Cruz To RINO McCain: I Don’t Trust You, And I Don’t Trust Democrats

Senators vote on the Budget Resolution in Washington

On April 26, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told a group of Tea Party supporters in his home State that his Republican colleagues in the Senate had acted like “a bunch of squishes” in cutting gun-control deals with aggressive Democrats ahead of the infamously ill-fated Manchin-Toomey gun control act.

Cruz, along with other libertarian-minded Congressmen like Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Justin Amash (R-Mich.), have been cultivating a reputation for standing on principle, even if it means alienating the party establishment.

But on Wednesday, Cruz took that fight away from friendly audiences and went straight to the Senate floor, sparring with Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) over what’s wrong with conservatives who strike liberally diluted devils’ bargains.

The topic was the Senate’s attempt to pass a budget — its first in four years. Led by McCain, moderate Republicans have been urging holdouts to go along with their Democratic colleagues and set up a budget conference committee to iron out differences between the Senate version of the budget and the one already passed by the House of Representatives.

Cruz and Paul, along with conservatives Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) are fine with that approach — if the conference committee can guarantee the budget won’t come back with a provision that raises the Federal debt ceiling, which Democrats, of course, favor.

“If we go to conference without the debt ceiling being taken off the plate, it is a 100 percent certainty that the debt ceiling will be raised,” said Cruz.

McCain knows this. Why else would he, essentially, ask Cruz and his cohort of real conservatives to just take the whole thing on faith? Here’s McCain’s attempt at shaming Cruz into gullibility from the Senate floor:

Let’s put some confidence in — if not in the conferees appointed here, but in the conferees who will be appointed on the other side of the Capitol, who are of our party, who are fiscal conservatives just like we are. Instead of blocking, what I assure my colleagues — all three of them here, that is a minority of the minority of Republicans in the United States Senate — that [the majority] wants to move forward with a budget, which we spent so many hours and so much effort in achieving.

McCain followed that up Wednesday by pretending to be baffled at the idea that principle can trump compromise. “Basically, here, what we’re saying on this side of the aisle is, we don’t trust our colleagues on the other side of the Capitol, who are in the majority,” he said.

Damn straight, said Cruz, whose Jiu-Jitsu retort from the Senate floor used McCain’s words to drive home his own point about the corruption and moral inertia plaguing the leadership of both parties:

The senior senator from Arizona urged this body to trust the Republicans. Let me be clear: I don’t trust the Republicans. And I don’t trust the Democrats. And I think a whole lot of Americans, likewise, don’t trust the Republicans and the Democrats because it is leadership in both parties that has gotten us into this mess.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons we got into this mess is because a lot of Republicans were complicit in this spending spree. And that’s why so many Americans are disgusted with both sides of this house. Because we need leaders on both sides…to roll up our sleeves, to compromise, to work together and fix the problem; fix the enormous fiscal and economic problems. Stop bankrupting our country.

And every Republican who stands against holding the line here is really saying, ‘Let’s give the Democrats a blank check to borrow any money they want with no reforms, no leadership to fix the problem.’”

McCain stopped short of calling Cruz a “wacko bird,” but he did describe the conservatives’ skepticism as “bizarre,” and he preened over his conservative pedigree — all while Senate Democrats reveled in the spectacle of Republicans feuding.

“I’ll match my record against anybody’s on debt and the deficit, and that includes the Senator from Florida [Rubio],” said McCain.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Native Blood

    I am beginning to really like this guy. I am going to keep a close eye on him.

    • Chief Boring

      Yep. BTW, I like your peace sign…Good sight picture. LOL

      • Native Blood

        Thanks Chief, unless you have operated a military style rifle,
        few others would know what that is:-)

  • Harold Olsen

    I can’t say I’m a Cruz fan but it’s nice that some people in Congress aren’t afraid to tell off the RINO’s like McCain just because they are “senior statesmen.” McCain definitely isn’t a statesman. He’s just another scumbag politician.

    • Ringgo1

      Come on over to the light, Harold. Ted Cruz is the real thing.

