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DeMint Backs Off His Threat To Delay START Treaty Debate

December 20, 2010 by  

DeMint backs off his threat to delay START treaty debateSenator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has dropped his threat to employ delay tactics in order to block passage of the United States' nuclear arms treaty with Russia.

Debate over the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) was set to begin on Dec. 16, a day after Senators approved the tax cut package. Democrats are hoping to approve the foreign relations measure before the lame-duck session ends because Republicans will gain more chamber seats in January. Republicans, however, are reluctant to pass the measure without more thorough discussions about the treaty.

According to Reuters, DeMint previously indicated that he would request a full reading of the START pact, which could take up to 15 hours to read. The treaty itself is 17 pages, while accompanying protocol and additional annexes add another 339 pages.

Later, DeMint changed his mind and said he would not force a reading of the START treaty. However, he acknowledged that he still plans to force a floor reading of the $1.1 trillion government spending bill if it emerges in the lame-duck session.

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  • Wanda Murline

    That is a shame…this would probably be the only time any of the Democrats actually read anything that they pass into law. I personally think DeMint should stay with it and make every bill that emerges be read to everyone who is going to vote on it. If this is a great bill, then why are the Demorats wanting to get it done before January? The fired people no longer represent us…this should wait until our true representation arrives in Washington.

    • 45caliber

      I agree with you.

    • who cares

      The Obstructionst Republicans finally got all their earmarks in. they had no reason to continue blocking the bill as they all the other bills. The Democrats passed what the Republican wanted the BIG daddy of them all two more years adding to the national debt, tax breaks to the rich and the corporations. You brainless zombies wont remember why we are in the mess. It wont matter that Democrats had nothing with this mess they’ll be blame.

      • rockjock10

        it’s good to be an obstructionist when the legislation they are trying to pass in a hurry is bad legislation. You assume it it good legislation. You are wrong. I doubt if the Liberals acted as obstructionists to Conservative aproved legislation that you would have as much of a problem with obstructionism.

        We are the United States, a free democratic republic. We are not a Socialist nation. If that is what you want then move to Europe Mr who cares. Your selection of a blog name says alot about your mental state and capacity.

        • submoa

          This is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. There is no such thing as a “democratic republic”…they are polar opposites to each other. It is vital that all Americans who profess to preserve and restore our Constitution as written by the Founding Fathers understand the difference and be able to argue/debate/DEFEND the Constitution!

      • Brenda

        Other nations have asked the U. S. not to sign this treaty for they know if America is hamstrung just what will happen to them. Obama does not have the best interests of this country in his mind. He hates this country and most of our allies. Remember the bust of Churchhill he sent back to the Brits. Every policy Obama has put in place or tried to put in place is ruining this country and many citizens are realizing this. This is what the November elections were all about. People hoped to put in place means to stop this man before he causes more harm to this country.
        The Democratic Party is not the party it used to be. Even John F Kennedy said this country had to remain strong and this treaty weakens us as a country at a time when we need to be stronger than we ever were. This country put an enept man in power who is weak and does not know what he is doing. How does being a community organizer and a two-year Senator who always voted Present, not for or against a bill give him the qualificians to be the leader of the Free World? How does a man who is constantly apologizing for this country think he has the right to bring this country down. This man has borrowed 5 Trillion dollars since he became President. He is worthless as a President and as a man he is a failure. The only thing he has going for him is his ability to read his telepromter and when it malfunctions his is lost. Blacks think he will give them more and will fight the White man. Which might be true remember the New Black Panthers and how they are being protected by Obama’s Justice Department. Remember how he is suing the Arizona State and not protecting our borders? Are we going to have to fight a border war which will be fought by United States civilians and not the Federal Government which is supposed to protect the people of this country.
        This man Obama is not the man many American people thought he was and it’s time to wake up and realize this. If not this country is going to do down so far that it will take the next President 4 years just to clean up his mess, let alone to any thing for this counry. It was not Bush who caused the economic problems this country is having but Frannie May and Freddie Mac, a Democratic

        • geller

          you can’t be serious!! Bush/Cheney trampled on the Constitution, plunged the United States into a war of stupidity, causing a massive deficit and losing more that 4,000 of our kids, mean while shipping American jobs to India and China on a wholesale scale. Anyone who was clueless enough to have voted republicans back in congress deserves everything there going to get. History will certainly tell the real story. President Obama would have to be in office 10 years to clean up the repub mess. So far he has done great considering he has to work with bawl bag booner.

      • submoa

        You really need to check the facts. The 111th congress put the screws on American economics by continuing the FAILED policies of idiots when the warning was sounded by Bush, McCain, Schiff and others that subprime lending to fools with no ability to put a down payment on a mortgage was ludicrous. Bahnee Fwank said nothing to worry about there! Ha! The proof is on the web, should you care to pursue it. Your zerobama told America that his plan was to disarm America–because he cannot tell another nation what to do and have any achievable means to make that happen–as they laugh in his face as the sheer audacity of his amateur antics. You asked for it, you got it–obama.

        • geller

          yes we got obama, and I thank god everyday. Finally we have a president that has an IQ higher than a dip stick

    • geller

      demint is demented. what in the world is wrong with this moran, other than the fact that he is a tea bagger. Republicans never want to create progress. What do they do if there not starting wars or making the rich richer.

  • J.M.R.

    just another spineles repub, lying to the voters.

    • Robert, Combat Seabee Vet. N.Y.

