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Deep Thoughts — with Barney Frank

August 13, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • the77surfer

    Great laughs to be had here as always. You really have a sense of humor in order to lighten the burden of the everyday news. Thank you so much for giving me something to laugh at and at the same time keeping me informed.

    • Jyrine

      Barney Frank is such a moral and intelectual tragedy just how do ya dispose of him?

      • bob


  • http://naver samurai

    Another good one! This video made me laugh more than the other ones. Sharpton has Yoda help him with his speeches? That’s OK, because it doesn’t matter who helps Obama bin Laden, as long as they have a working teleprompter. Barney Frank is still around? When are the people going to get wise and get rid of him? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대한!

    • eddie47d

      Ben’s humor is the work of the devil. Someone should tell him “Go my child(childish) and sin no more”.He is the pot calling the kettle.

      • s c

        e, you are obviously a willing victim of pc and its hordes of pc Nazis. The proper expression is ‘the pot is calling the kettle black.’ Are you AFRAID to talk about colors? What is in that contaminated food/beverage you always consume?
        What’s next, bubba? You might start saying things like “Resist much we.” You might say ‘We resist much.” Then, we might confuse you with Sharpton. Either way, if you act like Fwank or Sharpton (or in YOUR case, Yoda), we’ll know we’re dealing with just another yahoo who carries water for pc Nazis and others who should never have access to any kind of media.
        And, I might add that having a “hero” like Bummer in your life sure hasn’t done anything for your ability to express yourself. You’re the same dingbat you were well over a year ago.

      • http://naver samurai

        Maybe you should take some of your own advice? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대 한! 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서!

      • Vicki

        Newsflash Eddie47d admits he believes in God.

  • JACK3889


    • Marlin

      You stole my first thought on this. BF is crude to say the least.

    • Cawmun Cents

      More like….”Sore throat”……-CC.

      • Cawmun Cents


        Yep…sore throat fits better.

        • lucitee

          Removing his tonsils was never a medical issue either!

        • Jyrine

          Right on!!! LMAO

    • lucitee

      Jack3889, you beat me by nanoseconds! I was thinking the same durn thing! He is so cotton-pickin’ ugly, his mom borrowed the neighbors kid to take shopping with her! The only time their dog would play with him was when his mom tied a pork chop to his tee shirt!

      • herman hootenholler

        when ‘ol barney was born, the doctor saw him as so ugly, he slapped barneys’ mother!

    • Skyknight

      He didn’t get that round mouth from eating square bananas either.

      • http://naver samurai

        You mean he got it by eating things that are long, round, and hard to chew? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대 한!

  • Dillon

    I thought when Barney Frank passed gas it would be a whisper not a ripper =0)just sayin


      He must have been using Retin-A on his sphincter muscle.

    • lucitee

      Show how much YOU know! All that hot air HAD to come out! He “produces” it too quickly!

  • Wayne Miller

    Gas bags and wind bags, pretty well sums up what the Democrats have become, as for Bert and Ernie who really cares???? it’s a kids program and I am fairly confident that the age group watching them are not aware of all the heing and sheing going on in the world, is nothing sacred anymore?
    By the way has anyone ever considered this? with all the abortions killing off future tax payers and with queers marrying and not being able to reproduce, this country in a very few years will be extinct? OOPS almost forgot the Muslims are here and taking over and they have no compunction about having future terorist’s every 9 months or so.

    • Tom Altvater

      One gets gas by eating lots of fruits.

  • Alex

    Was that censor the media thing a joke, or did that senator actually say that? I guess they don’t hold the 1st amendment in any higher esteem than they do the 2nd, the 4th, the 5th, or the 10th.

    I still can’t believe that they blame a credit downgrade on the tea party when the downgrade is a result of our budget remaining unbalanced, which is, among other similar topics, precisely what the tea party is against.

    • Kevin Beck

      That comment from Kerry was real, unfortunately. And to consider that he and Barney Fruit come from the same state! That shows how bad Taxachusetts is!

      The Censorship Party only cares about the freedom to express THEIR opinions; all other opinions are seditious.

      • Vermont Duchess

        You have no idea how hard it is to live in Taxachusetts. How come congress only forces heterosexual members caught in sexual indiscretions to resign? After all it was his souse du jour who ran a homosexual prostitution ring out of Barney’s Washington pied de terre. I wonder what evils we common people in Mass. did in a previous life to have to live in a state with both Frank and Kerry(why should I have to pay sales tax on the yacht? That’s only a rule for the little people,you know, the peasants). And it only gets better or worse, depending on your point of view–news clip on ugliest, overbuilt mansions in Mass. has Patrick D’s hovel in the show. Where the heck is Richmond (Richmon–a French accent translated into English?) Mass?

