Criticizing Cop Parking, Recording Gets Two Nevada Men Arrested


An incident that occurred in Nevada three months ago proves two things: Some cops really hate being criticized for how they park. And most really don’t like being recorded.

Via Carlos Miller’s blog, “Photography is Not a Crime”:

Law enforcement officers pounced on a man with a camera who was openly criticizing their parking habits outside a Nevada casino before pouncing on another man video recording the first altercation, seizing both cameras as “evidence” before turning to a couple of other witnesses and seizing their cameras as well.

Today, three months later, none of the cameras have been returned, but the man who was arrested has obtained footage from two of the four seized cameras as discovery as he prepares for his trial.

The man, who goes by MrMike Smith on Facebook, said the incident took place April 7 in Stateline, Nevada and involved Douglas County sheriff deputies and South Lake Tahoe police.

He is facing two counts of obstruction and expects to go to trial next month.

You can see his video at the top and will probably agree that he came across very obnoxious, not to mention he would not hold his phone in the horizontal position to record in landscape mode.

But that still didn’t give the cops the right to arrest him and take his camera.

And it gave them even less right to seize cameras from the witnesses, including the one in the video below.

*Bold emphasis added.

Miller, who started his blog after running into legal trouble for video recording police officers, has chronicled a trend of officers throughout the Nation confiscating recording devices from civilians in recent years. For the most part, Miller contends, officers are trying to avoid starring in YouTube videos if they make Constitutional mistakes or abuse their authority.

Watch videos of the Nevada incident below:


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  • manuel

    How do these thugs continue to get away with such crap? Our nation is quickly going the way of nazi Germany in the mid 1930’s. Unfortunately, the “boyz” in blue have the badges, guns and dogs, so they can do as they please and citizens be damned.

    • jdn

      Well there are by estimate about 90 million well armed citizens . Who do you think will win that war ? Bullies are always confident , smug and vicious until they get their azz handed to them .

      • Elevenarrows

        Perhaps I am a bit cynical based on the large numbers of fellow citizens that continue to vote for those who violate our Constitution, but I just don’t see the masses rising up and suddenly doing the right thing. There are only a few of us emailing our congressmen, faxing the White House, making those phone calls, passing out literature, pounding the pavement to garner support for constitution-supporting candidates. The vast majority seem content to sit on the sofa, watch football, worry about the latest celebrity dysfunction and moan about the rising cost of Doritos. Those of us who put in the hours and efforts are labeled nutcases and the ignorant continue to vote for candidates they think will be “historical”. No, I suspect the 90 million well-armed citizens won’t “win a war”.

        • Vis Fac

          As long as we have the lame stream media providing distraction there will never be synergy among the well armed. The inevitable economic collapse will most likely cause the unraveling of traditional government and services they provide including police protection. Unless we find a way to oust every sitting politician and restore order I’m afraid we are doomed as we cannot maintain the status quo. Politicians rely on the media to keep people misinformed so they can continue their nefarious assault American people. When (not if) the inevitable occurs it will be everyone for themselves. The prepared will endure the unprepared will perish

    • Ranchman

      We’ve got lots of guns too, Manuel. Maybe it’s about time we started using them?

  • Marc de Piolenc

    After his acquittal, MrMike should sue, sue, sue. I want to see all the contingency-fee, ambulance-chasing Shylocks on this like flies on you-know-what. Let’s harness the litigation mania to a good cause – making rogue cops pay!


    Did any one see what happened before the video started? Why do these videos only show part of the stories. Maybe he did nothing and maybe he started the fighting. Too many people are quick to judge the police without knowing all the facts.

  • bob

    This guy is just looking for a fight. He’s a jerk wasting the Cops time. Guess this is the only way he get attention, yell at the cops. No talent needed -Just yell and pout like a little kid. He has a sad future ahead.

    • tom cook

      Bob are you as fat and stupid as I imagine? Got that big sack of fescue hanging over your belt–got that baseball cap glued to your rapidly balding head? You worthless feckless useless piece of human dung. Cops are thugs these days, but you oprah watchers don’t get that.

    • Elevenarrows

      Unfortunately, Bob, last I checked in America, we don’t arrest people or confiscate personal property when school yard bullies say mean things. The police appeared to walk down the sidewalk and just lose all ability to overlook someone saying mean things. Parents teach children how to cope with this all the time. Perhaps it needs to be included in police academy training?

  • Alan

    The push to outlaw cameras will soon be on. People refuse to understand that police do not have to follow the same laws that we do, kind of like the first family.

  • macktheknife

    Civil rights, you must be joking! When I was 17 a police officer stopped me from taking pictures on a public street. They were arresting a woman because her small poodle was running around in a park. In the end there were 15 cops standing around my camera. I informed a senator who was an acquaintance of my grandmother.
    It never went to court, but three cops were sacked after the incident. that were the eighties…. Today they would shoot the dog arrest me and destroy the camera.

  • David169

    Many people wonder whether we have degenerated into a police state. If you listen to any uniformed enforcer they will tell you in two or three sentences if they believe they are above the law and can do as they please. The line is crossed with most LEOs when they refer to their fellow Americans as “citizens”. This and many other words used to disassociate them from the general population are part of the “cop-ese” language. When they speak in “cop-ese” it is a statement that they are somehow different from the rest of the population and they believe their position and uniform somehow elevates them to a quasi-military position above civility and the rights of others. What is even worse is the departments heads perpetuate the “them and us” mentality to the point of open criticism of any LEO who has a non-department friend.

    On the other hand the police have a very thankless and necessary job to do. Many departments put all of their new trainees into the jails for a year or two to get them to instantly recognize a problem person by their eye contact and body language, but many times this negative recognition evolves to considering anyone not in the same uniform as they are wearing as an inmate with no rights other than to instantly obey them.

    I have known 4 LEOs who remained human beings and once they got their 20 years in they were “encouraged” to retire.