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Cyberbullying Laws Could Lead To Internet Censorship

March 21, 2012 by  

Cyberbullying Laws Could Lead To Internet Censorship
Online bullying has led to a new legislative trend.

Because protecting copyright holders did not seem reason enough for American citizens to go along with total government censorship of the Internet with bills like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act, lawmakers have chosen a new vehicle for censorship: protecting children.

As many as five States — Delaware, Kentucky, Indiana, Maine and New York — are working to implement cyberbullying laws that critics say could make surfing the Web a legal minefield.

According to USA Today, the legislation is aimed at “bringing our laws into the digital age and the 21st century,” said Senator Jeffrey Klein (D-N.Y.) who sponsored a bill to criminalize cyberbullying. “When I was growing up, you had a tangible bully and a fight after school. Now you have hordes of bullies who are terrorizing over the Internet or other forms of social media.”

Some examples of the State laws:

  • In Indiana, a proposed bill would give schools more authority to punish students for off-campus activities such as cyberbullying from a computer not owned by the school.
  • In Maine, a proposal would define bullying and cyberbullying, specify responsibilities for reporting incidents of bullying and require schools to adopt a policy to address bullying.
  • In Delaware, meetings are under way to decide how a new cyberbullying policy would regulate off-campus behavior.

Critics say that the new legislative trend toes the line of infringing upon free speech. Frank LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center, told USA Today the movement in the legislatures and the courts is focusing on the disciplinary system and is shortsighted, saying: “You’re not going to be able to punish people into being more tolerant.”

Internet censorship in the name of protecting children was also proposed by SOPA author Lamar Smith (R-Texas) recently. Through the Protect Our Children From Online Pornographers Act (PCFIPA), Smith proposes some of the same measures included in his previous wildly unpopular attempt at Internet censorship.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    Regulating and preventing bullying on the internet is about preventing bullying. Whether at school or online bullying needs to be prevented as much as possible.

    • Christin

      “We are here to help you”… move along. (mind numbing chant for the dummies.)

      STRICTER [Freedom Killing] LAWS for the American people… “we are here to save the day”, Super(gov)man

    • wily2

      You evidently do not know history, no, not the History channel! This is a move (another peg) to stop any truth of whats going on ‘here’ and globally.
      Anyone who thinks that the new order will be great has been totally deceived – all of Scripture (old & new) warns us of this great move south!

    • Harold Olsen

      If they are going to have a law like this, they have to define exactly what constitutes bullying. On forums such as this one, supporters of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney go ballistic when people disagree with them or do not support their candidates. They attack! Is, or will, that be considered cyber bullying? Other people get passionate about what they believe in and can go a little overboard. Will that be considered cyber bullying? Or will those of us who do not like Obama’s policies and criticize him be considered cyber bullies. I can see where such a law could lead to censorship, especially if the law is coming from the Obama regime or his Nazi supporters in either house of Congress. You just do not criticize our fuhrer!

      • Tyler MIller

        I think they mean calling someone a slut, or things like that. These kind of laws are primarily directed at teenagers and young adults. Getting passionate about Ron Paul or things like that are not what are causing the millions of teenagers to commit suicide every year. Just saying. My best friend killed himself because of cyberbullying.

    • ONTIME

      “We has seen the enemy and he are us”…..Pogo
      You better be damn careful with those slippery slope laws, they are directly related to your freedom of speech and inalienable rights….

  • Vigilant

    I find it difficult to get excited about cyberbullying.

    When I was a kid, the catch phrase was always, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It seems that, along with the highy vaunted “sensitivity training” and political correctness of the day, we are being molded into wimps and victims at every turn.

    Whatever happened to “if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen?” If kids can’t give as good as they get, then just turn the device off and go read a book.

    P.S. You’re NEVER going to stop bullying. It’s been around since Hector was a pup.

    • Robert Smith

      With some right wing nuts teaching kids that homosexuality is evil and even tolerating it will send them to eternal hell it’s easy to see that calling a kid gay can beg him beat up, even if it’s a lie. There are your sticks and stones.


