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Debate Follows Familiar Trend, Paul Speaks Up

October 20, 2011 by  

Debate Follows Familiar Trend, Paul Speaks Up

The two-hour CNN/Western Republican Leadership Conference debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday followed the same plot that the four GOP debates since Labor Day have: contention between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and 9-9-9, Michele Bachmann’s love of Israel, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum not saying too much, and Ron Paul’s cry for liberty.

About midway through the first hour of the debate, the moment which most mainstream media chose to use as a headline occurred. Perry, in an attempt to alleviate scrutiny of hypocrisy that he has been accused of, accused Romney of hiring illegal aliens as landscapers, referencing a news story from the 2008 election cycle. The two continued to quarrel throughout the rest of the night, mostly over personal issues.

Cain, who has enjoyed favorable poll numbers in recent weeks, again came under scrutiny by other candidates over his 9-9-9 plan. When he called the attacks “mixing apples and oranges,” the candidate was attacked by Romney, who noted that some States don’t want the burden of a national sales tax.

“I’m going to be getting a big bushel basket that has apples and oranges in it, because I’m going to be paying both taxes. And the people of Nevada don’t want to pay both taxes,” Romney said in one of the debate’s early lines that drew applause.

Most news reports don’t make mention of Paul’s performance in the Tuesday debate, but on the heels of the release of his “Restore America” plan that announces $1 trillion in proposed budget cuts the candidate had much to say. Many times after Paul answered a question, candidates responding would preface their statements with, “Congressman Paul is right.”

Paul took a hard stance against military spending, but said he believes the cuts he has proposed will actually make the country safer.

“This debt bubble is the thing you better really worry about because it’s imploding on us right now; it’s worldwide,” Paul said. “To cut military spending is a wise thing to do.”

He also said that foreign aid should be the easiest cut to the Federal budget that Americans make, saying that it not only bankrupts this country but makes others dependent and unstable. To his assertion that Israel would be included in the cuts, Bachmann said there is no way the cuts should be made because, “Israel is our greatest ally.”


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    • Michael

      The middle school squabbles are more than just tiresome, they allow the national media to pick the Republican candidate for us. Just as they did with McCain and we all saw where that went.

    • Pat

      ..on the contrary….we don’t need to HEAR anything….they will just tell you what you want to hear and then turn around and DO something else once elected. WHAT PEOPLE NEED TO DO IS JUDGE BY THEIR PAST ACTIONS ONLY – not from the sunshine and lollipops that comes out of their mouths during campaign time….when will people learn this?

      • Honestly

        AMEN….research their past voting history and where they have stood on historical issues that count.

        • Caroline

          And the only candidate with a solid background of constitutional voting is Ron Paul! He has never backtracked on anything he said or voted on.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Yes, but all the fighting between romney and perry(small letters on purpose) have taken away from R. Pauls exposure and he needs all he can get!! I want to be able to address Ron Paul as Mr. President!!!

    • Michele

      The fighting is obscene between the contestors. This is serious business and not some sideshow of petty crab. We need to hear from all of them and about for what they stand and what we can hold them accountable. Keep the fighting against Obama not each other. We are smarter then you think. We want to hear hpw you are dealing with issues such as the advancement of Islam inside our government branches, Our country’s security, defense, economy, our Liberty to be restored, Taxes, moral issues, jobs, New Black panther issues, Supreme Court judges installed under Obama to be released, they will uphold Obama’s agenda, no communism, no fascism, no socialism, no Boilderberg Group member in our government, no consulting with Billy Clinton or speaking on behalf the president. ONE NATION UNDER GOD AND THE CONSTITUTION. Our forfathers knew what they were doing better than what we have today. All of Obamas bills must be cancelled. No government take overs of companies, either they sink or swim. Mr. Ron Paul, Please I agree with all foreign aid to stop but NOT ISRAEL, IT IS A VITAL ALLY OF OURS IN THE MIDDLE EAST. CLOSE CAIR AND THE LIKES THEY ARE UNDERMINING OUR COUNTRY WITH CONNECTIONS TO TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. Hey they tell you what they want to do. KILL INFIDELS/AMERICANS. ELIMINATE ALL congress/senators who are tied to Islamic groups and are receiving pay-off from them, I know of 42 +. Some have converted to Islam and have split loyalties 80% Idlam, 20% american interest just for show and we are paying their salaries, They are traitors, out with them. EACH CANDIDATE MUST HAVE EQUAL TIME TO PRESENT THEMSELVES, WE WILL FIND THE TRUTH.

  • Rosco1776

    Congressman Paul has been right for years! I’m glad I listened to him before the 08 crash as my 401K was rescued by following his and Peter Schiff’s advice.

    For me it’s Ron Paul 2012 or BU$T !!

    • bobby

      AMEN TO Rosco1776. We have this election to save our country. If Ron Paul or his message does not win, we will have lost this country forever.

    • Curtis Bostic


  • Terry Haney

    Thanks for bringing this up. Ron Paul actually has a solution while the others just have plans. There was one period where he wasn’t even ask a question for 40 minutes. The media wants to pick the candidates and doesn’t alllow equal time. It made me donate even more to Ron Pauls campaign.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      There is good reason the MSM does this. They don’t want R. Pauls message to get out as it willresonate with the informed voters!!!

  • Tazio2013

    Musings on GOP Follies
    Wednesday, October 19, 2011 – by Nelson Hultberg

    The Empty Suit

    In the wake of the recent New Hampshire debate televised on Bloomberg October 11th, one has to conclude that Rick Perry’s star is not just fading; it has crashed into that horrible fate known as FIP (flash in pan). He desperately needed to throw several ideology-policy bombs to the country intertwined with a charismatic assertiveness that demonstrates gravitas and political leadership. Instead, what came forth was mild-mannered folksy boilerplate that one finds in talks to Rotary groups and Kiwanis meetings. His vibrant Texas charm that carried him to the governor’s mansion in Austin during the past decade is simply not enough to impress the national media and the dominant power brokers of Washington, so crucial in achieving credibility as a serious presidential candidate. Perry is too light on substance with an embarrassingly weak grasp of the fundamental issues at stake in the national-global arenas, or at least an inability to express his grasp of such issues in clear, forceful orations off the top of his head.

