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Day At The Improv

September 28, 2010 by  

Day At The Improv

Stephen Colbert is a funny guy. Granted, his program is a comedic shiv in the conservative movement’s kidneys, but a good joke is still a good joke.

Colbert is a rare breed amongst lefties, a comedian who is actually funny. Compared to lowbrow liberal court jesters like Mike Malloy, Colbert is funnier than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promising to whip the Marine Corps in a game of “catch the cruise missile.”

However, Colbert should stick to Comedy Central. What we saw him do last week while “testifying” in front of Congress wasn’t funny, it was… weirdly captivating, like watching a car wreck, or Bill Clinton sitting down for an interview with Pat Robertson on The 700 Club.

There’s a time and a place for comedy; and testifying in front of the U.S. House of Representatives is neither. The goings-on in the people’s house are already funny enough. But don’t pin the blame for Colbert’s standup set entirely on Colbert. He was invited to do his schtick by subcommittee chairwoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Outer Space). I would suggest Colbert should have known better. It’s not as if I’m expecting Lofgren to know, well, much.

Lofgren extended the invitation to Colbert to testify on the issue of immigrant workers. Why the eight-term incumbent from California’s 16th would settle on a stand-up/sit down comedian to render expert testimony on such a monumentally important issue might cause some to scratch their heads, but I suspect:

  1. Lofgren is a 62-year-old lawyer and former congressional aide of Swedish descent. She’s about as hip as parachute pants, but represents a demographically diverse Silicon Valley-area district. Inviting Colbert to make the kiddies laugh was an attempt to jack up her “skreet kred.”
  2. Lofgren, like most liberals who’ve been in Washington since before even parachute pants were cool, is so completely disassociated from the 300 million taxpayers who are legally in this country that she thought Colbert was an actual expert on migrant workers.
  3. Lofgren was trying to distract the public from not only the seriousness of the immigration issue at a time when the Democrat ruling elite is being seen by more and more Americans as more disconnected from normalcy than Lindsay Lohan on the back end of a five-day bender; but also from the disastrous events of earlier in the week when a Democrat legislative ploy fell flatter than a Bill Maher punch line.

The third answer is the one which should raise your eyebrows. The Lofgren/Colbert comedy hour took place on Friday. Three days prior, Senate Democrats had tried to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants by attempting to bootleg the DREAM ACT across the legislative border under the blanket of the National Defense Reauthorization Act. The GOP spotted the subterfuge and filibustered, forcing the Democrats to turn to their trusty mainstream media for response, breathlessly pointing out that a repeal of the Clinton-era Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was also pinned to the tail of the NDRA donkey.

Despite headlines decrying alleged GOP-sponsored discrimination, the story went toes-up fairly quickly, its demise hastened by Colbert’s dog-and-pony show Friday morning. But hidden behind Friday’s fracas was the real story: The Democrats tried to pull a fast one, failed; turned out the mainstream media to cover them, failed; and then brought in a comedian to divert attention from their profligate elitism, and failed. By late Friday, even Democrats were claiming Lofgren’s stunt was an outrageous ploy by a rogue representative.

What they weren’t doing was acknowledging that they’d tried to pull a fast one and then bumbled helplessly until Colbert mercifully, albeit (hopefully) unwittingly, rescued them with his antics.

The influx of illegal immigrants is a serious issue, one which deserves serious response. The Democrats have attacked (the Department of Justice v Arizona), defamed (throwing the race card at anyone who stands against amnesty), and dishonored the nation (including AZ1070 in a human rights report to the United Nations). Now, with the Lofgren/Colbert report, they’re simply mocking not only the contentious issue of immigration reform, but also the overwhelming majority of Americans who contend the issue bears consideration.

As for the Democrat attempts as distraction, I maintain that distracting Congress from legislating is like distracting a dog from chewing on the furniture — or chewing on your kids.

But the Colbert disaster was a good look at the general tenor of the Democrat Party, 2010: Confronted by major economic, foreign policy and immigration predicaments of their own creation, they’re doing improv shows during business hours.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Kinetic1

    What most everyone fails to mention is that Colbert is working with the UFW to promote their “take our jobs” campaign. Every talking head on radio and tv has played a few seconds of Colberts’ comedic presentation, (attention for the cause?) but few continue on to the more serious Q&A towards the end. Colbert is serious in his support for the migrant workers who pick our crops for little pay and even less appreciation. As Colbert noted,
    “I like talking about people who don’t have any power. It seems like the least powerful people in the United States are migrant workers who come here. . . . And at the same time, we invite them here and ask them to leave. . . . I don’t want to take anyone’s hardship away from them [but] migrant workers suffer and have no rights.”

    Yes, he joked around in congress, but he also had a serious message. As always, his humor dug in and offended those it was intended to, but perhaps some of those who were so offended by the idea of inviting a political comedian to testify before this august assembly should take a moment to recall 2002 when ELMO was asked to testify before their hearing on music in school. I know, ELMO is well known as a expert on pre and elementary school education, and he did wear a snappy little suit and tie, but still, who are they trying to kid?

    • ValDM

      That tired old song n dance about migrant workers has grown a long gray beard. Let me tell you, I worked as a migrant back in the 60′s and 70′s and it wasn’t a bunch of wetbacks that I worked with. There are still regular people (not wetbacks) working the fruit and vegetables all along the left coast. Find yourself another thing to cry about besides the “poor migrant worker”. They aren’t ALL working in produce harvesting.

      • 45caliber

        I agree. I also worked picking crops then. What had the farmers picking with migrants was that someone had picked up a bunch in Mexico and hired out the entire crew at once. With Americans, the farmer had to hire one worker at a time.

        The big difference was the farmers. The individual farmers preferred Americans. The big corporation farms preferred hiring a crew at one time.

        • denniso

          Ben Crystal must be as blind as most ‘conservatives’. Almost all comedians are liberals, as are most actors and entertainers. When a person opens their mind to the world,it’s difficult to hold on to the provincial and narrow minded views that most ‘conservatives’ have.

