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Dealing With Medical Emergencies

August 20, 2012 by  

Dealing With Medical Emergencies
Preparedness requires a medical kit.

The prepper can take many lessons from the situation that developed in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. One lesson is that when the social order breaks down for a period of days or weeks, adequate medical care will disappear.

So preparedness requires a medical kit. And no medical survival kit is complete without a good book or two on emergency medicine, anatomy, drug reference and medical terminology.

Some good ones to choose from are:

Some of these take you step by step through many surgical and healthcare procedures.

Technology has helped with this as well. Now, much of this information is available on CD-Rom or DVD, which gives you a moving visual rather than text and a static photograph or drawing. Some good ones are:

All of the above books and videos are available at, and many of the books can be found in book stores.

There are also some videos online that are available for viewing or download that can help in an emergency situation. A Google search of the phrase “What to do in medical emergencies” turns up videos on CPR, helping a choking victim, dealing with dislocations, setting broken bones, stopping bleeding and helping a heart attack victim, among others.

The good news is that with a little medical training, good reference books, basic medical equipment and a few different drugs (analgesics and antibiotics), about nine out of 10 medical emergencies can be dealt with satisfactorily.

For example, typical treatment for a broken leg would be administration of a general anesthetic and the setting of the bone — or, if needed, an operation to insert a pin — and administration of a cast.

But a person can be treated without the operation in an emergency situation and still retain the use of the leg. The patient can take an analgesic and the bone can be set and splinted until it’s healed. He or she may thereafter walk with a limp, but the leg will still be functional.

While most of the medical equipment is relatively easy to come by, acquiring medications is another matter. First, they can be very expensive. Second, many require a prescription, and physicians are loath to prescribe medicines for people who aren’t sick.

However, if you try to coax medications out of your family doctor, you may be successful. A word of advice: Be prepared to discuss the use of the medications and be honest with him about your reason. If you try to fool him, he will catch on; and not only will you not receive any of the medications you want, but you may fracture your relationship with your doctor.

Tell the doctor you are trying to prepare for a disaster situation and want to have some basic medications available. Know what the medicines do that you are asking for. If you are able to get some medicines from your doctor, you should return them when they reach their expiration date. This will assure the doctor you are not abusing the medication.

Some medicines that require a prescription in the United States are available over the counter in Third World countries. Some U.S. residents have been known to bring antibiotics and some other drugs across the border from Mexico. But be aware that governments frown upon drug smuggling, so be careful.

Some medications designed for animals are actually the same as those used to treat similar diseases in humans, and they often cost less. Some of the books mentioned previously outline what veterinary medicines are suitable for human use.

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from my book How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization. You can order the book here.–BL

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Robert Smith

    “How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization”

    Or we an all work together and learn that the extreme right ad tea baggers don’t have our best interest at heart and if they can’t have it their way they will do everything they can to stop any progress at all. Look at the way a small minority in Congress has screwed thigns up.

    They have preyed on emotional hot button issues rather than addressing the practical things that would make America a better place and catch us up with other countries in issues like health care and transportation.

    Let’s make America great for ALL of us. US…. UNITED States, not fractured.


    • Paul B.

      Fortunately Robert, ther are many of us who believe that what YOU want and think asre best for us, as dictated by the greedy elitists in DC, aren’t the best. Our perspective on what will “heal” this country are quite different.

      Fortunately we outnumber those like you and will prevail this November, which while NOT the end of our transition back to our nation’s successes, rather than the failures of this administration’s policies, it is a new beginning, away from the HOPE AND CHANGE, we never agreed to from the phony in charge.

      The obstructionism in DC you refer to was at our bidding, our demands actually to stop the CHANGE, in the wrong direction, the Dems have pushed on us these past almost 6 years.

      8 years from now we will look back and realize what a huge mistake Obama was.

      • Chester

        Paul, it was people exactly like you who got our credit downgrade that you now use to beat , or try to beat, Obama about the head and shoulders. When you decide that only YOU have all the right answers, and no one else has any ideas worth listening to, you are on your way to becoming as much of a dictator as Hitler or Mussolini. Ideas like that are NOT in the best interests of the American people, no matter how much you scream and shout that YOUR ideas are the ONLY ideas fit to follow.