      This is another of many moves by the obama administration to perform castration on America. There is no means of verifying the russian nukes, it does not take into account the 10′s of thousand Tactical nuke artillery shells that the russians have and it stops a missle shield to protect the nato alliance. What’s good about it!!
      While the American taxpayers were funding the dismantling of old russian nukes because they stated they couldn’t afford to, they upgraded and modernized the Tactical nukes with the money they saved, or conned us out of.
      Has obama upgraded to tactical operational status? Doubt it, because he doesn’t want nukes in the U.S.A. but it IS REQUIRED by law that our nukes be upgraded and be tactical BEFORE ENTERING ANY NUCLEAR TREATY. He is doing slightof hand again. Why doesn’t he want this to stall or take time, someone will find out whats hidden in it just like the obamacasre desaster. Bend Over America, obama is nuking US!!!

      • Carole Howell

        Are you kidding me Robert, there are many ways of knowing every little thing that goes on in the world. What do you think those Satelites that can read license plates on cars are for. What do you think those little drone planes Texas has now to look into people’s homes are for?

        No one on earth can hide anything. Think!!!

        • Dogma-Free

          Exactly, and not only that, if Republicans were really so concerned with protecting ‘Americans’, then why did they oust one of their own agents, Valerie Plame…??

          No, Republicans, if I were to make a generalization, seem to think with their wallets…and their biggest ‘customers’ (like Dick Cheney, and his Halliburton cronies) are people who profit from wars, which is why they seem to want to continually rush us all headlong into wars.

          Of course, the catch with nukes is; How many do you really need? I have no doubt that the old Republicans are scared most, if not all of the time. After all, they realize that America is the only country to ever use nukes in anger. Their fear must be partially based around the idea that someone, somewhere is going to demand retribution. He who lives by the sword, and all that…

          • jim zimmerman

            Dogma, Valerie Plame wasn’t a Cia agent she was a desk jockey that never spent a day in the field. She was an intelligence analyst not a field Agent. And your question how many nukes do you need? Ask Iran, Ask North Korea? How many do they need? And why if they are so terrible do they need them? But you can’t ask them can you? Yes the U.S. used ATOMIC bombs, not NUKES to end a war that had already claimed 50 million lives. To save another few million more live’s including your grandfather or father depending on how old you are. Golly just think if we hadn’t, you might not be here to post your diatribe/manifesto. The people we used the ATOMIC bombs on are our allies now. Gee they don’t seem to be so upset do they? Truman spent many hours contemplating/praying the use of this horrible device and spoke with experts before he made his decision to use the ATOMIC bombs to end the war that we didn’t start by the way. Nobody has demanded retribution not even the only people we used the ATOMIC BOMBS on. Yes the only part of your little essay that is correct is those who live by the sword die by the sword. But you forgot that it is the people that don’t have swords that die in larger numbers. A wise man once said to a statement “that it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees”. The wise man said “no it is better to live on your feet than die on your knees”.

        • submoa

          Get a clue! How much technology do you think we possess in relation to the “other side”? Don’t you understand that we developed the capabilities right alongside the other team, and then Clinton sold our space technology to the Chicoms, so our edge on guidance systems is now lost. Show me one thing that we produce on American soil with American technology that isn’t duplicated atom for atom by communist engineers this day in age. Do you honestly think the other team rolls out the nuke maintenance stand in broad daylight for all the space-borne eyes to watch? How about YOU do some excogitation for a few seconds!

          • Dogma-Free

            Oh, settle down, Penelope.

            The ‘other side’…?? WTF is that, anyways? Holy sh!t, son…come out from under your bed already…at your age you should know there’s no such thing as the ‘boogey man’.

            Gawd…you far-right nut-jobs live in such fear, it really is amazing that you’re even able to function on a daily basis, since you seem so afraid to walk out your own front door each day, without arming yourselves to the teeth.

            Maybe if your Republican overlords would quit making enemies around the world, you wouldn’t have to be so scared all the time. Besides that, if you’re so confident Jesus H. Christ will protect you, then you shouldn’t need to be such a chicken-sh!t. For gawd’s sake, man…grow a pair already.

        • submoa

          Credible evidence for you who think that some ink on a useless piece of paper means anything to a communist or dictator.

          “Hans Brix…”

        • jim zimmerman

          Carole Howell are you kidding? There are many places left on earth that people can hide. Why do you think they havent found Osama Bin Ladens body yet? The Soviet Union is just going to let us fly our little spy planes over their country so that we can Verify their compliance of the Start treaty? Get real. Texas is a part of the US Russia isnt,Yet.Why havent we found the WMDs Saddam hid in Syria, cause Syria wont let us come in and see them. We know he had them cause we gave them to him and he used them numerous times in his 9 year war with Iran. Then on the Kurds in his own country. DUH. Come out of your cave Fred is cooking a brontasaures ob the BBQ in the backyard. Satellites cant see inside underground bunkers and the cold war was a chess game where the opponants Knew when the Satellites flew over so they just moved the pieces in between flyovers. If inspectors want to come in they need the badguy’s permission. Here in the US they just drive out from the UN building take a drive and bring a picnic lunch. Try getting into Iran or North Korea for a sunday drive. You will never be seen again. Spyplanes wont find you deep in a moldy prison. Get real. It really isnt the Russians we need to worry about,but the countries that dont care about treaties. Your question why do we need Nuclear weapons? Why do you need doors in your house with locks? Why do you need drapes on your windows? The answer is because some degenerate will be walking into your house to take what you worked hard for. Some pervert is watching you or your daughter dressing or showering or making love to your husband and just might like what he see’s and decide to walk into your doorless home and get a little for himself. It will be up to you whether you will give it up or not. But the decision will be yours when the wolf is standing at the foot of your bed. Obama is required by the OATH he took to prevent that wolf from ever getting to the foot of your bed.But Guess what little red riding hood? Obama is the wolf in grandma’s nightgown. My grandmother what long teeth you have.