        Any one not currently using their tumbrel? We need to get a few folks to their appointment with guillotene.

    • http://naver samurai

      100% agree. Keep up the good fight. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대 한!

  • Ron

    The plumbing between Barney’s gas and wind bags is ruptured and beyond repair.

  • downs1

    Whenever someone speaks, it is always important to consider the character of that speaker. The liberals (“progressives”) try to defang or gut conservative speach by assassinating the character of the speaker (e.g. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, et al). There is great irony on the left! One of the biggest anti-White racists (Al Sharpton) makes a living speaking out against racism. Barney Frank passing gas is certainly no surprise. After all, if he doesn’t release it through his mouth, it has to go somewhere! As a result, one group sent a complaint to the EPA, but thus far there has been no response.

    • lucitee

      I would LIKE to think there are a few CONSERVATIVE Democrats left on the “LEFT”, but they are so “TIMID” in the midst of all the PROGRESSIVE AGGRESSION that they WILL NOT SPEAK OUT for us! How did they FUNCTION “BO”? IE: Before O’Bama!

      • Kate8

        lucitee – As far as why “conservative democrats” don’t speak out, all I can say is…Gabrielle Giffords.

        • bob wire

          I wish I understood what you meant by you remake Kate.

          That could be understood several ways.

          But I agree that more conservative democrats need to be heard today.

  • William Bourbon

    Terrific presentation….my stomach laughed with me! :)

  • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN




    • lucitee

      Are you referring to “pile” as in “heap”, or “piles”, another word for PAIN IN THE NETHER REGIONS?

  • Midwest1173

    Watch that carbon foot print Frank! Otherwise, we will have to categorize you with the bovine that are KILLING THE OZONE LAYER! AAAHHHHHHH!! Run for the hills, I have melanoma! Love it!! Keep it up Ben!

  • jackattack

    dont make fun of bwaney fwank pwease? he is a fairy nice feller as long as your not a minor being approached. good job ben

  • Helen Jenkins

    What the Gods would destroy, they first make ridiculous. In addition to the laughter provided, it proves this to be true. Liberals have had a much too long run! Finally, their demise is upon them. Another truth, ” He who laughs last, always laughs the best. And, I am going to laugh longer than all the rest. Al Sharpton on MSNBC and Barney Frank LISPING OFF is LOL. Thank you.

  • Robert Morris

    Ben, John Kerry was (is) jewish. He changed his name for political reasons.

    • OB1

      How do you know this? Please prove. Very interested. Love facts.
      He disgusts me for many reasons. I know his second wife is a Heinz who supports many progressive liberal Marxist causes.

  • http://HOTMAIL William




  • Brian

    Barney Frank is a very simple human being – with only 2 moving parts – his mouth and his anus – and apparently they are both inter-changeable!

    • Kimberly Emerson

      Which end is which? How can one discern one form of useless noise from the other? LOL.

    • http://gracie01 Glade Lizard

      and they “BOTH” have been well rounded OUT!

  • Kimberly Emerson

    I always thought Michael Moore was the illegitimate love child of Bonnie (oops, I mean Barney-I-love-u-u-love-me)Frank & George Soros. The resemblance in every way is truly frightening. LOL. Great video. Made me roflol. I guess it’s true beauty may be only skin deep but ugly is to the bone & stupidity in the political gene makeup.

  • Steve

    As a means of boosting your credibility, Mr. Crystal, I recommend putting in links to the information you joke about. That way watchers could type in the link and read the stories if we didn’t hear about them before.
    Thanks for bringing us humor. God knows we need it.

    • OB1

      No. It’s my responsibility to find the links. No easy way out for some.
      No easy way out 4 u. Have fun!

      • bob wire

        I doubt believe the word “responsibility” was used.

  • Jay


    In a short 2 1/2 minutes, Milton Friedman effectively destroys all arguments against free market capitalism.

  • Magnum

    I suggest we should commemorate and recognize Barney’s “achievement” by incorporating a few new terms into the poplular lexicon, and hopefully, see them brought into the manstream of the common language.
    We could start with such expressions as “ripping a big Barney”, or “passing a Barney”, “sneaking a Barney”,…and, well you get the idea. Given Barney’s propensities, watching the viral video, it was difficult, as usual, to tell which end was actualy speaking.