      • Kinetic1

        No, they’re not all farm workers. Many are working as landscapers, construction workers, painters, etc. I’m not saying that every field worker is migrant (though I will say that the number of “Americans” working the fields has dropped dramatically since we were kids) or that all Mexicans should be allowed to cross our boarders and take jobs here. What I am saying is that there are some jobs that, for reasons of pay or working conditions that Americans no longer want to do. I live in dairy country where the pastures used to be filled with high school kids bucking hay in the summer. Not any more. The children of the kids who used to do this work wouldn’t dream of getting out there. And forget milking and cleaning up after the cows! Their parent’s don’t even want them doing that work.

        Times have changed. A recent report showed that, as housing construction begins to turn around there will be a shortage of skilled workers available, and research shows that much of this problem is caused by young people no longer wanting to work as plumbers and electricians. They are going to college to become lab techs, lawyers, doctors and financial consultants. They want jobs that pay well and have some social appeal.

        Now you can debate the findings (and I’m sure you will) and I understand your skepticism. My son is in construction and his grandfather is an electrician. It’s been hard for my kid, competing with low paid illegals for what few jobs there are, but I also see what his classmates went on to do and most of them are not in fields where they have to worry, for now. We need to protect the good jobs and make them available for legal American workers, but attacking migrant farm workers is not the answer. Once again, for those of you who have not caught on yet, we need to enforce our laws against hiring illegal workers. When the employers no longer make jobs available without legal documentation, then the illegals will be forced to look somewhere else. Until American businesses stop turning to cheep foreign labor to save a buck, we will continue to have this problem.

        • DaveH

          So, it sounds like you’re advocating for Free Markets in employment, Kinetic. Good for you. If we could get the Government out of the marketplace, not only would we not have to pay the meddling bureaucrats, but companies would actually be able to pay a fair wage. That is, the desirable jobs would pay less, and the undesirable jobs would have to pay more to attract applicants. When wages are set by the Free Market, they are not only fairer, but they result in happier workers who get paid commensurately to the amount of effort and sacrifice they want to put into their careers.

          • Bus

            I also worked in the crop industry growing up and watched as the Mexicans took over first the picking, then the processing jobs. In construction the companies that hire illegals and then undercut the market make it impossible for someone playing by the rules to compete. As it stands in America it pays to be an illegal.

          • DaveH

            I do not condone illegal immigration by any means, but the Mexican immigrants are not causing our weak economy. The Leviathan Government is causing that. They cost us tax money for the bureaucrats employed to enforce the myriad regulations. They cost the economy more money by forcing companies to jump through the numerous regulatory paperwork hoops (it costs money to hire the accountants and lawyers to comply with the regulations). The burdensome regulations also cause many smaller companies, who can’t afford the compliance costs, to go out of business, thus less production and higher costs for our goods and services. And finally, the numerous regulations distort the marketplace which creates inefficiencies of all sorts which cause higher prices to the consumers.
            Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution!
            Vote Libertarian for Free Markets, Limited Government, Individual Liberty, and Personal Responsibility:

          • DaveH

            Study at, or, or, and learn something about economics and the inefficiencies of Big Government.

          • 45caliber


            Approximately 53% of all workers in the US works for one form of government or another, such as feds, state, local, school, etc.

            That means 47% of us have to support ourselves AND the other 53%. Further, the average pay for a government worker is almost double what it is for an average pay in the private sector.

            No wonder our country is going downhill fast!

          • Kinetic1

            Yes, Bus that is exactly what I am saying. The problem did not begin when illegals immigrants crossed our boarders, it began when the American employers decided they could cut costs by hiring non-American workers.

            Some of you talk about the utopia that would exist if government did not involve itself in the work place. Well, let’s look back to the early 20th century and see what we had. Child labor, 6 day work weeks, 10, 11 or 12 hour days, no sick leave, limited safety, etc. Unions formed to help improve conditions, and bosses hired thugs to beat union workers into submission. This is the world you want to return to? Without Government regulation it wouldn’t even be illegal to hire immigrants! Even if it were, regular American workers would be afraid to say anything for fear of losing their jobs.

            The problem isn’t too much government interference, it’s to little enforcement. Shut down these companies that hire illegals and you remove the incentive for workers to cross the boarder. Once there is no cheap labor to build houses, then contractors will have to return to paying a living wage. Stop buying goods made in China and we may see factories reopen here. Standing up, I mean REALLY standing up for your country’s future takes some sacrifice. Are you ready to pay the cost of ensuring that your neighbors make a decent living?

          • DaveH

            Sure, Kinetic.
            For anybody inclined to believe Kinetic’s double-speak (anybody can jawbone about the dangers of too much freedom), just look at this ranking of countries arranged from least-regulated to most-regulated.
            Ask Kinetic to explain why the least regulated countries are the most desirable to live in. This is reality, Kinetic is spouting propaganda. Ask Kinetic to show you the proof. Where is the proof that heavily regulated countries perform better?

            Any Liberal can spout the rhetoric of how the Government saved the children and saved the workers. Where is the proof? How come these heavily-regulated countries don’t do well? They should be economic paradises if the Liberal Kinetic’s words ring true.
            Ask yourselves “Would I rather have a free choice of where I work, what I get paid, whether I want to run my own business?” or “Would I rather have some bureaucrats or Liberals making those choices for me?”.

            I choose Freedom.

          • DaveH

            From Wikipedia:
            “It took the Great Depression to end child labor nationwide; adults had become so desperate for jobs that they would work for the same wage as children. In 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act, which, among other things, placed limits on many forms of child labor”.
            We all know how well Roosevelt protected us from economic calamity.
            Is it really better for the children to be protected from earning money, from learning a work ethic? You know the saying “Idle hands are the Devil’s Workshop”.