      • Doc Sarvis

        Good call Robert Smith.

      • Vigilant

        Wake up Rob. Words can always lead to physical actions, that’s the way of life.

        One can relate, but not logically equate a threat to an action. The Constitution protects free speech (ESPECIALLY rude speech), but it does not protect unjustified physical harm as a outcome of words only.

        Love it how the left hollers about the freedom of speech unless it counters their oh-so-dainty world view of how things ought to be.

      • ChuckL

        Well Robert, If the left wing radicals had not allowed the word “Gay” which was also a girl’s name when I was in school and which means happy, cheerful, pleasant and just a delight to be near, to be stolen because they did not like the accurate designation “qu**r” which properly describes a lifestyle that when followed by the whole of a species guarantees the extermination of the species.

        There is already on the law books a solution for the problem. It is the Slander laws. I an certain that when a few parents have to pay punitive damages of a half million dollars or so, the problem will go away almost instantly.

      • Robert Smith

        From Vigilant: “Love it how the left hollers about the freedom of speech unless it counters their oh-so-dainty world view of how things ought to be.”

        Nope, just pointing out how “inspirational” the “free speech” is from the right.

        For example:

        Remember how pro-life leader John Burt lost his piece of property to Dr. Gunn’s family? It was clear how Michael Griffin, the trigger man, was “inspired” by John Burt’s anti-abortion diatribes.

        That’s a direct result of violence “inspired” by “free speech” from the right.


      • Robert Smith

        From ChuckL: “a lifestyle that when followed by the whole of a species guarantees the extermination of the species. ”

        So, are you suggesting that you will turn gay and end humanity just to prove your point?

        I should think that if your “theory” is correct that there wouldn’t be any gays because they aren’t breeding. But then Dick Chaney proved that theory to be wrong.

        So, keeping in mind that you and I won’t turn gay so the human race will be saved why is it ANY of your business that anyone else is homosexual?



      • Jay

        Homosexuality is, EVIL and DISGUSTING Robert, and it should not, be tolerated. Tolerating any evil, is the same as accepting evil, and homosexuality is evil, period! Ok now, go ahead and have your sissy fit, and a good cry! Oh yeah, almost forgot, bite me!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Jeremy L, the first poster can be classified a bully according to how the law reads. So can Robert S, and Doc Sarvis.
      The law is a two edged sword.

      • Doc Sarvis

        How so?

      • Vigilant

        “Right wing nuts?”

        Doc, you agreed with Rob. That’s an inflammatory term and I call that cyberbullying.

        You see how far this ridiculous thing can go?

      • Doc Sarvis

        I thought he meant “pecans”.

      • Vigilant

        Some folks come on this site and end up being roundly excoriated by the group that “gangs up” on them. Insults and epithets follow, by both sides. Is it cyberbullying? Probably classified as such under proposed laws.

        Doesn’t matter that screen names are usually anonymous; someone like jopa or Flashy could claim that their delicate sensibilities have been bruised by cyberbullying, anonymously or not. Eric Bischoff, whom I assume uses his real name, would have a clear cut case if he decided to proceed to litigation.

        Do you “left wing nuts” see where this could take us?

        Get over the behaviorist idea that you can mold both speech and thinking by legislative fiat.

      • Jay

        I’ve yet to see any evidence of cyber-bullying, here, on this site. However, the progs will consider anyone a bully who doesn’t agree with them. They just lack confidence, is all!

    • JeffH

      Vigilant, you’re absolutley right. What does it take to un-numb the numed that the idea that “government is here to help” has become a warning…the’re here to control every facet of our daily lives. What will it take for people to realize that our disconnected government under the control of our elected representatives haven’t a clue how suburbia functions? Trust in government is at an all time low…wonder why?

      Washington (CNN) – The public’s trust in the federal government has dropped to an all-time low, according to a new national survey.

      A CNN/ORC International Poll released Wednesday morning, September 28th, 2011 , indicates that only 15 percent of Americans say they trust the government in Washington to do what’s right just about always or most of the time.