    The Pizza King

    The political right’s latest fancy, Godfather’s Herman Cain, would quite frankly be a disaster as president with his combination of an income tax and a national sales tax. European VAT, here we come, with Herman at the helm. Have any of these GOP aspirants ever studied the world to see what is stultifying other societies? Have any of them (other than Ron Paul) studied history to gain a perspective on what works and what fails in political systems? Have any of them contemplated what is ethically correct in a political context for a free society? Apparently not.

    The Charlatan

    Newt Gingrich is certainly the smartest pol in this motley crew. He possesses a razor sharp ability to poke the pompous press right where it’s the weakest – in its obsession with “gotcha journalism” and its reliance on pitifully superficial analyses of the issues. Unfortunately Gingrich is also a charlatan advocate of freedom and Americanism. He is the ultimate power junkie that populates political capitals the world around. He stands for freedom like Orwell’s O’Brien and the Thought Police do – it’s something for the State to dole out when needed to manipulate the masses, but always a “temporary expedient” to crush and lessen over the long haul in modernity’s march to global collectivism. Gingrich is neoconservative all the way on both domestic and foreign policy issues, relentlessly poisoning the electorate with paranoia over Islamo-fascist armies allegedly threatening to take over the world.

    The Flip-Flopper

    Thus surprise, surprise, Mitt Romney will be the eventual choice as GOP nominee. After all, the Republican Party almost always picks statist establishmentarians such as George Bush or plodding loyalists such as Robert Dole. Mitt, who is the son of the 1960s Michigan governor George Romney, has been cultivated by the establishment for two decades now as Reaganesque presidential material. Possessed of rugged good looks with an engaging personality and a mellifluous ability to articulate ideas, Romney is a political operative’s dream candidate (at least appearance-wise) in the television age.

    The Patriot

    We do surely need Ron Paul to challenge this frightful sellout of America as an Independent. I for one would like to see Paul declare immediately as such; but my guess is that, if he does entertain ambitions to run as an Independent, he will still remain in the GOP nomination race until after the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. No doubt he feels obligated to his followers and campaign staffs that he has established in those two states to make a strong attempt in their primaries. But after a third or fourth place showing, he can legitimately say to his followers that only a small number of Republicans will ever accept him, that his real constituency is broad based throughout the general population and includes Independents and disenchanted Democrats, thus justifying an Independent run. On this point, he is quite correct. His appeal cuts a wide swath across America with Republicans, Democrats and Independents liking him. A recent Harris poll on September 28th actually has Paul besting Obama by 51% to 49% in a head to head match.

    • Alice

      Well, I for one will be WRITING IN Ron Paul even if he is not a Republican nominee or an Independent candidate. Let’s ALL decide to do that!

      • texastwin827

        Alice, I also will be writing his name in. My only fear is that, by doing so, we will provide for the re-election of Obama.

        That said, there comes a time that people have to stand up and send a message to Washington and, should he not win the Republican nomination, I can think of no better time to do so.

      • The Traditionalist

        I also agree with you Alice. I am for Dr. Paul, he is our only hope. The other candidates are wolves in sheeps cloths. They mouth conservative ideas but they will never follow through with them. I think it ought to be mandantory that every ballot have a place at the bottom that states, “none of the above”. If enough people checked that box mabe they would get the message. I am sick and tired of having to vote for the lesser of two evils. It is time the big corporate owned midia and corrupt socialist-infested political parties stop deciding who America should vote for. I was so disgusted with the last presidential ballot I left it blank. I refused to vote for either of the two socialist who were running for president.

      • dale

        i have done that in the last 2 elections and will write him in again

    • W Smith

      At the Follies….

      Why the Republican Party continues to allow the Liberal media to shape the debate is beyond me. In that light I both agree and disagree with your analysis.
      The “Empty Suit” does appear that way. I was more than a bit surprised. He has a lot of money at his behest that needs to compound very high interest and right now. I think he is done and wonder what will become those dollars?
      Art Laffer has lauded Herman Cains 9-9-9 with the caveat it will not be simple to adapt or easy to implement. The bigger issue is what to replace our broken tax system with that will deny the greed of our Bureaucratic Class.
      I would love to see a series of 3 hour debates on the Lincoln-Douglas model as proposed by Newt. Charlatan? In a town like Washington D.C. just how do you distinguish Gingrich on that basis? He is the smartest guy in room but yes those questions persist.
      We all tend to change our minds over time on a variety of things. Some change their minds more often than others. I think Mitt falls into this group. At least he doesn’t say one thing one day and something literally the next like our current incumbent. Surround Mitt with the likes of say a John Bolton as Secretary of State I would be much relieved.
      If only a Ron Paul had succeeded U.S. Grant to the Presidency these discussions might not be necessary. Again maybe a John Bolton and some others might quell my fears. But this is the age of television and Liberals moderate the debates. I for one am not willing to wager my country versus a second Obama term with anything but the best hand.

    • Pilot

      One solid fact is that the next president will be either a democrat or a republican. No independent has a chance of winning. If Ron Paul or any other candidate wants to actually win, he needs the nomination of one of those two parties. If Ron Paul does run as an independent in 2012 it will split the republican vote and guarantee us four more years of Obama. Think about it.

    • Michele

      I am concerned to make certain that the strongest candidate and most faithful one FOR THIS COUNTRY, will be the one who can beat Obama. It is unfortunate that so many people still like him, but dont hear what he says and dont see what he does. He has sold us out. NWO, and all his punk supporters have created a major uhheavel and chaos in this country. I have a hard time keeping up with all of his bills, mostly backdoor deals Chicago style. Plus his outright lies. Ron Paul is a good one and most non flamboyant, but will he beat Oabama??? Paul is not knowledgeable on foreign policies, which bothers me to a great extend. Then there is Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other countries Obama got us into through the UN. WHO IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY??? THE UN?? THE UNION THUGS??? THE COMMUNIST’S??? THE ISLAMIST’S ???? CORRUNPTED CONGRESS PEOPLE AND AIDS??? CORRUPTED JUDGES???? THE LIST GOES ON AND ON….!!! tHEY ARE BRINGING OUR COUNTRY DOWN WHILE WE ARE PAYING FOR THEIR SALARIES, BENEFITS ETC. PLUS WE THE PEOPLE ARE SO BUSY PAYING FOR DONATIONS WITH GROUPS THAT FIGHT TO UNDO ALL OF THEASE BILLS. Are we nuts???? Mr. Obama needs to go.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        Ron Paul may not be well versed on Foreign Policy, but definitely knows more about then our Apologizer-in-Chief. At least Paul will not embarrass the USA like Obummer does. He doesn’t lie & say what he thinks not what he thinks you want to hear. Most of what I hear from him is like an echo of my own thoughts. Maybe not 100%, but I might not be right in my thoughts about certain issues either. He wants to get rid of corrupt departments in this government, only I would gut the BATF & a few more crooked or unnecessary branches of Government that limits our freedom. I believe in Nationwide Concealed Carry should be unrestricted for all non-criminal & Law Abiding US Citizens. None of the other Candidates will even answer you if you ask about these issues. Some just say they are Pro-Gun or Pro-Second Amendment – so did Obummer. Pin these prospective Candidates down to answer these issues or questions with specific answers instead of pandering with might do scenarios. Paul is looking better & better from an honesty perspective. He says what he intends to do, just like Obama did, only Paul explains what that includes, Obama didn’t. Some of us were smart enough to do some research & knew exactly what Obama was & wasn’t. Enough said!

