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Dark Days At The Gun Show

August 16, 2012 by  

Dark Days At The Gun Show
Gun shows are as much a public forum as they are a bazaar.

I never miss a chance to visit the gun show. Whether I’m in the market for a new addition or not, I gladly fork over my 8 bucks and wander through the room, adding items to my internal wish list and internally smiling at items I suspect are left off almost everyone’s wish list. (Selling cheap clones of EOTech products by calling them hit-what-ya’-aim-at devices is a poor sales pitch indeed.) My firearm-averse friends occasionally make the mistake of asking why I attend gun shows; my response is always three-fold:

  1. I explain that I relate to gun shows the way women relate to shoe stores — only I don’t have to worry about fidgeting kids or asking the attendant to find a 1911 in my size.
  2. I deliver an exposition of the greatness of so many Americans availing themselves of their Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms — at rock bottom prices!
  3. I flex my biceps and say: “Or did you mean this gun show?” I’m not kidding; I do that every time. One of these days, someone will laugh.

Whether I’m buying or browsing, the interaction with my fellow shoppers is always worth the trip. Gun shows are as much a public forum as they are a bazaar. And the speakers run the gamut — from the father who proudly shops for his son’s first .22 to the shifty-looking cat hawking copies of the lunatic novel The Turner Diaries to the undercover law enforcement agent trying desperately to blend in while staring too long in one direction and absent-mindedly fiddling with a Taurus .38 with pink faux-ivory grips.

Of course, the opinions expressed tend to weigh in heavily against the Democrats and their anti-Bill of Rights accomplices — opinions which can not only be heard in conversation but seen emblazoned on T-shirts, bumper stickers and various novelty items. My personal favorite this time around was the T-shirt featuring a center-punched target and the slogan “I didn’t shoot this, and neither did Obama.” I thought to myself: “Attorney General Eric Holder would try — with you still in the shirt.” I should note that the anti-Barack Obama items now outnumber the anti-Hillary Clinton items by a wide margin, meaning the Lady MacBeth of Little Rock, Ark., has truly disappeared into the bowels of Obama’s Ministry of Love.

Despite left-wing hate groups’ characterizations of gun shows as an ersatz lodge meeting for toy soldiers and moody loners, not only are the vast majority of attendees far less wild-eyed and manic than the average shrieking ninny at an Occupy Wall Street rally, but they are far more serious about precisely the sort of behavior that causes liberals to scoff. They’re fiercely independent patriots who consider the Constitution sacrosanct above any of the partisan bickering or political gamesmanship that has so damaged our Republic. While many eyebrows were figuratively arched at the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket and even more were furrowed by Obama’s attempted demolition of American democracy, Ron Paul 2012 logos abounded.

During this most recent show, I picked up on a new sentiment — one that caused me disappointment and discomfort. For the first time, I heard resignation. Unlike mewling liberals who promise self-exile every time a conservative challenges the monolithic hegemony of the Democrats, conservatives tend to embody the stand-your-ground ideals upon which this Nation was founded. But the prospect of four more years of the statist criminals in the Obama Administration was simply too much for some to bear. When I asked one attendee why he would even consider turning his back on his country, he responded: “I’m not sure this place is my country anymore.”

There were no threats; this wasn’t some union thug protest or racist liberal lynch mob bent on murdering a black conservative or Hispanic fellow. And the number of folks who had no plans to pull up stakes for freer pastures was far higher than the potential future expats. But the idea that the middle class Americans upon whom the future of our Nation must certainly depend might finally throw up their hands rather than continue playing Horatio at the Bridge against the onslaught of Obama and his Democratic henchmen brought me down a bit.

I wanted to shout: “Don’t despair! Even the darkest nights give way to dawn!” But I didn’t want to seem as disturbed as — say — Vice President Joe Biden. So I bought a “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” patch for my bug-out bag, and I felt a little better — but only a little.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Rocky Night

    Home run sir! : )

  • Tommy

    Oustanding article!!

    • eddie47d

      Another radical article about putting bulls eyes on everything and thinking guns are manna from heaven. You all have the “we are good and everyone else is bad” syndrome. Now head out to the shooting range and make sure you take that Obama poster with you to fulfill your day!

      • The Resolute Voice

        Are you implying all the people who own guns are threatening Obama? That’s inciting language and you know it. You’re labeling gun owners as terrorists. What should gun owners do? VOTE in November en masse.

      • Larry Jones

        What was the real reason for this ugly comment?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Larry Jones,

          The reason for the comment is that eddie47d continues to prove with each post he makes he’s dumber than a sack of hammers.

          Best wishes,

      • phideaux

        Despite his occasional weak protest saying otherwise eddie is very anti gun. He has never made a positive comment about gun owners, gun dealers, the purchasing of a firearm, etc. that I can recall. He has never supported anything that expands gun rights and always supports anything that reduces gun rights.

      • john

        …do you realize sir, eddie, that obama and the federal government has been arming up to the teeth, with thousands of rounds of ammunition? why would our gov. do that? expecting a war maybe, against its own citizens? why is obama, so hell bent on taking our guns…….so we can’t defend ourselves? whose the target eddie? sounds like you need to “grow a pair” eddie…….and defend yourself.

      • Randy131

        If you hate the US Constitution so much, and the Bill of Rights, especially the 2nd Amendment, why do you still live here, for I take it that you are an adult, and despite Obama’s and the Democrats’ attempts to take away many of our rights and freedoms for the good of the government, you still can move out of this country, at least for now, but don’t count on it if Obama wins re-election. Or are you one of Obama’s minions from the Democratic Party that just won’t stop until you’ve destroyed our US Constitution, the Bill of Ringhts, and especially the 2nd Amendment, and you’re going to stay until you’ve accomplished that goal? Are you one of those who want that ‘Change’ of Obama’s to a socialistic and communist government, and know that can’t be achieved unless you disarm the American patriots, many who served in our military and still honor the oath they took upon their enlistment, and will use their 2nd Amendment rights to fight to the death to honor their oath and protect our US Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, which seems to include you and your kind, Obama and the Democrats.