      Perpetual war, political partisanship, unconstitutional government mandate, education,. Food nazi’s, constant media propaganda, assuming control over the moral values in the home, “Big Brother is Watching You”.

      Just tell us what to eat, drink, smoke, and how much of our money we’re allowed to keep.

      How much Government control of your life will it take until you feel comfortable?

      • Vigilant

        You’re right, Jeff, and it’s getting worse on almost a daily basis.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Its one thing to “take the heat”. Its quite another to endure bullying following you around and being conducted online without your ability to say or do anything. Strangers suddenly can pop up saying the most vicious and horrible things of you. I have never experienced cyber bullying but I know enough people who either have or have a friend who has. Bullying is not something to be taken likely. No one deserves to be bullied and it serves no useful purpose.

      • JeffH

        Jeremy says “Its quite another to endure bullying following you around and being conducted online without your ability to say or do anything.”

        Jeremy, what are you talkig about? Don’t you have any control over what websites and blogs, social websites you participate in? It’s about making the right choices, personal responsibility. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen but don’t make the government solve your problems.

        This “cyber-bully” thing is nothing more than “high scholl” balderdash. There’s bigger problems in life than worrying what Madam X or Mr. Y has to say or lie about…is it your wish to see all free speach supressed? Don’t be so naive as to believe any legislative attempts to monitor and silence a few bullies is the intent. Far from it.

      • Jazzabelle

        Jeremy, you’re the one who decides whose blogs to read. If other people’s opinions about you bother you, quit reading their blogs.

        Of course, people are going to THINK those things about you, whether you read them or not (and whether it’s legal to write them down or not). I think that’s what REALLY bothers you–you can’t control what other people think of you. Will you be demanding laws against thought-crimes next?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Jeff your right I do have control over what sites I visit. But there are some like social networks I would prefer to be on. Its hard to when people might post hurtful things on it about you. Nothing wrong with feeling hurt or angered by such things. Laws are something we have to be careful with. But its not simply a matter of staying off certain sites.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Jazzabelle the problem is peoples thoughts in regard to bullying rarely remain simply thoughts. For the sake of argument lets focus on kids and teenagers-the ones who deal with bullying . Often teens believe things that are posted on sites like facebook or wherever kids hangout. When it comes to cyberbullies and bullies in general they often take these things on the internet and repeat them at school. Its easy for a rumor to become rampant on the internet and for everyone and their mother to hear about and perhaps believe. And all too often whether as a bully or simply someone who listens to rumors the person the rumor is about can be mistreated or can have their reputation ruined because of it. And all the while it is just a rumor. The thoughts expressed on websites or in any situation when its bullying rarely stay just thoughts. I don’t want to curb free speech or hurt any ones rights to think what they wish. But slander and libel are things I don’t take likely and if someone wishes to express such things on the internet I see it as little different then expressing it in public. You may very well think it, but if someone starts saying “so and so is worthless and no one cares if they die” either on the internet or any where else its no longer just a thought. And if you get friends to “like” or “repost” what you just said its no longer simply your opinion.

      • JeffH

        Jeremy, yes, it is about staying off of social sites where you may be harrassed, ridiculed, feel threatened or fear. It happens on this website everyday. Those that feel threatened or fear are generally the posters who take comments literally or out of context.

        It’s called personal responsibility, fend for yourself.

        Bottom line, there are “rules of conduct or comment policies” posted on social websites and when someone violates these rules there is a moderator who may catch the violation or there is a “contact us” email link where you can voice your complaint.

        PLD is very lenient but they do respond respond if there is a valid complaint.

      • Jazzabelle

        Jeremy, your thoughts on this topic are unintelligible. Yes, rumors can proliferate online and yes, they can make people feel hurt. This is no different from spreading rumors in person. The laws should not be different. If someone spreads a rumor about you that is untrue, no matter how they do it, you DO have legal remedies under slander, libel, and/or defamation laws. The problem with teenage bullying (since you brought it up) is that the victim’s parents aren’t willing to litigate to protect their child, and they ALSO aren’t willing to teach their child how to deal with bullying in a socially constructive way, for example by taking the issue up with the person who is spreading rumors, or by accepting the incident as a lesson in compassion (suffering teaches us compassion for others who suffer). As a result of this borderline-negligent parenting, problems arise (like bullying-victim suicides) and the parents start screaming for the GOVERNMENT to fix everything!!!! In their view, EVERYBODY’S free-speech rights ought to get body-slammed in order to protect THEIR child since THEY won’t stand up and be a good parent. Makes no sense.

