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Defense Officials Destroy Soldier’s Memoirs To ‘Protect State Secrets’

October 4, 2010 by  

Defense officials destroy soldier's memoirs to 'protect state secrets'The Department of Defense (DoD) recently confirmed that it purchased and destroyed thousands of copies of an Army officer's memoirs in order to protect state secrets that could compromise national security.

As quoted by CNN, Pentagon spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel April Cunningham said that the DoD obtained about 9,500 first-edition copies of Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer's book "Operation Dark Heart," which details Shaffer's time in Afghanistan during the Bush administration.

The materials were destroyed after Defense officials found information in the memoirs that contained secret activities of the U.S. Special Operations Command, CIA and National Security Agency, the news provider reported. Shaffer's publisher, St. Martin's Press, will release a second edition of the book after making redactions that were requested by the DoD.

"When you look at what they took out [in the second edition], it's lunacy," Shaffer told the news source.

The military recently garnered negative press following the release of a film about Pat Tillman, an Army Ranger who was killed in Afghanistan in 2004. The Tillman family has expressed anger toward the military officials who reportedly lied about the circumstances of Pat's death, The Huffington Post reports.

The Army first reported that Tillman was killed by enemy soldiers, but documents later revealed that he was killed by friendly fire. 

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  • dan az

    Tillman was a great football player from arizona and to have his story covered up is about as discusting as heir obumer trying to make you believe he is not a radical muslim that loves burning flags.What exactly is free speech? Is it what they only want you to say and make up cover stories so as to limited you to what they want said and not the truth? How many times can a law be broken before there is a uprising? Can the ones that we vote in do the job that is constitutionaly required by law? or are they just a gamble that they dont turn virus on us and get the same money grubbing illness that all the rest has shown?

    • BrotherPatriot

      Exactly Dan…that’s the concern.

      But for now…we are using the voting box…let’s hope to God they don’t force us to the final box…the ones our forefathers had to use. Today…the equation is far different when it comes to war & the technology that’s out there that is involved.

      But…we do have loyal Patriots in the Government and the Military…so I will continue to be the optimist with my cup half full.

      God Bless all the world Patriots and America in general. Pray my brothers & sisters. Pray and I mean that with sincerity.

      • dan az

        For now that box is just my seat waiting to be opened but not until the last vote is counted!

    • Bob Wire

      “Tillman was a great football player from arizona and to have his story covered up is about as discusting as heir obumer trying to make you believe he is not a radical muslim that loves burning flags.”

      Two completely dissimilar comments that can’t be connected, try as you may. Your disgust is of no importance and invalid.

      This action on the part of the DoD is the results of using weekend warriors as front line troops in place of lifetime dedicated professional soldiers that know their place and the sensitive nature of their work.

      Not to mention the Lack of clear and noble directives on the part of the prior C & C. that spearheaded this military debacle that top brass discouraged and warned of a poor outcome being most likely.

      • 45caliber

        I suspect we shall see far fewer volunteers for the National Guard in the future. The National Guard is supposed to be a state defense group used for emergencies like bad storms or floods. Instead they take the place of the military due to the cut backs the military has had to endure under Clinton and now Oblama. At one time we were supposed to have a military capable of fighting two wars at the same time; now without the National Guard help they can’t fight one. And Oblama has stated that he wants to cut it by another 25%!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I joined the national guard after the army while in college, figured I could use the money. They made it very clear to us that if need be, we could be called up to active duty. While I don’t like the idea of using green troops from the national guard as front line combat trops, a great many in the national guard are former army.

          • 45caliber

            I didn’t say that the National Guard COULDN’T do the job. I said that they shouldn’t be doing it instead of a national military. But the Dems don’t want to spend the money on a national military except when we’re in a war. And even then they want to cut it to bare bones.

      • dan az

        Bob Wire
        The draft may not be in effect yet but these soldiers that you speak of are the 17 and 18yr olds that have no clue to what they are doing on the ground.The truth is there should be no boots on the ground with the high tech gadgets that we have now.these are not your battle hardened troops that you make it out to be they are our young boys and girls that believe in our freedom and think they are doing the right thing.With all of the corruption in the WH and on the battle field I find it amusing that you can not make the distinction between the two.Keep trying you should get it sooner or later of NOT!

