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Defiance: A Lost Virtue?

June 5, 2012 by  

Defiance: A Lost Virtue?
Have Americans lost their willingness to defy government tyranny?

It was Aug. 19, 1920. A military detachment of Red Army soldiers led by Bolshevik authorities steamrolled into the Russian town of Khitrovo to implement a policy known as “Prodrazvyorstka”; resource allocation in the name of national security which led to the confiscation of vital grain supplies and the starvation of millions of peasants.

To be sure, multiple excuses were used to rationalize the program, all in the name of the “greater good.” But in reality, Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks saw the farming culture of Russia not as human beings, but as mechanisms for feeding city residents and the army; the power centers of the newly formed Communist government.

This attitude of collectivism (and elitism at the highest levels) and the treatment of the food producing subsection of the populace as slaves to the machine predictably generated the desire for civil unrest and even rebellion. By the time the Red Army had entered Khitrovo, the region was already a tinderbox. After they had taken everything of value and began to beat elderly men in public view as an example to the rest of the town, a war had ignited.

At the height of what was later called “The Tambov Rebellion,” between 50,000 and 70,000 Russian citizens took up arms against their oppressive government. These included Red Army soldiers who left their posts to join the cause.

Vastly outnumbered, and technologically outclassed in every way, the guerilla fighters managed to infiltrate multiple levels of Bolshevik society and government and strike debilitating hits against Russian infrastructure. So great was the threat that Lenin, along with Red Army leadership, ordered chemical warfare to be used in the forests where guerrillas were thought to be dug in, as well as summary executions of civilians, many of whom were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Concentration camps were built; mostly to house women, children and elderly people thought to be related to insurgents and to be used as bargaining chips. Eventually, the rebellion diminished, but not before Lenin was forced to end the policy of Prodrazvyorstka along with many other directives that had angered the Russian public.

The Soviets later attempted to erase all memory of the event, destroying records and removing public figures who might recount what had happened. However, the fight against collectivist control and state power continued through numerous movements until the break-up of the empire decades later.

Now, many historians and cynics would label the Tambov Rebellion an overall failure. They did not succeed in removing Lenin and the Bolsheviks. They did not defeat the Red Army. They did not directly put an end to Prodrazvyorstka, though they did trigger a chain of dominos which forced Lenin’s hand. There was no glowing victory as there was during the American Revolution centuries before.

The freedom fighters were mostly forgotten until the fall of the Berlin Wall and the release of documentation that had survived the purge. However, what these men and women did accomplish was to set an example; to remind us of the ongoing and inevitable battle between oppressive establishments and the people they seek to dominate.

Even in the nightmare world of communist Russia, from the conquests of Lenin, to the terrors of Stalin, even in the face of organized and energized tyranny, people decided to fight rather than quietly live in servitude. The lesson we are taught by the Tambov Rebels is that there is no such thing as unassailable empire, that free thinking people will ALWAYS exist, that the drive for independence is inborn and inherent, and that no oligarchy will stand unopposed for very long.

Another lesson we learn is that defiance is a virtue unto itself. It is its own means and its own end. Wherever people seek truth and honor, no consequence is foreboding enough to stop them. Defiance takes no notice of the threat of death.

Some may question the example of the Tambov Rebellion and its relevance to our times. “Surely,” they will say, “the days of concentration camps, martial law, food confiscation and general war against the people by most governments are long gone. We are living in more ‘civilized times,’ where technology and reason prevail.”

The gullibility of this worldview is hard to ignore. In fact, Americans today may very well bear witness to similar or far worse tragedies in the coming years, if current Presidential directives and Congressional legislation are any indication. It has become obvious that the USA Patriot Acts which many in the public rolled over for (under some protest) was a mere warm-up to policies like the following:

  • The John Warner National Defense Authorization Act: A Bush-supported action allowing the President to unilaterally declare a “public or national emergency” for any reason he wishes without Congressional consent and institute martial law policies aimed at suppression of the populace (the President is required by the act to “inform” Congress of his intentions after 14 days, but does not give Congress the power of oversight). It also solidifies the erasure of Posse Comitatus.
  • Presidential Directive 51: Signed in private by George W. Bush. Allocates further power to the President to declare a national emergency for any reason he sees fit and to institute Continuity of Government Policies (martial law, among other things). This directive was only partially released to the public, but the entire document remains classified, even to members of Congress!
  • National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2012): Incorporates policies outlined in Senator John McCain’s and Senator Joseph Lieberman’s thoroughly rejected “Enemy Beligerents Act.” Allows the President along with the Department of Homeland Security to label anyone, even an American citizen, an “enemy combatant” under the laws of war. It opens the door to the complete dismantling of Habeas Corpus, giving military authorities the ability to arrest U.S. citizens without warrant, without due process, without trial by civilian jury, to be held indefinitely: in other words, rendition and black-bagging of U.S. citizens regardless of civil liberties or the Constitution.
  • Assassination Programs: President Barack Obama has not only claimed the right to assassinate American citizens, he has executed such orders. This policy works as an extension of the NDAA, meaning anyone can be labeled an enemy combatant without trial and can be detained or killed as such. These actions have been opposed by civil liberties unions and politicians alike, but because they have so far only been used against U.S. citizens working with al-Qaida, the general public remains on the fence or oblivious to the dangerous precedent. The Constitution specifically outlines what is to be done with Americans who aid the enemy in times of war in the Treason Clause. The Treason Clause allows NO assassination or detainment without trial. In fact, it REQUIRES a trial by jury along with two witnesses testifying to the overt criminal act. The Treason Clause has been utterly ignored by the Obama Administration thus far.
  • National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order: Obama recently signed this executive order which allows the President and the DHS to commandeer or confiscate public and private resources (any resources) in the name of national security and even allows for what essentially amounts to forced labor of U.S. citizens in the name of the “national good.” This is an almost exact replication of the powers claimed by Lenin and the Bolsheviks that triggered the Tambov uprising.
  • Internment And Resettlement Operations: A secret Department of Defense document recently leaked to the public outlines extensive planning on the part of the government to use DHS and FEMA to “relocate” U.S. citizens and detainees to internment camps for processing. Triggers for such a policy could include natural disasters, man-made disasters and terrorist attacks, among many others. The document specifically requires “special exceptions” to Posse Comitatus, allowing for military operation of the camps in question.

The response to many of the disturbing provisions listed above has so far remained in the legal and political realm. A considerable portion of those aware of the dangerous path our government has taken just over the past decade is to approach the problem from the top down. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to realize or understand the greater crisis at work.

Politically, there is very little recourse outside of full State nullification under the 10th Amendment. At the pace these executive orders and draconian bills are being churned out and slapped with a stamp of approval, the American people would have to unseat the President and almost every sitting Senator and Representative, replacing them with true Constitutional statesmen and revamping Washington D.C. in the span of a few years in order to prevent the inevitable totalitarian abuse of the legal powers that now exist. This is not going to happen. Given that almost every President and Presidential candidate for the last few decades has supported identical policies as far as expanding government power, voting in one party or the other (at least at the national level) does not appear to make much difference anymore.

Legally, every avenue is being explored, but with little progress. The recent block on the NDAA by 4th District Court Judge Katherine Forrest was a moment of hope among anti-NDAA proponents, but the end result was obvious to some of us in the Liberty Movement. So far, the Obama Administration has stated that her ruling is basically of no consequence to them and that they will continue to implement the NDAA as they see fit.

Apparently, the Judicial Branch now only has a say in matters of government when it agrees with the position of the President or DHS. This shows conclusively that the government intends to ignore court-based decisions that are contrary to desired policy and that while the legal fight should be pursued, we should not expect much in the results department.

So, where does this leave us? If we cannot redress our grievances through elections, or through the courts, what is there for a freedom loving American to do? Though the thought causes some to shudder, it is not only logical but imperative that we look at the existing alternatives seriously. Invariably, if a government was to enforce any or all of the policies listed above, the result would be citizen dissent, peaceful or militant.

When a social system becomes so corrupted that its only prerogative is its own survival and self perpetuation, even at the cost of the life and liberty of the people it was originally tasked to defend, the populace has no choice but to question whether that system should continue to exist any longer. Conflict, is unavoidable.

As clear as this fact is to anyone with any sense, though, I find that many seem to treat the idea of physical action as astonishing, or shocking. Some even laugh as if the concept is outdated and absurd. Yet, they never seem to have an answer to the primary underlying question: What else is there? If working within the system only results in wasted effort and wasted time, what do the naysayers plan to do? Curl up in a ball and die? Or perhaps join the venomous establishment they could not subdue?

As discussed earlier, the Tambov Rebellion and examples like it impress upon the narrow-minded visions of failure. To them, defiance, real defiance, leads only to death and disaster. The key to their extraordinary mistake is that they assume that defiance is about the “assurance” of victory. There are never any assurances. There were no assurances of victory for the Founding Fathers, there were no assurances for the Tambov Rebels, and there are no assurances for us if we one day have to draw a line in the sand against the very system we were born into.

At bottom, the debate over solutions within the system versus solutions from without is irrelevant. On our current course, there is no other choice for the average American but to say no, regardless of the law or the threat of its violent enforcement.

Rebellion, in all its forms, is as natural as the cycles of the Earth. It reoccurs time and again, sometimes suppressed, but not for long. The horrors of governments gone rogue are no secret. We have so many examples in history to draw from it is difficult to imagine any crime that despots have NOT visited upon innocents. Frankly, if control-thirsty elites can refine tyranny down to a science by examining the mistakes of the past, there is nothing stopping us from refining defiance down to an art form as well. Again, what other choice do we have, but to take heart in the knowledge that though there is no assurance of victory, there is also no assurance of defeat.

-Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • Michael J.

    Ronald Reagan warned us that, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

    He also vehemently proclaimed that, “The Republic is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.”

    On numerous occasions he was asked, How do you tell a communist? “Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin.” And how do you tell an anti-Communist? “It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

    Millions await the signal, they don’t know from where or when it will come, only that they will recognize it when they see it.

    • nc

      Michael J ,What better way to understand Marx and Lenin than to read and study Marx and Lenin! The same way that there is no better way to understand Jefferson than to read and study Jefferson! Only McCarthy Conservatives would condemn a man from the book in his hand rather than what’s really in his heart and mind!! Don’t bother to study! Just wait till Sean Hannity and Brandon Smith tell you who to hate and when to take up arms! Those people will get you killed for nothing!

      • MAP

        More wisdom from the far, extreme nutcase Left, as he slobbers hate and rage all over the keyboard with his fervent rant.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        If you think that about Sean Hannity, you show your ignorance. The man isnt about hating people. He is about exposing those who spew their hatred and arrogance upon others. The Obama’s of the world, who think they know what is best for you, and feel themselves superior to you that they know what kind of health care you need, and left unchecked, they would gladly decide eventually where you work, or dont, where you live, or dont, and Sean Hannity exposes them for what they are. You hate him, and you hate freedom, because the man is all about freedom, not the tyranny Obama and his henchmen seek to bring upon all of us. The 2nd Amendment keeps us free, for as long as the citizenry bears arms, we are protected by ourselves, as we outnumber as a people, all the militaries in the world, and we are entrenched everywhere. The government ever tries to turn on we the people, you will see the first class guerilla warfare the world has never seen. When it comes to protecting ourselves and overcoming obstacles, there are none greater than the American people. And Sean Hannity is one of them. Dont you forget it.

      • Jim

        nc, God gave you a brain, us it! God gave you eye’s so that you could see, us them!, God gave you existence, protect it with your life! Governments gave you none of these things, but they will try and take it from you at every turn. Servitude is not in our natured, it is not a gift from God, it is governments tyranny that thrives on servitude, don’t be a surf!

      • Brad

        NC you are so book face valued, you never understand the point, but this never fails you to show your ignorance. It many cases you never know what is in ones heart so you never really know who your real enemy is. Use what is between your ears and stop listnening to the MSM. IDIOTO!!

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Oh please Beberoni get a grip. One has to question your ability to see past the fact that Sean Hannity, besides being bigot, racist, misogynist, is just a petty self serving fear monger. I would take it one step further and say that he fits very well under the description of mouth breathing, knuckle dragging mean idiot. Proof again that you don’t have to be a genius to make a fortune in this country.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Eric, I’m tired of your superior attitude. You speak as if you think you’re the expert on everything. You think you’re the only one with an intellect to understand what is really going on. Beberoni is entitled to his opinion as is Hannity. You’re part of the problem in this country. You and others like you think that you should by virtue of your superior intellect, be able to tell everyone else what to think and do. We all have the right to think what we want to think, believe what we want to believe, say what we want to say and do what we want to do. If you and people like you continue to think and speak as you do, none of us including you, will have any of our rights. Your vision of a utopia is not mine. Allow others to be free to have their own opinions.

      • Daveh234

        So we get more of Nancy and her superior attitude. Talking in circles doesn’t get us anywhere.

      • Johnny Hiott

        One need need not study lenin or marx to understand and see the results of communism. All one need do today of look at what LBJ,Nixon,Ford,the moron carter, clinton, h.w. bush,
        “w” bush and the most communist of them all obama and congress have and are doing to America. Throw them all out on their asses.

      • Michael J.

        It’s important to remember that the nc’s and the Eric’s make up only 20% of the population, not a majority by any stretch. But if you pay attention to MSM and Hollywood,you would think they outnumber us. They remind me of a Chihuahua that thinks it’s a Pit Bull. Not much bigger than a rat, yet barking and snarling at much larger dogs while shaking convulsively with bugged out eyes ready to pop, all the while hoping the illusion of largeness and meanness they portray will be believeable enough to keep the larger dog at bay.

      • Flashy

        Eric and NC…be prepared for a whole day of self proclaimed patriotism, of quotes from “heros” , of denial of causation, and of denial the Far Right, TPers, American Taliban were at the forefront of raping our Constitution.

        Be prepared for post after post blaming all but those who are at fault. to be castigated for telling the truth. to be denigrated for being intellectual and seeing through the complex maze of events and of history, instead of accepting the revisionist lies of the Hannity’s, the Limbaughs, the O’Reilly’s etc..

        Be prepared for the denigration and accusations of being called ‘communist” and ‘anti American…all the while as they espouse the values of non liberty and freedom. be prepared…for the rabid anti thinking robotic programmed crowd is gonna come out today.

      • Opal the Gem

        Ah, more comic relief from Flushy. He who has been proven a lier and twister of the truth many times over by many different people.

      • Bill

        You appear exactly like those that sat by while their family was killed during the dictatorial takeover of the European continent. Your allegiance does not appear in line with what the American Flag stands for. go over and study the words of the first two sentences, if you don’t have them in your mind already then ask a 90 year of to recite them to you. You are the product of people who stood up against tyranny for many years, Dumbness has apparently got to you. Lay off the fluoride and try to regain your-will-to-live, to regain the sense of Liberty and Freedom that existed when you were a baby, And then you will regain the compassion to help your fellow citizen, Until then you are only feeding into the lies and deceptions and propagating those lies so that you can feel that you now believe that all of the lies you have been told are truths and all the truths are lies. i would guess that you may have the intelligence to turn yourself around but it’s up to you to be able to be aware.

      • Karolyn

        Michael – If what you say is right (and I don’t know where you got your stat), why are Obama and Romney in pretty much of a dead heat, with Obama a few points ahead.

      • Jules

        Beberoni… if you really believe Sean “The Moron” Hannity is “all about freedom,” you need to get your head examined. That guy has done so much shilling for the Bush’s of the world its not even funny. Where was Sean Hannity when the Patriot Act or the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act passed? Where was he when Bush was bombing the Iraq into the stone-age? Obama is a joke… as was Bush… but they’re just two sides to the same coin.

      • DaveH

        There goes Eric the Red showing the readers once again what we can expect when the “compassionate” Progressives take over.
        What a joke you are, Eric.
        But thank you for posting so the readers can see what Progressives are really made of.
        I’ve watched Sean Hannity many times and he’s always been considerate and congenial to his guests, even the rabid Leftists like Alan Colmes. Obviously this is not true for Eric and most of the other Liberal/Progressive posters that we’ve seen here.

      • Mike in MI

        The best way to understnd Marx and Lenin is to STUDY, understand and operate on the basis of the Bible…not some demonination or outfit that can’t reproduce what Jesus Christ said in John 14:12 and Mark 16:17-20. Either you can reproduce the results the Book says should appear in the lives of believers or how do you know you have believed? How can you be assured God is there to back you up in the dy of battle unless you have adequtely practiced and trained with likeminded and proficient fellows?
        If you think you can stand against the array that these people are going to field against you………shut up, Mike.
        God is THE ONLY POWER great enough to overcome what they have that you don’t know about…yet. God responds to those things that are covered in the contract He set up. If you know how to lay claim to the benefits specified as clauses in the contract you know something worth knowing in what is going to come upon us.
        It’s coming whether or not you know what’s specified or how to lay claim to it or not.
        It’s not up to Him. It’s up to you!

      • Shane

        NC, you’re a riot. But don’t go away. I turned from being a far left liberal years ago, not so much from what those on the right said. But from how those on the left acted in both large and small ways. So keep up the good work, NC.

      • texasnation

        Gee NC, you must have gotten your marching orders straight from Media Matters. Funny I didn’t see Sean Hannity’s name anywhere in Michael J’s post. Perhaps your paranoid from hearing the truth. Like all liberals the typical response always involves name calling. Then there’s Bischoff, wow, what a nut case,were running out of water, 90% of the fish have been caught out of the ocean, and it’s the fault of global warming deniers. You know immediately they’re wacko when they start with global warming. The reason earth is getting warmer is because the sun is getting hotter as it ages, this has nothing to do with CO2 or auto emissions.

      • Tom W.

        I say it’s ALREADY past time you little Bolshe wannabe, and I hope someone like you is BRAVE enough to get in the way!!! Where is Joseph McCarthy when ya need him?!! I’ve a feelin’, he’s somewhere sayin’, “I tried to tell you folks…”

        On October 15, 1969, in a speech at Columbia University, Mayor John Lindsay of New York City stated, “We cannot rest content with the charge from Washington that this peaceful protest is unpatriotic…The fact is that this dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

        And in the immortal words of Patrick Henry; “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! ”

        Anything they try to implement, make it as difficult as you possibly can in ANY way you can!!!

        “On some positions, cowardice asks the question, is it expedient? And then expedience comes along and asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? Conscience asks the question, is it right? There comes a time when one must take the position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must do it because conscience tells him it is right.”
        ― Martin Luther King Jr.

        “A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.”
        ― Martin Luther King Jr., The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

      • TML

        DaveH says, “I’ve watched Sean Hannity many times and he’s always been considerate and congenial to his guests, even the rabid Leftists like Alan Colmes. Obviously this is not true for Eric and most of the other Liberal/Progressive posters that we’ve seen here.”

        Um… Sean Hannity was a total ass to Ron Paul and helped dump on him every chance he had when not down right ignoring him. I have to agree with Eric… Hannity is a fearmonger, warmonger, and hasn’t got brain in his head… and to say so, isn’t progressive or liberal.

      • DaveH

        I didn’t say Hannity wasn’t a right-wing tool. Please provide a reference for a video for that event, TML, so I can judge for myself how he treated Ron Paul.