        While I agree with you that nasty and hurtful comments are bad, and people shouldn’t make them, it’s not proper or lawful for the government to ban this type of expression. Nasty things are said in real life. It’s not wrong for teenagers to learn this lesson. (Of course, if the school environment is truly hurting the child in some way, a decent parent will remove their child from the destructive environment. But that’s not the government’s job to fix; they tried, remember? They created public schools … and that’s where these problems fester. More government isn’t the way to fix the problems the government caused in the first place.)

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I respect that Jeff. My thought is people shouldn’t have to feel or rather be forced not to go on certain sites because of what a few people say. My point is that bullying cyber or otherwise is unproductive, pointless and needless. There is no need for it. I can understand the need for personal responsibility, But there is no need to simply have victims of bullying fend for themselves. That usually results in more bullies and more bullying.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Jazzabelle I admit I did neglect laws about libel and slander. Lets stick with kids as you said. Personally I agree parents need to do better in teaching children techniques on dealing with bullying. The only issue I have is coping strategies can only go so far. Now when you said parents can “litigate”. I think there is an issue with that. Because often such proceedings devolve to a game of he said she said between parents and the kids. The kid says the other bullied them, the other denies it. The parents naturally side with their kid and the whole thing usually dosen’t get anywhere. Litigation is difficult and is not always the most reliable way in my opinion, a least when it comes to parents. I would say trying to find a way to have kids see a counselor or some sort of third party could help. The trick is always trying to make sure who bullied who. In regards to moving the child out of a bad environment my first thought is they shouldn’t have to do that. A school environment should be safe and if the government or rather the school acting on laws of the government can do something to stop it I think that’s acceptable. Finally on a personal note I went to public school and I don’t think public school has anything to do with it. I have friends who went to private schools who have plenty of stories of bullying.

      • JeffH

        Jeremy, there is no perfect utopia in life. Man is just the smartest animal at the top of the food chain. What we would like and what is real are two different things. That’s just the way life is. I, personally, have refused to be bullied since I was a kid and I won’t put up with it today, tomorrow or yesterday. Pull your pants up, tighten your belt and carry yourself like a man or woman…otherwise, the alphas will sense the weakness and gobble you up. To expect government to change that is not the answer. Once they have the control over you and I, we will never get it back. We are seeing examples of that every day…whether it is attempts to pass legislation, through executive orders, or mandates. This is America where we are supposed to have the chance at the American Dream, life, liberty and the pursuit of happimess. All of that is threatened by the progressive movementwho want government intervention in virtually every facet of our lives. Not my cup of tea…I much prefer to stand on my own two feet.

      • Jazzabelle

        Jeremy, you’re right, it can be difficult to litigate. But there are plenty of crimes that can’t be proven, again, life isn’t fair and it’s OK for teens to be introduced to this concept.

        Jeremy wrote: “In regards to moving the child out of a bad environment my first thought is they shouldn’t have to do that. A school environment should be safe and if the government or rather the school acting on laws of the government can do something to stop it I think that’s acceptable.”

        Now, that’s just bizzare. There are plenty of bad environments in the world; you can’t fix them all through legislation. Besides, there are diverse opinions about what constitutes a bad environment. Some people would consider church to be a bad environment to expose a child to. I consider the Girl Scouts to be a bad environment. Aren’t you glad we all get to choose which environments to expose our children (and ourselves) to–whether in person or digitally–instead of demanding that all environments be made utopian? (In the real world, utopia can only exist for one person–for everyone else, it’s a totalitarian nightmare. And you and I don’t stand much chance of being the “one person” who gets their utopia.)