  • Guest

    It makes me wonder how far America would be in debt if there were no debt ceiling? It is scary to think that near-17 trillion might actually be a conservative number. As for Cruz, good for him for telling off both establishment parties-who are no different from each other, save for the ”D” or “R” behind their names.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Cruz is not in Washington to make friends and “go along to get along” Is actions show he is there for the sake of the People and not his own agenda. McCain is nothing more than a liberal Democrat masquerading in the guise as a Republican, basically a plant intended to infiltrate the GOP and break it up.

    Do you think it is just by chance that our Presidential options boil down to people most closely inline with what we have today being Obama. McCain and Romney were the most closely inlined and on board with same agenda as Obama is on versus all the other candidates. Bigger government, more regulations and control of the people.

    It is a part of the 45 goals of communism that the American Communist Party has adopted: Goal #15 – Get control of one or both political parties.

    You people continue to sit back and remain ignorant and uniformed on who you vote into office and vote based on a party line or vote because a name sounds familiar to you so you vote for them but know nothing of their background, past or their principles all you know is you have heard or seen the name on yard signs so you follow the advice of other uniformed or brainwashed sheeple.

    Go ahead and keep on voting McCains, Pelosi’s, Maxine Water’s, Ellison’s, Hank Johnson’s, Boehner’s, Shumer’s, Wasserman-shultz, Feinstein’s, Harry Reids along with Obama’s and the long list similar to them and in turn they place Hilary Clinton’s, Susan Rice’s, Janet Nepolitano’s, Sebillus, Holder’s, Robert’s and Kagan’s along with a long list of similar power hungry control freaks into office and sit back around your empty dinner tables wondering “where’s the beef” as you sip on your romen noodles because you no longer can afford or no longer aloud to eat beef because some government has deemed it unhealthy for you to consume. Then plant your arse in a computer chair and jump on a internet service supplied to you by a social program that the few taxpayers are supplying for you and complain why you are no longer can find a job and no longer safe because you can’t defend your self or property and you have everyone invading and stealing your gas, and what little food you might have and property to sell so they can get food for them self.

    Those of you who know nothing of who you vote for and remain ignorant and uniformed are just as much of the problem of this Country as the people in Washington are because you have assisted in putting them there largely due to the fact that many vote based solely on one of two letters of the Alphabet being (D) or (R) and you know nothing more about that person than what the ballot tells you.

    • Eva

      Well put, You left out 1 thing, many voted for Obama due to skin color!
      They would rather remain ignorant and uninformed, because they do not want to face the truth! They do not want to face the fact they t were fooled and lied to! It is funny, how some people I know personally, voted for Obama, and now they claim they did not! I know they did because they always vote Democrat, always have and always will! I call these kind of voters, lazy voters, just vote all Democrat ticket!!!

  • Talikka

    Thank you Ted Cruz for representing the concerns of the citizens.

    • me

      i see a president cruz in “16”. maybe him and rand should set up a wacko bird party . it would go.

  • me

    we need more wacko birds in congress. hope we get a lot more in 2014. kind hope a one of the wacko birds wins the nomination for president. mccain and his bunch of stale polititions can’t stand them because they don’t measure up to the ones who put this country in the mess its in. we need one wacko bird for president and one for vp.

  • me

    common mccain debate the wacko bird. he’ll have you stumbling all over yourself like biden. this country needs the change the wacko birds have to offer. they make the most sense.

  • Dave

    Thats interesting Ted, I don’t trust you either. You are a Republican and a Conservative… Amazing how that works. You are out for Ted Cruz and that is obvious.
    Interesting how the debt is coming down per the CBO and a company that that Obama gave a loan to (Tesla) has paid back its loan and it going to show a profit and only 2% of those firms that were given Gov loans for “green” purposes have gone bankrupt … Oh and the unemployment rate is coming down…
    But we can’t have good news published on this site… It screws up the massive spin put forth by the authors and their followers.