  • Pat

    the liberal media is deciding who our next candidate will be & these people are fools for falling for it, instead of arguing amongst each other, point out what ovomit has done to the country & how to change it, etc

    • Ronbo

      Pat – your point is taken. You hate Obama. Now try to move on. It’s becoming tiresome to read your nit-witicisms. Calling people names is second grade.

    • jim

      You are RIGHT ON, ole barry the Socialist IDIOT who got us in this MESS and digs us deeper Daily is the enemy! He MUST be voted OUT along with all of his lib dem and rhino cronies!! Sweep them back to the GUTTER where they came from and belong!

  • Freemind

    It’s all choreographed for your entertainment and means nothing in the greater scheme of things.

  • http://yahoo don

    if herman caine gets the nomination the lower incomes will suffer. the retired on fixed incomes will be hit bad. the upper end will rally ben efit. they will go from their very. sheltered incomes to 9%.does anyone believe that they will invesst back into america. HELL NO. they will pocket it or go overseas.

  • Clint

    Ron Paul is the most logical candidate among the bunch the Republicans have battling it out for the opportunity to represent the party. He needs to fine tune the message he wants the citizens of the USA to hear. Reach out to each and every family who is trying to live the Dream that we grew up hoping to attain at least part of. Just as there is a fine line between insanity and genius, there is a fine line between governing a nation and controlling. We have slipped into a controlling nation, and at the same time, burdened our entire population with debt that the majority of us want to be released from. I know that is a vague statement, it is also a broad statement; covering not just challenges facing us here in the USA, but also the desire of many to control the rest of the world. Ron Paul knows where the FOCUS belongs and he needs to concentrate on delivering that message. Don’t let the other wanna bees take you off your goal Mr. Paul.

  • Denis F

    Unfortunately, the best candidates have the least money to spend campaigning and Romney is a phony with lotsa $$…scares the hell outa me..

    • Tazio2013

      Unfortunately, Willard “Mitt The Mormon” Romney will be the last Republican standing and, once again, we will vote for the lesser of two evils/evil of two lessers and absolutely nothing meaningful will change. Ron Paul must run as a third party candidate if the downward spiral of the US socio-politico-econo-financial system is ever to reverse its disastrous course.

  • dan

    fools and tools or….Patriot RON PAUL and common sense.Washington,
    Jefferson and Franklin would endorse him.

  • Lee

    To his assertion that Israel would be included in the cuts, Bachmann said there is no way the cuts should be made because, “Israel is our greatest ally.”

    Okay I think she has that backwards as were Iraels greatest ally, They give the marchings orders and we comply. Its time to quit giving our money away when we are in such turmoil at home. I agree with the Doc.

    • ChristyK

      Right now we give about 2.5 times as much money to Israel’s enemies as we give to Israel and we boss Israel around because we give them money. If we cut off ALL foreign aid and quit meddling in all of the countries, Israel would be much better off than they are now. I don’t have a problem with SELLING them some technology to help them defend themseleves, but we shouldn’t be GIVING them anything, we’re broke.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        Obummer just said he was giving Libya Millions to help them recover. Since the Muslim Brotherhood is now in control of Libya, guess who he is giving it to (besides us)?

  • Ronbo

    Ron Paul is the most coherent in this group. The media marginalize his ideas when he is by far the best candidate.

    All we can do is voice our support, send money and hope that Democracy can defeat the wealthy corporate class that has us choosing between Obama and Perry – when we know there is not a difference between the two. They will maintain the status quo at all costs.

  • Priscilla

    Just for once I would like to watch a debate,where all the candidates are allowed to debate,instead we have to watch all of them act like children,except for Ron Paul the only adult on the stage!!
    The press will not make my choice. Dr. Paul does not waiver and explains himself well. We the people are fed up with elite telling us how we should think.”

  • bobby


  • Harry S.

    Whay surprises me is why mobody seemed to notice how Anderson Cooper, the moderator, was baiting the candidates by fueling their anger and criticism at each other. He kept jumping in and repeating to them critical remarks that each one said to another – challenging the candidates to get abgry abd defebsive. This was not a decent format for a debate, but when you consider the liberal bias OF CNN and the moderator, Anderson Cooper, it’e no surprise.

    • Harry S.

      Please excuse the typo errors in my blog – I need a new keyboard badly.

      • http://WeThePeople Jean

        I liked your typos – no problem – well said even with them. Of course Anderson is a complete biological mental joke – that is why CNN chose him – what is NOT hard to like about him – he is just another illusion
        camo – trying to blend in.

  • EagleEye111

    “One Of Our Nations Fathers Is In The House After All”!