          • DaveH

            When I was in my early teens, I made money working for my grandma and an aunt mostly. I appreciated the opportunity to earn some spending money so I could buy the things my family couldn’t afford to buy for me. Then in high school, I decided to get a regular job working for a grocery store in the evenings. I found that I had to get school permission. What? I couldn’t believe it. What business was it of theirs? Maybe, if I had been seeking their help because my parents were trying to force me to work, it might have made sense. But that was not the case. That was my first of many experiences of Government busybodies. Give me Freedom. Butt out of my life, Forcing Liberals.

          • Kinetic1

            Your argument is based on a chart from the Heritage Foundation and I’m supposed to look at it as impartial proof? Give me a break. Even if I choose to accept this chart, the USA ranks just 8th on the scale. Not exactly damning. Who’s above us? Canada, where they have public heath care, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, all of which have universal health care! WOW! Canada has child labor laws too. Australia has a piecemeal system that is the cause of much debate and concern and Hong Kong, well who would want their kid to grow up in Hong Kong?

            As for your argument that laws keep us from earning a fair wage, you said it yourself when you pointed to the days when adults were reduced to working for child labor wages. These were not the golden years, and unless you are the owner of the company Hong Kong is not paradise either. Maybe we have too many restrictions and a little bit of tweaking could move us up into the top 7, but moderation is the key.

            And just so you know, my son started working behind the counter when he was 10 and proved himself on the sales floor when he was 12. I always put school work first, and he didn’t work many hours, but I believe children should have a chance to learn about work and America allows this, just with limitations. I suppose you think it’s better to have children spending 6 to ten hours a day shimming up and greasing the pulleys like they did in the old factories? Well, it would eliminate the need for those pesky public schools.

          • Claire

            DaveH– As a teenager I detasseled corn. I also worked at Roosa’s Cafe for 45 cents an hour. I also picked up corn in the fields after the harvest. Every dime I made went on “my back.” I worked because that was the only way I could get a few things I wanted. I grew up working.

          • eddie47d

            Good common sense Kinetic,Thanks. You and Dave are both right but we must deal with the employers of immigrants.

        • marvin

          Kinetic1 your point is well taken but we are not talking about migrent worker with a green card we have 20 million illegals that have no right being here, have no id or have stolen id are having kids they can not educate can not feed and can even pay the dr bill in texas alone 5 to 600,000 babies born to illegals a year at tax paxer expence less say $10,000 per child just to be born and that is ever state mabe smaller amount, but still add that to the houseing food education ,and most illegal hispanics have 3 4 5 6 kids add that to the amount,for ever $1.00 dollar an illegal makes it cost tax payers $5.00 in tax payer funds,take obama aunt been here 10 years illegaly has never worked lives in public houseing and public welfare,you want to know why american tax payers are mad it not about legal migrents that get there green card work and leave it,s the illegals that are crooks that demand rights they don,t have have kids they can not support and want me to if i can not pay the dr and hospital i get taken to court,the illegals just have a nother kid,the point is most american are for legal immigration in smaller amounts,but [illegal/criminal/undocumented] migration is bankrupting us and that is the differance,5years to do it right to citizen ship or jump in front illegally of the immigrent try to do it right,and don,t say we are all immigrants some of my people were here befor the white or brown man ,just because some liberals saz it not criminal to be illegal[undocumented]still don,t make it legal the laws on the books say it is criminal to be here illegally fine jail and deportation

        • Dave R.

          Yes, times have changed. I and 11 other teen-aged boys handled all the planting, weeding, suckering, and harvesting of 200 acres of vegetables on a commercial “truck” farm near Pittsburgh back in the 1960′s for which we were paid $0.40 per hour and worked 12 hour days. The Italian owner encouraged us to obtain more education, which I did, and became an engineer and lawyer. Nevertheless, I still do most of my own home remodeling and repairs with much help from my wife, and maintenance and repair of my automobiles, and cutting and manually splitting my firewood. And we manage our own investments!

          But my two children are not so motivated despite the examples demonstrated daily by my wife and I. Their generation is different — many do not want to get their hands dirty, and see exercise as something you schedule to do as recreation rather than as a part of doing frequent if not daily physical work. They continue to think they can pay someone else to do many things they could learn to do themselves and not realize they are not making nor are they likely to ever make enough money to pay others to do such tasks for them despite having college degrees with excellent grades. The jobs markets and economy has undergone structural changes.

          The invasion of illegal “immigrants” needs to be stopped. USA should continue to welcome those who bring needed skills and ethics who seek to enter legally, and deport those who do not. And USA should change its laws, or perhaps more accurately, return to the original intent of the 14th Amendment and resume denial of citizenship to all babies born in USA to persons who are not here as legal permanent residents (green card holders) or citizens. The invasion of illegal people will not stop until structural changes are made in USA laws and those of the individual states, e.g. like those enacted a few years ago in Missouri to reduce the incentives which cause them to invade any way they can find.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Dave R… Great post! I agree with everything you said!

          • 45caliber

            Sorry your kids ended up that way. I have one son who does all himself because he wants to, one son who does everything because he has to, and a daughter that comes to one of us because she don’t want to. In fact, she’s been married twice (divorced now) because she wanted someone to do those things so she wouldn’t have to worry about them. I am disappointed in her. She wasn’t raised that way by me.

          • Kinetic1

            My story is not so different from yours, though I did not have to work those hours. I was taught to do work and I too have remodeled my home, done my own yard work and I’m working on restoring my Grandfather’s Studebaker. I choose to teach my kids the same hoping it will stick. And I agree that we need to control the flow of migrant workers and stop illegals, but again I point to our failure to punish the employers. Cut off the demand for illegal workers and you reduce the incentive to come here.

          • http://NA Madoc

            Well stated, Dave R. The only thing I would add at the moment for any who would read this is that our founding fathers gave us a great system that has been flawed by only one thing – our abuse of it, simply through ignorance of the original principles on which it was based. When those principles, which have been stripped from it by the a.c.l.u. and other atheistic influences, are restored we will once again experience peace, prosperity, and the American Dream of true liberty.