        On a side note, it’s rather utopian thinking to say that “a school environment should be safe.” Yeah, SHOULD be. But public schools, and any private schools that are built on the public school model, aren’t capable of keeping their students safe. Personally, I think the system is designed that way on purpose, but regardless of whether that’s true or not, it’s a fact that public schools can’t or won’t keep everyone safe–that includes physically, emotionally, intellectually, and morally safe. Don’t forget, compulsory attendance at school was forced on a protesting public by a government intent on creating citizens in its own image. The solution isn’t suspending everyone’s individual liberties to fix the problems that government created. The solution is allowing families to find their own alternatives to public schools (and compulsory attendace in general).

        Jeremy wrote: “Finally on a personal note I went to public school and I don’t think public school has anything to do with it. I have friends who went to private schools who have plenty of stories of bullying.”

        Bullying happens everywhere; it’s human nature. But you don’t hear stories of private-schooled or home-schooled students going on shooting rampages. Amongst the rash of bullying-triggered suicides that have hit the media recently, I don’t recall one incident that involved a private-schooled or home-schooled student. The bullying problem isn’t confined to public schools, but bullying does seem to be much worse in those schools than in others. Perhaps because of their structure, public schools seem to be the institutions that are most skilled at inculcating the desperation and rage that lead to tragic consequences.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Jeff my desire is not a utopia where everyone holds hands and gets along. That is a dream and I know it. But neither is the world one of strong and weak. We are all human beings who are who we are. I would never allow anyone to bully me. However it does beg the question of how one goes about preventing people from bullying you. I have always figured to remain who you are and continue with what you do. Perhaps witty comebacks to bullies or simply telling a teacher. However I can tell you from experience not wanting people to make fun of you and trying dosen’t always lead to not being made fun of. Bullies tend to go right on doing it. I am not a weakling or at least I don’t consider myself one. Not wanting to watch children being bullied dosen’t make me a bleeding heart and children being bullied dosen’t make them weak. Bullying is wrong and its not a dream to want to try and prevent l it.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Jazzabelle I know that there are bad environments everywhere. It is a utopian dream to want all environments to be safe. But not wanting to accept the current status of an environment like school dosen’t make me a dreamer of a utopian paradise. I see a problem and I want to try and fix or at least improve it.

        As to public schools I am perhaps bias as a student of one. However I consider my life and education to have been rather good and safe no matter how much bullying went on. I know there are problems with the public school system but I don’t see the system itself as the problem. Government may cause problems but with better leadership I believe it can be part of the solution when properly managed.

      • Jazzabelle

        Jeremy, the issue seems to be how much the government should be involved in the solution to this problem. My perspective is the traditional constitutionalist one: in a Republic, such as we have, all of the government’s authority comes from the people. The people delegate SOME of their authority to the government, but this doesn’t mean that the people lose that authority; it just means they empower the government to wield it also. For example, when people delegated their right of self-defense to the government, that didn’t take away people’s right to self-defense; it just created a police force to be a back-up for people who couldn’t protect themselves or didn’t have the resources to solve a crime. Since all of government’s authority comes from the people, the people can’t delegate any authority to government that they don’t have. I don’t have the authority to tell you what you can and can’t say to one of your acquaintances, so I can’t delegate that authority to the government. My neighbor and I, no matter how much we’re bothered by the fact that you bully someone you know, can’t get together and pool our authority to restrict your freedom of speech. That level of authority simply doesn’t exist. Therefore, we can’t delegate it to government.

        Bullying is unpleasant and is certainly a problem for some people. Government is not the answer. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself or your child, and there are plenty of ways to protect and help the innocent victims that enter your life. A good person will proactively pursue these solutions, rather than crying for the government to make other people shut up and go away when you don’t like what they’re doing. In fact, I’m inclined to think that crying for government intervention is what people do when they lack the imagination to think of personal solutions or the will to implement them; in other words, when they feel helpless, which is usually a choice. When people involve the government because they feel helpless, it doesn’t solve anything; it just spreads the helplessness around to the other people who get affected by the government’s bungling attempts to fix the first person’s helplessness. Just repeat: “The government isn’t responsible for my feelings; I am.” Repeat it until you come up with a real solution that works in your life and doesn’t destroy anyone else’s God-given liberties (which is a crime in a Republic).