      • Randy

        You my friend, is a dangerous man. Because of your attitude, you would inform on friends and family. You would do more harm for any one who rebels against this tyranical government. At this point in time I believe that we have withstood more harm from the government than our Founding Fathers from King George, over a 100 year period. We have plenty of examples of defiance from our founding to encourage us to do what is right. And what is right? To fight against tyranny no matter where we find it, here or abroad.

      • Vicki
      • Vicki

        NC writes

        “Michael J ,What better way to understand Marx and Lenin than to read and study Marx and Lenin! ”

        I think you may have missed Michael’s point. You can read and study for ever and still fail to understand. Should you understand Marx and Lenin you will be anti-communist too.

        I do have a shortcut for those who have other books to read (there are millions out there)
        Consider for a moment the simple soundbyte of communism.

        “From each according to his ability. To each according to his need”

        Humans have VAST abilities. (evidence: The industry of man.)
        Humans have a VERY overblown sense of need.
        (evidence:Democratic Republic of the Congo and even they have more then they “need”)

        And of course someone (the slave master) has to make sure that everyone is providing his abilities for the good of the state. Hence an Oligarchy is needed to make sure no one shirks their duty to provide their abilities.

        Knowing just this is enough to be anti-communist.

    • http://n/a AmFer

      We will recognize it….and RESPOND!

    • Battlefield USA

      And let us also remember that it was Reagan and his pal Ollie North who gave us the Continuity of Government plan under which the constitution would be suspended.

      • Bill

        go to your internet and listen to the testimony of Ollie, I don’t believe that you have knowledge of what it was all about.

      • eddie47d

        Even Ollie would lie under oath to achieve victory. He is one of many who just followed orders and embarrassed our nation. His TV show isn’t too bad though.

    • Ann in Nebraska

      I await the signal. I am ready. Thank you, Michael!

    • Tom W.

      And recognize it WE will Michael J.!!!

      In a nation of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by its’ examples. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law, it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”
      1928 Supreme Court opinion by Justice Louis Brandeis

      Wake up America!!! What?! Are we living in a country governed by a secret society of megalomaniacs who fancy themselves above the very laws that they’ve made their fortunes from enforcing the rest of us to adhere to?!

      “We are free today substantially, but the day will come when our republic will come to impossibility because it’s wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. When that day comes, then we must rely upon the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation to the changed conditions.”
      James Madison

      “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free.”

      “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
      Martin Luther King Jr.

      “For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and they lay them on mens’ shoulders; but they themselves wll not move them with one of their fingers.”
      Matthew 23:4

    • Jim James

      Michael I’m new to blogging ,but it seems you wrote an oxymoron . Communist read Marx and Lenin. and anticommunist understands Marx and Lenin. I plan on reading to understand Marx and Lenin. Mark Levin repeats words words form the communist manifesto. I believe people are moving down the road to communist Ideas because of lack of understanding and translation of freedom. I haven’t read Marx and Lenin because of fear of labeling, But now I believe some of use need to read and have an open forum to discuss communism so that more people will understand. That is where the line that is drawn in the sand that most of us overlook or refuse to see, and I hope I’m explaining this clearly for those who read this.
      What is freedom ? . It is not free, it is not getting free stuff, and it definitely not doing whatever you want without regard of others freedom. Many equate freedom with money, what a scam that is. I believe 100% in our forefathers that is not fully understood especially our youth sadly, which is one of the reasons we are moving backwards.
      My interpretation without reading the declaration of independence is all people, our citizens, with the understand of our declaration are born equal From that point of birth we are not equal. ! Why ? because we have the right by law to pursue Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We are FREE to do these things whatever that be in accordance of the law as written in the constitution. That being said, we all have the freedom as individuals to pursue happiness the way we interpret the freedom. It is our government as most of use reading this know the is sucking our freedoms Installing bureaucrats to side step the peoples will with the promise of safety creating law after law. I must stop here because I can go on and on. Bottom line most Americans are asleep and until they get the wake up call, it will be business as usual. It is our job as freedom lovers to wake up Americans, clear the fog away and stop class and race war fare. IT’S THE JOB OF ALL AMERICANS ALL TO BE INVOLVED. or not. Jim James

      • Vicki

        Jim James writes.
        …because we have the right by law to pursue Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

        We have the right by GOD. The law is part of a contract to protect the right(s).

      • Michael J.

        Jim James,
        What you refer to as an oxymoron is a Reagan quote. I can assure that you misunderstood. What The Great Communicator meant by the statement is that the anti-communist understands Marx and Lenin so that they might know the mindset of their opposition. A tactic that Sun Tzu would have highly reccomended.

      • Robbie Borot

        Hello Jim James, you are not alone in your way of thinking and your right about a lot of people are asleep towards what the true meaning of freedom is really about today,and like you I also spread the info truth to those of such that are lost and would be shocked to know the real truth of what we are possibly facing in a couple of years,sometimes I wear t shirts that advocates freedom is not free to wake those up telling them the truth is the right thing to do and to give them similar examples by to witness from the Bible is what our creator would want us to do.There have been many I spoke with that are also aware of our Country’s fate. Some people can’t handle the truth,and there will be many that will be so unprepared,keep up the good work to warn others while we still can …… Robbie Borot

  • MAP

    The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” Patrick Henry

    • nc

      Map, do you see no RAGE or RANTING in the editorials printed here that YOU say “HERE” “HERE” to on a daily basis! Sorta like the one today by Mr. Smith!!And you accuse me of raving and ranting???

      • MAP

        Yeah, and I see if from those like yourself. Like all liberals you are too busy pointing your finger and judging of others to look at yourself and admit your own hypocrisy. You people live in a dream world, which is why all your policies are disasters. You are the center of your own invented universe.

      • Flashy

        MAP….just for kicks…what major “liberal” policy the past 70 years can you cite as a “disaster” ? I could name a big handful just from Reagan onward as to ‘conservative” policies. And pray tell…what major policies proposed and/or implemented by the “liberals” impede rather than allow and expand opportunities for social and individual choices to be made?

        Note…i define as ‘liberal’ policies for this to be anything to the left of Attila the Hun, since that appears to be the marker set by y’all for what a “true conservative” is. Progressive, liberal and moderate policies in other words…

        This ought to be good….

      • DaveH

        All of them cumulatively, Flashman. Especially the wars that the Progressives have gotten us embroiled in.
        1950 Government Spending — 24% of GDP.
        2010 Government Spending — 40% of GDP.
        1950 economy stable and growing 8% per year (adjusted for inflation).
        2010 economy unstable and growing 3% per year (adjusted for inflation).
        So for 67% more Government, we got 63% lower growth in our economy.
        Such a bargain. I thought the Progressives with their Bigger Governments were here to help us?

      • Mike in MI

        Policy? How about general admniistratve tendency to spend so much and get us so deep into debt that at some point the interest payments on the national debt get soo high that it uses up all our GDP just to pay the INTEREST!!!
        Suppose a farmer grows a crop and sells it, then gets the profit taxed away, stolen and all spent. Then, before the next planting season his family and animals eat all the seed left or planting. hen the creditors show up at the door.
        He (they) become slaves to whoever is owed. Or, kicked off the farm to scrabble or die. If you say it can’t happen just look at the Chinese peasants today. They don’t share our cultural niceties and haughty, lofty mush-mindedness.

      • Flashy

        Mike….try this.; What administrations saw the highest increase in deficit spending? Now…rank the current administration to increases in spending. Rank Clinton’s administration in increases in spending.

        Kennedy compared to Eisenhower.

        now what was that you were stating about increasing deficit spending?

        DaveH…comparing as you did..what was your point? That we are evolving as a society and as a nation to meet modern economic and social realities of an advancing civilization?

        you, as always, make no sense. Go find a Mises link for everyone to ignore.

      • Flashy

        Forgot to add…noted neither of you named a “disasterous” moderate/progressive policy ……

      • Mike in MI

        Flashman – Didn’t need to name one. The statement covers and deals with the actions of them all. Profligacy is not commendable in any place at anytime. I am just appalled that this bird has taken us so close to the edge that we can look down and see the abyss between our toes and a Hahvid “grad(?)” lookin at it thinks he’s built for flight.
        He should know better ’cause he’s built more like a worm – maybe a caterpillar with lofty ideas but his time ain’t yet.
        Thinbg is I know the difference.

      • DaveH

        You consider yourself evolved, Flashman?
        Any cave man can act the way you do. You lie, you equivocate, you slander, you plagiarize, you condone theft and violence. You are really no different than primitive man who saw what he wanted and took it. In fact, I would feel safer with a cave man who I didn’t know anything about, than with you who I know has no moral character.

      • Tom W.

        Flushdouche has evolved like a slug! LOL!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska
      • Tom W.

        Has anyone seen the salt box?!

      • independent thinker

        Shame on you DaveH for insulting cavemen that way.

      • TML

        Flashy says, “what major “liberal” policy the past 70 years can you cite as a “disaster” ?”

        I think the most disastrous ‘policy’ of liberals and progressives to, not only economic aspects, but also freedom and individual liberty (which seems contradictory to claims of protecting individuality) is simply collectivism… policies of wealth redistribution, and the welfare state. To take from one because it is believed that he, and/or his fathers, have acquired to much, in order to give it to others who and whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill is to violate arbitrarily the founding principle of this country that guarantees to everyone the equal exercise of their industry and the fruits acquired by it. This and forcing a person to furnish funds for products or services he does not want or need, is tyrannical. Collectivist policies lead to centralism which is essentially imperialist, which becomes contradictory to individual liberty that you claim liberal and progressives seek to protect.

      • DaveH

        And we can’t forget the Federal Reserve, the most disastrous policy in the last 100 years, which was a result of Progressives/Liberals. Those who had saved $1000 in 1913 would have found it to be able to purchase only 1/20th in 2012 of what it could have purchased in 1913, thanks to the Federal Reserve.

      • Vicki
      • cawmun cents

        How about the educational policy in Detroit Flasnman?
        Dan Rather that paragon of conservative virtue(haw!)called it”A National Disgrace”when he did a piece on it.
        If you have 50+years of progressive gubment then you too can look like Detroit.
        But you can just ignore that and look at California whose policy is driving business from their state at an alarming rate.While I willl not provide clear examples,perhaps Solyndra might ring a bell.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      MAP, I think your quote is one that we should be reminded of daily! Thanks for posting it!

      • Tom W.

        I DITTO THAT NiN!!!

    • Bill

      Map, my kind of intellectual fellow, thanks.

      • Tom W.

        He’s on FIRE today!!!

    • Isaac Davis

      You, sir, stated exactly what the Constitution is: Control of government by the Citizens, not the other way around. Far too many who are public servants have both no regard for the Rule of Law as clearly defined by the Constitution and no concern for the limited powers that government is given by the very core of this Republic in the form of that most precious of documents. Sadly, few have any concept of what the Constitution says.

      Keeping a population ignorant and on “uncle sam’s plantation” is the goal of those who are crazed with the power of politics. Useful idiots continue to breed, and the result of that through the generations is now more evident than ever in those who believe the role of gov’t is to provide for them that which they are too lazy to furnish for themselves.

      “May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countryment.” ~Samuel Adams

      • DaveH

        Because they are just one big self-serving gang that has successfully propagandized the people to believe that their theft is for our own good.

  • hipshotpercusion

    “Those who would give up basic liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Wonderful quote! I wish the average person knew it and understood it. Yesterday I watced a video in which a woman said that she was willing to give up liberty for freedom. Huh? I think that people take everything for granted and don’t realize that we could actually lose everything.

  • MAP

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      That certainly is being proven out.

    • nc

      MAP. There is another quote by another smart American who said “When fascism comes to America it will come wrapped in the flag carrying A cross’(that’s close)
      Maybe it was that kind of thinking that caused the writers of the Constitution to draft the 1st Amendment in the language they used! Where non- Christians, non-jews and non-muslims and non-nothings all have equal say in our government! One vote!!!! Seems like a workable solution! The numbers of “religious” are many in our country as are the number of religions!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Who are you quoting? Or did you make it up?

      • Flashy

        LOL….don’t tread classics much eh Nancy? It’s a well known saying. Sinclair Lewis I believe. In connection with Main Street or Babbitt, i cannot recall which of the two books he was speaking connecting this as one of the underlying themes. It can fit both…

      • Opal the Gem

        “When and if fascism comes to America it will not be labeled ‘made in Germany’; it will not be marked with a swastika; it will not even be called fascism; it will be called, of course, ‘Americanism’” – An uncredited New York Times reporter covering Halford E. Luccock in an article published September 12, 1938.

      • Antares

        It was actually James Waterman Wise, and the actual quote is quite relevant to this conversation. “If fascism comes, it will not be identified with any ‘shirt’ movement, nor with an ‘insignia,’ but it will probably be ‘wrapped up in the American flag and heralded as a plea for liberty and preservation of the constitution.’ “

      • Kate8

        The trouble with these kids, like Eric, nc et al, is that they are products of the liberal indoctrination system, and are so far removed from the horrors of communism seen and/or experienced by our more seasoned folks, that they have no idea what they are talking about.

        Kids always think that they are involved in something “new and better”, when it’s always just another rehash of something long-since tried and failed. They have no wisdom to fall back on, no understanding of the deception inherent in those who lust for power and use “compassion” and such to rally the hapless masses…

        They think they know so much. They think that we are old and ignorant of things are now done. It will take them a number of years to realize that they were just the latest crop of useful idiots, as they watch those who come up behind them fall into the same trap, and who won’t listen to the voices of experience…

        And so it ever goes. There is nothing new under the sun, but only the continuing of cycles as mankind evolves, and the newbies are starting out fresh and green and full of themselves…

      • DaveH

        An ignoramus such as yourself, Flashman, has no business dissing Nancy.
        Remember the ignorant sniper article, which was written by a man whose researcher couldn’t find any real snipers, so she took the words of some blowhards at a local gun range? And remember that you plagiarized that article thinking it would make you look intelligent, Flashman? How ignorant is that?

      • Mike in MI

        K88 -
        Amen to that! I might have a tendency to get mad,sad,bad,feelin’had……..were it not for the facts of my own youth. Idealistic, Left leaning, soft-headed and simperring, utopian idiot. Then Viet Nam showed me what utopian schoolishness and foolishness could bring upon people who came under the spell of their propaganda. Scared some sense into me I guess.
        Thenk God I started looking around for something that had a track-record of gaining and fulfulling people’s deepest needs.
        You’re posts are fun to read when I find ‘em.
        Have a great evening.

      • Al

        nc, your statement reveals your prejudice. You misquoted the statement about facism to include Christianity. Read the history of the revolution and you will discover it began as a result of the Great Awakening in America to Jesus Christ & freedom. Christianity will not bring facism it opposes it. You need to get your facts straight so your ignorance doesn’t show.

      • Flashy

        Antares….Wise? i know it’s not in main Street or Babbitt (both in my library)..but i always thought it was Lewis in a speech given when he rejected the Pulitzer Prize and used in describing the themes of his writings…

      • Tom W.

        No nc, our fouding documents were written to prevent the dominant religion from forcing itself down the throats of the minorities! We had just overthrew the tyrannical rule ok King George who wanted to make EVERYONE worship in the Church of England!!! That is the reason the pilgrims originally fled Jolly ole’!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Thanks Opal and Antares. nc and Flashy rarely have more than a vague idea of what they are talking about. The actual quotes that you guys cited sound a lot different than that nc was quoting. But leave it to him to change it to make his point.

      • Tom W.

        Propagandize is what they do BEST NiN!!!

      • eddie47d

        Listen closely to what Antares said for it is correct that fascism could come to America but on a white horse ridden by members of the right wing.

      • Karolyn

        Kate – “Kids?” I believe nc has stated that he is in his 70s.

      • Kate8

        Karolyn – I guess there are some people who just never grow up. I suspect kind of like you.

        One guy I know is 65 and still obsessed with the Beatles. He’s a liberal, too. Has no concept of the real world, and thinks Obama is doing a great job. But then again, he pays absolutely no attention to current events, focusing instead on business and social life.

        It’s good to stay young at heart, but childishness and youthful foolishness is unbecoming an adult. “When I was a child I thought like a child, acted like a child and spoke like a child. But when I became a man I put away childish things…”

        One problem with this administration is that we have youthful zealots in high places, wielding too much power. They are full of idealistic energy and wholly lacking in wisdom.
        They are stuck in their college days, and don’t foresee their own downfall because of it.

      • Vicki

        Flashy writes
        It’s a well known saying. Sinclair Lewis I believe.

        and when corrected writes
        i always thought it was Lewis in a speech given when he rejected the Pulitzer Prize

        And then wonders why his credibility is so low around here.

        Free clue. Google it.
        Then be nice and provide a link to backup your assertions.

    • Michael J.

      It is precisely the inadequacies John Adams wrote of that are being used as tools against us by the Communist and the Muslims. Some laws were left unwritten by The founders who relied on the moral decency of the citizenry to keep such things in check. Karl Marx was among the first to take note of this chink in the armor of western society and was his inspiration for writing the “Communist Manifesto”.

    • offgrid7

      My people perish for lack of wisdom.

      • Tom W.

        Amen offgrid7! They are sooo BLIND!!! (II Cor. 4:3&4)

      • Kate8

        It is actually “lack of knowledge”, but lack of wisdom is also true.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      And no, Flashy. I don’t tread classics.

    • Randy

      When the Constitution was written, the people were religious and self governing. Today a lot of the people are not religious and are no longer able to govern themselves. They require a form of government that forces them to obey the law. They are too lazy to be self supporting, that is why they live in their parents’ basement and expect the productive to give to them their substance. Whereas 100 years or so ago, those types of people would die of starvation, become incarcerated, today they go to the government with their hands out. Enough is enough, the productive is tired of having their profit taken and given to those too lazy to take care of themselves.

  • Rasta

    What are you willing to defy Brandon?

    • Penny R. Freeman

      If you really want to pass the fruits of liberty on to your children you need to be prepared to fight by whatever means necessary. It has been repeatedly stated that a vast amount of food for survival has been stored for easy access by the elites in D.C. Get your act together and be sure you prepare for the worst including having a stock of food and learning survival skills. No I’m not a survivalist nut. I have doubted what I have heard from day one. But I have been watching politics very carefully in the last few years, and I don’t see a way to improve our situation without rebellion against those in D.C. and their equally corrupt political allies. Are you not aware of the current president’s betrayal of our ally, Israel? Do you not know about Obama’s remark to the former Russian leader to let Putin know he, Obama, would have more leverage after the upcoming election. If that doesn’t mean he’s betraying every citizen in this country by uniting with a former enemy of this country, what is it? How about his stated joy at the ARAB SPRING? If he wasn’t aware that the Muslim Brotherhood would become the dominant party in the government of Egypt he wasn’t paying attention. But then why has the Muslim Brotherhood leadership been allowed to meet the president in the White House while Netanyahu has repeatedly been ignored and insulted? Is that the way you treat an ally? No I don’t want to see rebellion. I don’t want to see violence. Have you not taken note of the current administration’s praise for the Occupiers while degrading the Tea Party? If you can point to any act of violence by tea party members, show me the video. It is well known that volence is a hallmark of the Occupiers. Are you willing to let the EPA further erode the future of most Americans with their stupid uncalled for regulations? That’s just another way to harass and control the public by robbing them of any means to support themselves and their families. I don’t want violence or rebellion, but I will do whatever I can to be sure my children have a decent future. Like the person representing Israel has stated , bad things happen when good men stand idly by and refuse to act. Just take a look at the case of the Nazis and their control of Europe under Hitler’s rule. Did Europeans attempt to aid their Jewish neighbors? Yes a very few did while the vast majority stood by and did nothing. Yes the holocaust did take place and millions died unnescessarily because no one wanted to take a chance with their own future and push back against that evil. How many Americans lost their lives in that conflict because no one stood their ground against Hitler? No I don’t want Obama and the rest of D.C. (leadership?) to destroy my children’s future either. I’m a single parent who worked as many as 78 hours per week for years so that my children could have a wonderful future. If you think for one minute I won’t fight by any means available to destroy our corrupt leadership rather than stand by and let them destroy my childrens’ future you are very wrong. You’d better learn courage instead following as a sheep to slaughter.