        • Bob Wire

          Oh I get it Dan, The economy is to such, young men and women join the reserves for many reason, but they never planned to go active or be professional soldiers ~but there they are, baptized by the devil himself in Hells Fire. Sure they had some training ~ but there is training and then there is training.

          And for wars to be won, the infrastructure intacted and not be contaminated required boots on the ground. ~ All these Hi Tech combat devises are nice but greatly overrated. Remember, Rummy? They were going to throw roses at us! He was so confident! ~ They will never replace boots on the ground, Not in your or my lifetime.

          That said , this war was not winnable. Not the way it’s been fought anyway. It’s was lost by 2004. You must get in and do your business and get out or you’ll just pay rent and the rent is high.

          There was no oversight to the invasion that considered the civilians population or the disenfranchised combatant or their needs and zero exit strategy. If you will remember ,enemy munition depot were not even secured. With them throwing roses , why bother?

          It was like a bad marriage by 2004, too much “wrong” had been said and done to ever recover. Today We must to get some distance between us to ever disengage. It’s like trying to let go of a gator, there is no good time to let go.

          We as buzzing Pakistan now with drones, killing bad and good guys a dozen at a time. ~ I’ve yet to hear of anyone waving a white flag. If it keeps up, someone will start selling them some drone killers~ simple enough to do. A Simple one shot throw-away shoulder weapon is all it’d take.

          A thousand dollar devise is able to bring down a 20 million to a 50 million dollar piece of hardware depending on which drone it is.

          A record of 21 drone attacks in September, just how long do you think that will continue until some arms dealer steps forward with new improved Burford 5000, 40 mm, heat seeking, ground to air, anti-drone,shoulder fired, rocket launcher? ~ At bargain prices no less, cheaper by the dozen. Buy one for Granny.

          What’s the point? ~ We make them mad and someone makes some loot.

          It’s like a dirty sock fight locked in a closet. Nobody leaves and nobody wins.

          Can you get that part of this little story? 2011 will make it a decade.

    • Wanda Murline

      I do not believe anything that the government tells us…they are the enemy of America. They purchased and burned those books so we did not learn the lies they told us about the war over there. This is the same thing that Hitler did…burn the books…can’t have the truth come out. Are we going to be another Germany? I can see so many things that Hitler did that are being done right now. I say to this solder…print some more….sooner or later the people will have a chance to see them. We have the right to know what they do in these wars…if it was in the Bush era, then all the information should have already been presented to the public as it is old news…so the government is covering their own butts…and that you can take to the bank. PRINT MORE BOOKS….LET THEM OUT FOR SALE BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT CAN KEEP YOU SILENT….FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS ALREADY BEING TRAMPLED.

      • Dogma-Free

        So what, if Baby Bush had a few thousand books burned (and pictures destroyed, videos destroyed, and whistle-blowers fired, and likely harassed…or even ousted their own agents, like Valerie Plame) to cover up the war crimes committed by HIS administration…you far-right wing-nuts didn’t care about it back then, and I’m sure you don’t care now.

        No, you racist hypocrites are more concerned that Obama/Oblama/Yo’mama/etc. is of negro descent, and you’re absolutely paranoid that he might be a Muslim…even though the constitution gives him the right to freedom of religion.

        America would be such an easy land to conquer now (regardless of military size and/or strength), as it’s already at war with itself.

        • steep1

          Bush had books burned? “Videos” destroyed? When and where? The Valerie Plame hustle was foisted on the public by the media and the leftie dems. She was no more an under cover CIA agent at the time than her cupcake husband was. The were making the DC night club circuit for years and everyone knew she had an admin job at CIA headquarters. How about democrat US Senators like menendez and others that gave actual names and locations of REAL undercover agents? Your ignorance about the facts is underscored by your stupid Viet Nam remarks. You lefties are just parrots spewing your party’s lines. No idea of what’s going on, at all.

        • Amy Emerson

          I can’t believe your name is “Dogma-Free”. My Karma ran over my dogma years ago. You say Freedom of Religion should allow Islam in America? Islam (Sharia Law) isn’t a relgion at all. It’s a hard-line Nazist Government that hides under the guise of being a religion.
          Maybe you should go live in Yemen or another hard-line Islamic Ruled Society like Iran to see how you really feel about it then.
          Are you ignorant or just stupid?

