Decorated Scientist Tells Senate Climate Change Not To Blame For Recent Disasters


Well, this must not have gone according to script.

A scientist testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee last week that global warming isn’t all it’s been cracked up to be.

Speaking at a Senate hearing on Thursday, atmospheric scientist Roger Pielke of the University of Colorado left a royal big one in liberal alarmists’ communal punch bowl by telling Senators it’s folly to believe that an increase in weather-related catastrophes is connected to global warming caused by humans.

The biggest problem with believing that all the thoroughly reported tornadoes, fires and floods owe their surging frequency to global warming is that… well, their frequency isn’t surging.

In fact, said Pielke, catastrophic weather events are actually on the decline — especially over the period of time liberal policymakers often point to as demonstrative of how global warming is accelerating the Earth toward a man-made climatic Armageddon.

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“It is misleading and just plain incorrect to claim that disasters associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts have increased on climate timescales either in the United States or globally,” Pielke said. “It is further incorrect to associate the increasing costs of disasters with the emission of greenhouse gases. Hurricanes have not increased in the U.S. in frequency, intensity or normalized damage since at least 1900. The same holds for tropical cyclones globally since at least 1970.”

Pielke added that weather-related disasters are likely to exact an increasing economic burden on the United States, but not because they’re becoming more common. Rather, he said, it’s because urban populations are increasing and the level of development around population centers will continue to reflect more spending and, thus, more damage done whenever a populated area experiences a natural disaster.

“The absolute costs of disasters will increase significantly in coming years due to greater wealth and populations in locations exposed to extremes,” he said. “Consequent, disasters will continue to be an important focus of policy, irrespective of the exact future course of climate change.”

Republicans at the hearing made note of the fact that the Administration of President Barack Obama offered no testimony at the hearing, less than a month after the President announced an ambitious plan to combat man-made climate change in a speech in which he dismissed skeptics as “Flat Earth Society” cretins.

Count Pielke, an accomplished researcher who holds three college degrees and Germany’s Eduard Bruckner Prize for outstanding achievement in interdisciplinary climate research, among the flat earthers.

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  • northbrook

    Yes the truth is finally coming out / Climate changeis happening as it has through out the history of the earth/ Global warming is a huge hoax perpurtrated by Gore to make his fortune.


      Gore the Bore is biggest phony in USA, maybe the world…he lives in Big Mansion , flies all over the world predicting disaster & will never debate Lord Monckton!!!!!

      Notice these Lib/PC nuts don’t use “Global Warming” that much anymore. They obfuscate now with “Climate Change”…well, Hell, there has always been Climate Change, it’s called weather!! They love to mess with language, hence the HUman being in the womb, is a Fetus or Embryo, etc….

      • JimH

        Global Warming, Climate Change.
        A rose by any other name, still stinks.

    • RAND PAUL IN 2016

      Gore bought huge house near water in California, from proceeds of millions of dollars from book that urged everyone to move away from beaches because global warming is destroying the land around them!!!

  • stupidtwo

    It is a fact that the earth has been around for billions of years and mankind for a few seconds by comparison. The earth is in a continual state of change as is the atmosphere around it. The other fact is that although mankind has nothing to do with climate change – (that event has occurred consistently over billions of years and will continue to do so), we have absolutely no right to do to the planet what we do and the consequences of our stupidity awaits! One crisis after another? Just how stupid can we get? Maybe we were just born that way and maybe that is why the hyenas laugh at us.

    • Holder Sux

      You are right 100%….but,It’s the power elite that is killing us & won’t let us go truly green!

    • Charles Barnard

      Actually, while climate does change normally, there is significant evidence that our actions have made substantial changes to large areas–areas large enough to affect world weather.

      Such changes date back at least 5,000 years and pre-date civilization.

      There is no argument that humans are directly and wholly responsible for current changes. And there is no one making that argument.

      It is equally certain that humans can. have and continue to affect weather patterns.

      We’ve known for a very long time that burning fuels wasn’t good for our air, water and land. Blinders only prevent you from seeing, the don’t prevent events fro happening.

      Our major problem is that we elect ‘leaders’ and expect short term results even when results take decades. (That and they have taken control of ‘our’ government for their own ends.


      Man was given dominion over the earth, but it has never worked out, because he does not have dominion over himself first!

  • dan

    It’s man caused ?….It’s the EPA’s fault for taking all of the protective carbon out of the atmosphere (please ignore volcanoes and forest fires) that was providing shade from the sun….I should have a government grant to study my theory
    so we can manage the crisis.

    • wandamurline

      We can save carbon emissions for decades and the eruption of the volcano in Iceland a couple of years ago, would wipe out any savings we had done. Sorry, but that is the truth.

      • Holder Sux

        America & other modern nations can do all the cleaning up they can & still the explosion of India & China & other 3rd world nations into the modern era, will continue to pollute the planet at high levels. They have no regard for nay regulations, they will burn anything!

    • Charles Barnard

      So? Write a proposal.