      • Tom W.

        RIGHT ON PENNY!!!

        Remember this lady!
        Irena Sendler
        Died: May 12, 2008 (age 98)
        Warsaw, Poland
        During WWII, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist. She had an ulterior motive. Irena smuggled Jewish infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried. She also carried a burlap sack in the back of her truck, for larger kids. Irena kept a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers, of course, wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the kids/infants noises. During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants. Ultimately, she was caught, however, and the Nazi’s broke both of her legs and arms and beat her severely.
        Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she had smuggled out, in a glass jar that she buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived and tried to reunite the family. Most had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted.

        In 2007 Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize. She was not selected. Al Gore won, for a slide show on Global Warming. Later another politician, Barack Hussein Obama, won for his work as a community organizer for ACORN.

        I’m doing my small part by posting this message. I hope you’ll consider doing the same. It is now more than 65 years since the Second World War in Europe ended.
        This message is being posted as a memorial, in memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated!

        Now, more than ever, with Iran , and others, claiming the HOLOCAUST to be ‘a myth’. It’s imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because there are others who would like to do it again.

        General Eisenhower Warned Us It is a matter of history that when the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower, found the victims of the death camps he ordered all possible photographs to be taken, and for the German people from surrounding villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the dead. He did this because he said in words to this effect: “Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened”

        I LIKE IKE!!!

    • Tom W.

      Any Rasta vibration wannabe! LOL!!!

      LOL!!! What’s he got in that hookah?!!! FIRE IT UP! LOL!!!

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    Good recap of all of the draconian laws that have been mostly silently foisted upon us. I would have started with the (Anti)Patriot Act which really started our downfall by making us now guilty until proven innocent.

    Maybe we should be more thankful and supportive of the occupy movement for their willingness to rise up against the machine and step up for all of us and endure the overly violent police state abuse that is being foisted on them now.

    • MAP

      And who, Eric, do you trust to replace the Wall Street crowd? As a Leftist, you, of course, trust the government to do so – The very entity that is responsible for the abuse. Your abstract trust in the state fails, just as all Leftist abstract nonsense fails in the face of reality. There is no solution to our problem to be found on the Left. Indeed, the Left is a major part of the problem, perhaps even the entire problem

      • Robert Smith

        Clue: Wall Street isn’t run by the left. The looting isn’t being done by folks on the left.


      • nc

        MAP, go see “bulls, bears, donkeys and elephants” about how our economy has performed in the last 80 years of the greatest country on earth! There is a whole lot of “left” leadership in that success story! How far “right” would you consider Clinton, Johnson, Kennedy, and Carter who presided over those figures? $ 300,000 INCREASE BY THE DEMOCRATS TO $ 2,000 INCREASE UNDER THE REPUBLICANS. SAME AMOUNT OF INVESTMENT FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME! GO SEE IT FOLKS!! Just type in “BULLS. BEARS, DONKEYS AND ELEPHANTS”! AN EDUCATION AWAITS!!

      • Vigilant

        nc, once again with his “bulls, bears, donkeys and elephants” lie is indeed a broken record. When he resorts to this faulty and debunked ruse, after being shown MANY times that it’s a faulty use of statistics, we can only conclude that his cranial density must be the hardest substance on earth.

        We all know what Einstein said about trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That applies not only to nc’s incessant posting of the same lie ad nauseum, it is also characteristic of bankrupt leftist philosophies in general.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        If we could once and for all take money out of politics and have comprehensive campaign finance reform and a reversal of the obscene Citizens United by a now clearly partisan and corrupt supreme court, we might have a chance.

        What’s amazing to me Mr Rightist Map is how the right and the conservatives, who have been governing this country for decades and whose failed policies and ideologies have brought us this world economic collapse, can’t ever man-up and take responsibility. They always have to pretend that Clinton or Obama or the Democrats were leftists. They are all centrists and borderline conservatives.

        You all make sure that no real progressive leaders can ever get close to power in this country because you are afraid that they might be right and they might show you how good things could be.

        Wake up morons the real progressive left has never governed in this country and I venture to say that if they had we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        You can pretend, demonize and lie all you want it still won’t ever make it so.

        You have only yourselves to blame.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Seriously, Eric?!? Nothing like rewriting history!

      • Flashy

        Nancy…it is not revisionist. Read any US major newspaper or listen to any US major media. Heck…place Fox McNews right up in comparison to MSNBC.

        Now…do the same with major media in any Euro country. The Left AND the Right in those countries espouse differing governments, calling for actual power to be given to an ideological spectrum as a permanent structure. The socialists in Europe have a definite socialist media, The Far Right definitely have their far Right media.

        In the US…we have a media which is either Middle left, or middle right. There is no ‘progressive’ media and no “progressive” in leadership positions. Nor is there any of the Far Right placed in leadership posts. The closest we have come to having an extremist ideology in place has been the Reagan years and th BushII / Cheney years. And we have suffered for those two administrations, and will continue to suffer for decades.

        There has never been anything close to a “progressive” ideology in our leadership positions. Nor is there a huge movement in our society to the side of extremists … In the US, the best example today of extremists holding any say are the TPers … and they yell loud and disrupt because they have to in order to get noticed.

      • DaveH

        Clue: Robert is Clueless:
        The truth is that the Wall Street Crony Capitalists are aided and abetted by members of both Political Parties.

      • DaveH

        For those who would like to learn some Reality — Not the stuff pedaled by Flashman and Eric the Red:

      • Flashy

        DaveH…name one major US radical newspaper or TV feed.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Flashy, if you’re getting your news from the main stream media it’s no wonder you’re an idiot. There is no NEWS on the main stream media. It is designed to distract you from what is really going on. You will hear nothing of consequence which is why the average citizen has no idea what the patriot acts, cispa, ndaa etc… are.

      • eddie47d

        The mainstream media has a job of reporting what happens not telling us what to think like the extreme right wing media does. The mainstream media reports on the Patriot Act,NDAA and CISPA but they don’t beat it to death like some media outlets. Some of you are confusing news with talk shows,documentaries and biased reporting. You know where they hammer it into your head what to say and repeat.

      • DaveH

        Why would you ask me that, Flashman? I am the least expert here when it comes to Liberal publications because I avoid them like the plague. The only reason I read the inane Liberal/Progressive comments on this board is to stop you creepy people from propagandizing ignorant readers.

    • Brad

      Then Eric they need to make that their reason for protest and stay with it through all reasons. They do not have a reason and most outsiders cannot relate to such dis-organization. They are all over the place with the coolness for being part of SOMETHING, but no one really knows from day to day what they stand for. In reality if they would sit down with Tea Party leaders they might find out the elders do have the wisdom they are missing and as pissed of Americans we all actuality in protest want the same. But there are many mixed crowds and agendas within their protestors.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Brad, if we are serious about an out of control corrupt and bloated federal government then we should welcome the OWS commitment to not have a leader and not be centralized. Just watch and learn and hopefully join. Young people are putting everything on the line for this. They may surprise us all. It’s their turn.

      • Dennis48e

        When OWS first started many of those participating when asked why they were there said “because it is a protest”. They did not have a clue what the protest was about.

      • Flashy

        Errrr..never went or attended an OWS gathering eh? That line is one made up by the Right and the lie is perpetuated because there are folks who never attended, never asked..and need to be programmed as to what to think….jeesh.

      • Dennis48e

        No Flushy (love Opals interpretation of your name) I haven’t attended one and I seriously doubt you have actualy participated in one either. As for myself I am too busy growing as much of my own food as I can, doing as much of the maintaince on my house and property as I can and helping others to have time for demonstrating for the government to give me other peoples money because they happen to make more than I do.

      • Dennis48e

        ” That line is one made up by the Right …”

        Is that right. I guess the news reports on ABC, NBC, and CBS that showed interviews with people participating in the protest and making that statement were made up huh.

      • JeffH

        Leave it to Eric the Red to openly emprace and support the communist controlled OWS. The Communist Party USA has officially endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests.

        This is what Charles Gasparino of the New York Post found when he recently took a trip down to Zuccotti Park….

        It’s not an overstatement to describe Zuccotti Park as New York’s Marxist epicenter. Flags with the iconic face of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara are everywhere; the only American flag I saw was hanging upside down. The “occupiers” openly refer to each other as “comrade,” and just about every piece of literature on offer (free or for sale) advocated socialism in the Marxist tradition as a cure-all for the inequalities of the American economic system.

        An “organizer” of the Occupy Greensboro protests explains what this “movement” is really all about….

        ***”We’re the International Socialists Organization… Our goal is to raise political consciousness to build a revolutionary party and work for a revolution here in the United States.”***

        ***”The problem is capitalism… We need a new system that’s going to put people first and put profit back to the wasteland of history.”***

        ***”Socialism is the solution. We need a society where everything is produced to meet human needs and wants rather than to make money off of them.”***

        Take a close look at the “organizers”, the literature and the stated goals of this movement, you see socialism and communism everywhere. As our economic system crumbles, an increasing number of Americans are coming out of the woodwork and are proudly declaring that they are socialists or communists. An increasing number of Americans truly believe that the free enterprise system needs to be brought down and that the answer to our problems is to fully embrace socialism and/or communism. Sadly, this puts Occupy Wall Street in direct opposition to what our founding fathers intended.

        Of course some of the people participating in these protests want nothing to do with either socialism or communism, but do they really have any other choice if they want to protest?
        YES, there are alternatives to choose from if they so desire.

    • Mirage

      Exactly: OWS is made up of people trying to take on the MACHINE, and we should give them credit and support!
      I’ve been trying to connect the dots for the morons here who lambast OWS, but they’ve gotten their marching orders from the MACHINE and Fox News, and like the malleable sheeply they are, they’ll “bah” themself off the cliff of insanity.
      Being an Independent who hates all 3 parties and the shiite they spew, I’m hoping for the OWS movement to evolve into a more powerful force, and … some violence may be needed for positive change to come to Main Street. If that is the case, under the right conditions, I’m all in.
      Good luck getting these monkeys to see the big banana … most are just too old to see the big picture.

      • DaveH

        Was the name-calling necessary, Mirage. Don’t your facts stand on their own?
        Speaking of facts, do you have any references to back up your claims, or are they based on your very limited human experience and we just have to take your words for it?
        Some common sense at an OWS rally from Peter Schiff, and some irrational arguments from selected protestors:

      • GALT

        You are, of course, kidding….DavidH………..just curious, but will you share with us
        what represents the “name calling” you are referring to?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Look who you’re calling monkeys! Its the ows who are crapping on police cars and raping anyone they can. They are the ones behaving like animals. And your comment on old people not being able to see the big picture? Believe me when I say, the older you are the more you’ve seen. You don’t even know what real freedom looks like. You should educate yourself before you comment. You sound like an occupier.

      • DaveH

        What? The pretentious faux-erudite Galt, whose comments are largely composed of personal attacks, is asking me what Mirage said that was name-calling? Moron (that was an answer to your question).

      • GALT

        Thank you for clarifying that……moron….was the offending word, always nice to know…..
        you do realize there is no escape……..? and you missed ( avoided at all costs ) your last opportunity to demonstrate your superior knowledge and abilities…..don’t worry, it will find you……..

        The mind of DavidH…… that’s looking like an oxy….moron.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The people in the occupy movement are pawns. They are being used to create chaos. So are the new black panthers and all the people on welfare. The day will come that those that control them will stir things up to the point that the government has to step in and declare martial law. It’s all a set up being put into place to bring down our freedoms. It will be used as an excuse to imprison us and enslave us.

      • JeffH

        nancy, you’re so right. See my post above!

      • Kate8

        Good post, JeffH. You saved me the trouble of trying to point that stuff out.

        I love Brandon’s article. How long have I been saying that we must refuse to comply? As long as we have much of the populace knuckling under, going along to try to get along, we will have increasing tyranny. Those who are willing to sacrifice freedom to try to be left alone will not be free nor will they ever be left alone. They more that big government takes, the more they will steamroll.

        There are some who have such a stubborn streak that no amount of fear will cause them to give up their personal freedom to be “safe”. They’ll defy to the end. These are the ones who take the sword for the rest, and who are never appreciated until their demise pays off for everyone else… Then they are called “heros”… for a time, anyway, until a new crop of greedy power mongers gets a foot in the door.

        What possible good is a system of governance that relies on the integrity of those who govern? When has an honor system worked when there is money and power at stake? We should not have to petition government to abide by the Law… How successful are chickens at petitioning the foxes who raid the henhouse?

        We’ve seen it work time after time: politicians gain power by promising things to those who will support them. It’s a runaway train after that, with all factions out to maximize benefits, giving no thought to the devouring monster being resurrected from the ever-waiting bowels of greed.

        We can only hope that there is, indeed, better times ahead. Or, at least, another dimension where those who have tired of selfishness and who can truly feel the joy of life lived support of Life…

        Selfless love seems to only come from experiencing the results of the opposite. It all boils down to how much we, ourselves, are willing to risk OUT OF LOVE for the good of all. Anything less is the selfish choice, and will reap no good outcome.

        Evil will fall. We have to decide where we are going to land when it does.

      • nc

        Nancy, here is some “news” this liberal didn’t get from the Main Stream Media.
        Romney is a liar! Got that tidbit from Newt.
        Romney is not fit to be President! MSM?? Nope! I learned that from Michele Bachmann!
        Romney is the worst Republican in the USA! MSM??? Nope again!! Learned that from Mr. Santorum!!
        I heard from a poll the other day that the poll showed that the people who get their news from Faux Noise were the LEAST INFORMED PEOPLE IN THE POLL!Just letting you know because I am quite sure Faux Noise will never let you in on that tidbit! From what you post I am sure no one can tell you anything! The Christian Right is neither!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, for once you are 100% correct!!! I agree romneyis a liar! romney’s not fit to be president. romney’s the worst republican in the USA. Faux news watchers are the least informed people in the poll (yeah I read that poll too. It was a joke.). And you can’t tell me anything!
        If you paid attention to anything I say, you would know that I believe there is no difference between the republicans and the democrats. They are a sham designed to make you think that you actually have a say in anything. I wouldn’t vote for romney if my life depended on it! And fox news isn’t any better than the other main stream media. You thought you could get a rise out of me but again, you made yourself look like an idiot! So, no you can’t tell me anything.

  • David

    Now is the the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country! Truer words were never spoken. IT IS TIME TO WATER THE TREE OF LIBERTY, What say ye?

  • RivahMitch

    Churchill said it pretty well:
    “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    We’re easily past the two predicate clauses.

    • realsustainability

      Well said! Against all odds, let us somehow, someway reinstate our Constitutional form of government so that government works for our people and not the other way around. Thank you, Rivahmitch!

  • BigBadJohn

    Yup REPUBLICANS are at it again.

    On April 26, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed CISPA – the Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act – by a vote of 248-168. This week, the Senate may vote on CISPA-like bills (Lieberman-Collins S.2105 or McCain S.2151).

    CISPA gives the government, including military spy agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA), virtually unlimited powers to capture our personal information — medical records, private emails, financial information — all without a warrant or proper oversight.

    Tell Your Senators: Stop CISPA

    • MAP

      Another bonehead, useful idiot trying to divert the topic to the two party system. This is a typical Leftist/communist/state ploy.

      • BigBadJohn

        Pull your head out of you a–. The republican controlled congress is responsible for the NDAA and now this. You want to cry about freedom and liberty – make those you keep taking away your liberties pay at the polls.

        I personally will write in Ron Paul – unfortunately it will do NOTHING about the two party system!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “The republican controlled congress is responsible for the NDAA and now this.”

        littlekindanaughtyjohn, you ignore the fact that the republicans only control half of congress the democrats control the other half and the presidency. These bills cannot pass without the support of both parties.

      • BigBadJohn

        “you ignore the fact that the republicans only control half of congress”

        You obviously have no clue what a majority is, do you?

        Look up the responsibilities of Speaker of the house. The party that has a majority basically directs the house and what gets voted on.

        Does it take both parties to get bills passed? – yes absolutely. But currently one party keeps initiating bills to strip your constitutional rights. If you support them, you deserve what you get.

      • Dennis48e

        littlekindanaughtyjohn if the democrats are so innocent and for preserving our freedoms why does Reed introduce only those bills from the house into the senate that strip away more of our freedoms.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Yes, both parties are at fault in our loss of Freedom. But why are you guys attacking John for telling the truth?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Because while giving lip service to saying both parties are somewhat involved he is actually trying to place all the blame on the Republicans. I am only pointing out that BOTH parties are equaly guilty.

      • DaveH

        Read the link, Buster. We’ve got to quit letting the Republicans off the hook.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        DaveH try reading with a little comprehension. I let NO ONE off the hook I said BOTH parties were equaly guilty.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You are falling for the whole democrat vs republican thing. Can’t you see there is no difference? These laws that are taking away our rights are supported from both sides of the aisle. The evil has infiltrated both parties. There is no difference. They all represent the same people and it isn’t you or I. Evil is taking over our country and first we must recognize it and stop attacking each other.

      • BigBadJohn

        Come November when you go to the polls and there are no other options to vote for except republican or democrat, who are you going to vote for? I am pointing out that everyone here is screaming that we don’t have choice. I contend that you do – if some one is FOR stripping you of your constitutional freedoms – VOTE AGAINST THEM!
        Since Republicans have gained a majority in the house – there have been TWO bills originated by republicans that are only meant to strip your freedoms. Are you going to vote for them?

      • DaveH

        I will vote for Libertarians, John. I will not rubber-stamp the Democrats or the Republicans, both of whom are complicit in growing Freedom-Robbing Government. To vote for either just enables them to brag about the number of votes they got and further their existence.

      • DaveH

        For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and the PEACE that accompanies those — Vote Libertarian!

        I believe that the vast majority of people who were exposed to the Libertarian ideas and policies would embrace them. The exposure part is the hard part given that we have all been Propagandized since birth to believe that Big Government is our Savior when in fact it is the opposite. And most people are truly afraid to think outside that comfortable box that they’ve spent a lifetime becoming accustomed to.

      • BigBadJohn

        I was a registered Libertarian for years, until North Carolina dropped them as a recognized party due to low percentage of voters. I support most of their platform, however, when it comes to TOTAL deregulation (we have seen what that buys us)and selling off all national parks/ government holdings to the highest bidder – I draw the line.

