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Debate Rules Reveal Presidential Puppet Show

October 17, 2012 by  

Debate Rules Reveal Presidential Puppet Show

Americans are told that this is the Presidential election that will determine the direction for the Nation’s future. The populace is told that a contest is under way between two ideologues — each with a separate vision for the United States and its people, and each with a different plan of action.

The election is in the final moments of a battle royal of impassioned Presidential candidates, with the finer points illustrated for the citizens of the Nation via nationally televised Presidential debates.

The portion of the population that believes this — the greater portion, no less — is simply made up of useful idiots that, in their ignorance, deserve the fate that will befall the populace of this Nation.

The truth is that the Democratic Party and Republican Party elite are orchestrating every aspect of the Presidential campaign to the benefit of the two-party political machine and the corporate and financial monied elite that have assumed plutocratic control of the United States.

A copy of the 21-page memorandum of understanding signed by the campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney that establishes the rules the two candidates must follow in debates like that which took place last night was published by TIME’s Mark Halperin this week. The document makes it clear that Americans didn’t witness a debate so much as they watched a two-party press conference.

Here is a selection of the rules set forth in the document which was signed prior to the initial Oct. 3 Presidential debate:

  • “The candidates may not ask each other direct questions during any of the four debates.”
  • “The candidates shall not address each other with proposed pledges.”
  • “At no time during the October 3 First Presidential debate shall either candidate move from his designated area behind the respective podium.”
  • For last night’s debate, “the moderator will not ask follow-up questions or comment on either the questions asked by the audience or the answers of the candidates during the debate….”
  • “The audience members shall not ask follow-up questions or otherwise participate in the extended discussion, and the audience member’s microphone shall be turned off after he or she completes asking the questions.”
  • “[T]he Commission shall take appropriate steps to cut-off the microphone of any…audience member who attempts to pose any question or statement different than that previously posed to the moderator for review.”
  • “No candidate may reference or cite any specific individual sitting in a debate audience (other than family members) at any time during a debate.”
  • “Each candidate may move about in a pre-designated area, as proposed by the Commission and approved by each campaign, and may not leave that area while the debate is under way.”

Here’s the entire document:


The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns

The Commission on Presidential Debates (read: the Democratic and Republican Party elite controlling the debates) want no spontaneity or passion from either candidate.

The creator of the following video did a pretty good job of explaining why:


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    Hmmmm. Why are we not suprized.

    “[T]he Commission shall take appropriate steps to cut-off the microphone of any…audience member who attempts to pose any question or statement different than that previously posed to the moderator for review.”

    I remember listening to commentators tell me (on Tuesday before the debate) that the “townhall” format would allow questions from the common public which might catch the candidates off guard. NOT with those rules.

    Such blatant media manipulation by both parties is clear evidence that the conspiracy theory that there is really only one party is probably not just a theory.

    • GALT

      The “conspiracy theory” is that “no conspiracy is required”………

      Did David Copperfield actually make the Statue of Liberty disappear?

      What you are experiencing is simply “misdirection” and you have been distracted, so
      that while “YOU” all KNOW that something is VERY WRONG, you do not know what it
      is……… while you will most surely act in your self interest ( both perceived and rationalized ) this will not produce an enlightened result nor a solution to that which is
      actually being done to you………..

      This allows those doing it ( acting in THEIR perceived and rationalized self interest )
      to appeal to very simplistic causes for the problem which allows them to propose equally
      simplistic solutions………and limit your actual choices to which “simplistic” cause will
      match up with your ” self interested” reality………

      The question that drives this is whether or not “government” actually is your problem
      and if you limit yourself to a “yes or no” response, then this choice will be governed by
      what your circumstances are at present……..and you will act accordingly……

      This is perfectly normal and expected behavior………and as long as you continue
      to act in a normal and expected way…….you have simply insured that those who
      benefit from the current “status quo” will continue to do so…….and that you will not,
      so that the only difference your choice makes, is how fast your present condition will
      deteriorate, not whether it will deteriorate…….and this does not require a “conspiracy”,
      all it requires is that everyone act in their own self interest……….

      This misdirection is aided by the perception that “government” is BIG, so large numbers
      are useful in attempting to support the notion that “government is the problem” and in
      it’s simplistic sense, this is TRUE………but the actual reality, is that while the
      numbers are BIG, the amounts devoted to actual government functions, have
      been continually eroded……..and diverted from the requisite government functions
      that are necessary to protect the rights of the people……and to provide the legal and
      level playing field……..and shifted disbursement to those who have corrupted it,
      while transferring the debt to the “victims” of this corruption………

      The “solution” to this problem requires that the “victims” ( and they are the overwhelming
      majority ) actually begin to examine the “mechanisms” by which this was accomplished,
      and to dismantle them……….and this can not be accomplished in a simplistic manner,
      for there is a bit of complexity and the devil is in the details but the task is not impossible.