      • who cares

        Your one dumb SOB. your vet alright from F-troop. Did you not read the heading? DeMint a freaken Republican’s Backs off his threat to delay START TREADY debate. Thats all you’r party does OBSTRUCT. And you dummies blame the Democrats for everything. NO such thing as Obamacare tax payers will be paying for the Public Option. Fox New Leaks From: Bill Sammon. Subject: Friendly reminder lets not slip back into calling it the “Public Option” Please use the term “Government Run” health insurance or when BREVITY is a concern Government option whener possible. Republicans are the one who holding the country hostage. very mush like you’r daddy figure (Bush) Hitler did to the German people. It was nazi who used the term Homeland But Bush copied it. Bush being German. dumb ass you should be blaming Reagan he’s the one who signed the first tredy with the Russians and is because of Reagan tax payers had to pay for dismandling of Russian Nukes. No wonder you freaken people are so stupid guys like you passing misinformation. You hostly believe Obama does not Nukes in the USA? I did not know he had so mush power. people don’t listen to this IDIOT.

        • http://OprahtheSCUMARTIST Jean

          and this coming from the little mouse that roared? everyone was laughing at N Korea strutting its stuff – now they are glaring at their hind-site stuppidity.

      • Bill

        More than 30 former defense or foreign policy government officials and related experts issued an open letter to the Senate Monday expressing their “professional judgment” that President Barack Obama’s proposed nuclear weapons reduction treaty with the Russians, called New START, “is not consistent with the national security interests of the United States,” and “should be rejected by the U.S. Senate,” which is considering it now.

        They argue that Russia easily could cheat secretly to our detriment, that it would restrict deployment of new U.S. anti-missile defenses, that it would reduce the survivability and flexibility of our our strategic forces and could be militarily destabilizing, that it permits a continued large Russian superiority in overall nuclear weapons, and that resulting insecurity among our allies about continued extended deterrence could lead to intensified production and proliferation of nuclear weapons—all unintended, harmful consequences, the opposite of the Obama Administration’s announced goals for the agreement.

        Among the many signers are: Ambassador Ed Rowny, former U.S. chief START negotiator; Vice Adm. Robert Monroe, U.S. Navy (Ret), former director, Defense Nuclear Agency; Judge William Clark, former national security adviser to President Reagan; Honorable Paula DeSutter, former assistant secretary of State for Verification, Compliance, and Implementation; Honorable Fred Ikle, former director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Ambassador Read Hammer, former deputy director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, and former chief U.S. START Negotiator; Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerny, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), former deputy chief of staff; Ambassador John Bolton, former undersecretary of State for arms control and international security, and former U.S. ambassador to the U.N.; Ambassador Henry Cooper, former director, Strategic Defense Initiative of the Department of Defense, and former U.S. chief negotiator, Defense and Space Talks with the Soviet Union; and Hon. Edwin Meese, III, fomer counselor to the president and former U.S. attorney general.

        More specifically, despite Obama administration claims to the contrary, the former officials and experts say that the proposed New START treaty has the following major problems, among others:

        * It would effectively limit further U.S. anti-missile defenses for the American homeland in the face of growing rogue nation/terrorist nuclear threats, saying “it would be folly to limit, let alone preclude, available options to do so” in the future.
        * It “is simply not adequately verifiable,” and “the Russians could engage in militarily significant violations with little fear of detection by the US,” with years being needed before we could respond adequately.
        * It “would reduce the survivability and flexibility of our (strategic) forces.”
        * Its low limits on the number of nuclear launchers could end up being militarily and strategically destabilizing;
        * It would solidify a large Russian superiority in nuclear weapons when considering its 10-to-1 advantage in tactical nuclear weapons, many of which have strategic capabilities and roles, and which have been termed an “urgent” problem by the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission.
        * It could force cuts in some of our vital conventional capabilities (i.e., heavy bombers) as well.
        * It would “create concerns” among our allies about America’s continuing extended deterrent capability to protect them, which could lead to “intensified proliferation” of nuclear weapons.
        * “It is unnecessary and ill-advised for the US to make these sorts of deep reductions in its strategic forces” so that the Russians are authorized/enabled to modernize and build up to our levels.

        • submoa

          Your logic is wasted on the trolls. But, I commend you in the extreme for an excellent job of using FACTS to argue your position! Awesome, dude! Molon Labe

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            You’re right. This thing is playing out like a Tolkein novel.

        • who cares

          You’r information must of come from Fox (opinion) New. Or are you going agaist you’r wanna be father Bush He and his Daddy is for the new treaty. And a hand full freaken GOP, Republicans. Leave politics to politicians what you should be doing is trying to save you’r asses from them, they’re eating you alive.

      • Valerie Lacasse

        Once again its amazing the lack of respect or is it a lack of education
        regardless of Political views usally a persons name starts with a capital letter.These problems started prior to THE PRESIDENT taking office it may have escalated but he did not start it alon with the citizens reckless spending which is just a mirroe of the Government.

  • eddie47d

    This is an an issue that is critical for the US and the world.We want rouge nations to reduce their capacity or not even be able to build nukes.If the US and Russia set the example then maybe these other nations won’t be so eager for deployment or feel threatened. After all is said and done both countries will still be well armed. It could also be said that even more needs to be done in reductions.

    • 45caliber

      Right. And maybe it will rain gum drops tomorrow.

      • Dogma-Free

        hahaha…I see your true colours…shinin’ through…

        and it appears to be a shade of yellow.

        Personally, I think Iran should be allowed to have nukes. After all, pretty much everyone else in that region does. And with Israel rattling sabres, it might keep the Israeli dogs at bey, and stave off yet another war. And besides, who are we to say which countries can have them, and which countries can’t?

