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Defense Official Notes Pentagon To Push For Women To Serve Closer To Combat

February 13, 2012 by  

Defense Official Notes Pentagon To Push For Women To Serve Closer To Combat

The past decade has seen women in the U.S. military serve valiantly on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the Pentagon will soon recommend to Congress that these Americans be allowed to serve in jobs closer to the front lines, according to defense officials.

The Associated Press reported that the new proposed rules are expected to continue to prevent women from serving as infantry, but would formally allow women to serve in other jobs at the battalion level. This type of position had been considered too close to combat until the current push by the Pentagon.

According to the news outlet, women have always been pushed to the front lines by necessity, either as medics, military police or intelligence officers. Though these brave Americans may have ended up in the thick of battle, the new rules would formalize their place closer to combat.

CBS News reported that the Pentagon noted that in Afghanistan and Iraq the U.S. has suffered 144 women killed in action and 853 wounded.

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  • Warrior

    This is good news! However, the policy once again does not go far enough. Everyone, including grammy and gramps should be allowed to go out with a “BANG”. In fact, the fraud in chief should be in the lead tank.

    • 45caliber

      I’d like to see it manditory that anyone who wants war has to lead in battle. That includes all of Congress and the President.

      • APN

        Yep! I agree, completely!

  • dan

    …we could designate him as a minesweeper and equip him with a broom….sweep,sweep boom !!!!!!

    • eddie47d

      If women can handle being on the front line and accept the consequences of battle then let them be a part of defending America. Israeli women are willing to serve and our women should be allowed to also but strictly on a volunteer basis (to accept a combat position). If they are assigned to a combat unit then they must complete their mission.

      • 45caliber

        See my notes below on why it is a bad idea. It isn’t that they can’t fight; it is the training of the men before they go in and the possibility of sex that causes the problems when they aren’t in combat.

      • APN

        Fact is, it should be MANDATORY, no exceptions for the females.

        • Deerinwater

          Well I don’t agree with it being monitory for women to serve as the point of the spear. But for those that can and wish to, I’d not hold them back.

          • APN

            Well of course you wouldn’t! How brave of you! You aren’t the guy who gets killed because of the female want-a-be warrior who cannot efficiently execute the duties of a combat mission.

            What you have just stated is typical of the female mindset. It’s damaging to the unit and dangerous to those brave men who have to deal with it.

            But we want to be certain that the females do not feel inferior to men, correct? That just cannot be!

  • ranger5

    I am against women in line units, it’s not that they can’t do thier job, some can, some can’t, just as some men can’t. As a former Army Ranger, I know what hardship is about, most women don’t want that, the ones that do, I guess give em a shot. My wife ran Tactical Maritime Security Teams as contractor to the DOD. I didn’t like it but she was good at it. I think everyone should spent 3 years in uniform, our country would be stronger and our kids will grow up wiser.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    How many of these women that want to be on the front lines want to come home with their pretty faces blown away arms and legs missing and all that glorious stuff. They are much better off just being women.

    • eddie47d

      I’m sure there are plenty of men who wish to come home with both legs also yet once you take on a combat position you accept the fate.

    • APN

      You mean that could actually happen? Never happens in a Hollywood movie!


      • Joe H.

        Sorry APN, that one just wasn’t funny!!!

        • APN

          Don’t take it out of context JoeH. My point is how Hollywood through dumb movies like G I Jane have brainwashed America. A bunch of Marxist feminist crap that amounts to nothing more than a hill of beans.

          My family has a very long history of service in every war from WWII to current. We currently have two active family members in combat zones. You will not find a more patriotic family that has more respect for our servicemen.

          So, you have my apology, if my statement wasn’t clear.

          • Joe H.

            none needed, my friend! I misunderstood.

  • 45caliber

    The women, by and large, do NOT want to be in combat. But there are people who insist they should be – generally people who have no intention of getting into combat themselves. Why? I don’t know.

    Israel, when it was first a country, was forced to put women into combat beside the men. They simply didn’t have enough men to fill the need. But as soon as they did, they took the women out. They had found that having mixed troops raised the deaths in combat. Men would do their beet to protect the females either due to chivalric reasons or because the woman was their lover and they risked others to protect her.

    I ran into the same problem with a couple of gay men in Viet Nam. All of us knew they were gay and didn’t care – until they got seperated in a battle. The sergant then ordered his men into dangerous positions in an attempt to end the battle quickly to insure his lover was safe. He was sent elsewhere and a week later his lover was transfered too. We were glad to see them go. The rules now simply insure that this will continue to happen with both males and females.

    • APN

      45cal said: “The women, by and large, do NOT want to be in combat. But there are people who insist they should be – generally people who have no intention of getting into combat themselves. Why? I don’t know. ”

      That’s an easy one: FEMINIST MARXIST movement…… No way we can have a man appear to be superior to a WOMAN in any form or fashion! That would ruffle too many feathers! We sure as heck don’t want to get all these big powerful women upset, do we? If we do, they’ll send over their servicing “Alpha-males” to kill us.