    • Bachelor With Sense

      Sorry Dave, but you are obviously uninformed! The “Unemployment Rate” is coming down ONLY because the Federal Government has CHANGED the method of Calculating the “Unemployment Rate”. The TRUE “unemployment Rate” is approximately 20 PERCENT! 1 in 5 Americans is UNEMPLOYED!!

      I have been unemployed (and NOT employable) since January 2010. There are NO Jobs in the Community in which I live! The Nearest NEXT Community is 55 miles away AND there are no/very few Menial jobs there! NO, I can NOT move (anymore than MOST unemployed can afford to move). I was laid off because of AGE AND SALARY for a YOUNGER person who would accept MINIMUM WAGE and save the “India Indian” Investment Company $3.00 an hour for 25 hours a week.

      SO after being unemployed for 2 years I “FALL OFF” the Unemployment Rolls while STILL being UNEMPLOYED! BUT I don’t count as UNEMPLOYED according to the GOVERNMENT!

      IT is obvious that YOU are an OBAMA FAN and a Complete ID10T. NO one can argue with you (PRESENT FACTS) that you don’t like, AND you are NOT willing to LEARN the Truth for YOURSELF!! I feel SORRY for Id10ts like you as you are so stupiiid that you will NEVER be a benefit to this Great Country and will ONLY be a USEFUL TOOL to the Jacka$$ in the White House!!

      • Dave

        I have a job and a good one… So careful who you call stupid pal…Obvously, you live in a place with no jobs but you are in luck… The conservatives hate illegal immigration and are pushing them out. So you should find gainful employment when the migrant workers are no longer there to pick food. Make sure you get a wide rimmed hat…
        Unless you have stats to back your assertions up… then sorry, I won’t be taking your word for it.

        • JeffH


          Dave47D says “I have a job and a good one… So careful who you call stupid pal…”
          Is that a threat Dave47Delerious…and I doubt he’d ever be your “pal”.

          • Dave

            Breathe and squeeze the trigger Jeffrey…. Then you might actually make sense.

          • Dan in CO

            Actually Ted Cruz can be the president because of lineage. They stated that the other day if you want I can do the research for you since all you do is work and criticize people don’t.



          • Dave

            LOL… The irony is delicious… So Cruz who was born in Canada to a US citizen mother and a foriegn born father…He can be president and conservatives would support this?

            But Obama, Born in HI, to a US Citizen woman and a foriegn born father is illegitimate to be President and the conservatives have spent millions trying to invalidate his presidency.

            Isn’t partisan hackdom wonderful?
            Criticize people? Do you realize you are on PLD? Without criticizing people, what does any of the authors here have to offer? LOL

          • Bob666

            Yo Dave,
            strange how that birther thing works…..

          • Don 2

            I would support Donald Duck as president if it would get rid of that “I know nothing” useless revolutionary Marxist turd in the WH.

          • Don 2

            How would you know Obama was born in Hawaii, or who is father is? He has never released a legitimate long form birth certificate, and the one the WH put up on their website was proven to be a doctored fraud. Hawaii was selling state birth certificates back in the 60’s, and, in addition, Hawaii has never released a long-form birth certificate for Obama. Yeah, strange how this birther thing works. Obama’s has spent close to $2 million keeping his birth certificate, passport, college entrance, social security card, and college records from being released.
            Why would anyone spend so much money to hide the truth, if it was in fact the truth?
            Does the end justify the means? Apparently, as far as you liberals are concerned.

          • Bob666

            Yo Don,
            I’m not a liberal so don’t go there. But, concentrating your efforts of the birth place of Obama is not going to get you aywhere. All this has been is noise for the last 3-4 years.

          • Don 2

            Yo Bob,

            You and Dave actually brought the topic up. and as long as you did, facts are still facts, and the fact remains that Dave has never seen Obama’s real birth certificate, or for that matter, his S.S.C., passport, college applications, college grades, etc.

          • Bob666

            you need to let go of the birth certificate issue. That dog just don’t hunt and he is dead.