      • Mark

        You have the right (not to own a gun) I have no problem with that but you have NO RIGHT to touch OUR 2nd amendment or any other rights that American’s are blessed with! Go move to Europe or Australia if the 2n’d Amendment bothers you so much!

      • Marvin Wright

        Eddie in room 47d
        Someone should duck tape a 1911 in your hand and make you wear it for a day so you can get over the fear of guns and then you should send targets with your picture superimposed on them to the White House, troll.

      • All American


        You Libs and Commies don’t have a disease, as some would say.
        You ARE the DISEASE,

      • eddie47d

        Listen to all the macho crybabies stroking themselves. The Ben meister can mock everything and anything and you all think his word is next to God. You want to talk about target practice on Democrats (Obama) and then get your feeling hurt when someone pokes at you. Yup I hear a lot of “inciting language around here” .Now quite hiding behind the Second Amendment to justify YOUR bad behavior and then I won’t have to challange YOUR idiocy. Oh and Phildeaux you haven’t been around here long enough to know much about what I really think. I do read yours and they can be darn sad in what you invoke.

      • Doug

        Oh Eddie it would be no fun unless I had a poster of you next to the imposter but your needs to be of you naked so I can practice my sharp shooting skills trying to hit that you thing between your legs called a penis!

      • Joey Biden

        Doug, Sorry but eddie47 has no balls or penis to dispense of, remember, he’s a liberal. .

      • Walter zumbrennen

        Typical LWL drivel. Liberals want every one to be victims, dependent on the government and police to protect them. The problem with that is the police have NO responsibility to protect ANYONE, the courts have ruled this several times and trusting the government is a fools choice, but then no one ever said liberals were smarter than a box of rocks. It is sad that people like him exist to destroy America.

      • eddie47d

        I’m not overly fond of the police Walter so knock yourself out with misinformation and I would say you are a victim of NRA propaganda. Joey must be another one with dicks and balls on his wish list. Maybe for Christmas someone will grant you your wish.

      • testament2012

        eddie47, eddie who?, history never records his type, their soon forgotten as their washed away with time, little ant hills that vanish with the slightest dizzle, while our God given rights endure and stand as beacons to the world that there still is hope and freedom in this world.

      • phideaux

        eddie just because I only relatively recently started posting doesn’t mean I have not been reading your posts for much longer.

  • Cribster

    As a gun show attendee I can fully relate to your article, described very well with good humor!

    It’s a great feeling milling about with so many like-minded people.

    I went to one just two weeks ago and with the election looming I was expecting it would take a huge effort to navigate the ammo booth, it’s usually like the Stock Exchange, three or four people deep with arms flailing and yelling for attention.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find I could walk right up to the counter and complete my transaction in a matter of minutes. Good prices too!

  • Theodore Gager

    I’m with you Ben. I’m not going anywhere. I was born here, to citizen parents. I fought for the land I love in a very unpopular war. And, I’ll one day be planted permanently here. I’d be proud to go down in defence of this land I love. Any domestic battle that preserves liberty and crushes tyranny for the future of this great nation has my support. I have taken the oath and I have not forgotten….

    • vicki

      On behalf of those who truly care I want to thank you for your service and especially your service in that war.

      • Joey Biden

        Vicki, Thank you from all of us veterans.

    • http://N/A Kirk Hogan

      SIr…You guys did NOT get the credit you deserve…thank you for putting your A** on the line!

  • Alex

    Every five or three days now, another member of our “Well-Regulated Militia” uses gun-running Tea Bag Sharon Angle’s ‘Second Amendment Remedy’ to to make a very public and very bloody statement about his “Freedumb”.

    Most of them end up getting shot to death themselves, which frustrates Ms Angle no end, as it nixes her chance of arranging conjugal visits. She would really like to do the new Reich Wing Golden Boy, but she cannot get into Norway for some “alone time” with Anders Behring Breivik.

    Why don’t you go hunting with a drunken Dick Cheney, Ben? If you make through the weekend you can write a real big story….

    • John the Libertarian

      Say goodbye, troll

    • Jim in NY


      • Jim in NY

        To ALex’s comment of course – not to the comment by John, the pyschopath, who can only think in terms of shooting some one he does not agree with.

      • eddie47d

        No that would be the politically motivated right winger Anders Breivik’s. One of the great problem solvers of the world.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      maybe you better go skinny dipping with your gay president! Weasel!

    • Ray


      Your ignorance is appalling. You would probably like to ban all guns thinking that would make us all more safe. But safe from what? Outlaws would still have guns. Crazies would still have guns. The police in our ever encroaching police state would still have guns. It is a historical fact that those cities which have the toughest gun laws have the highest murder rates. It is a historical fact that the first step tyrants take on their way toward establishing total control over their populace is to disarm them.

      The purpose of the Second Amendment is to assure American citizens that they can defend themselves against tyrants who would strip them of their rights. Here are a couple of quotes from George Washington to illustrate my point and enlighten you.

      Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. George Washington

      Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth. George Washington

      • vicki

        Alex doesn’t really care about us being safe. He only cares about these people being safe.

      • Alex

        I don’t have a problem with people who cower in fear keeping a rifle or shotgun in their home if they feel that it might protect them or their loved ones.

        But NO handguns, and NO guns out side the home.