    It could be a wonderful day in America on November 2012 only if the little giant, the man, with a big heart and big tent wins! This giant of a man is Ron Paul! Mr. Paul shows enormous amounts of courage and is very slow to anger, can be trusted, has love in his heart I believe for his God, his country, and his devoted family! Treats people with dignity and honor, does not lie, means what he says, says what he means, carries around a sense of honor with courage and dignity too stand alone if necessary against overwhelming odds to change the face of history! Never changes his message to appease the crowd, stays consistent with his philosophy and cries out against us as citizens and our leaders who fail too follow the United States Constitution! Speaks out against those leaders who take advantage of our weaknesses and wrong us because they can with the power we citizens gave them! Yes he has faults, yes he is older but wiser than the rest of the field but has yet to use that age or wisdom to convince the American people of his superior qualifications and experience in dealing with children who waste too much of our treasure, or they want to much from others or cry when they loose their allowances! Ron Paul, a father figure who walks the walk and talks the talk, yes he is a very qualified American Statesman! Everyone who follows him knows that he will give his life for this country, his family, and the U. S. Constitution! So what are all Americans waiting for? A false image, a demon, a rogue, a traitor, a manipulator and it seems for the thieves, war mongers, liars, puppets of the corn, and for this great nation to be delivered up to the New World Order and too those who believe in Satan not our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! Treason is before us and those sick and perverted twisted individuals loving tyranny are not going to give up without the fight Ron Paul and others will bring!
    Traitors are in our land now, working hard on their magical powers, forming attacks and excuses ready to discredit the non believers! If those of you believe the rhetoric the current occupant in the Whitehouse, Obama is spinning, as well as the other Republican Candidates who are seeking the nomination against Ron Paul, you are badly mistaken! For all of them are now picking up Ron Paul’s message as though they have always had your back with his policies they now called theirs!

    You are mistaken if you believe this, because these puppets have been selected by your opposition to lead us down the wrong path and the certainty of winning the past and future elections to date! They have betrayed us for so long with the two party system designed by devils not patriots! Their methods have always been the same, to deliver the country to our enemies!
    Actually American citizens have already lost to our enemies for we allowed to many times the Constitution to be violated by individuals who truly do not believe in this nation! Our sovereignty has been sold to the invaders and our heritage taken by those we thought were our friends and brothers! Prayers are now what we must have answered from a God whom we chose early in our history to lead us, and are now removing his strength and power from our society because those traitors know that “God” is one of the major principles, “the major ingredient” that bound us as citizens and as a strong nation then in time, and should be now but isn’t! God has been removed wrongfully out of our society by those who know devotion to more than just ourselves was necessary to defend this nation we love! Ron Paul is that hope and change we thought we had gained in 2008! Being honest and loyal to the principles that made this country great is what is missing now so please I beg of you to remember your country first, regardless of party, pledge or promise! Those who attempt to mesmerize our citizens with their so called charms will deceive you and be last to defend you, or your country, for our very lives and country are truly at stake!

    Retired (SGM) United States Army

    • Lee


    • Fred

      So well stated and thorough. Let us create a Ron Paul bandwagon and
      TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. He is raising tons of money from middle class
      Americans from all walks of life because he speaks and walks the
      ISSUE. Lets get back to understanding what a Constitutional Republic is and mobilize ourselves just like our founding fathers did so that
      we will be able to display the power to win.


  • EagleEye111

    “What If” seems to be the Ron Paul slogan by many who are writing blogs today addresssing our nations woe’s! Well I tell you now bumper stickers should read “If Not Ron Paul Why” Because Americans are more in tune with TV land and fairy tales,liars, losers and lunitics that’s why! “If not now when” after we as a nation have lost the greatest gifts of all our generations in the past. “FREEDOM”!

    • texastwin827

      Glad you mentioned bumper stickers. I realize that many supporters are on social security and may not be able to afford even a minimal donation to Ron Paul, HOWEVER, nothing prevents us from buying a bumper sticker from his website and NOTHING prevents us from volunteering to work for his campaign.

      I am already registered, as a volunteer, here in TX and the more of us who display a bumper sticker, them more visibility he has. Think about it, if half the cars in the country have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on it, that tells the other half how much support he has, regardless of what the media trys to say.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest az-ike

    I understand many PLD readers are supporters of Rep. Ron Paul. While I have not previously followed his votes or Presidential efforts, his supporters agree he has a consistent message of constitutionally limited government.

    So would any (or many)of you please explain to me why, if Ron Paul is such an adamant supporter of the Constitution, he has not addressed the eligibilty issue of BHO. I am very open to listening to any reason why a constitutionalist has ignored the constitutional requirement of a ‘natural-born’ President.

    Any takers?

    • Alex Frazier

      To be up front, I agree with your assessment of Obama’s legitimacy. I think he’s not a natural born citizen and does not meet the criteria to be President of the United States.

      But to answer your question, we can check the voting history, but unless someone wants to spend their time watching CSPAN all day every day to catch every word of the House discourse and debate, I don’t know that it can be conclusively said that he has NOT voiced his objection to Obama on the grounds of his birth.

      Secondly, a birth certificate, however bogus we may all think it is, WAS eventually produced. It’s suspect to be sure, but one was produced all the same.

      So no one can really say if Paul objected to Obama, and if he didn’t, there is a valid reason, albeit a suspicious one.

    • Richard

      Who truly cares about his eligibility any longer? He is the President, has been the President and will continue to be the President. I personally hope he is no longer the President come 2012. Why would or should anyone, let alone Ron Paul, spend one second on this issue when for all rights and purposes it is a dead issue. Granted, if he is not a natural born citizen, the media and those involved in the deceit, if any, have done a grave disservice to our country. Only history will tell. The miniscule amount of media attention that Ron Paul receives is far better spent attempting to forward his message of a return to a government that uses an accepted format of governance regulated by that document called the Constitution of the United States. There are far more important issues of debate at this late date than if Obama is a citizen. For the record, he probably is not. Why did he spend so much time and money attempting to avoid having to produce a birth certificate? For that matter, there is so little of Obama that we truly know and what we do know is frightening. Yet the people lined up in droves and sobbed and had shivers run down their legs. They were all mesmerized by this man that we still to this day really don’t know much about. We know his Senatorial voting record was abysmal, having voted present more often than not. He never really took a side on most issues of the day. We know he spent twenty years in the church of Reverend Wright only to say after that he never heard the good reverend say anything very inflammatory from the pulpit. We’re not very certain of where he got the funding to go to all the colleges he attended. We’re not very certain of his activities with being a community organizer. His records and those of his wife Michelle, from their college days, have been placed under lock and key. So, az-ike, the issue of him being a citizen or not is not really the issue. It is the fake issue to distract the public from the real issues of the day. The issue is why hasn’t the media done it’s job? Why did the media give this guy a free pass to the white house? Why did they choose to not fully investigate this guy and ask a whole bunch of questions about his past, from the junior senator from Illinois? They only spoke in superlatives when describing him. They made him into a rock star. And the public fell for the diversion. Hope and change. He told us what his change was when he spoke to Joe the Plumber. Spread the wealth. If he wants to spread the wealth why not start in his own bank account and donate more to charity like his vp Biden does. NOT! Again, there are bigger fish to fry in this election cycle than wondering if Obama is a citizen. So, let’s move in to the present and stay focused on what does matter. The growing debt, the hidden and secret world of the privately owned and operated so called “federal” reserve. That same “federal” reserve that has absolutely nothing to do with the federal government other than loan money that they print to us. Money they have no, nor ever did have any tangible asset backing their loan with. Fiat money. Money created on a printing press out of thin air. It might as well be Monopoly money. How about our porous borders? How about wars in Iraq, Afghanistan. Military forces committed to Libya and now in Uganda. There are so many more important issues to focus on than a birth certificate. Let’s attempt stay focused on those things that truly are causing a decline in our way of life and less time on things that have little or no bearing on our future as a Republic.

