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Democratic Congressman Jokes About Trayvon Martin Shooting

May 30, 2012 by  

Democratic Congressman Jokes About Trayvon Martin Shooting
Barney Frank’s joke was met with uncomfortable laughter at the University of Massachusetts.

Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) shocked students at the University of Massachusetts when he referred to the Trayon Martin shooting during his commencement speech.

“I do want to acknowledge a man who has played a major role in diminishing inequality in Massachusetts,” said Frank, referring to black activist Hubie Jones. “He’s a great man and I’ve worked with Hubie for many years. You know he got an honorary degree today. You know when you get an honorary degree they give you one of these,” said Frank, noting the graduation hood he was wearing. “Hubie, I think you have a hoodie you can wear and nobody will shoot at you. I hope you’ll feel pretty protected by that.”


Frank later said that “the hoodie line” was meant “to ridicule the notion that a hooded sweatshirt is somehow sinister.”

Frank noted that the joke wasn’t a new one. In fact, it was the fourth time he used it this year.

“I wore a hooded gown in three ceremonies earlier this year, and in my remarks at those events I used the same joke on myself,” said Frank.

But UM did not give Frank an honorary degree, so in order to use the sidesplitter, Frank had to turn to somebody else.

“The only honorary degree was awarded to my good friend, Hubie Jones, to whom I gave tribute for his fight for social justice. In my remarks, I shamelessly recycled the hoodie joke for the fourth time,” Frank said.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • LAB

    This pos should be shot

    • joe1cr

      Barney Frank is a joke. He spoke about the right to ware a hoodie but did not
      avow the right of a citizen right of self defense. He should be in a prison along
      with Sen,Dodd and some of his boyfriends at Fanny Mae.

  • Ken

    How the HELL did this jack*ss get into OFFICE?!

    Barney’s attempt at humor ( in reference to the death of a young black man’s death earlier this year ) should require an apology nationwide….and makes it disgustingly clear how out-of-touch Frank is with the nation.

    • eddie47d

      Are you trying to pull shock value out of his statement on hoodies. Far far worse have been said about Trayvon or even hoodies from the right so how many should be ousted from here. How many apologies will be given out from the rabid right? I think the number will be zero,right Ken. There are plenty here who try and get milk from a bull and have nothing on Barney’s lame comment.

      • duane

        You know damn well that if anyone on the right said anything close to the remarks that this bozo made would be hung out to dry by the lamestream media and leftist butt brains like your self. Get the hell off of this site. You make me sick.

      • Mike in MI

        Make sure to avoid checking recent resources on this subject, eddie-farty-70, that way you won’t have to rework your racially driven opinion. But, it’s now become quite clear Trayvon Martin’s drug influenced, guilt driven, paranoid’s attack on George Zimmerman was the cause of Trayvon’s death. He wasn’t the victim. He was the attacker, aggressor, cause of the altercation; the one who started throwng haymakers. That being the case Zimmerman had the right and duty of self-preservation by whatever means necessary. In a situation like Zimmerman’s you use whatever is at hand because you have no idea of the attacker’s intent or potential.
        Trayvon Martin was an aggressive, drug deluded and, evidently, dangerous individual to have walking around anybody’s neighborhood. Trayvon Martin is dead.
        Long live self-defence.

      • Vigilant

        ” Far far worse have been said about Trayvon or even hoodies from the right so how many should be ousted from here.”

        Maybe so, maybe not. But we aren’t elected or former elected officials making speeches in public. There’s a difference Bud.

      • Ken

        Sounds to me like you drink the milk the same way “Barney” does….

    • http://N/A CintiCB

      Why couldn’t you say ‘death of a young man’? The fact that he’s black does not make it any more or any less disastrous!! As far as the assinine ‘joke’-THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT THIS SITUATION!!!

      • Vigilant

        “Why couldn’t you say ‘death of a young man’? The fact that he’s black does not make it any more or any less disastrous!!”

