Cruz To Obama: Don’t Arm People Who Hate Us


Veering away from the Senate’s fickle debate over immigration Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor of the legislative chamber to blast President Barack Obama for the White House’s decision to intervene in Syria.

Imploring the President to avoid foreign policy measures that would put weapons in the hands of terrorist enemies of the United States, Cruz noted that the Free Syrian Army contains fighters with loyalty to al-Qaida. He also discussed reports of rebels in the country kidnapping, raping, desecrating churches and beheading people who defy al-Qaida principles.

“These forces are engaged with a deadly struggle with the Assad regime and President Obama has chosen this moment to signal that it is now suddenly in our vital security interests to intervene in Syria,” Cruz said. “It seems far more likely a recipe for disaster.”

Cruz had a simple suggestion for the President.

“Let me suggest a simple rule,” Cruz said. “Don’t give weapons to people who hate us. Don’t give weapons to people who want to kill us.”

Noting that the decision was likely motivated by public opinion, Cruz also took the President to task for making the announcement of the decision to arm rebels through an Administration spokesman.

Pew recently found that 70 percent of Americans disagree with the White House’s decision to arm rebels.

“In a case where his policy is so at odds with the will of the people, it’s beholden on the President to make his case and persuade us that this proposed intervention is necessary,” Cruz said.

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Sam Rolley

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  • Sam

    Obama has been arming al qaeda for over a year now. The headlines make look like he just started doing it. I saw a speech on You Tube where Ron Paul was talking about it last July. Worse, congress lets him get away with it. That is what is really scary.

    • tccsmith

      I remain, “Trial for Treason, and then the death penalty?)

      • JRR

        Maybe for Michelle, if she could be shown to be complicit in an effort to take down America. That would be treason, because she is (as far as we know) a U.S. citizen.

        I’m afraid we are going to have to get O on something similar, but tailored for foreigners – espionage?

        • Alan

          Her spending of taxpayer dollars on vacations should be enough for treason.

  • Shorty Stuff

    I forgot what it’s called (:-), but aiding and abetting our enemies is supposed to be punishable by something … can anyone remember what that is?

    • tccsmith

      Trial for Treason, and then the death penalty?

      • JRR

        Two problems:

        1) He is very likely not a U.S. citizen, and treason can only be committed against one’s own country;

        2) Who is going to actually go to the White House, handcuffs at the ready, and engage in a battle with the Secret Service, then hunt him down in whichever closet he’s hiding in, and march him out of the White House?

        It seems that no one has both the authority and the courage necessary.

        • jimwilson81

          Chuck Norris???

      • Marten

        Firing squad???

    • Darral

      Treason and yes under the Constitutional definition of what constitutes Treason against America Obama committed Treason against the advise of and approval of Congress when he armed the Muslim Brother in Egypt who openly stated America and Israel are their enemies , Yes He should be tried for Treason but Obama is Protected by the Democratic Party.

  • jimwilson81

    We need another war like we need another hole in the head. Obama is suppose to be the servant of the people. He need to start listening.

    • Michael Shreve

      Wind the Peace Prize. Become a Middle East WAR monger.

  • Jeff

    Cruz needs to meet with McCain and get the story straight. Both seem to know who is and who isn’t “on our side.”

    • Alan

      McCain has never met a war that he did’nt want to involve us in.

  • Tired of this traitorous MFr

    Let’s see, the owebomb wants to take self protection away from the American people but he wants to arm our enemies and in another article I read, he wants to import well over 3000 syrian rebels who have sworn to kill us after he has armed them and disarmed us.

    WTF is wrong with this MFing traitor.
    It’s time to get rid of this SOB in any way possible.



    • AMM

      Taking a national poll on your last sentence, I would bet 70% of Americans would agree with you!

  • Neal

    If you look closely at what those guys and the taliban carry, you will notice that some are about 100 years old! If you give them guns now, those guns will be with them for quite some time.

    Back in the 1700s there was what was called a Trade Gun. These were traded to the Indians for furs or whatever and they just did not hold up very well. It kept the Indians coming back for more and prevented them from using them much if they decided to go to war.

    Then, during WW2, the US came up with the Liberator pistol. This ungainly single shot 45 could be used for 10-50 shots before it fell apart, limiting its long term usefulness.

    If somebody came up with a cheap, Saturday Night Special assault rifle, they could make a mint and any rebels we armed would not be able to use these rifles against us a few years from now.

    How about those printable plastic AR receivers that the government has banned? Add some cheap, low grade barrels and you are in business. Throw in some of those modern plastic Liberators, too.

  • $36364326

    Jeff to Ted Cruz, nobama hates US!


    What we have is rogue diplomacy and the use of tax monies to perform a personal war vendetta to combat the russkies position in Syria…it is simply RazzPutin and the Faker in the WH pitting wills and causing more death and destruction…why would we otherwise be shipping Lybian arms to a terrorist group and trying to keep alqueda out of this?
    Better get rid of this fraud before he does something really rash and stupid….

  • Dr Moon

    Obama to America suckers………………………………………..

  • Michael Shreve

    ANY enemy of the U.S. is a friend or Obama’s. He is merely inuring that when the Muslims invade Israel they will be WELL armed.

  • Robbie

    During the two years when the President merely watched things go downhill in Syria right wing types complained that he was not showing leadership and that he was allowing America to fall from its world leadership position. Now that he is getting involved in a very limited way the right wing is complaining that he is arming America’s enemies.

  • BarrackHussein

    Heck Ted… Obama and Michelle admittedly hate us. Look at the acquaintences they keep.