    • EddieW

      It’s all about the military covering their tracks!! Stste secrets is a bunch of malarky they use every time they need to hide what is really happening!! They over use the hell out of it..We need a civilian court that can rule whther this is really state secrets or not…Think he should publish another 20,00 copies…even if the govmt buys them..he will have a best seller!!! A few copies did get out, but don’t know who has them!!

      • sylviam

        When in the Military your top boss is THE PRESIDENT, Clinton was NEVER in the military in any way,fashion, or form, as a matter of FACT he was a draft dodger, that I might add, and a MILITARY HATER. All his aides WERE MILITARY, Naval, ARMY, AIR FORCE, and MARINES. He started all the anguish that they are now & then facing. HE cut every aspect of the MILITARY including PEOPLE, ARMS, WEAPONRY, AS WELL AS PAY. HE USED them as FOOT LACKYS and expected them to do as told to do. The MILITARY is not ALLOWED to TELL in any fashion, WHAT OR WHAT OR WHEN , any thing pertaining to WAR or private thing, that goes on at any time. So in a sense, they are censured from uttering a word. THAT IS WHY WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE REAL TRUTH.

  • DaveH

    “Compromise National Security” my rear end. What these leaders really mean is “Compromise Their Security” when people find out what really goes on in the positions of power.

    • BrotherPatriot

      ^^ True Dat ^^

    • 45caliber

      I once read my daughter’s school history book about Vietnam. It made me so angry to see what they were teaching the kids about that war that I wrote down everything I could remember and required my kids to read it. The school put a copy in their library that kids may read if they wish. There is a BIG difference between the two!

      What really made me mad was that a Committee of Senators held the Paris Peace Talks and supposedly arranged for “peace in our time”. Then when our soldiers were mostly withdrawn, North Vietnam broke the treaty and invaded. Rather than stop them, the Senate pulled out the rest of the troops and let them have South Vietnam.

      But the history book stated, “the military lost the war in Vietnam but the heroic (their word) Senators managed to arrange a truce long enough to get the soldiers out before they were all killed.”

      It REALLY made me mad!

      • sylviam

        I had two brothers and nephews and my husband there in Viet Nam, and he tells a different story too so I know the RAGE you feel. My husband was there 2&1/2 tours got MANY medals including the Bronze Star,m and multi PURPLE HEARTS. He is to this day MY HERO.But what really enrages me is our HOME TOWN, They have Memorials to all the Vets. But the only one that has a Flag or wreath is the one that is for WORLD WAR 11 and Korean War. The one for the Viet Nam Vets. is bare most of the time. I BUY A wreath to put on it when I see it bare and am in the process of getting The Flag put beside it. To date I have been UNSUCESSFUL so I am getting in touch with our STATE DOJ to find out if it in my power to get a FLAG for the VETS.

    • guyb

      DaveH-You are correct!!!!!!!

  • ladyblue

    ….and this surprises us HOW?

    • Bob Wire

      “….and this surprises us HOW?”

      exactly! We are left to believe, someone just woke up from a comma.

      • AnhydrousBob

        Woke up from an asterisk once, but never from a comma. :)

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Barb Wire woke up from a period!!!LOL!!

        • Bob Wire

          Nice wit AnhyydrousBob ! Made me laugh ! few do that here.

  • JC

    I can’t imagine that the Military Industrial Complex wants the average American to understand that the war(s) are built on false pretenses and just another pocket lining enterprise.

    • Wanda Murline

      The Viet Nam war lasted for 12 years, and it netted a lot of politicians a lot of money…Johnson became richer off the dead soldiers … he was the one that made our soldiers quit bombing North Vietnam…once he did that, it was just a slaughter house. The North Vietnamese said later that had we continued to bomb them, that they would have surrendered. Our government members are corrupt and we have to do a cleansing in November and again in 2012 and again in 2014 and again in 2016…however long it takes to rid ourselves of these corrupt criminals and replace politicians with public servants. It is time for real change.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Say NO to the career polititions…push for term limits in Congress & make the rules apply to them as well. No special rules, lifetime pensions with just one term serving, healthcare packages, etc., for them…anything they pass affects them as well.

