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Death, But Not Taxes

July 15, 2010 by  

Death, But Not Taxes

I hate the Yankees. More than any sports franchise on the planet—with the possible exception of the Dallas Cowboys—the Yankees turn me into baseball-ish English soccer hooligan (though I don’t need five pints of Guinness to throw something at the television.) Of course, my detestation of the Yankees extended to their owner: George Steinbrenner.

But as much as I despised Steinbrenner for returning my least favorite team to the top; I never begrudged him respect. He did whatever he needed to make them winners. Contracts larger than the gross national product (GNP) of most third world nations required to keep A-Rod, Jeter and the gang close to the Canyon of Heroes? Done. Steinbrenner’s detractors often pointed out that he “bought” his titles. I don’t care if he paid for them in green M&M’s.

He won. Often. Tuesday morning, Steinbrenner won one last time… by dying.

Don’t get me wrong, folks—I take no pleasure in the death of The Boss. By shuffling off this mortal coil in 2010, Steinbrenner managed to pitch one final shutout at every wingnut who ever employed class envy to pull a twisted Robin Hood act on successful Americans. Because the Prince of the Pinstripers died this year, he walled off his considerable estate from the Death Tax.

Thanks to the last gasps of the Bush-era tax laws, Steinbrenner’s considerable fortune (estimated by Forbes to be more than $1.1 billion) is protected from the pickpockets currently living the high life in Washington. By assuming room temperature in 2010, Steinbrenner has guaranteed the fruits of his years of labor will be passed on to those whom HE deems worthy—and Turbo-Tax Geithner and his big buddy Barack can go pound sand. While libs foam at the mouth over the loss of nearly $600 million (the Feds potential take had Steinbrenner shown the good sense to die next year); I have to both applaud—and wail.

I applaud the idea of Capitol Hill bagmen beating it back to D.C. with bupkus. I wail at the idea that the death tax returns for 2011 like Jason from Friday the 13th.

There’s no logical argument in favor of the death tax. Even liberals acknowledge that fact, albeit in backhanded fashion. They mutter about “unfair protection for the rich;” or “paying their fair share.”

To address the former: the way the Democrats treat financial achievement (excluding their own, of course), achievers NEED protection. Can you imagine coming home from Aunt Edna’s funeral to find a bunch of thugs in blue suits loading 55 percent of her plastic-covered furniture into the back of a U-Haul?

To the latter, I say: they’ve paid their fair share. (And yours. And mine. And’s.) Rich folks pay income taxes. In fact, the top 25 percent of earners pay 87 percent of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) bill. The current Federal income tax rate is just south of 40 percent—meaning Steinbrenner paid 40 cents out of every dollar he earned to the government in return for… um… the Cross Bronx Expressway. The 2010 Death Tax moratorium meant the Feds missed out on doubling up the penalty George paid for making a big pile. (*author’s aside: Steinbrenner hit the big time in the 60s and 70s, when marginal income tax rates were United Kingdom/hide your money in Montserrat like the Beatles high—so he kicked a bunch back into the kitty.)

And the wealthy can afford to buy nice stuff. When Richie Rich buys a Range Rover, he pays much higher sales taxes than you did on that ’03 Hyundai. When he heads to Morton’s for dinner, he forks over a lot more for that porterhouse than I did for my Big Mac extra value meal. And the wealthy boost the labor pool (granted, Steinbrenner hired the same guys over and over again.). From Derek Jeter to Derek the parking lot guy; Steinbrenner’s millions of dollars made dollars for millions.

Warren Buffett, who made his money the old fashioned way, says he supports the Death Tax. I can retort thusly: it’s your $47 billion—give it to whomever the hell you want, you earned it. But don’t expect the rest of us to follow suit.

George Steinbrenner had his moments. He played dirty, both in baseball and politics. And though I’m sure he would rather have lived past 2010; by dying when he did, he drove a personal stake in the heart of liberal ideology of penalizing success.

Of course, I still hate the Yankees.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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    I love the Yankees and have been a fan for 50 years. Yep and Steinbrenner was a great man to turn them back into a winning machine. Does not surprise me that you take out your anger at your TV without alcohol to take away your judgement because so far you aren’t showing any.

    No surprise that you Ben sound just like Rush Lame-beau. Figures you could not get an original thought. Too bad you forgot everything you learned in college and got stupid again.

  • Liberals Rule

    The reason for the “death tax” as it was created by our founding fathers was to prevent us from becoming an Heiristocracy, so yes it does have a place, and is a good thing. It is the most populace of all the taxes, oh and truth be told, a family farm was never lost due to the estate tax…. We are not a nation of facists as the right wing would love for us to become.

    • John Grandville

      You must be a city dwelling idiot to state that “a farm has never been lost to the estate tax”. Get a life.

    • Al Sieber

      Liberals Rules, so when did the founding fathers create the death tax? theres been lots of farms lost to the estate tax.

    • http://none John Detwiler

      Anyone who is not a Politicianand one who supports the death tax is liberal with a limited income. So we know where your coming from. But I think that onmce I pwn something it should be mine to do with what I wish, and the government shouldn’t be able to take any of it, no matter what. My grandfather was a successfull businessman and when the government got through with his estate we had to sell the business in order to pay the tax. That my unlearned friend is wrong. They had no right to take away something that had been paying taxes for years and employing people who actually lost their jobs because of the government’s action

    • 45caliber

      Liberals Rule:

      No farm has ever been lost? Check around Austin.

      When Clinton was in office, his Secretary of Interior set aside about 50,000 acres of land around Austin as a bird sanctuary for some bird who simply migrates through the area twice a year. The argument was that without a place to rest the birds would go extinct.

