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Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin

November 13, 2009 by  

As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to change the way Washington worked and to end politics as usual. As president, Obama has demonstrated that his “hopeychangey” mantra was all talk and his nominations, appointments and associations bear this out, according to Michelle Malkin in her latest book, Culture of Corruption.

Starting with the failed nominations of people like Tom Daschle, Bill Richardson and Nancy Killefer, Malkin takes the reader step-by-step through the sordid history of graft, tax evasion and insider deals of Obama’s cabinet nominees and official wannabees in the president’s inner circle.

For instance, the ultimate insider, former Senator Tom Daschle, was slated to be Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, where he would lead the charge to reform the nation’s healthcare system. He and the president were so sure that Daschle’s confirmation was in the bag that Daschle already had office space decked out on the ground floor of the West Wing of the White House.

But that came crashing down under “furious funnel clouds of ethical scandal, conflicts of interest, and tax avoidance,” Malkin writes. Daschle, it seems, had neglected to tell the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about his use of a chauffer and private car provided by an equity firm for which he lobbied.

Malkin covers the other tax cheats in the administration as well: people like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Killefer. But cheating on taxes isn’t the only thing that hampered Obama’s early appointees. Ethical lapses and questionable associations and writings, missed or ignored by the Obama’s vetting team, doomed people like Richardson, Jon Cannon and Charles Freeman.

Malkin also covers the sordid history of Michelle Obama and her brass knuckle, Chicago-style thuggery. And Vice President Joe Biden—portrayed as just “Average Joe” by the media—is unable to evade Malkin’s telling research.

Good ole’ train-ridin’ Joe—who never heard a folksy personal story he couldn’t steal for his own—is neck deep in insider sweetheart deals that have enriched him and his family. But he’s not alone in the Obama administration on that account. And Malkin fleshes them all out.

Malkin is an award-winning investigative journalist who exposed government corruption in Seattle for the Seattle Times. She knows how to dig out the dirt and graft, and she took on both Republicans and Democrats while in Washington Sate.

She backs up her work in Culture of Corruption with extensive footnotes that take up 75 pages. That is why, in television appearances discussing politics and her book, she is personally attacked by defenders of Obama while the facts presented in her book go unchallenged.

Malkin can be seen regularly on Fox News—where she is a contributor—and her writings appear on her blog, Watching her commentary and reading her blogs you can see that she is not afraid to challenge those in power, Republicans and Democrats alike.

Those who are unwilling to accept that the current commander-in-chief is completely different from the Hope and Change, larger-than-life presidential candidate on display during the campaign, need not buy this book. But if you are interested in learning the truth about Obama and his associates, as well as learning exactly how things work in Washington, D.C., then this is one book you’ve got to read.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Victor L Barney

    What worries me that it is just too late to save this society as we know it. By the time there is a chance to get rid of one government the damage all ready has been completed. Besides, the next administration probably will be as bad or worse as the last one, which was the case this time!!!

  • Carolyn Richardson

    Ny opinion. I have ALWAYS agreed with Michelle Malkin. This Adminis-tration IS a culture of corruption. BO and HIS Congress have brought this nation to it’s financial knees. I once read of “economic jihad”
    and have wondered if that is what is occuring now.
    There is a GREAT ‘grassroots’ uprising.. I’m a member of 3 groups.
    We cross state lines and those who are in the official’s district have
    family and friends all over America. We are dedicated to no longer voting the party: vote the person. Examine their voting record, personal life, etc..looking for integrity. We equate rhetoric as lies.
    I am most disturbed that Obama has used so much time and energy on
    this healtcare plan..that LEGAL citizens DO NOT WANT.. and he has
    ignored the status of our troops in Afghanistan…refusing to make a
    decision. THAT pretty much speaks for his priorities…out of kilter.
    And now he’s off on an Asian tour…still our troops are waiting.
    DOLLARS who seem dedicated to making America a 3rd world country..
    possibly including a dictator instead of a President. Seems to be
    headed that way with great speed.
    God bless Michelle. God bless you for this site. Pray for the U.S.

    • Dave

      Yes, I agree. How about starting an organization called OUT! They would demand that 10,000 troops would be OUT of Afghanistan and 10,000 OUT of Iraq by May 1, 2010 or all Congressmen and Senators who support those two wars would be OUTed at the next election in November.
      Also, 10,000 more OUT in each war by July 4th; 10,000 more OUT by August 15th; the remainder OUT by November 1st.
      Let’s use the Internet to spread the word.

  • http://2009PersoalLibertyDigest Guin Chapman

    I too say God bless Michelle Malkin, I listen to her all the time on fom news. She is one of the few women who is not all wobbly over Obama. I usually find that she says is true. I wish she would do more on Michelle Oboma. Like Clinton, I think michelle is just as radical as Hillary. I believe they both have the same agenda. After all she sat in the same church where all that Radical hate was spewed, and I think birds of a feather, flock togather. Keep up the good work Michelle Guin Chapman

  • merrie

    I agree with you as voteing the Person at the election.also spreading the word by internet. have you wondered if ever person can find out the right person back ground in time,unless some help came across the internet. as for me,I dont watch the news media,I dont trust them.I feel it is brain washing America.I choose the internet.there you find WE THE PEOPLE reaching out to warn the true American’s.I am one of the old heads,born close to the end of the former Depression.also on a farm.I believe history repeats it self.If I with respect add America Goverment has fallen away from Jehova God and the TEN Commandment.America need to stand up in what they believe in,if they have MORELS,Wholesome Values,help their neighbors in needs,care for the Inseant children,teach them right from wrong.Take out the K.J.V.Holy Word of GOD,open it up with one’s family and read the words.get on your knees and pray people while you can,open your mind to the truth,open your eyes and look at the whole world,Dont be brain washed,that is what the Goverment wants,Its what called fear,and remember there nothing to fear,except Fear it’s Self.fear will make you weak.If WE THE People Stand up BAND TOGEATHER,Ask GOD For Mercy,put our Trust in Him,He will never forsake us.we do not want New World Order! yet know the Bible will be full filled,please be ready. May GOD have Mercy on America People.