      What is “highly improbable” is that this REALITY will be recognized for what it is, by
      the “majority of victims”……….and the first step is for the “victims” to admit that
      they are indeed VICTIMS…….( which is not normal or expected behavior ) and
      then have the ability to be able to focus and correctly determine WHO is responsible
      for “making them victims”?

      Failure to do this ( and as noted that it is highly improbable ) makes predicting the
      future fairly easy in the current climate………..because focusing on the “debt” as
      the problem……..will simply continue to divert money from the aspects of “government”
      which are needed to correct that which caused the “debt” in the first place, and since
      the “debt” will be paid by the “victims”……the end result is more of the same……and
      this is far worse than you think………..and far closer to home than you might imagine.

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG separately! )

      • Murph

        @ GALT – This is by far the most thought provoking, reasoned, articulate and staightforward post I have ever read by you. I don’t often agree with your details, although almost always with your sentiment and broad stroke points, but in this, you have captured my thoughts as well as detailed your own. Thanks.

        However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

        GEORGE WASHINGTON, Farewell Address, Sep. 17, 1796

      • Rhonda Reichel

        NORMALCY BIAS….exactly why people won’t vote 3rd party even though it’s in their best interest.

        The 2 party deception is alive and well on WND today

      • TIME

        Dear Galt,

        100% TRUTH ~ saddly I don’t know that many will get it, as you stated they first have to admit they are the Victim’s of both covert and overt fraud, as well that they to have been party to all of this fraud by way of their own consent.

        And that’s in fact ~~ the “sticky wicket.”
        For Americans to drop their EGO’S let alone to get out of their nano sized box’s.

        As most Americans are still bound to the mindless ~ R v D ~ factor, as in who’s team will win the Big PUBA Award.
        Thus proving that Team Butt Head 1 is ~ somehow better than Team Butt Head 2, when in fact there is no differance at all.
        But the Self Delusion Drug that Americans are on ~ is one very hard DRUG to stop.

        American’s need to be honest with themself before they can Progress forward.
        Saddly I don’t think thats in the cards anytime soon as seen here daily by so many who post yet are still in a deep sleep or bound to blood lust.

        Peace and Love

      • GALT

        The devil is in the details……..and it IS the details which are important……so hopefully
        we can make some progress……by exposing these details…….which I have begun to
        attempt to do in a series entitled “the wonderful world of willard”…….which I started on
        October 10th……..and which I hope to build upon in the future…….

        You can view the first two posts in this series, in Bryan Nash’s column yesterday, which referenced Tom Brokaw………..

        These deal with very specific elements from a completely factual basis……unfortunately
        there is a certain degree of difficulty in trying to insert these FACTS within the framework
        of this “forum”……simply because there is a certain mind set here, which has accepted
        the premise that “government is the problem”…….which is TRUE…..and the “solution” that
        “less government” will SOLVE the problem which is NOT TRUE………

        So for this particular effort, I have altered my approach to restrict the information in
        this series to the “factual details” of what has already been done…….and will continue
        regardless of who is elected………to what effect…….who knows?

        These are pieces in a puzzle which form the picture……each one is contributory,
        yet to ignore any one of them………leaves the picture incomplete……and that which is,
        will continue……

      • Frank Kahn

        Very eloquent, however useless. You remind me of the “old man” in government who knows exactly what is going on but refuses to tell, just hints at them.

        You state opinions, which might be based on some knowledge we are not aware of, that you only hint at, never state the true situation. What you said makes some kind of sense however, it is itself a cause of division in preparation for hanging.

        To HINT, (I use that word because you dont actually give us your answer to the questions) that we dont know WHO is behind this, only allows for a multitude of GUESSES as to the identity. I now expect that many on this site will start talking about the governance of God. While it is true that we have moved away from that, diverting everything from that purpose, it is not possibly the answer to your question.

        BIG GOVERNMENT is a major problem, it is however not the actual cause, it is more of a result. Big financial institutions (many say the Jews) are a problem, but once again this is more of a result and mostly from greed. I could go through a large list of problems that are not the cause but that would be senseless so I wont.

        I will admit that I am a victim, however I also know WHO is the cause. It is somewhat related to the term “enlightened self interest”. This may not match your opinion but that is not my goal here. One basic cause of division is self. I want what is good for me. I deserve to have more. I am sorry my neighbors are not doing well but I am doing okay. I want more money so I can live better than the “Jones”.

        So yes, we are both the victims and the cause. In the economy and even government, we want more than what is necessary to function. Government is big (paying for far too many things) mainly because that is what we demand of them. We dont just ask to be protected, we want everything. In this case, as with most others, what is good for me is not necessarily good for the community, but what is good for the community is ultimately good for me.

        Can this be fixed, I dont know, I dont personally have the solution to that part of the equation.