        Save those words for the NBPP, Sharpton and the NAACP. THEY are the ones blowing this up out of proportion.

    • Michael

      It would appear the voters in Mass like queers who continue to line their pockets with federal pork.

      • Ken

        Naaawwwwww…..ya think?!

    • Ken

      Eddie! Sounds like you know how to “MILK THE BULL” for all it’s worth! {looks like you and Barney have a lot in common!}.

    • Art

      He sucked his way in. Get it.

      • RichE

        Don’t you think your comment is childish? We are trying to run a country.

    • http://none Jude

      This is why I feel all elected officials in Federal,State,City and County should have to take drug/alcohol tests as do most of the working class. I cannot think anyone in their right mind would pass the crap our government is passing, bot Democrats and Republicans.

  • Neil

    An apology is not sufficient.

    He put a knife in a wound the Progressives inflicted.

    • Ken

      Having the same name as the infamous child-loving purple dinosaur, this man should be seen for what he is – a marxist pervert…..

      Incidentally, Manny Pacquiao made clear his position on homosexuals -
      Religion, gay row won’t impact Pacquiao in ring

      • eddie47d

        You should be more concerned about the perversion from Pastor Charles Worley which once again proves the right wing are king of evil thinking. You hide your own perversion even though Pastor Worley’s words should be headline makers. His diatribe trumped Rev Wright and that is hard to do. Those on the right need to have an honest conversation about those who inflict sick comments on others and spread their own brand of evil.

      • Mike in MI

        Good, Ken – Yukitty Luv.
        B A R N E Y the P E D O P H I L E and TV instructer of Catholic priests.
        Bawney Phwanque the Pedophile and Bawney Phwanque the cangwessman (just what kind of “congress” are we talkin’ here?). The only thing worse than such an animal is the populace who repeatedly-ly-ly-y sent him back to make laws and pass regulatory snafus to aid and abet the agendas of multitudes of community organizers … resulting in the 2008 crash. Why would anybody send someone who obviously has a “reprobate mind” to Washington again and again to run the country…into the ground?
        What is there that leads people to expect “good” to come out of evil? Who expects good fruit off of a rotten plant? …..Except other rotten plats?

    • Freedom Gary

      Neil, He did not make a mistake, everybody here need’s to look at how the Travon case is being used to fuel the liberals method of negating the election, they need a catilist to fuel the riots so they can instill Martial Law. The case will be setteled before the election and by the looks of it Zimmerman will be found not guilty so that wiil ignite the riots. Be mindfull of Occupy and things like this and Fast and Furious to get it started. The Obama camp is looking for excuses.

      • Ken

        AAaaaaahhhh….mmmmmm…..could be!

  • Bob Rice

    Barney is an ass hole……..

  • wandamurline

    This guy is almost totally personally responsible for the economic meltdown in America when he was over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack and refused to allow any regulations that Bush actually asked for five times over several years…as Bush said it could devastate the economy should they fail….well they did fail….and now this @hole left and retired because he knew he would not be re-elected. I can’t believe that anyone would even ask this guy to speak to school kids.

    • eddie47d

      It was Republicans who abolished those regulations in the first place and Democrats who have been trying to get them back in place. Republicans refused then and refuse now to reauthorized them but nice power play. Barney isn’t innocent in the meltdown but it was Private entities who gave us the free fall and damaging financial tricks. The Banksters are still trying to fool us and fighting regulations all the way “to the bank”.

      • Mike in MI

        eddie – (/)

      • Mike in MI

        I am just left stupefied by eddie’s wisdom, aren’t you?

        • RichE

          Mike in MI,
          Care to part with your wisdom?

      • Jay

        And i suppose we should just take your word for it; without facts, references, and sources to back-up your claim, hey Eddie? Proof may not be necessary for your girlfriend, RichE, but you should well know by now, that the rest of us would appreciate something more, then just your spin…er, i mean, your opinion!