        • Dan Burke

          Generally, I agree that we shouldn’t be so restrictive in nuclear armament. I also believe we should allow other nations to defend themselves. So if Iran really believes what they preach (destroy Israel and the “infidels”–USA), then we should allow Israel to retaliate and destroy them if Iran steps out of line–with no repercussions from America for Israel taking such an action. If you truly want Iran to have nukes and NOT use them, then Iran must believe that they WILL be destroyed completely if they do use a nuke. And even that is not a guarantee that they won’t use a nuke. If they truly believe in their cause, they will still seek to destroy Israel and the “infidels” as they preach just like suicide bombers destroy themselves for a “greater good.” And it doesn’t even have to be the people of Iran that agree to such mass martyrdom, as it would only require a decision by those that control the nuclear weapons program….

          Mutual disarmament isn’t the answer either. First, what if a nation cheats? People claim that satellite technology would stop cheating, but what is the purpose of secret labs? To be secret? And didn’t we recently learn that some country had a few more nuclear facilities than we thought they had? We must have just forgotten to fly our satellites over their country for a few months, or maybe a year or two….

          • Dogma-Free

            Okay, so on Iran – Do you really believe that they want to start a nuclear (pronounced ‘nu-kyoo-lur’, if you’re an imbecile) war?

            For starters, they don’t have weapons-grade plutonium (about 80% pure, or higher)…only energy-grade (about 15% to 20% pure)…and to get from energy-grade to weapons-grade takes a crapload of money and technology, not to mention time.

            Secondly, even if they did get nukes, to use them on a neighboring country would be just plain stupid, since you’d get your own people with the fallout from your own nukes.

            In all honesty, I think Ahmadinejad is just doing what all politicians would do under similar circumstances – telling the people what they want to hear. And it’s easy to say that ‘if I had nukes’…and then make threats and tough-talk, which garners support from his people, who…just saw one of their neighbors invaded by the Bush regime/administration. However, if they actually ever did get nukes, I’m willing to bet that the language would be toned down considerably.

            So, you talk about this ‘greater good’, and I’m glad you brought that up.

            So…have you asked them what this ‘greater good’ actually is, or are you just making assumptions, based on what you read in our North American mainstream (bought and sold) media?

            Because, quite frankly, I just don’t buy the ‘reaming virgins in heaven’ thing. They could do that here on Earth, if they wanted.
            I personally have not asked them either…BUT…apparently Deepak Chopra did…and what they told him was that they were tired of America’s meddling in their land. That, and they were sick of watching their children die in wars, to serve ‘American interests’.

            Think about that for a second.

            The ‘greater good’ you spoke of, according to someone who lives there, was to get their message across to the ‘American’ government, that they don’t want ‘America’ meddling in their affairs anymore…and that they are so SICK OF IT, that they are now willing to blow themselves (well..and others) up, just to get noticed. To make sure people around the world take notice, and say, ‘Well…why are we still in there, anyways?’

            To fight a ‘war on *terror*’…?? What kind of a crock of sh!t is that?!

            Do you know that Osama bin Laden never actually claimed responsibility for the 9/11 incident? But Baby Bush needed a new enemy…or a face of terror. Osama bin Laden fit the bill then…and still serves a purpose now. And of course, as we all know…Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 incident…nor did they have nukes (or ‘WMDs’ in Dubya-speak).

            So now, thousands of American soldiers have been killed – along with hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocents – and for what?

            To make America safer? Well, the Orwellian measures taken at the airports could have ensured that, without having to invade Iraq.

            Really, all Baby Bush would have had to do prior to the 9/11 incident, would have been to put a contingency plan into place…and escape plan. And since he ignored the August 6th 2001 PDB, I would have to say he wanted the 9/11 incident to go down…probably just like it did. And why? Because it served a purpose for him, and for Cheney and his Halliburton cronies.

            Personally, I’m glad Bush got ‘elected’ (or rigged the election, I guess), because it helped to expose just how corrupt the government has become here. They cater to the rich, and line their own pockets, as we the middle class are disappearing…most likely by design.

            Also…getting back to nukes…you say, ‘what if a nation cheats’…?

            Well, what if they do? Really what difference would it make if one country had 1000 nukes, or 1010 nukes…?? And if one nuclear submarine could take out a whole country, then how many do we really need anyways?

            Not only that, if a country has the know-how and the resources to do it, they can always make more.

    • s c

      Eduardo, I can’t help having the feeling that in your family you are the poster child for people who go through life seeing everything in a positive light – no matter how childish or moronic or utopian it may be. DeMint has his own problems, not the least of which is having a functional spine.
      In your case, you seem to think a piece of paper is an absolute guarantee of peace and security. That approach in this life is going to rip you a new one. It’s just a matter of time.
      Do you suffer from chronic Peter Panitis? How is it that you have such a hard time separating crap from apple butter? Do you believe EVERYTHING your political masters say?
      I don’t need to know how you got that way. However, it would be nice to have an idea when you’re going to get yourself into a anti-crapola program. You CAN’T be a teenager for the rest of your life.

  • Joyce from Loris

    I wonder if this is a wise move, especially with so many other nations INCREASING their arsenals. Iran, North Korea, and very soon, Venezuela and more. Pakistan could very easily been “taken over” by terrorist who will take control of their nuclear weapons, even the Pakistan President said at one time, he would side with the Taliban.

    • Carole Howell

      Joyce from Loris,

      Have you ever wondered why anyone would want these weapons? Hmmm…..let me see? So far a country who has them has never been invaded by the USA, not one. Hmmm… Is the USA a threat to any nation or nations? Well, since the USA has over a 1000, now, military bases in 130 nations around the world, want do you think? That is why when polled the rest of the world considers the USA the biggest threat to world peace.