          • Granny Mae

            Dave R.

            You are so right and don’t feel alone with the kids. Everyone has the same things going on in our families. In time things change though, they have in my family but for some it takes a good hard lesson. In my family we adopted two boys that just never wanted to do the right thing. We did everything we could and I gave them everything possible. That was my mistake ! Today the oldest of the two can’t hold a job and complains all the time about what he doesn’t have and can’t get the government to give him ! The other got into drugs at an early age and I can’t tell you how much money I spent on lawyers to get him out of trouble just to have him get out and go right back to the old ways and in trouble agin ! He was in and out of trouble all his life and I finally quit giving. He finally went to prison and it was a real bad prison. He was afraid for his life the moment he walked in the door and said he survived only by being as invisable as he could be. Before that he was the mouthy one and you couldn’t tell him a thing. He got out five years ago and hasn’t been in trouble since. Too bad he had to get in his 40′s before he learned anything. What a waste of some great tallent and a wonderful personality all these years. I keep praying for the both of them and know there is always hope !

    • Jeep

      Like a five year old at recess caught doing something wrong, the left’s first response is, “Well, they were doing it too!” Elmo in congress, wrong. Colbert in congress, wrong.

      • marvin

        Jeep not much differance in colbert and al franken both are clowns nether are funny both have the liberal iq of a chicken and that is zero,but i guess like obama said vote,some liberal took it to mean vote and vote often, liberals can not tell the dfferance in legal and illegal or don,t care

        • Jeep

          So true, Marvin…

      • http://NA Madoc

        Jeep, you have stated the basic problem with great wit. What’s more, it was so succinctly and, I might add, beautifully framed it could be used to exemplify the objective of this interactive journaling.

    • Carole Howell

      I do not like the fact that migrant workers are so exploited, but neither do I like the implication they, illegals, only take those jobs either. They take construction jobs of all types. Jobs sorely needed by U S workers.

    • DaveH

      “the migrant workers who pick our crops for little pay and even less appreciation”? We aren’t talking about Migrant Workers, Kinetic, we are talking about illegal immigrants. I appreciate what migrant workers do, and I appreciate that they come here willingly. Nobody has put a gun to their head. They are welcome to stay and find work in Mexico in they so choose. Why don’t they? Because Mexico’s economy is stifled by myriad regulations.
      The Liberal solution to illegal immigration? Create more Government economic regulations so as to impoverish the US economy like the Mexican economy has been impoverished. That way the illegals will have no reason to come here.

    • Stank Eye

      Most everyone seems to be missing the Double standard that is being played out with the illegal aliens working here.
      One often hears they the illegals are doing jobs that Americans will not do. I say that they should finish the sentence. The line should be the illegals are doing jobs that Americans will not do for the money. So for all the talk of free markets why don’t we let the markets determine the wages to hire citizens at market rates. If there are no illegals standing there with puppy dogs eyes willing to work for 3 dollars an hour they would be looking at the American worker and negoiating I.E… Will you pick my crops for 4 dollars an hour with no benefits? NO? how about 5 dollars and a water break? What do you mean we have a minimum wage in this country? Ok fine, how about 8 bucks an hour and only 12 hours a day? I will even give you a discount on the cost of the ride out to the fields. On and on it would go. Yes the prices of food would go up thats just one of the costs of handling the Mexican issue. I look at this just the same as the H1B issue. With I.T companies saying they can’t find a U.S Citizen smart enough to do some of these HIGHTECH jobs. But INCREDIBLY they find the Dumbest unqualified person from a foreign village to do the job but at 1/4th of the cost. Amazing. So again, let’s not talk of free markets unless we abide by all of the free market principles. Peace.

      • Karolyn

        I would bet you’d have a hard time these days getting white people out in the field picking for any amount of money. As I posted below, my friend can’t get a kid to do yard work for $10 per hour. We keep saying it’s the southern way of laziness, but I wonder. What also makes us feel this way is traying to get anybody to do anything down here. It’s like pulling teeth! I knew somebody had a nice sized construction job, called several contractors and could only get one to show up; and that one never got back to him. This was a couple of years ago, but I hear it still goes on even in this economy.

        • Granny Mae


          White people pick everyday in Florida in the hot sun. They work everyday in the hot sun putting tar roofs on buildings and if you think the field is hot on a hot summer day try the roof on a hot summer day when you are carrying hot melted tar and standing in hot melted tar and mopping hot melting tar. Take the chip off your sholder and stop crying poor me. A lot of us white people had hard lives and also had ancestors that were kept as slaves and bond servants etc. You blacks don’t have a corner on that. My people were farmers and worked the fields and there wasn’t a black person in sight ! My husband is in his 70′s and I’m getting close to 70 and both of us work out in the hot summer sun in our garden so we can feed our family and anyone else that is hungry. 99 degrees is hot to anyone young or old black or white. I am not against blacks, I have blacks in my family but what I am against is people crying poor me all the time in a country that offers them evewry opportunity to do something with their life and better their cercumstances. I came from a poor hard working family. I never heard any member of my family complain because we didn’t have this or that. We were glad for what we did have and at time that was not much more than hope ! As a child I went to bed many a night on nothing more than a cup of water and my nightly prayers but it was all a learning experience . Today I know how not to let that happen if I can help it ! People that complain and cry poor me have learned nothing and in my book deserve nothing ! Quit complaining and making statements about whites because you make a fool of yourself, especially when you really know nothing about us !

      • http://NA Madoc

        Stank Eye – while I scratch my “noggin” at your name, I find no fault in your logic.