      However, the way they set them aside was a ripoff. The owners were told they can ONLY sell them to the Federal Government at the price the government wants to pay when it wants to pay for it. And they have 30 years to do that.

      The land price WAS $13,000 an acre or more. But the government will pay only $1000 an acre based on the knowledge that since they are the only buyer, the price dropped. And they aren’t interested in buying right now. What was happening with death tax was that a person would die … and the IRS would bill his heirs based on the $13,000 value. Or they could just let the IRS take the land. This means the heirs must pay about $6000 an acre in taxes to keep ownership of land that they can never expect to sell for more than $1000 an acre. Needless to say, the heirs gave up the land. And that included 1,700 acre ranches.

    • Brenda

      I don’t where you are from but you have your facts all wrong! There have been a lot of people forced to sell off the family farm or ranch in order to pay the death taxes, guess your a city slicker who wouldn’t know a pile of cow manure if you stepped in it.

  • Campbell Figley

    Lorrol, maybe you should take a moment and reread article. It contains many original ideas, the basic one being that the fruits of Mr. Steinbrenner’s earnings are his and not those of the government. The example of Warren Buffet wanting to donate his money to charity is his perogative as well. The notion that on our demise our wealth should be stolen, strained through the kidneys of government and redistributed to everyone else is a vile marxist abombination.

  • Tejas

    The founding fathers did not create the death tax.The first American tax on wealth transfers dates to 1797 when, faced with the expenses of dealing with French attacks on American shipping, Congress imposed a stamp duty on receipts for legacies and probates for wills. The tax was eliminated in 1802. Similar, short-lived taxes were enacted during the Civil and Spanish-American Wars. The modern estate tax also originated in a time of war preparation, if not war itself, in 1916. However, this incarnation survived World War I because it fit the dominant view of the time that federal revenue from customs and excise taxes should be replaced by more progressive tax methods.

    • LORROL

      And right now with a massive deficit from 2 wars and economic near colapse and the Bush tax cuts is great time to reinstate it. Good point.

      • Kimbo

        Increased taxation kills economic growth. Lordy,….how many times do we need to prove this to you guys? You want economic growth? Once again now,……decrease individual and business taxes and industry will stop going elsewhere. Shrink government and reduce entitlements,….gee….now there’s another idea. Government is not the answer, government is the problem.

      • Gramps

        Lorrol = TROLL

  • jerroldmurphy

    to liberals rule:
    your comment confuses me. I don’t know the meaning of “the most populace of all the taxes”.
    and, nay, many family farms and other businesses have been lost due to the estate tax.
    and, nay again, we are rapidly becoming a socialist nation, one in which human and property rights are repeatedly violated.
    certainly, the right wing is not at all interested in our becoming fascist, or even socialist for that matter.
    that is the exclusive domain of the left.
    remember, all taxation is legal thievery, and the estate tax is one of the most egregious forms of that thievery.

  • Doug Reiber

    Gotta love those ignorant and deviant liberal’s. They always want to spend your money in a better fashion than you can. The reason they support the death tax is probably because their ancestors and family lacked the ability to create any so what’s yours should be mine. Just a bunch of cretins that point out the need for no taxes whatsoever. My God if that ever happened the liberals would all starve. That would be so tragic.

  • Nevica

    Government is not a dirty word. I love my country and because I do…I also love our government. I prefer a just society….I think it is wrong to let capitalism rule, government needs to be in place to protect it’s citizens from unfettered capitalism and yes government cost money…and taxes pay for it….consider yourself lucky to have the health and ability to be able to work and pay for services that you, along with millions of others just like you, enjoy each day. Why not try something new and think about society as a whole and not just about your selves…the American demographic is more than just you.

    • Les

      Will Rogers stated:
      “It’s a damned good thing we don’t get all the government we pay for.”

    • Disgusted

      You need to recheck your thinking! I don’t have any problem paying “my fair share”, however, when the government can’t balance what is coming in with what is going out taxing me more is not the solution! The government needs to sinch their belts tighter and stop all the bull! They are out of control and with the ability to establish and enforce whatever laws and rules they like are able to take and take and take from us without any resistance.
      Mr. Steinbrenner paid taxed on every penny he earned while he was alive, how can the government justify taxing the same money again? This is outrageous!

      • LORROL

        The irony of the calling the Democrats by the Republicans as the tax and spend group as they rather spend and spend. Check the records Democrats balance budgets Republicans create them. The TEA party is even worse they want everything for nothing.

        • Self Employed


        • Gramps


        • TOMCAT



    • Charles in Virginia

      Should I be happy that I am strong and healthy enough to become a slave to the blood sucking liberals? Socialism fails because you soon run out of someone else’s money!

    • Grey Wolf

      Nevica: Who protects the citizens from unfettered government? I consider it more evil & diabolical than our free enterprise system. (The word capitalism is a non-sequitur. It refers to the means of production, not the entity that owns it). Virtually all services provided by government, education for example, can be provided by the private sector at far less expense & in most cases, with better results. And remember a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take it all away from you & that includes your life. Hundreds of millions of people have died at the expense of their all powerful, corrupt & greedy governments. Just look at Europe over the past century & even today with its impending economic collapse. Think about that with the possibilty of food shortages, health care rationing, etc. in the not too distant future.
      It’s highly unlikely that the government you so highly love will be totally inept at doing anything about it & could actually make it worse. Finnally, I have no idea what you mean by “society” or the “American demographic” & the context of your reply is indicative of a public school education.

      • dstkchern

        I disagree with you statement that any private sector can produce services less than the gov. take private schools for instance, they are far more expensive to attend. I know I have paid for it, and I believe that follows through.