    • Pathfinder

      Robert : You bemoan the right wingers and Tea Party saying that, “they do not have our best interest at heart” and that ” they stop progress”. Robert, you failed to include the left and the EXTREME LEFT.

      Left and Right wing spending has given US interest on the debt that we can not pay off… do you understand that? Is that progress? At least the TEA Party is putting pressure on for fiscal responsibility which is something you may not understand. ( “TEA” stands for Taxed Enough Already)

      You say: “Right Wingers and tea party prey on emotional hot button”. What about democrat lies saying ; ” republicans are throwing grandmom over the cliff with health care”?. IT is Obamacare that will kill by denying health care to seniors and if you do not understand this you are just plain ignorant and have no understanding as to what Obama care will to do to America. If you think that this is progress than you are a socialist.
      So, tell me again Robert, Who is pushing the emotional hot buttons?

      It is the Democrats that have mastered the use of the class warfare (Think: Saul Alinsky) to divide and conquer for the sole purpose of gaining more power.I am sure when Obama and his cohorts achieve “The Great American Socialist Victory” you will be very happy.
      (Hope you enjoy being evaluated by Obama ‘s death panels when it is your turn.)

      • eddie47d

        Denying healthcare is the only “death panel” I see and I see that coming from the right not the left. The right thinks Obama is turning this nation over to communism and the left thinks Romney is turning this nation over to more fascism and unfettering greed. Come November we may indeed see how far we are willing to go.

      • Pathfinder

        Eddie; You say death panels from the right. Where in Hell did you come up with that?
        You have NO IDEA of what you speak. Some2,700 odd pages of the AHCA were crafted under the supervision of Pelosi and Reid and delivered to House members just before Christmas eve. And, do you not remember Pelosi saying, “WE will find out what is in the bill AFTER WE SIGN IT! Exposure to some the bills contents came after, democrats in force and marching to the party line, passed the bill. What was known of the bills contents was reported by republicans when they explained reasoning for not going along with the bill. Further, Pelosi imposed 24hour deadline just before CHRISTMAS EVE. If the House didn’t sign they would have spent Christmas in Washington (as was threatened by Pelosi) and many Democrats just signed the bill in order to get home for Christmas.
        Please consider joining Robert and Chester in educational activity.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Robert, pray, tell!!! How does a “small minority” in congress “screw things up”??? Explain!!! It would seem to me that a “small minority” could get NOTHING done in this country!!! Again, you’re just making things up!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It would also seem to me that it is the people on the right who are trying to HELP people by telling them to prepare! Those who take heed will be somewhat prepared and have basic supplies like food and water. I hear NO ONE from the left telling people to take care of themselves. Those who only listen to the left will end up in a world of hurt. They will have to rely upon stealing food and water from others which will be very dangerous! You’ve HEARD the advice and you choose to live in lala land, where your precious socialists will take care of you, “if we all work together”!!! You need to wake up and get busy! No amount of “working together” (as if any of them would) is going to stave off this collapse for long! How will you feel, as you watch your family starve?!?

    • Art

      Sorry, I will go with the teabaggers rather than the crooks in Washington and the crooks on wall street

  • Sirian

    Good reference books to have – it’s always best to have something in reserve instead of laughing it off as “Oh that will never happen to me. “ and follow the usual BS of politicians. When you’re in an actual “survival situation” how often do people think of politics? Those that survive never do.

    • Paul B.

      The ONLY ones thinking about government are the ones wondering where their government is to bail them out. Of course they won’t be there and those dependent souls, who trusted DC to “take care of their every need” will be the first to suffer the worst outcomes of available choices.

      Preparedness is a must for everyone. Natural disasters, and the potential for worse are always lurking. The BEST survival tip is the right frame of mind… starting with a healthy dose of personal responsibility… taking care of yourself first so you can be of value to others second.

      • Chester

        Paul, it appears that you believe you are the ONLY one who can save you and yours when things go south. Perhaps you are, if you stand back and let things get that bad, or actively push to help them get there to justify your statements. I hate to say this, but the Tea Party has been pushing, very hard, to force a governmental collapse just so they can stand back and say “we told you so.”