      Fact is, we are running out of REAL men in this country, so the females will be required to fight in the next major war. In fact, I think it should be mandatory that they fight, just like the men. We should all DEMAND IT with our representatives in congress. Why should my son be required to fight in combat when my neighbor’s daughter is not? Why is her freedom or life more important than my son’s?

      Given this upcoming generation back to gen-x, I don’t really see a whole lot of difference between boys and girls anymore. We have essentially turned our young men into females with all this Feminist Marxist crap.

      I’m mean look at the facts, you have young “men”, or better put, “males”, that act more like females than men. Watch what they do and how they act. Most young men now walk behind some female expecting to be told what to do.

      When a “male” friend walks up, well, no handshake allowed because that would be to “Manly”, you got to hug up to each other like a bunch of little girls. Who knows, maybe we can get them kissing each other like the girls do?

      All this PC stuff works fine when the sun is shining but when the crap hits the fan, once again, the REAL men in this country will be required to pay the ultimate sacrifice for OUR freedoms.

      Pretty sad stuff.

      I VOTE COMBAT FOR WOMEN NOW!!!! Front and center!

      • Deerinwater

        Your thinking is extremely gendered. It’s not necessary a bad thing, but your perspective only comes from a single point of view.

        We need people like that just like we need people that can see the world from several points of view.

        • APN

          My THINKING is based upon over a 1/2 century of the FACTS of life, my friend. I don’t project myself as being something I AM NOT and that is the problem in your way of “Thinking”. The end result will be tragic for those who are too stupid to understand the difference.

  • Buck

    Personally I think sex IS irrevelant , When some females were ladies it did make a difference , but that is no longer applicable , all the ladies left in this country are too old for combat and there are no more cominjg along . However , I would support a law demanding that only liberals and sexual perverts served in frontline units .

    • Deerinwater

      When I was being to think you had a brain, you took it out a played with it.

  • APN

    Women in Combat?

    ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Women are no different than men! Heck, just ask them! In fact, the message I get from the female crowd is……Their the leadership of the world……Bigger, stronger, faster, and for sure more intelligent! Heck, let’s put them in charge of combat operations period and have our front line combat troops and special forces nothing but female. I’m all for it! Let’s get it done today!

    Strap on the gear and kick their butts off the back of a C130 right in the middle of a firefight. No exceptions for them! I mean, why not?
    Women are EQUAL to men, correct? Jobs, income, FREEDOMS, etc etc etc
    I see no reason whatsoever that females get a pass when the men do not. Can’t have your cake and eat it too, correct? Well, let me re-think that statement. Females do get the cake and do get to eat it too.

    Bottom line, you want to run around with the stars and stripes on your chest asserting yourself as some kind of want-a-be military leader, well, need to earn it just like the men do, no exceptions.

    Bottom line, America has been watching way to many Hollywood movies. i.e.; G I Jane, etc etc etc

    • CommonSense4America

      Seal Team 7 with PMS? Yahooo!!!

      • APN


        Yep, get the cycles synchronized and you would have a fighting force unmatched on the planet!

        • Joe H.

          YOU want to face a woman with PMS AND a gun????? i can tell you ain’t been married long!!!

          • APN

            LMAO!!!! Well, been married to the same woman for 34 years now and she actually still loves me. Go figure! (:>

          • Joe H.

            Dam APN guessed wrong again!! i made 35 this year and have learned the little nuances that help maintain the peace!!!

          • APN

            Congratulations JoeH! I guess you and I are a couple of dinosaurs.

            Fact is, my wife is a REAL woman and has never had a problem taming my AAA male personality. She learned very early in our marriage that telling me what I was going to do or what I was not going to do was a bad idea. So, she makes me think I made the decision but in reality she did. LMAO!

            She is very intelligent, a great mother/grandmother and great person. In fact, she is the nucleus of our family and holds us together. Not sure why GOD blessed me so with a noble woman but I’m sure glad he did or I would be dead by now. ):>

  • 45caliber

    I wonder … the military is having to cut back derastically thanks to Oblama. And most of those being put out are white males.

    So I wonder … is the reason the Pentagon wants to put women closer to combat is because they simply do not have enough males needed to fill the closer positions?

    • APN

      Anything to weaken American is the primary agenda with this crowd.

      • Deerinwater

        and who is “this crowd”?

        The single biggest problem I have with “women serving” is the way mens behavior changes around them and I don’t see how that can be changed or controlled.

        • APN

          Marxist Feminist! That is who this “crowd” is. i.e.; Man haters but really they are self-haters because of their gender. Pissed off because they didn’t get a set of nards.

          In any event, we all know who this crowd is and will eventually have to deal with it.


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