  • RAT

    I am very upset with the candidates getting into tussles that are set up by the “moderator”, Anderson Cooper being the absolute worst there is. The media is not hiding the fact that they are trapping them and they fall for it.

    The debate started out with, what looked like, a conscious effort by the candidates to take the high road and avoid the personal attacks…. and then came Perry. Perry needs to drop out before he ruins the Republican’s chances to take the white house back from the Dems. His slogan should be “I’m a divider, not a uniter”.

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To Rat :
      I give an Amen to your post. Not to be rude but i think right now Herman Cain is the best candidate. Sure, his 9-9-9 plan needs smoothing around the edges and he needs to brush up on his foreign policy views. However, he has the best chance. Also, he should take Ron Paul as a VP. Thanks!!
      P.S. Look at the recent Zogby and Rasmussen polls. He’s the only candidate leading Obama. THanks again!!

      • Alex Frazier

        Are you then of the opinion that a person should enter into the most powerful office in the United States unprepared, and with harmful policies that have not yet been polished and smoothed around the edges?

        Why not just vote for the person who already has a constitutional plan and a detailed solution laid out and ready for implementation already on the table?

        Cain’s 999 raises taxes on 84% of the population and will have the greatest impact on the poor, who are the least able to afford the increase.

        Ron Paul wants to do away with income tax, capital gains tax, the death tax, etc. Not replace one plan with another, but kill the old plans and restore them with freedom from tax oppression.

        The solution is not to raise taxes or to expand the base. It’s to cut the spending that requires them in the first place.

        • Fred

          All so true. There are many at this site who have the ability to explore for truth and then to express it in a way that will persuade


      • texastwin827

        Tony, it is easy for Cain to tout his 999 plan. The President does not make that change..Congress does. Do you really believe that Congress (because we know few that are bought & paid for, will likely be replaced) will go for his 999 plan? Not likely…so he can spout off about 999 all he wants, when in fact, he knows it’s not likely to ever become reality.

        I can tell you this…999 is NOT a good plan for everyday Americans. Unless they have a large income, most ever day citizens do not pay 18% in income taxes, when they file their returns (I spent most of my accounting career with CPA firms) so it will be an increase in taxes to the average taxpayer. True, the income tax % will be 9%, but the added 9% Fed Sales tax makes it 18%. As an example, here in TX, food is exempt from any state sales tax…will it also be exempt from this federal sales tax?

        The poor will not vote for him because they currently get all or most of their income taxes back when they file their returns and in MOST cases, if their income is low enough, they are eligible for Earned Income Credit, which is getting money back that they did not pay in, in addition to their own tax money. The EIC would disappear if we went to 999, so not only would they not get all their income tax back, they would lose the EIC. For those who do not (or will not)work, they still would be faced with the 9% Fed Sales Tax.

        While it would effect the rich as there would no longer be “loopholes” for them (or Corporations) to deduct, the greatest burden would once again fall on the worker bees. You ask how that can be…the Corporations will find something to spend the profits on and there is no way to be sure it would be on creating jobs.

        To give you an example, a Corporation can buy a building and, currently, it would be placed on the Balance Sheet as an Asset and the only deduction they would get, to reduce their profit, is the Depreciation or Leasehold Improvements that they make to the building, taken in a monthly amount, over what is deemed as the “life of the building”. With Cain’s plan, that building would not likely be required to be recorded as an Asset. Instead, the FULL purchase price of it would go directly to their Income Statement, thereby reducing their Net Profit by the full cost of the building. The more you reduce your Net Profit, the less you pay in taxes. Once they have taken the entire amount as an expense, against their income statement, what if they sell it the following year for more than what they paid for it, will they later be required to declare Capital Gains on the difference in what they paid for it and what they sold it for? Cain doesn’t say. Cain’s plan is not as simple as he makes it out to be.

        What few people realize is the difference in what IRS says and the difference in standard, established accounting classification, aka “creative accounting” that is LEGAL. Cain’s plan provides no protection from creative accounting procedures that can be used to diminish a businesses profit.

      • Richard

        I too felt Herman Cain was the man to vote for. That was until I learned that he was a former CEO of the Federal Reserve in Kansas. Yes, he sounds great. Yes, he speaks with great authority. Yes, he has a charisma about him. So did Obama. Everyone got taken up with all of Obama’s dreamy speaking abilities and his masterful prose. His forceful hard hitting speeches and his continued trumpeting of his hope and change plan. Now we have Herman with his hard hitting 999 program. Is anyone really attempting to understand if this is truly good or bad for us or are we just being sold on sound bites? Check out Ron Paul’s web site. He wants to do away with the present tax code. I like that idea. Ron says “Restraining federal spending by enforcing the Constitution’s strict limits on the federal government’s power would help result in a 0% income tax rate for Americans”. Now there’s a tax plan I can support.

        • Fred

          Rigt on target.

        • moonbeam

          Cain is wrong for this country pure and simple. He will be nothing more than obama reloaded. I liked him too, that is until I kept hearing him say, ad nauseum, that his TAX plan would work.

          Would he force his 9-9-9 plan on the American people by executive order? My bet is he would. He will do like the rest of them do. Tax and spend. Cain is crossed off my list of presidential contenders, as is Perry and Romney.

          I would like to urge Mr. Cain to forget about his tax plan and talk more about where he is going to cut spending. That’s the real issue in my opinion.