    • Connie

      Much as I started using pelosi as the second part of “bull”. My friends all now use this exclusively when we want to swear without actually doing so. But then, just using Botox’s last name in any manner tends to bring on all the finest 4 or more letter words.

      • bob wire

        High minded friends, no doubt.

    • http://gracie01 Glade Lizard

      Most of us don’t have as rounded out portal to be able to call it “A Barney”!

  • JerseyFarmer

    It’s fun making fun of political stupidity right and left but the problem is systematic. Income tax is just another form of slavery, taxing those without the means to care for themselves is evil and redistributing confiscated income only makes it worse!

    Barney Frank was picked for stupidity not brilliance, as are most politicians. The powers that be don’t want people who understand anything in power. Ron Paul is attacked by both wings not for his weaknesses but because of his strength. He doesn’t have the answers, no one does, but he recognizes the system’s the problem, and freedom our only chance.

    Progressive Income Tax isn’t “progressive” it’s regressive. This fact FDR so cleverly hid most don’t realize it today. Rather than correcting economic disparity it aggravated it and I doubt Barney Frank has the slightest clue he’s a useful idiot for Rich bastards he’s defending the poor from.

    The best way for Government to help people is to let them keep what they earn and encourage them to invest it. Barney’s solution of more taxes and programs, puts them in chains…….

    • JerseyFarmer


      Income Tax Myths “Income tax is slavery.”
      Some protesters claim that requiring people to pay income tax amounts to slavery and is therefore forbidden by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.
      This argument is absurd. The slavery that was previously practiced in the United States, and that is banned by the 13th Amendment, was a far cry from taxation.
      Under slavery, the master owned the slave, controlled where the slave lived, and controlled what the slave was required to do — usually work in the master’s home or the master’s fields.
      Under taxation, people are free to live wherever they want and do whatever kind of work they want. Yes, they have to pay a portion of their income in taxes, but that’s quite different from being told where to live and what work to do.
      So taxation is very different from slavery.
      Some protesters nonetheless argue that taxation is slavery because, in their definition, slavery is any “non-ownership of one’s Person and Labor.” By this definition, unless you’re entitled to keep 100% of the fruits of your labor, you are (at least partially) a slave.
      The first thing to notice about this definition is that they made it up. That’s not what you will find if you look up “slave” or “slavery” in a dictionary. It’s certainly not the definition of the term “slavery” as used in the Constitution’s 13th Amendment.
      Of course, if you just make up the definition, you can make slavery anything you want. I could say that “slavery” is “any situation in which I’m forced to do something I don’t want to do,” in which case having to wait at a red light when I want to keep going amounts to “slavery.” Obviously, that definition would be ridiculous.
      The fundamental problem with these made-up definitions is that they ignore the fact that some restraints on freedom are consistent with, and indeed essential to, the concept of a free society. Because humans live in society, they can never have complete freedom to do absolutely anything they want
      For example, society has to decide collectively whether people will drive on the right side of the road or the left side. Imagine what driving would be like if everyone decided this point individually. In order to be free to drive, we have to give up our freedom to decide which side of the road to drive on.
      Similarly, it would be nice if you could just take anything you wanted. But if everyone else could do the same thing, we’d have to spend all our time guarding our property. To be free to enjoy our property, we have to give up our freedom to take the property of others.
      So some restraint on freedom is essential to freedom itself. That’s why there’s a saying that laws are “the wise restraints that make us free.”
      Taxation is one of the restraints that is consistent with a free society. There are some things, such as roads and military defense, that wouldn’t get done if we didn’t pay for them collectively. They have to be paid for with some kind of tax. That’s why taxation has been a hallmark of nearly all societies for a long time.
      Of course, many people believe that the government takes too much in taxes and spends the money on foolish things. Doubtless that is at least partly true. But that doesn’t transform taxation into slavery.
      And again, it has no bearing on the meaning of the term “slavery” in the Constitution.
      INCOME TAX turns Nations into PLANTATIONS.

      • Spark Gap

        Friend – Perhaps you meant “systemic” rather than “systematic.” Anyway, per “slavery” and income taxes – just remember that “NEW SPEAK” has been defining what we speak, and “hype” forms the new “exclamation point” of our times. Words are regularly divorced from their proper meaning, and concepts are frequently twisted out of shape, by misuse, ignorance or by design. “Democracy” for instance has been substituted for the Constitutional Republican government of the U.S.A. (What was Pres. Wilson’s WW1 slogan? – “Make the world safe for democracy” – Wilson was an anti-Constitutional socialist.)
        The Democrat party is thus equated with what is America’s system of government, and “Republic” and Republican party, become muddled and demoted to something of an inferior & foreign status.
        The Bible warns against those who use altered weights & measures in commerce, and against those who call good – evil, and evil – good. Both are types of untruth and are born of Hell.
        What do we say of P.C. – Political Correctness? Such is much more carefully crafted New Speak, but is yet from the same source, still renaming situations, twisting meanings and deceiving hearts & minds.