        • Grey Wolf

          Wrong! Here in Cincinnati, the cost of educating one student in our pathetic city school system is now in excess of $11,500 per annum. By the way, the dropout rate for the Cincinnati Public Schools is over 45%! Most students in the system cannot even pass achievement tests. Also, the schools now require police patrols & extensive security to prevent assaults, drug dealing, theft & vandalism which cost the taxpayers plenty! The Catholic high school I attended charges $8000 for annual tuition. It has a 100% graduation rate with 97% of the graduates going on to further their education in colleges & technical institutes. Keep in mind that every school district in the U.S. receives funding from both the Federal & State governments. If public schools were abolished, it would save taxpayers about $400 billion annually & give parents a real choice in providing for the education of their children.

        • ptroyal

          You are kidding right? Please tell me you are kidding…. You really did not intend that as a legit post,…. right???

          • ptroyal

            Reply intended for dstkchern

        • rlstout

          You get what you pay for. Cheap public schools are worthless. Nothing more than brainwashing institutes for the Dumoocratic Party.

          • s c

            You rate a gold star for your comments, ristout. A public school is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth scheme. For the near future, a kid can get a decent education in a small town, but kids in large cities are on their own, having been tossed to the wolves by state legislatures, school boards and our in-house retards in Washington.
            Any prez who sends his kids to a private school is a hypocritical scumbag who thinks his kids are better than yours and must not FOR ANY REASON be exposed to a public school.

        • satex

          Private schools cost a lot because no tax dollars are accepted by those schools. YOU are paying for everything. Public schools get the tax dollars but have to abide by SO many rules and jump through so many hoops that the teachers don’t have TIME or energy to actually teach!
          So, be glad you could afford to pay for your children to go to a private school.

          • TOMCAT


    • falling

      Nevica, I too love my country and because I do I am horrified by what I have seen happening to my government! I recognize that my government is NOT my country…it is merely a bunch of people who have been elected far too many times and who have developed a senseof entitlement even larger than your own! My “government” has become nothing more than a vote buying, welfare producing, money grabbing bunch of old guys looking out for themselves! Their spending is out of control and has been for a long time. Their waste and greed is massive!
      I have no problem at all helping those who truly cannot help themselves…instead tax payers find themselves supporting HALF THE COUNTRY! And that half demands more every single day! Making poor life decisions does not make you eligible for MY money! We could cut our government in half and it would still be far too big!

      • http://YAHOO LOUISE COOPER


  • Cribster

    I pay more than my fair share of taxes while alive. Thirty percent comes straight off the top of my paycheck, taxes on the money left over probably amounts to another twenty percent. Fifty percent of my money is taken by government against my will.

    I’m perfectly fine with paying a certain amount of taxes, fifteen percent would be more than enough if it weren’t for the theft and waste in government.

    After all that they want to take over half of what’s left when I die?! That’s unconscionable! Government is bloated, it’s easily twice as large as it needs to be. Get the lying theives out of Washington and everyone could keep what they earn.

  • homeboy

    before jan 1 2011 the first 3million is tax free. however ny state is the only state presently that has an inheritence tax starting from 1 dollar. i know this because my wife just went through this with her fathers death. her family paid $147k to the state . her father spent his whole life keeping his money away from the government that in the end they still got theirs. so i say to those elders if you really want to keep you money away from the government start giving it to who ever you were going to leave it to now because even when you die uncle sam still gets his undeserving share of your wealth.

    • Norman

      Did you know that if you give money to a relative that they have to pay taxes on that money? Of course you will say that the government wouldn’t know about it, but you are wrong, because people like me will rat your cheating asses out.

      • Kimbo

        Norman,…………….get a J—O—B! You sound like a typical blood sucking societal leech.

      • homeboy

        norman for what it’s worth read the tax laws. you can give tax free $11000 per year per family member.

    • ReadTheFounders

      “Her father spent his whole life keeping his money away from the government that in the end they still got theirs. ”

      That IS the problem! It is ‘NOT THEIRS’!

  • Howard R Gray

    Robin Hood or Sir Robin of Loxley, so often gets a bad rap from us. He was an expert in tax evasion and had the ability to visit the storage facilities of the Sherriff of Nottingham and return the plunder to the people.

    One has to recall that King John wasn’t a very nice king; he took the job while his bro was in some castle in Europe after being kidnapped on his return from the Crusades. Richard had been doing his bit to deal with radical Islam, alive and well even in those days. The only problem was his brother John felt OK with taking over the seat of government. Besides annoying Robin Hood he managed to so upset the barons so much that we got the benefits of Magna Charta.

    Magna Charta gave us the first elements of representative government and some sort of limit to state power. The Boss of baseball benefits by passing on his wedge without too many Internal Revenue trowels being dug into his families winnings. God bless the Boss, and providence, for saving his money from the national debt. Robin Hood would approve.

    Socialists often try to co opt Robin Hood, they are mistaken, the story is about bad rulers and unfair and arbitrary taxation, not about a struggle for some Valhalla of egalitarian mystery. Robin was more than happy, as the story goes, to pledge allegiance to King Richard Coeur De Lion after the king got out of jail in middle Europe, no thanks to his brother John.

    • Kimbo

      Methinks your Robin Hood dream is a wee bit of folklore. Me also thinks that it’s Magna Carta,….not Magna Charta.