      • GALT

        hhhhhmmmmm…….the specifics have been provided……follow the link……and
        READ them……..this was a general post…….I am just getting started on the details…..
        and they are beyond what you can imagine……

        THIS POST has a singular purpose……..and one which you must take to comprehend
        and solve the “problem”……..repeat after me …….

        My name is Frank Kahn and I am a VICTIM!!!!!!!!!

        If you have not hit rock bottom, if you believe you are the exception, that YOU are in control or that you can escape…….every instinct you have will be to deny this reality…….

        If what is said here has no meaning for you, then you have wasted your time, telling
        me that I am wasting yours………after all, one would think that you would have better
        things to do with your time? ( not being a victim?)

        • Frank Kahn

          I have read all of your willard posts and I am getting ready to print them all to have a hard copy. I find that you have covered many topics in which you state your opinions of what was supposed to happen and what really did happen. There are not links available for researching the validity of your statements. Do you desire that we all just assume you are telling the truth?

          If you continue to refuse to answer me and just try to say you know it all then this is a worthless exercise in your own egomania. Once again, you are avoiding telling us who it is and your hints are worthless. Your statements are worthless as well if you refuse to provide supporting documentation.

        • Frank Kahn

          And yes, I have better things to do with my time than be a victim or your inane diatribe so just forget your mission to indoctrinate us to the world of GALT

      • GALT

        My apologies Frank…you did admit your victimhood……but I have provided specifics with
        more to come…..hopefully they will be useful…….take care and good luck….

      • GALT

        Frank….you have the facts…….you have the names……you have the legislation…
        have the results and we have only just begun…………( and there is more )

        So it is good that you have kept the hard copy……..but I am unclear as to what it is
        that you are asking me………regarding the FACTS that have been presented…..

        Do you have a specific question regarding these FACTS?

        To be clear, a specific question as it pertains to a specific fact……if you do, you need
        only pose it…….and I shall do my best to respond……..

        and I’m am glad that you do not have time to waste……so why are you wasting it?

      • GALT

        PS Frank…….just for fun, what simple searches will get you…..

        and this is the pre-hype……..hurry before they shut it down…..

        That never get’s olde, either……and they couldn’t be bothered……wonder why?

      • GALT

        Observation: these posts are appearing out of order… indicated by the time stamps which are not sequential……ah the mysteries……

        • Frank Kahn

          I noticed that too, but I think it might be caused when someone (you) replies to yourself. then when we reply to that post it is higher up than it should be.

      • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

        AND Jefferson said–”When government becomes so large it no longer represents the people, it is time for the people to revolt”. You will never see that happen. The UN is now going to over see our voting. Does that tell anyone something?

    • Rhonda Reichel

      yes totally scripted and a waste of time

      I taped it and tried watching 3 times but kept falling asleep

      The debate on Oct 23rd of the other 4 candidates on PBS should be a lot more interesting

  • msbets


    • Alex

      Stop screaming!

    • orples


      Alex, with all due respect … Romney is a CFR puppet, just like Obama is. Both are UN puppets. Google the CFR and check out their agenda. If you really want to vote for the benefit of America’s future, you should vote for Gary Johnson. Of course, it will take all of us to break away from the media brainwashing to assure success for our great Nation. Too many people will vote for Romney because they don’t want Obama to win. That, my dear, is how we got stuck with Obama in 2008. People need to realize that we are not limited to two choices (the media driven choices).

      Aside from race and religion, Romney and Obama are two sides of the same coin. While the paths they use might differ, their destination is the same … they will both cater to the puppet masters that pull their strings, thus leading us first into the North American Union, then the New World Order (probably not in our lifetime). This is not the legacy I want to leave for my children. How about you?

      Before giving Romney too much credit, do a little research. Check out the CFR and google Agenda 21. It’s disheartening to realize that our bought off politicians (for the most part) are selling our Nation out, right out from under us.

      You should at least check out Gary Johnson’s platform before bowing down and praising Romney too highly. I think if you do, you will see a real difference their (Obama, Romney vs Johnson) goals. Of course, the mere fact that Gary Johnson is not being promoted by ‘big money’ should tell you (us) something … he has not been bought off by the establishment.

      • orples

        Apologies go out to Alex on the previous comment. It should have been addressed to MSbets … where’s the coffee? LOL. Sorry, Alex.



      • rb

        To Peggy…Please Just Call Me Angelo;

        1. Mr. Romney is Mormon in his beliefs. Not Christian. (There is a distinction no matter what they tell you.)
        2. Why does it matter if Obama calls himself a Christian, Muslim (as he was raised), Hindu, Buddhist, or any other religion? The ability to lead our nation is not a religious matter.
        Do I personally feel a Christian would better serve the interests of my own beliefs? Yes. Do I feel someone who says they are a Christian but acts contrary to Biblical principals is more damaging than someone who simply does not claim to be a Christian? Absolutely.
        Could a Muslim be a good president? Yes…Can a Christian be a bad president? Yes. Does religious affiliation automatically make one fit or unfit for the office of president? In an of itself…NO.
        It is this constant sidetracking from the real problems facing our country that continually keeps us from approaching solutions. I hear people concentrating on race and religion when they should be concentrating on records and past performences in positions held. That’s precisely how those subjagating the working class people want it done. Divide and conquer. Keep everyone fighting over insignficant unimportant issues long enough to keep their eyes off the real issues and the fact that they are being led to the slaughter. Don’t fall for the baiting.