  • carol newbury

    thanks to John Moseley for the great words on Ron Paul. I wish I could write my thoughts as he does. Everything he says he what I think. If Ron Paul does not win this election, we are doomed…Our path to destruction is well on it’s way by both parties and he is the only one that would have a chance at recovery. Why do you think the media does not give him any time???? They are owned by the banks and the Council of Foreign Affairs and do what and say what they are told. Investigate the Council of Foreign Affairs and learn who is a member… shocking.

  • simian pete

    ROn Paul is the best candidate. I understand Michele Bachmann’s concern about aid to Israel. Everyone, listen to me now, and realize I’m right later !!! Foreign Aid from the Federal Government will end.

    FOR the supporters of Israel money can be raised, privately, without government interference.. Or for any other country !

  • Richard

    Let’s see, we have Mitt that is obviously the mass media favorite and the big business favorite as demonstrated by where he receives the majority of his donations from. We have Rick Perry, the handsome Texas governor that the media swooned over and was considered a front runner even before he threw his hat in the ring. How does that happen? We have Herman who the media focuses on as the pizza king. Why is there so little being said about him having once been the CEO of the Kansas branch of the Federal Reserve Private Banking System? Where do you think his money and support are coming from? Oh and why, following his one and only straw poll win in Florida, did the media start clamoring about how big this was and what a monumental achievement this was? When following all Ron Paul’s straw poll wins the media basically wrote off the wins as not really meaning much of anything. Really, Cain win = big deal, Paul win not so big a deal. Why are the candidates not given equal time to talk in the debates? Why are some of the candidates allowed more time to talk than others, almost to the point of exclusion of some? This is a media rigged game. The fact that for some reason we all seem to know that Mitt is going to be the nominee for the Republican party prior to the vote should frighten us all. It becomes a situation in which the masses are being manipulated. The manipulation is from the mass media. So far Ron Paul has won the 2011 Values Voter Summit Straw Poll, the Califorina straw poll and placed a very close second in the Iowa straw poll behind Michelle by one percent. The Ron Paul message is clear and concise; Less government, lower taxes, reduce the standing military, stop being the worlds police department, reduce foreign aid, protect our borders, return us to a constitutional government and audit the privately held bank known as the federal reserve. He has never wavered in his position on the issues. He has stood for a strong constitutional government from his start as a Congressman. His record is irreproachable. His only fault, as I see it, is the media does not like him and big business and the federal reserve don’t like him. He is the candidate, that is of the people and for the people and we have one chance left to get this right. We can send a message to the power hungry fed and let them know we won’t stand for their manipulation any longer or we can lay down and let them roll the Mitt machine in to the White Houese and we get four more years of nothing much different than we have had the past four. If Obama loses to Mitt than we have a guy with an R behind his name other than a guy with a D behind his. These R’s and D’s are not looking much different any longer. It is definitely time for some hope and for some change. Ron Paul is that hope, his vision is that change.

  • Angelia

    This is addressed to all who speak well of Ron Paul. Thank you. He is a great man who has not changed his mind about what needs to be done to bring our country back to it’s former greatness. I believe he will do the job very well. It saddens me to hear on various news programs that say he is un-electable. I believe he is more electable than all the other choices out there.

    The media insists that we vote for someone who can beat Obama regardless of whether we the people trust him or not. The media chose John McCain for us and that didn’t work. Why should we do that again? A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for OUR freedom. Freedom to be a great nation and sweep the floor and get rid of all the communist, socialists, and all the other IST’s out of our government.

    It’s up to us to say NO MORE! Regardless of what we are spoon fed by the media, vote for the candidate who will give us back our freedom.

  • http://yahoo Skyraider6

    Ron Paul sounds better as time go’s by let’s stop the bickering, you look and sound more like demos

  • Willianm L Collins

    that just goes to show you that big money banks and corporations are buying off the news media and only promoteing and backing these people in order to get The New World Order in place so they can take all our freedoms away so all vettern’s and vetren’s org, should back Ron Paul all the way People we do not need the Government Run New World Order where they will tell you what to buy whear eate where you can go what you can say there are to many brothers & sisters that faught and died fore to let this happen So Vote Ron Paul and freedom

  • Patty

    As I saw the last debate, I was disappointed. I wanted to hear where every candidate stood on all issues. The commentator had rules that were of no significance. I’d like to hear from each candidate where they stand on the issues. Why couldn’t the rules be no bickering, but where do you stand on Gun Control? Getting jobs back to America?What is their idea of lowering taxes? How are you going to keep America safe? Let each one have 10 minutes, and people see and hear the differences..It sure would be nice without commercials. Is this just a wish and a dream?

    • moonbeam

      I don’t know that I could sit and hear any of them drone on and on for 10 minutes. Thirty to sixty seconds to answer a question is plenty. Short, sweet and to the point.

  • KJQ

    I’m a interested Canadian who is a student of American history and the Constitution. I have to say that Ron Paul’s stated views are by far and away the most in keeping with the US Constitution. So the real question for Republicans is: do do really believe in the Constitution as it was written as being what is best for American governance? If not, then stop pretending. If so, then start supporting Ron Paul. So far he is the only GOP candidate I haven’t been able to find some disturbing history on. I’d be wary of the other candidates if I were an American.

    • texastwin827

      KJO, thank you for you unbiased opinion.

      Take heart, apparently there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who feel the same way. In 24 hrs, Ron Paul garnered donations of $2.3 MILLION from ever day citizens, not big corporations. Not only that, people asked that he continue his Black this Out Money Bomb through Friday, which he is doing.

      Ironically, after the August Iowa debate, Fox News did a poll (Republican voters) which disappeared very quickly. Little did they know that people copied/pasted it to their websites BEFORE Fox removed it. If you are interested, you can see the results on this website as well as the poll that MSN did of Democratic voters. On BOTH polls, Ron Paul lead with a big margin.

      Fox News 45,197 total votes before they shut it down Ron Paul 43.28% 19,561 votes
      MSN 116,933 total votes Ron Paul 49.6% (57,975 votes)

      Ron Paul IS ELECTABLE and it scares the do-do out of the Media & Washington insiders.