        With where dems and repubs are taking us, I will probably vote for them again.

      • DaveH

        Of course I would prefer Ron Paul, Bob. But will I be so lucky to have a chance to vote for him?
        Judge Napolitano would be really cool also, but same problem.

      • DaveH

        Total deregulation, John? When is the last time we’ve even seen a lessening in regulations?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        John, I am voting for Ron Paul!!! Even if I have to write him in! There is NO way that I would vote for one of the other candidates! I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils! Evil is still evil and I will do nothing that I will regret later. If you choose to bend over and accept the candidates they give you, that is your problem! I will be defiant!!!

      • BigBadJohn


        As I stated above, I will write in Ron Paul. However, being a registered Libertarian for years, I NEVER had an opportunity to vote for a libertarian congressman or senator. This is what I was referring to…..
        So if there is no third party candidate, you can vote republican or democrat or leave it blank those are your choices.

      • BigBadJohn

        TOTAL deregulation – we have never had it. But the repeal of Glass Steigal should give you a good idea what deregulation causes. When you make it legal for someone to gamble with and steal other peoples money – they do.

      • DaveH

        That which you blame on Glass-Steagall being altered, John, is the fault of the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the CRA, and many other Government interventions into the Marketplace.
        Read this to get a clearer picture of reality:

        The Glass-Steagall Act was merely a tool used by the Rockefellers and their pals to hobble their competition, the Morgans and their pals. If you’d read the books I’ve recommended, John, you would know that most regulations are strictly created to hobble politically connected businesses’ competition. They’re playing you like a fiddle.

      • BigBadJohn

        You are right most regulations are passed to give one industry or the other an advantage.

        However, the Libertarian platform is that ALL regulations are evil and obstruct capitalistic markets. Gee that sounds like something directly from a family that has a good chance of monopolizing the world. Think Rothchild’s, Ayn Rand, the mother of the libertarian movement, was a consort to one of the Rothchild’s.

        But to the point, if all regulations were dropped on fishing limits, within 20 years all of the desirable species would be extinct.
        If the government had not dictated mileage standards your car would still only get 15 mpg. There would also be no US manufacturers because the Japanese would have filled the market.
        If the only penalty that corporations faced for dumping toxic waste was individual law suits – The USA would be one giant open toxic pit.

        Spill baby spill

      • DaveH

        You need to learn the difference between Regulations (passed by unelected bureaucrats) and Laws (passed by elected Congressmen). Those things that really do matter, and by that I mean that a super-majority of people agree with, could be codified explicitly in law.
        In a Free Market system, the people are the Regulators. If you don’t like what a business is offering you, then don’t buy it. Especially these days, with the Internet and copious sources for reviews of products, there is no excuse whatever for people to not do their homework before they buy or contract to somebody. Government just costs us more money (somebody has to pay all those busybodies), inhibits perfectly honest businesses (causing our product prices to go up), and drives many small businesses out of existence (also causing our product prices to go up). If certain people are too lazy to do their homework, then they could join a consumer organization or otherwise hire somebody to do that work for them at their own cost. Leave the rest of us alone.
        I’m betting that you didn’t read the report I linked to earlier:

      • DaveH

        I missed that part, John — “If the government had not dictated mileage standards your car would still only get 15 mpg”. And you know that how? I say the mileage would have gone up. Can you prove me wrong? Of course not, it’s like arguing about religion. Car manufacturers have to please the consumers or lose their business. If a company wasn’t burdened with meddlesome and expensive Government regulations, chances are that they would have increased their mileage efficiency even sooner, but not at the cost of safety like so many of those death-traps that they put out merely to meet requirements.
        Read this, Please:

        I have also read somewhere that the higher mileage cars are driven more miles by consumers who perceive it is cheap for them to drive around, thus endangering more lives and not really saving much energy (if any).

  • nc

    Brandon Smith, You ask the question “Or perhaps join the venamous establishment they colud not suBdue.?”
    When you are born a citizen of this country you are a part of the establishment to the extent that you are subject to its’ laws while in its’ domain. You seem to think it “venomous” because you don’t get to say how the citizens will be treated. Sorry, but under the Constitution of the greatest nation in the world that is not left to the individual citizen! Was never intended to be! The constitution says these are the laws and here’s how you change them! Inciting to riot and rebellion is not one of the methods listed>

    The very fact that you can write you paranoid beliefs and how to get them to become thE law through armed rebellion AND NOT GO JAIL is THE PUREST PROOF that this ESTABLISHMENT under the Constitution is ALIVE AND WELL!

    • MAP

      NC, you show a total and complete lack of understanding of our country and its history. This is typical of the liberal dreamer. Know that this country was founded on revolution. No less a Federalist than Daniel Webster, in justifying the secession threat of the Hartford Convention, defended revolution as a right. The Constitution says nothing regarding revolution. Hence, by the 10th Amendment, revolution is a right of the sovereign state. Your attempt to place the Leftist state above reproach fails, just as all Leftist nonsense fails.

      • nc

        Map, revolution is always an option but so is suicide!! I don’t know what state you are from other than the state of confusion, but just go over to your state capitol and tell them you are there to lead a 10th amendment ‘revolt” with ARMS against the Federal Government !! Pack a BIG lunch because those state mental exams usually take about 30 days!!

      • Vigilant

        During the American Revolution, about one third were patriots, one third were loyalists and one third didn’t give a damn one way or another. nc would have been a loyalist.

        His philosophy is just the opposite of Chicken Little. No problem for him with NDAA, FISA, the Patriot Act, etc. He is too dense to even understand the continued tightening of the vise by government on our individual liberties. Either that, or he applauds this statist encroachment of the government because he believes it is in the service of eventual dictatorship of the proletariat.

        He says, “what better way to understand Marx and Lenin than to read and study Marx and Lenin!” And I say, “what better way to understand Marx and Lenin than to inspect the historical record of consistent failures of their philosophy.”

      • Flashy

        Vig…I am somewhat surprised at your comments. How can you state that one only has to look at history, only needing an understanding of the practices shown by history versus the understanding of the variance from the philosophical?

        Are you suggesting one needn’t know the Capitalist theories of Smith, Locke, Wells etc to understand our history and how it was able to operate in the beginning with the barest of variance from the theory. That to understand today, one needn’t comprehend how as our nation and society grew it had to vary from the philosophical purity in order to have that growth and evolve? And how that evolution must continue, and why it must continue, for our Nation and our culture to survive, grow, adapt and evolve into something higher?

        Is that what you suggest when you state one needn’t understand the philosophy, only look at the results as depicted in the narrowest of frames?

      • DaveH

        What we understand, Flashman, is that no matter how much experience there is to the contrary, you will continue to spout your Progressive nonsense that Government is responsible for our country’s growth.
        All the jaw-boning in the world can’t replace actual experience:

        As Governments Grow, Economies Slow.

      • DaveH

        And, Flashman, Government Spending is at its biggest in our country’s history, with the exception of the WWII years. So why is it that we’ve been in an economic slump for the last 3 years? Give us your double-speak explanation please.

      • Mark Are Reynolds

        The Declaration of Independence is a founding document. What does IT say about revolution?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mark, it says Go For It!

      • eddie47d

        Vigilant: NC is not for the Patriot Act NDAA or FISA so your comment is off base.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy says, “I am somewhat surprised at your comments. How can you state that one only has to look at history, only needing an understanding of the practices shown by history versus the understanding of the variance from the philosophical?”

        You may call what I advocate “common sense.” While I have studied the philosophical basis of many economic theories (though not all thoroughly), I maintain that if one were raised on a desert island without the aid of texts on economic theory, one could draw very valid conclusions from history as to the success or failure of economic systems.

        This inspection of history would reveal again and again that the most successful cases of bringing the greatest good to the greatest number of people are those systems which maximize individual freedom, minimize government interference, and rely on free market forces for the exchanges of goods and services.

        Milton Friedman’s response to Phil Donahue ( was not mired in complex economic theory He had merely to allude to the historical record of the success of the free market. What nc, Eric and others promote on this site is clearly Marxism. It doesn’t work, never has.

        In America, we once had a well-working capitalist system. It was not perfect, and it required some fine tuning to prevent the harmful outcomes related to safety issues, working conditions, etc. But the tinkering with the system didn’t stop. It kept going until we have a government that in no way respects either the historical success of Capitalism, the work ethic or the fidelity to the principles of the Constitution.

    • Steve E

      Brandon predicted your thoughts by stating” “As clear as this fact is to anyone with any sense, though, I find that many seem to treat the idea of physical action as astonishing, or shocking. Some even laugh as if the concept is outdated and absurd. Yet, they never seem to have an answer to the primary underlying question: What else is there?”
      Brandon has you pegged.

      • Flashy

        Compromise, work to discover and understand the next phase of our societal development to become an even greater and higher civilization…and work together to bring it about.

        Something Brandon had to ask about since it is beyond his comprehension.

      • DaveH

        Flashman’s idea of “compromise”. He asks for $10,000 of your money, but will settle for $5,000.

      • DaveH

        My idea of “compromise”. I want to cut the size of Government to 1/4 of its current size, but I will settle for 1/2 of its current size.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Yeah, Flashy. Compromise will work well from inside our cells of the fema camps. They aren’t interested in compromise. They’re getting everything all set up. Hope you enjoy being their slave. I won’t be joining you.

      • eddie47d

        Some seem to forget that Conservative Pastors Worley,Knapp and Harris have already endorsed putting gays in concentration camps and to let them die.FEMA camps are in the hearts and minds of the right wing not the left wing.

      • DaveH

        There goes Eddie again with his ridiculous conjectural generalizations.

    • realsustainability

      I think Mr. Smith is giving us examples of the the threats before us that HAVE gone unpunished due to the elite nature of the perpetrators. One question we must all ask each other is, “What do we do when the laws that are passed do not apply to those that passed them?” How can the Chief Executive be party to or order the deaths or detainment of citizens without due process? The Patriot Acts are such affronts to freedom loving people and there was such little oversight as they were crammed down our collective necks, what recourse is available? The power of the ballot box, at least at this point, seems to have been subverted by big money. This country would not even be here if it were not for civil unrest. If you think you won’t go to jail, just challenge the authority of the TSA to grope or irradiate you. The Constitution that was born out of the desperation of living under a tyrant 3000 miles away is dying before our eyes. Are we to just allow it?

      • Vigilant

        From “The Patriot:” Would you tell me please, Mr. Howard… why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?”

        Is there a scintilla of doubt that that trade has taken place? Will anyone dare to make the bogus claim that government has not encroached on our lives and freedom far beyond the oppression of King George and Parliament?

      • DaveH

        Not I.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The constitution says that congress shall make no law that infringes upon the rights of the individual! It is our government that is breaking the law! Can we imprison them?

      • Steve E

        They should be tried for treason and then publicly executed as an example to all future tyrants.

  • Rose Layard

    America,you are heading the same way as Zimbabwe. I know, I come from there. They are considered a very successful country as far as the NWO are concerned. Viva America!

  • Tom Cook

    The difference between the Tambovs and the Tea Party and other patriot groups in this country is the extent of our arms. Should obongo and his orcs attempt a coup, he will end upside down on our flagpole along with david axelrod and anita dunn and all of the rest of his commie echelon.

    • Randy

      Tom I agree with what you are saying. However, obama is attempting a silent or cold coup vs hot coup. I’m sure your are familiar with the terms hot and cold coups. Cold coup means working from the inside and seizing power slowly. And hot means using violent means to seize control of the government.

      obama by puttling his henchmen into positions without having to be approved by the Senate, he is gaining control of this government by means of a cold coup.. obama’s henchment controls the EPA, FAA, FCC and other agencies that issue regulations that control the economy, they are in effect siezing the government through peaceful means.
      And you can see that with the help of some republicans, he is preparing to curtail the elections in November by arresting any and everyone who objects and putting them in concentration (FEMA) camps, which will create a hot coup on the part of the American people.

  • Dave67

    Marx and Lenin as it relates to Obama and America? Really? Another in a long line of right wing extremist articles. Want to solve what ails this country? Get corp control out of Gov, Get be money interests out of the political process and invest in this country again. The problem we have is a few well financed individuals who lobby congress to get their agenda passed and further concentrate the wealth into the hands of the few. Are people in this country voting for anti-Corporatist 3rd party candidates on the left and right? No… We have the TEA Party corporatist party that have fooled the right wing in this country. Here is an idea, STOP VOTING FOR REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS.

  • thomas g kroger

    These recent pieces of legislation, that are repugnant to our Constitution, are therefore contrary to the Supreme Law of the Land, and Hillary Clinton’s efforts to sign on to the UN Small Arms Treaty are just another example of how domestic enemies are seeking to get around it – the Constitution – e.g. thru treaties which are in reality treasonous agreements with an alien power. Were the US a human being, it would be like Stage 4 cancer. Hillary, and those who seek to enact such legislation, belong in prison, and would be there already if I had my way.

    IF Obama is reelected, I fear we will have no alternative, other than submit, or resort to defiance. I hope that doesn’t happen, and that Romney realizes that should he be elected instead, that he will owe much to Christian Conservatives and Constitutionalists – the faction deemed “potential terrorists” by Janet Napolitano, and act accordingly.

    Things are nearing the point of no return, and this election will be a watershed.

    • thomas g kroger

      P.S. Yes – it is time to speak plainly: Obama and his Bolshevik supporters mean to destroy our traditional way of life. His SEIU supporters openly marched arm-in-arm with actual Communists from the SOCAL branch of the Communist Party USA during the recent May Day observance in Los Angeles.a
      What does that tell you? How blatant does it have to get? Or does Obama have to kiss Fidel’s rear end and lay a wreath at Stalin’s grave to get the point across? Is anybody listening?

  • peter

    We never were and never will be ‘civilized’ in the true sense of the word and our reasoning has usually been questionable as those whose reasoning and decision making was esteemed, proved to be totally self serving, biased and of scant real worth. So we have collectively placed our faith in the faithless and worthless and must of course lie in the beds which we have made. The problem of course is that we are in the process of doing the same thing one more time. Seems we just cannot learn. Notice how many young people today are disinterested in voting? Scary, but understandable. When people start to think that their opinion does not matter, they are making themselves redundant and vulnerable to the victimization which the powerful are planning for them. We make our own chains and do not therefore have any right to cry foul, after all it is we ourselves that are at fault. Just looking in the mirror for the answer to our problems is all that is required. No man has any right to enslave another.

  • Lawrence

    The only defiance a christian can do according to God’s word is when the government or any other power, civil or ecclesiastical uses that power to deny their God given right to worship him as they believe. The apostle Paul lived at a time of the most tyrannical government in history and was beheaded by Nero because he defied him and would not submit to his command to worship him and his fake gods.

    • MassOutrage

      Your point is a good one, and the most basic one we need to wrestle with: Namely, can we use violence against these tyrants, or must we simply passively resist if they require disobedience to God. I’m torn.

      The resistance is on behalf of others, for the greater good, not just for ourselves, and defense of others has always been an exception to our rule not to use violence.

      • Tanya

        I missed this before, but wanted to comment anyway. I think the question of defying the government is a tough one for believers. Our Messiah said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s, then he set the example by paying his taxes in government currency. I suppose that means if they demand their manipulated currency back we should give it to them, but ourselves and our children are a different story. Inflated dollars have the image of Caesar, but human beings are stamped with the image of YHWH.

      • nc

        Mass Outrage, how big of a MASS must the group of dissidents be before they are entitled to armed conflict for THEIR idea of WHAT IS “the greater good” for all!!They have a right to endanger the lives and property of others just because their measley 10% are not getting their way?????? What the H*LL gives them the right to say what MY RIGHTS ARE! The Constitutional way has done a real good job of naming them and protecting them! How much better than “number one in the world” can you get! Even the Constitution never guarenteed that. We earned it and we have held on to it and we have done it without a single “true conservative” President and now all of a sudden the “true conservatives” have all of the answers and want an armed revolution to enforce their 10% share> YEAH, RIGHT!! PLEASE TELL THEM THAT THEY ARE OUT OF LINE AND OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE AMERICAN WAY FOR THE LAST 230 YEARS!

      • Tanya

        nc, by your logic, what right does a small group of government have to use the threat of force against the rest of us to take away our liberty, supposedly for “the greater good”? Does this minority group of elites hold some kind of moral superiority that qualifies them to use force against the masses? We vote them in and out, but it’s merely a choice for your preferred “flavor” of tyranny.

        The Philosophy of Liberty:

    • Pete Sagi

      That is a sack of road apples. We have a right to defy govt. anytime they infringe or abridge any of our natural rights.


    • Flashy

      Actually, if i am correct…there is no mention in the Bible of how Paul died nor is there a mention of why he was killed. The Bible is silent as to his death. The tale of beheading and why he died is a tradition begun by the initial Church as it consolidated power after the Romans and in aiding Charles Martel helping secure victory at the Battle of Tours.

      Such tradition is apart and varies as to actual events and occurrence within the differing sects of the christian theology.

      Just thought you’d like to know.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      Thank GOD the people who founded this country didn’t have the same convoluted view that you do. We’d all be having tea time and speaking with one of those British accents. Oh, guess it wouldn’t be an accent then it would be normal. Thank GOD for people like Thomas Paine that rejected organized BS religion that you seem drawn to.

  • Tanya

    This is an excellent article. Most people I know are still clinging to the idea that we can vote ourselves out of tyranny. I wish that was the case. Most want assurance of victory to the point where they won’t even vote for the better man for fear of the “wrong” outcome. I don’t think most are ready for any kind of real defiance.

    The best kind of defiance is to change people’s minds. When the people no longer have faith in the establishment, its days are numbered.

    • Vigilant

      “The best kind of defiance is to change people’s minds. When the people no longer have faith in the establishment, its days are numbered.”

      The system of public so-called “education” has worked overtime with diligence for the last half century to change people’s minds. It is this production of voters from the socialist mill that has resulted in today’s election results, and it is this programming that needs to be reversed. I fear it may be too late already to do that.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Yeah Yeah Yeahj Vigilant!
        Last time I looked it was the right conservative Texans that decide what goes into the school books for the whole country and last year they decided to remove anything about Thomas Jefferson.

        Then in the higher education circles if you are fortunate enough to come from a wealthy family then you are exposed to all kinds of ideologies which is how it should be. You should read the whole spectrum including Karl Marx or else how will you know where you stand, what you like and what you believe. How does one make up their minds unless they are exposed to all viewpoints.

        Unfortunately the right conservatives in this country are always the ones who want to ban and burn books.

        Liberals and I say that in the true sense of the word, not the corrupted meaning that has been attached to it by the right, are just plain open minded and that’s never been a crime yet.