        Back to common sense, my brothers & sisters. Back to moral, rational thinking and having God in our lives is the only way we can steer clear of the trials coming towards us all.

        The love of God, Country and Common Sense is what we all need. Do unto others as you wish them to do to you…backed with martial prowess to fight for what is right & proper.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Anybody that doesn’t believe that have them watch the documentary VietNam the 10,000 day war! The commanding general of the nva states that very thing in there!

      • Dogma-Free

        If you ask the people from the surrounding areas, they’ll tell you that Viet Nam was really just about control of the oil in the Gulf of Tonkin.

        Since I don’t live there, I have no way of knowing this for sure, personally…but then after seeing the Iraq debacle, I’d be inclined to believe it.

        Also, how do you know this about Johnson? Can you provide a link to a site that shows this?

        Also, how do you know this little supposed ‘fact’ about the bombing? Again, can you provide any proof, or are we all just supposed to take your word?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Dog breath,
          Again I say watch VietNam the 10,000 day war. The then commanding general of the NVA says that very thing in it in an interview!!!

          • s c

            JoeH, isn’t it curious how this website brings out the kook fringe? LBJ was at the right place at the right time to get rich during the Vietnam War. And he DID get rich.
            Vietnam was NOT just about ‘oil.’ It was also a way for certain political, financial and quasireligious groups to flex their muscle(s). Vietnam was a continuation of Korea. And that very same psychotic mentality is behind our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan [are we supposed to ignore the fact that Zbig is back and is influencing the boys in the White House?].
            Obummer has much in common with Wilson and FDR. He’s there to follow his marching orders. You could say that ‘dogma-free’ [what a lame moniker] suffers from the same puppet mentality as Herr Obummer. No originality. No independence. No ideas that haven’t already been scripted by someone else. Blah.

    • 45caliber

      Money is one reason for war; but the reason we have had several since WWII has been the economy in the US. That’s why we were involved in Vietnam. It was a way to increase foreign exports (bullets) to give people work and it was a way to get people’s attention off how bad the economy was as they worried about their children’s lives.

      Afghanistan was due to us being attacked here. Iraq, I think, was originally due to the economy but the second time was due to the fact that Saddam was claiming (and being believed) that he had won the original war.

  • Lita Z. Biejo

    Let us all vote for the right people regardless of their political affiliations. However, may I remind you that everytime that the Democrats are in power, almost everything is in complete disaster. fervent prayers will also help and let us not forget also that this country was founded with the belief that there is God.

  • http://YAHOO susan


    • Bob

      Pat Tillman wrote his Mother that he was tired of guarding the poppy fields. Notice how Heroin is making a comeback in America. This has been going on since Dubya was in there.

      • Virginia Llorca

        Most of our heroin comes from Mexico. Maybe all of it. The whole operation resulting in Outpost Restrepo was a diversion set up to distract from an operation further north that was a big bust and we never heard about. The chain of command needs a big wake up call. They echo. That’s what happened to Tilman. No one knew what they were doing to the lives of those young men. And Obama was at the top of the chain. Where does the blame lie? A nuke on September 12, 2001, in the Hindu Kush would have simplified a lot of stuff. Situational Ethics: the Taliban tried to wipe out the poppy fields.

        • dan az

          virginia liorca
          actually a friend of mine took out three of those fields which made the cia a little unhappy! FACT!

          • Virginia Llorca

            No doubt. Entertain the possibility that it may be one of the very reasons we need to keep the Taliban out. Not that I’m saying they are swell guys by any means. But the whole opium poppy, heroin, lets not put tax stamps on street drugs, etc. is a morass. What this country needs is a good Leader. Oxymoron?

          • Dogma-Free

            Are you saying that the CIA is responsible for a large portion of the drug trade in America…?

            The CIA is a very right-wing organization (as is this website)…are you implying that the right-wing organizations in this country are immoral, and engage in dirty dealings, for their own personal gain…?

            Do tell.