      We actually spend more for our military now than all the countries of the world put together. If you were a citizen of another country wouldn’t you be concerned about this? And especially knowing the USA has invaded so many nations, but has not invaded any with nuclear weapons, wouldn’t you feel safer if your country pocessed a few?

      You know if all the countries of the world had nukes, I believe it would be a more peaceful world. Of course at least until the USA finally sinks under the weight of it’s own military and corporate greed, it would, it would be a good thing.

      We in this country know little about what we have done to the small country of Iraq. We do not get that news, but the rest of the world does. We go about our lives, not knowing or thinking of the 100s of thousands of dead and disappeared people in Iraq. The bodies piling up in every city and town and lying unclaimed by families because they fear for their own lives if they do. Iraq has more ‘disappeared people’ now than any other nation on earth.

      Do you know that Iraq is the place where civilization was born. You can read about Iraqi cities in the bible. Iraq has many archeological sites that date back before the birth of Christ and our military has destroyed many of them. These places were thought by many to belong to the rest of the world, all of humanity. They are systematically being destroyed. And think of this, we don’t just torture people, we sexually torture them. A large percentage of the bodies piling up in every city are tortured horribly. We are there, we are in control and we are responsible. Sick. The world knows what we have become. It is only we, the people, who do not know yet. We will however learn what we have become soon enough, when we start treating our own people the same way and it will come to that I assure you if we do not wake up.

      Think we do a lot of good in the world, think again,it is believed in Africa, we give a little with one hand and take away much more with both hands. An Irishman in Ireland said we should stop worrying about the rest of the world and start worrying about our own asses. Good advice, cause our collective asses are in a whole lot of trouble now.

      Do you know that many countries around the world have legal cases (or had) against Bush and his bunch for kidnapping and torturing citizens of their countries, human rights violations by the score. And this Obama administration, with all the money problems we have, is buying these nations off to protect these criminals. Multi billions of dollars, Why? because we cannot let these cases go to court, Why? Because they cannot let the American people find out what we have become. If we cannot buy them off, we threaten them. One by one these countries are recalling their arrest warrants back from INTERPOL.

      That is how afraid this government is that we, the people, find out who we really are.

      • Jill

        I don’t give a rat’s ass about any other country’s nuclear capabilities as long as the country I am in has the biggest and the best. If we are a threat good more power to us. We are still the kindest, considerate, and most helpful nation than any others put together. God Bless the U.S.A. and please dear Lord, help the peaceful christians conquer the whiles of the devil through song and prayer. Amen. If you don’t understand that then quit reading someone else’s mail.

        • Carole Howell

          You live in la la land, we are nothing like that at all and the rest of the world does not see us that way either.

          Iraq right now has the most ‘disappeared’ people on earth, do you know what that term means? They have piles of bodies every day that are not claimed by anyone, because people fear for their lives. A large Percentage of the bodies show signs of torture and mutilation. We are in charge there, we are responsible for all that suffering and death, we do not see the pictures, our government will not allow it. But the rest of the world does see them, they know what we are even if we don’t. More than 80% of those ‘disappeared people are children under 12, Where did they go Jill? 100s of 1000s of disappeared people, that is the result of Bush’s serge, that was suppose to be such a success. This done to a small country, 26 million people, we are a country of 300 million. And Jill, Iraq never attacked us, never planned to attack us. They had no connection to Al Qaeda or to 9/11, none. How kind is that?

          Ask an African, they will say the USA gives with one hand and takes away with both hands.

          Take a look at all the tyrannical Dictators this country supports around the world and look at the conditions the people of those nations live under. This government has overthrown many Democratically elected people in other nations and installed cruel dictators that will do their bidding.

          This government just sponsored a military coup in Thailand, a bloody one, now, how do you think things will be for the people there.

          You know nothing at all about your country’s foreign policy. We have over 1000 military bases in 130 countries. The world hates us.

          Check out the School of the Americas, where soldiers from these nations run by dictators learned all the ways to torture people. Oh! yes kind indeed.

          Wake up Jill, read our history. We stopped wearing the white hats shortly after WWII. You believe a fairy tale.

        • who cares

          Jill, you’r type of people are scary. On one hand you’r preaching while on the other hand you’r using the bibble ones head at same time saying dear lord give me strength to knock the hell out of him. Christians are not peaceful if anything they use God for strength while they kill. The Christian right Ted Haggard, evagelical preacher. as active preacher he was having a 3 year sexual relation with a man. Reagan was the first republican president to allowed american companies to move out country. todays republicans gives every company a tax breaks and no tariffs. The U.S can’t build missiles with out computer chips made in China. American companies moved too China for their greed. smocke that.

        • submoa

          right there with you. Our overseas military bases have become a welfare provider for many locations, since we built them, in large part during WW2. Initially to provide defense for nations battered after the war, they have become an essential part of those local and national economies. It’s easy to think that an emotional viewpoint is the basis of which to get our troops home–that those nations don’t want us there, but the facts say otherwise. Those who have never served, and never done service overseas, cannot fathom the national ties that are forged through these alliances. Are there negatives in all this? Sure, there are all sorts of reasons that we might need to assess our reasons economically and defensively to remain, but the American policy is not to take over nations. Those who want to play the emotional game conveniently forget or were never intelligent enough to look at the facts that UN Resolution 1441 was the reason we went into Iraq (and I do not like the UN as it defeats our sovereignty). Afghanistan was a bad choice, based on many things, and it has whipped the hineys of every nation that ever entered aggressively. But, the words of obama have proven to be lies where he said he’d end both of those wars–but, more honestly, beyond his ability to simply turn off like a water faucet.