    • Granny Mae

      One of the big problems we have today is that we know no boundries. We observe no limits. Everything is a free for all ! No subject is off limits. We all condem people that perform sex in front of little children and yet nearly every mother will sit and hold her child while the TV is displaying hot and torrid sex and think nothing of it ! We poke fun at handicaped people and don’t understand why our kids bully the handicaped or weaker child in school. We feel it is out right to joke about anyones personal life with no regard to the consequenses to the recipient. We take very important considerations and reduce them to a joke thinking we are doing those involved a sick kind of justice. Imigration is a very serious subject that effects the very lives of many people and it should be given all seriousness when being considered for law in congress. to reduce it to a joke is not only distasteful it is inconsiderate to all involved. I did not find it funny in the least, I found it disgusting ! Because of the lack of disgression on the part of chairwoman Lofgren and the lack of integrety of Colbert they together reduced this problem to a meer comedy ! A Joke ! Tell me please what is so funny about that? This woman was elected to office and appointed to this committee do bring dignity and seriousness to the subject at hand not to bring it to insignificance and the lives of all those involved to meaningless. Colbert should have had the dignity to bring the side of seriousness to the subject he claims to have such feelings for. He did not. Instead he chose to be the center of attention as Colbert the funny man. Problem is he wasn’t so funny ! Some day I hope all commedians come to realize they must have responsibility in what they say and do. Everything carries with it consequenses and people trying to be funny and get a laugh walk a really fine line. In my opinion Colbert stepped over that line. If he had come with a straight face and carefully thought out words he could have done a lot of good for his cause, instead he reduced it to a joke just like himself. I feel he lost ground for his cause and for himself personaly. To bad !

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Excellent article Mr Crystal,

    Well…it’s time for our 111th Congress to officially change it’s name……………………………seems the 111th Congressional Gong Show is most fitting! An unbelievable waste of time (and money)…and a complete farce. These people deserve the respect of a slug.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Comedy is place of a serious problem? Maybe on late night television, but not on the Congressional floor. This issue is not an issue where we need a good belly laugh and then back to the grindstone. It was in poor taste to say the least.

    • http://NA Madoc

      Robin, bless your sweet heart. We could certainly do better by replacing most of the members of the current circus with some who will unashamedly represent the interest of the American people and not such “alien” interests. I trust your vote come November.

    • Granny Mae

      Robin you are completely right on this one ! good post

  • Norm

    I agree with you, as I rarely do, that Colbert’s testimony before Congress was weird and totally misplaced. It was in fact a mockery of an already abused body.
    Where I disagree with you is your belief that Colbert is funny. Humor is rightly subjective. However, I find nothing clever or remotely humorous in his slapstick, “three stooges” mentality. His cohort, Jon Stewart or comic Bill Maher are far funnier in the area of leftwing comedy.

    • Anthony

      You’re kidding, right….? Maher has credibility? Now who’s the comedian?

      • Norm

        Mayer is ultra left, an atheist, but pretty funny. His Odonnel interview(s) are great,

        • independant thinker

          I have never thought Mayer was funny. I tried watching him when he first appeared on cable. Not only was he not funny but he was as bad as Rosie about interupting guests with opposing views and not letting them make a point.

    • john

      Don’t insult the three stooges…they were funny,unlike colbert

      • Hannibal Smith

        Indeed.. Colbert doesn’t even deserve recognition as a comic or to be mentioned in the same paragraph as the 3 stooges.. I’m a big fan of sarcasm & he can’t even do that correctly.. Compared to Jon Stewart, he blows..

        • Kinetic1

          Look back to when the Colbert Report first aired. This guy was so on target that politicians on the right were counting him as a supporter! His satire may not appeal to those of you who watch O’Reilly daily, but he has a dedicated following that any “real” political commentator would love to have.

        • eddie47d

          We don’t need any sideshows in Washington. Our politicians do just fine on that. Colbert should have stayed home but I think Ben Crystal is jealous.

      • 45caliber

        I agree. The Three Stooges were very good and I still enjoy watching them. I’ve never thought that political humor was very good anyway. The last person who could do it well was Will Rogers.

        • Granny Mae


          Will Rogers was the best ! The rest of these jerks don’t have a brain ! If you can’t make the dicission to respectfully decline an invitation that you know you can’t bring a serious self to then you have to ask yourself am I going to try to bring some good to the cause or am I going to get some attention for myself? The later was the case and he should have stayed home !

  • Rick

    This hearing not only wasted $125.000 of taxpayer money, but displayed
    how interested these people are in solving the economy and unemployment. The trouble with these people and most of intelligencia
    is that they are educated far beyond their intelligence. I expect them
    to ask a member of Al Queda to testify about hate crimes next. That
    would probably make more sense.

  • Barbara Humphrey

    If you think that Stephen Colbert should stick to Comedy Central, then you missed the whole point of his testimony. It isn’t that undocumented residents do the work American’s won’t do, they do it for less than minimum wage, beyond a 40 hour work week with no overtime, and with no benefits because they have no recourse in the courts because their undocumented status will be discovered and they will be detailed and deported. Americans can and do this work all over the country, but when they are the victim of labor law violations, they do have recourse. People of power don’t want to get it because many of them benefit significantly from this undocumented labor. It is amazing when one of your own, a person of power like Stephen Colbert, takes the time and makes the effort to give testimony on behalf of the least powerful.

    • DaveH

      Nobody forces them to come here. Nobody forces them to take those sub-minimum-wage jobs. Offer them a chance to go back to Mexico instead, and no doubt they would decline.
      In fact, we all would be much better off if there was no Government in the workplace. All minimum wages do is deprive people from the chance to actually provide a service and earn some money. There are many potential jobs that go unfilled because the potential employer just doesn’t want to pay that much money.
      As a personal example, my wife and I wanted to hire a maid. We wanted to pay cash money and give her a room to live in while under our employ. We found out about the myriad legal hoops that we would have to jump through and the potential liability created by all the regulatory rules and subsequently abandoned the quest for a maid. So there was one less job available in our economy. Such events go on throughout our economy.
      If you really want a robust economy with lots of voluntary employment choices then we need to get Government out of the equation except in cases of fraud or trespass on the bodies and property of others.