      • Steve E

        rb, you stated “Mr. Romney is Mormon in his beliefs. Not Christian.” That’s why the official name of the Mormon Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” The name “Jesus Christ” should affirm that the Mormons are not Christian.

    • Shelia

      OMG you sound crazy

      • Hammer

        Actually, the lady, Peggy, is right. All of us have seen what obama has done to our country during his firt four year in power. Our problems, as a Nation, have gone over the limits of anything I have ever witnessed and to the point where he has actually caused the our people to divide.
        The division between the two parties is pathetic to say the least and this means that obama has been successful in his accomplishments to fill his agenda. He is literally bring our country down and with intent.
        First of all, those of you who do not agree with this, for proof, go to your search windos and type these letters then search: “dsausa” and tell us what it is, means and says. The next thing is that it Most Definitely makes a differece what nationale, religion and background as to how that person will rule, lead or whatever, our country.
        It is apperent that obama has allowed his religious beliefs to influence our country. Peggy mentioned that obama is a muslim. I have seen irrefutable proof of this fact. Why do you think obama invited the muslim brotherhood into the WH and allow their leader to open that dinner party with a prayer, asking their allah to replace our U.S. Constitution with their shariah law. And then, obama openly states that he supports them in every way. Obama also stated that he went to his Baptist church for image reasons only.
        But what really got to me about obama was when he stood in front of cameras,on national television and made the comment that he Thinks our U.S. Constitution is a Worthless Document that needs either changed or trashed. That is serves No useful purpose these days as it was written a few hundred years ago, that it is outdated and this is now.
        Obama stated that he respects our 2nd Amendment Rights in one breath but told the U.N. that he supports their Global Small Arms Treaty and if it ever makes it to his desk, he will sign onto it.
        He was saying this AFTER he ordered the activation of 800 FEMA DETENTION CAMPS all across our country. Shortly after, FEMA ordered 2 things, 1: 140 Million MREs, 2: the same number of either plastic or polymer 2 person coffins. Now, just recently, obama authorized the purchase of OVER 1.4 BILLION ROUNDS OF HOLLOW POINT AMMUNITION and distributed them to basically all federal agencies. Now, tell me, who is this ammuntion intended for??? This gives ever single person in federal agencies a total of just over 1000 rounds each and do you have any idea what hollow point ammo can do to the human flesh?? It is against the Geneva Convention to begin with and has NEVER been used in any wars since the begging of its design.
        What is our government gearing up for if this is not anything of significance and just a conspiracy theory?? Now, as for obama being gay, well, that is his sick minded problem. But, he made it our problem when he started forcing laws to make us accept them without response when and if we are confronted by their sick ideas of trying to hit on any of us. Obama made it a crime to respond negatively to them. But, that is not the real issue here. The real issue is that we, as a country, have been hammered, slammed, embarrassed, put down, apolgized for when our people get killed bymembers of the taliban, and a ratio of about 1/3rd–2/3rds of our country are at each other’s throats, acting like everyone is ready for another American Civil War and this is exactly what the feds are concerned about and gearing up for, A CIVIL UNREST which they are insitgating. What better reason could obama have to declare Martial Law??? This would seat his position in our country and would end our elections once and for all. Obama could set himself up as our dictator and he would call himself King Obama as this is something he has always wanted.
        And, his REAL father is a devout Communist and after reading a few pages of obama’ book The Dreams of My Father, and then turning around and watching part of a documentary on it, my eyes were opened to who this man really is and what he is, is someone our country does NOT want in office. Everything that man is doing is premeditated!!!!!!!
        Now, if you wish to open the “Conspiracy Theory” subject, learn the truth of this man and you will find that there is NO “Conspiracy Theory” when it is the truth. The lack of reserch and education causes useless mistakes to occur. This seems to be the case all over our country. No one is willing to put the hours in to learn who these people are who we have to decide on as our next president. People have gotten lazy and extremely opinionated to the point that a lot of opinions make NO sense at all.
        We are being forced to choose between the lesser of the two evils and as it stands after all that I have learned from both men, my vote will DEFINITELY go to Romney!!!!!!! Our people won’t like the outcome of anther 4 years of obama and I would stake my life on this fact!!!!!!!!

    • JON

      WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!