  • AkTom

    I can’t help but think of the old saying “those who beat their swords into plowshares will soon be plowing for those that keep their swords”.

    • Norm

      Those who stash thousands of nukes are destined to become ashes.

      • 45caliber

        Really? Why? Do you expect them to nuke themselves??

        • submoa

          Ha! good comeback!

    • Carole Howell

      AK Tom,

      Sure much of the rest of the world is plowing for corporate interests now. You need to look, really look at what and who your government is serving. Look at who are using our troops as cannon fodder.

      We are so blind.

      • jim zimmerman

        Carol, the only one who is blind is you and the others like you that are posting the SHIITE the Obama administration is feeding you. They are leading you around by the white cane you are using. The thousands of missing people you mentioned in Iraq are not missing because Americans disappeared them; they are missing because Muslim militias came in the middle of the night and took them. I guess we should use some of the spy planes and satellites you mentioned in your earlier post to find them. If you remember that Iraq had a 9 year war with Iran. Many thousands of those missing people are buried in the desert from that war. Where are you getting those figures from? What are your sources considering as you said the media is not telling us about them. AL-Jeezera. How do you know all these things? Have you ever been to Iraq, Afghanistan any of the cradles of civilization you speak of? Those days are centuries past. Iraq is a cesspool. Even the people that live there don’t want to be there. They are escaping in droves. Where do they go? Why to the west of course. They escape to the west because they know they won’t be dragged out in the night and slaughtered for what they believe in. Who cares thinks that because the Clinton administration signed a treaty with N Korea that it was bushes fault they didn’t live up to it. Carol thinks that those who think treaties are meant to be broken are dishonorable people. That is the only thing we agree on. Who are the people breaking the treaties. Why it is the dishonorable people in Iran, North Korea Russia. But carol and her crew vilify Bush. Wow. Isn’t that special? Anybody including me that try to change their mind is wasting time. What Military coup in Thailand are you referring to Carol? WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS INFORMATION you are living in some fantasy world that you just make up information to sell your theories. Africa, Africa, where they are murdering hundreds of thousands many of them who had been neighbors in Rwanda. The thousands that cried for Clinton to send help. Well he couldn’t send help because he and Monika were smoking cigars in the oval office while Hillary was bilking millions out of the real estate market. Africa where the UN troops ignored the raping of infants and their mothers. Africa where they are castrating little boys because they believe that little boy’s penises will ward off aids while they continue to rape their neighbor’s wives and daughters. Yes these are the people we need to be asking how bad America is. Did you know that the horrible George Bush #2 spent more US treasure to help the people in AFRICA from the AIDS epidemic than any other US president in history? But hey I guess they used that money to buy more machetes’ to kill their neighbors and cut little boy’s genitals cause THAT is the way to cure aids. If you don’t like it here PLEASE leave. I will buy the ticket for you. Then you can be one of the American disappeared. Take WHO cares with you, because in the end WHO CARES.

  • Norm

    DeMint thinks the Confederates won the Civil War. Guys like him and former speaker Tom Delay are a disgrace to this country!

    • Dale on the left coast

      What about guys that have no history at all Norm . . . so little history that they would not get the lowest security clearance . . . what do we do with them Norm . . . I know . . . we’ll make him the pres . . .


    What is it going to take for the legal voters get their thinking caps on. We need to FIRE almost all of the people in congress and all do not let any of their staff stay on the public payroll.
    This is the only way that we can take back our gov.
    In getting rid of our present leaches, we need to change their retirement to where they are on the same program that they have put all of our seniors, SSI and med. care.
    See if they can live on it as they have condemed all of our seniors by stealing all of the funds that they payed in for many years.
    This is the only way that we can get out gov. back.

  • jopa

    Each and every nuke taken apart and the radio-active material accounted for makes the world a safer place.The Republicans trying to block this treaty may be the true terrorists of the world.This is not rocket science and anyone should realize the potential of this treaty.

    • Dale on the left coast

      And if you think that is going to happen . . . I have a bridge to sell you . . .

      • 45caliber

        Hey! That’s my bridge to sell …!

    • submoa

      Just what fairy tale are you living in? Have the N. Koreans ever honored anything that they ever signed? Do you believe the double-speak and babble coming out of the mouth of the monkey-in-a-dinner-jacket in Tehran? Do you embrace the likes of the Venezuelan Hitler that he’s all about your ability to think freely based on a “bill of rights”? Do you think that what you want to hear coming from a muslim across a conference table regarding your personal welfare is reality? Dude, get a clue. Obama cannot tell another nation how to act, they are laughing at him from both sides; our allies and our enemies. I certainly don’t expect him to act in our interests as a sovereign nation, but I even more do not expect that any other nation “signing” a piece of paper to follow through with the deal. It is total ignorance to believe that any nation is going to dismantle/disassemble anything that gives them an advantage.

    • submoa
  • Mark

    I am truly disappointed. Jim has been the standard bearer for everything I believe in and I pray that we do not lose our military edge over those phony Russians that will never be a true ally of the United States. They still cannot get over the “Reagan Years” where they could not financially keep up with our build up and here we go giving them the chance to get “back into the game” We will regret EVER considering them an ally. Putin, X KGB, really? You don’t think Medevev is just Putins puppet. Please. I just look at him and do not trust him. Remember those famous words by Ronald Reagan, trust, BUT VERIFY. Also, the only thing I probably have ever agreed with that Teddy Roosevelt has ever said is, “speak softly, but carry a big stick”

  • Jeff in Ohio

    Jim Demint is one of the greatest Americans we’ve had in a long time. I can’t stand to see a real patriot hacked by so called freedom fighters. If it weren’t for him very few real conservatives would have been elected!!! Go Jim, I know your for real….