        • RichE

          “Girlfriend”, that is so imature Jay. As to facts, do your own homework.

  • Mike from Colorado

    I was born and raised in MA and I still consider MA home after being “away” for many years, what an absolute embarassment to the state I consider home. He has continuously embarassed all folks from MA and why they have found it necessary to reelecting this blundering Ahole is beyond me. There are so many very intelligent better qualified candidates that should have been considered. Liberalism must be stopped before we lose our great country, the likes of Barney, the idiot must be STOPPED.

    • Ken

      He was elected around 1992….I remember when it happened as I live here – I couldn’t believe he was elected in the first place. This goes to show you how f-cked up these people are here and how far to the left they are ( they’re nearly commies ). I grew up in a state where people had good ole’ common sense and there’s little to NONE to be had in MASS, N.J., N.Y., R.I. or Connecticut. Same ole’ bunch of idiots running these states and livin’ in em.

  • Ken

    I have to wonder where all the left-wing bloggers are {that stand up for these sleazebags} who post here daily….

    • RichE

      Ken, How could anyone possibly refute the implied statement(s) that Frank caused the housing crisis because he’s gay? I surrender to these impeccable enquiry(s).

      • rp

        No, Barney didn’t create the housing crisis because he was “gay”. He did that so that the Dems could regain the control of Congress and the WH. It was planned for the “bubble loans” to come due shortly before the 2008 electon. He and Maxine Waters knew what it would do to the housing market. You have to remember that both Maxine and Barney are also Communist Party members. They want nothing more than to turn this country into a Communist nation.

        Somehow the Dems think they are the only ones that should have complete control over the power of the country. Barney only quit when his district was redrawn. He knew that he would have to go out and campaign for the vote and he is too sorry to get off his butt to do anything. It will be a relief to finally see this coward gone from office.

      • Mike in MI

        The reasoning is beyond the ken of an “unbeliever” because they refuse to admit the claims of the Bible.
        Suffice it to say that there is a statement in Paul’s letter to the Romans chapter 1:28 where the context is about those who choose to make themselves homosexuals – males and females (same stupid spirit). Anyway, it says that “God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient (today’s English: “expedient”).
        A better modern translation of “reprobate mind” might indicate that they have become incapable of making a good decision.
        When you study what happens to the brains of male homosexuals you find that their cranium becomes variably hollowed out due to progressive loss of certain vulnerable types of brain cells and axon cables. Also playing a brain/immune system role are progressive nutrient defects due to gut damage. This has been known since the ’80′s but effectively suppressed since homos’ inability to make good judgments and decisions (with ablation of the conscience as part of it) renders them very valuable to evil influences and the plans of evil Influencers.
        If you go on to the end of that chapter and find out what they can be made to do as they become progressively hollowed out you can more easily understand monsters like Jeffrey Dahmer and that sort. In later stages they are basically puppets, run by inner string-masters.
        There’s your answer. In this case Barney was useful for this specific set of things. Who knows what’s next?

      • Ken

        That’s NOT what I said….HEY! YOUR FROM MASSACHUSETT’S AREN’T YOU! ; )

      • Jay

        RichE says: Ken, How could anyone possibly refute the implied statement(s) that Frank caused the housing crisis because he’s gay? I surrender to these impeccable enquiry(s).

        Actually, Ken makes a valid point. Think about it; if homosexuality is a mental disorder, and Bernie is a homosexual, then all policies, and regulations issuing from mr. franks should be considered defective. What can one expect from a poisoned well, except poisoned water. Capish?

        • RichE

          You’re acting like a homophobic Jay.

  • Jimmy The Greek

    Barney fag is the joke !

    • skippy

      I agree Jimmy!!

  • trashman

    Irresponsible comments like this serve one purpose: to keep the wound open.

    Make it a November to remember, 2012, time to take out the trash.