  • s c

    Another handful of mindless, pre-programmed parrots have said what they’re paid to say, so they can move on to the next website and get started on another paycheck. By the way, sports and politics make for a strange combination. I thought you geeks were afraid of sports, as you it promotes COMPETITION (and competition is BAD in sports and business – and education).
    I won’t miss Steinbrunner, but if he managed to dodge Uncle Scam’s post-death redistribution of wealth, GOOD FOR HIM! To be fair, if progressives want to be poor and under Uncle Scam’s thumb, let ‘em do it.
    But, where is it written that everybody has to suffer from the same mental aberrations and galloping social injustice as progressives? Soros, Buffet and Gates can line up and pretend to give a damn about ‘caring’ and ‘redistributing’ their vast wealth [HA!].
    They’re still filthy rich, and all of them have been ‘blessed’ by the Uncle Scam seal-of-approval (every April 15th, that is). It’s just another progressive double standard designed to enslave more Americans while keeping slavemasters in power, isn’t it?

  • Self Employed


    • dstkchern

      the strong survive? literally?… and by what means, force, take, bully, over power,illegally (some law made by a lib) govt. is meant to stop those that would take by any means. That is what is happening now and what has caused this deep recession. greed and corruption! The strong survived, they found a way to manipulate and cheat others out of… and now the govt. has to come up with more laws to help protect. And if you want to say that, that is OK, the strong survive and the weak parish, well then maybe this is a battle between good and evil? I don’t know because, I guess if I had to choose between screwing over my friends and family and others to get ahead, I guess I would be weak, is that it?

      • ptroyal

        dstkchern: You really are a black belt idiot aren’t you? I am amazed at how you can take a comment and twist it so much as to be unrecognizable. WOW. You really need to grow up. I pity you.

    • The wanderer

      You hit the nail on the head A bunch of yuppies and their larva with their hand out always wanting something handed to them why work and your own keep when a liberal left government will be happy to give you welfare and you can play the system. This time you got more the you asked for Marxism From the lying man you voted for, enjoy your purchase while the rest of the nation works to support the wimpy left On the average the RIGHT hand has more power then the brainless left Wake up their is no such thing as free lunch if your not paying for it the rest of us are. And I quote Will Rogers ” I an not a member of any organized political party i am a democrat” The nation is seeing this administration as Deamoncrats Finally They are exposed for what they truly are self serving monsters who could care less about the American people . Vote left and kiss your freedom goodbye. It’s a sad day when you can lie your way to the top How you voted for a junior senator who can’t find his own birth certificate shows a lack of reality Grow up admit your mistakes and get right no pun intended

  • John

    I always hated the Yankees because of Steinbrenner. He is the reason salaries escalated to the levels they are now. When most teams could not afford to pay the ourageous money to keep marquee players, Steinbrenner had no problem with it. And that still hold true today even though Yankees don’t win the WS as often as they should with their major league high payroll.

    Does that mean I am glad he’s gone. Absolutely not. But he is the major reason salaries are where they are at.

    I will always hate the Yankees as much as I hate the Cubs (from St. Louis).

    • GarBO

      The reason salaries(in all sports) went out of control, is TV Rights and sports fans who just couldn’t live without seeing another ball game. All professional athletes should bow down to ESPN. They are who started the model of overbidding the tv contracts and then passing it on to the tv subscribers through their providers fees.

    • The wanderer

      Hey Dude you wouldn’t be from Boston or a miss guided Red Sox fan. The man bought the franchise for ten million in 1973 it is now worth billions. Now who spent all that money over paying people to beat the Yankees ? well we both agree on one thing the salaries are ridiculous

    • homeboy

      john ,you need to brush up on your baseball facts . it was curt flood who open up the flood gates of free agency not george . george just happened to owed board walk and park place(monopoly).

    • homeboy

      being a cardinals fan i’m supprised you don’t remember curt flood or is he before your time.

  • JB

    Seems odd to me that the ones you always hear crying for fairness are the ones that one to take money away from people that have worked hard, seized the opportunities given them in life as we all are in America and either take it for themselves or give it to some lazy ass that would rather take my money than work hard for his own. You want fair, how about a flat tax. Get rid of the IRS, shrink government spending, impose a flat tax on all consumption and everyone pays the same %. If you spend little, you pay little in taxes. If you spend a lot (those filthy rich people the liberals whine about) you pay a lot in taxes. Now that’s about as fair as you can get and it even gets the illegals paying into the system. It’s brilliant. Our government coffers would be overflowing and our economy would be on fire with progress. But isn’t funny that the liberals want no part of it. That’s because it’s not about fairness at all. That’s just their weak ploy. Our current government is about power and control over people by a bunch of elitists. They think they know what’s good for me better than I know what’s good for me. They like being in that position of power and they sell their ideals on the platform of “Let us take care of you”. What a bunch of crap. They want a mass of people reliant upon them so they will continue to vote them blindly into office so they can continue on their power train. I say fire them all and start over. Every single last one of them starting at the top with that idiot Kenyan that isn’t even qualified to hold the office that he is holding. We’re in a death spiral!

    • Kimbo

      I had to read that twice. I thought I wrote it. It is comforting to now know that I’m not the only one that feels this way!! Bravo!

      • Chris

        Kimbo et al:
        I believe there are many of us out here who agree wholeheartedly with you and JB. Hopefully, our voices will be heard over the next several November elections. My ancestors who fought to gain and keep our freedom must be turning over in their graves as they observe what our country has become. We can best reclaim America by making wise choices at the polls.