        • JerseyFarmer

          “systemic” rather than “systematic.” Both! People are systematically robbed of earnings, the problem is wide spread and difficult to differentiate. I agree the it’s caused by misconceptions and words being divorced from their proper meanings. The confusion of Income
          with Wealth is the kingpin.

          Wealth is not a possession, it’s a contract enforced by Government
          that has an obligation to pay for it’s protection. Income tax enslaves People to maintain assets they have no stake in. An average American’s
          wealth is $100K and Government’s borrowed $500K in their name so on average, everyone’s upside down.

        • bob wire

          Impressive post Sparky,

          There “is” life out there!

          But you and I know they enjoy twisting words and meaning to much to consider your posting.

          To offer rebuttal full as much blue sky as possible is their very intent.

          While it does not afford much light in or offer a very clear view ~ it does supply people with a comfort zone, a warm cozy feeling with their convictions they really can’t express.

          The “word” is but paint to canvas and is value left to the viewer(s).

          Left handed humor that leans to the right is “funny” but only when done well. ~ I don’t find it in this piece, yet others seem too.

      • JC

        Taxation is economic slavery “epitomized”.
        By definition it means that I am working only to have someone rob me.
        If you’re trying to relate taxation to infrastructure, that can be maintained without “income” tax.
        And when I’m being taxed to pay for UnConstitutional American Imperialism…I’m being robbed through a system of extortion, period!
        Not to mention that EVERY dime of income tax goes straight to the international bankers to pay the interest on money they loaned us…out of thin air.

        Think it through Farmer, it’s a ponzi scheme.

    • JerseyFarmer

      Income Tax Myths “Income tax is slavery.”

      The fact there are many forms slavery, doesn’t mean economic slavery isn’t slavery. When a person is forced to work for another it’s slavery, and when the poor and middle class are laboring to protect assets of the wealthy it’s worse no matter the perks.

      Giving slaves choices doesn’t restore Rights.

      It’s not about taxation but enslaving taxes and letting slaves live where they want isn’t freedom, and how many really get to live where they want anyway?

      Income tax is a form of slavery, in fact any kind of tax on people with insufficient means to care for themselves is evil. People get sick, have accidents, loose their job. People have the right to care for themselves, when Government denies people wealth, it subverts rights and looses legitimacy.

      Just because one depends on another doesn’t imply ownership. Property is defined by and protected by Government, requiring those with property pay to maintain it is far different from forcing people without property to work to maintain the property of others. Slaves need benefits, those with wealth do not. Taxing those without wealth prevents them from accumulating it, as does inflation, which is nothing more than a tax on the savings of the poor.

      Slavery is being forced to work for another. When Government confiscates wages people are enslaved. Rights come from God, Government’s purpose is to protect Rights and wealth is the best guarantor. Making those without wealth pay tax is as bad as slavery and hiding taxes in the price of products doesn’t make it better.

      Following rules has nothing to do with being forced to work for Government.

      Being forced to work for Government isn’t the opposite of doing anything one wants. Government protects assets, and taxes on assets should pay for the service. When taxes embedded in products and interest caused by inflation are included, it’s easy to see the
      poor spend the most time working to pay them and the rich spend the least. Progressive income tax doesn’t fix the problem, it makes it worse. People with billions have no need of income, and don’t have to work a minute to pay “taxes”. Accounts, brokers and lawyers do it for them and the worse the assets are managed the less they have to pay.

      Which side of the road we drive on has absolutely nothing to do with Income Tax.

      Extortion, is being forced to pay for nothing. Being forced to work to secure the property of others is slavery. Those without wealth work most of their lives paying hidden taxes, those with the most wealth don’t have to work a heartbeat to pay theirs.

      Restraints on freedom have absolutely nothing to do with Income Tax.

      Taxing assets to maintain assets is fair and reasonable. Taxing income is slavery.

      The Constitution was derived from Principles in the Declaration, it didn’t evolve from common law, and nothing in the Constitution says it should be interpreted in any other framework than Unalienable Rights.