        If you are too frightened to go to Yosemite or the store or down to the bar for a six drinks without your gun, then STAY HOME, lock your doors, huddle in the closet with your lethal pacifier and suck your thumb!

      • Ray


        Excellent and funny video. Absolutely correct.


        Those who have guns needn’t cower. The “Second Amendment Remedy” is there to prevent tyranny–that is to allow us to defend ourselves against our government–not to allow nut cases to kill innocents. That said, Governments have killed more people (their own unarmed citizens) than any mass murderer ever dreamed of doing. Therefore it makes much more sense to be able to defend yourself against your government than it does to strip ourselves of the means of that defense because YOU fear the occasional nut job.

        But go right ahead and hurl your insults. You are beginning to convince me that you are incapable of mounting a reasoned argument.

      • 45caliber


        Actually, you are wrong about the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. It was not intended to insure the American people were armed to withstand a bad government. It was designed to insure that everyone knew that the American people had a God-given right to own guns that any government could not remove, particularly if it was a bad government who wanted to enslave the people.

        • Ray

          45, Yes, you are correct. Every tribe or clan since before the dawn of history has been armed–therefore, our founders decreed it to be a God-given right. But the main reason it is the Second Amendment and not the Third or Fourth etc., is because the founders had just fought a bloody war against an overreaching government. And they correctly assumed that the right to bear arms was essential to maintaining our liberty, for without that right all the others rights they sought to guarantee could be trod upon without fear of consequences. So they wanted to establish that the right to bear arms was a God-given right and so was the right of the people to defend themselves against tyranny.

      • 45caliber


        Sorry, I meant you instead of JJ.

      • eddie47d

        Wow Vickie a “legitimate” TV station (FOX) putting a phony on and making it sound and look real.I didn’t know Comedy Central moved to FOX or is that just another hoax? Now I know you have the keys to the asylum.

      • john

        What bar do you go to?

    • REM1875

      Every three to five days now a good democrat, who looks just like oboma’s sons (black, white or brown) is permantly removed from the welfare rolls by an armed citizen protecting their life or property.
      Every day good democrats in power are restrained in their dictatorial, unconstitutional power grab by the thought of an armed populace exercising their second amendment rights.
      That’s what’s really bothering you bunky, ain’t it?

    • RickG

      Hey Alex, instead of crawling out of the slime and slinging insults, if you hate firearms and firearm ownership that much, move to a country where they don’t allow privately owned firearms – like Cuba, China or Venezuela…even Australia – so you don’t have to tax your brain and learn another language…why the need to change this country’s Constitution?

      There are so many countries tailored just for the likes of you…and you get high crime and crappy national health care as a bonus..that’s what I don’t get about all of these high minded leftist elitists…there are a plethora of countries just waiting for them with open arms and yet here they sit spewing hate because we don’t happen to agree with their hate filled, elitist marxist ideology. They would rather live unbathed in tents & defecate on police cars than pack up their poop and move to Cuba (where they can live unbathed in tents).

      Wait – I get it Alex, you want all of us dumb gun owners to live just like they do in Cuba – unbathed and in tents…that’s what those OWS geniuses are trying to show us and we didn’t get it! Sorry, Alex…let me throw away my guns, quit my job (do you know what a job is? Yes, there are still a few of those around despite BHO’s best efforts to eliminate that threat to your welfare) and head on down to REI and grab a tent and bow to the god of the Left – BHO…stuff it pal!

      • Speak2Truth

        The little whiner could move to Mexico, where the gun bans are absolute, where a normal citizen goes to prison for owning so much as a single round of ammunition. In his total-gun-ban paradise, he could finally feel “safe” and take a casual stroll down the street, knowing the laws have disarmed all the bad people, knowing they don’t have a 2nd Amendment to make his life more dangerous.


        That little turd probably hasn’t noticed that after Bill Clinton gave us that “Gun Free School Zones” law, we had the Columbine massacre and a bunch of others. That “Gun Free” theater was a death trap. His complete inability to recognize reality places him firmly on the Democrat side of the aisle.

      • eddie47d

        I don’t know about you speaking the truth but you sure do speak out of both ends. The Mexican government is cowardly and doesn’t have the back bone to take on gun violence either. Except to use more violence to solve the problem and to be in cahoots with the “bandidos”.

    • All American

      So… people who shoot up places are all Conservatives?
      How about proof this time, that the most current shooting holds, a Libturd shooting up the office with his defieance aginst Chick Fila. You dorks may be able to hide your identity part of the time, but ya can’t hide your identity all the time.

    • http://email george zink

      why dont you of communist obama followers, stop and read the 1968 gun controll act . then tell us how you believe that , our country needs more laws. there are already laws covering every aspect of gun ownership. learn before you open your dumm mouth. our government does not want our police officers to follow the laws that are on the books. instead they tell illegals to break our sovern laws and come into our country illegally. so the dems. can get there votes. obama has broken our constutional laws . just for votes. how low will they go to ruin our great country.. as a combat wounded viet nam vet . i know how mean and ignorent your type of people are.i have even been told to go back ware i came from by your type. eau claire wic. d. m. v. told me my kind isnt welcome in wic. so im telling you . until you have served your country by inlisting in our armed svc. and you go volenteer to go to war for our great country. then i believe you and all cpusa members should just go hide in your holes were you hide from honest law abiding people

    • Vicki
      • Joey Biden

        Way to go Vicki, I love it when ladies on this sight have good honest comments and can back it up. Unlike alex,eddie and karolyn.

      • eddie47d

        Where are your honest comments Joey to back up your dishonesty. Who are you fooling?