    • satex

      AGREED! A flat tax on income would be the ONLY fair way of taxing – with NO loopholes for corporations or anything else. (Income to keep people from squirreling away money in some foreign banks) But, I don’t believe we’ll ever get Washington to go for it because in order to obtain a high office in DC, you have to have money; lots and lots of it and those with the money, love the loopholes.
      Also, everyone has to pay taxes on the money they earn, right? Then how can the government justify taxing the SAME money again just because a person dies? (Yeah, I know, the government doesn’t have to justify anything to anyone these days!) Really, wouldn’t that fall under some kind of Double Jeopardy law?
      As for those who think the rich don’t pay enough, how much do YOU pay? I’m FAR from rich, very close to the poverty line, but I still have to pay my ‘fair share’ of taxes. I’ve worked for over 40 years and I certainly would never expect someone to come along and just give me something for nothing! The vast majority of the wealthy donate 100 times what you earn a year to worthy causes. They work quietly in the back ground, not wanting any recognition. Private charities are FAR more efficient and reach more people than anything the government has ever done. And who do you think the employers are for all the people you might know who do work? What is your ideal society where the poor get all they need all the time without having to work? Just how far do you think the wealthy people’s money would go in your society? Don’t you think that if socialism and communism worked, that Russia would still be living in that type of government? It’s been proven over and over that socialism does NOT WORK!

  • thinker

    The last time that I checked the allocations only 18 cents on every allocated $1.00 of government money actually made it to the intended recipient (cause)—the rest vanished into “administrative expenses.” A non-profit with even half as much “administrative” expenses would quickly lose its support base.

    • Campbell Figley

      This what happens when the fruits of our labour is conficated and filtered thought the kidneys of government. It isn’t all that pleasant when you get your ‘share’ back!

    • 45caliber

      Keep in mind that their breakdown is probably shaded. The last time I heard it was more like 2% made it through the government. And I know some charities have as little as 5% going to the recipients. In fact, one charity affair had ZERO going to the charity. The rest was used up putting on the event (a big party for rich people).

  • 45caliber

    The main thing I have with the death tax is that the government is basically stating that everything you own belongs to them and you must return it when you die.

  • Steve


    In times such as these, we need only to look at world history. The ancient civilizations of Persia and Greece come to mind. One might consider the history of the British or Roman Empires; Napoleonic France or Spain; also the dynasties of the Chinese and Japanese Emperors, along with the Egyptian Pharos, or the Mayans and Aztecs. All of these republics, empires and dynasties have fallen upon the dust heap of history. Do these once great societies have any meaning in our present day? Oh yes! Big time!

    The study of these civilizations was the basis and foundation for our Constitutional Republic. Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams and all our founding fathers studied how these civilizations emerged, evolved and eventually failed. Our founders answered these rises and collapses of past civilizations with the Great American Experiment; The Constitution of the United States of America; our map for continuing success.

    Our grand document is based on the creation, evolvement and failure of every civilization in history. It was conceived through the wisdom of all the grand thinkers in world history. (Thinkers and philosophers who knew that their history would be important to some future civilization and they were intelligent enough to write it down or carve it in stone) Our Constitution is a document written to preserve individual liberty and to organize a union of separate states, into a Federal Union; The United States of America.

    Why do we now fail our Constitution? Why don’t we teach more of it in public and private schools? Why do politicians and judges say it’s outdated? The reality is that we are at the crossroads between the success or failure of our Constitutional Republic. This Great Document needs to be honored and cherished dearly.

    Our Congress; the Senate and House of Representatives, is now failing us by passing legislation that they do not read before they vote on it’s passage. Our President is failing our country by signing this unread legislation into law. We might call this a failure of their Oath of Office. Or we might call it a failure of our national identity. Either way, we can not continue to exist as a nation under these failures in government.

    Ancient Rome is a prime example. Senators of the Roman Republic sat in their Coliseum seats, along with the Roman Emperors. They watched as slaves fought gladiators and cheered for blood. They watched as Christians were eaten by lions while the minions screamed for more blood. Those Senators allowed the decline of the Roman Republic by their lack of concern, accession and decadence. Eventually, their appeasements to the Caesars contributed to the decline of the Republic and the Empire. All was lost as hoards of barbarians over-ran a militarily-over-extended, over-taxed, Roman Empire.

    That barbarism was unmatched until the 20th century, when Marxist/Socialist/Communism overtook Russia and Eastern Europe, culminating in the deaths of 50 million human beings. All of them murdered and starved by a mentally ill, psychotic-paranoid, Joseph Stalin; along with his secret police.

    Adolph Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. Joseph Stalin murdered 50 million of his own Soviet people. The German people were compliant with Hitler and the Soviets with Stalin. They followed those leaders to their graves. The Roman Senators were compliant with the Caesars. Rome fell, as all great civilizations did in time. None of those civilizations had a living Constitution: a map for success throughout the ages. Our nation has one and it’s high time our Congress and our President start abiding by it.

    The failure to follow our Founding Fathers’ map has lead America down the wrong road; to the crossroads we find ourselves looking upon. A “fundamental change in America”, we do not need. What we do need, is to return to a “foundation based on our Constitution”. We should command the respect due to us and their Oath of Office, from all our elected officials in city, county, state and federal government. Only that respect to their Constitutional Oaths and to the People, will save this country from the dust heap of history. We, as a free Nation, still have the right to demand that of our elected representatives. This is the duty and the responsibility of every citizen in a Constitutional Republic. Demand it! Vote for it! Pass it on to everyone!!

    If you are an American Patriot, then please, remember this on November 2, 2010. VOTE !

    God’s Speed America!

    • Campbell Figley

      Great post Steve! Sounds like Mark Levin wrote this. (That is a great compelment to you).