      • nc

        Vigilant, this is the first post that was not blocked for a reply to your statement that “bull bears donkeys and elephants” site is a lie! Where are YOUR FIGURES to prove it is a lie! YOU and none of the other wingnuts who have called it a lie have supplied ANY FIGURES to show that the stockmarket averages which have been published and RECORDED DAILY from before the study was started were in fact a misrepresentantion of what occurred on EACH DAY OF THE STUDY!! iF the figures are correct then the averages are correct and the RESULTS are correct! WALL STREET LOVES THE DEMOCRATS! EVER HEARD THAT BEFORE??? EVER WONDERED WHY THAT BECAME A SAYING???? COULD IT BE THE TRUTH OF THE BULLS, BEARS DONKEYS AND ELEPHANT RESEARCH AND OTHER LIKE STUDIES THAT CAUSED PEOPLE, AMERICAN PEOPLE, TO SAY THAT???
        Waiting on figures not speeches!!
        You say that the best kind of defiance is by changing peoples minds! Couldn’t agree with you more but Brandon and the sheeple freaks here want to do it with GUNS!
        Like those dudes and dudetts in IDEHO who stand on the side of the roads and wave flags, Crosses, automatic weapons and NRA signs and scream “Ni**er ” NI**ER” at passing cars!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Eric, now you’re just making stuff up! The conservatives don’t control education in this country and they haven’t as long as I’ve been alive. The left has always controlled the teacher’s unions and the universities. They’ve taken discipline and morals out of the schools and put in responsibilities that belong to the parents (such as feeding them and watching them after school). They’ve taken over the parenting of children but refuse to accept responsibility for the results. They are trying to teach the politics and morality that they believe in which should be up to individual parents. The Fabians and other collectivists have targeted education for years. They’ve been very successful. If the conservatives controlled education it would be very different from what we have now. I can’t imagine anyone gullible enough to believe your statement as it is common knowledge that the left controls education in this country.

      • Tanya

        I can’t control how others decide to educate their children, nor would I want to, but I’m changing the minds of the next generation to the best of my ability by homeschooling. My 10-year-old told me today that he disagreed with his textbook that said Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents. He thought it was wrong of Lincoln to want to force anyone to stay in the union. Then when he was done with school he said, “I’m free!–except for the government.”, lol! It has been a sacrifice to live on one income, but it’s worth it to raise kids that aren’t sheeple. I’m giving up on the vote for the most part, taking the long view, and setting my sights on influencing the next generation.

        I know many will say they can’t afford to homeschool because in this economy you need two incomes to survive, which is often true, and works to the government’s benefit. Most forget, though, that if you’re using state schools for child care you’re already on welfare anyway. I’d rather live off of food stamps and keep my kids from being indoctrinated. (I don’t, but I would if I had to.) It’s better to use the system to bring down the system than to sacrifice your children to it. I used to be a hard-liner against gov’t benefits, but in a system that’s rapidly moving toward socialism I’d rather see people take the funds from the public education system and use it to raise up a generation that understands liberty. Maybe then someday we’ll actually have it. Say what you will, that’s my method of defiance.

      • JeffH

        Tanya, Kudos to you. :)

      • Vigilant

        nc (never correct) says, “Where are YOUR FIGURES to prove it is a lie!”

        Sonny, I have absolutely no doubt that the figures are correct, as I have told you before. It’s not the figures that are incorrect, it’s the faulty assumptions and conclusions drawn from them. We went through this before some months ago, but either your reading comprehension or your IQ in general is so low that you’re congenitally incapable of grasping simple facts.

        As for “Wall Street loves Democrats,” I felt no compulsion to wonder why it became a saying because it is not a saying. The ONLY place I’ve seen it is here, on this website, incessantly promulgated by you and only you. Hint: it’s not a saying widely used by anybody. Are you hearing voices in your head?

        OK, one more time. The idiotic contention on that statistical “analysis” is based on a number of faulty assumptions, and leaves out more relevant factors than it actually uses. It is a classic case of lying with statistics, intended to sway simple minds like yours into believing the propaganda without question.

        Here are the faulty assumptions:
        It assumes that the president has magical powers to wave a wand and thereby affect the stock market. He has not. A myriad of factors affect the stock market in a capitalist economy, which are beyond the capacity of a president to affect. In the government-managed economy YOU would like to see, the chief executive would have much greater powers to effect change. Currently he has not.

        It assumes that changes in economic direction due to administration policies have immediate or short term effects on the stock market. They do not. The economy is grindingly slow in responding to policy changes by the government. Thus, Clinton rode on the successes of Reaganomics, which brought us the longest sustained period of business prosperity in US history.

        It tries to convey the glaringly false assumption that the health of the stock market is a barometer of the nation’s economic health in general. It is not. By your reckoning, the rebound of the markets under Obama would point to a booming period of prosperity. How’s that working for you? Tell your tale to the unemployed, the record numbers of those on food stamps and welfare recipients.

        It goes wildly wrong in discarding one of the most important factors, the party which is dominant in Congress. Your “statistics” would “prove” something quite different than you assert if that influence were taken into account.

        I know the above is difficult for you to understand. Get a dictionary, a tutor and psychological help to move beyond your one-dimensional “true believer”mind. Perhaps you might take a course in basic macroeconomics before you shoot your mouth off and once again look the idiot. You are fooling no one with a normal intelligence.

        “You say that the best kind of defiance is by changing peoples minds!” I did not say that. By putting it in quotes, that means it’s attributed to someone else. Take a course in elementary English as well.

        “Like those dudes and dudetts [sic] in IDEHO [sic] who stand on the side of the roads and wave flags, Crosses, automatic weapons and NRA signs and scream “Ni**er ” NI**ER” at passing cars!”

        What in high Heaven does THAT have to do with the discussion?

      • Vigilant

        Eric Bischoff says, “Last time I looked it was the right conservative Texans that decide what goes into the school books for the whole country and last year they decided to remove anything about Thomas Jefferson.”

        This may be the only time we’ve agreed on something. What that board did was unconscionable.

        However, it strikes me as odd that YOU, of all people, would excoriate that action. I’d think you’d welcome the opportunity to remove one more person from the history books who believed in small government and individual freedom. Jefferson was a Deist (which miffed the religious right on that book board), but he was certainly no one who would have subscribed to Marxism if that statist philosophy were iterated in his day.

  • Frank

    Luckily, in our country, there is stil hope through the ballot and the election process. Hopefully, today the voters of Wisconsin will show their defiance to vote an attempted dictator out of office.

    • Vigilant

      Hopefully, today the voters of Wisconsin will show their common sense and devotion to Constitutional principles to vote down an attempted coup by dictatorial public sector unions.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        And I am sure it will be a fair fight since thanks to Citizens United, the right conservative tea party money from outside the state is outspending the democrat challenger 8 to 1. I hope not but It’s looking like the people will lose again.

      • Michael J.

        The people of Wisconsin ARE winning. Lower unemployment, disappearing deficits and lower union membership now that people have the choice.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Eric, are you implying that the democrats are not allowed to raise funds? If enough people supported the democratic candidate he would have funds also. Heck, even obummer didn’t come to support him.

      • Vigilant

        “And I am sure it will be a fair fight since thanks to Citizens United, the right conservative tea party money from outside the state is outspending the democrat challenger 8 to 1.”

        No, it’s not a fair fight. A spending ratio of 20 to 1, in the face of union thuggery and voter fraud, would be more “fair” (that old liberal word) fight.

      • eddie47d

        In Wisconsin $3 million came from the Koch’s and $5 million from the Republican Governors Association plus about $500,000 from ALEC. There were private donors on each side also and I believe 3 1/2 million from union members. The R’s out spent the D’s as of two days ago.

  • http://Ihavenowebsite William Scot Morrow, Prof.of Chem.(Emeritus)

    I am an octogenarian whose major life-work has been in the neurophysiological analysis of the evolution of civilization; your last essay concerning “Defiance!” is a gem, and an important tool in my arsenal.


  • Sirian

    As typically expected the liberal posters will deny, condemn and counter any form of truth. It makes no difference to what level of unsubstantiated rhetoric it may require, they will unleash their idiotic mindsets relentlessly. When you are very limited in questioning and or seeking out the truth (Truth Has No Agenda) what more should be anticipated? It’s showing itself quite well today and many days to come.

    • nc

      Sirian, where is the “truth” to be found in the “FACT” that Obama will stop the 2012 election? Where is the “truth” to be found that Obama will become a dictator? Where is the “truth” to be found that NWO is upon us? Where is the “truth” of the 20 years old conspiracies we have read about in all the right wing sites? If they don’t happen the same people just give us a new set of “truths” that are on the way!
      “MAYBE SOMEDAY, BABY, MAYBE SOMEDAY” Now that’s the difinate truth! MAYBE!!


        To nc : I’ve read all your liberal points. ONE THING HERE. You apparently are unaware of the term “NORMALCY BIAS” . It means that some people (like you) think that if something terrible has NEVER happened in your lifetime, then it will never happen.—EXAMPLE: By 1935, 100,000 Jews left Germany fearing Hitler. 450,000 jews stayed, thinking the Nazi,s strong-armed, power-hungry tactics were just a passing fad, and that it would soon be over.—–It was, They all died in concentration camps. They just didn’t believe it could happen to them, because it had never happened before. NORMALCY BIAS Get the picture?
        Now, with all the “Executive Orders” issued since FDR– without the consent of Congress ( WHICH WERE ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL) , our government is now issuing orders to us, instead of us to it. “LET’S PASS THE BILL FIRST, THEN READ IT LATER.(?) WE are all in this together, and if our gov. becomes an oppressive oligarchy, you and your stupid liberal ideas will suffer right along with the rest of us !

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The reason that the “liberals” deny is because the government is telling them just what they want to hear. They are ignoring the facts such as the patriot acts I and II, the ndaa etc… The facts are right before them but they refuse to see them because they have stars in their eyes. They’re envisioning the utopia that they long for. What they don’t understand is that after the government comes after the libertarians and the constitutionalists they will go after them also. History repeats itself. It is not difficult to see what is really going on if you just open your eyes and your mind and stop seeing only what you want to see. We are ALL in danger! We need to respect each other’s right to believe what we want but we must ALL be aware of what our government is doing! It’s what they are DOING, not what they are saying that should concern ALL of us!

      • eddie47d

        Not sure why you insist that mainstream Liberals or even far left Liberals support the NDAA or the Patriot Acts . You need to find a Liberal site and they are adamantly against all intrusions when it comes to spying,eavesdropping,illegal arrests,computer censorship and the whole nine yards. Even Obama didn’t approve of sections 21,22 and 31 in the NDAA or the original Patriot Act. Now Liberals are now calling Obama Conservative light because he finally signed those laws pushed by Conservatives.

  • cawmun cents

    Rebellion is alive and well in these United States of America.
    But it may not be the rebellion with which you are aquainted.
    The rebellion here in full swing is one of rebellion against the Creator that was spoken of in the Declaration of Independence.It has been passed from generation to generation,and grows with every “new” movement that rears it’s ugly head.Most of us know that there is nothing new under the sun.But the thought of new movements are being pushed on our children on a daily basis in the modern educational system.The rebellion is one against God.
    Just listen to Robert Smith and get an idea of what it’s like.The ideals of yesterday,are of little use to those who live for today,and even pf less use,is that type of morality which keeps people from commiting criminal acts,whether of a large scale(governmental)or of a small scale(societal),upon each other.The difference being taught nowdays,is that it is permissable to act in such a manner,if the collective bargaining power is increased.
    An effort to institute laws designed to project such collectivism is then underweigh.So folks jump out in favor of collectivism,not completely understanding the aim of those who encite it.Individualism is chased away in favor of toleration of any behavior which supposedly benefits the collective.
    Society then becomes the “creator” and words can then be bent to mean anything that those who push the collective wish them to say.
    That is why they rail against religion,particularly Christianity.
    Beacuse they have designed the minds of the collective to cast dispersion on individual responsibility and blame groups of people who they have differences with.
    They gather in groups to assault anyone else but then they attack individuals as a group because individually they have no power in of themselves,
    The underlying theme here in the sentiments of the article’s writer is that there is rebellion,and that it is good.But the need to HAVE rebellion is only necessary when conditions are present which CAUSE rebellion.
    In affact we need to understand why rebelliousness is fertile here in America,when nearly everything is given to us on a silver platter.Perhaps that in itself IS the reason.
    Maybe some are just consumed by boredom.
    At any rate it has bred a tolerant,entitlement oriented populace,who no longer questions the need for moral guidance,and makes their own morals up as they go along with the collective.
    Kind of reminds me of other historical societies of the past.
    You’d think we could learn by example,but when a poor one is provided for you,you dont have much of a chance to do so.
    Revisionists are well aware of this condition,and capitalize on it.
    It is one of the only ways they enjoy capitalism.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You’re right! I think that all of it boils down to a rebellion against GOD. This country and her people have been rejecting GOD for many years. satan’s followers have taken over and run GOD out. I believe that we received GOD’S protection for many years but we have become so evil that he is removing his protection. The ONLY hope we have is to return to GOD!!! PRAY!!!

      • nc

        Nancy, more people have killed themselves over religion than politics! What about all of those people who, just possibly, were more devout than you, who studied the Bible hourly, who were sure that their God had told them the exact hour of our destruction per the BIble!? AND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN THEN NOR WHEN THEY WENT BACK AND REFIGURED?? WHAT IS THE REWARD FOR BEING ‘DEVOUT’? God makes a fool of you? Gives you a defective mind or turns the one you have to jelly by being overly devout??People on the other side pray too for the exact opposite of what you pray for and do it with a faith based on the same BOOK! That makes the BOOK the answer???
        What if the BOOK doesn’t even cover what you guys are praying over? Both sides are guessing??? You are always “the right one” because you believe in the BOOK?

      • cawmun cents

        The book you refer to covers what we are praying for.
        If you cannot find where it covers this,it is because you lack the interpreter which we have to show us what it says.
        Therefore it is no surprise to us that you misinterpret what is said in the book.
        It is eisegesis at its apex,which drives you to make these claims.
        You do not seek so that you may find,rather you rely on your own wisdom to interpret.

        “I do not seek to understand that I may believe,but I believe that I may understand.
        For this I also believe,that unless I believe I will not understand.”-Anselm


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, I feel sorry for you. I pity you. I will pray for you! I hope that someday you will know GOD!

      • eddie47d

        NC is saying that Christians throughout the ages have blindly followed God into wars without knowing whether God approved of those wars or not. Kind of like the Muslims who will do anything for Allah without really knowing.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        If they didn’t know whether GOD approved or not, then they obviously weren’t following HIM!

  • Greg

    Our success has made us soft. Most of us know these protestors would be made an example of. We would not be willing stand up to authority until it was too late.

    • MassOutrage

      You are right that rebellion would be crushed like a bug, even if it involved thousands. The militarized police now have weapons of awe and destruction, like lasers, sound weapons, microwave weapons, and probably some stuff we haven’t even seen.

      They have drones to see exactly where rebels are hiding, heat-seeking guided missiles, satellites with incredible optics, helicopters, along with well trained killers who will fire on their own kin.

      Unless a rebellion was done on a guerrilla basis like in Afghanistan, it wouldn’t work.

      By the way, the gummint data centers are reading all this. We all need to be prepared for a visit from muscular guys with sunglasses and Glock bulges in their breast pockets.

  • double xx

    Mr. Bob, I .hope you have a bolt hole and are not sleeping in your own bed ,in your own house. They will come and not as friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mirage

    Too many rats in a cage, and something has to give.
    Welcome to today’s climate of too many people, not enough opportunities, and not enough space/raw materials for us all.
    Tragic though it must have been, 50 million people died in Word War II, but the vacuum of growth/opportunity for the living, welcomed an age of unparalled prosperity for most Americans, and the birth of a middle class majority. Such standards of living are long gone for Main Street.
    With no major “cleansing” in 67 years, we’re approaching the point were we’re getting close to eatting ourselves out of house and home and the camel has a severe back-ache … its almost Miller Time.
    Simply my opinions, not necessarily facts.

    • rhcrest

      Nonsense. There is plenty for everyone. The problem is the gov’t piles on so many regulations that it causes scarcity- of jobs, housing pretty much anything the gov’t does makes things worse. We would have unlimited prosperity in this country if the gov’t would just get out of the way.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        What planet are you living on?
        This is the perfect storm. We are running out of water, our top soil is largely gone, 90% of the large fish have been caught out of the ocean, Bees and bats colony collapse, and soon 9 Billion people to feed while global warming deniers have decided that it can’t be true so we do nothing which will only make everything I have listed happen faster.

      • Michael J.

        So go ahead and tell us! How many humans must die so that the Bees, Bats and fish can recover? I know you and Bill Gates got it all figured out, so lay it on us!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Eric, you say we’re running out of water. Water is being taken by a foreign country, from the great lakes and sold to China at a phenomenal rate. If we cared about our water we wouldn’t let Nestlé take it and sell it. We are losing our top soil but it is because the corporate owned farms only care about profit and are not rotating crops and allowing the land to rest. The large fish are disappearing because large corporate fishing companies scoop them all out with nets. Besides that, the fish in the pacific are now polluted with radiation so who would want to eat them anyway? The bees and the bats are dying from the genetically modified plants. You don’t see the government studying that. They forced these gm foods on us without making sure they were safe and they’re not. If you’re concerned about global warming, look to the government and it’s weather modification programs. Everyone just ignores the fact that the government is screwing with the weather. Read about the chem spraying and the haarp program. The world and it’s environment is being destroyed intentionally by those who want to reduce the population and enslave us. Those with the money and the power don’t care if we have food and water. They would rather we didn’t have it, then they can controll us totally.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      WOW!!! You sound JUST like one of THEM!!! How many of us need to die?

    • Ron

      We are 5% of the world’s population and we’re using 20% of the world’s resources.

      And capitalism and corporatocracy fully intend to give this lifestyle to the other 95% of the world: It’s how they make money.

      If we have gross inefficiences in our way of living, wasting vast piles of raw materials and have to drive big fat gas-guzzlers half a block down the street to buy diet pills ’cause we’re morbidly obese and wouldn’t dream of walking, remember: Our way of life that sells us stuff needs for the rest of the world to be just like us.

      If all we do in the world is guzzle natural resources and print them all into money–and we’re not doing anything to try to find an alternative to that, we are going to need another planet-and-a-half’s worth of resources within the next 30 years.

      It’s called arithmetic.

      So. I don’t know HOW Newt Gingrich was gonna pay for those miracle moon bases he was gonna build–presumably by flogging more cash outta poor people and the former middle class–but he needs to start building those right away. And rich people need to learn how to survive up there by eating cash. Maybe it goes good with the right Chardonnay, I dunno.

      More realistically, we’re probably gonna have to drum up an excuse to go to World War III, unfortunately. And we’re the ones to start it. We’ve got a population that’s ignorant and angry and scared of everyone. How in the heck do you think we managed to elect a dumbsky draft-dodger like Dubya and then hoot and holler with fakey-patriot pride while he dragged us into a $4 trillion longest war in U.S. history?

      We’ve spent every dime we could since WW II building the Military-Industrial-Complex that Ike warned us about, and we have a bigger stockpile of weapons than the next 6 armed nations below us.

      We’ve built the world’s largest handgun, the baby’s cryin’, and the world is our liquor store down the street.

      We’re gonna kill a LOT of people, and that’s why it’s so important to start purging any moderation or compassion or kindness from our nation. The Tea Party work of ridding all moderates from their ruling class will be vital when the time comes.

      As Hitler once said: ‘We need to be hard as Kruppstahl.’ (“Krupp Steel”, one of Germany’s big corporate overlords that backed the Nazis.)