          • Bob Wire

            Yes , I think so ~ that’s whats implied. ~

            one word ; Noriega

            Although the relationship did not become contractual until 1967, Noriega worked with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from the late 1950s until the 1980s.[6] In 1988 the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration indicted him on federal drug charges.

            He’s just the one that got caught!

  • third party


    • http://?? Joe H.

      third party,
      Isn’t it strange that the progressive liberal radio station that went bust was named after one of the biggest cia operatives in RVN? Air America!!! They flew more dope than P-lousy flew booze!!!!

  • Nancy Kosling

    My condolences to the Tillman family. Having a public secret and the Federal government hacks continue to turn the screws on their pain is insufferable. Drug dealers with sanction from the Federal government makes it hard if not impossible to stop. There is a historical story of Great Britian’s drug trade and the Boxer Rebelion in China some years ago that follows the same vain. The Chinese did not want opium in China. The British brought in opium and went to war with China to get the drugs in and keep it there as a money making interprise. Sort of like the South American fruit companies bringing in the CIA to aid the companies inslave the locals from free labor and squash decent. Print more books! Then more books! Buy more books, buy more than one! Spread them around like sending food to poor relatives.

  • Sara

    Ummm, errr, these idiots destroyed these books but do nothing about the Wikileaks traitor? What an irony!

    • Virginia Llorca

      Unredacted copies of Shaffer’s book exist. They’ll get around. Don’t worry.

  • Sara

    Our gov’t never intended to win any war on drugs. The communist manifesto dictates that one of the easiest ways to complete the takeover was to keep the illicit drugs flowing and the people loaded all of the time. There is also too much money to be made from drugs; politicians, police, corrections, judges, teachers and other assorted industries all have job security because of drugs.
    Clinton is a big time cocaine user. Why heart problems when so young? Why the red nose? Not because of allergies that’s for sure! Clinton’s brother was a cocaine addict, remember sleazy Bill pardoning him before leaving office? Clinton also had cocaine flown in for him at an airport in Mena, Arkansas. Federal agents who knew too much were offed!

    • Virginia Llorca

      I’m not positive, but i don’t think it says “keep the people loaded” in the Communist manifesto. And what with the xanax and the Lunesta and the vicodin, so what? We’re pretty much walking around loaded anyway. How do you think Obama got elected?

    • Kinetic1

      Is that why Cheaney is in and out of the cardiac unit so often? I first heard rumors of our government shipping in drugs during Iran Contra. I know it was during a Republican’s reign, but why should you believe that only Dems would do such a thing?

  • bert

    The enemies already know about those “secret” operations. So the book tells them noting new. The powers that be simply want to hide the truth, probably embarrassing, from the common citizen, the ones who pay their salaries.

  • Dr. Mabuse

    I’ve got nothing but great respect for Pat Tillman.
    To me, he exemplifies the committment to Duty and Country.
    Its my opinion that he was sanctioned, because he wouldn’t comrpomise his beliefs and morals. The cover up of his death and the subsequent stonewalling and equivocations by the Bush/Cheney regime is way beyond reprehensible. May he rest in peace and may those who are culpable for this tragedy receive their just due.

    • John Medeiros

      I am sad to say that Dr. Mabuse is telling the truth. Pat Tillman is a true American hero who believed in the US Constitution. The circumstances behind the cover up of his death speaks a lot about the morals and integrity of some of our military leaders, who are responsible for disregarding our Constitution. As Dr Mabuse stated may those who are culpable for this tragedy receive their just due as what goes around comes around.

    • Virginia Llorca

      True that. We now know it was covered up. We’ll never know why. Read Krakauer’s book. Where men win glory. Then for a little romantic relief, read mine.

  • JohnB

    Where can I get a copy of the original book? Hopefully it’s available on the black market. It’s a shame that the military has so much dirty laundry, but that’s what you get when the gov’t is in everyone’s pocket and we’re on our way to the NWO.

  • 45caliber

    Sadly, this isn’t the only book the government has censored. At least this time, the author managed to get a good sale!

    There has been two other books writen that the government has censored. One was writen by a man named Washington who was Martin L. King’s second. Luckily it was released after Washington died of cancer. Otherwise they would likely have burned him at the stake as he described some of what they did then. The gov banned it to keep the people from getting upset.