      • DaveH

        Given the choice of voluntary contracts and free markets, or the force of politically motivated Government employees, I would take the former over the latter any day.

      • marvin

        DaveH as in illegally or undocumented being in this country an,t that trespassing on public property[tax payers land]

        • DaveH

          Have you seen me stick up for illegal immigration? Of course not.

    • 45caliber


      The company my son works for pays a bonus of $1000 to any illegal who hires on while turning away Americans who would love to work there. The main reason is power over them. They can insist that these people work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, and they can’t refuse. Americans can and do. And they also give them the more dangerous jobs. (This is a chicken plant. They need people to use razor sharp knives fast to cut them up.)

      If one is injured, they take them to the hospital and then call INS to report discovery of an illegal alien. The INS picks up the hospital bill and sends them back home to recover. The plant doesn’t have to pay out a penny.

      • DaveH

        “They can’t refuse”? Does the company put a 45caliber to their heads and force them? The only reason they “can’t refuse” is that they make much more money here than if they chose to stay in Mexico where the regulatory environment stifles their economy.
        So what is the solution of many citizens here? Create an even bigger regulatory environment here and finish the job on our bad economy. Some solution.
        For anybody who wants to think and learn, here is a list of countries ranked in order of the amount of Economic Freedom (less regulations) they have. Pick individual country names to see what got them their rank. And ask yourselves, do we really want to join those that are lower on the list?

        • 45caliber

          They can’t refuse because if they do, the company calls INS and has them picked up. And the INS will do it for them where they won’t if you or I called.

          • DaveH

            Then their problems will be solved, won’t they, 45? No longer will they be repressed or taken advantage of.
            My neighbor had some obviously illegal workers putting in his landscaping. Those guys were working harder and taking bigger risks than any North American I have ever known. In fact, I offered one of them some spare gloves that I had because he was moving big rocks barehanded.
            Both times in my life that I have witnessed illegals at work, I was impressed by how hard they worked. I can’t say often enough that I do not condone illegal entry into this country. But they are people too, and I get sick of seeing them blamed for our woes, when in fact it is Big Government that is ruining our economy. Building it even bigger isn’t going to help.

          • libertytrain

            And Dave, you are correct. They do work their butts off.

          • Granny Mae

            The question is not whether they work like crazy or if they should not be taken advantage of because the answer to that is of course not. But go back to the biginning of their situation and decide who is really responsible for their situation. It begins with a choice. Their choice to come here illegaly. They know they are braking the law by doing it this way but they make the choice to do it anyway. As soon as they make that decission they begin a journey of hardship struggle running from the law and even the risk of death. They are not protected because they are not citizens here, just as we would not be citizens there. Mexico doesn’t afford us rights as citizens and we don’t afford them rights as citizens especially if they are here illegally ! Don’t loose sight of that fact, because it was a full on choice they made themselves. These are not stupid people they are uneducated people. There is a big difference ! They know the risks and they make the decission anyway. Now having said that let me also say anyone that knowingly sees another person being misused is just as guilty of the crime as the person doing the misusing ! Right is right and wrong is wrong. To stand by and watch a person being used to the point of being injured is inexcusable !
            This falls into the same catagory as “it’s not my job man ” ! Am I my brothers keeper? The answer is yes wether you like it or not and wether you want it or not, it is everyone’s responsibility to stand up against wrong all the time. If you don’t then who will? Sombody else? Then who else? Who is there? There is you ! How can we complain about what we think is not right if we are not there to take the stand when something is wrong ! We don’t have to always take the big stand but we should always take the little stand everyday. When we take the little stands we begin to get the reputation for knowing right from wrong and standing for what is right and pretty soon those around us start doing the right things instead of the wrong things all the time ! We as a people should never stand for another human being , being misused. Maybe the answer isto find out why that person is here and what does he hope to accomplish? Maybe if his intentions are honorable and worthy perhaps we should take the step to decide to sponsor this immigrant and help him get started ! If people are for amnesty then they should be for sponsorship! That is a lot better than amnesty. To me amnesty is just telling someone that it is alright if they choose to do wrong cause in the long run they will get what they want. Instead, if one of us would sponsor that person they could begin to be taught right from wrong and learn that if they do things the right way they will get a better result ! If they are sponsored then no-one can misuse them and get away with it. They will have the protection of the law on their side and also the rest of society will think more highly of them because they respected our laws enough to do things the right way ! I don’t know just my thoughts.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Granny Mae,

            Kudos to you! You are right on target! I would like to write more this morning, but have to get ready to leave for work…for now, just know I’d vote for you if you were running for office in my state (NM) or for national office………..good job!

      • Karolyn

        I remember a big expose in the Carlotte Obsever a couple of years ago about the exploited immigrants at the chicken plants and their injuries. At least in these parts, I think they’ve gotten a handle on it. I knew somebody who used to work as a guard at one chicken plant, and she said things have changed a lot.

      • libertytrain

        I’m not surprised by anything you wrote.

      • Tckaija

        Okay 45caliber,

        Its put up or shut up time!

        Since you say your son works at this plant and you know that the management pays illegals a $1000 bonus you should know the plants Name, and Location.

        Come on out and give them up, publically. If you, as a US Citizen, are ‘bothered’ by whats going on you should tell who they are. If you are not willing to do so then you are just as guilty as the management of that plant is because you are condoning it by your silence.

        You don’t need to give your real name or your sons – just the names of the criminals.

        Like I said, Put up or shut up!

        • 45caliber

          Tyson Chicken in AR.

        • eddie47d

          Tckaija; we all know what tyson and purdue chicken processors have been doing and even the government knows.Illegals are necessary for these plants to survive and if we keep turning everybody in these chicken plants will pull up and move to Mexico. So it’s a catch 22. Sanitation is a bigger problem in Mexico.