      But I bet we can do it–we alone can destroy the world in order to “save” it.

  • libertarian

    This is already a fascist government, the corporations control the government and the government is controlling the population through its propoganda. It doesn’t matter who wins the upcoming election, the control process will continue and the new technologies will easily slip slide us into the New World Order before the majority of the people or sheeple get the wool out of their eyes long enough to see it. Abraham LIncoln gave us extreme federal power and god pray tell destroyed the South for their transgression for believing in leaving the Union. Forget the dem / rep / right / left lingo they know it and feed on it. It keeps us separate in our minds and easy to dominate. Give no freedoms to anyone, prepare for survival and join your brothers. Stand tall and hard if they come, remember, 2nd amendment. Death before dishonor, death before tyranny, oh my, such heralding words.

    • jeffreyliakos

      I would defy anyone who says that the only way our problems can be solved is through this ridiculous 2 party system. The Libertarian Party is right on most issue. I don’t buy in entirety the argument libertarians have regarding legalization of drugs. Having said that, if someone wishes to get into that and not hurting anyone, the state has no case.

      When our government oversteps its legitimate Constitutional authority, it fails at what it should be focused on: The preservation of our civil liberties. I think that Obama care, our tax code, The best way to solve our problems is throwing out our current tax code and replace it with a sales tax. Government revenue would increase more efficiently,

      • realsustainability

        “When our government oversteps its legitimate Constitutional authority, it fails at what it should be focused on: The preservation of our civil liberties. I think that Obama care, our tax code, The best way to solve our problems is throwing out our current tax code and replace it with a sales tax. Government revenue would increase more efficiently,”

        Jeffrey, Why would you want government revenue to increase? They have already demonstrated in spades a disability to manage what they already get. More bailouts South American “conferences” or foreign aid anyone? I agree that the tax code needs to be scrapped entirely and replaced with a flat tax but only to REDUCE federal revenue and thereby reduce their power.

  • Breeze

    Brandon, very good article. I believe it should be requried reading for every American. Part of the 2nd amendment states, “being necessary to the security of a free state”, to me, this defines that it is our right, and duty, to to get rid of a tyrannical government, by force if need be. We will not be breaking any laws, it is our RIGHT to do so. We do need a “show of force”, just as Lenin did, to let them know we will not be subjects, we WILL be a Free People.

    • AZ-Ike

      Declaration of Independence:
      “…That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted amon Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…..But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      You are right, Breeze, it is our Right to replace a government that has succeeded, through its Progressive ideology, in damaging our nation’s faith in God, in ignoring morality and virtue as the cornerstones of just government, and ignoring the Constitution and the Republican form of government.

      In this case, it is not our form of government or our Constitution (the ‘contract by and for the sovereign People) that are the problems. It is the elected people who have manipulated the original intent of form and contract, twisting the meaning and process to destroy, rather than defend, our Rights and Liberties who must be ‘thrown off.’ And it is the sovereign People (us) who take up the fight and provide new ‘Guards for our future security.’

      Brandon Smith may be correct that it can’t be done at the election booth, but there is no reason not to put in place only NEW CITIZEN REPRESENTATIVES who promise to ‘SUPPORT & DEFEND the Constitution–and to refresh representation frequently–’career politicians and incumbents need not apply. The People must actively RECALL any representative or judge who does not support and defend the Constitution as the Rule of Law, and apply our resources and activities across all levels of government, federal through state and local. It is imperative to put representation in State governments that will nullify any and all federal government acts that are unconstitutional.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    The acts mentioned are a stain on our country and weaken us rather then strengthen us. But to equate them to the acts of collectivization in the Soviet Union is an exaggeration and does more harm then good. I will agree this is not a top to bottom issue. People do need to get out and vote and protest what they see as wrong. They need to be defiant and willing to speak up. But everything must be kept in perspective. We live under a government who’s leader and who itself was elected democratically. A significant difference between the United States and the Soviet Union is the foundation of its existence. The Soviet Union was founded on the principles of Marxism and on the Cult of Personality of its Party and its Parties leader. The United States was founded on the principle of Checks and Balances between different parts of the government and centered on the Liberty and Equality of its citizens. Also the people of Russia at the time had no concept of individual liberty and freedom of any kind. They had always lived with the Czar in power. So for Russians an absolute dictatorship was not unusual and it was easier to accept what one was used to as long as they continued to believe that this new regime would be kinder than the last. In our country our people have a tradition of liberty to look to. We are all raised with the idea that our liberty and equality is self evident and that our greatest loyalty is to the Republic rather then to its president. In our country I do not believe that tyranny could happen because no one would support it and more to the point there would be no power base from which the president or any leader could impose their will without those of the other party if not the senate and house opposing them. Unless the president had a conclusive 90 something percent approval rating it is highly unlikely that he could force through any sort of agenda that couldn’t simply be undone by the next administration. The tyranny of the Soviets and the Nazis, I use Nazi based on the picture of the article, was obvious and was propagandized to the people. They did not secretly conduct their tyranny they did it openly and tried to justify their actions and the only real power they had was that people believed them. But again I would point out that in Both 1910s Russia and 1930s Germany the people had always known tyranny and the recent parliamentary or democratic governments in their country had never had the respect or devotion of the people. Our country and its government is of, by and for the people to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln. Tyranny is not welcome here and I do not believe it could take root so long as people care about the Republic. This all said. I believe that comparing the acts of a lawfully elected government to the tyrannical acts of a long ago despotic regime hurts the genuine criticism of said government. President Obama has made mistakes. He has done things which I strongly disagree with. I admit I still support him. But that dose not mean I support everything he does. I feel the president must be held accountable for his actions and in the case of things I disagree with, if anyone were to give me a petition or tell me to come and protest I would be all for it. I may disagree with people on what I consider a mistake but if I genuinely believe the president is in the wrong I say hold his feet to the fire. However, exaggerating his mistakes and wrong decisions to the deliberate acts of a tyrannical despot is just as wrong. It is an impractical argument that can only divide people and I believe better arguments can be made. If the president is so bad his mistakes should speak for themselves. If he is so bad there is no need to compare him to a bloody tyrant. Defiance is not a lost virtue. People are just trying to find the necessary level of defiance.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I see no exaggeration. The correlations are plain! History repeats itself! If you can not see that the same thing is happening here you will be doomed to suffer the same fate. What do you need to see what is right before you? Everything is being put into place. There can be no other intent for these laws to be put into place. Everything is being set up. The time is short. WAKE UP!!!

      • nc

        Nancy, you are starting to sound like Joan of Arc! “I know the way! God has told me what is right! Why can’t you see it? Follow me!””””***************** and then they fried her butt on a stick!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        And your point is…??? Joan of Arc was righteous. I don’t claim to be Joan of Arc but I would gladly give my life if GOD wanted me to. I will follow what I believe to be right. I refuse to follow evil because it seems like the safer thing to do.

    • Michael J.

      Jeremy Leochner,
      Your contention that Russia and Germany knew tyranny and as a result were predisposed to succumb to it may or may not have credence. But America has been under seige by the Marxist Communist just as long or longer. Read “The Long March”(through the institutions) by Antonio Gramsci to see the length and breadth of stealth Marxism in America.

    • AZ-Ike

      Ifyou do not understand that our foundations of government have been twisted to comply with Marxist ideologies and that our checks and balances are being ignored by every branch of government to impose tyranny over the People, you are part of the problem.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        The problem is that checks and balances cannot be used to push ones own agenda in terms of tyranny. One cannot have a government succumb to tyranny when the different parties in government are constantly fighting. Our country is not living under marxism. It is living under a system with some socialism which is still predominantly capitalist. Having a president who you disagree with in power does not equal tyranny. Government regulation dose not equal government control. Socialism does not equal communism.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Jeremy, the tyranny comes in when the govt. (not just this president, but those who control him)take away your GOD given rights and control every aspect of your life. You said socialism does not equal communism. Both socialism and communism are forms of collectivism. There are very few differences between them, to the point where they are almost interchangeable.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Actually Nancy Socialism and Communism are vastly different. Socialism is based on a middle ground between capitalism and communism. It is a system where in there is free enterprise and competition but where government provides regulation. I would also point out that at least within socialism there are subsets. These subsets are based on the level of government regulation a particular socialist believes in. I personally believe in what is known as social democracy. This is much closer to capitalism then most socialists. In fact often social democrats are accused by other socialists of being no different then capitalists. My point is there are various tones of socialism. Just because someone is socialist or perhaps even communist dose not make them believe in collectivism. Socialism at the very least is not about collectivism. Socialism is about trying to balance the equality of all with the liberty of all. About trying to create peace between workers and business as opposed to pitting one against the other in the case of communism and capitalism. Its about trying to find some sort of peace so that workers do not dominate but neither do big business. Instead of class warfare socialism is about class negotiation.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Jeremy, I disagree with you. My statement stands.

  • Mike

    I’m very surprised that you did not mention the Patriot Act or HR 347 (criminating protestors) in your article. Otherwise a good summation of unconstitutional laws being passed recently.

  • Buck

    The United States of America is dead ! Long live the United Socialist States of America !

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Any government involvement in the economy can be considered socialist. America has always been socialist.

  • Steve E

    I think the best way to fight this federal government’s tyranny is for each individual state to succeed from the union. The conservative liberty loving states could ally with other like states to form a barrier of defense from the non conservative socialist states. The socialist states will eventually want to wage war against the conservative states in order to gain more resources from the conservative states because the socialist states will eventually become destitute by their own devices (socialism always fails eventually). This will give way to the conservative states, by way of self defense, to fight the socialist and eradicate all of them from the face of this land. After all the progressives and socialist have perished, this country can get a clean slate to get back on the course of liberty.

    • rhcrest

      It’s secede not succeed

    • Karolyn

      “All” of any persuasion could never be wiped out. Unless you censored all communication and media (like North Korea), there would always be people questioning the status quo, as it should be. However, what I am imagining you to want would be everybody in your conservative state thinking alike and towing the party line. Sounds more like fascism to me. I guess you would just kick dissenters out of your state? You wouldn’t be able to allow children (or anybody for that matter) to read anything other than conservative-approved literature because they might be influenced to dissent. I gues it would work. Glad I wouldn’t live there!

      • Steve E

        I’m glad you wouldn’t live there either.

      • Ron

        I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the plan. ‘Like the Confederacy of olde, with a docile, sharecropper white population just thankful to even have any kind of job from the “massa” up in the Big House…and lots and lots of slaves. Slaves were the single biggest part of U.S. GDP in 1859…no wonder the Rebs called Lincoln at traitor “redistributionist-in-chief” and had him executed (whiny libs call it “murdered” or “assassinated”) by John Wilkes Booth.

        We all know God hates the United States of America as much as he loves the Confederate States of America.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Personally issue Ron. Lincoln was not a traitor or a redistributionist. Also he was murdered. That is not something liberals made up.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The problem with your idea is that there are many who like “the idea” of socialism. They want things to be “fair”. They think everyone is “entitled” to everything they need. But if we allow socialism to take over they will find out that all it means is that no one (other than the elite) will have anything. We need to get the government out of our lives that we should be allowed to take care of ourselves. There is very little freedom left in this country and I want it back! Those of you who think its appropriate for the government to play Robin Hood will soon find yourselves slaves.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      I am sure President Lincoln would be pleased to hear someone calling for secession.

    • revere

      Please note the next time you say the pledge of allegiance that you betray that pledge by your seditionous talk of secession.

  • Rasta

    The same people talking defiance ar the same people helping take our rights!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      HUH?!? What are you smokin?

    • Steve E

      What defiant talking people are taking your rights other than the current administration?

    • GALT

      Not to worry……there are no defiant people here, they are just the future victims, who didn’t have a clue who their enemy was……pretending that they are waiting for the call, which has already passed them by……..

      • Michael J.

        Galt’s words transformed into text telepathically,

        “Not to worry……there are no defiant people here, they are just the future victims, who didn’t have a clue who their enemy was……pretending that they are waiting for the call, which has already passed them by……..”

        “future victims” – We are already victims

        “who didn’t have a clue who their enemy was” – The Hell we Don’t!

        “pretending that they are waiting for the call,” – There are many calls being made, the response is what matters and the timing will be decided unanimously according to the will of the righteous millions.

        Galt, Are you a H.A.A.R.P. projection? Contrived consciousness propaganda? A glowing gift of the Globalist? Or a mere measly mortal with an over inflated sense of self?

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68


    • cawmun cents

      More properly stated:
      “Give me liberty,or give THEM death!”
      You’ll get it in a minute.

      • cawmun cents

        A four year old girl taught me a valuable lesson one day.
        I did the sticks and stones number for her and she said that that wasnt how it was said.
        I asked her what she meant,and this is what she said,
        “Sticks and stones will break YOUR bones,but names will never hurt me.”
        I thought about it for only one second before I realized that I liked her version much better than the classic one,in view of the outcome.

  • Wildey

    Defiance is virtue all God fearing Americans must have but they have to watch that their defiance doesn’t lead to division. It is a word with a two edge sword. The godless socialist running America will twist it around. When God fearing Americans show defiance they must explain why and how. Lenin and Hitler knew that people think in words and their interpretations of words determines who they are. We no longer speak the same language in America. People justify their actions with immoral and amoral interpretations and others think morally and interpret them differently. Take freedom and liberty as a forinstance. Freedom merely means “status”, like serfdom, while Liberty is that freedom as a gift from God to people acting morally. God fearing people look at freedom one way while ungodly people look at freedom as freedom of any restraint, immoral or moral. Defiance is a delicate word to use when people aren’t speaking the same languages.

  • Mark Are Reynolds

    And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs (police) would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!
    ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn from The Gulag Archipelago

  • http://none nick beck

    the only thing that gives me hope is the 2nd amendment and the probability that at least 5% will really use it

    • offgrid7

      That 5% will have one hell a va target rich enviroment.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      That would be FIFTEEN MILLION pissed off people. That could cause a stir, couldn’t it?

  • Power To The People

    Comcast has a blip on their internet page asking if Obummer is a socialist??? They have to ask?

    Lot of liberal BS on here today….yea, love the government and the demorats…..idiots.

    The thieves in Congress are and continue to be traitors to this country. They are taking every step they can to ensure their survival when the economy collapses under the Obummer debt. Americans sit back and whine while they steal more and more of our wealth, control our lives and soon will instruct us on what, where and when.

    Its is coming….

  • Raggs

    More news of the nazi oblama administration wanting to use drones over America to spy on us this will in no doubt be used in court against you….
    When do we say enough?


    The people will have to make a choice and I believe it will be for defiance. This is the reason for the abolishment of the 2nd amendment to disarm the civilians to keep defiance at a distance. I believe the people have had enough and that’s why you are starting to see the sweat from the left and Obama. There will be change this November one way or another.

  • MassOutrage

    I think you are underestimating the response to any rebellion. They have air drones with optics that can read the date on a penny below, micro-wave weapons which cook you, sound-weapons which explode your ears, ground robots, helicopters, and many other fearsome weapons.

    They have militarized the police and guard so much, that they would likely turn on their own people.

    This is not a winnable fight right now, without some serious strategy and planning as to how to get around their 100:1 advantage, a far larger gap than in the days of Lenin.

    • Carl Manning

      They killed Senator Paul Wellstone with just such a microwave EMP weapon because he knew 911 was an inside job. They took his plane down with it by frying the circuitry. His plane was observed approximately 5 miles from landing to suddenly start “crabbing” (flying forward yet sideways) before it plunged out of the sky. A white van with this device was observed to immediately speed out of the area after the hit. It was direct orders from Cheney who had already threatened him if he pursued 911 TRUTH further.

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    Right now only a few rare progressive democrats are willing to challenge Wall St and the Banksters obviously without Obama and the democratic party’s support. Meanwhile the Tea Party freshmen operating under the republican party have already been corrupted and are now taking money from Wall St. So much for campaign promises again.

    • Void1972


      You are the perfect example of the mental disorder called liberalism.
      I know that you had many issues as a little liberal that have deformed your thought process and created this monster of stupidity that lives off lies and deceit.
      Yesterday Bob did an article on another sick and demented liberal Brett Kimberland (again the norm not the exception) and after reading your post for the past few months, (including nc, Robert Smith Karolyn ) have come to the conclusion that you are two of the same mentally disturbed freaks and the only hope for a liberal is extensive shock treatment, water boarding or facts.
      Facts are something that the liberal denies, and denial can be a very deadly trait.
      You promote a communist as President because you are a communist yourself and want everyone in America to understand the beauty of communism.
      I understand your mental disorder, but don’t understand why you want to destroy such a great nation when you have the right to move to Cuba any time you want. As a matter of “fact” I would suggest you go live in Cuba or China or Russia to fully understand your demented illusions of the glory of communism.
      I Think you should get together with your “brother” communist ( Brett Kimberland ) and start an entirely new form of Acorn or the weather underground.
      You have much in common with Brett as you are both demented liberals, hate America, despise God and all that is good in life.
      In the future, I would hope to meet you and Brett in one of your demented excursions, and would hope to have the opportunity to express my true feelings on you maggots of society.
      God Bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

    • JeffH

      Void1972, minor correction…it’s progressivism.
      Progressivism was a major reform movement that began in the late 1800s. The movement shared the intellectual roots of European state theorists such as Hegel and Marx. In 20th century Europe their ideas came to fruition in the forms of communism in Russia, national socialism––that is, Naziism––in Germany, and fascism in Italy, respectively.

      These movements were ideological cousins of American Progressivism, certainly not isolated from one another; their respective leaders read the same philosophers and made the same arguments, albeit in their respective cultural contexts.

      Progressivism advocates—then and now—a total break from the principles of freedom articulated in our founding documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence. It seeks to either get around or dismantle limitations on government power, the very constitutional limitations established in the Constitution for the protection of individual freedom.

      Seeing individuals as actual or potential victims of capitalistic oppression, progressives believed the only way to liberate people was through the force of government headed by scientific experts. Government, then, should be used in a positive way to proactively liberate people from social and economic oppression in order to secure a higher social progress. Progressive freedom, then, is the freedom to become x, y, and z made possible through government-directed societal arrangements.

      • Void1972


        Thank you for the lesson on progressivism, communism or liberalism, for they are all the same to me.

        Any ideology that Hillary embraces is good enough reason to denounce it as evil, as has been proven by the European progressive movement.

        Again, these demented freaks have all the right in the world to hop on a plane or banana boat and go to progressive nations and live happily ever after.

        The same progressives are the reason America is in our current condition. Wilson with creating the fraud Federal Reserve by the Jewish bankers, FDR with his New Deal ( 54 of Roosevelt’s 72 advisers were American and foreign born Jews) Johnson with his welfare and his 48 Jewish advisors.

        All Democrats and all anti-American!

        Is it a coincidence that the so called Jews that currently run Wall Street, Hollywood and media are from the same blood line that started progressivism?

        98% of reformed Jews are democrats, while 86% of true religious orthodox Jews are Republicans.

        These are Jews in name only that hide behind religion to commit the most heinous of crimes, including the collapse of America.

        The real religious Jews know that you cannot be a communist and be a Jew. Communism dismisses God.

        The battle is still going on in the Jewish ranks and I’m afraid that evil is winning.