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I can respect that Jazzabelle. If it makes you feel any better I don’t wish to give the government more power then I feel it requires. From history I know government can’t be trusted. I just feel government when managed can be good and that asking the government to help is not a sign of weakness or lack of imagination. And I certainly wouldn’t treat it like a kid going to an adult to tell them to make the people insulting me stop. I just want to use government as a part of the solution.

      • Jazzabelle

        That’s cool, Jeremy. If you know that government can’t be trusted, though, then why would you want to make it part of the solution? Just curious….

        Management, as you say, is key. Unfortunately, I don’t think very many Americans actively manage their government nowadays. I wouldn’t want to put anything in place that depends on them doing it. :-/

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I see government as being something that can bu useful if its in the right hands and monitored carefully. By its nature government must be watched. However I feel it can be useful.

  • Patriot1776

    The same government that wants to allow children to be exposed to perverse pornography via the homosexual agenda, wants to prevent something as generic as bullying? I am all for a kinder, more gentle society, but the reality of the world is that there will always be the alpha male. You can’t legislate it away, it is in all societies, all races, all through out the animal kingdom. The best defense is a strong offense. Rather than attempt to legislate away bullying, how about teaching children to stand up for themselves, whether through physical competition or through intelligence and self control? If we teach everyone to be wimps and back down at every threat, we will naturally become the servant of every stronger people.

    • Karolyn

      Quite the contrary. Society creates bullies. If children were taught to love and respect their fellow man, no matter what their race, sexual preference, sex, religion, etc., there would be no bullying. It has to start somewhere. Unfortunately, it’s had to break the cycle when generations keep perpetuating it. There are societies where there is virtually no violence, where men and women are equals; and the people live peacefully and happily. They respect each other and have a special relationship to the earth, and material things mean nothing to them.

      • Jazzabelle

        Oh, really? Care to name a few of these utopian cultures, Karolyn? And how would you know how “happy” they are, anyway?

      • Christin


        Meanwhile, back in reality… Jealousy and Favoritism of different groups… and sometimes inferiority complexes and ignorance of differences ‘breeds bullying’ as well as a person who just has a fighting spirit or an evil heart and does not wish to be kind and do the right thing by his fellow man.

        This WH administration has ‘tried’ to pit us all against each other:

        1. Real wealthy, so-called rich, even just hard-working middle class AGAINST the poor and entitlement crowd (who take from hard working class and do not earn it)

        2. Race: black AGAINST white or Hispanic AGAINST white (whites are hated for leadership positions, being land owners, studying & hard work, and for revisionist history..esp. slavery: In America the first slave owner was a black owning a black!)

        3. Christian and Jew AGAINST Muslim (has favoritism to opt out of obamacare and TSA, also can block streets in NYC to pray everyday)

        4. Tax paying citizenry AGAINST political elite (opt out obamacare and SS, many do not pay taxes)

        5.Democrats AGAINST Republican

        6. Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives on Right (peaceful) AGAINST the Left Occupy NOW (organized by left, filthy thugs and drugs, tell police not to enter)

        7. American citizens against the illegals (many often get jobs, housing, free lunches, free healthcare, free SS without putting in…)

        8. Non-Unions and employees in Private sector AGAINST Unions and GOV employees (Union leaders get BHO $$ pay-offs and money before Share-holders of Co., high taxes pay for gov employees)

        9. Small Privately Owned Business (NO lemonade stands, no help on Main street) AGAINST Big Corporate Businesses ($$Money was given to Wall Street, Bailouts GM, Goldman Sachs…., Donate to Democrats and get $$ grants by BHO)

        10. ??? (what did I miss?)

        How’s that working out for us???
        Did they succeed?

        The Bible warns us about ‘favoritism’ and you can see why favoring one group over another… hurt feelings and tensions rise.. and soon people are bashing or bullying others.