  • atlas reborn

    the taxes needed to run the country are much smaller than you think. if you eliminate welfare and illegal allien support you would have a large surplus. that people are irresponsible and make many lousy decisions is no reason to tax americans into poverty. when a person decides to get married and does not have a job but knows he can collect welfare is abhorent to everyone including God. to fund illegal activities is abhorent to God. illegal alliens should not get any support from the government. the politicians want to be looked on as great people compassion, but in reality are theives snd imposters of being good people. they are the worst kind of people they want to enslave everyone and be the kings and gods. to me they are the crud of life. I was raised that to get married without a job or have money to support a family was against Gods law. to take from someone something without just compensation is theivery. I started to work at age 12. I moved to los angeles and got a job atr minimum wage. then got a better job and got married. I worked hard and saved my money and 5 years later bought a house. I paid it off and still live there. I sent my children to private school {3 of them} and did not get any government aid. I was lucky to find a great wife who worked with me. Now is it fair to me to get stiffed by the government to support irresponsibility ? I think not. now we have a president who wants to support everyone on the backs of honest hard working people. that is not what the founding fathers found america for. they found america to be free and america to give equal opportunities to try and succeed. that worked for a long time, but socialists and marxists started to slowly take political offices and violated the constitution by giving money to irresponsibie people. we have always had charities that would help the needy but if they continued to act irresponable they stopped giveng them help, because it was being wasted. the salvation army works that way. our federal government encourages irresponsibility. we should cesae supporting politicians that give our hard earned money to freeloaders. if you disagree with what i said go to the bible and read what God says. man must work for his food. Do you think God is wrong and stupid?

    • 45caliber

      I saw a breakdown of foreign aid to other countries once several years ago. If you eliminated that, at that time, you would easily have balanced the budget. (Every country in the world except TWO received at least $10 million. Most like Russia got far more.)

      I also saw the price the government paid to buy up private land in the US every year. Again you could almost balance the budget it if wasn’t spent EVERY YEAR.

      The money the government gives to charities every year is amazing as well. In fact a number of charities such as CARE get over 99% of their money from the government.

      I’m sure there are other places the government spends money that could easily be stopped without hurting anyone except the individuals getting the money also.

    • Anthony

      Don’t forget de-funding the military-industrial complex… now, there’s some savings.

  • atlas reborn

    kimbo I am glad that you feel that way you are closer to the right way than the wrong way. I see there are a lot of us out there. we may not be in lock step but we are close.

  • bobmac

    Ben,I figure you’re a Boston fan so there’s limited hope for you.The good news is that you can get a new haircut so you no longer look like Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley.

  • paulc

    Progressives and liberals have a unique gift. They can look at a set of facts concerning taxes and the economy, and develop the most astounding lies in contrast to the facts.

  • ReadTheFounders

    Government is NOT the answer!

    Stop falling for this sophist / robin hood drivel people have spoon fed you your whole lives! Charity by definition is giving to help another from your heart, (not just your wallet by the way). Government stealing from producers then giving it to the lazy and unworthy, in return for favors and calling it ‘charity’, is a smoke screen to hide gov’t graft. Believe it or not when they write that junk into law, it is written by then handed to them by the lobbyist who wrote it for them and the politician is given MONEY when it goes into effect.

    Cash for ‘favors’, I think there is a word for that. . . Oh: graft, corruption, and bribery, there are three that fit.

    The greatest charity anyone can provide another (and society) is the creation of JOBS. The recipient of the job has something to be proud of and grown their life. Society benefits because lower unemployment rolls, crime, and less gov’t.

    $.30 of every dollar spent on welfare/unemployment reaches the end user (fact look it up, you will have to work at it because gov’t hides it pretty well, you have to compare roles to agency budget then do the math, they are good at justifying their existence). The rest is wasted on administration, buildings, infrastructure, graft, and paperwork (news flash libs: they cut down a lot of happy green trees to waste all that money).

    Easy math: assume pvt sector job and transfer payment both cost = $35k/year

    $35,000 = 30% = 3/10 math fact, that $35k is equal to the remaining 30% which is 3/10

    $35,000 * 10/3 = total cost of transfer payment (algebraic permutation, 7th grade math, hang in there.)

    $35,000 * 10/3 = $116,666.67 cost per transfer payment

    $116,666.67 (cost per transfer payment) – $35,000 (cost to employ) = $81,666.67 (gov’t waste = societal wealth destroyed)

    That waste doesn’t include the loss of tax revenue from the labors of that ‘new employee’, growth of GDP, or benefits to society of someone not sitting watching daytime TV.

    Wake up people! Government can do nothing as well as the private sector, the members of governing bodies will, and have always, been subject to ‘personal incentives’ (read bribes, graft, corruption) to protect someone else’s interests. The private sector must make a choice about their best course of action, and risk their fortunes on that decision, when they choose wrong Google: “Lehman brothers”. Politicians can be ‘told’ about what is their best course of action, and have nothing at stake if they are wrong, because they are handed that suitcase of money and call it a ‘campaign contribution’ before the repercussions are felt. Politician’s incentives are out of line with rational self interest for the rest of society’s members.

    Government is NOT the answer!

    • 45caliber

      I saw a report about 30 years ago of what the individual family on Welfare received each year. A friend figured out that he could support 3 such families on what he paid in taxes each year and still save money. He wrote the government and requested that they assign him three families to support instead of paying them.

      Needless to say they didn’t take him up on it.

      Now they get a lot more money. And the last I heard, the Administration of that money meant only about 5% got to the recipient. You mean that the government employees are doing a better job now? Or that there are fewer of them than there used to be?

      • ReadTheFounders

        Erg, that is a head scratcher. . .

        The last time I did the math was in ’04 waiting for my boss to spit out the last piece I needed for a .ppt presentation.