        The evidence and facts of who started communism, progressivism and all of these corrupt ideals have been of Jewish descent. Not religious Jews, but evil men that created Hitler by funding his war machine, created the holocaust to give them ultimate power in the word “anti Semite” and have financially raped the citizens of the world for many decades now including starting two world wars and two great depressions.

        The third world was is right around the corner and will also be created by these demented evil freaks for profit.

        Do your homework and read a very interesting book by Rabbi Marvin Antlemann “To Eliminate the Opiate” on how these corrupt families destroy everything good and create evil on an unprecedented scale.

        God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Jeff maybe you should stop believing the crap propaganda you read, maybe find some better sources for information, and stop being so afraid of what you don’t understand. You may want to ask me since I consider myself to be a progressive and a liberal. Afterall an intelligent person might want to engage another human being to find out what they believe in and how they got this viewpoint instead of ASSuming that they know. Many of you accuse me of many things that don’t even come close to anything that I am or believe in. Therefore you are either grossly misinformed or you are liars or you are stupid.

      • JeffH

        Eric the Red, unlike yourself, I’m not misinformned, immoral, misread or ignorant and most of all, not stupid.
        Your morality is a function not so much of what you do, but rather of where you claim to stand, and with whom.(ie-OWS)

        Progressivism cares not about fairness or equality in the sense those words are used under a political paradigm that adheres to classical liberalism; instead, it seeks to redefine “fairness”, “equality” and “tolerance” based on the outcomes it desires, a deconstructive procedure it then justifies by tying those outcomes to its own self-serving descriptions of what comes to count as moral. It is circular reasoning made perfect. Might makes right. The ends justify the means.

        In the end, Progressivism leads fundamentally and inexorably to tyranny.

  • Fred

    Thank you, Brandon!
    On the money once again.

    • GALT

      That he is here for the “potential of making money”, is true…….the rest is just a means to an end……..

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    Have you seen this?
    Victoria Grant: 12 year old Canadian knows more about financial system than our lame congress.

    • momo

      …and our lame president!

  • Ron

    It’s ironic: You guys are scared to death of mystery Communazihomosocialistnig-Akenyan concentration camps set up by a police state to round up Superpatriotic White People, yet we’re already living in a country that incarcerates more of it’s citizens than any other nation on earth–more than the Soviets at the height of the Stalinist purges

    –and YOU helped build it.

    It didn’t come from the niggainchief in the White House ( or his “ugly-a$$ gorilla of a wife”), whom you detest and fearhate all out of proportion–it came from our jesuscorporations ( I call ‘em that ’cause everyone knows that all capitalism is from Jesus, whereas any and all government in all it’s filthy forms comes from SATAAAAN.

    When they backed all your fakey-conservative, fakey-patriot right-wing cronies into power for their “get tough on crime” policies, you helped create corporate prisons. These companies see all Americans as potential “customers” or “products” and they will continue to lock up as many of us as they can because Americans, alive and enslaved, are their little ATM cash-cows. And as much as y’all hate Big Government, when these corporate rulers put their hands over their hearts to pledge allegiance, they pledge it, not to the citizens of the United States, but to their multi-national corporate shareholders.

    Now, these corporate prison brokers–thanks even more to “Citizens” United–can flow campaign money and lobbying dollars to more and more fakey-conservative, fakey-patriot right-wing candidates election funds to make sure that they will have all the power, all the time. Then they can lock up even more Americans.

    Here in Oklahoma we especially smirk with fakey-patriot pride: We lock up more women than any other state or government ON EARTH. To hell with the Taliban and their hatred of women–they’re just amateurs compared to us! We’re incarcerating and burning down an entire generation of orphaned children and thanks to our corporations and their prison profit margins, we’ll turn this place into a destitute third-world oligarchy if it kills us (Don’t worry, it will.)

    You’ve all been played by the people who have the most to gain: Corporate America.

    Through the brilliance of corporate marketing, the multinationals have turned you on your own government in paranoia, even while they are building private prisons, private armies (Thank you, President Cheney, for Blackwater), and a private propaganda network with well-paid shills of the New Nobility like Lord Limbaugh and Lady Ann, Lil’ Lord Hannity, and High Sheriff Lord Nugent.

    But there’s one more task you must complete. If we are burn down the America of Dwight Eisenhower and turn it into a modern-day Mexico (You can get someone killed there for $500, no questions asked–but one thing you have to love about Mexico: NO BIG GOVERNMENT), your corporate rulers need you to rise up and destroy the United States of America and turn it into the Confederate States of America.

    Are you up to the task? Our corporate rulers think you’re almost ready–and articles like this one by Brandon are designed to fill your hearts with hatred for compromise and reasonableness and cooperation. They need you to rise up like ein volk, ein Fuehrer, ein Reich–and purge America of all who would compromise and cooperate…even as the Tea Party has purged the Party of Lincoln and turned it into the Party of John Wilkes Booth.

    We need an entire nation of fanatics if we are to destroy America and make its history only a faint memory, completely re-written by Fox News, and force-fed to an ignorant, angry, and gunned-up populace long on firearms and short on book-learnin’. That’s why Rick Santorum has gone on record against you getting an education–you realize that, right?

    Reading articles and comments on this site for the last several months, I have every confidence that you’re capable of overthrowing America. You just need another 9/11, OKC Bombing, Reichstag Fire to give you the excuse to kick-start Helter Skelter…

    God Bless the Coming Confederate States of America, free of the mongrel races, loyal to our corporate plantation owners, and 100% uppitiness-free!

    • Void1972


      Thank you for proving one more time the insanity of the common liberal!

      While you are at your next OWS drug fest, I hope you carry out some of your demented thoughts, and also hope your in my backyard when you do!

      God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Sorry but the only real Void is between your ears.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Unfortunately you are right Ron

  • chris farrell

    Defy Obama!
    Judge Lewis in Leon County, Florida will hear arguments on the 18th about whether the eligibility of Mr. Obama can be determined in his court.
    In view of the fact that Florida election statutes permit voters to challenge the nomination of a candidate who is not eligible for the office he or she is seeking, and the fact that it is a Democrat making the challenge because Mr. Obama was not born to two citizen parents and therefore not a natural-born citizen as required by our constitution, I would like to emphasize the following information published on July 7th last year in the article ‘Statements Suggest Doubt About Obama Growing’ by Bob Unruh on that demands consideration as the eligibility issue advances in the courts:
    Mr. Unruh writes, “Even Senate Resolution 511, passed in 2008 to declare that John McCain was a natural-born citizen, specified a natural-born citizen would have to be born of two U.S. parents. McCain’s birth in the Panama Canal Zone was regarded by the Senate as an exception that the Founders would have supported. The Senate reasoned that a person should not be disqualified from running for president because the parents were serving in the defense of the nation,…” Dr. Jerome “…Corsi said.
    Among the sponsors of that statement was a junior senator named Obama. The resolution includes two references to “Americans” or “American Citizens” as parents.”

  • Pete Sagi

    Anyone who thinks he is defiant towards tyranny but is still paying for his own enslavement is full of … beans.

    The force driving us further into tyranny is the fiat money system and the banksters who run it. The fiat money system is propped up via income tax, without which the mechanism for bleeding buying power off from the public would be gone and the true extent of inflation would be made known and the illusion of inegrity of the fiat money system would be gone and therefore so would the banksters.

    In order to fasten the income tax onto the wages of the American worker, a nexus had to be established. That nexus is Social Security.

    According to the slave enumeration bureau at ssa dot gov, having and using a socialist slavestate number is totally voluntary and not required to live or work in the US.

    Use an SSN and you incur liability for FICA, payroll tax, medicare tax, federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, and Obamacare. No SSN use, no liability for any of that is incurred.

    Although voluntary by law, the govt. has the private sector doing its dirty work for them, forcing everyone into SSN use. Try getting a job without one. For that matter, try getting a doctor or dentist or hospital visit, an account with the power company, the fone company, a cell phone provider, cable TV or even sattelite, a bank account, a brokerage account, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, etc. without a socialist slavestate number. You will be in for a fight. And even tho there is no law, and even tho from time to time someone goes to the mat with corporate Amerika and obtains a job or any of the above mentioned services without an SSN, it’s not like they were just ignorant and are now educated … the next guy will have to go to the mat all over again while corporate bureau’ratic a’holes play stupid.

    Regardless … precisely because there is no law, the system is vulnerable at that one point … enough people simply refusing to use SSN’s and educating others can overturn the socialist applecart here in the US.


  • Ron

    Just a side note: You do realize your stock photo looks a lot like a nice, pure, Aryan girl giving the Hitler salute, protecting us from the mongrel races and the vast, Jewish liberal educated intellectual conspiracy–right?

    Give me a good Nazi, short on book-learnin’ and armed with a baseball bat or a second-amendment automatic assault rifle any day. With a coupla good public book-burnin’s, we could send the liberal, the moderate, those who suggest compromise and cooperation–as well as the educated “elitist” runnin’ for the hills!

    Rick Santorum’s already made it clear: If God wanted us to have an education–he’d have waterboarded it into us, the way President Cheney used to like to do.

    We can arm up, thug down, and turn this country into a blunt-dumb place where the only brand of RealAmerican-ism is NaziAmerican-ism–and the memory of filthy traitors like Abe Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, and Barry Goldwater will be just that–boogeymen used to scare people away from thinkin’ too much.

    • cawmun cents

      Do you think you are the first liberal to come on this site and pretend to be a conservative, while making everyone who reads what you say mistakenly think you are a conservative?
      You are the latest in a long line pal.
      Got a piece of advise for you.
      Try harder next time…..haw!

      • Ron

        Oh, heck. I’m not trying to be a liberal or conservative.
        I prefer to remain independent, like Queen Elizabeth I of England, who figured out that once you climb in bed with any of various nitwit partisans or political parties of either extreme, they stop working for you and you start working for them.

        But I HAVE read history, and you can find the same writings from this site preceeding every fanatical partisan bloodbath in history.

        And I find it fantastically hypocritical for y’all to suddenly become shrill, hand-wringing, gun-totin’ SuperPatriots *terrified* for the future of America after you just let Dick Cheney run this country into the ground for a decade (longer if you count his shennigans since the Nixon White House), and you not only didn’t have the guts to challenge his Unelected Presidency, you even bullied up and crowed at anyone who dared to question His Excellency that we were Al Qaeda-lovin’ traitors.

        I’m sure your fakey-libertarianism will suddenly vanish again when you re-install Cheney 2.0 in the White House and hand this N*gger his “Waterloo”.

        So. I just try to play back to you guys the nonsense that you’re all spouting on here constantly–and take it to it’s logical conclusion. And while you’re daily dreaming up new Nig-A-Kenyan secret conspiracies, NONE of you have the guts to ask President Cheney why he called a series of still-secret meetings with the heads of the oil companies and within months gas prices shot up and within a coupla years we were dragged by a draft-dodger under false pretenses into the longest war in U.S. history to attack an oil-rich country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and STILL gas prices haven’t come down and you STILL shill up to the oil companies and say it would all be better if we (meaning they) could just drill-baby-drilla the last of America’s resources outta the ground and dump on the world market to the highest bidder.

        So, I get called lots of names, but seldom get a rebuttal to what I’m saying.

        For the record: I’m white. I’m not a welfare queen, have been full-time-plus employed since I was 15, am a small businessman and a job-creator (not the fakey Republican kind).
        But I have read books. And I know horsesh*t when I see it.

        I’ve watched as the Tea Party and sites like this are purging EVERYONE from the Republican Party who is capable of compromise, reasonableness, and is capable of reading.

        Since Abraham Lincoln could no longer be a member of the Party of Lincoln–you having turned it into the “Party of John Wilkes Booth”, I’d really appreciate it if you’d just be honest and ‘fess up. The fact that you are resurrecting the Confederate States of America is happening in broad daylight and is MUCH more obvious than your wacky, constant stream of new Satanic CommuNaziHomoSocialistNiggaKenyan Voodoo plots that you invent daily.

        I just hope you will someday announce that YOU are the R.I.N.O.s…you have insulted everything Lincoln stood for and it just seems like you’ve urinated on his grave enough.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ron, some of what you say has validity. But as you rant away and insult those with less knowledge, keep in mind that our reason for being here should be to inform or to be informed. If you want to inform there are better ways of imparting your knowledge. I admit that there are times when people refuse to even listen and times when people lie and slam you just for fun. But I think that people could learn things from you if they were presented differently. I hope that you’ll share again in a manner that would be more receptive.

      • Ron

        Aw, ‘sorry Nancy, no offense intended.

        But it does seem a little like a double-standard–when people on here can refer to the first lady of the United States as an “ugly-a$$ gorilla” (and I assume they mean the filthy gorilla is a racist, too–unlike them!), whereas I bring up the point that the neo-con radicals on here have hijacked the Party of Lincoln and can prove it–and I’m the one who’s indulging in a rant.

        They can go on ad nauseam about Obammanid secret death-camps and drone attacks on Americans through their Nintendo games, or that this “traitor” is turning America into a CommuNaziHomoSocialistAlQaedaAtheist-land, but if I say: “Boy you guys sure sound a lot like the Confederate States of America or the Nazis overthrowing the Weimar Republic”, and can provide some historical comparisons, I’m the one being divisive.

        Do you know, two people on here have sullenly invited me over to their house because they “have something for me”?

        What do you imagine they “have for me”? I bet it’s not a book proving the error of my ways.

        The moderate parties in Germany tried to be kind and indulgent and reasonable with the bully thugs in the Nazi Party as they barked at and beat people in the streets with clubs as part of their “reasoned debate”.

        The moderates thought, ‘Surely, if we’re indulgent of the mentally lazy and coddle their rage-filled, racist, hate-speech, they’ll see the error of their ways and decide to become nice citizens and engage in compromise and reasonable discourse. Maybe the beatings will stop, maybe the bullying will stop, if WE just give in a little more and give them everything they want. Then they’ll be nice and want to give something back, ’cause they’re nice people.

        You see how well that worked out for Germany.

        I don’t like radical lefties any more than I like radical righties. Radical is radical, and it tears to pieces without having a clue what the aftermath will look like–and it doesn’t even really care–it just wants the nihilistic blood-lust of blowing stuff up, like in video games…

        But visiting this site, for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to think that moderates need to visit the gun shops the way right-wingers flocked there when Obama was elected.

        I hate the thought that the same country that Dwight Eisenhower was President of could have come to this, but there it is.

        I don’t know that it’s good for democracy if the people on sites like this are the only people in America that are armed to the teeth.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ron, so do you give creedance to the racists etc…? Do you feel the need to respond to them? I don’t. I make an effort to ignore them. Some people are ignorant and just don’t know that they are. Some people can learn new things. I don’t agree with everything you say but a stimulating discussion does more than name calling. Some people just aren’t able to go in that direction. Try explaining your point of view. Ignore the idiots and engage the dissenters. Maybe you’ll even learn something new. Who knows?

  • Pingback: BTL Update 2012 June 5

  • http://Facebook Glenn Dupuis

    For years the leftist PC crowd has been putting forth the concept of not keeping score in games for kids, stressing other’s feelings over victory.America has become a nation of leftist wimps who go along with the progressive crowd, and don’t allow any difference of opinion in the national media to be broadcast.Everyone must follow the party line!

  • Scott in SC

    Here’s an example of defiance. I wish we had more representatives like this….

  • Carl Manning

    A lot of us, Conservatives and Liberals, in many cases out of either our own ignorance or cognitive dissonance, cannot wrap our brains around the fact that the government in the District of Criminals and ALL of their accomplices in the MSM in NYC including Faux Noise and Neocon Talk Radio is OUR ENEMY!!! It has been said that only 3% of the Colonists chose to revolt against the Crown. A far greater percentage of the American Colonists at the time were still loyalist Tories, especially, but not exclusively, the older generations. This led to much estrangement between fathers and sons right here in Colonial America. It is no small miracle that it even succeeded. As I believe Jefferson pointed out, it is the natural inclination of most people to suffer usurpations as many Colonists were inclined. Something had to galvanize the American People, and that something was the CHURCH. Pastors even joined the militias themselves after giving rousing speeches!!! This is critically lacking in America today, except perhaps in the Black Churches, which explains the success of the Obamination, the Civil Rights Movement, and the perpetuation of the Welfare State. The State militias have been largely eliminated by clever design of the federal government un-Constitutionally of course. I believe only three States now actually have their own State Militias. I know Texas is one such State. For those of you who may be ignorant of this, the State Air and Army National Guards are NOT State Militias. The federal government now has far superior firepower than the Crown ever could have had in its wildest dreams in relation to the Colonial militias of 1776. Will a Revolution have monetary benefactors such as the Colonists had or the Confederate States had to supply an Army, especially when the government can now make money worthless overnight with its accomplices in the FED??? Will the American People have a “France” or Russia come to its aid against a Totalitarian District of Criminals “Cornwallis” this time??? The Colonists had a vigilant mindset from the moment they set foot on this strange land full of new enemies. They were all armed, never knowing when they might be ambushed by Indians. Death came often and sudden for many of them who succumbed to disease. Colonists, as such, were very close to God, never knowing when or if they may be next to die. Are we ready to kiss our wives, children, and grandchildren goodbye for the last time??? Are we capable of killing government troops who may be largely ignorant of what lies and for what evil they may be fighting for nothing more than a paycheck to feed and house their wife and children??? Many German soldiers in WWII were good young men completely ignorant of the evil of their government. Many were good Christians who thought they were defending their homeland. Many were brainwashed just as most Americans today are by their own NYC/CIA/Mossad/B’nai Brith Propaganda media. Do we have the stomach to kill fellow Americans as our ancestors did in the War of Northern Aggression??? Will enough States secede and confederate against the apostate federal government, or will they remain obedient subjugated vassals of the federal government??? Judging by the degree of corruption in State politics these days, I believe most of us know the answer to that one! Will sufficient numbers of Americans be even inclined to join militias that have been largely maligned in the MSM media for obvious political reasons??? Will the Militias even be able to coordinate and communicate effectively among themselves as a functioning Army when the police State shuts down the internet and monitors every cellphone and landline in the nation??? The odds are largely against the success of a modern Revolution in the United Soviet States of Amerika, but when the masses are starving, they will have nothing left to lose!

  • Silas Longshot

    In 2001, there were as many as 40 million registered hunters across the USA. Let’s say 10 million got rounded up or were duped into surrendering their weapons. That leaves 30 million ‘snipers’ for the regieme to deal with. Not even counting all the other ‘gun nuts’. Could get interesting.
    surviving urban crisis . com

    • Ron

      It won’t be interesting. It will be a hell-hole of destruction. Just look at history.

      And it will still go on long after all the armchair gun-thugs on here get their fill of really killing other human beings out of their system and tire of it.

      If you have your way a destitute and broken generation will rise from the rubble that used to be America, and, to borrow from Shakespeare:

      “This gest of yours shall prove but of shallow wit when more shall weep than did laugh at it.”

  • Nicolas

    Now everyone shut the hell up and quit bickering amongst yourselves. Start working together as Americans and help restore the Republic. It’s too late to complain about what everyone else thinks. Figure out ways of working together and help get rid of all the corruption. Start locally first and work your way up.