  • http://sprint kittycat78

    A big thank you to The Charleton. Hope I spelled that right. Finally someone else who knows how to think but to evaluate these people running. Newt Gingrich is the ONLY candidate running who can meet the criteria of understanding all the issues. Part of the problem there is the media choosing who gets the most time and this last one was dispicable. When Perry, Romney and Santorum were given that kind of time to air their personal dislike of one another I cringed. The xriticism of Cains 9% comsunption tax on everything you buy except for used goods is enough to make me understand where he’s coming from. And its well geared to benefit the wealthy. Gingrich is the only one who knows and understands the issue and the way to approach them. Time to stop messing around and start thinking about the good of the country. Not one two things that impress you. Think obama debate. You know darn right well not one of those other battling children up there could beat him. You better start pushing for Gingrich before you go the way of the liberal media and elect someone you’ll be very sorry for. Stop thinking “you” and think about your country

    • RAT

      Completely agree, kittycat. Newt is the only one who could out-debate Obama. He is experienced, but has fresh ideas. GOOD ideas that he could get implemented with his finesse of the system. Romney always looks nervous and Perry has a temper problem… and certainly has proven his debating abilities. Watching Perry on Tuesday, he looks like he wants to wind up and punch someone. Newt is always calm and calculated.

    • ChristyK

      Newt is clearly smart and an amazing debater. He would do well debating anyone, but he is not a true conservative and he is not a constitutionalist. If you look at his voting record, he is a Neo-con and a NWO guy. Personally he is awful. I’d take him as Republican party chairman or press secretary, but wouldn’t let him anywhere near any position of power like the presidency.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        A BIG AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  • http://none BAP362

    Hey Terry ! That a way sir we all need to help Paul with donations. I have donated also, and plan more donations. Those donations are going to help Paul to keep putting his message in front of the people.

    When it comes to 9-9-9. I once read a piece in the Phoenix news papers why counties in Arizona don’t like to raise local real estate taxes. It’s because you see the amount all at once. They like to bump up the sale tax even it’s only a little. That way it keeps coming out of your wallet in small constant amounts and actually winds up being more than if you had an increase in your real estate taxes. Look out ! Cain is going to wind up squeezing more tax money out of the American people in the long run if you let him get elected. The Europeans were promised an end to their income tax in leau of a (VAT) value added tax which essentially is a national sales tax. Well they wound up paying both.

    I agree with Alice lets all make sure we write in Ron Paul if he winds up not being on the ballot. Also vote in your state primaries and make sure Paul gets your vote.

    Oh Man EagleEye what a great disertation on all the points of this coming election and Ron Pual! I have never heard it said better.

    Let us all pray that Paul gets in and lets donate, donate, donate to this fine mans campaign. He will put us on the road to getting the government the American people deserve.

  • Joyceann

    Paul has no care or plan on how to keep America safe. He is an isolationist. G’had – I don’t care. Bombs – I don’t care. Israel – I don’t care. Well, we better care. He is a patriot, I will give him that, but one must have a plan. I hear no plan from him, just “Okay everybody’s free – now go play”. We need a leader that doesn’t have senior moments in leading.
    Cain is a patriot and based in the constitution. His beliefs about capitalism and God, his leadership is well established. His 999 plan isn’t perfect, and he will at least take all the programs and intitlements and agencies and look at them closely. If they need fixed, he will and if they need abolished, he will. Leadership is a quality we haven’t seen in a long time, since Reagan and Kennedy. He will sorround himself with scholars in the field, instead of his best buddy. We haven’t heard all Cain has to say, but in reading his books, as I have all the other candidates, I will put my faith in Cain. The party already knows we do not want Perry or Romney. They won’t chance shoving another Obama down our throats. Whoever the candidate is, we need to realize we need to unite and vote against Obama and send a candidate who believes Socialism is an obomination and will destroy America.

    • http://none RPaul or same ol’

      Joyceann, do you work for mainstream media? Some research of your own is required.

    • texastwin827

      Has no plan to keep America safe? You really think we are that safe, with a vast majority of our military in other lands? What a joke. One only has to visit the Texas/Mexico border to realize just how “safe” we are.

      In the words of Thomas Jefferson (1st Inaugural Address)”Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”

      Paul is by no means an isolationist. As for foreign aid…Israel is not the only country that receives foreign aid. He means ALL of it, not just what goes to Israel (try studying some history to see how much Israel “needs” are aware they were caught spying on us, aren’t you?). The first place we can start is with Pakistan and all the other middle eastern countries that are our so called “friends” that allow terrorists free rein in their own countries, UNLESS they are a threat to themselves. To coin an old phrase “With so called friends like that, who needs enemies”? There is a very valid reason our active duty, all volunteer, military contributes more $$’s to Ron Paul than ANY of the other candidates COMBINED, including our illustrious president. They don’t like what is being done to their country, while they are being committed to foreign wars that serve no legitimate basis while their own country is left, basically, defenseless.

    • Curtis Bostic


      • mefree

        Correct, Curtis, and man to man, when the debate is on, Dr. Paul’s record compared to Obomba (aka Soetoro) and to all other candidates is, unquestionably, beyond reproach. Individual and States’ rights are, always, key to his reason for having been a member of the House of Representatives for so many years. When allowed the opportunity to speak, Dr. Paul will always prevail in a debate because he is the Champion of the Constitution. Soetoro, on the other hand…

    • The Traditionalist

      Why do you and certain others keep saying Ron Paul is an isolationist? He is not. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist, which means his policy is: America will no longer go around meddling in the affairs of other nations, which we have done since the end of world war II, and since then have assumed the role of world policeman. Communist countries such as North Korea and Cuba are good examples of what are isolationist. America has never been isolationist. Let’s bring the troops home and abandon our policy of nation-building and creating a world empire for ourselves.

      Cain is no real patriot. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing–do not be fooled.

    • mefree

      Cain’s another insider. He states the federal reserve is legal because congress made it so. Hey, congress has no authority to give any of its powers away without a Constitutional amendment and that is certainly the end result of, not only the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, but so many so-called resolutions pursuant to most articles of the Constitution. Another case in point would be the War Powers Act of 1973 which, again, very adroitly, illegally amended Art.I, sec.8. So, he references the Constitution but he, not surprisingly and not unlike a bunch of folks up there in rarified air, knows not what he says.

    • AJ

      Cain is a New World Orderist by his own admission when he says nothing is wrong with the “Federal Reserve”. Now if you don’t understand that you need to do resurch on the “FED” also known as “The Creature from Jekel Island.”

