PAUL, right??

  • Karolyn

    I have been a registered democrat my whole life. Here in SC anybody can vote in the repub primary. My friends and I are all voting for Paul! Hopefully, we can offset the stupid mainstream republicans in this state.

  • Cathy

    You people are making the same mistake with Ron Paul that people made in electing Obama. This is the same hope and change line only in a different direction. Ron Paul is an isolationist. He compares Russia to Iran in a nuclear standoff. There is one HUGE difference. Russia knew they would be wiped off the face of the earth if they unleashed an atomic weapon at us. Iran would have no hesitation to nuke us because they are fanatics and believe they would be martyrs if they died. He hates Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. His wholesale cuts in the military would leave us extremely vulnerable, and the dramatic spending cuts in this weak economy would hurt us badly. He even appears unbalanced at at times.

    Why do you think the Democrats are voting for him in the primaries? Not because they really believe in him; they know he won’t be elected against Obama.

    I share the same concerns that many others share, but supporting a crackpot like Ron Paul is not going to solve our problems; they will only worsen if he should be elected. If he should become the Republican candidate, I will stay home rather than vote for him.

    • s c

      Cathy, your teachers tried to brainwash you when they said that anyone who doesn’t fit into that pc, cookie cutter mold is an ‘isolationist.’ What they DIDN’T tell you is that people who call others ‘isolationists’ are in favor of exporting wars in the name of ‘democracy,’ which is exactly what The Anointed LOSER in the White House is doing NOW.
      Are you so in love with being pc and expecting others to act like you that you can’t see it? Get deprogrammed while you can. You’re right on the edge of becoming an Obummer robot.

      • Tony

        Dear SC, I think you are the one that has been brainwashed by all this right wing talk you read. Almost every Republican canadate has been at the top of the polls at some point in the past year. It’s simply time for Paul to surge. If Romny was a Christian he could win, but because he’s not he won’t win against Obama and neither will Paul. Sorry, but wake up to the real world, or put your conservitive newspapers over your eyes and keep hiding in never naver land where everyone is just like you.

        • s c

          Sonny boy, I pulled my head out of my public school-educated rump back in the mid-’60s. What’s your excuse for having YOUR head surgically implanted in that nasty place? How could you possibly tell otherwise without ‘outside’ help?
          Only a braindead robot can’t understand that God is NOT in the White House. ‘He’ isn’t fit to be in America (let alone Chivago). Lecture the clueless brats, bubba. You ain’t worth my time.

  • Doc Sarvis

    This is a news story? What a missleading title. While I don’t doubt some Democrats will vote for Ron Paul, I like some of his stands myself, the title of the article and the slant of the video imply that there is a significant number of Democrats making this choice; yet NO supporting evidence was provided. No poll numbers were presented – NO statistics, just one woman who said she would vote for Paul. She referrs to “a clutch” of OWS activists would do the same but how many is “a clutch”? If she is equating it to the number of eggs a bird lays that is not enough to suggest a Democratic movement toward Paul. This is simply a Paul infomercial on Freedom Watch. I am sure someone could make the same “claim” about Republicans who will vote for President Obama.

  • Tomadachi

    If the U.S. would have supported the Libertarian Party way back when; the U.S. would not be having the problems we are now having. We do not have to be an isolationist nation, we only have to demand that for our support our respect is demanded.

  • AK Tom

    Hmmm…democrats switching to republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. Kinda reminds me vaguely of “operation chaos” from the ’08 democrat presidential primary…just sayin’.

  • Tony

    Better watch out. It’s a tatic to make sure Obama gets re-elected. Everyone is pretty sure that the country won’t vote in a libertarian like Ron Paul so he can’t beat Obama. The Democrats know this and they are getting the word out to switch parties in order to make sure Ron Paul wins the nomination. Then in Nov. they will vote for Obama and Obama will win again. It’s really dirty politics but it happens.

    • toadaly

      Works for me. If Democrats think he’s the weakest candidate and switch in the primaries to get him the nomination, I say “thanks!”. I could care less whether Romney or Obama wins in 2012, they’re indistinguishable in any significant way.

  • http://ronpaul YVETTE50

    This has to be a JOKE !
    .. I agree that it’s just a ploy.. Please try to understand that p. obama and his cabinet is at work here!

  • allya

    I happen to like Ron Paul, but I agree with Cathy when it comes to the comparison of Russia to Iran. Iran is willing to sacrifice their own survival for the destruction of ours and Israel’s. As for isolation, I don’t think prudently minding your own business from time to time makes you an isolationist. In fact, sometimes a healthy dose of MYOB may be just what the doctor ordered, no pun intended. As for Romney, the empty suit with a visually appealing presidential facade, the puppet masters have been trying to shove him down our throats from day one and seem to have their ballistic media missiles aimed at any of the cream that tries to rise to the top of the republican crop. Romney reminds me of McShame. McShame spent most of his time campaigning for the Obamanation rather than for himself, while Romney refuses to say anything negative about the Obamanation. And, as we all know, Bush handed the baton to the Obamanation, who ran the race to dismantle America at supersonic speed due to the heavy doses of the anti-American steroids he was infused with as a babe being nursed by Bill Ayers, his ideological wet nurse. Thus we’ve had at least twelve years of a presidential parasitic condition that has reduced us to financial skin and bones. As a nation, we are on life-support and cannot survive four more years of this insider treachery. I know Ron Paul may be too far outside the proverbial box for many, and while I personally don’t agree with his position on Iran, he may be the only antidote we have for the blood-sucking leaches that have attached themselves to the American people.

  • William L Collins

    I was a dem, for the time i was old enough to reg,but changed to repub this year just so i could make sure i could vote for RON PAUL in the primiry to make sure he would win because in this state you can’t vote if your not in that party that one voting law need to be changed everybody that are reges, voters should be able to vote for the man or womae of there choice

  • Jason

    Ron Paul 2012!! Thats all I want for Christmas

  • Newt4President

    If democrats are leaving the party to vote for Ron Paul, it’s because they know Obama could crush him in a debate.Nice try liberals.

    • Valerie

      Not so. Ron Paul’s knowledge of right & wrong, for this Country, would come shinning through – defeating any opponent.

  • Newt4President

    Everyone’s afraid of Newt. That’s a good reason to vote for him.


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