      • demsagainst obama

        ” I hate to say this, but the Tea Party has been pushing, very hard, to force a governmental collapse just so they can stand back and say “we told you so.”

        Chester I hate to say this but the Tea Party (or Republicans or anyone else) doesn’t have to push even slightly to force a government collapse. Obama’s out of control spending is doing that just fine thank you.

      • Sirian

        Paul B.,
        Quite true – “personal responsibility” – very important. That’s it though, so many are truly lacking in that area. As you said, “dependent souls” – unfortunately we’re becoming totally overrun with them, aren’t we?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Chester, it is rampant government spending and debt that got us to where we are!!! I do not understand HOW you would blame the Tea Party for that since they STAND FOR LESS GOVERNMENT SPENDING!!! THAT is the single and ONLY message of the Tea Party!!! Can you explain to us WHY YOU THINK LESS GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND DEBT would lead to economic collapse?!?

      • deerinwater

        “Chester I hate to say this but the Tea Party (or Republicans or anyone else) doesn’t have to push even slightly to force a government collapse. Obama’s out of control spending is doing that just fine thank you.”

        Chester, I guess republicans are the only ones that can over spend and it’s seen as somehow Okay.

  • dan

    Don’t forget to shag on down to the RED CROSS and practice your CPR…
    an emergency is no time to try to remember something last tried when you were
    young… that goes for the Boy Scout first aide,too.Shoot,it wouldn’t be a bad idea to
    teach the nephews and nieces or grandkids when they come to the cabin on Labor Day

  • Jon

    One of the primary (and easiest) things everyone should do right now is get into better physical shape. Take care of dental problems and medical procedures you’ve been putting off. They may not be available next year at any [reasonable] price. Start or continue an exercise program. Diet if need be. The better shape you’re in, the less medical assistance you’ll need. And, even better, you’ll get benefit immediately, even if future disasters don’t happen.

  • M. Balog

    [1] Perhaps the Demogog CPUSA. Alinsky and Ayers following TROLLS Chester and Robert should go back to the OW(L)S Camp from which they came. OW(L)S = Out of Work Lazy Socialists.
    [2] You People need to Get a LIFE and Get a JOB. The Taxpayers, who Represent the so called Tea Party Whom You and Your ILK LOATH. Are damn tired fo Paying Taxes taken from Decreasing weekly paychecks, to PAY for Those who are Scaming the System. Tired of Paying Politicians who Think the Taxpayers are a Liberal ATM Machine for all their Foreign Aid and Beneifit Programs that Support ILLEGAL ALIENS who are Leaches on AMERICAN SOCIETY. Over 85 % Of the Criminals in State and Federal Prisons are Illegal Alien Criminals. Social Security, SSI and SSDI Programs are being Abused by those who Don’t Belong in this Naiton Illegally, Who are NOT American Citizens, Who have No Work Ethic, No Loyality to The USA, And have NOT Put a Penny into the System. Their Kids are clogging up our Schools, and their Elderly transplanted here never worked a day in their Lives to be on OUR SSI and SSDI, Social Security Programs. Too many Burn our US Flag, Are Petty Theives, Criminals, Drug Smugglars, And are causing many states to go bankrupt paying for all their needs while American Citiizens in Need are being Ignored.

    [3] Washington Spend-a-Crats who Borrow Money from Communist China are destroying this nation from within. This Nation never Had Trillions of Dollars in Debt for the First 250 years of this Nation’s Existance. Only Till “Barack Obama” and his Socialist Cabinet, CZARS and others who are Incompetant and Never had any Business Experience to Lead Anything but Corrupt Narsistic Organizations who Pander to Ignorant Masses with a Hand Out Mentality, and could not understand simple economics of applying themselves to get any job instead of being Drop Outs demanding Taxpayers to Support them and their families Plus the Illegals On Benefit programs, Food Stamps [EBT Cards], Healthcare, Welfare and other Programs They leach from the system and Return Nothing but Ignorant Hate Towards the rest of the Country and American Citizens in general.