        “God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear Him and do what is right.”
        Acts 1: 34-35

        All must play by the same rules, ‘fair and square’, and those who cheat must be punished or more will take advantage and cheat, too.

      • Robert Smith

        Fronm Cristin: ““God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear Him and do what is right.”
        Acts 1: 34-35″

        How awful to lead through fear and intimidation. Looks like the ultimate bully to me. No wonder I don’t like that there brutal christian god.

        Ruling through fear… How awful.


      • Doc Sarvis

        Good post Robert Smith.

        Christin, why would God exclude women?

      • Vigilant

        Karolyn says, “Quite the contrary. Society creates bullies. If children were taught to love and respect their fellow man, no matter what their race, sexual preference, sex, religion, etc., there would be no bullying.

        Karolyn, you’re spouting that liberal behaviorist drivel again. Society alone does NOT create bullies. Patriot1776 is correct; you’re always going to have bullies, and I would add that the alpha female is just as responsible for today’s bullying as the males.

        People have been so programmed with this leftist idea that society is to blame for everything, and that changing environment is the key to curing all ills, that even Libertarians on this site believe it. You’d think by now, and trillions of dollars later, that the War on Poverty would have yielded some results if that premise were true.

        The whole John Dewey behaviorist thing is responsible for the programming of kids to mold them in certain beliefs that are unsustainable. Instead of receiving an education, kids are failing tests of minimal ability, not graduating, not learning the basics to survive in society.

        Children were taught a Hell of a lot better to respect their fellow man when I was a kid. You were taught that respect by your parents, by your church, and by a society in general that tolerated less of this immature behavior in public than we see now.

        Society has some influence, to be sure. Television, the Internet and the movies have exerted a negative influence on these kids. And that influence is correctly identified as LIBERAL influence, NOT the influence of conservative and traditional values.

      • Jay

        How awful to lead through fear and intimidation. Looks like the ultimate bully to me. No wonder I don’t like that there brutal christian god.

        Ruling through fear… How awful.

        You and your left-wing posse know all about fear and intimidation, don’t you Rob. Naturally, you learned it all from your sodomizing, baby-killing, brutal-god from Kenya, obama, the muslim.

    • Robert Smith

      Patriot posted: “If we teach everyone to be wimps and back down at every threat, we will naturally become the servant of every stronger people.”

      And then there was some guy who reccomended that one turn the other cheek. I wonder how that works out.


      • Vigilant

        In the real world, it rarely works out. Why do you keep trying to deflect the conversation into a religious discussion?

      • JeffH

        Vigilant,…because that is what Robert does best ala Alinsky. He like to inject the “gay issue” too, even when it’s not mentioned.

        “The tenth rule… is you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments…. It involves sifting the multiple factors which combine in creating the circumstances at any given time…”

        “An organizer working in and for an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, he does not have a fixed truth — truth to him is relative and changing; everything to him is relative and changing…. To the extent that he is free from the shackles of dogma, he can respond to the realities of the widely different situations….”

    • Jay

      Patriot says: Rather than attempt to legislate away bullying, how about teaching children to stand up for themselves, whether through physical competition or through intelligence and self control? If we teach everyone to be wimps and back down at every threat, we will naturally become the servant of every stronger people.

      Yes, excellent Patriot. And the first step is to teach children that bullies are cowards, who will turn tail and run at the first sign of resistance! Its not rocket science.

  • JoMama

    The whole US government (especially president 0bama) is a bully.

    • rcrain

      Everybody is a bully too someone?? I personally say, deal with it, or pull up your panties and go home. Just my personal thoughts. I know I don`t play well with others to begin with, so I always make sure I have a fresh clip in my gun. This reply is to no one special, but you cry baby`s know who you are. I am not a bully, but I can ruin a bull`s day!!

      • rcrain

        On a more serious note, as a kid in a all boys Catholic School run by Franciskian Brothers, I got picked on a lot in my Freshman Year. I spent the summer at Boy`s Club of America, and they taught me self defense. In my second year, I only got messed with once. Spending all summer working at hard farm chores, and learning to box payed off. I laid the biggest bully out, and no one messed with me after that. My self confidence really went up, so much so that I signed up for flying lessons. At 16 I soloed, and after my senior year, I was sky diving. Nothing like self confidence, everyone should try it. Never give up, and never back down.