    • Marvin Grantham

      you got it right

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Romney is PRO U.N.
      Everybody knows he’s a globalist too

      • http://speedle speedle

        Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda….help me find those “globalists”. Where do they live? Do they have secret trysts out in the Bermuda Triangle? Are they hiding under your bed maybe? Do they go “bump” in the night?

        Help me Rhonda yeah…get them out of my mind. Ba BA BA BA

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy


  • Alex

    Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” were probably just strategy briefings for the GOP’s continuing War on Women.

    Look, the GOP is currently running candidates who believe that some women are “easy to rape” and who see some rapes as “legitimate”—this on top of empaneling a group of “experts” to discuss women’s health issues and FAIL to invite ONE woman to participate!

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      Seems Obama raped your mind..

  • roger gunderson

    And now ladies and gentlemen……The muppet show

    • rb

      Hey! I find that insulting…to the Muppets.

  • Alex

    The TWO TRILLION of YOUR dollars that Mitt and Mutt want to pump into “the military” will NOT go to the guys taking the bullets, but to their War Profiteer backers at Raytheon,
    DynaCorp, KBR, etc.

    Mitt knows there is BIG money to be made in war—as long as you STAY away from the battlefield. He is a coward, plain and simple, hiding out in France during a war the HE supported! He is a loser.

    Included in Romney’s “dependent 47% victims” are thousands of war veterans. Mitt should
    slither over to a VA Hospital and tell the blind, legless, and armless vets that, to him, they
    are nothing more than leeches in the public trough who would have been better off to
    dodge the war like he did….

    • http://Personalliberitydigest sherlene

      Alex where are you getting your info…Maybee if you like the Dem family good for you..
      STOP…Your slander is hidious..JUst because Romey did not go to war I know he will help all of our people…at least not taking our hard earned money and sending our tax money over seas..Sort of speaks for it selve…

      • Chester

        Sherlee, the man was just quoting from Romney’s own statements, that ANYONE dependent on the government was worse that useless and was guaranteed to vote for Obama. He and his running mate have done so very little for the veterans, other than try to disavow them, that it isn’t funny. Might actually take a look at Ryan’s voting record when it comes to supporting the troops rather than the suppliers.

    • Patriot1776

      And obama hasn’t pumped trillions of dollars to his crony’s whether in union leadership, green energy…at least investing in our military generates jobs for Americans and provides a strong defense to protect us from terrorist. Obama’s investments have only lined the pockets of a few of his crony’s and generated jobs in Finland.

      • http://Personalliberitydigest sherlene

        I really have to say that with Oboma we have no chance of our nation ever coming back..
        Maybee Romeny is not the right choice but I feel he will get us out of this .He can do no
        worse then we have now..

      • Marvin

        reinstitute the draft, rebuild the training facilities, it would help unemployment and finances

      • Debby

        The future of non-profits which are funded through medicaid, are in jeopardy already. If Obamacare goes through non-profits organizations will not survive. There will be a huge rise in unemployment and Obama will continue to insist that he supports job growth. It is a vicious circle with this man. These candidates simply miss the big picture.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Marvin, I am waiting for you to reread your own comment and have an “oh [language removed] what did I just write” moment.

    • http://Facebook/twitter glenn dupuis

      Alex as a retired military veteran of the Vietnam war (1958-1978), many said we lost Vietnam, yet we never lost a battle.What happened in Nam started in Korea, where we were given rules for fighting a war.In Korea pilots were limited in hot pursuit from going beyond the Yalu river, in order not to upset China.Of course you if you have studied history know the outcome, we still have troops in Korea and Korea is profiting by the money it costs our G.I.s to live there.Vietnam was won by our troops but lost by the same people that are now running Washington.It doesn’t matter which party is in control or who the president is because the bottom line of politics in greed and as long as service men and women are treated as pawns,the tragedy of those who die and who live handicapped will never end.We are hated by the United Nations, but allow them to tell us how we should conduct our foreign policy especially when it comes to dealing with threats to our freedoms.Alex it will never end until the Lord returns and straightens out the entire mess.He is called “The Prince of Peace,” but the U.S. has rejected Him as the rest of the world has.Only time will tell before the final war begins.

      • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

        WELL SAID—Glenn

    • Wil

      Clueless One-and just when did your messiah serve? Oh,right,he wouldn’t stand up for the nation that he hates and is working hard to destroy,would he?

    • rb

      And who is currently escolating the wars around the world? Who is supporting NATO in bringing Al Quaida fighters to Siria to fight against their sovereign government? (Which by the way makes NATO a terrorist organization by U.S. law.) Who led the assault on Libya that deposed another soveriegn government? Who ordered more troops to Afghanistan? Who has not closed Guantanemo bay? Who armed the Mexican drug lords with automatic weapons?
      All this while never serving a day of military time himself? Hmmm…..not Romney.

  • willie lee

    Look at the platforms of both parties they are like night and day. Although Romney is nearly last on my short list for the GOP, he’s better than Obama and the platform he represents, which he takes as far to the liberal side as possible.