          • Don 2

            Oh, I don’t know about that Bob. That dog is alive and well in Chief Justice Roy Moore’s Alabama Supreme Court.

          • Bob666

            And there it shall remain on life support.

          • Jana

            You are right Dan in CO. But he is going to be quite effective as a Senator.

        • Keith M

          Hey Dave you are stupid liberal!

          • Dave

            Sticks and Stones Keith… You have such factual data to back up your assertions don’t you?

        • Eva

          Ted Cruz is no fool!!! You are the fool, do some research you bully! Texas is better off than any other state in the country! ?The national unemployment rate doubles ours, here in Texas! Our economy is better, yes prices have gone up but not as much as they have in others states! Gas prices are lower here also! People in Texas take care of our business and pay our bills! So you have a job big deal, you think that makes you better? My husband has been on his job for over 28 years! How many have you had in the last 28 years? I was a florist till my girls left home and made their own families! I worked for the same business for 20 years before retiring!

          • Dave

            TX has oil and that bouys the economy there. TX asked for Gov help after the factory explosion the other month and they are getting their money. Because thats what Americans are supposed to do with tragedy strikes… Too bad your conservative friends did not feel the same way about aid for Sandy for NJ and NY.

            NY, NJ and CA also pay their bills and the bills of many conservative states because they get less than a dollar back for every dollar they pay into Fed coffers… Maybe you can tell states like AL, SC, KY. OK to pay their bills instead of being subsidized by states like NY, NJ and CA. Those states would be in better financial shape if they did not subsidize many of the GOP dominated states.

            Your other personal attacks mean nothing to me. Can you get David a job? He hasn’t worked in 2 years. Cruz is no fool, you are right… He knows exactly what he is doing and who he is pandering to. I am just happy this Canadian born citizen can never be president because people who do not see through his act would vote for him.

          • Jana

            Good and we would like for you to stay out of Texas too.
            You aren’t welcome here!

    • Bob666

      Yo Dave,
      Good retort!

  • Thomas J. Liberty

    Texas has produced a true patriot in Mr. Cruz.
    A tree is known by its fruit, freedom and liberty weight heavily on his limbs, principals and justice firmly root him to the land. In our times the cold winds of tyranny blow, but in him we have a staunch defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We can not ask anymore of our elected officials or countrymen. And, with the blessing and support of the people, he will become one of the great pillars of the American story.

  • Wiley2

    It’s becoming much harder to dismiss the idea that the vast majority of politicians in both parties are on board with the Cloward-Piven strategy of bankrupting the country to produce crisis and economic collapse, the plan being to then exploit the resultant chaos and vulnerability of the populace to impose total control and domination by the politicians and their bankster masters. That tyranny is the essence of their vision of a “new world order”.

    The struggle between Democrats and Republicans on budget issues appears merely to be distracting theater for public consumption as both parties work toward the culmination of the strategy. And that culmination is getting close, as shown by the beta test of imposing martial law in Boston and the re-writing of laws to allow bank “bail-ins” around the world, which is nothing more than naked theft of private wealth, and for which MF Global was the test here in the U.S. and Cyprus was in Europe. The success of those tests is no doubt encouraging to the strategists, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the final collapse within a few years.

    Cruz, Paul, Lee and a few others are resisting the strategy and the psychopathic atmosphere that pervades Washington, but the rot has gone so deep and the plan is so far along that collapse now seems inevitable. Civil war is probably all that’s left to determine whether the psychopaths prevail in their bid to become slave masters or whether enough people will stand up for liberty to push back the evil.

    I would love to be wrong about all this. Time will tell.

    • Walt

      Sadly, I feel you are 110% on target with your comments. The only wild card that might disrupt “the plan” is for a patriot or group of patriot generals to seize control (junta) of the government, as Franco did in the summer of 1936 in Spain. History has shown that you shouldn’t rule that out, even though there is an ongoing purge within the military to remove any potential threats of that possibilty. Only time will tell.
      Of course, that is the main reason that there is such a concerted effort to disarm all Americans. They don’t want tens of mllions (if not more) of armed Americans patriots supporting a coup to preserve the Republic.
      I hope it dosen’t get to that; but, the indications are that the only choice will be armed insurrection or FEMA camp internment to be re-educated.

