Dealership Offers Gun Gift Cards With Cars


EASLEY, S.C., (UPI) — A South Carolina car dealership said it is offering $250 gift cards to a local gun shop to customers who purchase vehicles.

General Manager Chad Henderson of the Mitsubishi dealership in Easley said the business’ sign, “Free shotgun or rifle when you buy a car,” actually means customers receive $250 gift cards to Sharp Shooters Gun Club and Range in Greenville, WHNS-TV, Greenville, reported Thursday.

Henderson said the gift card scheme allows the gun shop to ensure all laws are followed when customers claim their prizes.

“We have the same requirements as any gun shop would have,” Sharp Shooters co-owner Ted Landreth said. “They just can’t come in off the street and say, ‘OK. I’m here to get my gun.'”

Henderson said the promotion, which runs through next week, is a celebration of U.S. values and freedoms.

“We believe we live in the greatest country in the world, and sometimes, when we get a chance, we like to express that,” Henderson said. “What better way (than) giving away a shotgun or rifle.”

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