    • GALT

      You are kidding of course…….that would mean actually doing something, and taking a risk………..and it would require a bit more education and intelligence than is in evidence here. Here they can indulge their fantasies, be fed what they already think they know,
      engage in endless babble, and primitive verbal threat displays, and of course let you know
      that they are armed and dangerous…..and are waiting for “the call” that they will all recognize……..they are DEFIANT!!!!!!……and it is probably best not to disturb this illusion.

      • rocquedog

        Oh gooody! We gots us another libtard troll!! So Galt, here’s the real deal. The only “fantasy” around here is you thinking that you’re some kind of wise azz. Well, you were half right. You are an azz! And the only babbling going on here is you going down on your boyfriend. How old did you say he was? 7 or 8, I can’t remember which. You really need to run your mouth somewhere else. Perverted retards aren’t allowed here.

      • Karolyn

        dog -Typical childish rant. When you have nothing of intelligence to say, take a cue from 5th grade.

      • GALT

        The only call you will here is when they come for YOU and you will be alone…..

        That they will come for YOU… of course a ridiculous scenario….you pose no threat to anyone and neither does this site…….you offer no resistance at all, and you pay all your fees, fines and taxes……….you can shout End the Fed all you want…

        Be good little volunteers……like you have been all along…..

        Have you reserved your rights under UCC 1-207, if not….then you only have the rights they say you have…….and actually they are privileges, because volunteers don’t have rights.

  • douglasdauntless

    From Thomas Jefferson: The greatist calamity which could befall us would be submission to a Government of unlimited power.” We also have the God given right to stand as men and fight back and some of will die for the freedom of the USA, but at least we will stay free and then we will be the greatist generatinon in the history of our Country.

  • Karolyn

    “We all know God hates the United States of America as much as he loves the Confederate States of America.

    What? From God’s lips to your ears? Pretty presumptuous don’t ya think? God hates nothingor no one. God has no need for hate. Only man hates.

    • Karolyn

      This was in response to Ron at 12:52.

      • Ron

        Of course, I was being facetious. And maybe giving voice a little to the message constantly murmured between the lines on sites like this one.

        After all, if we overthrow a Godless, secular democracy–which is tolerant of all religions–and replace it with a radical right-wing theocracy–a “truly Christian nation”, the next question will be:

        Which side will people here fight on in the Jesus wars which follow?

        Every time a secular democracy is overthrown by religious zealots, we begin the painful, bloody process of determining which religion is the right one and killing everyone who is an infidel. Because in a truly Christian Nation, there can only be one religion.

        It happened in Kosovo, in the ’90s. It happened in Beirut, with muslims and maronite christians turning the former “Paris of the Middle East” into a wasteland prairie-dog town of religious fanaticism where true believers shot and shelled everyone who stuck their head up out of the rubble…say, children trying to get an education, parents just trying to find food to feed their kids.

        Heck, there are people on here who have called out Mitt Romney for not being righteous ’cause he’s a godless infidel Mormon. Can you imagine what they’ll do if they replace America with some kind of religious zealot “God’s Nation”?

        Baptists hate Pentecostals hate Catholics hate Unitarians hate Methodists hate Lutherans hate, well, Baptists.

        The only thing that’s forced them all to be civil and tolerant is a government committed to religious freedom for all and favoritism to none. But there is every intention to make that go away because America suddenly isn’t “Christian” enough.

        Politicians will say anything to get elected but history don’t lie.

      • Ron

        Actually that was unfair to Unitarians. They get along with everybody. It really p*$$es the zealots off.

      • Michael J.

        As the newest schill to climb aboard PLD, you will have to wait your turn. But be patient, I’ll get around to you.

  • rocquedog

    Yo’ Eric Bitchoff, take your uber left wingnut ideology back to Media Matters. Noone hear is listening to your hysterical rants. If you want to try and impress somebody, go write a poem to the Illegal that’s inhabiting our WH. Hell, maybe he’ll invite you for a “golf game” in the Oval Ofc. He’ll let you use his balls even!

  • Den

    Do you mean to tell me…..Obama and his entire administration are Communists? I guess the proof is in their actions huh?

  • robert

    nancy right on target,you vote for who you want,we the people by me,and i mean everyone i know is voting for ron paul,we haven,t listened to any medias tv/radio/newspapers and any bloggers bad mouthing ron paul,means nothing to we the people by me,and the media ignoring ron is also nothing to us,there all in bed with the treasonous traders ovomit/lucifer the head racist a/g holdup,who under his watch,brian terry was murdered.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  • boscout

    TYVM Misters Smith and Livingston for supplying the action links for which I haven’t found the time to research myself. And,TYVM fellow bloggers for supplying the very comical and much needed lunacy of venomous personal attacks on one another.
    Now, as for bringing home the Tambov Rebellion, let us consider the plight of the Vietnamese in the 60s or some Near Easterners in more recent times. Apparently, suffering under their own self righteous regimes wasn’t good enough for our empire oriented elite, so we decided to have them suffer for “our” brand of “their” liberty.
    Hey, no problema, cause all that was over there. Seems like the chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Karolyn

    Rand Paul’s petition disarming the FDA!

  • simian pete

    UHHHH ……… Nice “brave” words in this article. But your reasoning seems to be “wrong”. The Federal Government is elected by the People ! SO the PEOPLE of these United States (the majority of voters) want the Presiden/Executive Branch to pre-emptively kill off terrorist (aka “the bad guys”)…

    Why don’t we just leave it all to the voters to decide. It’s their country ….. Right ?

    How many of you have seen the movie “Eagle Eye” here is the wikipedia link …

    The special effects in this movie show a Predator hunting down some American citizens while they are driving ….. WOW ! Just like that defense bill the Republican House of Reps and Demopublicans passed in the Senate to pre-emptively kill off terrorist ….. COOL ! GET THEM TERRORIST Mr. President !!!! At least President Obama is making the “homeland” safe …… right ? 9 out of 10 Dentist … I mean VOTERS agree, pre-emptive strikes against terrorists save innocent lives !!!

    OK. What them Tambov rebels lacked was superior weapon technology. If they had Star Trek like “Phaser Rifles” they would have won …. So what you need to do is study,study and study technology – and formulate your own “Phaser Rifle” or hand held “Phaser” ….
    After you design your own personal “Phaser” weapon — build it, use it, but please don’t abuse it !!!

    It shouldn’t be that hard ….

    He who has a phaser and plenty of charged energy packs will win !!! Right ? Ben Franklin would agree ….

    • David

      Pretty childish and naive response, simian. You don’t seem to understand the concept of the false left/right paradigm. That’s ok, there are plenty of ignorant people like you out there, so your not the only one. Obviously, you didn’t even read Brandon’s article, otherwise, you would have noticed that all those totalitarian bills and executive orders were passed by presidents on BOTH sides of the aisle. When both parties only represent an elite minority and not the people, what the hell good is voting going to do? Please educate yourself, so that your comments aren’t so embarrassing…

      Also, Predator drones are completely hyped, yet, Afghans defeat them using rudimentary camo and wool blankets to hide from thermal vision. They are not the invincible weapons they are made out to be in the movies. Turn off the TV and read a book.

      Finally, the WHOLE point of the article was to point out that regardless of whatever tech. the government has, if it becomes despotic, then the people have to fight. It doesn’t matter if they have predator drones, or “phasers”, or whatever silly sci-fi crap you can come up with off the top of your head. When you freedom is threatened, you fight back. Period.

      • simian pete

        HEY DAVE ! It’s going to be OK !

        Sometimes the truth can hurt – you know what I’m saying ? You can hyper analyze the present reality with all different “models”. You’re looking t it from a left/right paradigm “dynamics” – definitely a sophisticated view. My viewpoint is a bit more simplified. Keep it Simple, “Simian” ! (kiss) that’s what I do…..

        You see, you got like 300 million people here in the USA. I The average IQ is somewhere between 91 to 111 ish – right ? So I just keep it simple. For all practical purposes, at least back in 2008, the majority of folks (that matter, the voters !) like President Obama. It looks like in 2012 the majority of folks will once again like President Obama for a second term ….

        Also them right wingers are acting like them left wingers …and them voters like that also. WHy ? because they elected them right/left congressman/senators into office …

        So I have to conclude that higher taxes, pre-emptive killing of terrorist and “Obamacare” are what THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WANT !!!

        It’s just simple logic … Y’know what I mean ? That’s the choice people have made – that’s what they want. Is that OK with you Dave ? It’s OK with me !! I’m just a unemployed nobody ….

        But I figure if it ever got as bad as the Tambov thingamajig notion the offer was expounding then I would just have to build myself some Phasers, Photon Torpedoes, and Defelector Shields. And if I ever get rich – like winning lotto or powerball, I’ll just build the Enterprise ….. like this guy at this link is want to do ….

        Except I wouldn’t build it in Space. I would build it in TEXAS ! I would add “electrogravitic” propulsion to the saucer section (primary hull) to lift her into Space, You know what I mean ? Them Germans developed a workable electrogravitic during WW2. I just would optimize it …… Them crazy German scientist … HA HA !! Wow they sure are smart. I wonder what them Germans are working on now ? Maybe they got a whole secret squadron of them electrogravitics saucers …HA HA !!!

        They sure would save alot of money using an electrogrvitic propulsion system to get the ship into Space ….Cheaper to build on the ground…

        I’m not going to win no lotto or powerball. But you can build advanced “Star Trek like” weaponry at home … Plenty of books out there to study. To bad I can’t do Math that well. I’m learning Algebra right now…..

        Here’s a good book on futuristic weapons ! Though outdated, they use alot of transistors (discrete components) and such instead of Integrated Circuits ….

        ISBN # 0-8306-0204-6
        ISBN # 0-8306-0604 -1 (pbk.)

        “Build Your Own Laser, Phaser, Ion Ray Gun, and other working space-age projects”

        Author is Robert E. Iannini

        There you go Dave ! I don’t think we are experiencing any thing like the Tambov Russian stuff right now …. But it’s always good to prepare.

        • Randy

          Sounds to me like you’ve smoked too much wacky weed while watching too many Star Trek movies. Today life is too complicated for you, maybe you should stay in your mothers’ basement and not come out. Oh yea, and all those books on how to build those star trek weapons, they are just to get you to spend your money on junk. They don’t and won’t work. If they did the authors would be making and selling them across the world. Go back under your rock and leave the thinking to the adults.

      • Randy

        Dave I think you ought to do some research on thermal (heat) radiation. Humans and warm blooded animals present a thermal signature that can be picked up by present day equipment inside concrete and steel buildings, in caves and underground bunkers. The Afghans and Pakistanis cannot hid under blankets or natural camoflauge to avoid detection.

        And you can’t hear the drones coming because they are several miles high and they don’t have engines like jets, so they don’t have the noise signature to be detected. So try hiding from one, they’ll find you in a heartbeat.

        The best thing to defeat them is to have some very sophisticated electronic equipment and know how to either jam it’s signal or hack into it to take control. Otherwise, you’re jus blowing smoke (wacky weed).

      • simian pete


        You know what is really good for your health ? Hemp protein. It’s the male “wacky weed” plant so it’s legal to buy. You can get it at the health food store …

        I heard on the internet that the female “Wacky Weed” oil kills brain tumors ….

        You probably need some of that stuff because you aren’t thinking straight ….

  • no1rightway

    Defiance? You bet, more than ever we need to elect democrats to the House, Senate, and WH.

  • Roy J Lores

    Defiance to the bitter end is all we probably have left, they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom.

  • Carl Manning

    Can Secession be on the horizon??? Currently, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 24% of Americans now believe a State has the right to secede. That number has crept up 7 percentage points since orginally polled in 2010. 51% of Americans polled believe the federal government is a threat to their liberty. It was the Presidential election of 1860 that was the final straw for the South. How many States will be tempted to secede after 2012??? How many States will be ready to secede after the federal government cedes sovereignty to the UN or the NAU??? How many will be ready to secede when the federal government enacts the UN Agenda 21 Treaty and tries to confiscate our guns. I know Montana will not allow it because it’s in their State Compact they agreed to with the federal government that if ever the 2nd Amendment were to be eliminated or infringed upon in any way, the Compact to join the Union was automatically null and void. If Montana or Texas or any State decides to secede from the apostate federal government in the District of Criminals, my family and I will be moving there immediately, even if we have to trek there on foot from Georgia!!! The only Stimulus Obama brought to the US economy was in gun and ammo sales; they’re through the roof. The next Stimulus will occur with the airlines if Obama is reelected because many will be getting out of town for good. If he’s elected or martial law is implemented, it’s over. Most Americans instinctively know this. Many of us know this day is fast approaching.

    • Carl Manning
    • Ron

      YES. A vast, sweeping, overwhelming 24% of America is rising up like a tidal wave against the small, measly 76% “dead-enders” who hate America so much that they still think we should work out our differences through compromise and conversation more than an occasional “YOU LIE!” shouted out in Congress–or a good, righteous, secessionist pistol-whipping of those who disagree with you–like SC secessionist Preston Brooks administered to America-hating Lincolnite Charles Sumner in 1856.

      It’s worth noting that the Nazis never had more than 33% of the vote, but they had all the hate and none of the education of the “elites” they destroyed, so between their bullying moderates into silence, arming up and thugging out in the streets, and warring against all the mongrel races that threatened their purity, they managed to overthrow the liberal democracy in Germany and lead Germany to a glorious Thousand-Year Reich of Peace and Prosperity…


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I’d like to point out that the poll asked whether the individual thought that it was “legal” for a state to secede. It didn’t ask whether the individual supported secession. I think that it IS legal for a state to secede but it would never be allowed. Obviously the civil war proved that. If our government went so far as to support agenda 21, the UN small arms treaty or basically supported the UN over its own people, I would then support secession. Again, I know it wouldn’t be allowed but I would support it nonetheless. You talk of compromise, I think that things have moved in the wrong direction so far that I can’t imagine there being room for compromise. Our government has destroyed our country. They have sold it to the highest bidder. We are ruined! We have compromised to the point that we have lost it all. There is no more room for compromise. I’m not speaking of a left/right compromise. There is no difference between them. I’m talking government/people compromise. No more! All that’s left is imprisonment and slavery. Nope, I’m done.

      • Carl Manning

        Ron, 3% of the Colonists supported Revolution, so what’s your point??? Are you advocating compromise with the fiscally insane idiots in the District of Criminals??? Are you advocating compromise with the murderous Marxist cabal in the White House??? Are you advocating compromise with those who would be perfectly happy wiping their hindsides with our Constitution??? Compromise with the Statists always surrenders more and more of your freedoms until you find yourselves slaves. Compromise with the Statists is always based on unfulfilled promises that turn out to be lies designed to dupe the gullible. There is no compromise between good and evil because all you end up with is more and more evil, the more and more you compromise.
        That’s how we got to this point in the first place by continuing to accept the lesser of two evils over and over and over again ad nauseum et ad infinitum. If we had set out from the get-go with the TEA Parties to form an Independent Third Party, much of the TREASONOUS bastards in the District of Criminals in both parties and the White House would know their days are numbered when the Third Party takes over soon. Boehner would not be Speaker today and Holder would have long ago been given his Contempt of Congress citation. The GOP would be at our knees and at our beck and call to get anything accomplished and there would be no way the Debt Debacle of August 1st, 2011, would have ever passed.

  • austin

    Great article. Good explanations.

  • PatriotAR15

    Abraham Lincoln put it most eloquently when he said ” The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but ti overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” It looks like it’s getting close to that time.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear PatriotAR15,

      But it took an assassin’s bullet to overthrow that perverter.

      Best wishes,

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Lincoln was no perverter Mr. Livingston. He was a good man.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Jeremy Leochner,

          You have much to learn.

          Best wishes,

  • Suzanne

    Michael J :
    Loved your post about the chihuahua. Great word picture, and so acurate. You’re right. The MSM does strive to make it appear that leftists are in the majority. So do most polls. We have to look at all sources of information to get an accurate picture of the country, and not just the deplorable popular culture.

  • Michael B

    Hello Jeff H, I have studied OWS and found folks of just about every stripe from right to left taking part. However the core people are various types of “anarchists,” more opposed to ANY tyrannical state system of right or left than anybody else out there. They believe authority comes from within your own heart first, and then it can spread from there if and only if you personally consent. Even one person in an Occupy General Assembly can say NO to a proposed decision or policy. And people will listen to you, it gets quiet. Just knowing that you, just one, can block, makes it fairly rare that folks use this. It’s a genuine feeling of freedom and being respected as a free autonomous individual, which of course has nothing to do with communism or fascism. These folks are also inspired to a significant degree by Gandhi. The Black Blocs, which are doing nothing to help the cause, are actually non-violent against organic life and people but want to make a statement by busting up corporate property. It’s funny to hear these Black bloc folks sitting around arguing that it is wrong to kill a fly. Gandhi also opposed everything done in a spirit of anger and violence, including destroying property. He felt that true revolutionaries in the cause of freedom had to learn to stay level, peaceful, and compassionate for everybody’s suffering, including the suffering of the tyrants. Most of the anarchists would like to expel the black blockers, but there is not consensus on that, so they are still being given the freedom — freedom and friendship and generosity are what matters most to theseanarchists, even in this case, where they can be painted as “violent” because of these folks, which hurts them. Christopher Hedges a few days ago called for them being expelled, but he is a little out of touch with the OWS process, which takes this issue on a case-by case basis. No, none of the old labels apply to these OWS kids (and sometimes elders), they are about an unknown future that takes us even further toward genhine freedom, equality, and fraternity, moment-by-moment, via always prioritizing peacefully talking it through, not by means of any big government. If you would like to really find out from an “ethnographer,” a real student of social movements, let me suggest Direct Action: An Ethnography by David Graeber. I do not necessarily endorse the views of this book, but I respect a lot of it. Because this blog comment is in response to “Defiance: A Lost Virtue?” by Brandon Smith, and Brandon says in that article: “When a social system becomes so corrupted that its only prerogative is its own survival and self perpetuation, even at the cost of the life and liberty of the people it was originally tasked to defend, the populace has no choice but to question whether that system should continue to exist any longer. Conflict, is unavoidable.
    As clear as this fact is to anyone with any sense, though, I find that many seem to treat the idea of physical action as astonishing, or shocking. Some even laugh as if the concept is outdated and absurd. Yet, they never seem to have an answer to the primary underlying question: What else is there?” The anser to Brandon’s question, of course, from OWS, is “direct action.” It seems that “defiance” is a virtue that is no longer lost to the brave souls facing pepper spray, tear gas, police truncheons, federal felony charges, and prison time or worse, for their defiance. Jeff, go to a General Assembly and find out for yourself who OWS really are: they are heroes for all of us. And while they are sympatheic to group decisions vs. tyranny from above, that does not make them communists — no communist has ever held out for and respected the rights of each autonomous individual the way the do. Check it out, get back to me, would enjoy the discussion.
    By the way, Emma Goldman’s book Anarchism and Other Essays is a helpful intro to one smart woman’s idea of what the word means.

  • Bryan

    Why does every single blog about politics and the future of this world always breakdown into vicious labeling, name calling or outright insults?

    • DaveH

      People are afraid of the truth. Some don’t want it revealed. Others can’t stand the mental pain of knowing their life-long belief systems might be false.


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