    [4] Those who are Trained in First Aid, CPR, who are First Responders, Volunteer Fireman,
    Aux. and Special Police, etc,. are willing and trained to help anyone who needs it Regardless of the situation. There are Other Organizations that Teach First Aid and Advanced First Aid besides the Red Cross. Each Community has CERT Teams, who are
    Trained and Certified as First Responders and availible for Emergency Assistance.
    [5] There are Licensed Amateur Radio Operators, and Radio Clubs who have emergency
    generators, short wave radios and repeaters who are trained and set up to establish any
    emergency communications for all Services, Fire, EMS, Hospitals, Red Cross, etc. should the system fail. In a Real Emergency the Cell Phone Towers will be Down as Power will be
    out. They can run on generators for 8 – 12 hours then run out of Fuel and Shut Down. Hams
    will Pick Up the Communnications Just like they did During WW 2 intercepting Nazi Spy’s messages over Short Wave Radios…. SO, it is Better to be Able to Obtain a Ham Radio License and Radio Equipment since that will be the only real communications you will have in any Declared Emergency when Normal Phone and Cell Phone Service is Suspended.

    [5] People Need to get in Physical Shape. Walk a little every day. Use a Bicycle to Exercise as well. Diet and eat the Right Foods, Stop eating Junk Foods and Give up Expensive Cigerettes, Cigars and un necessary Alcholic Beverages. Save the Money as
    it will be needed in a real Emergency. Have Emergency Plans developed for you and your own family as well as close friends and relatives, Even if you disagree with them at times, It is best you band together for your own common survival. Find a Place to Relocate if necessary
    [6] And Lastly Firearms and Ammo. We live in Changing Times and there are Criminals who will Not Give Up their Firearms No matter what any Law Says. It is Best you are able tobe trained and use a variety of firearms as your life and those of your firearms in defense of your Own Life and Property. As it is, Police Arrive AFTER the FACT and Pick Up the Peices. The Police are Minutes Away when Secornd’s Count. You have a God Given Right to Defend youself and those of your family, friends and neighbors. No Politiian or Special Interest Group Lobbyist can take that way. Evil People will Resort to Violence Against Honest Respectible People IF NO ONE PUTS A STOP TO IT. Remember what Churchill Said. Evil will Prevail when Good Men Do NOTHING….

  • Pathfinder

    Robert and Chester are naive, have no understand of history, and do not have any idea of what the Founding Fathers established.
    Presently, there are over 100 million people getting “unearned” government assistance; thats 35% of the population. Add social security and medicare BENEFITS and the number is almost 50% of the population. There is a difference between handouts and benefits. Medicare and Social Security are benefits because people paid into the system. Hand outs are just that. Now here is the dirty little secret: In 3 1/2 years The Obama admin has DOUBLED the number of people getting GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS and continues to push for more. Do you know why Robert and Chester? Because they are intentionally creating a dependent class just to gain more power.
    Soon you will kiss the two party system good bye, thanks to the growing dependent class, and welcome in an era of socialistic bliss. Ultimately we will all have to deal with the medical and financial crisis that the Marxist Obama and democrats are creating.
    Both Robert and Chester need to read the writings of the Founding Fathers and study history. Here is a starting point;
    1: No socialistic form of government ever survived (think USSR)
    2- Understand these words from Thomas Jefferson:
    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

    “….Under the pretense of taking care of them” ….. Very powerful words that you need to fully understand.

  • Deerinwater

    I rode Katrina out in a 139 ft. Utility Boat some 50 nautical miles south of Bell Chase and came back in some 4 hours after this storm had passed through. At 10 knots with two Detroits turning 2400 RPM, it was as quick as we could make way. There were no band-aid or medication for what I saw. It was hard to impossible to navigate the waters without fouling the wheel in debris, floating oil and fuel slicks , ropes, wire, lumber, cloths, awnings and bodies.

    I would highly encourage anyone to limit their liabilities in such a disaster, get the young and aging out first! If you are able bodied and want to chance it, prepare and form teams with other able bodied persons and plan many fall back positions with provisions .

    Understand, `~ if you survive, it will be you that becomes the “first responders” and you will need a lot of everything.

  • http://Service pletcherjsj

    It i


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