  • johno

    After the puppets finished their rants they should have asked the questioners if their questions had been answered answered.

  • http://Personalliberitydigest sherlene

    I have to agree with msbes, very well said and for those of you that want another 4 years of nothing being done here in the USA…The comericals showing lies agianst each other should be banned especially the Dems as I do not believe them and we had a wonderful
    nation and we can have it agian…Romeny will get the job done and done right . He has a lot of cleanning up to do….I will vote for Romeny for President..I beleive he will turn our nation around to be a proud nation once agian..

    • Shelia

      and the Republican ads are lies also, and yes I am voting for Barack Obama 2012

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        you know Sheila,you can buy your contraceptives really cheap at walmart…

      • http://Personalliberitydigest sherlene

        Wow may God Bless you…Have a great day…I will vote for Romeny..He belives in God

      • Chester

        Sheilia, I agree with you that there is so much bs coming out of both sides that it is no longer funny. I will say the Romney fans seem to have a real problem seeing the falsehoods their side puts out, just as the hardcore Obama fans have problems seeing their side’s errors. I had hoped to see someone more of McCain’s type come out as the Republican candidate, but other than Romney, all they had running were a bunch of windbags who seem to forget they do have a history. Romney remembers his, but tries to tell us that what we see isn’t what actually happened. So, yes, I, too am voting for Obama.

      • Paul McGowan

        Regardless of who is elected, unless those who call themselves “christian” MUST repen of they will be in for a surprise! As for contraceptives: A dead baby is a dead worker and taxpayer.

      • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

        Obviously you not only know little but care little about your country. As for blessing people–YOUR Obama went to Wrights church which preached hating this country. So you must hate it also. Don’t bother blessing me, I have my own church. We bless every one who walks thru the door. AND YES WE ALSO BLESS OUR COUNTRY.

  • mathis1689

    I wish the Constitution Party could nominate a candidate who stood a chance of winning. As far as I can tell their platform is the only one that is not only Biblically sound but would actually at least attempt to return this country to what our Founders dreamed of it being. And yes I know that the Republicans and Democrats have rigged the system so that a third party doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere but at one time there were several political parties and all of them were viable. My dream-although it’s probably a total fantasy-is for there to be one day a system where all parties have a chance to put themselves before the public and not have their message shut down by the powers-that-be. And that would apply to any and all parties from whatever end of the political spectrum.

    • johno

      I can understand why they don’t have 20 different persons in the debate, but they should have at least the other legitimate parties such as the Constitution or Libertarian. Any body that thinks this thing isn’t rigged has blinders on.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      We do need a third party. I think a third party COULD win if they had the money to back them.

  • dg

    Alex – open your eyes & open your mind. Quit ranting irrationally, take a deep breath, and attempt to objectively analyze the situation…. The train is headed for the cliff. It isn’t clear at all that either Obama or Romney can change the eventuality that we face because there are other big forces at play – Congress & the Supreme Court, not to mention global politics. I fear that all this will continue to erode the freedoms that we once enjoyed and the few that we enjoy today.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      That’s right–blame Congress and the US Supreme court. YOU sound just like Obuma. He hasn’t stopped blaming the past administration for four years. PROBABLY BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE THE BRAINS TO DO ANY THING ELSE TO FIX HIS MESS. OH but that’s right—HE’LL JUST BORROW MORE MONEY—THAT’LL FIX IT. It’s obvious he doesn’t have a clue on fixing the problem. As for The US Supreme Court, they’ve upheld YOUR RIGHT to bear arms or doesn’t that mean anything to you.

  • Operation mind crime

    While technically it may appear to be 2 parties when it comes down to business this country is run the same way.
    Obama “Nobel peace prize winner” still involved US soldiers in conflicts in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Africa. Why? Cause his masters have told him to do so. None of this is coincidence. It’s all planned. You can go back 11 yrs and find video of Chenney reading in order the proposed overthrow of foreign countries governments by the US. Exactly in order that they have done. The actions were pre planned all that was needed was fabrication of reason.
    Anyone who believes that the two party system is really different would also have to believe that all of these career politician scum would be willing to loose all their fortunes when party control changes. There is a reason it doesn’t matter to them and that is because it all stays the same. Just enough change here and there to make you think they are different.
    That is also why they don’t want a 3 party system. They were both dead set against Ron Paul for a reason. He would have upset the apple cart folks . Stop being so naive.

    • GALT

      Actually, neither Ron Paul nor Gary Johnson would make a dent……….their
      vision simply appeals to a niche that is willing to “hear” what they already think
      they know…….which lacks specific detail and is based on a reality that never was.

      You can not restore that which never existed……in a present which you do not
      comprehend, to anticipate a future for which there is no historical precedent…..
      this time the circumstances are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT……..and historically,
      our mistake was to believe that THIS TIME WAS DIFFERENT……..and were wrong.