    The other book was writen by a Japanese politician. It basically stated that the US was so in debt to them and so dependent upon what Japan produced that Japan should start using American troops to invade various countries where Japan had an interest in Japan’s name. The government here banned the book because they didn’t want the citizens to know what might be going on and getting mad about it.


    My heart goes out to the Tillman family for all they have suffered through. War is not the best solution to end a problem but it is what has to be done in order to stop a enemy who will not accept any form of peace.

    It is a damn sight tougher to trust the government when it comes to putting out the truth and it is becomes harder to swallow the part where you have little or no recourse.

  • Don Rorschach

    DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON. Amazon has blacked out so many parts of what the author wrote it makes little sense. I have just mailed my copies back to Amazon requesting credit for the books, as well as shipping and postage.
    Amazon is nothing more than an Obama servant!

  • guyb

    Look,Anytime our leaders feel there power and control is in jeopardy,they make some good sounding excuse not to let the American people know about it. Tillman was not only a wonderful football player but an even more stand up American…. Tell me someone who gave up more to serve our great nation.Its time for truth in America from our elected officals. NOV. is coming…

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

    That’s good. Destroy history, because it says the truth of an event and communist want you to think we were always communist. They will rewrite our history as they are already doing and then we become the U.S.S.A.

  • s c

    This topic amounts to another chapter in ongoing revisionist history. Either you believe the government did the right thing, or it didn’t. Either we’ll get the truth, or we won’t. These things will never stop until we are sufficiently enraged to keep our military out of foreign wars.
    This world doesn’t deserve an international cop. As long as we have open borders, we are allowing corrupt politicians to use potential terrorists to invade America. Let other nations concern themselves with political “honor” and “dignity.” We can’t maintain a balanced budget, let alone police the world.
    This is America, not old Rome. We are Americans, not Romans.

  • Frankie Reinkopfs

    We need more men and women like Glenn Beck and Sara Palin. They have my vote. God Bless America

  • Carlucci

    We need more men and women like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin???? You must be joking.

    Glenn Beck is nothing but a hack media whore. He is a RINO – i.e., a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This year, there was a fantastic Libertarian candidate running for governor here in Texas. Her name is Debra Medina. She came out of nowhere and was making impressive gains in the primary polls. I watched every televised debate between the three candidates, and Mrs. Medina mopped the floor with our idiot governor Rick Perry and the mealy mouth Kay Bailey Hutchinson (both career politicians, which Mrs. Medina called attention to, and reiterated every time it was her turn to speak). The live audience loved her and she got the most applause during and after every response, because her solutions made common sense and were doable. Unfortunately Ms. Medina made the error of a lifetime going on Glenn Beck’s show where good ole Glenn hatched a plan to set her up to take her down (because he is a crony of our plastic Ken doll entrenched politics as usual status quo politician governor Rick Perry). GB asked Mrs. Medina a question about 911, which had to do with many Americans not believing the “official” story. Her response was perfectly legitimate – something like if the American people had doubts about 911 they were entitled to ask any questions they might have. That response got so distorted and blown out of proportion (thanks to Glenn Beck, his fellow cronies in the lamestream media, and the entrenched RINOs), that this poor woman was called a “kook” and this ran on t.v. for days here in Texas. It was quite obvious that this was a set up from the Perry camp and Glenn Beck happily participated.

    For some weird reason, we don’t have term limits for governor here, and Rick Perry has unfortunately been governor for nine years. He took over for the moron Dubya when Dubya was elected president. As far as Sarah Palin, she seems like a nice lady and is very glib, but she made a trip to Texas and backed Rick Perry when the governor’s race started. When she showed up, my opinions about her changed dramatically.

    To effect any kind of real change in this nation, not only do the democrat socialists have to go, but the entrenched status quo RINOs have to go, too.

    • planoguy

      I agree that the socialists democrats and the RINOS have to go. Medina made a great run and looked promising. Kay Bailey was out of her league, and needs to take a stand and not be so wishy-washy. Perry has good and bad points. But nothing is bad enough to bring in a socialist liberal democrat.