    • Roy Patterson

      This post proves my point 100% “Liberalism is a Mental Distorder” as per Dr. Michael Savage of “The Savage Nation” in one of his books.

  • dan

    Ben, still lmao about the Biflex/guns bwahahaa ! But moody loner…well,sure I’m moody
    after four years of Obamao and I’m a bit lonely since I kicked the better half out after she voted for the Moonbat POS….i think I need to go to the gun show to cheer me up. :)

  • BMP

    Where else would Patriots go? In what other land do such founding documents exist that you could even make a stand for? I’m going nowhere. I get it. Some conservatives may feel like a cornered animal. But, be very cautious of a cornered animal. With no where else to go, the only options are surrender or strike back. True Americans with the words of the Founders engrained in their DNA do not entertain the word, ‘surrender’.

  • NLTJR62

    Well as I read the article I couldn’t help but feel the mans sentiments about wondering where the USA actually is mentally and emotionally today. I also no the left use plants to go to such gatherings as gun shows to slowly create a brainwashing if you will about a patriots outlook on our society. What we need to do to counter these moles is self fortitude and encouragement for each other. That’s what will win our country back standing together side by side supporting our four-fathers vision and building the pride America has always fought & died for.

  • Jon Walser

    Alex, I had to read your moronic missive three times to figure out what you were trying to say. My first inclination was to bury you in facts regarding the use of arms in the hands of free men. My second…why bother, facts are irrelevant to the religion of liberalism and their abiding faith in Leviathan.

  • Sirian

    Jump on down to Tulsa on the 18th – then you can say you’ve experienced an Okie gun show? Let me put it this way – we go for the gusto, it’s BIG!! :)

    • CZ52

      I have never managed to go but I hear the Tulsa gun show is one of the best if not the best one there is.

      • Sirian

        They are!! You can find just about anything you want – literally!! Latest thing on the market to antiques and everything in between. Accessories galore plus plenty of other goodies too. :)

      • jon ayers

        i have never been able to get to the tulsa gun show,
        but i would like to recommend the gun show the first
        weekend in december phoenix,az. it is three days.
        fri,sat sun.

  • Jim in NY

    Ben needs help if he spends so much free time with fellow nuts at gun shows. One theory I have heard is that men so obsessed with holding guns are such because their privates are very small.

    • Michael

      Only a stupid yankee would utter such a statement.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        I’m a Yankee! Watch your Rebel mouth..Not all of us are liberal fags from NY!

      • Jim in NY

        There are too many dumb rednecks in this country. You will all be locked up once Obama is reelected.

      • RickG

        Hey Jim, thanks for telling us what a great country this will be after BHO is re-elected. Anyone who speaks against the great one or his minions will be locked up! I just love all of the Freedoms BHO, the great god of the Left will grant us in his divine marxist wisdom!

      • Vicki

        Jim in NY says:
        “There are too many dumb rednecks in this country. You will all be locked up once Obama is reelected.”

        Thanks for confirming the BHO liberals plan for us. We have suspected this for a while. Though I bet you are now in serious trouble with your handlers for spilling the beans.

      • eddie47d

        He probably meant you will be locked up in the insane asylum but the problem is Vickie you control the keys.

    • i&etechie

      Speak for yourself, Jimmy-boy

      • William 1

        Well I have seen “dumb” rednecks survive longer WITHOUT crying to momma welfare as in the Katrina situation where all the NY Liberal welfare sucking cry babies did nothing to alleviate the situation. They all ran to the nearest stadium-blacks play there a lot- and were stupid enough to foul up the toilets and couldn’t figure out what to do they just stood there and wah wah wah wahed-where’s my welfare check-there are no dumb rednecks and when we take this country back-all liberal butt sucking morons-lower than dumb-will have a lobotomy!

      • CZ52

        As Hank Jr said Country Folks (Rednecks) Will Survive.

    • Smithkowitz

      Good one Jim, another retread joke that I heard about 35 years ago in reference to why guys buy trucks with big tires, or cars with rat motors and then on the other side their are the Porcha and Feffartti owners. But you know, it’s not about the size or cost, it’s about knowing how to use the equipment you have. The same holds true in any job and being President is a great example. You must know how to lead, sadly that ingredient in missing in our current administration.

    • Rick

      Why doesn’t Obama do the honorable thing and commit suisideLike his Idol Hitler did in 1945. They both have the same ideals. Policies, and hatred for their own people. Hitler had Jewish ancester and Obama has white ones. Holder and Obama gave weapons to Drug Cartels that’s just fine but they don’t want Us citizens to have them. That makes sense to anyone. Impeach them Try them for treason and hang them Let’s do it all bu the end of next week so this country can begin to heal for this kenyan POS.

    • Doug

      Uh little Jimmy from NY do us all a favor you little troll go get on your knees and blow your Mayor. The only tough about you little kitty is your mouth which I’m sure even most ladies on this sight would slap shut. Now move on and go off to your progressive sites with the rest of the mentally challenged troll of your kind!

    • gunner689AI

      I I guess you’d know, queer boy.

    • John Russell

      Actually Jim your reference is to one of many items that Freud said could be stand-ins for the male genitalia, along with cigars, blimps and so on. Perhaps more useful to this conversation are his thoughts on those who fear weapons. Quoting the father of Psychoanalysis. “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” Remember the words of Pope, “A little learning is a dangerous thing;
      drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring”:

  • i&etechie

    I just love gunshows, even tho I haven t been to one in a few years. I better start attending them before they are outlawed like school bake sales. Goodbye Americana…

  • http://personallibertydigest aibling

    Years of attending gun shows has convinced me of one thing: some of America’s greatest researchers and historians dwell within those walls. And, thanks to their openess and spirit of cooperation some of those folks have become good, life-long friends and mentors. There is an appreciation there for America and its Constitution which should be found at many other meetings, as opposed to the negativity re: America which is found instead. The excellent historical articles and books produced by gun collectors should shame many liberal professors, whose shallow output is politically, not intellectually, driven. Of course, this aspect of the world of gun collecting and shows is never mentioned; without gun shows, the educational opportunities for many young people would be narrower, and defense of the Second Amendment lessened. Finally, I wish all politicians could go to the opening day of any gun show anywhere and see how many voters stand in line patiently waiting for the opening of the show.