    • geller

      Demint is a sorry excuse of a man. He and his KKK friends can kiss my lilly white/

  • Don in Florida

    We live in a very dangerous world. The only way to survive is through strength. The rest of the world only understands power and money and will not reason nor negotiate. Most of the world hates America and would like to see us gone and out of their hair. Let’s have a treaty but let’s make darn sure it is a good one. Why so fast! Is Obama the best one to negotiate a treaty for our country? Americans have learned to think that we cannot go down, YES WE CAN, and we had better start getting smart with our economy and defense. To start with, let’s cut the fraud, abuse and waste in Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, and ALL areas of Government. Cut government spending and start by cutting federal employees that are not needed. I worked for the government and know the pitiful situation that exists.

  • RT Twenty five yr vet

    Info provided in the bill does not provide sufficient protection to the US. We should not judge by their words but by their actions!! Past actions by Russia have created tremendous distrust. Even the best written agreement is apt to be violated by them.

    Time for thorough debate is needed and modifications made to provide a more comprehensive and strong agreement. Make sure all “weasel” clauses are eliminated and transparencies are provided and enforceable.

  • tracycolorado


  • chuckb

    treaties are made to be broken. we should keep our armed forces and defense at the highest level. we have the best technology in the world and it is up to us to keep it that way. barry soetoro is doing his best to undermine this country and make us subservient to a socialist world. we have had the threat of soviet russia held over our head since the end of world war 2, truman lied about the threat of russian nuclear power to keep us cow towed in the korean war . the russians have never had the ability to confront us on the battlefield and have only been able to keep up somewhat on technology by stealing our technology thru apies. barry soetoro has no idea what is in this treaty any more than what was in the healthcare bill. limiting the number of nuclear bombs mean nothing, limiting the ability of defending ourselves is something else, our missle defense has russia stymied and they would love to have us shelf that. barry says that is not part of the treaty, i wouldn’t believe that, like i said he is only repeating what the sinister people behind him are telling him.
    we have a good share of democrat politicians that don’t have the best interest of this country in their heart

    • Carole Howell

      Tracy from Colo,
      You are exactly right.


      You are a complete idiot, if you liked Bush, you should love Obama. I do not know why he did not run as a republican.

      Also Chucky boy, he has paid off many nations to drop their charges against Bush and Cheney, paid billions to them to have them recall their INTERPOL arrest warrants. He is saving their asses, and look how you talk about him. Tsk Tsk.

      And this bloated military of ours is only running on money borrowed from China and Japan, and who do you think makes the spare parts for our military, you don’t know Jack. Our mighty military could be shut down quick and what could we do about it. How tough do you feel now?
      This country is broke. 40 cents on every dollar this country takes in goes to pay for the interest on our debt to China and Japan.

      But Obama thought we could afford to pay billions to save Bush and Cheney’s asses. Save them from standing trial for their crimes against humanity. Sick.

      It is the cost of this military and these stupid senseless wars that are taking us down, and like the Roman Empire and every other empire, we have over stretched ourselves and we are sinking. Chuck you are so silly. What world to you live in? You and Jill live a pipe dream, it is only smoke, there is nothing there. You both cheer a sinking ship.

      • submoa

        Never mind obama spending nearly 3 times what bush spent in 8 years. You do the math, and you look up the FACTS. Our military costs are significant, but spending 0.7 Trillion on worthless road paving and fluff that was already paid for with your fuel taxes was total crap. More Americans are killed, over 40,000 in 2007, on American roads than in our present wars and nobody is out to ban automobiles…well, not yet. But, they are banning your ability to make personal choices by taking away your ability to get the medical care YOU want. They have also impacted your ability to provide for yourself, and they are working overtime to limit your ability to communicate freely as per Rule No. 1 of our Constitution. They have set in motion the undermining of our military with the repeal of DADT, and they have set in motion the ever-increasing price of petroleum by tying American hands to develop the wells and refine OUR own reserves. What box are you living in?

        • geller

          you must be listening to the fox network. For your information. The great george W spent more money than any other president this country has ever had. Thats a fact Jack!!

    • who cares

      Chuckb, are you playing or are plain stupid?? Honestly where do you bozzo’s get you’r news? Fox News. While Democrats approves, and extends benefits to military veterans the Republicans denied, or cuts them. Republicans refused to pass to extend unemployment benefits, refused to pass (REMEMBER) 9-11 first responders benefits that Bush had promise to them (then Bush refused, repeal the promise) republicans refused countless of bills in less the wealthy, and coporation got their tax break. In other words GOP Republicans are OBTRUCTIONIST, do nothing party in less they get something in return. So who has the interest of the country and it citizens?? NOT REPUBLICANS…….

      • chuckb

        who cares

        if you didn’t know the bar is closed. its after 2 am. we were discussing the start treaty not veteran benefits as if you would know the difference. your democratic buddies in congress probably don’t know either.

        • who cares

          It’s hard to keep up you #%6@ jumping limb from limb. Obama is not disarming the U.S.A. Obama want an up dated New tready with the Russian. As I see it, its the Obstructionst Republicans Jim DeMint who was holding out inless the Republicans got the tax cut for him self and the wealhty (Coporation) lets not forget their Earmarks. Blame Bush for N.Korea having Nukes. it would never happen under a Democrat remember Chinton he had the N. Korea sign peace treaty. It was under Bush that he let tready expired. And now the Iran has Nukes too. the more you watch Fox News the less you know. I don’t even trust Fox new with the weather.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    we would be crazy to disarm with countries like N.Korea, Iran, and Pakistan having nukes and developing ICBM’s. We need to develope satellite missle defense systems along with satellite lazer systems. One of the best systems I ever heard of was a satellite with a carousel of Titanium spears, about 60ft. long and weighting several hundred pounds. they could pin point a target anywhere in the world and the kinetic energy of them coming down on a target would be tremendous. We need to have this stuff and pray we never have to use it instead of finding out we need them and not having them.