        Fortunately the math is the same just change ’3/10′ to ’1/20′ and let the hilarity ensue. In that case the cost per transfer payment would be a cool $700k. But who’s counting the pennies any more. . .

  • Keith in NC

    I hate it for Steinbrenner, but I LOVE it for his family!

    On a different note, did anyone ever tell you the way Buffett made his money “the old fashioned way”? And after I tell you this it will make sense that he supports the Death Tax.

    When someone dies, say the owner of a small business, most of his wealth is tied up in that business. The building, the equipment, office stuff, desks, chairs, that computer you’re reading this on, the trucks that carry his product up and down the road. You know, the stuff for which he has ALREADY PAID TAX. He has some money in the bank which is required to fund the running of the business, buy raw materials, pay your paycheck, etc.

    Now he dies. The Federal government (and the state is just waiting in the wings as well) shows up and says, “wow, old Bob has done really well. He has all this stuff (you remember, the stuff he has already paid taxes on) and this business generates several million dollars in sales per year, so it is worth 5 million dollars. So now we deduct one and a half million from that (that’s your generous deduction cause you’re so rich) and that means it is worth 3 and a half million. That means you owe us, the Federal government, 55% of that 3 and half million or almost 2 million dollars. Have the check ready by next month.”

    So now the family, who is already grieving over the loss of their husband, father, grandfather, etc. has to come up with the money. He has some money in the bank, not near enough to cover that bill (and that he used to run the business on a day to day basis, you remember, the money he pays your paycheck with) vehicles, building, office stuff, etc. and a little bit of life insurance. So everything goes up for sale to come up with the money, only it is now only worth 20 cents on the dollar because they have to come up with it FAST, ’cause you know the Government. They want their money NOW!

    In steps old Buffett who buys up the business at 20 cents on the dollar. The family gets screwed, the government gets some more money to waste away on people who DON”T want to work, bailouts of people who don’t NEED to work, putting all those people in that business who DO WANT AND NEED to work, out of work, because the business is no longer there. And Buffett adds all those assets to his portfolio, where he can leisurely liquidate them for what they are really worth and sit back and wait on the next poor soul to die.

    Ya gotta love it, don’t cha.

    Long live the Death Tax

    • 45caliber

      That’s the way the government was working to gain all the land around Austin.

      Your granddad owns a 100 acre farm. On the market, it is worth $13,000 an acre – $1.3 million. He dies.

      The government immediately visits, stopping the hearse as it leaves the graveyard. “We need our share, (55%) by next month. Here is the bill for $715,000. We need it by the first of the month.”

      No one has that kind of money so you check the realtor. And he informs you that the property is listed for government ownership only. You can only sell it to the government – and all they are paying is $1,000 an acre – IF they feel like buying it right now. You can either pay the $715,000 bill and keep a farm you can only sell for $100,000 or you can give up the farm. You go back to the IRS to protest. After several months and a lot of expensive lawyer bills, the IRS says they will make a deal with you. Just sign over the whole farm to them and they will let the $715,000 bill drop.

      Does that sound like taking property for the public good and giving you the fair market value?

  • MJ

    Anyone who hates the Yankees and Cowboys can’t be all bad.(You need to hate the Lakers as well.) I think it’s the grandiose, pompus attitudes of those teams. Living now in Texas I feel bad for the once mighty Cowboys. They just can’t seem to get it right.

    • Anthony

      Oh, puh-leeeaze…Jerry Jones is just as bad as Stienbrenner. The people are paying taxes on a billion-dollar monstrosity that most of them had no say in.

  • Mark L

    Actually he has not paid about 40% of every dollar he earned to the Feds, as a lot of it was paid to him via dividends and other financial instruments that avoid the income tax.
    Additionally most of his fortune is locked in long term capital capital gains.
    I oppose the death tax, but do think that a simple and fair way to handle the issue is simply carry the cost basis to those who inherit the fortune.
    So if Grandpa bought a building in 1033 for $3K and kicks the bucket in 2010 and the building goes to Jack and Jill there is no tax due until Jack and Jill sell the building. If they sell the building immediately and each gets $500K from the sale, than they owe the feds a long term gains tax for ($500,000 – (3,000 / 2)).
    That is truly the only fair way to handle this.

    • Jimbo

      Why do the Feds deserve ANY of the money? What did they do to earn any of it? So many of the liberal comments on this article overlook the basic point – tax is theft and totally immoral. If people understood that 100% of the income tax collected goes to pay the interest to the international banksters who run the Federal Reserve (Rothschilds and other pond scum!!), they would realize its unnecessity and its immorality. Let govt. compete with the free enterprise system and let people VOLUNTARILY decide who they want to have provide services, and then we will see, govt. will be left with NOTHING . . . because they are nothing, they own nothing, they produce nothing. All they do is coerce, and back that up with a gun! Our country was founded on limited, extremely limited govt., and the monstrosity we have become (well beyond socialism, and more like fascism and Marxism) is no longer sustainable. Ponzi schemes like SS and Medicare/Medicaid are totally bankrupt, and all we ever get from the criminals in DC is MORE govt. The more it fails, the more it steals, and the more we get. What a racket!

  • tracycolorado

    Socialism only works , untill you run out of other peoples money

    • libertytrain

      Good Point –

  • Anthony

    Here’s a bit I found qith a quik google, after reading the first few comments….

    www-nodeathtax-org/deathtax/history [change the dashes]

    [Brief History of the Death Tax]

    The Death Tax has been imposed on American taxpayers four distinct times over the last 200 years, each time to help pay the costs of a military conflict. The first three times it was repealed shortly after the conflict ended.