    • Christin


      Agreed… BHO, E Holder and all his thugs are bullies and so are his policies.

      • Jay

        Ain’t that a hoot. Two of the biggest bullies, want to introduce anti-bullying legislation. If that don’t make you pee your pants laughing, nothing will.

  • JoMama

    When I was a kid – I was always being picked on. I was bullied. When I came to tell the teacher when I couldn’t take it anymore – the teachers called me a tattle-tale.

    Damned if you do -
    damned if you don’t.

    Bullying will not go away.
    “You’re not going to punish people into being more tolerant.” So so true.

    • Vigilant

      “You’re not going to punish people into being more tolerant.”

      Excellent statement. That’s a keeper.

      • Jazzabelle

        In fact, you could even say… “You’re not going to BULLY people into being more tolerant.”

  • TIME

    As all laws that we are told are laws are in fact only; {“Public Policy”} or – Lex Fori also known as the Laws of the Ceasar’s. This is a form of making “Laws” to fit the crimes of the moment, with slogans like – there should be a Law about that.
    So the Ceasar’s Senate would make a law / laws to fit the crime of the moment.

    When we as a whole can grasp that the noted “Censorship” issue would lend it’s self to the “PC” movment. Any such a move by any form of Government be it De Facto or be it a real Government, it will end with nothing more and nothing less than “Total Control” of all Intel,
    Thus complete and Total – Brain Washing to get the responce the Cartel of the 13 bloodlines want. That’s to keep the Whole Human condition Ignorant and in their place.

    The Internet is the only place that one can still speak in an open manor.
    So my question is this – Will you let even the Internt fall by the way side for some made up PC rhetoric?
    So Far people the score card is De Facto’s total control !
    People of America – ZERO!
    The people of Europe are standing up to this Neo Nazi control, will Americans do like wise?

    Or will you all just go along to get along like many of you have been doing for your whole life? Your Choice.

    Peace and Love

  • sandy

    My suggestion would be to handle it the same way bullying has always been handled. Teach you child to handle it. 1. Ignore it. 2. Shut down their FB pages and emails. 3. Take away the damn phones or at least change the phone #. Cell phones for kids are way overrated in my opinion and there’s evidence of brain damage from their use anyway. 4. Here’s a novel one. Walk up and FACE YOUR ACCUSER. Make yourself visible instead of textable. But DO NOT under any circumstance consider that regulating the internet and taking away one more personal liberty will stop teenage bullying. Because it won’t and we’ll all just have more big brother down our necks and in our business. that is what the government is looking for anyway. It certainly isn’t at it’s core the safety of our children. Give me a break on that one.

  • ranger hall

    Bullying is Power over someone or something, More to day than ever before, people and the system use to help control these acts of Bullying, But have in fact have become the Bullys.
    NO way would i expect the Govt to inter into free speech, this is for the People to control, Parents and the schools we sent our kids to, need to protect them. Kids will always run into the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Its the values they are taught that keep most away from the Bad and Ugly, But some will always follow the wrong path. TV and the Movies and shows are some of the most disgusting things i have ever watched, and People let their kids watch these things WITH them.
    And we wonder why kids are so screwed up today. When was the last time they seen or heard anything constructive.
    Just to darn much to get into.
    Just no real values taught today, no respect, no Pride, No Honor, nothing to believe in except Garbage.

  • Michael Beglin

    What ever happened to letting children learn how to stand up to bullies on their own? Why must they always “run for help” when bullied? Learning how to deal with bullies was simply a part of growing up.

    My advice to any kid getting bullied: punch the bully in the nose as hard as you can. He or she will quickly learn that you are not to be messed with. I damned sure don’t think the government should be trying to stop bullying. The government is the biggest bully around. Anyone who goes to any government agency for help against a bully deserves what they will get.

    Stand up for yourselves, and stop expecting other people to fight your battles for you.

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