  • Carole Howell

    No one, not even Obama is advocating that we disarm, why don’t you read the treaty.

    And for the guy who said treaties are made to be broken, what an honorable fellow you are.

    According to our laws, any treaty we sign becomes law of our land. But with the last Administration and this one, there is not much attention paid to our laws or even for International laws. And anyone who thinks treaties are made to be broken are corrupt to the core.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      There is the language of a Treaty and then there id the intent of a Treaty. It shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point that BO is incompetent at best and traitorous at worst. Either way his plans and policies are detremental to America’s ability to remain a super-power in an ever increasing dangerous world. I don’t have a problem of getting rid of antiquated weapons systems but they must be replaced with more effective units. BO’s plan plays right into our enemies hands.

    • chuckb

      carole howell

      do they let you out on the weekends? what funny farm do you work on?
      who paid off many nations for them to drop charges against bush and cheney? that’s the funniest remark of the year. you better start drinking a different brand of whatever, it’s effecting your rationale.
      obama doesn’t have a clue what this treaty is all about, the teleprompter tells him to push it and that’s what he does. he still doesn’t know what the healthcare bill is all about. be very proud you voted for the most ignorant person to evr set in the white house, he even surpasses jimmy carter.

      • who cares

        A hero since you know alott go help Omaba. Better yet why don’t you become our nest (Bush) president. you’r like a Genius.

    • submoa

      One more time from the guy that watched them break the treaties they signed in the past. The jackasses of the world don’t give one iota about integrity–this is a 360 degree, latitude and longitude, failure that no nation is immune to. These are politicians, dictators, communists, marxist and thugs–we aren’t dealing with the Boy Scouts here.

      Live in that fairy tale world all you want, but the FACTS remain–totalitarian regimes will say one thing and do another when it suits them and what they intend to achieve.

  • Castaway

    Well, you liberals keep drinking that cool aid and maybe , just maybe it will help you grow a brain..

    • who cares

      Is about the right par Zombies repeat what you are and tha is you Fox New loud mouth.

  • http://com i41

    chuchb, Onumnut sure gave away the EU mssle sheil for nothing, definitely don’t want this muslim marxist moron and his socialist sow Hillary negoating for a car deal. Darn I forgot they took over Government Motors. The 9/11 healthcre bill would be such a problem if the people injured got paid, but the biggest problem is 1/2 of every dollar,goes to lawyers, all socialist democrats,majority of the lawyers are leeches like John Edwards. Second the firefighters are union jackasses, who are over paided and have their own insurance plans. I have been in 2 volenteer firedepartments and were not union run, if anyone got hurt, your companies we worked for paid the costs and benefits were held for decutable costs. Between the lawyers and the unions, the hell with this money wasting plan, it was drafted by democrps so we can not expect less.

    • who cares

      Hero i41, do little more rearch on union’s and Government jobs. you and you’r comrades got the crapy end of the stick. Either way you are being paid with tax dollars. our SOCIALIST SYSTEM is great?? or would you prefer a private system. where you only be paid for actual work, Waiting at the station for a fire is not actual work and shouldn’t be paid. According to the private sector. Welcome to the real world under republican run system. Chickenhawk Reagan was the first to eliminate, remove unions where workers, you the worker has no voice or no one to speak on your behave. SOCIALIST MEDICINE paid by tax payers, YOU and me a Socialist System. Do any of you see any Republican refusing it?? Guess what politicians for even one term of service for the rest of their lifes they will recieved retirement check and Socialist medicine on our dime. About GM it was Bush who drew the contract, President Obama by law had to follow through. Just as Bush started two wars on lies, President Obama had to follow through. Either way Democrats will be blame. i41 if you believe a onces the of the shit is coming out of you’r mouth you deserved the shitty job you have. Like it or not For everything in last ten (10) years (the)Bush (admimistration) is to be BLAME HE allowed 9-11 to happened so that ha can have his two wars. If anything it happened under a REPUBLICAN ( watch) you can never lived that down. If it were a game Republicans: zero saved, Democrats: 1000 persent saved. The 9-11 responder with out consideration with very own lifes they went too helped Americans out the (Bush) ruins. You Republican are COLD blooded sub-humans. Zombbiessss

  • karl koebke

    No senseless deals with Russians! Build more Neutron Bombs to be prepeared and defend the Nation. We don’t need to appologize to anyone. Watch the groving number of dictators around the world. Speak softly, carry a big Stick and use it!

    • who cares

      Who is going to pay for them????

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        Cut the welfare rolls, that would be a good start.

  • Rick Green

    Stop the Start Tready befor you tar us down even more.. Don’t trust Russia they lie as to us as much as our own Government does.. You can bet that it is not in Americans best interests if they want it pasted rihgt now and with out asking the american people if they think it good or bad.. Because Congress and the Senate does not care what we want or do they listen to us at all.. Its business as usually just do what we wqant and lie now nad then that will give us a little time to come up with another lie to back the other one up.. You can bet your last dollor its not for our greater good.. wake up people lies are every Where in the government.. They are doing this for the good of there pocket books, so they don’t have to give up their way of life and there life time paychecks.. Its not going to work and I hope we can fire all of you every soon..NO ON Start


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