          • 45caliber

            They have ten locals show up for every job opening they have. They just prefer illegals due to power. They even pay the illegals the same and give them the same holidays and vacations.

          • Granny Mae

            The local chicken plant here in Florida employs people from the prisons around here! They are treated about like the Mexican’s. These plants are ruff places to work ! The one here has cleaned it’s act up because they have started hiring through the welfare department so things have gotten some better but they are not great by any means ! I have known several people that have worked there and left ! The money was good but the working conditions were terrible !

    • marvin

      Barbara Humphrey and your point being it,s ok to break are law just by being here so we need to give them right of a lawful citizen,if the law picks you up for someting you have rights under are laws and constitution,tell you give them up an illegals has no rights to give up being illegal undocumented is aginst the law it is a criminal act punishable by fine jail and deportation

    • http://NA Madoc

      Rationalization usually does sound this “rational”, but it also invariably misses the real point. Even if Stephen Colbert is sincere in his objectives, his poor judgment in accepting the invitation to be so used in the wrong venue is inexcusable.

      • Fed Up Gal in NM


        Kudos! Excellent response.

  • Howard Roark

    Perhaps i misread the results but it seemed to backfire, as the Dems were more upset that the Republicans. The Dems tried to have him removed did they not.

  • Warrior

    This is a lot funnier than that rube Colbert.

    Indian Wanting Coffee:

    An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun in one hand and the other
    Hand pulling a male buffalo with the other. He says to the waiter:

    “Want coffee.”

    The waiter says, “Sure, Chief. Coming right up.”

    He gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee…..
    The Indian drinks the coffee down in one gulp, turns and blasts the buffalo with the shotgun,
    Causing parts of the animal to splatter everywhere and then just walks out.

    The next morning the Indian returns.
    He has his shotgun in one hand, pulling
    Another male buffalo with the other.
    He walks up to the counter and says to
    The waiter:

    “Want coffee.”

    The waiter says, “Whoa, Tonto!
    We’re still cleaning up your mess from yesterday. What was all that about, anyway?”

    The Indian smiles and proudly says,

    “Training for position in United States Congress.
    Come in, drink coffee, shoot the bull, leave mess for others to clean up,
    Disappear for rest of day.”


    • 45caliber

      The really sad thing about this joke is that it is too true of our Congresspeople.

      • Hannibal Smith

        Don’t be a pip ; they’re called congressmen..

        • Vicki

          Yes. Congressman, Congressmen, mailman, mailmen etc. Man/men used this way is correct as it stands for human male and female.

          1a (1) : an individual human; especially : an adult male human.
          Note especially but not exclusively. This is due to the culture of the people where males do / did most of these things. As long as the “politically correct” crowd is so hot to protect multiculturalism they need to “manup” and accept that the uses above are a cultural phenomenon of many cultures.

          Of course it is amusing to watch them squirm when they learn that English is one of the few common languages that does not have male/female nouns for things.

          • Granny Mae


            You said it !!!!!! LOL !

    • http://naver samurai

      Very funny and so true! Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • alpha-lemming

      That “august” body would more accurately be described as an “early to mid december” body.

      • Granny Mae


        I’m gathering it all together and waiting for a hard freeze so I can make it into spring one more time !

    • http://NA Madoc

      A Warrior, after the mold of our founders, speaks truth with action!

  • http://www.sonicexcellencenzepower@ROCKETMAIL.COM STEPHEN ANDERSON

    GOO” mornin ladies and gentlemen , it is our warmest regard to say in an uncommon world the world power is toxicatin’ the profound mysery of the prudent is bestowed upon the wise, ,sir for me today is the D-DAY when we change history for better than the best , Equity distribution or economic integration is not the SEALZS OF THE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY,sir franklin templeton” idea will keep the recovery of finances ,today sir i will like to say forever AWE is victory,eterna invinsible hello world the earth rebound……..forever great american
    great victory………long live AMERICA…

  • Slapz

    Hey how about abolishing the entire IRS and income tax altogether? That in itself would save a ton of money and all the hassle that goes ith it. Instead implement a federal sales tax on everything. In doing so EVERYONE has to pay. It’s not according to income where the poor pay and the rich don’t (or the illegals). If you make the money and you have to buy things like food, gas, clothes, blah, blah, blah,then irregardless of who you are or how much yopu make you can’t escape contributing to the whole. What a novel idea, but will never happen because the rich will have to pay a lot of tax on that new Mercedes or BMW and not be able to write it off.

    • Mac

      The problem with revamping the IRS – doing away with it, renaming it, whatever – is all those people who would be out of work. Temporarily, of course, but think of the hundreds of thousands of government employees looking for something else to do.

    • Jeep

      You are dead wrong. I know it’s the “in” thing to say the rich “write it all off”. But, that is just wrong. The top 2% pay almost 50% of ALL taxes collected. Period. Not disputable. My problem is that some 45% did NOT pay taxes last year. Period. Not disputable. We should all have to pay a certain percentage and call it a day. The current “progressive” tax system is just that, progressive (read socialist).


    Colbert is a nice looking individual who makes a living with his mouth and if he has other talents I have never heard him tout them nor have I heard anyone else comment on them.

    While he is sometime quite humorous, most of the time he is just cynical and I get the distinct impression that if he had to work for a living he would be a real failure….Good luck Stevie, your kind often need it if you lose your funny.

  • DaveM

    To stop illegal immigrants from working is very simple, you go after the people who hire them. The are not just picking grapes, they are welding, pipefitting, working on road construction is short taking formerly well paying jobs and undercutting wages of legal workers.

    • 45caliber

      And if you fine or jail some of those people who hire them, they will stop hiring them.

      We have a case in court in Houston soon that I’m interested in. A Mexican was picked up and sent back because he was illegal. His employer paid to have him come back across the border and actually went to the border to give him a ride back.