    • planoguy

      Actually I’m more worried about the pro-Mexico slants of our policitians from the valley area and Houston. They are doing more harm than Rick Perry or any one else! We need to clean house to get this pro-illegals (meaning pro-lawbreakers) liberals. In my opinion, doing anything that supports the illegals in any way is treasonous. And no, it’s not just about latinos. There are latinos in my family and we all feel the same way.

      • Dorothy tx

        We need to defeat the pro-illegal congressmen, since there is not much we can do about the governor. For example, even though I’m not in Queen Sheila jackson-lee’s district, I am donating to her opponent John Faulk for congress. com. A great guy who knows the district and Houston. He has a good chance. We can finally get rid of her with everyone’s help to balance her huge funding., a sensible, non-partisan, immigration group, gives her an F on their report cards. Check their Report Cards for your congressmen. You can SEND FREE FAXES to CONGRESSMEN through their site. It’s free, but I gladly donate to cover the cost of the faxes, cause they give me a voice, plus another million of us, including all parties and even recent LEGAL immigrants.

        We blasted Reid with faxes… just to get e-verify to a vote. He used every trick to stop it cause he knew it would pass.

  • Rev Doc

    Sounds like the military workings are still business as usual… SNAFU. BOHICA S.F., Rangers, and Delta, Nothing has changed since Nam. It was even a Zip Lip for Task Force 118 in South America. They can say what they want, but I know what went down as I was there! The Government is nothing more than Organized Crime made Legal! instead of demanding protection money, they call it a Tax! Resident Usurper Do the Letters F.O. mean anything to you?

  • 45caliber

    It could be worse. Some years ago someone wrote an encryption program that could not be broken and put it free on internet. The government ruled it was top secret AFTER THE FACT since they don’t want anything used by others to be impossible to break and then charged the author of releasing top secret info on the internet.

  • nellie

    Let’s get our opinions posted before Homeland Security censors this website and pray that we can kick Obama, Pelosi and Reid back to the slime pit from where they crawled from.

  • william anderson

    read the pentagon files from 1969, and you will see that every thing is a big secret. the people have to tell the truth, but their elected officials dont have to tell any body anything they dont want to.

  • nellie

    The whole system is a sham. It took Obama being the president to enlighten me as to what is going on. Everything coming to past has been in the making since before WWI. The Bilderburg, elite group who established the Federal Reserve, they control it, not the government.
    They have an agenda and that is to become a socialistic society. Most of all the presidents since the depression are members, Clinton and Papa Bush, big time members. Kissinger, Colin Powell, the list is eye-opening. Clinton & Bush managed to shut up a lot of dissenters by their mysterious suicides. The CIA under Bush as director have sold weapons to Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Contras. From what I’ve read about the CIA, well, we are being monitored and watched all under the guise of Homeland Security and terrorist watch. Maybe so, but they knew about the possible assault on the twin towers and pentagon and did nothing to prevent it. The wars in the middle east will continue, there is money to be made when we are at war. The whole weapons of mass destruction, complete farce. This country is bankrupt and it started in the 70′s. Their plan is to create chaos and have the justification for war. I’ve done so much reading historically, and the mess that we are in now was started 100 years ago and all the presidents and congress made it to where this nation is now. Those who acted on their conscience were either murdered, by suicide, or were discredited. Ross Perot was asked to join the Bilderburg, he had a few choice words for them. When this country can return to the values it was founded on, then we can become the great nation we once were. How can God bless America when the people have turned away from God. We have a president whose agenda is to have gays and lesbians and marxist on the government payroll. Our country is the way it is because the citizens took that route but the integration of the new world order pushed it along. So Obama has opened my eyes to what is exactly happening and it was all in the master plan and I am so sickened that the majority of the nation does not understand that we are like sheep being led to slaughter. I pray that November elections will start to mend the damages that this administration has created.

  • kate gray

    Since we are told we are not at war, then the National Guard is allowed to protect our borders from terrorists and illegals. There is a book call “THE ELEMENTS OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT”, IN IT , IT STATES THAT THE A.G. OF SAID STATE CAN CALL UP THE TROOPS AND USE THEM.

  • Annie @ Chinese Laundry Shop

    Hello, just stopped by doing some research for my Chinese Laundry site. Can’t believe the amount of information out there. Looking for something else, but interesting page. Have a good day.


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