    The First Three Death Tax Laws

    The Death Tax was first imposed in 1797, to help collect funds for the Undeclared War with France, and repealed in 1802. In 1862, it was imposed a second time to collect funds for the Civil War, and was repealed in 1870. In 1898 it was imposed again to collect funds for the Spanish-American war, and was repealed in 1902.[1]

    The Last Death Tax Law

    The Death Tax was re-imposed a fourth time in 1916, to support the U.S. involvement in World War I. That war ended over 90 years ago, yet the tax was only finally repealed on January 1, 2010. Over the course of the last 94 years, the Death Tax rate changed several times. The initial rate was 10 percent, and then increased to 25 percent, and ultimately climbed as high as 77 percent.[2]

    In 1976 Congress enacted legislative changes designed to make it impossible for a person to transfer wealth without being taxed by either the Estate Tax (Death Tax), the Gift Tax, or the Generation Skipping Tax. The Gift Tax applies to any gifts above $12,000 in a year (and any gifts in a lifetime over $1 million) and the Generation Skipping Tax applies to any gifts that “skip” the first generation (children) and go to grandchildren. Together, these taxes prevent any large transfer of assets from escaping the IRS.

    The 2001 Death Tax Repeal Law

    In 2001, President Bush signed the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA). EGTRRA reduced the Death Tax from 55% in 2001 to 45% in 2009 and repealed the Death Tax on January 1, 2010. However, due to complex Senate budget rules, the EGTRRA tax relief is not permanent. In 2011, all of the EGTRRA tax relief “expires” and the applicable tax rates return to their pre-tax relief rates. Consequently, the Death Tax will “come back to life” in 2011 at the rate of 55%….unless Congress acts to make repeal permanent.

    Reaganism proved once and for all, in K-6 decipherable, “lead-by-example” actions exactly what happens to the Treasury Coffers when you apply TAX CUTS …. They go up.

    It doesn’t matter which Party you prefer – they ALL hide their money when they see a TAX about to be implemented or hiked. ALL OF THEM. It’s simply prudent financial practice.

    The re-implementation of the taxes that Bush cut is to do one thing, and that’s make the middle class too poor to affectively weather the upcoming second shoe dropping in this Recession. That’s the truth of it. Those more wealthy are already hiding their money. The middle class is the biggest cash cow and it’s important for the Ruling Oligarchy to assure themselves we don’t get too big for our britches and start taking this Country back, like Thomas Jefferson would want us to.

    Notice those last two paragraphs on that weblink? Did ya?

    I have another website that discusses the DEMS political machinations to a TEE, but it’s not actually related to THIS discussion… And, it’s a black man doing the talking.

  • mac m

    Talk about STUPID Lorrol??? Bush tax cuts brought in more money to the GOV. in six years than ever!!! yes EVER!!! The( Rinos) & (Dems) spent it!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    mac m, democrats have a mental problem, of ever understand how more money in the citizens pockets, means more taxes for the government. Am Lib. eddie 47, lorral, boob wire, all are probably the same puke brain schulub, and Omoron’s cheering section of any pee brained marxist democrat. They just don’t understand economics and how free markets function. All of the no minded bastards want total government control over everything even businesses. Everyone should get the same pay no matter what you do, as we all work for the government and with the over educated muslim dick-tater, calling the shots and theorizes problems for months when they arise.

  • NIck

    Steinbrenner’s sons had better not count on dividing his estate free of tax. I wouldn’t be surprised if congress decided to change the rules retroactively to January 1, 2010. There is precedent for that. They and the administration have demonstrated that they have no respect for the sanctity of a contract. They could vote that 2009′s rules apply to 2010 retroactively any time from now until the end of the year. I’m absolutely certain that Obama would sign it into law without hesitation. In addition to Steinbrenner there has been at least one other billionaire who died this year. He was a 95 year old real estate man in San Francisco, I believe. I remember chuckling over his sense of timing. I doubt that congress will want to leave the billion or so they could collect lying on the table, so they’ll just pass a law and let the taxable population eat cake. By giving most of his estate to the Gates Foundation, Buffett will have dodged having to pay most of his estate tax liability as well. Of course most of it will go for charitable purposes, but at least he gets to choose how it gets spent. To all those who have died in 2010, RIP while you can because I won’t be surprised if you find yourself spinning in your graves sometime in the next five months, probably after the election in November. The lame duck congress will pick the pockets of your heirs, and all the howling in protest won’t do any good.

  • Marcus

    how much do you actually get paid to put out all of your disinformation?? Do you really believe that these fools will take care of you after they collapse the dollar, raise gas prices, and continue to rape the people of the world in every way imaginable?? You are the fool’s fool.

    Time now for all of you sane people to get to know your neighbors strengths and weaknesses and to start building a strong communities again. Trade labors and don’t use the worthless dollars. Grow your own foods, find ways to fix your old stuff. We have to take back our families and grow out from there. Freedom is self security and independence, from there we can combine our strengths into a mighty force against the tyrannical elites.

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    You can say whatever you want about George Steinbrenner, however, being he lived in Tampa as I do, I know all the good things he did for the community and people down on their luck. I was fortunate to know and speak to his daughter who is both beautiful in appearance and personality.

    I ran a business with over 900 employees. One of the first lessons you learn is you can’t become too friendly with any of your employees but at the same time you can be generous and treat your employees with respect. I made it a point to let them know that their job was just as important to the company’s growth as mine. Decisions made are not always popular but necessary. George was a very volatile man and did make a few enemies along the way. He was, though, a very warm hearted person and believe the people who were close to him said this. I will remember him in this way.


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