      The Mexican was pulled over by a cop for a minor traffic violation. When the cop walked up to write the ticket, the Mexican killed him. Thanks to some people going by, the Mexican was quickly caught.

      The man who sneaked him back across the border is now facing “accessory to murder” charges against a cop. He faces life in jail for it.

      Oh, and the Mexican was sentenced to be executed here in Texas. Probably in about 20 years …

      • http://NA Madoc

        If enough of us get fed up and set our minds to it, after the mid-terms we might be able to cut that illegal’s 20 year wait to about two days, or at the most two years, along with the departure of our soon-to-be “extinguished” illegal President.

  • s c

    George Carlin I can respect. The fact that he’s dead doesn’t mean his comedy isn’t first-class. Even in death, Carlin has more to offer than Colbert, Franken or that doofus, grinning space cadet, Maher.

    • dan az

      carlin is dead?Ill miss him!

  • guyb

    Colbert—– WOW,is that what pelosi thinks can make all of America forget what obama and reid and herself(pelosi) have been doing for America????? All that stimulus money and I would bet if auditted billons and billions would be unacounted for.Lets see,America,we have to pass this stimulus bill so we can create jobs!!!! Okay pelosi,kill the 50,000 farm jobs in northern calif by cutting the water to them,we can blame Bush or a fish(delta smelt) but don’t worry,I know you need lots of water for your vineyards up there,you can keep your water but we have to kill those jobs to push my aganda of socialism forward and we can just tell America we have created millions of jobs or we can say we stopped millions of people from losing there jobs and if we tell them that they will buy it. Whatever it takes to move my aganda of socialism forward.When in doubt blame Bush.Look,pelosi,we need another 40 or 50 dems to step up and let us pass more bills without reading them,they would not take the time away from trying to figure out creative ways to steal more money for themselves anyway so that should be no problem, Lets just get these republicans out of our way,lie about them or whatever,but get them out of our way and we can turn America into a socialist country. Look,my agenda must go forward. Call in the troops,you(pelosi)biden,reid and any dem who will not read what is in our plans and lets move forward…. Oh,I forgot,NOV is coming……

  • Karolyn

    The only people I see out here in SC raking pinestraw are the Mexicans. You won’t catch any respectable rednecks doing work that hard! My friend can’t even get young white south carolinians to work for $10 per hour doing yard work!

    • Granny Mae

      There you go again. Shooting your mouth off without knowing what you are talking about. I know personally of an entire family in N.C. that rake pinestraw ! They are poor folk and will do what ever it takes to keep going! I don’t know of any white people that are lazy. They work harder than you have probably ever thought of working in your life ! The mother died two years ago from cancer and they all work at everything they can so they can pay her hospital bills ! I bet you never did that? Your too busy trying to put down white people. You got a sickness ! Go take a pill !

  • http://gmail i41

    I’m curious come after Jan 1 when some one hires a person to work one day a week, on a certain day say Wednesday, for two weeks. They must pay for healthcare that person even if it is only 4 hours every week. It is in the healthcare bill. The marxist democrat communists showed what a circus Congress is, and what a bunch of money wasting worthless clowns are in the beltway. Such a bad performance and since we cann’t get our money back, guess a severe beating of any type is all we can hope for. Since illegals will not do anything on getting a job except wait to be picked up, so they get someone who can speak some Engls, and have him group hire and he get the money and screws the ones who cann’t speak English for their pay, since they work for 2-5 dollars less an hour. Employer is just doing contract hiring, less paper work and no regulations to worry about.

  • dan az

    So now they have lowered the house of using a comedian to help promote a joke of legistration that they cant make us choke on.what next,is it marcus welby going to head up the obumercare?Don Knotts heading up the justice dept.Or Lucile Ball heading up Home land security?You have to admit there trying to make you laugh at there incompentance. Maybe you wont look at what there trying to do to us if you laugh hard enough.California wanted the terminator and look how well it work out.This has got to be a bad dream will some one please wake me up!

  • dan az

    Some one once said you just cant fix stupid I say yes you can but its illegal.

    • Granny Mae

      Hey dan,

      Not if you do it with your vote !!!

  • magjoh

    You are right. One is working for my company as a Computer Operator. We found out the he was illegal when he got arrested for DWI. and was posted on the internet. He was listed as a white male on his drivers license. They took his license on the spot but he is still driving and he said that they put him on the deportation list. But he is still here. I lwork for a drug company.

    • Tckaija

      Okay magjoh, I have the same thing to say to yo as I did to 45caliber earlier…

      Name the names… What is the company Name and its Location?

      If enough people grow a big enough set and publicly expose these companies who aid and abett these illegals perhaps they can be [shamed] into doing what is proper.

      As I also said earlier, if you know what is being done and do nothing to expose it you are simply guilty of collusion.

      • 45caliber

        You want the name of the company my son works for? Tyson’s Chicken in Arkansas.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    A funny clown colbert,playing before the house of clowns,but the nation does not laugh,but like its said: he who laughs last,laughs best,and this year the conservatives will get the last laugh,GOD willing.

    • denniso

      God doesn’t give a hoot about our elections and if she/he did pay attention at all she wouldn’t be on the Repubs side. The side that says if you’re poor it’s your fault,even if a kid is born into poverty. The side that is willing to launch a pre emptive war and murder hundreds of 1,000′s of civilians. The side that works hard to help the rich become even wealthier,though God’s son supposedly came to earth and said that a rich man can’t get into heaven unless he gives away his wealth. Jesus was a liberal and maybe gay…do you think he would support the party that is populated largely by selfish bigots?

      • Fed Up Gal in NM


        You must be one sad sack! If you only knew half of what you think you know…you might know your own name…and that’s questionable.

  • C.J., CA

    Colbert and his like suck up all the benefits of the United States of America but don’t have a clue of what it has taken to make this nation what it is as they destroy all it stands for.

    Karl Marx called them “useful idiots”.


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