    • Ken

      The elite aren’t going to give us a choice – no matter who get’s in, they’ll continue to hold all the cards (and by cards I mean politicians)….I wish it weren’t the case trashy….and I had your optimism…

  • huck Finn

    Frank destroyed the housing industry and now is denegrating both of the individuals involved in the treeible incident. He doesn’t have a clue and his attempt at making a joke indicates what a joke Barney Frank truly has become.

    Good ridance!

    • Ken

      On the contrary Huck – he know’s exactly what he’s doing and to underestimate him or anyone he’s aligned with is a mistake.

  • DC/Tex

    It is unreal to think that the folks would elect the first time much less the many years after they saw his stupidity, corrupt, self serving, radical homosexual (with his companion male prostitute living in his basement and giving IT a job in a government run agency). The SUCKER barney should be locked away with the worst criminals so he can have sex with them all day and night.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    The school must have been desperate to ask the pond scum Bawney Fwank to speak to the graduates. What a stupid comment to make, and Bawney claims he has used it four times already. He’s an idiot. However, he is a rich idiot and at the expense of our whole country. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have served their purpose, which was to further enslave people to debt. What a success story. Thanks, Bawney. (Excuse me while I go puke.)

  • Homer

    What can you expect from someone that it is OK for a man to have sex w/another man!! Cities are destroyed by this line of thinking, might I ask all to remember the cities of “SODOM and Gomorrah”? Burnt to a crisp!! So, when that line of thinking is out of wack, then so goes the other line of thought!! Why would anyone want to destroy this great country, when it makes NO sense, unless there is money in it!!

  • wahoo

    whats the big deal…..

  • 101joyousthoughts

    Fact Check Time: the GWB administration wanted more home ownership and went too far.

    Lawrence B. Lindsey, Mr. Bush’s first chief economics adviser, said there was little impetus to raise alarms about the proliferation of easy credit that was helping Mr. Bush meet housing goals.

    “No one wanted to stop that bubble,” Mr. Lindsey said. “It would have conflicted with the president’s own policies.”

    (from )

    • RichE

      Facts? Do you mean I can’t infer the housing bubble was caused by Barney giving NiNJ loans to homos?

      For the record, I do think the hoodie joke is tasteless.

  • kategray

    Frank is a MORON. Those who voted for this scum bag are just as bad as him. He probAly won the election by FRAUD just like the PRETENDER.

  • DAK

    You all understand about Barney and his speech impediment. That the poor guy caught a lot of grief as a kid on the playground. So all this is his ” BIG GET EVEN ” time. There are a lot of liberals that had terrible play ground experiences as kids and suffer varying degrees of mental illness and stress. All that aside with his name (BARNEY) and his speech issue he is like a real living touchable cartoon character:) He is absolutely hilarious to listen to although I try not to when at all possible!

  • RichE

    Is the name calling on this site necessary?

    • skippy

      Sometimes, RichE….yep, sometimes……………:)

    • Jay

      No more necessary then silly questions, RichE! Did somebody hurt your little feelings? Just sic the gay-police on them, RichE, that will fix them…

  • fred

    big hammer: They keep electing him, they get to listen to him!

  • JimH

    When I was a kid, the hood on a “hoody” was to keep your head warm.
    Nothing more. No one thought we looked sinister either.

  • Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012

    I Agree,B.K. Leaves MUCH to be Desired. It is far beyond me why we end up with so many CULL ‘s in Wash.D.C.Aren’t people supposed to have some degree of “smarts”.

  • Gang Buster 2012

    B.K. is an Example of what we have in the “White”house,and most of congress Wonder why our Country is going to hell so fast??(Just look at B.K. and the answer becomes clear ,Quite quickly)

  • http://yahoo C.F. Dolan

    I always refer to that Commonwealth as “Machusetts” because they continue to send the “ass” (Kennedy, Kerry, Frank) to Washington, D.C.

  • http://http// sophillyjimmy

    Frank probably gave Hubie Jones head after the commencement speach while Jones wore his hoodie.

  • michaeljbeglinjr

    Frank has always been a douchebag.


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