  • Lindy Kenya

    I also read most of Michelle Malkins book. Obviously, it took a long time for her to correlate such detailed information. Kudos to Michelle for having the guts to print such an expose’.

    I said: “I read most of Michelle’s book” because halfway through it, I became so emotionally “sickened” from reading the endless history of so many inordinately crooked, greedy, power-mongering and soulless people given power and respect (i.e. “Madam Secretary,” “ Senator such-and-such”) by an ignorant “politically-correct” Majority that I had to put the book away, incapable of reading anymore because of the “reality” of those people being in TOTAL CONTROL of the government and ultimately, OUR COUNTRY!

    If this same “Elite” group of people do not have us “over a barrel” and doing as they want with us, please prove me wrong.

    Another thought: “If what Obama and his crooks are doing to us and America is GOD’S Plan, THEN what do we do?” (Revelation Chapter 6)

  • kattie chg.

    I agree with all of the 1st 6 people who commented. I will add we dont have the time, for the next elections, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO ACT NOW.
    We collectively have to put our heads together and come up with something! I understand the Patriot group, is pushing for the Justice Department to demand Obams actual birth certificate. However I think Obamas corruption cronies are there also. My close friend,lived through the Communist regime take over of her country, for many years, survived it. The point is: she sees the identical patterns of behavior, methods etc. happening to our America. She’s been telling me for months, America has to wake up. She experienced the deflation of her country’s currency,and replacement of their currency. All money sitting in bank accounts were gone suddenly, they were left in poverty. She told me all this over 4 yrs ago, went further and gave me the history and changes slowly unfolding before the take over; all the talk prior to the take over, no freedom of speech in their own homes, the brainwashing by the “regime” how their country owes the World Bank repayments; the marching and saluting; working for 0 wages; standing in lines for 8 hours, for a bone to make soup, due to food shortages; the regime’s taking their property, yes their homes, and putting them in government apartments; cutting off their heat in dead of winter, stores were empty cause of huge inflation,…must I go on??? Her family survived by some living on a farm. Her father eventually escaped and sought aslym in another country, thus resuced the family.
    Recently, she also became familiar with the Elite group also, in recent months as one of the comments eluded to. It sickens me to my stomach, and I have to daily stop myself from the FEAR, this is what they want, us to fear them, and to make us very poor, lower than a third world country.
    The way our government is taking over 100 banks, supposedly due to low deposits. Can you see the enfolding of just a 3 or 5 banks still strong,,dominating the country. Very gradually, we loose our civil liberties, rights every day, they use every excuse, or reason in the world for their dismantling of our Constitution. Yes, Please God help us, however we have to help ourselves also, with God’s help!!!!
    Cut up your credit cards, the banks, drug companies, and insurance companies, are also the culprits.
    I wish I had the answer…otherwise I would have said it here.

  • Mike in Virginia

    Thank God for people like Michelle Malkin, (I have read most of your book Michelle) very informative! Also I am thankful for many others that get the word out to those of us that are interested in being informed on what’s going on in our world around us, like Fox News, talk show hosts like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, and those guys on AFR Talk like Brian Fisher, Matt Friediman, and all those guys on American Family Radio! Thanks for what you do!


    Keep up the good work Michelle Malkin.I haven’t read your book ,but I will.I’ve seen you on FOX NEWS and support what you have to say.I’m still wandering where the 350 billon went that no one seems to know about.I think if someone were to check the one world bank and the new world order it could be found.Maybe Rockafellow would know?From the way things are going in our country,I’m curious as to how many muslims and communist are in our so called government.

  • Bill

    Thank you, Michelle, I still wonder about birth certificates, how can one become a candicate without showing proof, and how much intake does Obama get from Clinton and the Bushes? Why did Bushes’ Att Gen not step in[being the top law enforcement officer] And you know Bush’s [#1] top priority was a one world order. I thought that you had to swear to uphold the constitution to enter office and if you fail to do so, what happens? Why is our Pres. and his admin. so negative. The way to win is to break the will of thw people. And we are so weak that we are going to let them succeed.

  • s c

    This topic appeared almost a full year ago. Since then, the co-dependent airheads in the White House have done little but divide the nation, lie to America on a regular basis, find ways to increase taxes on the middle class [the class that Herr Obummer claims to "love"] and our military still has a ‘leader’ who REFUSES to lead while our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen endure ‘rules of engagement’ borrowed from the days of VIETNAM.
    Progressives deserve this pretender. America deserves a PRESIDENT who has and knows how to use his skills. God, please end this White House curse
    before America is destroyed!

  • Robert Berger

    The Democrats are corrupt ? I’m shocked!!!!
    I haven’t read the book, but knowing it’s by that little twit Michelle Malkin,I know what to expect.
    And the Republicans in Washington are all such paragons of virtue,above reproach and squaky clean? What a laugh !


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