  • William 1

    It wasn’t “The Country of the revolutionary fathers either until they TOOK IT FROM THE OTHER “KING’! Man up you sissies and get your backbone back-get ready to fighrt for the country of your grandchildren-it isn’t all about —YOU!

  • mark

    The author incredibly writes: “the onslaught of Obama and his Democratic henchmen brought me down a bit.” Unreal. President Barak Obama in his nearly 4 years in office has introduced zero new gun control legislation. Zero. He is much more pro-gun than Ronald Reagan ever was, much to my disappointment.

    • CZ52

      After his election to President obama said “I am not proposing or introducing any new gun control measures at this time because I do not have the votes to insure their passage”.

    • Mark

      Exactly right! But there is a reason for this! HE WANTS TO GET RE ELECTED! That is why he is saving all his really radical changes for his 2nd term!

      • mark

        But as you well know, Obama no longer has a Democratic House and in November he will in all likelihood lose his Democratic Senate. Therefore, he can pass nothing. In fact you need 60 senators – not 51 – to pass anything in the Senate. So your whole silly theory of what Obama is going to do in his second term makes no sense. But then hardly any of the arguments put forth on this site do.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “In fact you need 60 senators – not 51 – to pass anything in the Senate.”

        WRONG. It depends on the bill some only need 51 to pass some need more.

    • Liberty4Me

      Obama and his Leftist henchmen do not have to pass legislation to control guns. They plan to use the Department of Justice to interpret law in such a way as to add many more weapons to restricted Class III lists. They plan to use the Department of Treasury to tax ammo and gun sales to the point it will be out of reach of the average American. They plan to use the EPA to require lead free or some such ammo. He has not done these things yet because he wants to win re-election but after that, look out.

      • mark

        Everything you say is just a lot of made-up, paranoid nonsense with zero proof. Obama is always going to do something. He never does but he is always going to. How convenient as this alleviates your need to provide any proof whatsoever Romney is going to kill all U.S. senior citizens to balance the budget. And of course I don’t need any proof of this statement as I never claimed that Romney has done this. He is only going to do it. Sometime in that vast, amorphous future. Hah.

    • eddie47d

      Leftist henchmen vs right wing henchmen. Eenie meanie minny moe who will be the greater foe? I guess we’ll be back to the coin toss!

    • Doug

      Hello Mark this is earth calling you on planet Libertard can you read this from the planet of the [expletive deleted]? You might want to look up the Excutive orders along with Govt. agencies not following laws on the books!

  • Charlie Tall

    @ Alex and Jim in NY

    These guys are neither unique nor special. Most people believe they are well informed so long as they remain ignorant about a subject.

    It’s only when they begin to learn that they realize how much of an embarrassment to themselves they were while they labored in the depths of their ignorance.

    It has been my misfortune to have to suffer these fools quite often. You see, I have a Federal Firearms License, attend at least one gun show a month, and enjoy my little collection of firearms immensely. You would not believe some of the remarks gun-know-nothings like Jim and Alex make in an effort to prove how much they know (while accomplishing exactly the opposite).

    Alex and Jim in NY no doubt have three or four locks on their doors and a baseball bat next to their beds. They surely believe in protecting themselves, just not with a gun because that is forbidden in their little worlds.

    Based on thier limited viewpoints, though, they believe that no one should be allowed to protect himself or herself with a firearm because they can’t.

    Kind of like Obama wanting to spread the wealth and winding up spreading the misery.

    Myself, I believe that since Jim and Alex think others should be disarmed, they in turn should be muzzled to prevent them annoying those of us who know better. A fair exchange, don’t you think?

    By the way, Jim in NY, how does your theory of genital compensation explain all the women at the shows, buying guns, and carrying concealed?

    • CZ52

      “By the way, Jim in NY, how does your theory of genital compensation explain all the women at the shows, buying guns, and carrying concealed?”

      There is a quote sometimes used to explain the women and guns but I will not post it I will let Jim find it for himself. I personaly think Jim in NY is so inadequate in that department he has to accuse others in an attempt to compensate for his less than impressive “equipment”.

  • john

    …i don’t know about you people, but, i’am so sick of the painty waist, snot nose little girls, with no spine, want to take our only defense, (guns) and expectecting the gov. to protect us!!…….leave my country sissy”s……or defend it!!

    • eddie47d

      So you are admitting that guns is what gives you a spine. I read it with my own eyes!

    • mark

      Sissies, is the operative word, john. In my whole life, I have never met such a collection of sissies as the gunowners of America. Even with all their firepower and ammo, they all break into hissy fits like a bunch of twelve-year-old girls everytime some ridiculous internet rumour tells them the government is going to take away their guns. They all break into crying jags only alleviated when they stupidly write checks to the NRA, who started the laughable rumour in the first place to fleece cash off the suckers as usual. But no matter how many times they have done it over the last 40 year, the gun-owning crybabies fall for it over and over again. The NRA topcats live like kings while the the 2nd Amendiment, surprise, surprise, never changes one iota. But what has reality got to do with anything when it is so easy to scare a bunch of chicken livers who can’t sleep nights even with a dozen shotguns and pistols spread about their bedrooms. They still don’t feel safe. Because….ssss…ssss…some…..body….somebody is ggg…gonna….take away our, our,our, our guns! Sweet Jesus halp us! Halp us Lord! We’ze doomed now!” How pathetic can any group of nitwits get? Everyweek there is an article on this and everweek people fall for it even though not a single new gun law ever emerges.