      What is different for this reality is that there is no margin for error, and that to
      fail THIS TIME……….is that it will probably be the last time…….interesting times to
      be sure……..but not particularly enjoyable, for anyone……

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    This should not come as a supprise to anyone who’s gray matter is still working, if your gray matter is not working well, here are a few pointers to help you get back some “COGNITIVE” function;

    #1, Turn off your TV ~~ as in ~~”don’t watch it,” don’t listen to it, just turn it off. Do the same with your radio’s, as to ~ PBS, ~ yes they are just as bent. Stop allowing others to tell you what to think, what to wear, what to do, when to do it.

    #2, Go for a walk daily build up to walking 3 miles in under 35 minutes, get your blood flowing. Make your body work to aid in your mind working again.

    #3, Get off all the garbage meds being sold to you, ~ YES you are really a “DRUG ADDICT” ~ even if your Doc prescribes the noted meds, your still a drug addict.

    #4, Go to a local farm or farmers, old hippys who bake breads and such, and buy your foods from them ~~~ stop buying the packaged GMO laden garbage.

    #5, Allow free thinking patterns to expand your base of views, {stop thinking you know something,} when in fact ~~ all you really know is the garbage you have been
    ” INDOCTRINATED” to think ~ as in keep you in a box ~. It’s all wrong so get over it. Learn something new each day.

    #6, Stop thinking you’re the be all and end all just due to your living in the United States, afterall you’re living in a Soft Prison and this will become quite clear after you break the chains of the control grid thats been Pre made for your mind.
    As in the 12 basic years of all ~ schooling was INDOCTRINATION, as well higher levels of Education are just more “INDOCTRINATION”

    #7, Learn to find your news from on line sights such as: Steve Quayle, or Before its news, Redice Creations etc.. Even with these ask questions, don’t just take it for granted

    #8, Smile at other humans, open your heart to them ~ and help them if they are in need,

    #9, Get a good water filtration system {one that removes} the FLORIDE from your water..

    #10, If you find information, follow it up ~~ as in ~ dig as deep as you can to find out if its true or not,

    #11, This one is very hard, ~~ OPEN YOUR MIND to all the vast possibilities that life has to offer.. Stop thinking in the 20 second sound bite platform. Become a Detective and pull down all the walls of the box’s that have been built for your mind.

    Last and not least, PLEASE ~ “STOP the HATE.”

    Peace and Love be with you, May you who understand that there is a greater power see that light, and ~ open your hearts, and minds. NEVER is Killing millions of your fellow Humans within reason. And NO ~ GOD is not with you when you do such

    PS: These two puppets as well all the media puppets are not there for you, they are there to do nothing but “CONTROL” ~ YOUR every move and thought.
    Stop the Maddness, STOP the Hate,

    • http://Personalliberitydigest sherlene

      Yes we need to stop the hate ..I can not stand Oboma and just what does he stand for??
      yes Romeny will change this and he says it will take time I will take my chances with him
      all the people should re evaluate thier thoughts and feeling Oboma had his chance and did nothing…I am ready for change..

  • Dhip

    The debate last night was a fiasco. Obama was full of his lies routine. Gas, Lybia, jobs, unemployment, all lies, and he seemed indignant, actually indignant that he was caught in lies. And Candy Crowley, as expected, added in to support Obama. Obama was nothing more than an entertainer last night. What he has done to the country the last four years is criminal.

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    we have to rid the country of obama …Romney may not be the best,but noone can be worse than BHO..Now that the citizens are becoming aware of whats happening to their country I believe they will strive to better educate themselves for future elections…The Senate must get back in conservative hands in order for any real change to happen.

  • Marc

    How many of you know anything about THE GREAT DEPRESSION? What happened in The Great Depression of the 30′s is actually going on today. No president before President Obama, or after President Obama would have or will turn our economic and job problems around over night within 4 years time. It took over 12 years to get this country back on the road to recovery. I think it would be in everybody’s interest to do a little research on The Great Depression, it helped me to better understand what this country and the world is going through today.

    • ChuckS

      One thing conservatives shouldn’t do is assume everybody knows everything we do. We need to be teachers – sometimes elementary school. Everybody “knows” about the depression, but different people “know” – believe – vastly different things. What is your view of the depression? Many people think Hoover tried free enterprise and Roosevelt’s socialist worked. I believe other people who think Hoover tried socialist programs that didn’t work, and Roosevelt made them worse, which also didn’t work.

      • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

        I really think you should study a little more on that depression. Also the school system. The schools don’t teach Civics any more, so where do the young people learn about our past and what this country faced? Maybe from the teachers China is sending over and paying half their salaries. Maybe you haven’t heard about that either. One of my teachers in grade school (Gertrude Warner) never had a college degree. She was a great teacher. She was also famous for writing the books called “The Boxcar Children” There is a railroad boxcar in Putnam, CT dedicated to her, where you can see her writings. There are fewer and fewer dedicated teachers as there were when I was in school. Now it’s all about money.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      I was young, but in the Great Depression, and it started out of it when we entered WW2. In reality it was the war that brought us out of it. There was a lot of young people that died in that war for the ignorance of government. I think you should do a little more history on it. OBUMA HAS CONTINUED TO BORROW MONEY TO GET US OUT OF A SLIGHT RECESSION, MONEY YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN CAN”T PAY BACK. YOU CUT SPENDING AND BIG GOVERNMENT, WHICH THIS PRESIDENT HASN’T GOT A CLUE AS TO WHAT TO DO. This president LOVES BIG GOVERNMENT. When Reagan took over the unemployment rate was about the same as when Obuma took over AND we were in a slight recession, almost the same situation. In 4 years people were seeing what he was capable of and they overwhelmingly voted him back him, and when he left office we were out of it. As I said in another statement–Obuma couldn’t come up to Truman’s, Kennedy’s or Reagan’s shoe strings.

  • Alex

    How is it that the staunchly anti-abortion GOP nominated a Vulture Capitalist who has made MILLIONS disposing of aborted fetuses?

    What a bunch of hypocrites the Reich Wingers are!

  • Alex

    Mitt Romney is a soulless shell, a man with no conviction or spine—look at how often he
    sticks his slimy finger into the wind to see which way it is blowing, and thus cater to his particular audience on a particular day with what they want to hear.

    He is for abortion; he is against abortion. He is for an assault weapons ban; he is against an assault weapons ban—-clearly, he will say ANYTHING, tying his forked tongue into
    knots, in order to garner votes. LOSER….

    • Harry Kaufman

      Here is a better description–The abortion issue is very personal to Mitt Romney. His own mother considered not having him when doctors told her he would be born heartless and spineless. 

      • Jay

        Harry says: His own mother considered not having him when doctors told her he would be born heartless and spineless.

        Wow, the doctors were dead-on with their diagnosis! 

    • rb

      Sounds like you think Mitt is just another politician. Sounds like you’re right. Sounds like he’s just like our current President. All that rhetoric aside let’s just look at the current President’s record of what he said he would do compared to what he has accomplished. Or even tried to accomplish. Based on that record alone (Super majority in both the House and Senate for half his term) on his record alone mind you, this man should not be re-elected. He can’t get anything done. Blame who you want to blame the fact is he is unable to lead and unable to accomplish productive change. That alone makes him not worthy of a second term.

      • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

        I have never heard such ignorant statements as the ones above. Vote for OBUMA, you all deserve what you get as will your children and grand children. OBUMA went to (Whights) a church most of his life that preached hating this country. We can only pay the interest on the money he’s borrowed. He wants a socialistic country. He has taking more vacations than any sitting president. His wife isn’t to far behind him on spending money. I believe he was put in office to destroy this country and he’s doing a good job. He couldn’t even come up to Truman’s, Kennedy’s or Reagan’s shoe laces. I’m 77 and am glad I won’t see this country go under. He has put us on a path of destruction. Why don’t you all including him, move to Russia or China and leave my country alone.

  • TIME

    All of you please take 45 minutes and watch thie following youtube video;

    Don’t be lazy, ~~ just google it and listen and watch ~~ perhaps even learn a few things.

    Just for the record, if you take the TIME and investigate the evidence what you will find is that this video ranks a 99.99% Correct, there was but one single very slight flaw I found, otherwsie its ~~ on point.

    ** ( This is the truth 2012 ) **

    Again this is quite simple but I am not your mommie, so you have to do some work other than just sit there and P&M. Now google it and get started.
    If you will not even take this simple step, then in fact this nation is dead in the water.
    You all need to really start thinking about what efforts you will invest.

    Peace and Love

  • pete0097

    i think that obama had the questions before the debate. How else would he have prepped the “moderator” with the quote that he will track down anyone that terrorizes the US. Even though, he mis-quoted himself and his minions. I am still waiting for the answer as to why they didn’t have the security that they requested at the Libian consulate. obama never answered, although, he did admit that the “buck stops here” and the OVal Office.

    • Harry Kaufman

      You really want an answer?? Here it is INTELLIGENCE. Look into some..


    That is your opinion!!!But I Partly Agree!!

  • Harry Kaufman

    Best part of these debates happens when one hears GOODNIGHT.,.

  • TML

    “The candidates may not ask each other direct questions during any of the four debates.”

    That always makes for a good debate :-/

  • Bimbam

    Sounds like to me a controlled debate, with strict protocols and not a townhall debate at all. But look, it got that way anyway. And those rules should of been applied to the moderator and not the debators.

    But that’s how it is in a liberal world, everything is ass backwards. No wonder they promote homosexuals.


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