      INCOME TAX turns Nations into PLANTATIONS

      • Vermont Duchess

        How about a flat tax. Everyone pays 10% on all money earned by work and no other federal taxes. No one is exempt from taxes, even if it’s only a minimum amount–say $100 a year. “Welfare” is handled soley at the local level–Washington hasn’t the faintest idea who has real need and who is gaming the system. Remember Reagan’s workfare? All had to work for minimum wage, excluding only small children, the elderly or infirm, and those residing in mental institutions.

        Even people in jail should be put in jails like those of Sheriff Aripaio (sp?)or made to pay room and board. In China they put drug users against the nearest wall and executed them. They next made the person’s family pay for the cost of the bullet. Cut down on crime in a big way.

        Then there was Russia. No trial necessary and a one way trip to Siberian Gulag was meted out. Now this is all a bit extreme, even by my standards, but they never had to deal with rioting youth who wanted all they felt they deserved and let someone else pay for it. (Sort of sounds like Congress, doesn’t it?)

        We spend to much time trying to pander to youthful miscreants so we might discover what childhood trauma brought them to their ugly vices. If we only let parents bring wisdom via the seat of their pants to their children we could erradicate in a generation the “acting out” that seems so prevalent today. And, if overly liberal parents chose not to damage their ruffian’s psyche, then they could be required to do the jail time for their criminal offspring.

        And, jail time is much too much like a house arrest vacation. Workout gyms, recording and video studios (so they can express themselves), college degrees for free (while some of us are still trying to pay off student loans), medical care far beyond what common folk can afford (sex change hormones anyone? Only in Mass.)and the litany can go ever onward. Fortunately, dear reader, my cogitation has raised my BP to the point where I’ll have a stroke if I do not cease and desist.

        2012 cannot come soon enough–anyone know of the nearest wormhole?

  • jim

    what would happen if “we” just refused their “help”

    revoked their SS number and said NO THANKS?? this would restore Citizenship (state)intead of citizenship under the 14th amendment(Federal).

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    I think the station needs to change its call letters to “MSDNC”.

  • Tami Burman

    Deep thought and Barney Frank = oxymoron

    • http://gracie01 Mickey

      Maybe “Deep Throat” & Barney Frank would be better!!

  • JC

    Al Sharpton = Race Pimp….Good One Ben, right on the money…the devalued inflated downgraded money, but Right On! :)

  • AmericaLatin

    Ben, I loved it….. Too Funny LOL

  • Bonecrusher

    With Barney, it’s not his fault, they just “fall” out, no way to hold em in.

  • Michael

    There was a time; not so long ago when you could ONLY vote if you where a property owner, People on welfare, Blacks, and women were not allowed to vote. And we still have the Electoral system in place, there have been Presidents who have won the people’s vote but lost because of the electoral vote, Folk’s we have Computers today that can count every persons VOTE, Due away with the electoral Vote and make every persons vote count !!!!! 1776

  • http://na Joe Sheehan

    Could this be called a cock-eyed response?

  • http://na Joe Sheehan

    Could this be called a cock-eyed response? Your response was that I
    already said that…..funny, first time I have ever responded to any
    internet message….

  • JFK

    Soros made a hormone by not paying her. He promised the Brazilian whore $1,000,000 + to have sex with him, and didn’t pay up, now the whore is in court because her “John” reneged after sex.
    Now, if she went to court and said, my John didn’t pay his $10.00 or what ever they pay, then they would have both been thrown in jail for prostitution & soliciting a prostitute, but because it’s over a $1,000,000 dollars it is no longer prostitution, but Love, the 27 year high class prostitute loves the 80 year old multi billionaire.
    NY needs to release all the prostitutes & Johns now in jail, until they redefine what the law is.

  • Ridge Runner

    I don’t want to see the way the president is elected changed. It hs worked for 200 years why change now.It gives the indivual states a voice in saying who gets elected.I don’t want a bunch of queers in californication having any say in the voting in my state or for that matter any of the queers in the white house and there seems to be several freeks in the north east.It is mind boggling to think that these people want to teach the young children in our schools that homosexuality is normal and good. Ask any doctor and they will tell you it is unhealthy and aginst the laws of nature.Check and you will find a big portion of the people in prision both men and women are homos.

  • Duffy49

    In response to Don Wright’s comments:
    It is refreshing to see educated folks as DW cleverly addressing Obummer’s Hope & Change venue. In all seven points, Obummer has failed.
    The illegal nightmare and welfare abuse needs to be considered when you all vote in 2012.
    God Bless & Save America.


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