  • 4-just_us

    Obama has well proven himself as the water boy for the elite.
    Thankfully we have the protesters across America to try to stop the
    slide toward plutocracy. Only Ron Paul has given us the answers to
    Americas problems.

  • enuff

    My only comment; Who voted to spend Social Security? Isn’t that like having money in the bank, and they reach in and get what they want? How about open borders? A President made the comment, “they’ll do jobs Americans won’t do?” Borders are still wide open with anarchy in about every city in the country. Free Trade Agreements! That let the majority of jobs go out of the country for cheap labor. You knew that though, right? How about Free Health Care! Did anyone get to vote on that? I know I didn’t!? Everyone is supposed to pay into it? Execpt those who couldn’t afford it anyway? Of course, the government is exempt also? Seems to me, a few people still working and the retirees,and let’s not forget government workers which is in the same class as ordinary people, oh, that’s right! They call us ordinary people now!? I understand this gives them rights to our bank accounts? Aw c’mon, I thought we had freedom of choice? One of our Presidents made this statement about the constitution, “Aw, that’s just a piece of paper!” Did I missed somethin’ here!? I thought it was the law of the land? Then, I heard a President say,(right on national television,)”Make no mistake, guns in the hands of “ordinary people,” (there’s that class again,) is a mistake.” Not to mention States passing unconstitutional laws violating businesses and minority rights!? Maybe the majority don’t care? After all, it’s not affecting them, yet? And, here we are, bickering amognst ourselves, who’s going to beat on us the least!? Isn’t this like two people standing in the middle of the street yelling and screeming who’s side of the street is who’s!? Did I mention the Senate and Congress voting themselves raises and pensions second to none!? I wonder who’s doing this voting? Democrats and Republicans wouldn’t do that!? Would they? Well, all I can say, if you didn’t get the S.S. part,(above,) your gonna have a tough time with the rest of this? Oh, by the way I heard someone say they don’t know anything about BHO? Well, I don’t either! As I look around my country I see millions and millions of new faces. I think to myself, WHO ARE THESE GUYS! Millions of Americans are out of a job, where do THESE GUYS work? Don’t ask me to get in the middle of the street with ya, you can have either side or both if ya want? There is so much more going on, I really don’t have time to go into it, and my fingers are getting tired. Adios, or does goodbye still work?

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    G Bush C Rove D Chaney this happened on your watch as well as working a plea bargain with the Koch Brothers on there pollution in Louisiana.Which is the home of another mouth piece for the Conservative/Republican Bobby Jindal
    Go Ron Paul

    Email Warned That Bank Up For Bailout Was ‘Disastrous’

  • bob wire

    If “O” can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat soon, I think I’ll vote for the old man in the room.

    I do fear that Paul will have much the same problem however. Entrench power is like a stubborn stain and next to impossible to remove. Presidents only have so much power to lead. He/she must depend on others and their power as well.

    This political gridlock has got to end, some way, somehow.

    It takes both sound ideas and leadership to make the things needed to ever happen. I know he is holding one of the two.

  • James

    If we are going to cut all foreign, let’s not start making exceptions.

    To Bachmann I say people can voluntarily send money to charities in Israel if they want to, or even the treasury of Israel, but keep the government which collects American money by force with guns and threat of imprisonment out of it.

    We’re through buying friends.

    By all measures American are very generous with charitable donations privately, much more so than the people in socialist countries like Scotland who don’t give privately because they say it’s the government’s job.

    The more it is up to us, and the more we seek out good charities that actually spend 97% of the money or more on the cause, the more generous we will be.

  • Curtis Bostic

    I f you don’t like the status quo then vote for Ron Paul! If you like the status quo then vote for any of the others!

  • Mike Jones

    I am proud to say that the only vote for president I will cast is for Ron Paul.He is honest[ the other candidates? I think not.]He will govern in accordance with the U.S. constitution.{not according to polls and supporters money cotributions]He will end foriegn aid.[ the others will continue trying to buy respect and support for their Ideas]I could go on and on but I will close by saying vote for Ron Paul not some emptyheaded, poll directed,paid for by special interest twit God Bless America

    • moonbeam

      This is the difference between Ron Paul and the rest of them. Paul is talking about the horse’s head while the rest of them are talking about the horse’s a**.

      He talks about cutting spending and the size of government. The rest are picking their noses about a tax plan.

      See, when we hear them say “tax, what they are really saying is “this is how I will set up my new expense account.”

      Paul says “let’s cut the presidents salary to $39,000 from $400,000. cut congressional pay too.” I haven’t heard any of the others say anything whatsoever about cutting anything. What they’re talking about is how they’re going to tax us.

      It’s all sitting right there in front of our faces what their plans are. Let us be deceived no longer.

      • Boomvang

        Whenever candidates other than Ron Paul discuss reducing spending, they are really talking about reducing the amount of proposed increases. They aren’t actually cutting anything from current spending levels. Are all of the so called news reporters stupid, or are they just blind to the serious condition this great country is actually in?

        • moonbeam

          Correct! Even with the debt increase debacle where cuts were supposed to be part of the deal, it was only to borrow more money from China and ultimately increased the debt that generations down the line will be responsible for.

          Liars, whores and thieves the lot of them.

  • TennTransplant

    Y’all know a pres can’t do anything alone constitutionally, the house and senate need to be of the same mind. How many of you are working in your legislative district to elect someone who thinks and acts like Ron Paul?

  • Bill wright

    I say,study the passed records of the people who are runing for public offices,Learn what they votted for and what they votted against,and beware of people promiseing alot of things,because this is what started this whole dam mess to began with.(FDR) Sure the Preasident needs the house and senate ,but there is one more thing a President needs to work with and thats called a “Brain”.

  • John swims

    The debates are sad jokes, quiz shows with time limits and just another form of the 20 second TV ads for idiots.

    One or two debates earlier I watched a debate 3 days later on youtube.
    The only candidate that show intelligence/wisdom was Ron Paul, all the rest just babbled.

    Only hope for America and the world is to get rid of both the republicans and democrats.

    Is Ron Paul is a sleeper candidate? If he gets on the presidential ballot and then announces that he will get rid of all republican and democratic puppets to the 1%’ers, then America has a chance of recovery.

    Otherwise, the status quo and serious depression.

    Wake up American!


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