  • Miley

    I applaud Senator Cruz’s effort to speak out for his principles, but I am sure he knows the GOP will have their long knives out for him when he runs for reelection. None the less, I supported his campaign against Dewhurst and will support him again.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Lovin the spunk shown by Ted Cruz. Telling off the RINOs. Time for the new “mavericks” to come out in force. The old guard is so out of touch with reality and the American People. Thank God there’s new blood in the Belt Way to remind them that they work for us. The lifers need to go!! Been amongst the corruption way too long and have lost their way.

    • Bob666

      So is that why Obama got elected twice?

      • Jeff Eller

        voter fraud+santa clause+uninformed voters, period!

        • Bob666

          Did the Easter Bunny tell you this?

    • Jana

      Cheryl, I so agree with you. We need a lot of “new blood” up there in Washington. People that have lived out here in the economy and know what its like to have to abide by the laws and rules that have come out of Washington.
      We don’t need career politicians but we have those who aren’t informed because they are busy and they vote for name recognition only, or for lack of a better choice because it costs so much to run.

  • Dave

    How many times was the debt ceiling raised from 2001-2008? Forget that… Lets look at more stats.

    The United States government has raised the debt ceiling a grand total of 78 times since 1960 – 49 times under Republican presidents and 29 times under Democratic presidents.

    back to the debt ceiling under Bush.

    by $450 billion to $6.4 trillion in June 2002;
    by $984 billion to $7.384 trillion 11 months later, in May 2003;
    by $800 billion to $8.184 trillion 18 months later, in November 2004;
    by $781 billion to $8.965 trillion 16 months later, in March 2006;
    by $850 billion to $9.815 trillion 18 months later, in September 2007;
    by $800 billion to $10.615 trillion 10 months later, in July 2008;
    and by $700 billion to $11.315 trillion three months later, in October 2008.

    So after that record and the election of Obama during the worst recession since the depression…

    Under Obama…

    by $789 billion to $12.104 trillion in February 2009, Obama’s first year in office, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act;
    by $290 billion to $12.394 trillion ten months later, in December 2009;
    by $1.9 trillion to $14.294 trillion two months later, in February 2010.
    All this to pay for the bills of the gov that included two wars (started by Bush) and lost revenue of 1.7T due to Bush tax cuts that gave us no jobs.
    But its so swell to see the GOP care about the debt… NOW….when a Democrat is in office Where were these “Patriots” between 1980-1988 and 2001-2008? Nowhere… they wait til Obama gets in and they cause our credit rating to drop due to politics.

    • Dave

      Oh and how has the record for raising the debt ceiling? The conservative hero himself… Ronald Wilson Reagan… Where was the outrage boys and girls?

      $985 billion in February 1981;
      $999.8 billion in September 1981;
      $1.0798 trillion September 1981;
      $1.1431 trillion in June 1982;
      $1.2902 trillion in September 1982;
      $1.389 trillion in May 1993;
      $1.49 trillion in November 1983;
      $1.52 trillion in May 1984;
      $1.573 trillion in July 1984;
      $1.8238 trillion in October 1984;
      $1.9038 trillion in November 1985;
      $2.0787 trillion in December 1985;
      $2.111 trillion in August 1986;
      $2.3 trillion in October 1986;
      $2.32 trillion in July 1987;
      $2.352 trillion in August 1987;
      and $2.8 trillion in September 1987.
      Nary a word was spoken from the lousy self-righteous conservatives in Congress who had control of the senate for much of this time period. Why? Could it be politics? Nah… Of course not… Conservatives are Patriots… they would never put the country in jeapardy for politics would they? Oh wait….

  • India312

    A raising star and already a patriot, we the people need to cover his back 110 percent..who’s with me!