      • Opal the Gem

        And mark make another long rambling post with absolutely NO proof offered for any of his spurious claims and pervarications.

      • eddie47d

        Opal offers nothing and even less proof.

  • Walt

    john says:
    August 16, 2012 at 10:37 am
    …do you realize sir, eddie, that obama and the federal government has been arming up to the teeth, with thousands of rounds of ammunition? why would our gov. do that?

    Interesting observation John. A possible answer might be that these hundreds of millions of rounds will be used to hand out to dedicated, militant “Obama supporters”. I recall reading a piece about the Spanish Civil War, and what struck me was that the socialists fighting Franco complained about not having arms and ammunition to fight the Franco military forces. Perhaps all these Obama agencies are using the Federal Reserve’s monopoly money to stock up for later distribution to their “supporters”.

    • mark

      Newsflash: The feds are already the most heavily armed force on earth with their gigantic military and humongous stores of weapons and arms that dwarf all the other militaries of the world combined. A few thousand more pistols and rifles are no more than a drop in the ocean. Private Americans are also the most heavily armed civilan force on earth. The result of which is the highest rate of gun-deaths of any modern, industrialized society by a factor of twenty or more. This is what makes living in America so dangerous for ordinary citizens – not any government policy or program

      • Michael

        I assume China is not considered a modern, industrialized nation. However, private citizens do not kill fellow private citizens, the government takes care of that for them.

      • Sirian

        Standard, typical waa waa – you obviously don’t know one iota about Switzerland. You know, the continuous “neutral” country. Check it out.

      • eddie47d

        Maybe we should try some of that neutrality instead of poking our nose into every conflict that erupts.Yes we should behave like Switzerland which believes in self defense AND gun control. .

  • Mark

    Obama invited the UN yo NY to host the Small Arms Trade Treaty summit. If that passed the Senate, that garbage treaty would have destroyed our 2n’d Amendment and a few others!

    • mark

      Newsflash: The UN is already in New York, has been there since the late 1940s, Einstein. Why do you need to invite people to a place where they already live 24/7 365 days a year? The Small Arms treaty is a complete nonsensical farce. But the NRA loves it as they can gin up their base of gun-owner pants-wetters to chip in ever more money for NRA officials to live their lavish life-styles – all paid for by the useful idiots, and suckers who never fail ot poop their pants at the faintest whisper that someone is going to take away their guns.

      • Opal the Gem

        “The Small Arms treaty is a complete nonsensical farce.”

        Where’s the proof for this statement?

  • Alex

    Great timing, Ben Crystal—ANOTHER mass-shooting!! Well, hey, what’s “good timing” now, Ben—heck, just write a gun story four or three times a week and you are sure to nail one or two RIGHT on the day another angry member of our “Well-Regulated Militia” uses
    Queen Tea Bag Sharon Angle’s “Second Amendment Remedy” to exercise his rights….

    Shame on us. ALL of us…

    • Rick

      Alex So another brain damaged idiot that we protect their privacy and endanger the rest of society. Lets register Mental patients and criminals. they are the ones who have violated laws or are a danger not law abiding gun owners. Had the Dr. in Colorado reporter Homles to the authorities he could have been prevented from buying the guns and ammo. But that would have only forced him to go to plan B and blow the place up with the home made bombs. If they want to kill people they will one way or another.Had the 2 kids at columbine did a better job at building their bombs imagine the destruction. the 2- 20# Propane tanks would have done.Why is it that if someone uses any other weapon to kill people we blame the person but with a gun it is the gun’s fault? Does it make any sense to blame an inanimate object for how it is used?

    • Vicki

      People only need to read the comments to Alex when he made similar claims above in this thread

      Alex says:
      August 16, 2012 at 8:03 am
      “Every five or three days now, another member of our “Well-Regulated Militia” uses gun-running Tea Bag Sharon Angle’s ‘Second Amendment Remedy’ to to make a very public and very bloody statement about his “Freedumb”. ”

      Our many comments are up there.

      • eddie47d

        I hear Michael Wade Phillips was looking for a compatible biker chick in expressing his Second Amendment rights Vickie. Darn, too late!.

      • Opal the Gem

        I hear the rancher down the road from you needs a new fence post eddie. Why don’t you volunter since you will fit right in with the rest of the fence posts.

    • .50BMG

      #1.- Only .01% of law abiding citizens with concealed carry licenses (or living in a state like Vermont where open carry is allowed) ever get in legal trouble with a gun. So your imagined wild west shoot-out theories are just that- WILD.
      #2 – Why should I be paranoid- I have the gun. I also have training in hand to hand combat- (offensive comment removed), so I ain’t a sissy crybaby like you. I can do just fine without the gun- it’s just easier to carry than a police officer.
      #3 – Shootouts always involve criminals and/or the police.
      #4 – Read “More Guns- Less Crime by John Lott”, it’s full of very well researched and documented facts. that disprove what you say. Oh wait- I forgot you libs spout BS talking points instead of doing any research.
      #5 -[offensive comment removed]
      #6 – If you don’t like guns don’t buy one- but don’t try to take mine. Oh that’s right -your too much of a [expletive deleted].
      #7 – For every time a gun is used to shoot someone, a gun is used to stop aggression at least 10 times without the trigger ever being pulled. It’s a lot easier that beating the crap out of someone. I know, I’ve been there and done that. Of course you never hear about it in the anti- gun media.
      #8 – PULL YOUR HEAD OUT!!