  • Vis Fac

    Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let’s not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources. – Ronald Reagan

    • Charles Barnard

      Reagan was no expert on anything other than acting.

      Got a real reference to prove that point? Best data I have says that vegetation in general reduces hydrocarbons in the air….

      Even if it were true, it’s not an excuse to avoid dumping additional crap into the air.

      • Charles Barnard

        I see I have annoyed a couple people—I also see that no one has given a real reference….

      • Holder Sux

        You are right. The thing I never understood about the Greenies is the obsession with Global Warming, which is very sketchy. What they should focus on is POLLUTION! There is no question that our energy sources pollute the air, water & earth, though America is less polluted now than it has been in a long time. There is no solid evidence that pollution causes warming…NONE!! Still, it is not good for us or the animals!

  • ChuckS123

    An F5 tornado going through a cornfield causes much less damage than an F1 going through a town. Damage can be affected by nuances like the particular way buildings are built and maintained. Intensity of storms, not damage, should be used to judge whether there’s climate change.

    I believe that the sin of our nation has a big effect on the amount of damage.

    • Charles Barnard

      An EF5 tornado going through a town build to survive tornados will produce only minor damage. But no building codes in tornado areas require buildings to be tornado-proof!

      Damage is easiest to avoid by not building in areas subject to major problems. It is next best dealt with by requiring that building can survive the expected storms.

      You are correct, intensity, duration, locations and other measurable data, are far, far better data to decide if there is a relationship between changing weather patterns and long term climate change.

      Remember, climate is merely expectations based upon historical weather pattern data–as such, you really cannot say that climate change ‘is happening’ as accurately as you can say that it ‘has happened.’


      I agree with that assessment…I believe that nations, cities, towns, organizations like individuals make karma, both good & bad & pay for the bad…. state sanctioned & funded abortion & same-sex lunacy, a veritable Sodom & Gomorrah redux, will not help!

  • Holder Sux

    Truth be told, there are economically viable renewable energy sources, some like Tesla’s energy,, that run on the continuous flow of free energy from the earth’s electro-magnetic belt. Alas, the dark forces will not let them be used. Just like Tesla’s antenna that was burned to the ground in Long Island after he outfitted 50 homes to receive free energy. JP Morgan who was backing him told him the next morning after the central transmiitter was burned down, “They won’t let us do it!” Tesla even invented a car that ran on this energy. After he died all his papers, drafts & inventions were stolen.

    • wandamurline

      India produces Tesla cars that get bookoos of gas per mile, and cost about $8,000….do you think that the car unions would allow the government to allow Tesla cars to be imported into the US? Hell no.

      • Holder Sux

        It’s the big oil, people, too stopping it…they’re all in it together, just like Big Food, Big Pharma & their vaccines, too & Big Hospitals…feeding us crap, getting us sick & giving us a pill, that though it does have the healing agent in it, has so many other toxins that we need another pill a few years down the road!

    • Charles Barnard

      Not ‘stolen’ many were taken by the US Gov’t, many more spend decades floating around in various storage areas as they had been acquired by hotels which he owed money.

      While it is probable that some of Tesla’s more advanced projects are unworkable (even genius makes mistakes,) it is very likely than many of his unfinished work could be very valuable.

      If nothing else, Tesla seems to have had the best understanding of anyone of the nature of EMF physics.

      • Holder Sux

        There was a guy (I forget his name) who was on Coast-to-Coast & claimed he replicated Tesla’s EMF energy tap, but cannot get a patent!

  • wandamurline

    Look into HAARP located in Alaska who is firing out electrical impulses into the stratosphere…until they put this in place, there were not the storms, hurricanes, tornatoes and droughts that we have today. This is the reason for any change in climate, there is no global warming….just a bunch of hypocrits trying to cash in.

  • wandamurline

    Look into HAARP located in Alaska who is firing out electrical impulses into the stratosphere…until they put this in place, there were not the storms, hurricanes, tornatoes and droughts that we have today. This is the reason for any change in climate, there is no global warming….just a bunch of hypocrits trying to cash in.

  • Michael Shreve

    The FACTS keep PROVING that climate change is a childish bogeyman yet liberal. progressive, communists, with media assistance, continue to promote mass hysteria. 99.7% of “green house gasses” are generated by nature. If MAN were exterminated, it would have NO significant effect. FACT!

  • BHR

    There was a book written in the 60’s, called, A NATION OF SHEEP by Vance Packard. That is what America has become.


    global warming isn’t real,never was!Gore coined that one to get CCX off the ground!remember CCX-Soros and Gore and even Obama got in on the buisness of trading air!!CCX was out of Chicago(imagine that)and made all investers rich!until they were caught!but instead of jailtime for all,they were just told to shut down!!they did,and time marched on and the fat cats got away with it,buisness as usual for them and Chicago!
    it’s all a hoax to get your money,money from the gov’t!!!it’s been proven over and over and over and now,yet again been proven to be a load of crap!open up your eye’s people,wake up!!!