  • JJ Swiontek

    Thank you, Mr. Crystal. See you at the next show.

  • Sean Steele

    The useless idiots have almost run out of time and will most certainly be rounded up easier than us. I dont think that any of them are worth arguing with because they are too stupid to understand what America is about. Those are the truly useless eaters. Like burecrats they
    consume resources, yet produce nothing of any value. How is it possible to not see what is so obvious and to still think that it wont happen them too. Ignorance is bliss

    • mark

      Yeah and all you dopes sitting in the woods with your rifles are producing a lot. A lot of profits for survivalist shops and ammo producers. Take all your canned and dry goods and live in caves. You’ll be safe there. From everyone that is but your paranoid selves.

  • Doug

    Mark I don’t sit in the woods and what I spend my money on is none of yours or the illegal criminal in the WH business! And if I had to defend myself against a turd like you I would not waste my bullets I would rather beat your senseless but then you are already there!

    • http://none Charlie

      Are all the brain farts over ? We’ll clear the air with a “Weapon rights” Scripture,,,check Luke 22:36… Spoken by King Jesus , and then………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

  • http://na Mike in NE

    Hey ” dumber than a sack of hammers”, do you believe that your opinion on this article is actually going to further your aim to sway others to your way of thinking? Just what exactly does this do for you? C’mon, tell me.

  • CommonSense Carl

    Why is it that someone that does not like guns, gun owners or even the reasons they may possess guns go to this site? I don’t go to anti-gun sites just to spew venom and ignorance like you all are doing here. The fact is that guns have saved more lives than they have taken in the civilian setting. A gun owner at the theatre could have stopped the killing early on. The truth is we have become a violent and more ignorant race. I will break your neck if I can but shoot you if I have to. People no longer leave each other alone. The left wants the right to give up what they believe for what the left believes and when that does not happen they spew venom. I don’t care what someone believes until it infringes on what I believe and then we will dance.

  • Jay

    Ted Kennedy had a problem. He had a pregnant girlfriend. She did not want an abortion and wanted to marry him. It was quite simple using the liberal method of thinking.

    Abortion was against the law back then, and murder is against the law as well. Ted Kennedy claimed to have had an accident near a creek in Chappaquiddick and then jumped out of the car before it sank into the bottom of the creek. Wink wink, we know better, don’t we? He committed a trifecta: aborted the baby; murdered his girlfriend; and got money for it from his car insurance company.

    His liberal supporters then rewarded him by making him a US Senator for life. He got a reduced sentence from a liberal judge, and despite being an ex-con, is now considered to be very moral and ethical and justified his actions in Chappaquiddick with a speech. If a Conservative did the same thing, they would have gotten the death sentence or 30 to life.

    But Liberals have a smooth way of talking and giving speeches to get away with things. Just make up a story like Ted Kennedy did, you weren’t drunk despite driving home from a party where other people could have swore you won a drinking contest, it was an accident despite you having no memory of how it happened, and that you nearly died in the process. See how easy it is to tell a creative story, than admit to the truth?

    Chicago had a problem with crime, so the Liberals banned guns in Chicago to deal with it. That worked great, for the criminals, who now outgun the Police and no citizen can legally own a gun to defend themselves. See, gun control totally and completely works. The same is true in Washington DC and other cities under Liberal gun ban laws. Criminals vote for liberals and we really need their votes, so make sure that as a liberal you put gun control laws into place in your cities.

    According to the UK you can stop most criminals by just saying “Stop, Police!” and then they just give up and say “I give up copper, don’t hit me with that baton. Here’s my gun, I sure learned my lesson by just the sound of your authoritative voice.”

    “Gun control means people who are NOT police have guns, you idiot. The police obviously have guns to stop riots.” said one anonymous source. But we liberals believe that people are bitter and cling to their guns and religion. So our version of gun control is to take away those guns and stop them from expressing their religion in public.

    The NRA’s version of gun control is to aim better.

    “OH and let me see… school shootings, yeah, that wasn’t caused by guns. After all, schools are already “gun free zones”, therefore the perpetrator is breaking the law already! If we just banned all guns, then that will stop people who are breaking the law anyway, won’t it? ‘People kill people not guns’ Okay, then, when was the last time you saw a person die by a kid going up to them and shouting ‘BOOM BOOM’” said one anonymous source. Public schools and colleges are meat grinders that cause too much stress on the children. In Columbine for example the kids where bullied and accused of being gay, so they played “Doom” to practice shooting up their school, and then broke into their father’s gun locker and stole guns and shot up the school.

    Obviously psychologists blame the bullying and the lack of an anti-bully policy in the school, but we liberals say that it was the fault of the guns. The father should not have owned any guns and should not have even had a gun locker that a blow torch could cut into so his son could steal the guns. Those boys should have joined the Democratic party of America instead of shooting up those schools and then whine about how bad Bush is for letting them get bullied in High School. Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” documents all of this and how evil guns are.

    Historically, Democrats were chiefly concerned with securing individual freedoms by replacing the traditional legislature with a race of noble and aristocratic bowler hat-wearing-cigar smoking stupid jokes. After Jimmy Carter lost the election of 1980 to an anthropomorphic bowl of creamed corn, Democrats began to rethink their strategy and long term goals.

    With the election of Billius “no-pants-no-parking-ticket” Clinton in 1992, the Democrat platform entered the modern era, reflecting the values of baby-eating, godless, dirt-worshipping homosexuals (referred to in the collective sense as George Clooney).

    When George Dubya Bushie lost the 2000 election to Zombie Rosie O’Donnell’s kitten-eating corpse, the platform was amended, along with the Constitution, to require that all civilian guns were to be confiscated and melted down in order to construct a crane large enough to hoist Speaker of the House Rob Reiner’s voluminous body atop the Statue of Liberty where he could better identify tobacco users and thus order a team of Gestappo Guards to track the smokers back to their places of residence where the smokers family, pets, friends and neighbors could be raped, beaten, raped again, forced to burn each other with cigarettes, shot, and killed, or alternatively to be rounded up into forced-labor concentration camps.

    Hardened and maddened by the pillaging they conducted in the last election, preparation for the 2008 election, the Democrats are hard at work manufacturing both Obama and Boba Fett clones. The project is progressing at an extremely satisfactory rate.


    Another cause of global warming may be from the extreme methane emissions from the collective vegan Democrat backside, as Demos love their veggies, and are constantly complaining about cows who are also vegans and seen as competition to the Democrat Diet. Should Democrats come knocking at your door before they assign the Storm troopers to hammer it down, be polite and offer them to brunch on your lawn.

    Unlike the Republican party, the Democrats are not after your money… they’re after Moneybags’ money. That money is vital for paying off the debt that accumulates each day.

    Democrats have mixed views on debt. If borrowed money goes to fight foreign dictators and protect US citizens it is a terrible debt that must be cut. But if borrowed money goes to pay for some guy on welfare’s TV, the poor, then it is perfectly acceptable.

    The core belief system of the Democratic Party is a no-holes barred approach to making working people pay for crack addicts to raise their babies so they don’t have abortions unless they decide to have an abortion where if working people don’t pay Democrats will send someone out to have them shot.

    Either way, somebodys gonna die, Meat eating, SUV driving, cigarette smoking, SOB’S.

    From there all other options are either ‘on the table’ or ‘under the table’, ‘behind the table, under the stairs, in the basement, or behind closed doors. Solution finding radiates, and shakes like a gas filled crack addict that after buying drugs, spent any money from their disabilty endowment on taco bell food while lying on the hot pavement in the Sun.

    Note the term “Working people,” does not apply in the Democrat mind as Democraps are trust fund babies, on grants, welfare, in prison, are government civilian employees, or in the Entertainment Industry.

  • Bimbam

    Liberals are frightened of guns, yet they don’t mind getting hideous disease from gay sex! Go figure that one out!

  • Jay

    A Simple Test.

    Are you a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, or Southern Conservative???
    Here is a little test that will help you decide.


    You’re walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the knife, and charges at you. You are carrying a Glock 9mm, and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family. What do you do?


    Democrat’s Answer:

    Well, that’s not enough information to answer the question!

    Does the man look poor? Or oppressed?

    Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack?

    Could we run away?

    What does my wife think?

    What about the kids?

    Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand?

    What does the law say about this situation?

    Does the Glock have appropriate safety built into it?

    Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway, and what kind of message does this send to society and to my children?

    Is it possible he’d be happy with just killing me?

    Does he definitely want to kill me, or would he be content just to wound me?

    If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he was stabbing me?

    Should I call 9-1-1?

    Why is this street so deserted?

    We need to raise taxes, have a paint and weed day and make this happier, healthier street that would discourage such behavior.

    This is all is so confusing! I need to debate this with some friends for few days and try to come to a consensus.


    Republican’s Answer:



    Southern Conservative’s Answer:

    BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! click…..(sounds of reloading).


    Daughter: “Nice grouping, Daddy! Were those the Winchester Silver Tips or Hollow Points?”


    Green’s Answer:

    Initially, Al Gore said something about Global Warming, paper production, pure water depletion, and lack of recycling would cause this. I solely believe it is time to call the IPCC.


    Independent’s Answer:

    All of the above!

  • Charlie Tall

    “Alex says:
    August 16, 2012 at 11:33 am
    I don’t have a problem with people who cower in fear keeping a rifle or shotgun in their home if they feel that it might protect them or their loved ones.

    But NO handguns, and NO guns out side the home.

    If you are too frightened to go to Yosemite or the store or down to the bar for a six drinks without your gun, then STAY HOME, lock your doors, huddle in the closet with your lethal pacifier and suck your thumb!”

    Alex, you boob, no one with a shotgun is going to do any cowering. It’s the bad guys who are the real cowards, and they generally cower plenty when faced with a 12 gauge argument, even (especially) in the hands of a 100-pound woman.

    No guns outside the home? Well, that makes sense, not. Hell, everybody knows that crime only occurs in the home, never on the street. Never in the theater. Never in a school. Never in a curb market or bar.

    Maybe Alex is a big, bad he-man. More likely he’s just a little blow-hard with a big mouth and nothing more. Who cares?

    His ideas are foolish; his point of view far more provincial than the dumbest redneck. Frankly, it’s guys like Alex that turn pale and run away when confronted by a pistol-packing octogenarian…but they shout threats and insults as they run. Brave guy.

    Not everyone is a 200-pound, fifth-degree black belt, but most everyone can shoot a handgun, and that’s what makes firearms so nice: they level the playing field when some dumb ass like Alex tries to slap a 95-pound widow and take her Social Security money to buy “six drinks.”

    By the way, going to the bar for six drinks? If you’re going to drink that much, you SHOULD stay home, Alex, because you’re a lush.

  • Roy Patterson

    I’m going to a big Gun Show, here in Arizona, the first of next month. I doing to buy more Ammo. The Federal Government is buying millions of rounds. They must know something I don’t know. Everyone, stock-up before it’s too late.

    • jon ayers

      roy how about the big one in phoenix the
      first weekend in december it’s 3 days.
      i plan on making it. jon.


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